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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  January 19, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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drive on chillum. that's where we find molette green live following developments. this is so heart breaking. >> we just had some updated information from prince journges county fire. two adults who died in this fire were the grandparents. and the two children who died, new information here, twins, 2 years of age, a boy and a girl. we also just found out that the mother is the one who jumped out of the second floor window to escape. the twins' mother. she's in the hospital with injuries that are described as nonlife threatening. seven people in total inside this house when the 911 call came in after 2:00 a.m. the four people who died were trapped and firefighters had to pull them out. we have learned this morning, of course, not too long ago they did not make it. right now, investigators are looking for a cause and we asked them about whether there was smoke detectors inside the home.
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they're still trying to confirm that information at this time. but mark brady, the fire spokesperson says when you have this much smoke, and this much fire, and this much tragedy, it is quite possible there were not working smoke detectors inside. we're on the 6700 block of knoll brook drive in chillum, not far from route 410. four dead this morning, two grandparents, and toddlers ages two years of age. back to you. our other big story now, the weather, where you are stepping outside to conditions, even worse than yesterday. our coldest spot now, gaithersburg, where the windchill is 8 below zero now. feeling for you out there. some schools are starting late with the temperatures at the bus stop. right now prince william county schools are on a two hour delay. loudoun county schools, two hours late. administrative offices are opening on time. also in virginia, fauquier county, page county and clark
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county schools are all opening two hours late. schools in rappahannock, shenandoah and frederick counties on a two hour delay today. and winchester city schools. hampshire, party, grant and mineral counties in west virginia are all on a two hour delay today as well. check all the delays on the nbc washington app and throughout the newscast on the bottom of your screen. good morning, everybody. weather alert, as they were just mentioning, for the latest weather conditions as well, as well as the storm team 4 forecast going forward in time. daytime windchills in the single numbers. highs only in the 20s. current windchills at or below zero. pretty much washington to maryland. coal start this morning. next 24 hours, not much relief. temperatures near 15 this morning. windchills running zero to minus 15 in some spots. 7:00 tonight, temperatures near 22 with windchills near 5.
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tomorrow's wake-up temperature around 16 degrees, timing big snow potential this weekend, looks like the snow should be starting sometime around noon time on friday. we'll be updating that as well as starting to narrow down how much snow we might get. breaking news, a tough morning on the commute. >> breaking news now. bw parkway northbound chopper 4 over the scene there, shut down at 193. look at this. we have an overturned vehicle, they had to cut the roof off and got one person out of there a couple of minutes ago. we're shut down northbound at 193, 95 instead if you're headed out sometime, could be there for a little while. northbound, 193, two-mile backup there. inner loop ramp to southbound pennsylvania avenue, a report of an accident there. 66 and 95, no major problems, more on the problem on bw parkway coming up. 6:03 now. we continue to work on finding out if crews fixed a water main break in northwest d.c. on 39th place and calvert street.
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customers reported losing water pressure. d.c. water crews worked late into the night. with temperatures this dangerous, we want to make sure you're properly dressed before leaving the house, preventing hypothermia begins as you get ready for work. be sure to put on your hat today. you lose as much as 50% of your body heat through your head. as you get dressed for work, layer up, lightweight loose fitting clothing, don't forget to put on that scarf, that can cover your mouth and protect your lungs from the air. put on some waterproof boots or sturdy shoes to keep your feet warm and dry. to track school delays and closures,ing and the changing forecast, download the nbc 4 washington app. new details in a crash that hurt two paramedics and caused beltway traffic that may have slowed you down. these are pictures from the inner loop off st. barnabas road. prince george's county fire officials tell us a woman sideswiped an ambulance around
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8:00 last night sending it into a ditch. overnight we learned there were no patients inside. we also learned of a crash moments later, the crash ambulance sent a pole through another car, barely missing the driver's seat. we're expecting a new trial date today in an unusual case in fairfax county. andrew schmuhl and his wife alesha are -- they argue the use of medication led to a mental state. prosecutors counter that the attack was well planned. two terror suspects will be in an alexandria courtroom later today. joseph farookh was arrested, they said he was trying to fly to syria and join isis. they say hassan helped him. both suspects could spend up to 20 years behind bars.
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doctors in germany are checking out washington post reporter jason rezaian before he's cleared to come home. he was imprisoned for 18 months in iran. he and four americans were part of a prisoner swap that led to their release. the post sent us this picture of rezian reuniting with his wife, brother and mother. part of rezaian's imprisonment included solitairy confinement for 49 days. with other americans are at the medical center, a third is back in boston. you can share your thoughts on metro today. they will be riding the orange line this morning. congressman connolly thought it was a good way to see the gm to see some of the challenges that virginia riders experience. you can talk to them before they take their metro ride. they'll start the day at the vienna metro at 8:00 this morning. 6:06, weather aall right le
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you. many of you stepping out to windchills below zero right now. check that out. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is helping you prepare for conditions with your completer forecast at 6:11. potential changes for a local commuter service that could impact your ride to work. plus, in no mood to celebrate. the backlash facing the academy awards this morning due to lack of diversity. we're following breaking news here. the famous hotel ritz in paris was on fire. the top floors were engulfed in flames for hours. right now we're told the fire is out and no one was hurt. but significant damage was left behind. investigators say the fire started on the roof. no word on the cause. the hotel was kauclosed for renovations for the last three years. it is where princess diana spent
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breaking news, a two-mile backup as you're approaching 193. this is because of a nasty crash. we have chopper 4 showing you one less lane getting by. if you're headed out, take 95 instead. no problem northbound through that same general area. 270 south, germantown to the spur, on time. hearing about a problem 270 at montrose southbound. more on that coming up. should a tree house in d.c.'s capitol hill neighborhood be taken down? we're expecting a decision from district leaders today. the tree house has windows, tower and a drawbridge. tree house hangs into public space by two feet.
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the homeowners did get the proper permits in august, but neighbors argue it shouldn't have been allowed in the first place. today, you can let omni ride officials know how you feel about fewer services and more expensive fares. fares are going up 5% in july. the smart trip fare will be $6.50. and some of routes disappearing, you can voice your opinion at 7:30 in woodbridge. this is a storm team 4 weather alert. >> another weather alert day here from nbc 4 because windchills are below zero again this morning. air temperatures near 15. warmup the car. hold on tight to the wheel too. winds gusting over 30 miles per hour. coming home later today, not as windy, but staying very cold. highs today in the mid-20s at best. out the door for you this morning, windchills at or below zero in many spots.
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i see you in ten minutes, we'll talk more about friday, saturday, time frame with a chance for significant snow, maybe even a blizzard. that's in ten minutes. see you then. >> thank you, chuck. we all have been enjoying the lower prices at the gas pump lately. we'll show you why some drivers who may have thought they went back in time because of how little they paid. tax season is under way. what you need to know to get your money back quickly if you're one of the lucky enough to have a refund.
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we're staying on top of breaking news, two grandparents and their two young grandchildren have been killed in a fire. this is a live look at the scene. flames tore through the home on knoll brook drive in chillum. the children who died are twins. we'll have live updates throughout the morning. we're tracking the bitterly cold conditions outside on this weather alert day. many of you will step outside to temperatures below zero. when you factor in all those windchills.
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storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is preparing you for the day ahead as well as snow on the horizon. that's at 6:21. i don't know what to do. hopefully we can get some answers now. >> parents push for answers. students go back today despite threats of violence at four. police made an arrest. a 17-year-old faces charges for a threat on snapchat against patriot high school. there have been similar incidents at three other high schools in the county in the past few weeks. officers tried to ease fears at a town hall last night. parents tell us they want to know that they're supposed to tell their kids. >> since security is broken, so that's a huge problem because he has to go to school and excel and can't really do that if you're thinking something may happen. >> the threats are not credible. saying they track one suspect on social media, all the way west of the mississippi. even so the department is upping
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the number of officers at county high schools. coming into the live desk, new poll numbers showing donald trump and hillary clinton still way ahead in the race for the respective parties nomination. the nbc survey monkey poll shows clinton leading bernie sanders nationally with 52% to $ábóo36%. former maryland governor martin o'malley sitting at 1%. that's unchanged from a week ago. in the gop race, trump is at 38% among republicans. and republicans leaning voters. ted cruz is polling at 21%. marco rubio coming in at 11%. all the numbers are essentially unchanged from last week. the iowa caucuses just two weeks away. more new numbers. these out overnight. showing that more than 4 in 10 americans say the primary races are souring their impression of
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the republican party. compare that to 28% of voters who say that the race is hurting their impressions of the democratic party. the poll was conducted before sunday's democratic debate. to the leading democrats, senator bernie sanders is hosting a town hall in iowa today. hillary clinton is scheduled it attend a fund raiser in new orleans while chelsea did the same thing in new york. >> zooming in on the senate race in maryland now, a new poll out this morning shows u.s. representatives chris van holland and donna edwards are virtually tied going into april's primary. van holland gets 38% to edwards 36%. and there is more than 3% margin of error in the gonzalez research and marketing strategies poll. both lawmakers hope to succeed. some of hollywood's biggest names are calling for a full flenled b e fledged boycott of the oscars.
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there isn't a single actor of color up for a leading or supporting actor award this year. smith says that she's not going to the show and that she won't be watching. the president of the academy cheryl boone isaacs issued a statement on twitter saying she's frustrated and heart broken about the lack of inclusion and that big changes are on the way. for the second year if a row, the #oscarssowhite is trending. ♪ ♪ take it easy >> co-founder and guitarist for the eagles has died. a cording to a statement on the ban's website, glen frei suffered from multiple ailments. music stars took to twitter it remember the guitarist and singer. huey lewis called him a brilliant songwriter and really good guy. travis tritt posted a photo from
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1993. don henley also made a statement seaing, i will be grateful every day he was in my life. rest in peace, my brother. the bitter cold temperatures here have left us shivering. but just to give you some perspective, the people in minneapolis are enduring a third straight day of cold weather and cold for them too. currently it is 7 below zero. that's without the windchill. reached a high of 3 degrees yesterday, low was minus 9. makes it feel better, the cold is not stopping people in minneapolis from having fun, though. one man's frozen pans have gone viral. take a look. put the pants out on his front lawn, snapped the photo and posted it to folk because if it didn't happen on facebook, it didn't really happen. others started to freeze everything from their jeans, corduroys, to sweat pants. i bet you could put anything out there and it is going to freeze.
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minnesota man says he ran his pants through the wash. >> that's what i love about minneapolis, people, so cold out there, how can you live out there. the people who live there, they embrace it. >> they know how to deal with it. i'm not sure we know how to deal with it. >> just for perspective, national airport has not been below zero since 1998. that is how long it has been -- dulles below zero once or twice. not that we weren't cold last winter, national airport hasn't been below zero in 20 years. what should you be expecting on the way out the door? cold. another weather alert day, sending out frequent push alerts on our nbc washington app, updates on our website as well. windy, bitter cold, windchills running well below zero in many spots early this morning. it will be a cold ride in and a cold ride home as well. minus 2 now in frederick for a windchill, minus 6 in
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martensburg, minus 4 in gaithersburg. windchills with time, up to 12 degrees by 3:00. notice as we get after sunset, the wind lays down, windchills in the single numbers, it won't be as cold tonight into tomorrow. temperatures teens this morning, rising to the mid-20s today, friday and saturday, a significant chance of snowfall coming our way, even as blizzard potential travel, travel and power likely to be badly impacted for friday, saturday time frame. a little chance for snow flurries tomorrow. tomorrow snow chances mainly 4:00 to midnight tomorrow, so keep that in mind. as far as the storm potential for the weekend, forecast models in good agreement, could get 6 to 12 inches or more as the possibility, still some uncertainty about the rain and snow line. we were all over it. we'll bring you as many updates as possible. there is your seven day forecast, significant snow likely here friday and saturday. and then staying cold on into early next week as well.
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speaking of the cold, tom kierein is out in it this morning. good morning, tom. we have been out here for five minutes, but already the cold is penetrating my thermal gloves. got to restack the cold, track all this with the nbc washington app there on the palm of your hand. and there is that risk this morning with extended exposure. your head, hands and feet, most at risk. layer up and use loose fitting layers that uses your body weig weight. we'll have the super cold temperatures, sub zero temperatures around for the next several hours here. fleece and wool are the warmest. it is cold out here. and layer up this morning. now, let's check on the latest traffic. what's going on. >> breaking news now on the roads.
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two big issues that we're dealing with. right now, 270 south, main lanes, we're shut down. the local lanes on the right are getting through if you're lucky enough to have picked that early in your venture this morning. chopper 4 over this problem, only the left lane getting by that overturned vehicle. a two mile backup on northbound bw parkway and southbound 270. blue line delays, that popped up for us here this morning. 50 westbound at kenilworth, a disabled vehicle there that is being reported. and taking a look at 66 and 95, no major issues now. i see the chopper is moving over to the issue there. 270 main lane shut down at montrose. iran plans to boost its oil production by half a million barrels a day. tehran's deputy oil minister says now that sanctions have been lift under a landmark nuclear deal with world powers, he wants to get back its market share.port more than 2 million barrels a day.
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oil prices plummeted to under $30 a barrel. with oil prices at a 13 year low nationwide, three gas stations in michigan had a price war. the station won when it advertised gas at 47 cents a gallon yesterday. 47 cents. despite parking lots being covered with snow, drivers lined up to snag the deal. price for michigan, first state to see gas at less than a dollar in decades. prices are back up to around $1.50 mark. still pretty low. >> yeah. they say with the increased oil supplies, prices can even continue to go lower and lower and lower. >> we'll see what happens when the summer hits. >> when everyone is ready to travel. in prince william county, you can help name a school tonight. there is a new elementary school under construction. naming committee will consider geographic or historical identifiers as well as names of people who made contributions to see site.
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go to hilton high school at 7:00 if you want to get involved in the process. a problem hard to miss if you drive in northern virginia. a new report shows how many of the roads you drive are in poor condition. breaking news on the roads. 270 main lanes shut down at montrose. another problem on bw parkway, details on both coming up. we're tracking breaking news now out of prince george's county. overnight fire leaves several people dead and forces others to jump to safety. what firefighters are telling us about this terrible story.
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breaking news at 6:30, we're following a heart wrenching tragedy unfold in prince george's county. two grandparents and two young grandchildren have been killed in a fire. this say live look at the scene, flames ripped through the home on middlebrook live in chillum. the children who died are 2-year-old twins. molette green is getting new nf information. >> we're preparing you for the conditions outside on this weather alert day.
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we have team coverage right now as we deal with windchills below zero for many of you. derrick ward is tracking the impact of these conditions having on schools, but first, storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell has your four things to know. >> what you need to know about the weather this morning, layer up again and limit outdoor time. dangerous windchills again this morning. staying in the deep freeze today. highs only in the 20s at best. chance for snow flurries coming our way tomorrow. no big accumulations on wednesday. friday, saturday, still a possibility for big snow amounts coming our way. outside this morning, temperatures are at or below zero for windchills now. minus 6 in martensburg. minus 4 in gaithersburg. for the next 24 hours, all cold, the worst of it is in the next five to seven hours with windchills running well below zero. temperatures below 20s at 7:00 and teens for tomorrow morning. coming up in a few minutes, i'll let you know what you can start doing now to get you ready for
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friday and saturday snow potentials. breaking news, 270 southbound, main lanes are shut down here at montrose road. looks like we may have a left lane starting to get through in a little bit. right now we're shut down, the local lanes are getting through okay. four mile backup. northbound bw parkway after 193, trying to get that crash out of the way. left lane gets by there. we're still trying to get chopper over that problem, that's a three mile backup there. outer loop, brand-new disabled vehicle just reported there. 95 south, right lane is the only thing that gets by a crash there. we have a couple of big problems in the area. finger board road, fire activity shutting down some lanes. travel times and a live picture from chopper over 270 coming up. students are sleeping in this morning because a number of schools are starting late. schools in prince william and loudoun county both on a two hour delay today.
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loudoun county schools administrative offices are opening on time. >> schools in fauquier, page and clark county starting two hours late today. >> rappahannock county and shenandoah county schools. >> hampshire, hardy, grant and mineral counties in west virginia starting two hours late. students in fairfax county had a scheduled day off today. >> scrolling on your screen. now some of the schools are delayed today over bus concerns and bitter cold weather. let's check in with derrick ward outside a bus lot to find out more. good morning. >> good morning. indeed the concerns about buses and the diesel engines when the weather gets this cold. we're outside montgomery county, randolph road. they don't seem to be having any issues here, these buses have been idling and at the ready. what is added it the fuel mixture is a gelatin-like
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substance that tries to keep the fuel as flowing as possible, keep particles from building up. despite that ice can build up and clog the fuel lines and even stop a bus while it is in motion or at a stop, making a lot of stops. and just like with your vehicle, batteries are issues as well. they're checking and we haven't seen any issues here. we see mechanics around. they're making sure the buses are running like they are. but we ask why the schools are closed in those jurisdictions we mentioned. some having people out in the street, waiting for the bus and just getting the bus there. live in montgomery county, derrick ward, back to you. be sure to check your smoke alarms. that's a message from fire officials in prince journals cou georges county this morning. officials are trying to figure out whether a space heater caused a fire in temple hills. a woman suffered burns over 40% of her body after being trapped in her basement. the smoke detector in the home
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was not working. firefighters found five other homes in the same neighborhood with no working smoke detectors. as you head out the door, take our coverage of the cold weather with you, download the nbc washington app. greg hall was killed in a car crash yesterday morning. he unsuccessfully ran for a seat in 2013. police say an suv crossed the center line and hit his car head on. investigators are still trying to pinpoint a cause. today marks one year since the fire killed a couple and their grandchildren inside their annapolis mansion. a dried 15 foot christmas tree caught fire inside the home. an a touchdown f report foutf r power outlet overheated.
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today a vote to double fine for selling tobacco to minors throughout montgomery county. council member were expected to have a decision by this morning. in the afternoon they'll turn to cab drivers and credit cards. they want to lower the fines drivers get charged. they also want to change the requirement surrounding credit card machines in cabs. we're starting to get your documents together. 2016 tax filing season begins today. today is the first day that you can start filing your 2015 income tax returns. irs expects to process 150 million individual tax returns this season. so you're going to want to get all that paperwork going. one big change we want to tell you about this year is filling the deadline and being able to meet it. april 15th, get that out of your head. april 18th, the extra three days are thanks to the district celebrating emancipation day on the 15th. other important info, think
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about how to file your return. the irs, they recommend e-filing. it is the fastest and most secure way to receive your return. now, also, 70% are eligible for ire free file and you won't have to wait forever for your return. the irs anticipates issuing most returns in less than 21 days. to find out what kind of retirement accounts allow you to contribute, just search tax day when you check out the nbc washington app. newly free americans including a washington post reporter are adjusting it their freedom this morning. we'll take you live to germany with what they're saying about their time in captivity in iran. a weather alert day for you as we deal with windchills below zero right now. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is helping you prepare for the conditions with your school day forecast at 6:11. first, it is not your imagination, the roads, they are
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that bad. we're going to show you how many roads you drive every day that are in poor condition. stay with us.
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breaking news, 270 southbound at montrose road, take a look here. we're jammed. a four mile backup southbound chopper 4 over this problem. now most of the lanes are open here. the problems off to the left side of the roadway. northbound ben northbound bw parkway, 3 mile backup, northbound 95, best alternate for that one. orange and silver line, as far as travel times go, take a look at this. from germantown down to 270, an hour and 50 minutes. 95 to 270, slow, but that's -- 66 inbound, looking pretty good. 95 northbound overall, no major issues. >> 641 now.
6:42 am
potholes are a problem every driver hates. the washington post report found northern virginia streets are in bad shape. in fairfax county, nearly 80% of local streets are in poor or very poor condition. in prince william county, 70% of streets have potholes, corroding asphalt and other problems. arlington streets, they appear to be in much better shape with 40% in need of repaving. fairfax officials want the state to reallocate money to fix local roads instead of the highways. once again, check out the chills at or below zero from washington northbound to southern pennsylvania and blue ridge. minus 6 in winchester now. only 1 above in washington. want to put on the kids or yourself today, everything that will keep you warm. layer up and you'll be spending anytime at all outside today. extra coat, extra warmth, extra everything. temperatures near 15 now with windchills below zero. high of 25 today. coming up in ten minutes, what
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you start doing new to start getting ready for the potential for weekend snow. a nasty scene along the beltway that may have left you stuck in traffic. what we're learning about the accident that sent two paramedics to the hospital. we're tracking breaking news in prince george's county after an overnight fire leaves several people dead. and forces others to jump to state. we're live at the scene now with what firefighters are telling us about this terrible story.
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we're continuing to follow tragic breaking news now in prince george's county. two adults and two young children have been killed in a fire. flames burst through the home on knoll brook drive in chillum. molette green is there live getting new information about the victim. >> the people who escaped this fire smelled smoke. but no word or no mention yet of hearing smoke alarms. we're at the scene of just an unbearable tragedy for a family losing four loved ones. we learned within the hour twin toddlers, just two years of age, a boy and little girl, died along with their grandparents. the mother of the twins is in the hospital after jumping out of a second floor window to escape all of the smoke and the flames. two others got out without injury. investigators right now are looking for a cause after the
6:47 am
fire broke out just after 2:00 a.m. here on knoll brook drive in chillum. see the fire, of course, is out, investigators working hard to try to pinpoint a cause. that's the latest. back to you. a storm team 4 weather alert day as we tracked a bitterly cold conditions outside now. many of you will step outside temperatures below zero. when you factor in the windchills. want to head straight over to meteorologist chuck bell who has your out the door forecast. >> storm team 4 weather alert for dangerously low windchills, running well below zero for the next couple of hours, climbing to the single numbers for windchills much of the day. on the upside, sunny, downside, bitter cold all day. on top of that, looks look a nightmare of a commute. >> a big mess now. one of our problems, 270 south crash at montrose road. a four mile backup right there. he moves a little bit to the south to show us a problem at
6:48 am
montrose. it is nasty this morning. you're going to want to leave a little bit early, a long one. >> 6:48 now. work working to find out if crews f a water main break in northwest d.c. it was on 39th place and calvert street. d.c. water crews worked late into the night. with temperatures this dangerous, we want to make sure you're properly dressed before you leave the house. layer up today, with lightweight loose fitting clothing, wear a scarf you can cover your mouth to protect your lungs from this cold air. put on waterproof boots or sturdy shoes to keep your feet warm and dry and don't forget the gloves. to track school delays and closures, and the changing forecast, download the nbc washington app. a new trial date is expected to be set today in an unusual case in fairfax county. andrew schmul and his wife are charged with a brute attack of a couple in 2014.
6:49 am
andrew's lawyers plan to use involuntary intoxication as a defense. they argue his use of medication led to his meantal state. prosecutors counter that that the attack was well planned. today, terror charges in alexandria. two men will go before a judge. federal agents arested joseph faroouk on saturday. prosecutors say he was trying to fly to seyria and join isis. hassan is accused of helping him. both men could spend decades behind bars. we're finding out new details about that controversial prisoner swap with iran. the deal is bringing washington post reporter jason rezaian and four other americans home. on the other side, iran benefited as well. k keir simmons is following the latest developments.
6:50 am
>> reporter: good morning. jason rezaian has spent time with his family now. we heard he was having dinner with them last night, talking to his brother about baseball and basketball. he's also sharing with them, though, some of the treatment he suffered in iran saying that almost 50 days he was held in solitary confinement, only able to exercise in a small concrete yard. amir hekmati reunited with his family. he said he was subjected to solitary confinement too and sleep deprivation. so as you can imagine, now they are being assessed by medics inside both medically and psychologically. everyone wants to know when they're going to get to go home. it may be a slow process. >> keir simmons live for us this morning. thank you. look for more of keir's reporting on the "today" show next. new details in this prince george's county ambulance crash. you may have been stuck in the beltway traffic because of it.
6:51 am
prince george's county fire officials tell us that a woman sideswiped the ambulance around 8:00 last night, sending it into a ditch along the inner loop off st. barnabas road. overnight, we learned there were no patients inside. two paramedics went to the trauma care unit of the hospital. we also learned of a crash moments later. take a look at this video that crashed ambulance sent a pole through another car, barely missing the driver's seat. you can have your say today about your metro ride. metro gm paul wiedefeld and jerry connolly will be riding the orange line this morning. congressman connolly thought it was a good way for the gm to see some of the challenges virginia riders experience. you can share your thoughts before they take their metro ride. they'll start at the vienna metro station at 8:00 this morning. this is a storm team 4 weather alert. >> good morning, everybody. we start to get ready for snow, one of my twitter followers
6:52 am
september me this snow checklist, milk, breads, eggs, all check. i couldn't agree more. i might have road salt on my checklist as well. we'll be getting a whole lot more information on how much snow we're going to be getting as we get closer. but it looks like it could be a name worthy snowstorm coming our way friday and saturday. right now, temperatures in the bone chilling teens across the area. windchills are at or below zero in many neighborhoods and hourly temperatures, barely climbing into the mid-20s, even with full sunshine. windchills below zero in montgomery, loudoun counties, northbound, out to the shenandoah valley and blue ridge. windchill advisory until noon for montgomery, loudoun, areas north and west of there. windchill to the teens. good news is tonight the wind delay, still cold with single number chills, but not below zero. highs today, mid-20s, plenty of sunshine today.
6:53 am
little chance for light snow coming our way tomorrow. future weather during the day, after 6:00 tomorrow, little albert kra cla clipper may wrin flurry or two. chilly tomorrow with temperatures to the low and mid-30s, ahead of the snow flurry chance. friday and saturday event, significant snowfall looking quite likely. could be a blizzard, winds along the jersey coast could be near hurricane force. travel and power likely to take it on the chin friday and saturday. models in good agreement for a ton of snow around here. a little too early for hometown snow amounts. the snow starts during the daylight hours on friday. what you can do now to be ready for that. stay ahead of the forecast with us on our app and platforms. make a plan b now for friday and saturday. travel plans or outdoor plans friday and saturday, come up with a plan b now. that's the best advice i can give you. quick check of the seven day
6:54 am
forecast. breaking news on the roads now, 270 southbound at monday ro montrose road. it is very slow. crash on the main lanes, no matter, the loll lanes are jammed too. people trying to escape that. northbound bench w parkway, 193, a three mile backup. that's from the earlier crash out of the way. orange and silver line, single-tracking between falls church and fallston. a big look at the beltway, beltway looks normal here. inner loop at pennsylvania avenue we have the left lane there blocked now. westbound southeast, southwest freeway, left lane blocked there. a lot of problems this morning. it is decision day on whether to bring down a tree house in d.c.'s capitol hill neighborhood. the wooden castle tree house with window, tower and drawbridge was built in
6:55 am
archibald walk in an alley. the homeowners received the proper permits in august, but neighbors argue it shouldn't have been allowed in first place. they are machine we depend on while we shop and that small businesses depend on to grow. the news 4 i team uncover a growing number of complaints against a huge corporation. thousands of business owners across the country have been sued by northern leasing systems. the company provides credit card equipment. it accuses the company of intimidating client into paying thousands of dollars now fraudulent lawsuits. the d.c. beauty shop owner tells the i-team it happened to her. >> it is hard. you have to go on and try to climb from it. she is such a good force in this community. to see someone like her, have something that negative hit her, it bothers me. more on the backlash from small businesses and how northern leasing is responding
6:56 am
to the allegations of racketeering coming up tonight on news 4 at 11:00. it is now 6:56 on this very cold tuesday morning here. four things to know before you head out the door, new poll out this morning shows hillary clinton with a double digit lead. 17 points ahead of ted cruz. washington post reporter jason rezaian has to be cleared by doctors in germany before he comes home. two other americans in the iran prisoner swap are at the medical center. a third back in boston. two paramedic in trauma care after an ambulance crash on the inner loop of beltway. no patients in the ambulance last night. two grandparents and their two young dwrnd grandchildren killed in a fire. it broke out on middlebrook live in chillum. the children who died are 2-year-old twins. their mother jumped out of the sec second story window. school delays because of the weather on the bottom of the screen. >> you can get the school delays and closings on our nbc
6:57 am
washington app and complete forecast. just bone chilling cold this morning. still tracking what could be a significant snowstorm coming our way friday and saturday. a big problem, 270 at montrose crash there causing a 4 1/2 mile backup. just got word from state highway, second crash at 28 and west montgomery. it is jammed. >> perfect day to take our storm coverage and our forecasting with you. download the nbc 4 washington app. >> the "today" is next. see you in 25 minutes. have a great day. >> make it a great tuesday, everybody.
6:58 am
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good morning. it's on. polling strong in iowa and new hampshire, bernie sanders gets ready for the long haul against hillary clinton. >> well, guess what? that inevitable candidate ain't so inevitable today! >> while on the republican side, is donald trump about to get a major endorsement later today? ready for a rebound. all choice on wall street this morning after a brutal plunge. will the market bounce back from what's been the worst start to a year in history. monster in the making. the potential for a major snow storm targeting some of the biggest cities of the east this week. already bone-chilling temperatures from minnesota into the deep south. al is on the case. and


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