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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  January 20, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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doesn't seem to be slowing anything on the beltway. northbound route 1, patrick street at king street, still one lane getting by. that waterline broke. slowing things on the red line this morning. westbound 7 at fairfax county parkway, all westbound lanes will be blocked. eastbound we have two right lanes getting by. travel times in ten minutes. >> thanks, melissa. we'll see you then. today in the district d.c. mayor muriel bowser will let you know the district snow plan ahead of this weekend's big storm. at 10:30 this morning the mayor will hand out more than 2,000 shovels to the city's resident snow team.
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those are volunteers who shovel the snow for their elderly and disabled neighbors. this year d.c. has 14 new dump trucks to salt and plow major streets. there are also six new plows that will focus on residential streets. this winter the district is listening to your complaints about unshoveled sidewalks as well. a new law allows the city to hand out tickets similar to parking tickets to violators. homeowners face $25 fines if their sidewalks aren't cleared within 24 hours after a snowstorm. for commercial and multi-family buildings the fine is $150. the walkways must be cleared within 8 hours of daylight after a storm. stay with news 4 as we learn more about the snow plans across our region. be sure to download the nbc washington app for updated forecasts as we get closer to this storm. a developing situation out of suitland this morning. a new and secure apartment complex is the scene of a deadly shooting. this is in the 4300 block of west village avenue.
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that is where we find news 4's molette green now. molette, what can you tell us? >> reporter: aaron, i just spoke to some people who live in the next building over and they tell me they didn't hear anything when this happened at 9:30. they were on their way to the branch avenue metro station. all that is left here to indicate something happened is police crime tape stuffed in the trash can behind me. we are in a relatively new apartment building here. prince gorges police telling us they do not believe the homicide is random. when they got here they found a man shot and pronounced him dead at the scene. the new interim police officer on the scene was in and out of this building during the investigative work here.
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we're working to see if we can get a motive, a suspect and the i.d. of the victim. we're next to the branch avenue metro station. back to you. a northern virginia man accused of attempting to travel abroad to join isis will have a bond hearing tomorrow. federal authorities arrested 28-year-old joseph hasan faroke yesterday as he tried to board a flight to chicago. his final destination was syria. another 25-year-old was arrested, elhassan. they say the federal government is trying to entrap his client. an unfolding situation in northwestern pakistan where terrorists stormed and attacked a university. pakistani officials are in
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control after the gunmen stormed the school and killed 20 people including many students and faculty. we know four militants also died. the pakistani taliban claiming responsibility this morning for the attack on the university. it's a school named after an anti-taliban leader. the pakistan prime minister condemned the attack and said they will fight to destroy the taliban. many unanswered questions this morning about a fire that left four people dead as family members of the victims try to come to terms with this terrible story. we spoke with vincent amogobo who lost his brother and his sister in law and their two-year-old twin grandchildren. they were all found on the second floor of the home in chillum. still investigating this case. >> my brother was very nice to everybody he is very godly.
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>> the twins mother jumped from a second floor window. she is at a relative's home recovering. four of six officers will be in court this afternoon. a motion's hearing is set for sergeant alicia white and officers edward nero, garrett miller and brian rice. prosecutors want to call officer william porter to testify in all cases. white's attorney is trying to block that. porter's trial ended in december with a hung jury. freddie gray died from a spinal cord injury that happened while he was in police custody last april. while some of baltimore's police officers stand trial, other officers will launch a body camera program. baltimore's mayor says it will take two years to outfit every officer with a camera. the pilot program started in october with 155 officers trying out three types of equipment. he's an accomplished actor and now a real life hero. what jamie foxx is saying about pulling a driver from a burning
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car. are you having issues with the battery on your iphone? you are not alone. what apple says can trigger the problem. plus, our storm team is tracking snow on the horizon, a lot of it, too. the first wave of it arrives. plus the impact it is having on parts of the south when we go live to n
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the coast guard searched for survivors but said they are switching to a recovery mission now. the next steps will be to examine the wreckage from the crash. this morning a 17-year-old is facing assault charges for an attack on board a metro train. metro transit police say a man was hit in the face and knocked out last month.
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he was on the red line near the noma station at the time. transit police said they identified the teen they arrested from one of these pictures, houfr, they did not give us his name or say how he was involved in the attack. today the final beam will be put in place at the new mgm hotel at national harbor. we also expect to get an update on the project today. that casino will open in the second half of the year. and now your storm team 4 forecast. good morning, everybody. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell still watching a couple of chances for snow. the first one is not a big impact event. late afternoon, snow showers, snow flurries arriving ten hours from now. snow flurries starting as early as 3:00 up to 10:00. temperature wise, in the teens this morning but it feels like between 5 and 10. temperatures up to about freezing later this afternoon. with a chance for flurries coming our way. what to wear today. need your warmest coat, jacket,
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everything. it is going to be another cold day. when i see you in ten minutes i'll give you the storm forecast and explain why others will do better than others. melissa mollet, chopper 4 flying over fairfax. >> this is our problem westbound 7 shut down at fairfax county parkway. you can see that they're coming off onto the ramp here and getting back on 7. you can get around this problem westbound but here is the tractor-trailer right here. tow truck on the scene. it was across the median here. we had some eastbound lanes closed. the eastbound lanes you can see open. 295 south at the beltway. left lane blocked. 66 looking good into town. quantico to the beltway is okay. 270 also quite smooth. top of the beltway outer loop rolling along nicely. guys? stepping up efforts to protect expecting mothers from a dangerous new virus. what the cdc is asking doctors to do. plus, giving you the chance to weigh in on a budget cut that could impact the schools your kids attend. where the
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storm team 4 hard at work right now preparing you for a winter storm that promises to be one of the biggest we've seen in a while. this is a look at the system's latest projections. you see the tiers. that's just me, sorry. that's coming up at 6:21. >> you're making me laugh so hard i'm crying. what are conditions looking like, maria? >> good morning, un. >> right now it is a cold wayne. a wet but beautiful iconic roadway in nashville.
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there was enough time that we had some sleet accumulation. right now it is mostly rain. what's interesting is that we have temperatures below freezing. 30 degrees in nashville. nashville's been below freezing since sunday. the soil temperatures are at or above freezing. they were treated with brian. if you have to be out, give yourself plenty of extra time. we have a winter storm warning in effect for nashville that goes through the day today for the potential, yeah, to see more sleet, freezing rain. really, just about anything. once this moves out there's a quick reprieve and just as you all are watching very closely, that next storm, that one here could be the bigger snow producer come friday into saturday. back to you, eun. >> maria larose salif in nashville for us. neighbors on capitol hill say they are not giving up the fight against crime just yet.
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they want to know in arrests are being prosecuted. at an advisory commission meeting we learned they got an answer. d.o.j. said those records don't exist and it doesn't gather that type of data. d.c. mayor muriel bowser was at that meeting and tried to address residents' concerns. >> we announced a task force focused on robbery. >> now the amc commissioner denise crepps spearheaded the effort and plans to appeal to the d.o.j. to get that information. >> 6:18. decision 2016. a democratic state senator from fairfax wants emergency legislation to stop primary voters from signing a pledge when they vote. john chapman peterson has submitted the legislation. he says asking voters to sign a pledge at the polls will cause confusion, especially as some of drumps supporters might be new voters. the state board of elections
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approved the statement that voters must sign an order to cast the ballots in the gop primary. trump and his supporters are also challenging this decision. former alaska governor sarah palin is throwing her weight behind republican front-runner donald trump. she described trump as the anti-establishment candidate. they say palin's endorsement may help trump among the women voters. she will attend some campaign events with trump today. ben carson has suspended his campaign for a few days after a volunteer died in a car crash in iowa. braid din joplin died yesterday afternoon in a van carrying four volunteers for the campaign flipped on to its side on ice and was hit by another vehicle.
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walt disney resorts is recalling onesies. the snaps can detach and pose choking hazard. no injuries have been reported. you can contact disney about returning those items. some iphone users are complaining about battery problems. the problem seems to affect the iphone 6s and 6s plus. apple says it has to do with time changes. the solution, restart your phone and make sure the set automatically is turned on in settings. george clooney is joining fellow actors and calling out the oscars for its lack of diversity. in an interview clooney said the academy is moving in the wrong direction. for the second straight year not a single actor or actress of color was nominated. filmmaker spike lee said he will not attend the awards. jada pink ket smith and michael moore plan to boycott the ceremony. the reverend al sharpton plans to lead a campaign asking people
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not to watch the ceremony at home. jamie foxx is sharing the story of what happened when he saved a driver from a burning pickup truck. the crash happened outside the actor's home. police say the truck was going too fast when it hit a pipe, flipped into a ditch and caught fire. foxx heard it happen and he and another witness pulled the driver free. >> the truck goes up. >> whether the person is famous or not, i'm just so glad, so happy. >> and that was the driver's father hugging foxx and thanking him. you can see that they had a moment there. just really thankful that he happened to be there in the right place at the right time and did what he did, ran into danger to help somebody out. >> good to see. it is 6:21 right now. >> we're both -- >> i'm sorry, every time the snow -- i start to see the
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inches, you know, there's this thing. >> here we go. chuck, we're not mad at you. you're the messenger. >> aaron, it looks like this may be a stick worthy event across the area. it has all the great snowstorms marked on the one side. this one may earn a mark on the snow stick. a long way to go but you need to know your friday night and saturday travel plans are likely to be severely interrupted if not completely shut down. outside this morning, got to get through the next couple of days first. first thing out the door this morning, whew is it still cold out there. 20 downtown, 16 in manassas, only 9 in culpepper. 19 in annapolis. factor in what little bit of a breeze is out there. feels like five in gaithersburg, manassas. bundle up this morning. wind chills in the single numbers. temperatures in the teens. by noon, increasing clouds. by 5:00, 6:00, 7:00, 8:00,
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mostly cloudy and light snow flurries and snow showers going by. temperatures hovering in the upper 20s and 30s. leading edge of it is still 10 hours or so away from us. 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, that's when it comes through here. most of the moisture will get wrung out. low impact event today. major storm for most of the region as we head neat ainto th. there are still some critical differences between some of our primary forecast models. here's an example of what i'm talking about. this pink area is the rain/snow line. friday at 8:00, watch how that inches its way into southern marry land. that rain/snow line gets closer to the i-95 corridor depending on which model you look at. it's an all snow solution from i-95 to the shenandoah valley and blue ridge. those are likely to be hit the hardest by snowfall amounts. here's our far too early
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snowfall amounts. shenandoah valley, 18 to 24 inches or more. most of the metro area, looks like double digits around here. 10 to 18 inches. snowfall amounts a little lower into southern maryland. today flurries, tomorrow that is the day to get things done. that is tomorrow. snow rolls in here during the day on friday. could have blizzard conditions coming up on saturday. talk about the strong saturday winds coming up in a few more minutes. for now it is traffic time. >> we still have chopper 4 over the problem in fairfax. take a look here. westbound 7 at fairfax county parkway. right now westbound lanes are shut down. all you have to do though is get off the ramp and chopper is showing you this. thank you, chopper. get off and back on to 7 eastbound is unaffected. right now you can get around this problem. wanted to show you pretty big crash there involving that semi. 295 southbound at the beltway, we have the left lane blocked there. single tracking between noma spf
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gallaudet. patrick street at king street, still have one lane getting by the water main break. thank you. 6:25. working to find out what a person was doing on the tracks moments before being hit. the train hit and killed a person near new york avenue and v street. marc train suspended service out of union station. amtrak service suspended for quite a few hours last night, i was in it. marc's penn line train service is running normally. metro leaders are considering a ban on hoverboards. they're concerned about the safety of hoverboards. this is what metro tells us about restrictions in place right now. you have to carry a hoverboard on to a train. you cannot ride one in a station or on any metro property. today the new student center at the university of district of columbia will open. d.c. mayor muriel bowser will be
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there for the ribbon counting. it's a model for environmentally friendly design. the district is considering whether to name the building after former mayor marion barry. new recommendations for mothers to be. the cdc urging providers to ask pregnant women about their travel history. this as the threat of the zika virus grows. on friday the cdc sent out a travel warning urging pregnant women to send out a warning where the virus is prevalent. the virus can cause serious brain damage in unborn children. women who have been to those regions should get an ultrasound when they get back to look for any symptoms. you saw her story first on 4. northern virginia teen who helped save her family's life. how her story is now getting nas nale attenti -- national attention in the days ahead. we'll have a chopper head towards the accident. we have a closure in fairfax. we'll talk about both of those things coming up. plus, the massive winter
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storm on the horizon. we're helping you get ready. what you need to do to make sure your car doesn't leave you
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storm team 4 is helping you get ready for what promises to be a powerful winter storm. you're looking at the most up to date projections on how the snow will move in and how hard your community will get hit. news 4's erika gonzalez is helping make sure your car is prepared for the winter weather. meteorologist chuck bell will continue our coverage with the storm and what you can see today. chuck. >> absolutely right. you've got to get through today. tomorrow will be the day to get it done. most of the moisture of this little alberta clipper will be rung out as it comes over the mountains.
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temperatures, upper 20s. cold and dry tomorrow. all out blizzard conditions around here. winds can be in the 30 to 50-mile-per-hour range. the difference between a heavy snowstorm and a blizzard. blizzard you have to have winds of 35 miles an hour or higher sustained for six hours or more. we have that big snow map out there. ahead of the first map. >> 27, just spoke with police in rock hill barracks. we have a disabled vehicle that might be slowing things just a tad. chopper headed that way.
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fairfax county parkway, this is where the chopper was a few minutes ago. all westbound lanes blocked. use it to get back on to continue on 7 eastbound. 95 northbound at lorton road, disabled vehicle there. tracking between noma-gallaudet. 6:32. working to get you and your car ready for this weekend's snowstorm. news 4's erika gonzalez is braving the cold to make sure you know what to do to make sure you're ready to get the car outfitted. >> reporter: it is. it is bone chilling out here. literally shivering right now. this is the difference between a good day and a bad day today. we really hope that your car starts. we talked about how important it is to check the battery. tom kalkani with aaa joining us mired atlantic. another thing to talk about is windshield wipers. if you can't remember when the last time is to replace the
6:33 am
windshield wipers, it's been too long. >> this is one of the most important pieces of the safety equipment on any vehicle. you want to make sure it's working properly, make sure you can see and have plenty of washer fluid in the vehicle. the other thing, too, tire pressures. make sure you're up to pressure. also make sure you've got enough tread to deal with the snow but, you know, tires will go down about 1 or 2 pounds for every ten degrees. you'll want to make sure you're checking your tires and they're working fine. >> tom, thank you so much for joining us this morning. we have more tips on how to make sure that your car is ready for the cold weather. we're live in the northwest. back to you.
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>> thank you, erika. more on the winter storm coming up. we'll show you what d.c. is doing today as we get a clear picture of the storm. plus, when you'll see the most snow where you live. today the man accused of hitting 7 people with his car in d.c. on new year's day faces a judge. police say malik lloyd was drunk when he jumped a sidewalk and hit a pole on january 1st. he's accused of dui and leaving the scene. he'll be in court for a status hearing. it is 6:34 right now. today the man accused of a deadly stabbing at a religious retreat is back in court. he's accused of stabbing a man during a retreat in frederick, maryland, last summer. the judge will reveal the findings from a mental health evaluation. kim has pleaded that he was not criminally responsible for that stabbing. in annan poe louse today the house of delegates will vote whether to return some of governor larry hogan's vetoes. the bill will allow convicted
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felons to register to vote while on parole or probation. another bill will give $2 million towards renovating an an arundle county arts building. a third bill that deals with hotel taxes in howard county. also in annapolis, we expect to learn more about governor hogan's 2017 budget. last week the governor proposed tax cuts for senior citizens, low income families and some manufacturing businesses. today the budget secretary could explain how the state will pay for those tax cuts. maryland has budget surplus of about $449 million and a rainy day fund of more than $1 billion. fairfax county school superintendent karen garza is hoping to drum up support for her budget plan today. it's part of a listening tour. garza took a surprising step earlier this month when she refused to make cuts to the budget. she still faces an uphill battle because of a large budget short fall. the budge let will be approved by the school board and county supervisors. today's meeting will be at
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edison high school at 6:30. you saw this story first at news 4. charlotte heffelmeyer lifted a pickup truck off her father and saved her entire family from a fire. today she will be on the ellen degeneres fire. >> there were only three wheels and he was stuck under it. he just said, you have to lift the truck so i just -- i lifted it. it took two tries to really lift it up. >> oh, it took two tries. >> yeah. >> oh. >> ellen will have some very special surprises in store for them both. you can watch it today at 3:00 right here on news 4. i think when you're in that state something takes over and you just don't even know your own strength. >> that's what people say. you do what needs to be done. you find a way to do it, right? >> 6:36. >> let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. everybody is worried when the snow moves in on friday. by noon on friday, clouds everywhere and don't take this as gospel truth. there's a whole lot of computer
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model runs between now and the time the first flake gets here, but planning it outlooks like the snow rolls in here during the day on friday and gets heavy friday night into saturday. we'll be talking snow amounts at 6:51. you don't want to miss that snow forecast. shocks me. like a dream. the family of four fire victims talking about the tragic accident be that claimed their lives. plus, you may not have to worry about handing the car keys over to your teen at all. why more and more millennials are in a hurry to get thei
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d.c. police are searching two suspects in columbia heights. the victim is in critical condition this morning. police tell us someone shot him in the neck on 14th street yesterday. police say one of the suspects may have been riding a bike. michigan's governor rick
6:41 am
snyder promised a fix to the wire. he's been under fire for the toxic levels of led found in the city. he denounced calls for his resignation and committed 28 pl million more. he announced the deployment of extra national guard troops in the city. >> i want to do what i can to get flint on the path to success and get good water coming out of the faucets. >> many have criticized that the help has been too slow. governor snyder said the extra money proposed will help pay for things like more filters, bottled water and testing. and now your storm team 4 forecast. good morning, everybody. 6:41 on a wednesday morning. still watching a chance for some light snow coming our way later this afternoon into early this evening. this is not going to be a high impact event. just a couple of snow flurries and snow showers around, but it is certainly very cold again this morning. kiddos are going to need the heaviest coat, hat, scarves on
6:42 am
the way out the door. temperatures in the teens with single number wind chills so that's bitter cold again. watching out for flurries this afternoon near 32 degrees. when i see you at 6:51 i'll give you the all important snow forecast map. you won't want to miss it, melissa. numbers are this big. >> my son doesn't want to miss it. pretty normal looking volume here though it is a little bit slow here unfortunately. >> route 1 northbound, we have the right lane blocked there. that is a brand-new crash there. 66 in bound, timing looks good. 95 north timing looks good. 270 southbound, pretty much on time there. top of the beltway starting to get slow from 95 to 270. springing into action. ahead of this weekend's powerful winter storm, what the district is doing to make sure you are ready for the snow. we are also following a developing story in maryland
6:43 am
right now where police are investigating a late night homicide. what we're learning about the attack that left a man dead in ♪
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6:45. right now storm team 4 is hard at work getting you ready for one of the strongest storms we've seen in a while.
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in the hours ahead, d.c. officials helping you get prepared. we begin with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell in what he is seeing in the latest models. give it to us. >> increasing confidence in our computer models that the snow will be arriving during the day on friday and then things go downhill very, very quickly friday evening into friday night. as we get into the day saturday could be full out blizzard conditions. we'll talk about what to expect and how to prepare coming right up. today in the district we to keep you safe before this weekend's storm arrives. d.c. mayor's muriel bowser will announce the snow plan. at that announcement officials will hand out more than 2,000 shovels to the city's resident snow team. now this year d.c. has 14 new dump trucks to salt and plow major streets. there are also six new plows that will focus on residential streets. they're listening to the
6:47 am
complaints about unshoveled sidewalks. a new law allows the city to hand out tickets. homeowners face $25 fines if their sidewalks are not cleared within 24 hours of a storm. for commercial and multi--family buildings the fine is $150. it must be cleared 8 hours after a storm in daylight. you can download the nbc washington app for updated forecasts as we get closer to the storm arise joog developing story out of suitland, maryland, where police spent most of the night searching the area where a man was shot to death. this happened in the 4300 block of west village avenue. that's where news 4's molette green is live with the information and the investigation. molette. >> reporter: eun, good morning. i just minutes ago spoke to a gentleman who heard the gunshots last night from the apartment right across from him. he tells me he heard about three or four shots. he says he did not know his neighbor, the man who died here
6:48 am
last night, but he says he kept a lot of traffic in and out of the building. when police arrived last night about 9:30 they found a man suffering from a gunshot wound. he was eventually pronounced dead at the scene. now police do tell us that this was not random. now the interim police chief also was here on the scene for a while last night. we're still working to get more information about this developing story, including a motive and suspect in this case. again, we're in the 4300 block of west village avenue, very close to the branch avenue metro station in this very nice apartment community that's relatively new. that is the latest live from suitland, back to you. >> thank you, molette. one of two northern virginia men accused on terrorism charges will be back in court tomorrow. 28-year-old joseph hasan faroke tried to travel to syria and join isis. they arrested mahmoud elhassan.
6:49 am
they said agents tricked his client. three people are in germany and it's not clear when they will be coming home. nbc's keir simmons joins us from the air force base in germany where the hospital is there. keir, good morning. >> reporter: hey, aaron, good morning, jason rezaian is with his life this morning. we're seeing uplifting photos of them laughing and joking. we don't know when he may head home. we're told that he is anxious to. i think when he does it's likely that he'll head there to washington before going on to california to see his family. officials saying that the guys here do need time to, quote, decompress and, therefore, i guess it may take a little longer. meanwhile, we heard from amir hekmati, the marine who walked out of here and made a statement last night. a stunning statement in which he
6:50 am
described the tension before they took off. he said it was two and a half days before they were waiting. they described popping champaign he, too, is very keechb to get back there to the united states. >> we'll hear from him and keir. thanks. i'm missing him. >> family members now talking about the deaths of four people in a terrible fire in chillim. he lost his brother samson in the fire. first reported as breaking news yesterday morning. samson's wife caroline and their two grandchildren, 2-year-old twins, also died. prince gorges firefighters found all four of them on the second floor of the home. the twins were in one room, the grandparents in another. >> my brother was very nice to
6:51 am
everybo everybody. he's very godly. >> the twins' mother, elizabeth omogbo jumped from a second floor window. she is now at a relative's home recovering. a judge will hear motions from four of six police officers charged in the death of freddie gray today. prosecutors want to call officer william porter to testify in the cases. sergeants alicia white is trying to stop that, her lawyer is. porter's trial ended in december with a hung jury. freddie gray died from a spinal cord injury after an arrest. police in baltimore are launching a body camera program. baltimore's mayor says it will take two years to outfit every officer with a camera. a pilot program started in october with 155 officers trying out three types of equipment. 6:51 our time right now. want to turn right to meteorologist chuck bell. >> we're ready.
6:52 am
trying not to say anything. >> we are bracing for what could be aim snowstorm here on friday. it wallops us hard on saturday. for today, here's what you can expect for today. not completely out of the question to see a snowflake today. this is not part of the weekend storm. this is an alberta clipper. it will be cloudy between 35 and 10:00 this evenin5 and 10:00 this evening. it will be cold. here's the first alberta clipper coming our way. that puts it in here at 4:00, 5:00 this afternoon. not expecting much, just conversational snowflakes. here's what we know about the next snowstorm. major storm for the region.
6:53 am
increasing confidence that we can have double digit snow totals. what to expect on friday, first inch could be as earlyas around noontime. especially with areas around the city. the p.m. commute friday afternoon and evening could be snowy. conditions will deteriorate very quickly friday night. saturday could get snow 2 to 3 inches per hour. winds could be 30 to 50 miles per hour at times. expect a severe impact on travel and power as well. >> here's the all important snow forecast map for you. most of the metro area, ten to 18 inches. >> a lot more snow. how about 18 inches to two feet or more in the shenandoah valley. that will be quite a bit of snow.
6:54 am
friday night into sunday and monday. melissa? >> all right. sounds good for all those kids, right? right now chopper 4 over 270. showing some volume here. southbound through gaithersburg. crash at 370. westbound 7 at fairfax county parkway. still all lanes there are blocked. they're going to have to use the ramp to continue. bypass the ramp. 66 and 95 don't have any. 495. the right lane is blocked there. we still have just one right lane getting by. that is, of course, our main problem. taking a look at prince gorges county, tad slow as you're approaching the beltway. rolling along just fine. guys?
6:55 am
we're still following breaking news out of pakistan where we continue to get conflicting reports on who is behind a terror attack at a school. the police operation has ended. pakistani officials are in control now, but 20 people, including students, staff, and security guards are dead. four militants were killed as well and there were reports that the pakistani taliban was behind it, but no official confirmation from nbc. now this was at basha khan university. they were warned of a possible assault and they had extra security on campus. aaron. this morning a 17-year-old facing assault charges for an attack aboard a metro train. transit police say they're working to find the other people in these pictures now. police say a man on the red line was hit in the face and knocked out last month. transit police did not tell us the name of the 17-year-old they arrested nor did they say how he was involved in the attack. good morning, i'm landon
6:56 am
dowdy at cnbc headquarters. young adults are ditching their driver's licenses. a report showing 75% of people age 20 to 24 have one. that's down from 80% in 2011, 92% three decades ago. that could raise red flags with automakers as they deal with the rising use of uber and the attitude about cars. i'm landon dowdy with the cnbc business report. at 6:56, here are 4 things to know on this wednesday. maryland governor larry hogan explains the 2017 budget. including what will happen with a surplus of $449 million. ben carson has suspended campaigning for a few days after a staffer died in a crash in iowa. brayden joplin died after his van flipped and hit by another car. police investigating a deadly shooting in suitland. molette green tells us this happened at a newer apartment
6:57 am
complex with security. the shooting was not random. this morning d.c. muriel bowser will unveil the snow plan ahead of the program. it will be a shovelable amount of snow in all likelihood. double digit snow totals likely for most of the d.c. metro area. could get multiple feet out across the mountains. we're breathing deeply. breathing deeply. >> think positive. >> make it a great wednesday! >> thanks for joining us. >> have a great day. >> make it a great wednesday, everybody!
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good morning. enthusiastic endorsements. >> heads are spinning, media heads are spinning. this is going to be so much fun. >> sarah palin jumps on the bandwagon for donald trump. >> he's going rogue left and right, man. that's why he's doing so well. >> but will her support stop there, or could she take on a much bigger role? we'll ask trump when he joins us live. breaking overnight. gunmen stormed the campus of the university in pakistan. at least 20 people dead. 60 others injured. this morning the first images from the chaotic scene. batten down the hatches, a big storm targeting the east coast begins taking shape. as much as two feet of snow possible, but when and where will it hit?


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