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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 23, 2016 10:30am-11:01am EST

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10:30 as we continue our coverage of the blizzard of 201. a live look at storm team 4 radar for you. this is not an old image. we're not showing you the same thing over and over again. it goes up to 10:29. 10:30 on this image. actively snowing across the entirety of our viewing area. if you can hear or see us, there's snow outside your home. >> here's a live look in college park, maryland. this is the ikea, right off route 1 near the university of maryland. all those fine folks there in college park. beautiful scene. very dangerous as well. you can see the winds whipping
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the flags out there by the ikea, causing treacherous conditions on the roads as well. >> welcome back to our extended coverage. i'm chris gilchrist along with eun yang. >> we are here with doug kammerer and tom kierein. >> we'll get more snow right on through 9:00, 10:00 tonight. we still have 12 hours of snow to go. right now i'm thinking we have probably about another nine hours of heavy snow right on through about 9:00. 9:00 tonight. we're taking a look at some of the pictures that have been sent here. i love this one. this is from a good friend of mine. i'd like to say hi to joe and michael up there. i went to the wrong graphic. let me see if i can get back here real fast.
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i want to show you those pictures. that is one of the horsts they have in northern montgomery county. chuck bell is the one that put on the title. way hay hay too much snow. got you on that one. rachel bennett, 18 inches up in the olney area. it is coming down. we're going to continue to see it coming down all across our region. the area of low pressure, the surface low is off the coast. right off the coast. it's pulling back. we have had 77 mile-an-hour winds. 77 mile-an-hour winds in ocean city merrill. they are seeing the tides up here towards delaware and new jersey higher than they were during hurricane sandy. that's how powerful of a storm we have here. we're seeing the heavy snow around our region. what we're seeing, some of that heavy snow, leesburg, frederick, hagerstown, winchester. you will be the bullseye, i'm
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telling you right now. we are seeing lighter snow but the banding is coming back across the area. you can see a heavy band down towards charles county, fredericksburg and then you get back into the heavy snow where we're seeing 1, 2, 3 inches per hour. tom kierein outside right now. tom, again, we continue to watch this. we said most areas 20 to 30 inches. we've already got those areas. >> here in northwest we're up to 15 1/2 inches. look who i found here coming out of the blizzard. it's the the abominable veronica johnson. how was your drive in? >> awful. >> i'll bet. >> it's hard to navigate around
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cars that are getting stuck. the hotel driveway had a car that was stuck. that took 30 minutes for them to get pulled out of the way. most people are staying home but they're getting out and looking a little bit in the middle of the road. >> that's a real danger. there's no other place to walk. the sidewalks are completely covered. >> we get it. the deal is to stay aware. i'm going to head in. >> get in. great job. take a look at the snow totals we've had so far, two feet northern montgomery county up in parts of northern loudoun county, the panhandle of west virginia, up around winchester, farther north up near the pennsylvania border, shenandoah valley around the blueridge, 18, 19 inches there. south of washington, much of northern virginia including fairfax, prince william, faulkier, 16 to 19, st. mary's.
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good idea to shovel every two or three or four hours. clear the snow around fire hydrants. i had somebody tweet me saying it was getting cold in my house. didn't realize the snow was over the heat pump. check on the elderly also. back to you. >> by 2:00 we could see another 4, 5, 6, 7 inches here, maybe another foot back towards leesburg. this is additional snowfall by 6:00. another 20 inches. is it possible? these totals probably a little overdone here. even if you cut them in half, another 5, another 10. we're in the middle of the storm, not nearly at the end. >> that is the story on this. we're not nearly at the end of it. there's a lot more to deal with. >> we're going to check in with
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julie carey who is in the tysons area. you've been seeing a traffic jam where you are. what's going on? >> plow after plow after plow, they are backed up on to route 7. gotta get gassed up and get back out there and start clearing those roads. we're seeing some folks that have been watching our news that live in some of the apartments here in tysons and coming out to see it for themselves. we just ran into this family inside the convenience store. this is eric. he's a kindergartner. sorry. van,ester and eric. you are on the 24th floor of the high-rise. tell me about your morning. >> it's been amazing looking out of the window and seeing the plows and the snows. it's so cool being out here and playing and hanging out. >> you've seen a lot of stuck cars and stuck plows out at this intersection. >> yes, definitely wouldn't recommend for anybody to drive. you'll get stuck.
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>> you are doing the right thing, calming out walking. you seem to love this. you're snow covered from head to toe. what do you think of the snow. >> awesome! >> is this the biggest snow you've seen in your six years? >> yes. >> i hear when you and your mom set out to walk you played a trick on her. >> yes. >> what was it? >> i pushed her in the snow. >> these guys both looked like snow angels when i first met them inside the convenience store. you heard the thundersnow this morning, eric. what was that like? >> it was pretty cool. about 6:15 or so. a unique thing to hear. >> what do you make of this snow so far? >> it's pretty awesome. it's been really windy. the higher up you are, the more wind you see. it's pretty cool to look out and see the accumulation over the last day. >> are you hanging out a little longer or go back inside to warm
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up. >> we're going to hang out just for a minute and then we'll go inside and warm up. >> you are brave, ben, way to go. >> see you later. >> we will stand by here. they're starting to make real progress on route 7 with the plowing. still difficult conditions and a lot of people slipping and sliding out there. >> julie, how did this traffic jam build up? it seems like there are more plows where you are now since we first checked in with you. >> i'm sorry, eun, i'm having a hard time hearing you because the wind is blow so much. >> the snow keeps piling up, really all across the d.c. area. while you were sleeping the nbc 4's snow stick was hard at work. >> that's not even the most famous snow stick, the pat collins snow stick at connecticut avenue and northwest washington with our very own pat
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collins who's been doing measurements and more about the snow stick challenge. >> the snow stick is working overtime today. untouched snow here in connecticut connecticut. we have something just shy of 18 1/2 inches. take a look down there, abington. it's like a tunnel down into the snow. quite impressive here. there are no buses, no trucks. it has talked into somewhat of a promanod. if you're parked on the street, forget about your car. he just came out to take a look at it. here's what he had to say. >> that's your car? >> yes, sir. i brought the car in here.
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it's parked right here. we didn't get a chance to move it. >> how does it look to you? >> not good. >> when do you think you'll get that baby out. >> when the sun comes out. >> spring. >> spring, more likely. >> now the official pat collins stick and the snow stick challenge. we are looking toward the most creative way that you are combatting cabin fever. the cabin fever cure. we're looking for the most creative cabin fever cure. take a picture of it, send it to #snowstickchallenge. the most creative cabin fever cure gets the pat collins snow stick. we're collecting the entries. we'll judge the entries. somebody will end up with one of these. >> do you know how much people want that snow stick?
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i have people bribing me, how can i get my hands on this snow stick? even my own kids, you can't get one? no. not even i. >> i wou give them away like m & ms but i have an underboss named mona. >> don't mess with mona. >> she only gives me one at a time. that's what we have to do, play by the rules. >> that's right. >> i'll be back. >> most creative cabin fever cure. #snow stick challenge. we'll let you know about that contest and when we'll judge it. we're going to judge it. new video in of breaking news out of rockiesville where people are sheltering at a partial roof collapse.
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this is the apartments at quince orchard boulevard. no injuries have been reported. that's some good news. roof dangers will be a threat as the heavy snow continues to stack up as the day goes on. stay alert. eun? >> we'll take a quick break now. >> our coverage continues right after this.
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welcome back at 10:45. we've been on the air since 5:00 a.m. keeping you up to date on current conditions, how much more snow is expected to fall. any dangerous spots to let you know about. the good news is, most people have heeded the warnings from emergency officials and have stayed off the streets. d.c.'s mayor has said she wants to reiterate stay home. stay home is the message. >> it's 15 minutes before the top of the hour. the picture you see behind us is logan circle behind d.c. >> at one point there was someone digging snow and doing a snow angel right behind us. >> our snow angel, david culver. it was my attempt at a segue. is out in clarendon for us.
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>> we're seeing folks turn clarendon boulevard in a pedestrian plaza. that has to make you nervous with the office of emergency management to see people out on the streets. >> yes, it does. we're asking people to stay home, stay in place. if you don't need to come out, why bother. it's a danger for pedestrians walking in the street. >> even with a four wheel drive vehicle it's very dangerous out on these roads. >> got some props with us here today. >> this is a good bag if you have to be out here. >> in your car you have essentials, like an emergency blanket to keep you warm. we have an a.m./f.m. radio, work gloves and food. also we ask people if you're going to be out, make sure you have plenty of medications with
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you in case you get stuck. that will be your best friend in this kind of weather. >> that was a very good friend for me and photo journalist today, heather. time line wise, getting this cleared, what are you thinking? >> i know the department of environmental services has tripled the amount of trucks and equipment out on the road to clear the streets but it's going to take a long time. there's a lot of roads out here in arlington. >> a lot of snow. ever seen anything like that this? >> 2010 is the last one we had. it's the wind gusts that making it almost whiteout conditions. >> folks finding use of some of the big mounds in the parking lots to do sledding as well. the advice for pedestrians, try to stay off the roads. >> a quick question actually for him if you can ask. >> sure. >> we talk about people, folks
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who have to be out there, who would he put into that group, people that have to be outside other than the firsten spoders? >> aaron is mentioning the essential personnel that have to be out there. who else would you put in that category? >> nurses, doctors, first responders, sheriff's personnel. people that have to work and be out on the streets. those are the only ones that really should be. otherwise don't. it's just too dangerous out here. >> one of the things i was noticing is the cross roads between clarendon boulevard and wilson, it's hard to find a street that's clear to go through. >> even for us, we were trying to make that left to get over to the news truck. we couldn't do it. we had to go up several blocks before we could make that hook. >> thank you for making the commute over here. we appreciate it. guys, back to you. >> if your profession doesn't require you to be out in this weather, don't be at this point.
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>> we often have to thank all the first responders. >> uh-oh. >> bestill my heart. a collective aaah! when the national zoo tweeted this video. can we put this on a loop, please? >> this is tian tian wallowing in the snow. >> this is what you do. >> you go in your backyard, not in the street and have at it. >> i love him. >> he's like all over my head, i'm going to try and wash myself in it. >> wait a minute, wait a minute, let dad get his turn. make sure it's okay. he comes back. all right. >> bao bao, bei bei. >> the best video of the day. >> how happy am i? thank you national zoo for sharing that video with us.
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>> happy as a pig in slop or panda in snow. >> or a meteorologist in a snowstorm. >> we have doug and tom in the weather center for us. we know obviously the dangers that exist with this type of weather. we see you get pretty excited about having to work and handle this type of forecast. >> you know what i was most excited about this morning? >> what's that? >> 6:00 a.m. i wasn't supposed to wake up at 6:00 a.m. i woke up to thundersnow. >> that was awesome. >> i was outside, saw a bright blue flash in the sky. uh-oh, is that the transformer in then i waited and heard the thunder. okay, let's go back to the panda. we're done here. can we roll that repeatedly for the next three hours? >> they're going to love it. we'll get another couple inches for sure. leeds look at the radar. there is by the way, a major,
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major situation going on toward the jersey shore. they are seeing flooding that is higher than hurricane sandy up there. it is absolutely amazing. three feet of water like wildwood new jersey, stone harbor, new jersey, sea isle city. if you've been up there at the jersey shore, they're reeling right now. they have another high tide cycle tonight. the heavy band still for the most part west of i-95. we are seeing heavier banding beginning to develop as the upper level low continues to move on. you can see the heaviest, around hagerstown, martinsburg. the rest of the area, the dark green, over towards king george. then notice we'll have a lull that will come through but then it comes back through. through about 2:30, maybe in d.c. maybe we're going for another 5 to 8 inches between
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now and the time that this storm is all said and done with. we're not done just yet as far as the snow is concerned. the winds picked up. 35 manassas, 43 in martinsburg and 28 annapolis. 41 in ocean city. this storm continues to develop. we saw a 77 mile-an-hour wind gust down toward ocean city. this is a monster of a storm. >> those winds are creating a lot of drifting. what's been plowed is drifting right back over again. hour by hour forecast going forward now. 8:00 this morning, we had it in the mid-20s and winds around 20, 25 miles an hour. as we go forward for the rest of the morning into the afternoon hours we'll have those winds higher, gusting, maybe 35, 40 maybe in a few isolated places. temperatures holing steady in the upper 20s. the snow continues to come down and adds up those higher amounts that doug just mentioned. upper montgomery county into the
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panhandle of west virginia. they've had nearly two feet of measured snow so far. that does not include the drifting and much of virginia is over a foot. this system will continue to move on. >> you mention the drifts, we'll see drifts easily five, six feet. stay indoors today. enjoy it. we'll continue to keep you posted. you know we will. >> we're counting on it, doug. thank you. >> checking my twitter feed. people are loving the panda. >> we've been talking about the snow and the type of snow that it is. it isn't the packing snow we sometimes see. >> right. it does build quickly. let's check in with news 4's derrick ward who's been watching the conditions change in college park. we have seen the wind whipping out there where you had. i'm sure you are cold.
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>> the wind is indeed whipping. i don't want to use the cliche but i will, horizontal snow. my snow hole is almost covered up. that is exciting. i think that will eclipse the panda on michele media. in any case, the good thing is, we can count the cards on one hand that have not been emergency or public works type vehicles passing through. people are indeed getting the message. after all, this is a saturday. a lot of people are only going out for a essential things, if they absolutely have to be. that's a good thing. route one is clear. we haven't seen through come through recently. there has been the occasional plow. you have to give them kudos. they've been doing a good job.
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i've seen a lot of metro vehicles come through. chances are they are preparing now to get that system back up to speed. we're live in college park, derrick ward, news 4. back to you. >> thank you, derrick. >> the roads are pretty much rough all over the region right now. >> the officials want you to take heed. our meagan fitzgerald is live at the reeves center. >> we'll get to her in just a second. they've been warning us about the fact that the plows are out there. the storm isn't over. so, you know, as quickly as they're able to push some of the snow off the roads, a lot of roads are becoming covered again. this is a live picture from -- >> georgetown pike you mean. georgetown pike in great falls and fairfax. that's a long, windy road.
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treacherous even when there is no snow on the ground. >> this picture, doesn't appear to have been really touched in terms of plows going through there. i think this is probably representative of what you might see if you trice to venture out on your neighborhood street. >> we had ddot on earlier in the show elling us their plan of action was to do this at the same time. >> maybe if you heard a plow come through your neighbored aand woke up this morning and looked out the window and it didn't look like a plow came through, that's the reality. it may take many passes before you can get out on your street. >> as far as virginia is concerned, we asked, when do you think you might see relief?
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the response from ddot is 48 hours after the snow stops. we're looking at potentially tuesday depending on when this snow ends. >> we want to give you a look at our programming schedule for the afternoon. at 12:30, english premier league soccer. at 2:30 we'll be back on for a news 4 blizzard 2016 special. >> that's followed by the u.s. figure skating championship at 3:00, back on the air for news at 6:00 and then "nbc nightly news." stay with us for all of that. >> we'll b
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. this is storm team 4's special coverage of the blizzard of 2016. good morning to you. it's now 11:00 a.m. snow is still falling throughout the region as we bring you special coverage of the blizzard of 2016. this is the storm team 4 radar and take a look at that. we said earlier, this hasn't changed. this is a live update on the radar. the entire region blanketed by snow. it continues to accumulate. we're seeing nearly 2 feet in some spots. >> maybe grab a cup of coffee, watching the tv, take a look at the pictures we're finding as we're able to very slowly, carefully, professionally move t


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