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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  January 25, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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1:00 a.m. take a look, we have some video with some pictures from that scene. it is a single family home, we are told that two adults and one infant were transported from the scene. no serious injuries, mainly for observation. at one point, they had an issue with natural gas. the meter in this the basement failed. and they had trouble finding it because of the snow. it's located outside of the house. now, again, two adults and one in-ta infant transported and we're told minor injuries. part of the challenge in fighting fires like this is getting the equipment to the scene. and then when you need to get it out, getting it it out. this fire truck is stuck. they managed to use a plow to pull it out, but then it got stuck again, so they may have to end up getting heavy duty tow trucks out here to get this fire truck out of the street here.
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so again, this is primarily why they're asking folks still to stay in until things get really clear because just moving around in places like this especially some of the smaller residential streets in prince george's county are extremely challenging. derrick ward, news 4. back to you. the blizzard of 2016 means all federal government offices are closed today. emergency and telework ready employees must follow their agency's policies. here is a live look at the capitol where lawmakers are also dealing with the storm's aftermath. house lawmakers canceled votes all week and the senate postponed votes until wednesday evening. maryland and virginia governments are also shut down today along with many local governments. all of the closures are scrolling at the bottom of your screen. be sure to have our app ready, as well. >> another head's up for you, right now you cannot drive on parts of the george washington memorial parkway. northbound lanes are closed to
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interstate 495. it will reopen the northbound lanes at noon. and then close them again at 8:00 tonight to continue plowing and clearing snow. while we're talking about a water main break like the one tom kierein showed us, and these temperatures, the icing is going to be a big problem today. >> chuck, when will the temperatures start to rise a bit? >> yeah, first we need to get the sun up. that doesn't happen until 7:20, so that is still three more hours from now. and even then, it will probably be 11:00 or lunchtime before most neighborhoods get above the freezing mark. this is the first of many icy mornings that you willing dealing with. coming our way, more clouds but more melting. temperatures above freezing this afrnoon and tomorrow, as well. but there are more chances for rain and rain/snow mixes coming up. no big storm, but these little nuance events sometimes bother you just about as much, just not for as long a period of time.
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outside this morning, it is viciously cold. 6 degrees in damascus, maryland. 3 in bristow. 9 in brandywine. so if you're planning on walking around today, during the morning hour, so much slipperiness, temperatures in the teens, very slushy by later on this afternoon, temperatures mid-30s. we'll start detailing the timing and impacts coming up. good morning. so again, we have a couple different water main breaks. east bound university at pine any oig bridge, eastbound lanes shut down for the water main break. and then this one where tom kierein is for us, king street at quaker lane, the intersection shut down because of the water main break and the water just flowing down the road. no doubt going to freeze with these very cold temperatures. big look at things, you can take a look at the map and see that we're pretty green. but that's because we have such light volume. stay off the roads if you can. beltway here at river road, again, the main lanes look pretty good.
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this is the way i came. you can see as you get off on ranson, get looped around, really a lot of the roadway is blocked, very slushy, icy, so be careful there. northbound bw parkway at 440, a ramp blocked there. very icy, as well. more coming up. 4:34. we have complete coverage of the blizzard of 2016. no matter where you try and go today, it is going to take and you while. you just heard melissa tell us about the slushy and eyes ciicy. most sidewalks are buried under a foot of snow. this morning at muriel bowser will give an update. many neighborhoods have not been touched. >> the reoads, the main roads ae open and flowing and a lot of
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spots they haven't touched the yet, a lot of mess out there. a remind der to shovel your sidewalks today. homeowners must travel side washingtons within 24 hour after the snow stops. and metro is gradually getting service up and running. limited on orange, red and green lines today. only running to the underground stations. good news here, though, you can ride for free. that's nice. trains are running every 20 to 25 minutes from 7:00 a.m. through midnight. metrobus is also free. it's running from noon until 5:00 today, but on the life line service, apparently only 22 routes will be running. cars parked if metro garages, you get to park for free until about 9:30 tomorrow morning. >> you won't be able to take marc and vre trains to get around. they are stopping brunswick and camden until it the tracks are cleared.
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we're expecting a decision on tuesday's service later tonight. at reagan national there, are limited flights coming in and out of reagan this morning. >> reagan and dulles each have at least one runway open right now. >> crews at both airports are working to clear the runways and roads to get the more planes on schedule. flight aware oig reports more than 12,000 flights canceled nationwide since friday. d.c. public schools need in volunteers today. children and families will be eating breakfast and lunch at 10:00 at different schools across the city. volunteers are needed to help serve food from 10:00 until 2:00. these ten schools are only opening for the emergency meals. we have a list of the schools that need volunteers and how you can help. >> search for that list on the nbc washington app, search school meals. want to show you some current temperatures. we can't say this enough, one of the biggest concerns is the
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refreeze that is under way right how. thanks in part to the low temperature, chuck bell keeping an eye on that as well as the chances for school this week. also keeping an eye on the roads in your neighborhood as crews around the region continue to plow and salt the pavement. when neighbors if prince george's county could see clear george's county could see clear side stre mike? janet? cough if you can hear me. don't even think about it. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. yeah...but what about mike?
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we're dealing with icy cold conditions outside on top of some of the roads that are still buried in snow. >> chuck, bring us up to speed. >> we have an awful lot of ice to deal with this morning. temperatures aren't just below freezing, they're way below freezing. and that really helps thicken the ice up a good bit. so be ready for a very slow go around town this morning. no matter what your preferred mode of transportation, whether you're a pedestrian or driver, it will be a slow one today. outlook for school, virtually everything that i know of is closed for today. so for tomorrow now, at least a 95% chance that school will not happen again for tomorrow. by the time we get to wednesday, school chances 80% of cancellation. and by thursday, 40% chance for no school. so with time, things will start to get better. but i think tomorrow is all but a lost cause for school days and really wednesday will be tricky,
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as well. big roads are improving quickly, but the neighborhoods, oh, do they have a long way to go. tracking another chance for a little rain/snow mix tuesday into wednesday. more about that in ten minutes. here is melissa with more of the tricky roads. >> stay home if you possibly can. it is just nasty out. even heading down myself this morning 270 to the beltway, some of the lanes are totally fine and then all of a sudden you hit a patch where you think, wow, this looks like it hasn't been done yet. but you know it has been. so if you take a look to the right side of the outer loop, part of the lane still blocked. river road inbound this morning was one lane a lot of the way in. northbound gw parkway shut down between sought run atout run an beltway. closed unit till noon for snow removal and then shutting down again from 8:00 tonight until 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. they just need merv off the roads.
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also shut down, beach drive closed both directions between broad branch and maryland state line. first it was the snow, now everyone is worried about the refreeze. >> but there is even more concern for some folks in montgomery county. what they're worried about as our
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i've been in two of the big storms here, none as big of this, but this is the best the streets have ever been. >> it looks like people in prince george's county are pretty happy with the main road cleanup after the big snowstorm. the next step is clearing the residential streets. county officials are working around the clok ck to get that done. many of the main roads are
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plowed, but just passable about in some places. crews say they have hit about 75% of them, but it will take a few days before all are cleared. >> what we try to do is at least create a lane for drivers to get through and we've used the term passable to allow them in and out or to travel that road. >> thneighbors worked hard to d their park. crews expect to begin turning their attention to the side streets today. this police arrested turned out to be deadly, as well. a u.s. capitol police officer died shoveling snow outside of his delaware home. 44-year-old vernon alston died of a heart attack. d.c. police say an 82-year-old man also died shoveling snow in the district. virginia is reporting five storm related deaths. and two people died in maryland. investigators in baltimore, laurel and carroll county are trying to figure out if three deaths on sunday are storm
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related. and snow covered streets are making it more difficult to fight fires. you can see thick black smoke coming from a home onroundabout way. the damage costs may add up. the group all hands working posted this video on facebook. take a look now at this scene. the snow slowly downs first responders again this time in northwest washington. guess what, this is video that i took. i recorded this video, you can see neighbors helping to dig out and push out that ambulance stuck in the snow he. it took a long time, 00. >> you couldn't jump in there? >> i had a lot of bags and they said i was not very -- >> needed some mommy strength in there. >> it had chains on the tires and i think it was so difficult they were like you're getting in the way. but great effort. and as many of you attempt to drive, keep an out on people who need help.
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we've seen a lot of cars, first responders even, police officers, ambulances stuck. if you see people helping each other, you can snap a picture after you're helping, share it on social media and remember to use the #helpyourneighbor when you post to our accounts. there a are a lot of elderly people in different neighborhoods and people who don't have a lot of help. >> and obviously should you try to help out if you can, but we don't get to see enough of that sort of thing. so that's why we're asking you to share with us. well, it all starts to warm up and the next big concern is dealing with possible flooding. >> we're expecting some rain pretty soon, and that has first responders in montgomery county in particular warning neighbors to get ready now so the water doesn't end up inside your home. >> when you at the time a chance over the next day and a half, work on your downspouts. when the water comes off your roof, as the snow melts, make sure it gets away from your house so it doesn't blood back
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into your house. >> when it rains, the snow will get heavier making it even harder to shovel. so be ready for that. >> you'll have to wait one more day to check out the latest car models. the washington auto show is closed today and will open tomorrow at noon at the washington convention center. organizers say all activity and discounts will run as scheduled. the show ends sunday january 31st. so you won't have a whole lot of time to check it out. so, chuck is here and we got through the weekend. >> we sure did. >> it was a rough -- i mean, you guy, how much sleep have you gotten? >> strangely enough, i've been getting plenty of sleep. when i lay down, that's it. >> you're out like that. >> but we're tracking a couple more chances for not a big crippling storm like we just had, but a couple more new answer chances. and sometimes the nuance can bother you just about as much as the big storm. so we're watching very
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carefully. it's really a tuesday night/wednesday issue is the time program we're most concerned about. so today once again, because of all the high impacts from the snow remaining, we're this weather alert mode again for today. best way to stay ahead of everything you need to know is to have our nbc washington app downloaded. it has the latest forecast and as well as school closings and any other important information. so have the app ready to go. dangerous conditions remain across much of the area this morning. so be very, very careful. and this is the first of many, many, many icy morningings to come. temperatures outside this morning have really plummeted. that clear sky out there and a deep snow pack has allowed temperatures, single numbers now in the panhandle of west virginia, only 3 above this frederick and new market, maryland. 12 in gaithersburg, 13 in southern maryland. nothing on radar for today. you get all day today and most of the day tomorrow to prepare for our next little new answer
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event which you can tell is way out here in the upper midwest. doesn't look like it will be a big impact event on us. so that is welcome news. here is future weather for take, plenty of sunshine. plenty of melting. temperatures above freezing just about everywhere bhi later on this afternoon. another cold night tonight. almost everyone will be back down below freezing, but we will wake up tomorrow with mostly in the 20s. and then we'll start as a rain chance lunchtime tomorrow, clouds thick unup quickly. by 3:00, 4:00, a chance for light rain coming into the area. here is 8:30 tomorrow night. after the sun goes down tomorrow night that could be changing to a little bit of a rain/snow mix. temperatures hovering just at or slightly above the freezing mark. so it doesn't look like it will be much. the trick is with any additional moisture on top of the ice that we already have, it could make travel very, very tough. so keep that in mind, everybody. again, not a big storm, but it's worth watching for sure. and then as we get into the day on wednesday, as well, a little
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chance of a rain/snow mix. as the now, it looks like it will be mostly light snow with very light accumulations possible, not necessarily likely. again, we're keeping a close eye on it. for the tuesday night/wednesday and then lingering into thursday, by friday, saturday, sunday, sunshine, temperatures back into the mid and upper 40s. that will really eat up the snow pack quickly. here is melissa mollet. good morning. so a couple of water main breaks here across the area. we've mentioned two and then we'll talk about metr mark oc, r echl. you can see the snow pack, pine any branch, we're shut down because of the water main break. intersection closed king street at quaker lane and a lot of ice on the roadway there. silver, blue and yellow lines, no service today. metro operating on a very limited basis today. red, orange and green lines, they're all opening at 7:00. red only running between medical center and union station 37 orange between boston and eastern market and green between
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fort and anacostia. no word yet for sure on tomorrow, so we'll keep you updated and at first 4 traffic on twitter as well as metro business, only some routes are running take and only running between noon and five. more on that coming up. >> and it's free. it's 4:52. and we're turning our attention to the side streets in montgomery county in particular. molette green is live along rockville pike in bethesda with a look at how the clean skrup process is going. >> reporter: aaron, good morning. i'm on elsmear avenue. this is a neighborhood street. it has been plowed. it's a little slushy. a little worse as you go down the road. that is rockville pike 3rks 55. still looks the same as what i just showed you on this neighborhood street. we shot in video of rockville pike just to give you an idea of
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what things look like on that main stretch here in bethesda. and that was just after we came off of i-270 coming in from germantown this morning. when you come back live, you can see on this neighborhood street, these folks can't go anywhere. their cars are buried in. they're still buried in the snow here on this street. and this is what many of the streets that we have been looking at as we have been driving around the neighborhood streets are tough, people are still breyerried in. you can't even s buried in. you can't even see the sidewalk. it will be a tough go here in montgomery county and bethesda as we continue on get through the aftermath of the blizzard. that's the latest live. back to you in the studio. we are also following a developing story in ckacanada t morning. a plane from the u.s. had to make an emergency landing. >> why several people are now
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recovering in the hospital.
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current temperatures this morning. a lot of you are waking up in the single digits. and this is going to make things a lot more difficult because of all that snow that has already melted on the sidewalks and roadway. things are freezing over. chuck bell is keeping an eye on that as well as the nextkxt 24
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hours. also the situation in alexandria where a water main break is creating a mess on king street. here is a live look. an update on the situation there in just a few minutes. we're watching all the snow letted studios for you, as well. >> angie goff has our other headlines in the newsroom. >> yeah, definitely other news going on. this fact more than 200 passengers and crew spending the night in newfoundland. take a look at the scene. the plane was applying there miami to milan in italy. four passengers and three flight attendants had to be taken to the hospital after this with that witnesses said some were not wearing their seatbelts and the seat belt light was on. a major shakeup at twitter. hours ago, jack dorsey announced that four high level executives are leaving the company. they were in charge of product, media, engineering, as well as human resources.
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the man running vine also said that he plans to exit. twitter stock hit an all-time low this past week. the ceo is one of twitter's founder and the only one that returned to the company last june. if you are making plans to your super bowl, you now have your choices of who to root for. the panthers, a lot of us tired this morning watching that game, and the broncos, they will battle it out for the vince lombardi trophy on february 7. panthers are already favored by 3 1/2 points. if the broncos win, it could mean the team keeps pay top manning for another season, but we all know that there is talk that this might be his final season playing in the nfl. so good for him. back to you guys. we're approaching 5:00. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. you might not be able to go to
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work, but that's not stopping up from getting you up to the minute the meant you'inute you'. >> a lot of you heading out are in for a mess thanks to the melting and refreezing. let's start things off with chuck bell. >> good morning, everybody. a whole lot of ice to deal with here early this morning. another couple of chances for a little light rain or snow coming up mid week. but first we have to get the through a monday. it's very cold this morning. single numbers and teens across most of the area. annapolis is the warm spot at 21. warrington is down to 4 above zero. that's not including the windchill. luckily there is not much of a breeze out there. dangerously icy this morning, but plenty of sunshine coming our way. a clear sky after the sun goes down, so by 7:00 tonight, most areas dropping just back down below the freezing mark, but unlike this morning, tomorrow morning we'll be in the 20s and low 30s. not the single numbers and teen.
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still cold enough to refreeze it, but the recovery time will begin a little about the more in earnest as we get into tomorrow. so much melting coming our way for today. chance for a little light rain tomorrow and then a light rain/snow mix tuesday night into wednesday. we'll watch that carefully. but many more chances for overnight refreezes in the "7-day forecast." here is melissa mollet now with first 4 traffic. good morning. good morning.. so the roads are nasty all over the place. pretty much anywhere you go, you will have some routes that look okay and then all of a sudden a lane is blocked, you'll hit a patch of ice. it is just nasty. if you can possibly stay home, you will want to do that today. so taking a beg look at things, again, we look nice and green. i'm expecting the roadways to look a lot like this throughout much of the morning because of folks staying home hopefully today. a lot of plows still out trying to do their job. stay out of their way if you can. eastbound university at piney branch, we still have that shut down because of


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