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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  January 25, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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it, but the recovery time will begin a little about the more in earnest as we get into tomorrow. so much melting coming our way for today. chance for a little light rain tomorrow and then a light rain/snow mix tuesday night into wednesday. we'll watch that carefully. but many more chances for overnight refreezes in the "7-day forecast." here is melissa mollet now with first 4 traffic. good morning. good morning.. so the roads are nasty all over the place. pretty much anywhere you go, you will have some routes that look okay and then all of a sudden a lane is blocked, you'll hit a patch of ice. it is just nasty. if you can possibly stay home, you will want to do that today. so taking a beg look at things, again, we look nice and green. i'm expecting the roadways to look a lot like this throughout much of the morning because of folks staying home hopefully today. a lot of plows still out trying to do their job. stay out of their way if you can. eastbound university at piney branch, we still have that shut down because of a water main
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where he. and another water main break king street at quaker lane, that intersection shut down and that's where we found tom kierein. how are we looking out there? >> reporter: double trouble in alexandria. water main break, flooding streets around the intersection of king street and quaker lane. that's where we are right now. in addition, snow removal is under way with front end loaders here trying to reach move the snow and trying to deal with this major water main break. unfortunately, with these temperatures that are only in the teens right now, this water flowing is now beginning to freeze up. so this is going to be a big problem here throughout the morning here in alexandria at king street and quaker lane. back to you. >> tom, thank you. it's 5:01. and we are following some breaking news out of prince george's county, a family rescued from a house fire in hyattsville. this broke out just a few hours ago on 23rd place. derrick ward is there live for us. i know the side streets still
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pretty covered there. how is it looking? >> reporter: indeed they are, aaron. fire trucks have had some issues. one truck trying to leave the scene got stuck. as far as we know, it's still there. it's about a block there where we are p p but this is the house. this happened just after 1:00 a.m. we're told two adults and one infant were taken to the hospital for observation. minor injuries. but no firefighters injured and the cause of the fire is still under investigation. it started again just after 1:00 a.m., was complicated somewhat because a gas meter or gas line failed here and they had a hard time finding because of the snow. and as you can see, firefighters are still on the scene here. they're guarding against any flare-ups. but again, this house pretty heavily damaged. fortunately minor injuries to the three people, that is two adults and one infant, taken away for observation. we're live in the chill ham
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hyattsville area. back to you. it's 5:03. the blizzard of 2016 means all federal government offices are closed today. emergency and it telework railroaded employees must follow their agency's policies. we're look at a live shot of the capitol where law makers are also dealing with the storm's aftermath. house lawmakers canceled votes all week and the senate postponed votes until wednesday evening. maryland and virginia governments are also shut down today along with many local governments. all of the closures are scrolling on the pot bottom of screen. and it will noon before the national park service reopens northbound gw parkway between stout run and 495. officials will close the lanes again at 8:00 tonight. they say crews will keep plowing in the overnight hours. you might get a free ride from work -- rather from metro into work, but your options are pretty limited. there is underground service on
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the orange, red and green lines for metro today. you'll be able to ride for free, too, it's important to point out, though, the metro train service won't hit every station. underground stations. and if you're past anacostia, for example, you can't get on. trains will run every 20 minutes or so starting at 7:00 through midnight. >> and limited bus service, as well. so check and see if your route is running. marc trains, also -- >> from noon to 5:00 light line service only on the buses. all of it free. parking garage, you can leave your car there until 9:30 tomorrow morning for free, too. >> marc and vre trains not running today. marc is stopping brunswick, camden until tracks are cleared. amtrak trains will not accept the marc ticket. we're expecting a decision on tuesday's service later tonight. right now limited flights are able to can come in and out of reagan. reagan and dulles have at least
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one runway open. crews are working to clear the runways and roads to get more planes on schedule. you know there will be a lot of flights backed up, though. flightaware reports more than 12,000 flights have been canceled nationwide since friday. 5:05 now. if you're away from your tv, come take a look at the current temperatures around here. be careful if you're about to take the dog out because chances are it will be slippery. >> a lot of the snow that started melting has frozen over. chuck bell is back with a closer look at your travel conditions. this price can't be right... that's the right price! it's that low. what other things on this list "can't be right?" looks like a list full of "can't be right's." seriously? at giant, prices are down. savings are up. my giant.
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i'm chuck bell off to another cold start this morning. weather will impact all modes of transportation today. walking around town, treacherous. be careful, every. and stay off the streets. both on my ways in and out over the last couple day, people have been walking right down the middle of the road. don't do take anymore. stay on the sidewalks. driving, watch out. almost without saying. snow and ice covered roads remain a real problem. flights limited but getting better. that is the one thing finally starting to improve a bit. no actual weather delays, but still many flights canceled because planes are just simply out of position.
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so therecould be a whole lot of lingering delays from getting people back on planes perspective temperature a lot of ps. people on planes perspective. in the single numbers and teens early this morning. next thing we're watching out for tuesday night into wednesday, a weather alert for you, could have a little rain snow mix. more about that in ten minutes. here is first 4 traffic. and we have a closure hanging around for, i don't know, five day, six days. what white's ferry shut down, too much ice on the river. do still have the water main break, this is probably going to last throughout much of the day here. eastbound university at piney branch road, eastbound lanes are shut down because of that water main break. and of course any water main break causing a big problem, flooding water will gush out on the roadways that will refreeze and cause a very slick spot.
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another water main break in alexandria, king street at quaker lane that area blocked because of that water main break. and again, that gushing water. beach drive shut down between broad branch and the maryland state line. 66 at compton road, i picked this camera because this is how a lot of the interstates look right now. your main lanes look pretty good and then off to the right, you're lose something lanes and it is still snow covered. back with more on metro for today. our coverage ever blizzard 2016 continues keeping an eye on the roads for you in several areas this morning. a live look from montgomery county right here. what crews there are doing today to get things back to normal. we're also watching how things are planning out in the district, when we can expect to hear from the hair a
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welcome back. on the left-hand side of the screen, you're seeing the current temperatures reits now.
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very cold. 5 in dulles, only 3 in manassas. on the right hand side, this is a look from the storm team 4 x 4 camera, a snow packed side street in alexandria. we are seeing very treacherous conditions still as we continue to follow the blizzard of 2016. 5:14 is the time. and plows hit the main streets hard this weekend trying to clear out that snow. today begns the real side street effort to get things dug out. we continue team coverage with molette green live in bethesda with a look on the ground there. >> reporter: they're a long way from being done. this street here, elsmere avenue, it's a neighborhood street just off 355, rockville pike. and it has been plowed, but these folks are still very much buried in. let me show you some video we shot of 355 very near here. just off i-270 when we were coming in there germantown, you can see there are plow trucks coming and going.
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you can get through. it's okay. you need to take your time. but these neighborhoods are snowed in. these folks can't get out of their driveway. this is the sidewalk hoar piles of know. that's the car. they will have to do some serious shoveling and dwigging o get thing back to normal. far from normal, the big cleanup an diggout continues two days after the blizzard. this is bethesda, elsmere avenue just off rockville pike. back to you. it is 5:15. a community came together to help a group of fairfax county firefighters in the snow. take a look at the scene. their fire truck was stranded, the crews drove into the snow to get a sick child to an ambulance, but they couldn't get out. people in the neighborhood
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brought out their shovels to help the firefighters. >> street was not plowed. we made it as far as we could in the snow, but couldn't make it any farther and now we're actually needing assistance. >> these firefighters had an nbc news crew traveling with them yesterday. they said that they responded to several snow-related emergencies. a view from the sky shows philadelphia under a record amount of snow too. pretty when you see it from here. that area got nearly 22 mf inches in the blizzard of 016 and that's how much philly usually gets for the whole winter. flights starting to take off from the airport there as people begin to clear sidewalks and dig themselves out just like us. traveling up the east coast, take a look at the snow in front of radio city music hall in new york city. look at that huge -- you can even call that a plow? broadway theaters are back open today. residents along the jersey shore are dealing with a mix of snow and flooding, that's a big
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problem there. crews spent hours yesterday repairing power lines ripped down in the blizzard high winds. no matter where you try to go today, it will take you a while to get there. most of the d.c. sidewalks are still buried under more than a foot of snow. i tried to walk through some yesterday, wasn't pretty. this morning at 10:00, muriel bowser will give an update on the storm cleanup progress. cleaning up will take a couple of days at least. and many of you are already feeling cabin fever. >> yeah, pretty much i've been a couple days in. it's nice being in, too. drinking hot chocolate. >> a reminder, you have to shovel your sidewalks today. d.c. homeowners must shovel their sidewalks within 24 hours after the snow stops. the heavy weight of snow is taking a toll on some buildings. chopper 4 was over the scene of
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this collapse off plantation drive in stafford county. you can see the entire front wall of that strip mall caved in. look at that. there were no open businesses when the damage happened. that is good news there. want to give you an idea now of what type of work will be happening on the roads in the day ahead. we have bob rager with the maryland state highway administration on the phone with us. bob, are you there? >> yes, good morning. >> what you can tell us about your efforts going forward today? >> first of all, just a quick update on one particular incident. we have a report of a water main break on maryland and 193 eastbound closed at pine any bran piney branch. so that will probably be closed for a while. if general, if you've been out there, which we still don't recommend, but you've seen a lot of bare pavement. don't be overconfident, because anything that was wet will refreeze overnight this morning.
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and salt does that work very well below about 20 degrees. so there could be some icy patches. you have to watch out for that. today on the roads, we've got lanes passable. we want to work today on pushing everything back off the shoulders. and there is a really good reason for that. if we can get it off the lanes, off the shoulder, when it does melt, it will run off the side instead of back on the road where it can refreeze overnight. >> and what about the ramps, overpasses, bridges? melissa mollet was driving in and said it was still pretty treacherous. >> yeah, even when the travel lanes are clear, a lot of the ramps and merged lanes rptd going to be clear yet and we'll get to those today, as well. when you're out there drivinging, you have to assume when you're on a ramp, you have to be ready to stop. assume it's not going to be cleared all the way through to let you accelerate. and of coursed a just your speeds accordingly. >> are you imagining -- i know you're doing the interstates in maryland. are you hitting those state prouds, the interior roads at
5:20 am
the same time or is this sort of an order to how you do this? >> of course through the weekend at the height of the storm, we were focusing on the major routes. but we're responsible for all the numbered routes and we're getting to that. we were working on this through the weekend. and our crews did a great job of keeping the major routes clear and passable for the emergency vehicles. but today, tomorrow and probably into wednesday, we're looking at pushing back everything on all of the state numbered routes. >> okay. bob rager, give our thanks to all the guys in the trucks, 00. >> will do. it's tough to tell the difference between the snow and the redskins in-do adoor traini facility. this is video of the deflated center. once the snow was taken off the if a it's see bubble and the weather improves, the team says it can reinflate it. >> kind of like our hopes for the season. some d.c. public schools will open to serve emergency meals today. ten different campuses will serve break fast and lunch. volunteers are needed, though,
5:21 am
to help serve food from 10:00 this morning until 2:00 this afternoon. we have a list of the schools that need volunteers and how you can help. you can also search school meals on the nbc washington app. good morning, everybody. the blizzard of 2016, the snow el nino storm as i like to call it because it was an el nino-fueled event for sure. it's all just a distant memory as far as an accumulating snow perspective, but we're still dealing with it this morning. temperatures have plummeted and you just heard from one of the vdot officials that road chemicals really don't work all that well proceed about 20 degrees. and nearly everybody is way below 20 degrees this morning. 10 now gaithersburg, 7 in panhandle of west virginia, 3 manassas, 13 fredericksburg. so the ice impact is dangerous this morning. by midday and into the afternoon, not quite as bad, there will be plenty of melting taking place during the daylight
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hours today. fair amount of sunshine, as well. that's good news. but by this evening with temperatures going back down below freezing, things will turn dangerous once again. but unlike this morning, tomorrow morning won't be will cold. chemical shoes work much more effectively tonight into tomorrow morning. but for today, very slippery. a lot of slippery spots this morning. single numbers and teens on your way out the door. plenty of sunshine today. temperatures getting above freezing just after noontime, we should spend most of the afternoon above freezing. lots of melting. refreeze starts about 10:00 tonight. by tomorrow morning, temperatures only right around 30 degrees. so that is very good news for the chemicals and the road crews that are trying to get the ice to melt. during the day tomorrow, clouds come back in on us as early as lunchtime. there is a chance for light rain. and it should be mostly rain during the daylight hours tomorrow. but there is a chance after the sun goes down tomorrow that that could change into a little bit of a rain/snow mix. so here is tomorrow morning at
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8:15, dry then. as we get closer to the noon hour and into the evening, that's when the chance for rain showers sneak in here. here is 5:15 wednesday morning, temperatures will be close to the freezing mark. so that may come with the chance of a rain/snow mix will. so light rain and snow possible. no significant accumulations, but patchy icing will once again be an issue wednesday morning. so just know that this could be a little bit of a thing. so the snow chance tuesday night into wednesday. not quite conversational. just more of a nuance event because of all the ice and snow we already have. not looking for a lot more additional accumulation. "7-day forecast" time, it's already mop and i know you, you're already thinking about the weekend, right? after we get through hit and miss chances for rain and snow tuesday through thursday, again no big storms. friday on into next weekend, temperatures at or even slightly above average. plenty of sunshine. your snow than may not make it through the end of next weekend. so more road closures to deal with. here is melissa.
5:24 am
>> and again a warning about the refreeze. northbound gw parkway, they're having to shut that down to try to plow and get everything cleaned up for us between stout run and the beltway. so it will be shut down until noon for that snow removal. and then it will close again 8:00 tonight until 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. trying to get everything out of the way. now, this is what state highway was just talking about. eastbound university boulevard at piney branch, so again have that water main break, east university shut down. another water main break, king street at quaker lane in alexandria. reminder, silver, blue, yellow lines no metro service today. limited service red, orange and green. they open at 7:00 today. red running for rom medical cen to union station. and again it is true, buses very limited, from noon to 5:00, only 22 different routes. marc and vre not running today. see you back here in ten minutes. it's 5:25.
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in the news today, we are following several big stories for you. >> angie goff is in the newsroom now with more on that. she is following developments from the live desk. >> a man who shot a police officer, quote, in the name of islam will be in court today. you might remember when this happened in philadelphia, police say that a man apbushed the officer's patrol car and shot him three times.officer is expected to recover. the alleged attacker will be in a preliminary hearing. right now he's being held without bond. in los angeles, police are on the manhunt for three escaped inmates. two were charged with murder. sheriff's deputies say the men cut you through steel bars and then used sheets to propel off the jail roof. they're offering a $50,000 reward for the inmates' capture. and four families in alaska are picking up the pieces from their homes. an earthquake sparked fires and explosions that destroyed the houses yesterday. it measured 7.9, but no one was
5:26 am
hurt. emergency officials say aftershocks could hit the around around anchorage for week. 5:26 now. coverage of blizzard 2016 of course included this guy. >> it had to. >> i wish there was sound on this. he's probably going woo! you've probably seen this video of the giant panda playing in the snow here. >> he doesn't even know what to do with himself he's so happy. i could watch this all day. >> 18-year-old panda just rolling around. >> a kid at heart like the rest of us. well, tian tian may have some competition. jeffrey perez from millersville, maryland, can it his very best impression. he found his own panda suit. he posted this on facebook and instragram and created this very fun snow mom. so the rest of us could laugh. >> let's ignore the fact that he
5:27 am
just happened to have a panda suit sitting around. >> you know what i posted on facebook, we should all have a news 4 panda suit that we can take turns. you can't see the look i'm giving you right now. and these people also decided to go outside and roll around in the snow. call it panda style now. >> you don't even need a panda suit to partake in all this. >> let's look at this that way. >> just knock yourself out. >> roll around, have a good time. the blizzard really had its fair share of memorable moments on social media. >> many of you submitted pictures and videos to get your hands on a pat collins snow stick. you know it's a hot item. your pictures and videos did not disappoint. judging begins this morning for this edition of the snow stick challenge. best cabin fever cure. the judges will have to look at 1700 entries. can you imagine the job that we
5:28 am
have? pat will announce the winner once he and the judges look through all of the entries. >> and we should note for you stop sending them. the entries have already been submitted. we're not taking anymore apparently. >> you can share your fun pkt pictures, but they can't be included anymore. chuck bell says this is the first of many icy starts. four things to know about the forecast at 5:31. and let's give you at look at the what the roads look like. this is a snow packed side street. mounds of snow. some streets have been plowed, but still very dangerous out there. what you can expect if you are try to drive today. don't do it.
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know you can easily keep track of what you're putting away. and know you're budgeted for the great escape. thanks to virtual wallet by pnc. ♪ we're sure there will be slick spots with the melting and now freezing. first the plowing and powder, now keeping what is on the roads from refreezing. >> and that is what a lot of you are planning it head out today will face. it's 5:31 as we start to try to thaw out from the big snow el
5:32 am
nino as chuck has called it. he's in the storm team 4 "weather center" with the latest. big icy problems again not just for this morning, but the next couple of mornings promise to be just as bad. this is the first of many, many icy mornings i think coming up for the week. more clouds and more melting taking place today and tomorrow. second half of the day tomorrow going into wednesday, chance for the another rain/snow mix coming up. no big storms, you about sometimes the nuance events can bother you just as much. most of the outlying suburbs are down in the single numbers. 3 in manassas, 10 in leesburg, 89 9 in ashburn, 9 in damascus. so it's bitter cold. and watch out for all the slipperiness during the early hours. by later today, just slushy. temperatures above freezing will help things out quite a bit. talking about dealing with the icy road, tom kierein out there in the storm team 4 x 4.
5:33 am
how are the roads where you are? >> reporter: i'm in alexandria and i just posted a video of double trouble here. major water main break, flooding at king and north quaker lane. right now we're on early street right off of duke street. and this street has just one narrow lane that was maybe allowed once. but coming up here, we see the plow had to stop. couldn't get any farther because it's going a little bit uphill. and likely did not get any farther here. we're just off duke street on early lane right here in alexandria. many neighborhoods are looking like this on this monday morning. how are some of the other roads looking, melissa? >> that is really a great depeks of what the neighborhood streets look like. on the main roads, we're okay. and we're nice and xreen because of the light volume. you can see some little red and orange spots, some yellow.
5:34 am
thoses are plows and sat trucks. a brand new problem, 50 shut down at st. louis road because of a fire response there. 66 inbound at sudley, have a disabled vehicle stuck in the snow. again, a good picture here because you can see some lanes nice and clear. this right lane still blocked. travel times in ten minutes. i've been in twoft big storms here and they were none of them as big as this, but this is the best streets have ever been. >> you heard it there, some people with the main road cleanup. the next step is clearing residential streets. county officials are, woulding around the clock to get that done. many of the main roads are plowed, but just pass bl. crews say they have hit about 75% of them. but it will take a few days before all of them are cleared. >> what we try do is at least
5:35 am
create a lane for drivers to get through and we've used the term passable to allow them in and out or to travel that road. . >> crews begin to turn their attention to side streets today. the blizzard turned out to be deadly, as well. u.s. capitol police officer died shoveling snow outside of his home. vern on that alstvernon alston of a heart attack. five storm related deaths happened in virginia, two in maryland. investigate authorizes baltimore, laurel and carroll county are trying to figure out whether three sunday deaths are storm related help. snow covered streets are making it more difficult to fight fires, too. you can see thick black smoke coming from a home yesterday morning. this is on roundabout way in springfield. fairfax county firefighters say nobody was hurt, but the damage,
5:36 am
the cost there may add up. the roof all hands working shared this video with us on facebook. and take a look at this scene scene, the snow slowing down first responders. this was this northwest washington. i actually recorded this video on the corner of calvert and 18th street as i was trying to get home. you can see the neighbors jumped out to help with their shovels. and they even had the plastic lids from storage karens to try to put under the wheels, but there was so much snow on the ground, it's been tough. so thanks to everyone trying to help their neighbors. as you attempt to drive, be sure to keep an eye out for those who do need help. we've seen a lot of vehicles stuck in the snow and snow banks. if you see people helping each other out, jump into help if you can. snap a picture and share it with us on social immediamedia. remember to use the #help 4
5:37 am
neighbors. >> david culver was at a house yesterday and we saw a bunch of kids trying to help a woman who couldn't get her door open and get out. >> and please remember when we talk about nurses and doctors have to get to work and first responders. so thanks for all your efforts. and after digging out, the next big concern is flooding. >> and we expect rain when temperatures get above freezing and that has first responders warning neighbors to get ready now so the water doesn't end up inside your home. >> when you get a chance, over the next day and a half, work on your downspouts. when the water comes off the roof, make sure it gets away from your house so doesn't flood back into your house. >> and the snow will get heavier making it harder to shovel out, so get ready for that. car lovers will have to wait one more day for the annual washington automatic though show. the show will remain closed today, but open tomorrow.
5:38 am
the event opens in washington convention center at moon tomorrow. it will done through sunday january 31. take a look at the current temperatures here this morning. we can't say enough, one of the biggest concerns is the refreeze under way right now thanks in part to the temperatures. nothing above freezing out will. >> chuck bell is keeping an eye on that as well as chances for school this week when our kunlg of the blizzard of 2016 continues.
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good morning. blizzard 2016 in the record books. the damage still being done to schools. all schools addrend many busine closed today. tomorrow a the 95% chance for no school. wednesday 80% chance for no school. and thursday still at least a 40% chance for no school. so school kids, you will have to be doing your home reading assignments. find a good book. maybe war and peace. we've got a couple more days before you have to worry about going back to school. it's bitter cold this morning, temperatures in the single numbers and teens. so bundle up on your way out to get thinking done today. hour by hour forecast then for today, plenty of sunshine, lots of melting coming our way today. but we cannot eat up 20 to 30 inches of snow in just two or three days. it will take a while. "7-day forecast" shows improvement by the weekend. that is coming up in 10.
5:42 am
shear melissa with a check on traffic. storm team 4 x 4 giving you another look at some middle of the road roads here this morning there in alexandria. so we're not talking about side streets, not really talking about any main routes. but still here this morning, you can see have a little bit of sheen on the roadway and then all lanes not open. and that's pretty normal everywhere. eastbound university, still shut done at piney branch road because of the water main where he. if you have to go out, allow extra time. you will need it to get around some snow drifts and those ramps that are still kind of blocked. 270 south from germantown to the spur, you're on time. 95 to 270 rolling along. 226 and quantico to the beltway also looking good. remember to listen to our friends when you're in your car.
5:43 am
a plane from the u.s. has had to make an emergency landing in canada. and it is probably going to be difficult on get a complete out of our area today. take a live look at reagan national. we're working to find out the latest on the delays and cancelations for you. right now it's 5:43.
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good morning. another weather alert day here at nbc 4. continuing coverage of the blizzard of 2016. we're way down into the single numbers and teens for temperatures this morning. we will recover by later today. temperatures in most neighborhoods should get above freezing. let the monday meltdown begin. still have problem east bound university boulevard, shut down at piney branch road. a lot of roads look like this. just snow covered and all the
5:47 am
lanes not open. eastbound university shut down, a water main break. dulles and reagan each have at least one runway open. crews are working to clear runways and the roads to get more planes on schedule. flightaware reports more than 12,000 flights have been canceled nationwide since friday. and with those cancellations, thousands of passengers spent much of the weekend stranded. most flights at laguardia and jfk in new york city are still on hold. sha some passengers struggled to find hotels while they waited for the flights to be rescheduled. >> my vacation is finished. i was supposed to be at work. because i was worried because if you pass those days, they will send you out. >> more than 3600 flights in and out of laguardia, jfk and newark liberty airports were canceled yesterday. and many that were rescheduled are now just now starting to
5:48 am
leave. coming up on 5:48. a nova fairfax hospital is dealing with the loss of blood donations because of the winter storm. a lot of people home from work today, they hope to get some blood donors in. the hospital will host a blood drive from 1:00 until 7:00 today, it will happen at the hospital in falls church on the ground floor atrium if you can get there safely today. just because the snow stopped falling that didn't mean the danger is over. that's the big takeaway from terry mcauliffe. the governor says cleanup will take days. he warned national guard troops may be called back into check on people in their homes. >> we are very worried obviously in the rural community, elderly folks slip and fall, they have to get medical care, you see t humvees, the big equipment we have with the national guard. they're delivering medicine. >> dulles airport is back open today. so are virginia ports. governor mcauliffe says schools
5:49 am
cannot reopen until sidewalks are cleared. we're talking blizzardlike conditions for this major storm and there were concern about power outages. >> we did really well with the power outages all told. virginia dominion power saying about 25 customers in northern virginia are out right now. fewer than five from pepco. >> we'll update those numbers for you it we get anymore information. all right. man of the hour, chuck bell. you know, the temperatures are a big problem for people trying to clean up. >> yeah, we heard from one of the vdot officials earlier on in the show about how road chemicals become much, much less effective once the temperatures go below 20 degrees. that's exactly what we have this morning. p temperatures are way down. 3 above zero in new market. only plus 3 in manassas. reagan is at 19, an in an police
5:50 am
an than poli annapolis by the bay 21. so no real good chemical in that kind of condition. once we get the sun up, there will be a lot of melting taking place. a couple clouds rolling in after about sundown this evening. not looking for a big impact tonight into tomorrow. highs today, mostly in the low to mid-30s, about 37 in washington, 33 gaithersburg, 32 martinsburg. but with the sunshine, plenty of melting. tomorrow clouds coming in again. slippery conditions just below freezing, but notice tomorrow morning temperatures in the 20s to near 30. so road chemicals will remain effective overnight tonight into tomorrow. that will make a huge difference. chance for some light rain coming in tomorrow afternoon, and then as we get into the evening hours, 35, 36, 37 degrees, that rain could mix with a little light snow. we're watching that. shear future weather, 2:00 tomorrow afternoon, cloudy skies everywhere, and there is that little rain chance. and by sundown time,
5:51 am
temperatures mid-30s. should be mostly rain. but i could not rule out a little rain/snow mix in there. and then temperatures hovering just above the freezing mark for most of wednesday night into earl -- tuesday night into wednesday. highs tomorrow ahead of the rain chance, upper 30s to low and mid-40s. so that is not too bad. again, that tuesday night into wednesday morning, temperatures 37 when everything starts here in the evening. town to about 34 by wednesday morning. and so the outlying suburbs could have a little iciness to deal with. snow chances, though, the tuesday night/wednesday event, not necessarily conversational, but nuance levels. not expecting a lot, but with all the ice we already have, any moisture additional on top of it could make things a little worse. so there is a little chance for light rain late in the day tuesday, that rain snow mix off and on chances during the day wednesday, again, not a big storm, just a nuisance oig, but we need to watch that very carefully. and then into thursday, another little chance for a rain/snow mix. but by friday, saturday and sunday, the sunshine is coming
5:52 am
out and temperatures will be back in the 40s. love to hear that. what i'd love to hear from melissa is that everything is fine on the roads. >> nice and clear, just close your eyes, i promise. >> don't close your eyes and drive. sdl dream of palm res, chuck. no problem at all. east-west highway, take a look, this is what a lot of roads look like this morning. somebody has gotten by at some point. otherwise holooking pretty nast. silver spring, eastbound university at piney branch road, we're still shut down because of the water main break. it's nasty through area, as well. storm team 4 x 4 right now in alexandria, again on the side street here, a lot of snow on the side of the roadways. this is all over the place. northbound gw parkway, again, we will be shut down between spout run and the beltway until noon and then 8:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. and king street at quaker main, still a water main break.
5:53 am
and beach drive shut down both directions between broad branch and the mattryland state line. again, also for snow removal. we're still covering the blizzard of 2016 for you. let's check in with derrick ward. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. this is what you are going to encounter if you are out. lots of mounds of snow. you have to be careful as intersections because visibility is down. you have to look and almost assume that there is a car coming beyond that mound of snow. and the other challenge is side streets. take a look at this, we just left the scene of a fire not far from here in in the chillum area. and fire trucks are actually getting struck. they had to try to shovel the truck out. actually got a snowplow to try to pull it out. they pulled it out from one position and got stuck in the other position. and then side streets just challenging. and you have to consider the folks will be walking along those streets, as well. so again, caution is the name of
5:54 am
the game if you are indeed going to be out today. you have to assume that what looks wet could be ice with the subfreezing temperatures that we still have and no sunshine to help in that melting process. but a lot of people are venturing out because they have to today. certainly not because they want to. so that is going to be the challenge until we see some significant melting. haven't seen it yet, but the snow has been moved around. lots of heavy equipment on the road, as well. keep your windows clean so you can see the plow that might just come up behind you. and we are actually see something big earth movers out on the streets being incorporated as snow movers. so they are clearing what the plows conditions clear. they are pushing the snow on to the shoulders. lots of things to look out for, lots of reasons to be careful. derrick ward, news 4. so we really have been focusing on the snow just because of the historic nature of the storm and how crippling it will be for so many people.
5:55 am
>> and we've also been following some of the other major stories. angie goff in the newsroom with the headlines. we sure have. and right now several people are recovering from severe turbulence on a flight. the plane had to make an emergency landing. this happened in canada. it was an american airlines plane flying from miami to milan. you can hear the wind. four passengers and three flight attendants were hurt when they hit the turbulence. rest of the nearly 200 passengers are staying overnight in newfoundland right now. >> everything went flying. >> i'm just happy to be alive. so it was scary. just praying the whole time. >> sounded pretty severe. we're told some of the passengers were not wearing their seatbelts, but the seat belt oig light was on. we're told nobody has any life threatening injury. the plane will flight out to
5:56 am
italy with a new crew today. moving it over to twitter, hours ago ceo jack dorsey announced four high level executives are leaving the company. this comes after twitter stock hit an all-time low last week. the man running vine also said that he plan it is to leave. the ceo is one of the twitter's founders and just returned to the company last june. and two teams now preparing for super bowl 50. the carolina panthers and the did not ver brok denver broncos will battle for the title. you know the panthers played a blowout game, they pummeled arizona. broncos were able to hold on in a close one to send peyton manning for his fourth super bowl. more than a dozen players will have to sit out next week's pro bowl in hawaii. panthers are favored by 3 1/2 points in the big game. that's the latest news. i'm landon dowdy. prices at the pump keep falling. average price dropping 14 krece
5:57 am
in the past two week. 16 cents cheaper than a year ago. but analysts say prices may have bottomed if the rebound in crude oil continues. to your cnbc morning business report, i'm landon dowdy. we're keeping you up-to-dat. our 4 x 4 is out on area roads tracking conditions you'll find about if you sven chyou venture. we're also watching side streets for you. >> reporter: and i'm molette green live in bethesda along rockville pike. neighborhood streets versus the main roads. that is coming up next.
5:58 am
5:59 am
right now we're watching the roads around our area as we dig out from the blizzard of 2016. what you encounter depends on whether you're on a main road or side street. even highways which have been the main toe cufocus have been dangerously slick because of the ice. and road conditions are just one of the things we're working on to get you up to the minute the mountain you're up. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. we're also tracking work and school closures for you.
6:00 am
we have team coverage. let's begin with meteorologist chuck bell. >> good morning, everybody. yeah, road chemicals don't work very well below 20 degrees and nearly everybody is not just below, but way below 20. many neighborhoods in the outlying suburbs are down into the single numbers. so the ice impact this morning, it is dangerous out there. be careful, everybody. later on this afternoon, plenty of sunshine. there will be a lot of melting taking place. but there is a whole lot of ice to contend with here this morning. so by midday and into the afternoon, some slushiness. but by this evening, with the refreeze, things could get dangerous again. current temperatures, only 6 in fauquier county, 3 in prince william, 10 in montgomery, 3 in frederick county, maryland and only two out in martinsburg, west virginia. so the next 24 hour, temperatures single numbers and teens 7:00 a.m. by 7:00 tonight, things will be refreezing once again. here is at least a little bit of good news by


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