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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  January 25, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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you can stay up to the minute with the list of the latest school closings. take a look here. we have been updating it constantly in our nbc washington app. a lot of schools have announced they'll be closed tomorrow as well. we're going to send you alerts about the major ones. how about this? we have to show you again. we can't get enough of tian tian loving the snow, sliding down. the video has something like 108,000 likes and retweets. this is our employee trying to do the same thing. not as flexible, i should say.
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make sure you watch for the finalist in the pac collin snow photos challenge. unfortuna
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looking live now at the u.s. capitol, lawmakers there dealing with the aftermath of the blizza blizzard, too. the senate votes until wednesday evening. all of our local closures are scrolling at the bottom of your screen. let's check in with tom. >> the pictures tell the story. here's a live view of our rockville camera. there's the intersection of rockville pike with route 28, and just off the screen is
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melis melissa, and they just plowed your street. many streets in montgomery county have not been plowed yet, or if they have been, maybe one narrow lane is getting in. you can see rockville pike is nice and clear. it's the side streets. our camera is zooming in on american university. you can see some cars are stuck there and the parking lot is just partially plowed. there's nebraska avenue, and these neighborhoods in northwest washington, many of these side streets are still clogged with snow. help is on the way, temperatures getting above freezing. that's going to help for melting the snow. later this afternoon we'll take a look at our days ahead, but we'll get afternoon remelting under way and then refreezing at night. that's in just a few minutes. >> well, car lovers, you'll want
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to hear this. you'll be able to rejoice tomorrow. that's when the washington auto show will finally open. the blizzard canceled the show's opening last week. the show kicks off at noon tomorrow at the washington convention center and that is tomorrow at noon. for those of you who just can't wait to get out there, it's going to be open through sunday. the snow has caused problems all weekend for emergency crews in our area. >> this was the morning in hiesville. neighborhood,i feel like
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this morning fire crews are still trying to figure out what caused a fire at hyattsville. it broke out at 2:00 this morning. crews rescued an infant and adult inside. all are expected to be okay. news4's derrick ward is live with what they are having to deal with. derrick? >> we're here at the intersection of university boulevard and piney branch. this one is clear, but some of the streets are not clear. take a look at this. this fire truck on one of the side streets had to be rescued by a plow. even the first attempted rescue didn't work out. they were able to pull it a few yards but then it got stuck
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again and they had to wait for a heavy duty crane to come through. this is what we're seeing in the aftermath of the snowfall. this intersection is very near a water main break that happened this morning. it caused a shutdown of university boulevard and now one lane is getting by one direction around the scene where they're working on that. luckily not a lot of people disrupted by that, but the challenge is still out here for motors and pedestrians. you've got no margin for error, no shoulders on a lot of roads. no parking space if you get to where you're going if it's a parking lot because a lot of parking lots aren't clear, either. we're by no means through all this. the snow is still falling and that's going to be the challenge for the next several days. derrick ward. back to you.
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we just learned that manassas city schools will not open until thursday for the earliest and that may just be for teachers. several districts are closed tomorrow, too. prince georges and fairfax county schools and montgomery, so will arlington, prince william and manassas park city schools. that's because of that refreeze we'll have over the next couple days, right? >> that's because we're seeing some melting. the sun is creating some melting going on, exposure to sun, especially just south and east of the metro area where it's a little above freezing there. in washington and western suburbs it's still hovering right around 30 degrees, and many cars are looking like this. make sure you clear your entire car. i was happy to see in derrick's live shot there a lot of cars
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going behind him. they did not have snow on their rooftops, and that is a great thing to do. when you're driving along, that's going to blow off into the vehicle behind you. take frequent breaks shoveling, make sure you clear snow around the hydrants. wear your sunglasses, you can get snow blindness. there's the capitol and summit park covered in snow. some melting by 3:00 and 6:00 p.m. this disturbance in the upper midwest with a little light snow is coming our way tomorrow until wednesday. a little patch of green. later today a few light rain showers coming into the mountains by 5:00 p.m. it's after that tonight around 9:0010:00, 11:00 p.m., we might get a few sprinkles of rain coming through. tuesday night, i'm sorry. this is tuesday night into wednesday morning. then a few western suburbs might get a few snowflakes.
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high tomorrow, mid-40s, so a little melting. it will stay above freezing but a lot of melting on wednesday. by thursday a lot of melting going on then. the blizzard claimed the life of officer vernon alston while shoveling. he suffered a heart attack. virginia reported five major deaths and two died in maryland. they're trying to figure out if two deaths on sunday were storm related. you'll be able to take the george washington memorial parkway. they will close the roads again tonight at 8:00 to keep clearing
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the snow and ice. d.c. school students who want a meal can stop by campuses today and their families. classes aren't open but some are open to serve meals just for today. they were asking for volunteers at least at three schools to help serve meals. after the break, why flooding is now a big concern. >> don't forget, you can catch news4 midday anywhere. all you need is your smart phone or tablet to open t
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plow truck drivers struggling to get a huge job done this morning and get through the snow. the truck slides and then appears to get stuck in the unplowed snow. another example of why you should stay home if you can, and i have on my facebook page actually right now, aaron, of a
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plow driver yesterday having to dig another plow driver out of a snow bank here in the district. but they were working all night long trying to clear those streets out there. >> people think their expedition and navigator can handle it. just don't go out if you don't have to. we're watching several other developing stories around the country. >> angie goss is in the newsroom to get you covered. isis released a video showing footage of the paris attackers. it apparently shows the men earlier in syria and iraq carrying out executions. it also includes threats of future attacks, singling out britain. if the men are confirmed, this will be the second isis attack that killed 130 people.
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orange county sheriff's office now saying the men escaped from jail by cutting the bars and using a sheet off the roof. an award for information is being offered. american airlines saying the plane which made this emergency landing will leave at 8:00 tonight from canada. it is headed to milan. >> it hit like a big dip and some flight attendants were without seat belts and they hurt themselves in it, and the other people -- i guess people passed out. you know, i'm just happy to be alive. >> now, of the seven people who went to the hospital, three of them were crew members. more than 200 people had to stay overnight in a hotel in newfoundland. on twitter, a major shakeup last night. ceo jack dorsey announced that
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four high level executives are leaving that company. this came after the stock hit an all-time low last week. a man on vine said he plans to leave. he had just returned to the company last june. possibility of rain or more snow and the temperatures. you see here how high they will get and how much
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right now the tower cam is zoomd in at american university. right now where do they put the snow? they were using front end loaders putting snow in them and
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carting them off to another location. our cams show a lot of neighborhoods look being like this, still. it's going to take several days to dig out of this. >> the next big concern is dealing with partial flooding from rain and snow. montgomery county is warning neighbors to get ready for that so water doesn't end up inside your home. >> when you get a chance in the next day and a half, work on your downspouts. when water comes off your roof as the snow melts, make sure it gets away from your house so it doesn't go in your house. >> the snow is going to get heavier making it a whole lot harder to shovel. coming up, an update on air travel and the hundreds of
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we are working very hard today to get d.c. government open tomorrow. you will recognize that government workers for the district provide local service to residents, and so we will make every effort to be open tomorrow and hope to have a decision by our evening brief. likewise, we like to get our schools open, and we're working very hard to understand what transportation will be available, and we will be making decisions about schools also by our evening brief.
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>> that's the latest from d.c. memorial. marian bower about an hour ago. there is no decision on opening schools tomorrow. we'll let you know as soon as the city makes a decision right here on news4 and our nbc washington app. remember, you have to observe the no parking signs along emergency routes. metro is slowly starting to get back to normal with some underground transportation restored. metro will restore above ground service between union station and glenmont on the red line, on the orange line between ballston to carrington and on the green line from fort totten to branch avenue. metro bus also free on a white
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line service with 22 routes working between noon and 5:00 today. shutdown service at reagan national. right now one runway open. we'll talk to adam tuss about pragz now. hi, adam. >> she's right, one runway open at reagan international, one runway open at dulles international. it's nice just to see planes getting back here. as you know, when the bad decided they wanted to get their planes out of here, they didn't want to be dealing with planes stuck in snow. the fact they're returning back here to the airport is a good thing. now, there are three main runways at reagan national, and again, we only have one open. there are four main runways at
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dulles international and we only have one open. there is still work to be done. if you have a flight for today, a good chance is it probably got canceled and you'll have to switch things around. i know people who were trying to get to different locations fly to boston to charlotte to get out of the country. a lot of those things happening, and you have to feel for people who had booked flights during this time. a lot of airlines waived their change fees and such, but it's been a tough go with all the snow here. it's going to take a couple days to get the airport system back up and running like it should be. hopefully you bought some trip insurance and you'll get where you need to go when you get there. back to you guys. >> adam tuss live for us. thank you, adam. well, it was a frigid morning. if you went out there, you found a refreezing of the snow that had melted with the sunshine. >> the next couple days, anyway, should be warmer. let's check in with tom ti irkk
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with the latest. >> all of these cars are totally socked in with deep snow. there is one main lane that's been plowed. many neighborhoods look being like this. temperatures just getting a little above freezing and we'll continue into the evening. maybe some refreezing tomorrow morning, some patchy ice. then after that we will generally be above freezing for the next couple days, so we'll have significant melting going on and maybe refreezing toward the end of the day. the 7-day outlook is coming in a few minutes. we're working to find out how this blizzard affected your neighborhood. >> ms. green started her day in
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bethesda and drove to tyson to find out what ware experiencing there. molette? >> plowing the major streets always happens after the major roadways get treated, right? we want you to take a look at some video of a man a few minutes ago trying to get his driveway clear. in this townhouse community i'm standing here now, just off gallows road. he said crews are making progress on his street. >> weather happens, yeah? life happens, you have to adjust. >> reporter: in terms of them getting to the side streets, neighborhoods -- >> they did a good job this time. last night they came and cleared all this out. yesterday afternoon it was as high as you can see right here. they came in last night and did a good job. >> reporter: you can see some
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neighbors out. a little boy playing and a relative of his actually doing some shoveling. this street right here is an example of a street that has been plowed and is somewhat driveable. i have seen streets that are completely snowed over from bethesda to the tysons area. some look good, other streets don't look so good. it's going to take days to get back to normal. back to you. >> the green light for us in tysons. amtrak running on a tight schedule today. there is reduced service to d.c. and virginia, trips to the southeast or midwest are all being compromised because of the shutdown. >> i think new york city got more than they expected. >> new york city dealing with 30 inches from this weekend's
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blizzard. raegan joins us from new york city. good morning. >> dealing with the snow, the slush, and of course the melt. we're looking at 30 inches of snow. almost beat a record. not the record, the second snowiest. in queens, 30 inches, so can you imagine? we talk about people needing to get to where they have to go. the sidewalks are clear, but people are trying to dodge this. not good in this area. you can imagine all the snow. new york city mayor bill de blasio is holding a press conference right now talking about the state of the city. what did they do good, what did they not do so good. one of the things that didn't
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fare well overall, sanitations did well removing the snow. queens, which is the largest bur ro das borough in new york city. you can see the buses and cabs and black car services, they can get to where they need to go pretty easily, the sidewalks manageable. but queens, their secondary roads not good. another thing we want to talk about is the snowpack. it's very hard. the mayor is asking you not to dig out your car because the snow goes in the roads prohibiting the cars going down. if it's an emergency situation, those emergency vehicles need to get down the road. so here in new york city, it is a big digout, a big melt and a lot of patience for people who have to get to where they need to go. guys, back to you. >> it's beautiful, though. looks pretty. after the break, the weight of the snow taking a toll on businesses in our area. >> and the growing number
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the reality is we're go to feel the impact of this blizzard for a good while here, especially on the road. look at this, a good reminder. even the cars that have the gear to handle this snow, they're getting stuck, too. you're looking at the national guard helping out arlington fire ems twice. they towed out an ambulance and a fire truck, and we also saw a video of them transporting firefighters today. with ice building, you want to be really careful out there. >> the snow has packed a punch on some properties across the area. let's have a look at some of them. take a look at how the weight of the snow crushed the front of this building. it's pretty awful out there. look at that. oh, wow. chopper 4 captured the collapse
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of the strip mall in stafford county. there were no open businesses when this damage happened, so in some areas it's really creating havoc in some areas. meanwhile, the redskins will have to wait to practice at their indoor facility in ashburn. they said they will reinflate it once the weather improves and they can blow it up again. after the break, the latest on the rain now in the forecast. and how congress is dealing with this
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11:42 now, and around the region we've got a few bits of sun coming through. we got a peak in the upper 30s
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during the afternoon and refreezing overnight from midnight to dawn tomorrow. we should refreeze tuesday evening, maybe some fog and rain around, maybe a light mix of wet snow and rain late on thursday. blizzard 2016 brought more than just our local government offices to a screeching halt. congre >> congress had to postpone two important votes because of the snow. edward lawrence is on capitol hill. >> the house had two votes scheduled for tomorrow and wednesday. those votes have now been postponed and will be handled a week from today on february 1st. one of the votes was actually the iran finance transparency
11:44 am
act. that was the act that is designed for lawmakers to try and undermine the nuclear deal with iran. again, that's going to be pushed off to february 1st. so as government workers are out, lawmakers are having trouble getting back in to the d.c. area in order to make those votes, so the house went ahead and postponed the votes to february 1st. reporting in washington on capitol hill, edward lawrence. mou ba mou ba now back to you.
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take a live look at the roads out there. a warning if you plan to be on the roads today. virginia says state troopers have responded to 700 disabled vehicl vehicles. if you have to walk, police say stay off the roads, walk in the opposite direction of traffic and don't wear those ear buds. you want to be able to see and hear the cars coming toward you. we've seen some really major improvement on the main roads, and now many of you are wondering about the side roads, too. >> derrick ward has been monitoring the situation in both prince georges and montgomery county out there. derrick, how does it look out there now? >> the main roads look good. this is university boulevard with the intersection of branch.
11:48 am
we're telling people not to be out on the roads, anyway, because there's still snow moving equipment that needs to work, but if you stay home, there's things you need to be concerned about as well, and that's making sure your heating equipment is properly ventilated because you run the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. we hear more on that from pete piringer of montgomery county fire and rescue. >> these high efficiency furn e furnac furnaces, generators, all those devices, flue pipes need clearance. >> that is a thing they have to deal with. i don't think they've had many calls now, but they do say when the weather is cold and people are in and there's a lot of snow on the ground, it is a concern.
11:49 am
it's recommended you clear at least two feet around your heat pump or your vents for your heating equipment, and that will keep you safe indoors while you let the people trying to keep these roads safe get their job done. we're live here in montgomery county, derrick ward, news4. some ems crews are having trouble getting down the roads. some have prolows following the. >> it takes longer for us to get to the incident t takes longer for us dealing with the incident and it takes longer getting to the hospital. >> people walking along busy roads because the snow is piled up still a bad idea. it will be that way for the next couple days. >> good thing to know.
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clear your entire car, take breaks. highs today in the upper 30s, so much of the area will get quite a bit of melting, and most of the night will get melting as well. but then around midnight until dawn or so, it will be below freezing so some refreezing occurring overnight tonight. then during the day on tuesday, a lot of clouds around into the mid-40s. small chance of a little light rain tuesday evening and right now it looks like we may get dense fog into tuesday evening into wednesday morning. but mostly above freezing, so we'll have continual melting, and that snow is going to get heavier and heavier and more difficult to deal with. it would be better to shovel it today before it turns into that consistency of wet concrete. it's going to be very wet and
11:51 am
heavy type snow by t. by the time we get to wednesday, a little wrain chances. maybe a mix of light rain or wet snow in the metro area, some wet snow thursday into friday evening. lots of melting going on with highs in the 40s. a major thoroughfare reopens in about 15 minutes. george washington memorial parkway has been closed all night. a water main making a mess of things in alexandria. police shut down the westbound side of king street while crews dealt with that problem. no word yet on when the break will be fixed. crews have been on the scene for hours trying to fix this water main break in montgomery county.
11:52 am
this is happening at the corner of university and tiny branch road. it took crews a while to get to that break because of all the snow. your pictures are coming up after the break. >> stay with us.
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does he have acrobatic skills? not bad, not bad. he might be ready for rio. how did this one? tim brown shows us the six pack of snow they got. pretty nice balancing act there. out in mcclain, trisha saying her son steven and his buddies built this fort, an igloo fort. when michael planned to propose to meredith on her birthday, he had to improvise and the snow
11:54 am
ended up being a perfect background for the proposal. a teacher wrote, please know i'm a teacher. she did her own editing, though. we're going to be sharing all the best pictures on line including one of a snowplow that some of you decorated in christmas lights after it got stuck for more than 24 hours. that's on our facebook page. there is a favorite at super bowl 50. the carolina panthers are favored over the denver broncos. that game just two weeks from now. we know some of you are counting down to that point. this will be peyton mannings fourth super bowl and it could impact where he
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the most important numbers i'm going to show you are those temperatures. they're getting above freezing as we approach noontime. nashua 36, and up toward baltimore in the mid-30s. much of virginia and maryland still near freezing but we'll get melting throughout much of the region throughout the afternoon and into tomorrow as well. maybe some refreezing later tonight into pre-dawn hours on tuesday. then tuesday, well above freezing. should be in the low to mid-40s during the day. maybe a little light rain coming in tuesday evening maybe lingering into wednesday morning. a lot of clouds around. on thursday morning, perhaps a little bit of light rain and a little bit of wet snow thursday late afternoon and early evening. that's mainly south and east of the metro area. dry after that into the weekend, lows in the 40s. thank you for joining us.
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we're back on in the afternoon at 4:00. >> you can get any
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