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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  January 26, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> plus meteorologist chuck bell starts our weather and traffic on the 1s with the conditions you're facing right now. >> outside this morning, most of the metro area is above freezing. that is excellent news. but there are plenty of pockets of subfreezing air where road conditions remain dangerously icy. outside on storm team 4 radar, still keeping a close eye on this freezing rain advisory up towards hagerstown and martinsburg. not affecting the metro area because temperatures are above freezing here. 37 now in washington, but 30 in gaithersburg, 23 in frederick and 25 in hagerstown. so much colder air up across northern maryland. if you live up there or traveling that way, be careful. on planning out your day. a lot of slipperiness for the area this morning, lots of melting did your the early afternoon and then light rain showers move in between about 4:00 and 8:00 this evening. it will be rain to start as temperatures will be above freezing. keeping an eye on any chance for that turning to ice by early tomorrow morning. so shoveling, warmer air will
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help. good sledding conditions and back to school? not today and probably not tomorrow either. road conditions remain a problem. new problem northbound bw parkway at 198, a tiny slow down there. 66 inbound at nutley, about a 2 1/2 mile backup headed inbound because of the snowplow and removal crews on the right side of the roadway. you have to stay left. this is the scene around town this morning. as far as metro go, orange line, we have buses right now running there ballston to the four stations not opening today. vienna, dunn loring, west falls church and east falls church. silver line also not running. outbound 14th street bridge, left lane getting by snow removal. king street at quaker lane, still the water main break. and northbound 1 at king street still blockages because of the snowfall removal. 6:02. another day off for federal government employees. we're looking live at capitol
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hill. emergency and telework employees should check their agency's policies. all facilities and services at the national mall and the memorial park are closed. it's also another snow day for all your kids. again all the major school districts across the region are closed. students at d.c. public schools can get emergency breakfast and lunch again today. the district will provide meals to students and their families at ten schools good between 10:d 2:00. it's been three days since the snow stopped falling and plows in many areas are just now starting to reach the side streets. in our flash survey, we asked is your street plowed. take a look at some of the results here. 29% of you say yes. 57% say no. and 14% think the neighbors actually did the cleaning up there. so we want to show you some of the snow covered streets. we want to check in with molette
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green who has been out in the snow for days now it seems like. are you doing okay out there? >> reporter: aaron, are you cracking jokes? >> i'm a little worried about you to be honest. are you okay? >> reporter: i'm always snow weary. you've seen me, i'm a little crazy. but these folks this this community, mill creek town community, i mean, there hasn't been a plow. you can't get in or out of here with a car. they are completely stuck in the snow. we have been watching the gas co-worker who attempted to come down the road here to try to service this area. and he got stuck. i had to ask him what was he thinking even our photographer irene helped shovel him out some because it was just completely not working. he worked for over an hour to get his truck out of the snow. >> i had a job to do.
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i have job pride. you know, it's just something that has to be done. i've been here since 3:00 yesterday afternoon, i believe. and i'm tired. >> reporter: and again, he shoveled out for over an hour. thanks to irene for helping hill o him out. i had to shut that situation down because she has to work with me. but anyway, it all worked out. some side streets plowed of course and then there are others like this one that need a lot more. later today, we'll hear from the county executive who will try to give an update and even ride around along on a plow to see how much snow there is out here. lots of snow. it's unbelievable when you drive around to see some of these communities. these pour follo poor folks are snowed in. that's the late trst from derwo. aaron, i'll make and you snowman.
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>> i parked next to your car this morning and i'm guessing you haven't been home since friday. so i'm going to dig your car out today. >> reporter: thank you! >> some fairfax county residents are 34r5particularly frustrated. the plows stopped halfway on shall streets. one woman says she couldn't get a response from vdot even though she called, e-mailed, tweeted. and overnight the agency explained its statewide phone number was down yesterday. they are working to fix that. they say 60% of affected roads are cleared. the death toll from the blizzard of 2016 continues to rise. 42 people have died in the storm. car accidents, carbon monoxide poisoning and heart attacks are to blame. at least five of those deaths are in in our area. and about a dozen people died while shoveling snow. several others died from carbon monoxide poisoning after being trapped inside snow covered
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cars. the state of maryland says it needs federal help to recover from the blizzard of 2016. the emergency management agency has asked fema for disaster assistance. the agency says fema can help with assessing damages and costs from the storm. no word on when fema will respond to the state's request. 6:06. metro's he bebeen open about an now and there a spot cause something trouble this morning. the orange line not running between vienna anding to get th silver line cleared, too. rains will arrive every 12 minutes. metrobus only stopping through major corridors. metroaccess starts at thonoon a limited locations. and if you're parking in the garage, you have until 9:30 to get it out were having to paid. vre is not operating today. marc's pen line n line is runni. reduced s schedule.
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no service on brunswick. amtrak on a modified schedule, about 080 respec% of its normal be happening. it was a little delayed by the blizzard, but the wait finally over. we're talking about the washington auto show. it officially opens today. you can head gown to tdown to t convention center at noon. look at that monster truck. the show runs through sunday. enjoy. even though the snow stopped falling days ago, the roads aren't the only thing that is a mess. the problems at the airports. and try to stay off of the roads. we have a big backup on 66. plows are slowing things down. and then a big issue on the orange line. details coming up. plus getting a bird's eye view of all the snow, one man's unique perspective of his neighborhood as they try to dig out.
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we appreciate you so much. you've sent us some really amazing video there the storm. in you we're seeing your shots from the air, too. you take a look, chris turner recorded this individuvideo ove leesburg. that is gorgeous. you can see some of the streets could use a little more plowing. but pretty to look at the from an aerial view. >> and he used a drone. >> pretty impressive. >> it always looks so good from above, but you know you're sick of dealing with it on the ground. we've also told you about the dangers and even plows were damaged while dealing with this massive amount of snow on the ground. take a look at the flames that tore through a plow in stafford county. firefighters say at least three plows caught fire over the weekend. at least one person was hurt. not badly, though.
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firefighters don't know the exact cause and say the plows aren't used often. and were really put to the test. and maybe pushed a little too hard in that instance. what a problem there. so a lot of us want to toe wheth know whether we will get help from the sun to melt the snow away. >> people want forget out, tom. >> and you can keep up with it the nbc washington app, the latest forecast when you're waiting for the bus or metro this morning, still dealing with deep snow. some of the roads are beginning to clear out a bit. just had a plow go by me here. icy slippery spots though this morning. temperatures around 30. afternoon commute, we'll be in the mid-40s. maybe a light rain shower around. post your picks like mel did, list neighborhood has yet to be plowed. melissa, how are the roads? >> a couple of issues because of folks being on them when the
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plows are trying to get through. starting with this problem on the orange line, remember, buses from ballston to four stations that are not opening today. vienna, dunn loring, west falls church and east falls church. you can take buses, but the stations are not open. fairfax county parkway to the beltway because of the plow issue that i was telling you about, 54 minutes, only the left lane is open. 95 north to the beltway, you're on time. and maryland on time. finding a place to park this d.c., more of a challenge than ever. the is no place to park on the city streets. we're still digging out here. the number of people finding their cars ticketed and towed and what the city says you need to know to avoid it. also ahead, d.c. police are on alert about a potential threat. who they want you to be on the lookout for.
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coming up on 17 after the hour. if you're heading out, you may see more cars as people begin to head back to work. however, if your street is still
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one of the many that is unplowed, getting out of your neighborhood may not be an option. we're watching everything you need to know on the roads today. in the air, airports are moving tons of snow to try to get to you and get you where you need to go. so even if there are plenty of flights, there are some that are getting canceled ennoven now. derrick ward is live at dulles. >> reporter: it's a slow scramble here, people sort of wearily wandering in hoping to be on their way. we have some updated information. here at dulles, 73 outbound and 60 inbound have been canceled. reagan, 17 outbound flights canceled and 10 inbound canceled. and they're feeling the main at
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bwi with 13 outbound and 6 incoming canceled. and it's all about getting the air fields cleared. and that has pretty much been done, but there are other issues because with the storm moving, it's connecting flights and all the other variables that go into air travel, it's created quite a challenge for some folks. we hear from a couple elf stude students doing study abroad in south africa. >> thartstarting thursday, ever is trying to reschedule their flights. >> we learned you can't sleep at an airport very well. >> and we also are not positive we even have tickets on the flight. it's a big mess. >> reporter: and it will be a challenge getting out of here. the silver line is not operating nor is the shuttle that would bring folks here. so they have to get cabs or other means. but a lot of people say it will be worth it as long as i can get to my final destination. which is home for a lot of people, as well.
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so we're still seeing the effects of this blizzard of 2016. live at dulles, derrick ward, news 4. montgomery county emergency officials trying to get help to people still snowed in their neighborhoods. they say the clean upprocess will take days. the highway services special operations center working around the clock to clear roads and montgomery county schools working to remove snow from its buildings. dmv is relax something rules. don't panic if you're due for an inspection. the dmv will waive the $20 inspection fee. it is also extending learner permits if you were not able to make your driving test. and we will put more information on those cancelations and how to reschedule on the nbc washington app. tood.c.'s mayor wants to red you that the snow emergency is still in effect, so that means no parking on the snow emergency routes. if you do, you will get a $250
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fine plus a $100 towing fee. they have already issued more than 3,000 tickets and towed more than 50 on cars. the lot was closed yesterday, so the district waving "tiniving t storage fee but tlot will reope today. not only do we have all the delays on our app, you can track the snowplows. and a full list of shoveling law so is you don't get a ticket this winter. developing in d.c., a lockout. d.c. police are working for catch this man. they say and i had tree an daigle may be trying to carry out a threat in our area. he was living in louisiana but could be here right now.may be threat in our area. he was living in louisiana but could be here right now.daigle out a threat in our area. he was living in louisiana but could be here right now.may be threat in our area. he was living in louisiana but could be here right now. he was last seen driving a town car. if you see him, don't approach
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him, call 911 instead. today the trial begins for the woman nasifacing per jjury charges. welch's nephew lloyd faces first-degree murder charges in the disappearance of 12-year-old sheila lyon and 10-year-old katherine lyon. they were last seen in 1975 walking home from a shopping mall in wheaton. his trial is set to begin in march. a warning now from the world health organization. the agency says it is likely that the sezika virus will spre to pregnant women hooer in tere united states. so far brazil has reported nearly 4,000 cases of zika. and happening today in flint, michigan, families can get tested for lead for free. they're available for children up to 6 years old.
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the national guard has been helping knofolks by providing bottled water. we're expecting a decision today on the design not world war 1 monument. five design teams have been meet to go narrow towndown a plan. a vote was pushed back until 2:00 this afternoon because of the weather. also excited to see what the weather will bring today. hopefully some sunshine, chuck. >> we'll get a little sunshine here this morning, but clouds will win out by later on this afternoon. and there is a chance no rain showers coming in late this this afternoon into early this evening. that may end as a little blazing of ice early tomorrow. more on that in just a second. this morning, though, it is cold this northern maryland and that is where we're having our only trouble this morning. up hooere towards hagerstown an
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34 martinsburg, mid-20s there. freezing rain advisory for hagerstown and martinsburg. and now moving through frederick and carroll counties. weather service has not seen the need to expand the freezing rain advisory yet. if they do, we'll make sure that we put it out on our platforms. so have your app ready to go this morning. a wave of moisture this eastern ohio is our rain chance late this afternoon and in to the evening. ice around this morning. temperatures will be well above freezing today, so that will turn things in to a slushier mess for the afternoon and then late tonight and early tomorrow, light rain tonight could end as just a little glazing. here it is on future weather, here comes the rain chances 4:00 today, and this isn't heavy rain, just occasional light rain showers coming through. 7:00 probably the most likely time to get a little light rain here in the washington area. by 10:00, 11:00 tonight town into charles and st. mary's county and then it all pulls out after that. so we're watching carefully for
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this little glazing possibility moving in late tonight into the pre-dawn areas of tomorrow. so a lot of melting today. melting tomorrow, too, with temperatures in the 40s. but after tomorrow, we get back into the cold pattern for a few days. so thursday, friday, and saturday morning, all well below freezing. everything will ice up again. make sure your driveways and sidewalks are dry before all of this cold air returns. then milder weather just in time for the weekend. melissa mollet, how is the tuesday commute? >> not so hot the. we have some plowses on the roads. we're seeing pretty significant delays because of that. 66 inbound at nutley street, a 3 mile backup here because just ahead of this camera, there are plows off to the right side of the roadway trying to get the right lane clear. it goes down to just one left lane there. taking a look dwroeoverall 66 a you can see the problem inbound near nutley. and right before you hit the beltway as you're headed north on 95, also a little slow
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because of the snowfall removal there. taking a look at prince george's county, you can see overall actually nice and green. we don't have any problems. of course a lot of folks still complaining about being stuck in. i feel for you. 270 at montrose road, looking pretty good. still a little bit slow on that right side of the roadway because of the snow. 6:25 now. back to snow coverage in just a moment, but we are days away from the first vote this decision 2016. two big things to watch for as we head into iowa caucuses monday. number one, will donald trump or ted cruz take the win? if could greatly impact the trial areas coming up march 1. and also keep an eye on who takes third 34r5place. right now marco rubio has the edge. >> we need bold changes, we need a political revolution. >> vermont senator bernie sanders on the attack. he came out swinging last night at what was likely the last democratic forum ahead of the iowa caucuses.
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cnn hosted the discussion in des moines. hillary clinton spent the night aligning herself with president obama saying she's for practical ideas that can make it through congress. clinton says when it comes to politics, she is a proven fighter. >> i have been fighting to give kids and women and the people who are left out and left behind the chance to make the most out of their own lives. >> we're starting to see more personality from some of the diss. sanders first line walking on to the stage was a joke about his weight. and his wife's advice. we of course are covering the countdown to iowa for you right from des moines. and i will be there next week. be sure to follow me on twitter #nbcaaron and download our nbc washington app, as well. we'll have coverage starting at 5:00 a 5:00 a.m. of us are dealing wit streets still not plowed. what you need to know about efforts to clear the clogged
6:27 am
side streets. sglools ahe also ahead, one university ready to get back for work, but not everyone is on board. the ush by some george washington students to delay reopening. above freezing temperatures for many of you including those in reston as we look live at the dulles toll road. chuck bell has the four things to know including the potential to know including the potential for rain. i want a great shape. to know including the potential for rain. who doesn't? so i bike. i get all of my greens. and i try not to faint. this.. i can do easily. benefiber healthy shape. just a couple of spoonfuls every day means fewer cravings. plus, it's all natural, clear, taste-free and dissolves completely. it's clinically proven to keep me fuller longer and helps keep me healthy inside and out. benefiber healthy shape. this, i can do. find benefiber healthy shape in the fiber aisle.
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(singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday... (instrumental)
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we're watching the roads for you as many of you try to get back into your routine and head back to work today. you're looking live at the beltway from our mdot camera. our crews are watching for potential problems you may encounter. we're seeing slick spots and of course excellent of side streets that remain unplowed. >> and we're also tracking problems on metro and at the airports. we begin, though, with chuck bell and four things to know. >> still watching this very light pocket of freezing rain potentially freezing rain moving in to frederick county and eventually into carroll county. it could graze northern loudoun and northern montgomery county. the freezing rain advisory until
6:31 am
11:00 a.m. does not include loudoun, frederick or montgomery right now. but i'll keep you posted. temperatures are well above freezing once you get into the city, but below freezing there gaithersburg up to the mason dixon line. highs today generally speaking up into the low and mid-40s. increasing clouds and risk for rain showers. grab your umbrella, rain likely after about 3:00, 4:00. so four things you need to know, a lot of slippery and slushy still to deal with. late day rain showers. more cold air comes in, but it's coming in without anymore chances for rain or snow. as a snow lover, i wouldn't mind to see more. >> i love it, too, but i hate it on the roads. all right. taking a look right now speaking of snow on the roadways, just got off the phone with park police and they say they will give me a call when this finally opens. gw parkway northbound shut down still between spout run and the beltway. they really are trying to get
6:32 am
this out of the way to open that once and for all. 66 east at nutley street, we're still delayed here, left lane only getting by just past that camer camera that again law of the pl because of the plows. overall pretty light volume. lots of folks staying home. the red you you see all because of plows and snow removal. it's been three days now since the snow stopped and plows in many areas are just now starting to reach some of those side streets. but it could be days before many of you could even get out of your own neighborhood. we asked is your street plowed some take a look at the results. about 29% of you said yes. 14% yes because neighbors pitched in and 57%, the majority, said no. my side street is now plowed. to show us some of the snow covered streets, let's check in with molette green in derwood. how is it looking there?
6:33 am
>> reporter: yeah, this is a community that falls into the percentage where they have not seen a plow. take a look. i'm at roslyn avenue at redland road. look at all this snow. this is a road that i'm on. this is a road that i'm on. leading into this community. and we've got some video of my photographer irene who actually jumped in and helped out a gas company guy who thought that his truck had actually could make it down this snow covered street. and after about an hour of digging, he got out of the neighborhood okay. it was a struggle. and here's what he had to say. >> i don't know how somebody got down there to report the gas leak. but i'm on the way. just going to take a little time. i'm getting tired of shoveling, though. i shoveled here, i shoveled at home. i'm just tired. >> reporter: oh, yeah, he's an example of a frustrated person. do you know he actually asked irene if she could come work
6:34 am
with him and be his partner? she was with me. but anyway, we are seeing a lot of this in this community in montgomery county. they really took the big brunt of the snowfall for this blizzard. and so it's going to take a long time. let me step out of the way. look at all of this snow. this is the road leading in to this community in derwood. that's the latest live. back to you. >> don't let anyone take our irene. we need her. >> reporter: i know. and you know what, eun, please make sure aaron digs out my truck. he said he would. i need to go home. >> i committed to doing it. >> you got it. 6:34. and the roads don't look much better this prince george's county apparently. we saw a lot of you having a tough time yesterday. as of last night, plows have cleared less than half of all the roads. we asked the county executive
6:35 am
and he said it's a big storm and the clear williing will take ti. students at george washington university will head back to class today. gw is the only school in our area that will be open today and students are not happy about that. we received e-mails saying sidewalks and crossings are still covered in snow and ice. students expressed concerns about disabled and injured students getting to class in those conditions. a petition with 3400 signatures is asking the school to close today. 6:35 now. up and down the east coast, we are seeing the same scene here. mounds of snow, people in queens new york, the biggest borough there clearing out some of their own streets right now. residents are shoveling and digging out because they say the plows haven't been in their neighborhoods. they say mayor bill de blasio sid the street shoes have been cleared yesterday, but that didn't happen. nearly 30 inches fell in the state last weekend. the jersey shore also was hit directly. some say the damage is worse
6:36 am
than it was during super storm sandy. there were several feet of water in ocean city, sea isle city and stone harbor. it's called record high tides making some areas a virtual island. look at that horrible scene there. and also norristown, pennsylvania also got slammed by the storm. the fire dweepartment there has been clearing snow around the high drapds. leaders are under fire for what some say was a snow response failure. now, will is some help heading to d.c. this morning from central indiana. take a look at this machine. takes monster. a mega snow melter is on its way by request of d.c. department of homeland security. this thing can melt 60 tons of snow per hour. >> welcome it d.c. cabin fever has definitely set this after days of being trapped by snow. we caught up with some people in
6:37 am
gallery place last night. they were headed to the wizards game while others just happy to be out. we spoke to workers at one coffee shop who managed to stay open during this blizzard. >> uber getting the baristas to and to work. >> whatever the blizzard, we'll be hope. >> we need that caffeine. more businesses will start to reopen. thank goodness for that. >> i drove out yesterday and not much was open. hopefully today is better. pat collins put out a challenge and nearly 2,000 of you accepted it. how we're down it our finalists for the famed pat collins snow stick. which four matt cut. and we'll show you a live picture along 270 in a minute. gw parkway northbound, we still have shut down. just spoke with park police.
6:38 am
details coming up. plus unexpected changes to metro service today. what those are plus the other commuter options that are available to you this morning.
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the kids have been enjoying their third snow day in a row. we can bet many are hoping for another one. >> tom kierein is out on the weather deck to break down the chances of some snow days. >> reporter: the snow has compressioned itself down now. just to the north, light freezing rain falling. northern machinery, howard, frederick, carroll, along the pennsylvania border, there is a freezing rain advisory. sharon in frederickburg posted this photo of the stafford lakes
6:42 am
community there. they are still digging out there. that is a common sight around much of the region. that's why we have likely no school anywhere today. the chances tomorrow about 70%. and down it 50% thursday and likely delays thursday morning. melissa has breaking news on the roads. 270 south, local lanes, take a look at this. something you will not typically see. chopper 4 over this right now. we have plows here in the local lanes approaching montrose road. and you can see that big delay as folks get on at falls. anything north of that, you are really jammed because of those plows trying to get things cleared for everybody. northbound gw parkway, we're still shut down between spout run and the beltway. again just spoke with park police, they say thel cay will me when it opens. and buses running from ballston to the four stations not open today. only problem travel time wise,
6:43 am
66 inbound still slow near nut t ley street. and we're still tracking other problems you're dealing with. >> flight delays passengers are dealing with this morning and when you could finally see snowplows in your neighborhood with our storm team 4 coverage next. here in vineland, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups... but just one kind of chicken. white breast meat chicken every time. so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup tonight,
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right now we're watching the roads for you as many of you try to get back into your normal routines and head back to work. you're looking live at the local lines of 270. not surprising, there is a lot of traffic out therefor this time of day. and we want to begin with meteorologist chuck bell. >> this just in five minutes ago, the national weather service did expand the freezing rain advisory to include nor northern montgomery, frederick, howard and carroll county. freezing rain is a possibility. a grazing e inine inine ining g snow could make things even s slipperier. and don't take the local lanes of 270.
6:47 am
we have a huge backup 270 south as you're approaching falls road down to montrose because of a plow there in the way. trying to clear the roads. another reason to just stay away if you can. no matter where you live, you'll probably run into snow on the streets if you head out today. we've been telling but the conditions like these in the derwood area of montgomery county. now to virginia, some fairfax county residents are particularly frustrated with transportation officials. they say some streets haven't been touched since plows stopped halfway on others. one woman we spoke to said she couldn't get a response from vdot even though she called, e-mailed and tweeted them. overnight the agency explained its statewide phone number was down yesterday. vdot says it is work to go fix it. also says that about 60% of the affected roads are cleared at this point. 6:47 now. also in virginia, you will not be able to take the silver line express bus to dulles because the silver line is not operating. the leftover snow affecting a
6:48 am
lot more than just that, though. derrick ward is inside a jammed packed dulles airport to tell us about cancellations. >> reporter: yeah, as you can see, this airport is starting to nil fill in with travelers trying to get on their way. here is the updated numbers. here at dulles, 73 outbound flights have been delayed, 60 -- actually, those have been canceled, four are delayed. and over at reagan national, we have 17 outbound canceled along with another 10 inbound that won't be coming in. and at bwi marshall, 13 outbound flights and six inbound with four delays. this is obviously due to the blizzard. some of it because of the conditions here, but also because of conditions at connecting airports elsewhere. flights were either coming from
6:49 am
or going to. and the airlines wanted to get their leans out of those elements. it's not good for them to get too icy, so sometimes they would fly them to warmer regions. these folks trying to get home. derrick ward, news 4. and the death toll continues to rise. 42 people have died in the storm, carpoisoning and car accidents are to blame. about a dozen died while shoveling snow. several others from carbon monoxide poisoning after being trapped inside snow covered cars. we've been watching the effects the blizzard is having on other parts of the country. people in new york are coming together to dig their way out. we're joined now by the weather channel's reagaegan medgie in queens. the people there having a bit of a problem with the plows. >> reporter: yeah, you could say that for sure. good morning to you. yeah, we're here in the outer
6:50 am
boroughs of new york city, we're in queens. and this neighborhood when we arrived, the allows were still working tirelessly to remove the snow. we'll see some video next of plus removing the snow. there was a lot of snow, the point where it didn't even seem like there was a road because the plows didn't get to it. you have slush obviously there has been ice. and the other issue, the parking. being in washington, d.c., you understand that. but i'm standing here, this would be a park spot. but the big question people are now asking themselves, do i want to stop and shovel it out. so maybe people should be carrying their shovel with them. so let's walk back this way. so this is a side road. this usually is a lot wider than it is now, but you can see only one area. and i know i have to wrap, but i'm going to show this to you. this is the pile that we're looking at, this is just one of many. this is a car that the plu had
6:51 am
to move the snow and put is t. it somewhere, the poor car sectioned in by all the snow. so we're here this queens near jamaica. and this is what the roads look like. this is 170 front he said loend coming through just to remove the snow. >> hope they get help soon. raegan medgie, thank you. metro dealing with a new problem as crews work to fully restore service. the orange line is not running between vienna and ballston. crews are working to get the silver line cleared. regular fares back in effect today. metro bus only stopping through major corridors. metroaccess starts at noon at lett elimited locations. d if you're in the garage, you have until 9:30 to get your car out without having for pay. vre is not running.
6:52 am
ma marc penn is on an s schedule. no service through frederick. amtrak has 80% of its normal trips between d.c. and new york. cabin teefr was tfever was for the pat collins snow stick challen challenge. about 2,000 of you sent us your great pictures. it's down to the final four. toe in the snow, the woman just wanted to dip this just a little bit. and then -- here she is. love her. and then we had the snow swimming with the fins. and then a cat burglar in training. very creative. and finally the swizzle stick snow stick. and it's stuck in a cocktail. i'm sure a lot of folks had some of those. because it took a toll on us. >> sure did. and we're not quite out of the woods just yet.
6:53 am
a little bit of light freezing rain in the panhandle of west virginia. and now includes upper montgomery county, frederick and carroll and howard county. so we remain in weather alert mode. have your nbc washington app ready to go. we'll have all the latest weather information on there, closings and everything. slippery and tricky and slow travel today. and more cold coming for the second half of the week. so a lot of refreeze issues will continue. right now temperature 32 gaithersburg, but 23 in frederick. 25 in hagerstown. 37 in washington. this just expanded to include the freezing rain advisory northern half of montgomery, howard, carroll, frederick, baltimore counties. this little ripple of freezing rain threat thousanow across no maryland. so folks along interstate 70, 68, northern end of 270, use extreme caution. there is deep snow pack still on
6:54 am
all the roads up there, as well. our little chance for rain here in the metro this afternoon a is still back here across western west virginia. it rolls thin here this afterno into this evening. so planning your day out, we're dry but slippery this morning. lots of melting. temperatures well above freezing. into the 40s. but light rain rolling in after about 4:00, 5:00. and then continuing into the overnight hours tonight. as a result we could have a little freezing rain or freezing drizzle early tomorrow morning. again across mainly northern maryland. cold air comes back thursday, friday. last storm that we were tracking for thursday will go out to sea. thursday, friday, saturday morning, a lot of serious refreezing going on. that is going to impact traffic. here is melissa mollet with more. breaking news right now on the roads. again, chopper 4 over this problem. these are the local lanes here 270 southbound at falls road. right now we're very slow. pretty big backup here. this is because of the snow
6:55 am
removal. you'll encounter this on a lot of roads here today. so if you don't have to go, please don't. and on 270, don't take the local lanes. northbound gw parkway still shut down between spout run and the beltway for the snow removal. they will call us when it wraps up. 66 inbound at futurely street, also snow removal slowing things down. you'll have to stay to the left. big look at the beltway, again overall light volume, all the red spots. those are the snow removal spots here this morning. metro just talked about this, again had the situation there on the orange line. buses from ballston to the four stations not open today, vienna, dunn loring, west falls church and east falls church. and we're working for you this morning showing you the unplowed side streets in many neighborhoods. molette green is live in derwood thousand with more on conditions there. >> reporter: redland road, this part of it completely blocked by snow as you can see.
6:56 am
and there is no going in or out of this residential community here on roslyn avenue. and at some point, i'm going to disappear. we have seen plows in the area, but unfortunately, this community has not gotten them. now, we're going to hear from ike leggett the county executive later on today to talk about how they are making progress and what they want residents to do. people are getting very tra frustrated who are completely snowed in. and the capitol is closed again today. all federal offices in the d.c. area are closed. and as to so if you are a feder employee, check with your agency on emergency plans and tele working policies. a lot of schools already closed for tomorrow, too as you can see from all the red. all the major districts in our area are closed again today.
6:57 am
in d.c., ten schools willing open to steferve breakfast and lunch from 10:00 to 2:00. and again the orange line issue still sticking around. four stations not open, vienna, dunn loring, westph falls churc east falls church. and 270, we are still jammed in in the local lanes because of the plows. so stay off the roads. >> that is the broadcast this morning. thanks for waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll be back in 25 minutes with weather, traffic and any breaking news. have a great day. >> make it a great tuesday, >> make it a great tuesday, everybody.
6:58 am
(elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan.
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7:00 am
good morning. right to the point. hillary clinton confronted with a tough question from a young voter. >> i don't see the same enthusiasm from younger people for you. in fact, i've heard from quite a few people my age that they think you're dishonest. >> while chris christie gets defensive when asked why he returned to the campaign trail after the storm. >> you want to go down with a mop? >> with six days till the iowa cauc caucuses, why donald trump is threatening to pull out of this week's debates. where are the plows? >> it's bad out here, man. >> communities from virginia to new york, buried by the blizzard.


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