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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  January 27, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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that looks like just about every street i saw here this morning in the district. complaints all over social media this morning about crowded stations and buses running as much as 45 minutes late. but the good news, all six lines on metro are running today for the first time since the blizzard hit. metro spent the past four days clearing the tracks of snow and ice. they had a hard time cleaning the silver line. today trains are running every 45 minutes. they are on a limited schedule with about 160 routes. some schools are still closed today but four major districts did open today. charles county, calvert, st. mary's county schools all on delays. washington, d.c. did open on time but that raised questions about its safety. what's up there, erica? >> reporter: parents were wondering whether today was really the best day to have
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students return to class. a few minutes ago, we were still seeing students get back to the classroom. back to school for dcps. slow going, but students in d.c. are getting back to work. were you surprised that they let them come back to school today? >> yes. >> reporter: sidewalks and streets are still blanketed with snow. >> i expected them to do more. >> reporter: causing concern for some parents choosing to walk their kids in. did you walk on the sidewalk or did you walk on the street? >> i walked on the street. >> reporter: but the mounds made the walk more of a hurdle. here at coolidge high school in northwest -- >> good morning. how you doing, man? >> reporter: the principal and assistant principal were here to greet thr kids. machines were brought out to clear a path so students could get to class safely. while dcps advised parents to use discretion sending their
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kids back tweeting no absences or late arrivals would be counted, some parents are frustrated they're here at all. >> look at this. >> reporter: the parents we talked to say it's not that they were happy their kids were at home or they wanted them to stay home any longer, it's just they didn't want to see their neighborhoods and their sidewalks like this, and their kids hurdling over snow. we're live in northwest. i'm erica gonzalez. back to you. classes are canceled in prince georges county today, but right now free lunches are being given to student who need those lunches. it will be served at four schools until 1:00 this afternoon. check our app to find out which one is close to you. today some much-needed supplies will arrive in d.c. and maryland from up north. four jumbo snow blowers and 30 workers will arrive this morning from connecticut. the crews are available because of a state-to-state agreement
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where they provide help to one another in times of disaster. the crews are expected to work around the clock for the next four or five days. we had the snow cleanup in the past hour, considering what's passable on the road. here's melissa malay at the live desk. >> the restaurant chain wendy's says it's investigating reports of unusual activity on credit and debit cards that were used at some wendy's restaurants. the chain has launched an investigation and is now working with cybersecurity experts to figure out exactly what happened. police also now involved. wendy's is based in ohio. the chain is asking customers to watch for any unauthorized watch for any unauthorized char
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(elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan.
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here are just some of the stories lighting up social media right now. imagine paying more than $600 for an uber ride. that is what happened to bonnie lieb. lieb took a ride from sterling to raegan national airport on monday morning. she said thanks to the blizzard of 2016 her car was buried under two feet of snow. after checking her uber receipt, she had been charged more than $600 for that ride, and sadly, it wasn't a mistake. the base rate that day was more than $100 plus a very hefty 4x4 surcharge. ouch. check this out. this animal also known as a japanese raccoon is lighting up social media all morning long. these little guys playing in the snow have been making the rounds. after putting it on buzz speed, now the whole world is just mad about this cute raccoon.
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despite his new star dom, wildlife experts don't recommend keeping kanuki as a household pet. weight watchers sales surged this week after oprah winfrey said she lost 66 pounds. she admitted back in october that she had a 10% stake in the weight loss company. weight watchers memberships, by the way, are suffering because of free fitness apps and
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well, we have got clearing skies out there. we had a few clouds earlier this morning but we'll get some sunshine earlier this afternoon. we had a few rain showers overnight which also supplied a little bit of melting throughout the region. now, it is breezy out there. temperatures are going to stay right around that 40-degree mark, but by the time we get to
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the afternoon, as the wind settles down, temperatures will fall as the clouds clear as well. in fact, we'll start to get some freezing just after about 6:00 or 7:00 tonight as that temperature dips below that freezing mark. and these are going to be our overnight lows tonight, anywhere from about 15 to 24 degrees out there. so everybody below freezing, everybody going to see that hard freeze tonight with anything that has melted on the roadways. a live look at the national mall this morning. that's a beautiful sight. the mall will be open today in less than an hour. the first trip up the washington monument is scheduled for noon, and forbes theater will also open at 11:30. the national park service says the amount of snow we would have to remove from the mall and other park service grounds could fill the monument 18 times. that's nearly 62,000 tons of snow. park service says if you were to pile up all that snow and measure it, you would need a pat collins snow stick that was
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nearly two miles long. >> wow. i guess a lot of folks would like to get out to the national zoo to see if they can catch tian tian rolling around in the snow. as roads start to clear, problems are popping up. >> including potholes. we'll show you some of them
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road crews across our area rked all night to keep their
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promise of passable roads in all neighborhoods. and while the temperatures are swinging up and down and that's helping with the melting, it's not a good sign when it comes to another road issue, and that's potholes. news4 transportation reporter adam tuss is live. are the potholes opening up? >> reporter: as we go through this cleaning cycle, we're not just worried about the snow on the ground, we're worried about this, the actual road coming out of the ground. that's what's happening here on williams boulevard. >> it's so loud. it's like our whole house is shaking. >> reporter: christina thomas and her boys feeling it. >> it's a little -- yeah, there you go. you can hear it. >> reporter: christina's house is right next to these newly formed potholes at the bottom of the hill. as the temperatures go up and
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down, the roads give a little bit, drivers noticing the new craters. >> i didn't like them. glad i have a jeep. >> reporter: then there are the other challenges right now, lanes disappearing. bike lanes? what bike lanes? and the sidewalks. good chance if you live in a neighborhood or in the city, you're dealing with this on the sidewalk. not a single snowflake shoveled off this sidewalk. we have a ways to go and it will require your patience. as we go through tonight, the other big issue is going to be that big refreeze. just getting to your car down your driveway, that could be a little slippery and slick. give yourself some extra time as we go through that. back to you guys. >> yeah, and adam is absolutely right. we are going to see that refreeze overnight as temperatures fall into the teens and 20s. we're in the 30s to low 40s right now and that's where we'll stay throughout the afternoon. though it does feel a little cooler because we have a northwest wind.
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42 at port belvore. we have slushy spots, a lot of spots in d.c. down to one lane. this evening, i would say after about 6:00, that's when you want to get home because we'll have icy spots out there along with some fog. then overnight to tomorrow morning, definitely some icy spots as well. we stay in the low 40s for the next several days with a warm-upstarting on saturday. guys? >> all right, lauren. well, d.c.'s restrictions will not end tonight. do not park on the emergency roads or your car will be towed. over the last two days, d.c. hauled about 600 cars away. that's earned the district about a million dollars in fines. most of the cars went to private impound lots where you may be forced to dig your own car out. call 311 if your car was towed of the. >> i think anybody who sees something here will know that i
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spent time and energy digging myself out. >> but you should know that you can get yourself in trouble tonight for blocking your shoveled parkway spots from other drivers. the end of the snow emergency means you can park on emergency routes but also regular parking rules go back into effect. drivers told us yesterday that they hope others will respect their hard work and not park in a spot that they worked so hard to clean for themselves. developing today, several of the ranchers who organized an anti-government standoff in oregon will be in court. ellen and ryan bundy and five others were arrested after a shootout last night. members pulled the group over. it's not clear who shot first, but one of the protestors died. consequences for the woman at that now defunct house.
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she was asked to turn over everything about the sexual assault. rolling stone wrote several articles in connection with the assault. the zika virus is said to cause severe birth defects. it is carried by a mosquito in south america and the caribbean. the resident traveled to one of those infected areas. there is no risk to other virginians, though, because it is not mosquito season here. after the break, accusations of price gouging during the blizzard of 2016, and don't forget, you can catch news4 midday from anywhere. all you need is a smartphone and tablet. just open the nbc washington app. hit watch
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we've gotten some reports that a gas station in chevy
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chase is charging $5 a gallon for gas. that's nearly five times as much as maryland in chevy chase. there are no price gouging laws. maryland and d.c. have the laws that cover things like food, ice and water. d.c. law bans a more than 10% markup. the price cannot grossly exceed the price that it was charged 10 days before the storm. some residents right now are fighting to stay in their homes, and you may wonder why when you see this video. the residents live in these apartments. yep, the apartments teetering on the very edge of an eroding cliff in california. we first showed you this video yesterday now we are learning that five of the 20 residents are ignoring orders to evacuate. they say they'll still have enough time to get to safety if the cliff crumbles too close to their home. the city says they'll be out twice a day to inspect the land. >> i wonder if they've seen that video.
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>> it's pretty scary, isn't it? >> it's pretty scary. i'm not too sure i could stay there. some of those people, of course, have lived there for many, many years. one man we heard on i guess "nightly" last night has been there for years and years. he didn't want to leave his home. >> no one wants to leave their home. pretty dangerous there. an neighborhood,i feel like it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. the kitchen is light and bright,new. we should definitely go see it. [agent] hi...welcome i'm maggie.melanie.maggie. so nice to meet you. [mother] this is brendan. [agent] hey brendan. living room. [dad] hey. [mother] hey sweetie. [dad] sorry about that. what about this? this looks good. [brendan] no. [mother] isn't it so great?i think we found it.
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[agent] hey brendan,you might like this room. [announcer]redfin pays its agents based on your happiness... that's real estate, redefined. good afternoon, everybody. i'm meteorologist lauren, and we continue to see melting throughout the region. the melting continues today because temperatures are above freezing. we're at about 34 degrees. that's where we'll stay until 3:00 and then the temperatures go down. sunset is 10 minutes past 5:00. i would say about 6:00, you're going to try to go where you need to go because those temperatures are going to the
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teens and 20s tonight. tomorrow maybe in the 50s. not today, though. we're stuck at that 40-degree mark and we're seeing winds out there. northwest winds gusting up to about 20 miles an hour. that means it feels a lot cooler than it actually is. if you're driving around out there today, it's going to get sunny and breezy. we're start to go get sunshine out there throughout the region right now. but we have one slushy, snowy lane out there right now. then as we head into the overnight, we're really going to start to see everything freeze back up as i've been advertising plus tomorrow morning. be careful and keep that in mind when you're headed out later tonight. guys? >> thanks, lauryn. no reason to make alternate plans if you're planning on riding the train this afternoon. the trains are riding on schedule. we checked but they aren't reporting any serious issues yet. as usual, double check to make sure your specific train is on time. if you're headed out to take a flight, the snow probably will not affect your travel today. we just checked flight delays.
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according to, seven flights have been delayed, three flights were canceled and 14 delayed today. bw marshall has had only one canceled flight and eight delays. a combative donald trump a combative donald trump drops out
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right now with the storm truck in northwest washington traveling along foxhall road, making our way onto nebraska avenue. what we're noticing as we head out and about today, roads reduced by about 50%. so if it's a two-way street in the neighborhood, pretty much only one lane is open at this point. the highway, the shoulder in many locations, is closed. you can see right now a live look outside our front camera here. the turn lane on fox hill road still has a lot of snow in it, and as we make the turn, notice the slush there on the ground. that becomes ice tonight. you can also see a lot of wet ground here. we'll be concerned for black ice to be developing, as lauryn was saying, as early as 6:00 p.m. but especially tomorrow morning during that commute, we were driving and noticed tons of trucks just filled with snow seemingly taking it out of the city. i also noticed traffic heading into georgetown at all the major arteries right now at a major
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stand still. so if you have plans to head into georgetown in the next hour or so, you do want to be aware of that. but again, as we travel out and about today, noticing wet roads and a lot of snow still on area roads. lauryn, the good news is as we head to the weekend, the higher roads are continuing to melt, so we'll melt all this snow. >> the temperatures will be right around 40 degrees or so, then we hit the weekend and those temperatures start to go up. mid-40s on saturday, low 50s on sunday and monday. so if you want to wait to shovel a little bit more, maybe just wait until this weekend and hopefully we'll get some melting. you can see those clouds clearing throughout the region and with the temperatures above freezing right now and some added sunshine, we should be able to get more melting throughout the day today. but as amelia said, she's driving around on those roadways, and as the temperatures drop, we'll start to see some refreezing. between 5:00 and 7:00, that's when that temperature starts to
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dip. we'll be below freezing at 7:00, so definitely a refreeze. and i do want to mention that wind. that wind will die down as the clouds start to decrease throughout the afternoon. here's a look at your 7-day forecast. temperatures falling today. we'll be breezy on friday. the next few days right at 40 degrees. we're back in the 50s sunday, monday, tuesday. maybe a few sprinkles on monday as well. guys? well, the blizzard has effectively closed schools for most students in this region all week. just minutes ago we learned that prince william county schools will be closed again tomorrow and the rest of the week. loudoun county schools will also be closed all week. manassas city schools were off until today and there are teacher work days there for the rest of the week. in west virginia, berkeley county schools will be closed tomorrow. in d.c., students at public schools are back in classes right now. d.c. schools opened on time today. a news4 crew watched extra snowplows out there trying to
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clear the way. we also watched some folks trudging through snowy sidewalks and the kids trying to get through snow-plowed streets to get to classes. administrators said they would excuse all late arrivals and all absences today. a missing prince georges county woman was found dead. aurora nelson went missing yesterday. they confirmed to prince georges bureau that nelson was found dead near her home. no word yet on a cause of death. in prince williams county, three more people have died following blizzard 2016. the deaths are being attributed to car accidents and shoveling. in all 48 people have died from that storm. a maryland woman who spent days inside her car is now recovering from hypothermia. the maryland national guard and other agencies helped pull a woman from her snow-covered car. firefighters said the woman only had blankets to keep her warm over three days. a 10-year-old boy is
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recovering right now from a sledding accident. fairfax county medics found the boy at the bottom of the mercer lake dam in springfield yesterday. the dam is over 130 feet high. emergency responders said they had to stop and walk to the dam because snow was blocking the streets. they called a helicopter to take the little boy to the hospital where he was treated and released. and now to decision 2016. a live look at the white house this morning where within the next hour, bernie sanders will meet with president obama. the white house says they will meet privately in the oval office, but there is no formal agenda planned. this comes two days after president obama praised democratic frontrunner hillary clinton's bid for the presidency. in an interview with politico, the president has said he wouldn't endorse a candidate during the primary. now to the republican side of the race where there are hints that donald trump will announce another big endorsement as he throws another wrench into the republican machinery.
11:34 am
nbc's peter alexander reports that trump is standing by his decision to stay out of the republican debate just days before the iowa caucuses. >> reporter: taking a page out of his art of the deal playbook, donald trump is walking away from the table, abruptly announcing he will skip tomorrow's republican debate. >> let's see how much money fox will make on the debate without me, okay? >> reporter: a trump aide telling nbc news that it's not not under consideration. trump was in the duel and was blasted for backing out. >> if someone didn't do that, didn't show up at the interview, you know what you would say? you're fired. >> reporter: the cruz campaign launching this website saying, tell ducking donald.
11:35 am
the network fired back overnight with a statement charging trump's campaign manager with threatening kelly saying, we can't give in to terrorizations toward any of our employees. trump is still welcome at thursday's night's debate but he can't monitor the questions. he was endorsed by officer arpaio and also jerry falwell jr. iowans are telling people to endorse anybody but donald trump, saying he can't be trusted. >> i am pro choice in every respect. >> reporter: in 1999 you said you were pro choice in all respects. >> and what did i say? you didn't read it. read the full statement of what i said. >> are you trustworthy? >> yes, sir, very trustworthy.
11:36 am
more so than you. because you know what? you didn't read the question. >> i'll read it now. i'm very pro choice. i hate the concept of abortion. >> why did you say before that i hate the concept of abortion? >> do i apologize for reading your words. >> no, no, for not reading my words. do you apologize for not reading my words. >> trump says he plans to hold an event thursday night during the debate that will support veterans and wounded warriors, our nbc political team is working to find out who trump he endorsements will be. right from des moines, iowa, our very own gary gilchrist will be there next week. we'll have coverage from iowa right here on monday morning starting at 5:00 a.m. after the break, the stories
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. for your health this morning, women should be screened both befoduring and af pregnancy. while the task force has previously advocated screening for depression in all adults, this is the first time it's specifically recommended screening for pregnant women and women who have just given birth. more than 14 million adults reportedly suffer from depression in this country with women more likely to be diagnosed with it than men. ♪ snow bell, snow bell, please go to my nana's house ♪ >> if that doesn't get a plow out, i don't know what will. it looks like many of you are in for another snow day. help is the word that we're seeing in many streets acss the area for people still waiting for a plow to come your way. and chelsea said they are feeling abandoned out in
11:39 am
centreville, virginia where every other road has been touched in their eyes. ingram street in northeast d.c. here is where seniors park to get to their houses easier, and it looks like they might have a little trouble. and this is how jana's drive in rockville looked yesterday. this one not much better. looks pretty but not pretty practical, right? please send us your pictures. we love looking at them, we love sharing them. also give us a location where you need a plow. use #snowstuck. >> i like the song. i like the little girl. she's awfully cute. we hope nana's house got plowed (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security.
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americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already. mail pickup and delivery is back on in d.c. and virginia. be aware, though, to have your
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walkway and mailbox free of snow. if the mail carrier can't reach your door or your box, the postal service says they're not going to deliver your mail. we've got temperatures right now in the 40s. right around that 40-degree mark, some in the upper 30s, some in the low 40s, but everybody above that freezing mark. we're getting some sunshine out there, which is good news. but as we get into the afternoon, we're looking at a big change. specifically after 5:00 or 6:00 tonight, that's when those temperatures will fall below the freezing mark for everybody. so we're going to stay right around 40 degrees today, get that sunshine, start to see that wind calm down a little bit and then we'll go overnight and as the snow we have out there today refreezes, we could have some solid areas of ice. the main roads continue to be improving. we still have one lane in a lot of areas. i know the neighborhoods have a long way to go, but it could be
11:42 am
problematic also tomorrow morning, again, with the ice on the roadways. we've got your next 7 days and warmup in store coming up in a few minutes. three d.c. neighborhoods rank right at the top in a new survey of best neighborhoods in the country. out of seven neighborhoods in 20 cities, west end, adams morgan and columbia heights took top place. they looked into what had the best shopping, affordable housing based on incomes and good public schools. most metro stations are open now. an update on service t
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good news, all six lines on metro are running since the blizzard hit. it hasn't been completely pain free, though. there's been complaints about buses running 25 minutes late and also the green line on the plaza. though warm temperatures are helping to melt the snow out there, we're still seeing problems on the line caused by the snow and a new problem is cropping up and that's potholes. adam tuss is live in arlington with a look at that situation. adam? >> reporter: when the free fall
11:46 am
starts happening, the road expands. this starts happening. the road actually starts coming apart. take a look at williamsburg boulevard here in arlington. that's what's happening. these potholes at the bottom of a hill, and it's opening up for drivers. >> yeah, that caught me off guard. that's never fun. but, you know, i guess there's probably going to be a lot of that. >> reporter: yeah, potholes all over the place. the other thing i wanted to show you what's going on all around our area. take a look at this snowbank that's been piled up over the bike lanes, by the way. imagine this is your driveway back here and you're trying to get out and pull around the corner. it's not an easy solution. and the potholes, take a look here on williamsburg boulevard as these cars -- the tires digging into the roadway right there. all sorts of issues going on around the region. the commute this morning has been horrendous in a lot of spots. you just have to give yourself a lot of extra time. road crews still have a lot of work to do. we'll all get through this together at some point.
11:47 am
back to you, barbara. >> all right, adam. you're right about that. the cold and the snow, of course, are very hard on the roads, and you can expect the temperatures to drop tonight, which means an icy commute in the morning. lauryn, just how cold is it going to get? >> we're talking about teens and 20s, so well below that freezing mark, pat, and temperatures right now above that freezing mark. that's why we're seeing some melting, plus we got the added sunshine. i just saw adam's live shot. you can see those wet roadways out there. but that's all going to freeze overnight. so temperature at 37 degrees. we're going to stay there and at about 3:00, that temperature will go down a little bit. eventually we'll be in the low 30s about 5:00 or 6:00 and start to see freezing spots about 7:00 tonight. we'll have mostly clear skies overnight so it will be a messy commute. we had one lane pretty much all throughout d.c. a lot of slush out there. then this evening, after about
11:48 am
6:00, you're going to see some icy, slick spots out there, some fog as well. leave yourself extra time tomorrow morning with ice all throughout the region. a big warm-up. we've got the 7-day and i'll show you that in a few minutes. tonight president obama is going to honor four people who risked their lives to protect jews during the holocaust. the ceremony will be at the embassy in honor of holocaust remembrance day. it commemorates the anniversary of the auschwitz death camp in 1965. new today, another lawsuit filed because of the crisis, the water crisis, in flint, michigan. several national groups are trying to get the town to replace all of its lead pipes. michigan's governor is also taking steps to fix the lead problem. today he announced he's creating a committee to find solutions that help people who have been exposed to lead. a virginia tech professor is
11:49 am
among the committee members. right now new steps in the fight over school barmes in gloucester county, virginia. a federal appeals court is hearing gavin grim's case. grim is a transgender boy. his school policies prevent him from using the boys' bathroom. grim says the policy is discriminatory. after the break, something that sounds too good to be true. a
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i'm andrea goss and here's some of the stories trending after blizzard 2016. look at that. some people opened up their door on sunday evening to a solid block of snow. the snow is so packed, you can actually see the outline of the door. but don't worry. property owners were very kind and dug them out sunday morning. many of them continue to dig out of the district.
11:51 am
don't panic. you have not missed restaurant week. wendy johnson has some good news. >> reporter: yeah, angie, a lot of restaurants have delayed openings due to the blizzard, but the good news is restaurant week will now be extended to february 3rd. all you have to do is watch our app for more information. >> i don't know about you, brit, but i'm ready for more comfort food after that storm. take a look for yourself here. you can see it right about to hit the concrete. there you go. the concrete block right there and it seems to still be intact after that impact. according to, the droid turbo 2 has the same long battery life as its predecessor but also that shatterproof screen. but indestructible doesn't come cheap. prices start at about
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well, it's a great update to share about a woman and the community who gave her help when she needed it most. on monday nearly a dozen people cleared a street in virginia's south riding neighborhood over a period of four hours. they got to work after finding out two women on the street were due to give birth this week. last week christina gave birth to a little girl. fittingly, the couple decided to name their daughter eden storm. the daddy said they were planning on storm as a middle name even before the blizzard hit. one man is helping the city do a favor. he's helping clear all the city streets. the man who is using his wheelchair as a temporary plow. >> i was out here for, oh, probably about two hours. in this neighborhood, i don't want kids or parents to slip or
11:54 am
have to go traipsing through the snow and possibly hurt themselves. >> reporter: justin anderson offers a completely different attitude when it snows. >> i had actually about half a dozen people ask if they could stop and take a picture because they had never seen, you know, a chair like tis before. >> reporter: last year the iraq war veteran took his off-road wheelchair -- >> i came up with the idea of putting a snow blade on it. >> reporter: -- and made some modifications. >> the chair is on a slight tilt, so that way i can adjust the height of the blade as i'm pushing snow. >> reporter: every snowfall, justin anderson does his part and more. >> the community has supported me immensely through some of my struggles and my hard times with having my leg amputated and also my fight with brain cancer. so this is my way of giving
11:55 am
back. >> reporter: getting around is easier these days. >> i was just fit with this prosthetic about three weeks ago. >> reporter: justin anderson's makeshift snowplow isn't about the recognition, he says it's more like his duty. >> it's very gratifying. it's nice to know that it's appreciated, but even if i didn't get any response from anybody or nobody said thank you or, you know, nobody waved when they were driving by, i would still do it. >> reporter: and working to keep his sense of humor all along the way. in bellevue, nebraska, brian ma massty for nbc news. let's check our weather again, lauryn. >> our weather is kind of quiet, thank goodness. that temperature will go down starting about 3:00.
11:56 am
14 in washington right now, 39 in dulles. that's where we'll stay until about 3:00 or 4:00, then the temperatures will plummet. teens and 20s, so you know we'll have refreezing overnight. it's a storm alert day for that reason. tomorrow give yourself extra time as you head on out because there will be ice around. we'll go with a mix of sun and clouds tomorrow. back up to around 40 degrees. we'll be little breezy on friday, but then check this out. the weekend, mid-40s on saturday, low 50s on sunday. by monday we're back in the low to mid-50s. mild, though. we'll get a lot of melting in the upcoming days throughout the weekend, maybe monday as well. that's news4 midday. we'll be back on the air this afternoon first at 4:00. and you know you can get news and weather updates any time with the nbc washington app. we hope you'll have a great day and that you can get around if
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you have to leave the house. we'll see you in the
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