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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  January 29, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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we're just days away from the caucuses in iowa. and this morning why donald trump may still have the lead. and icy conditions around ton causing a couple problems already. plows still in the way. details coming up. >> this is 395 at washington boulevard. this morning in some places it could be worse happen what you saw yesterday. >> we're working for you forget you to work safely this morning. amelia segal and melissa mollett are standing by with an update on conditions. >> good morning. once again tracking icy conditions this morning. and it will be breezy to windy during the afternoon and evening hours. so that will make it feel cooler than the thermometer is actually
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reading. dry in the immediate area, but snow showers well west of washington, parts of west virginia. this could bring a flurry or two to the area before midday today. but absolutely no accumulation. temperatures right now, you can see at or below freeze. so a heads up as you head out this morning. 30 degrees right now in washington. more in ten minutes. beware of the icy spots of course. i was coming out of my house today on the sidewalk, so be careful today. 270 north at 121, still have to stay left. southbound your typical volume. out are loop at gallows road, still have the right side of the roadway blocked in the earlier overturned vehicle crash. a couple of other things happening right now, southbound at pooks hill, a two car crash. southbound gw parkway, a disabled vehicle. for the first time in a
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week, federal workers are heading into the office on time this morning. opm made the announcement last night. employees do have the option to take unscheduled leave or to tell la wotelework. metro says there will be fewer than eight car trains in service because of the storm. yellow line from plan cone i can't springfield will also resume. if you use metrobus, only a few routes still have detours. i just didn't do it. it wasn't bothering me basically. >> well, the snow on sidewalks may not be bothering you in prince george's county, but if you don't remove it today, you will be fined. megan megan mcgrath live for us this morning. >> reporter: and it depends what street you're on. no question that shoveling your sidewalk can be quite a workout, but in prince george's county,
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it is the law. if you don't abide by the law, you could get a ticket and tickets are pretty hefty. take a look, we're in college park and you can see that a lot of the sidewalks in this neighborhood are not only shoveled, but dry and looking pretty good. but then you move along and look at this right here, all of a sudden that shoveling just stopped right here. the actual sidewalk continues around that curve there around to the corner, but it is all covered in snow. in fact there are some rather large piles of snow at this point where the plows have kicked the snow up. in prince george's county in residential areas gunning today, they are going to be writing tickets to people who have not shoveled their walkways. take a look at what we're talking about. the fine is $100. and it can go up every 24 hours if you don't get it done, they will be concentrating on areas around schools and the like. places with lots of pedestrians for safety reason. back to you all in the studio. >> we're monitoring several
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other stories related to the blizzard of 2016 this morning. including where crews in northern virginia are working around the clock to make sure students can return to school on monday. how you can report all those new potholes popping up no matter where you live and the firefighters being rescued for pulling this pooch out of a freezing lake in the middle of the storm. 6:04 your time. and today the man charged with murder in the disappearance of two per land sisters heads back to court. lloyd welch jr. made his first appearance yesterday. a judge appointed an attorney for him. he's charged with the disappearance of the lyon sisters. bodies have never been found. welch trial is set for november. also today a hearing surrounding the murder of former white house sbreintern sandra l. lawyers say a witness
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deliberately misled jurors. the new trial begins in march. 6:05. today lawmakers in virginia will announce a major compromise on gun laws. it includes concessions from democrats and republicans. one measure will stop people from carrying a firearm if they're under permanent protective order for a domestic violence offense. in the past republicans have repeat ledly rejected the measu. >> if we can get a bill through take takes fire arms away from the person freight torpetratopt for two years, that will go a long way. i'm a maniac. an everybody on this stage is stupid, fat and ugly. and ben, you're a terrible
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surgeon. now that we've gotten the donald trump portion out of the way -- >> everyone without the frontrunner, another lively gop debate as we count down to the iowa caucuses. the consensus this morning, senator ted cruz has little new traction despite his attempts to establish himself on a donald trump free stage. analysts use the word muddled to describe the final debate about that chuck todd said immigration tied some gcandidates in knots. >> we both made the identical promises. but when we came to washington, we made a different choice. marco matt choice to go the direction of the major donors to support amnesty because he thought it was politically advantage just. >> throughout this campaign, you've been willing to say or do anything in order to get votes. >> in terms of speaking times, jeb bush finished third behind rubio and cruz. analysts say rubio was doing well ahead of the exchanges over
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immigration. >> the the only budget that ted has ever voted for is a budget that rand paul sponsored that brag about cutting defense spending. >> in 15 minutes, what donald trump was doing and what it means for iowa voters on monday. and later reaction from democratic candidates. so why are the iowa caucuses the first in the country to take part in deciding the next president? and how often do the winners actually end up in the white house? what you need to know. last thing you'd expect when you go to the dentist, but this morning a d.c. dentist is facing charges for sexually assaulting a patient. what he's accused of doing while the man was out during a procedure. and take a look at your tv screen. these temperatures on the left side of the screen, they're the reason for? slick roads like the live picture you see on the right here. how your commute is shaping up at 6:11.
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a ten dentist is out of jail this morning. least say he assaulted a patient who came to get a cracked tooth repaired. he partially woke up during the assault. the dentist is placed under supervision. if the kids do have to go to school today, there will be some icy sidewalks still to deal with. the temperature around 30 degrees at recess. but winds start to pick up. so i'm giving recess a c today. temperatures in the upper 30s, but it will feel like 20s with the winds. definitely want it on bundle the kids up today. what you don't need to worry about is the umbrella. just a flurry or two possible.
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and look to ing looking to the skiing looking great and a good idea to get the car washed. and roads aren't as bad this morning as they were yesterday morning. >> great news there especially with everybody headed back to work take with the federal government on time this morning. now, we do have a slowdown outer loop at old georgetown road, we're sending chopper over to this one. southbound rockville road, a crash there. and gw parkway, the right side of the roadway is block. 270 on time. 95 to 270, looking okay right now. 66 and 95 also rolling along just fine. it is the roe rope a lot of missed the red line train. this fight. new details and video emerging out of organize. what we're learning about the
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moments just before a deadly shoot-out.
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at 6:15, if you're in the kitchen make breakfast, come take a look. a lot of you might be going into work for the first time today since the blizzard of 2016 hit and you could be dealing with some really icy conditions. that's just one of the stories we're staying on top of to you this morning. a zika virus explosion, we're also monitoring the latest on if and when that virus could become widespread here in the u.s. and the efforts to combat it already under way. safety concerns are high after this violent attack on metro yesterday. it happened at the galtlery plae metro station. this is the latest in a series of assaults at metro stations in recent months. six d.c. high school students could be charged with felonies in the student. investigators say when the victim left the gallery place station, a teen punched him, others jumped in punching and kicking the man before they hopped on a departing train. >> kids are just wild these
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days. >> you need to be aware of your surroundings. >> the teens were arrested a few stops later. metro says police are constantly monitoring riders and thousands of cameras are up throughout the stations. board of directors droez jack evans as the new chairman. it happened thursday. evans says he will work to secure more federal money for metro since so many federal workers use the system every day. this morning montgomery county police need help tracking down a pair of crooks targeting townhouse communities. there have been seven burglaries in two neighborhoods. they get in by breaking windows or doors while nobody was home. this picture shows the pair about to use a credit card stole frn o en from one of those homes. 6:18. later today, the white chicago police officer accused of
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shooting a black taken ager 16 times and killing him will be in court. jason van dyke is expected to appear at his status hearing. van dyke is charged with first-degree murder for the death of laquan mcdonald in 2014. van dyke pled not guilty about. 6:18. more on the federal land standoff in oregon. video shows the fatal shooting of one of the occupier. lavoy finicum can be seen nearly running over an agent before he crashed through a police barricade. initially he got out of the vehicle with his hands in the air, surrounded by troopers. but then he reaches toward his jacket. we stopped the video just before finicum is shot and killed. the fbi says he had a gun in that pocket. the group's leaders are in custody and just a handful of armed protesters remain at that wildlife refuge. p. a woman who taught at a southern california jail has been arrested after the escape of three inmates. the 44-year-old is charged with
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giving the inmates maps and even tools to help them get away. the three men who are considered armed and dangerous may have fled in a white van. officials think they may be living in that van. a trial board will determine the fate of a d.c. firefighter who wanted to retire after a botched emergency response. the fired lieutenant worked out of this station if tenleytown. last march a 911 call came in about a choking toddler. after an internal review, it was discover had lieutenant did not tell the dispatchers status of his medical unit. the 18 month old later died. now a trial board will either discipline or clear that firefighter before he can retire from the department. he is expected to appeal this latest decision. 6:19 now. starting it year, all military combat jobs will be open to women. many are wondering if that means women could be drafted some day.
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selectiver advice director lawrence romo will break down details this morning and will also talk about why young undocumented male imxwrapt migr are required to sign up for selective service. back to the count down to iowa now. the first real test in decision 2016. polls show donald trump is leading the group of republican hopefuls. analysts say his boycott of last night's debate in des moines may actually serve him well. >> they wanted me there and they said how about now. can you come over? i said hasn't it already started? >> in a tweet, trump pointed to the more than $6 million that his campaign raised. jeb bush was the only politician he specifically called out during his rally at drake university. trump's name came up multiple times on the debate stage across town. results from the spin room show trump's name was the most searched during the debate in every single state. the iowa caucuses are set for monday night. i'm headed to des moines this
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weekend to cover that for you, but i wanted to take you inside the caucuses this morning. these are essentially neighborhood meetings that became the first in the nation presidential contest in 1972. so why are these caucuses so important some well, this is an early indication of who might drop out because of a lack of support or lack of money. who does well there can determine who you get to vote for in virginia and maryland. there has only been one instance when a fourth-place finisher went on to become a party's nominee. now, iowa has a history of choosing big winners help ron old reagan, bill clinton, george bush and obama all won the caucuses and the presidency. be sure to follow me on twitter #nbcaaron, download the nbc washington app, as well. coverage of the iowa caucuses starts right here live coverage on news 4 today monday at 5:00 a.m. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. let's get right to amelia segal.
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another morning with temperatures proceed freebelow be aware of the potential for icy spots. this afternoon the focus shifts to blustery conditions. it will be cold today as we look to the weekend, overall a nice calm weekend. no precip in the forecast saturday or sunday. but i'm keeping a close eye on wednesday, a high likelihood of rain and with all the snow melt, there could be some flooding concerns. more coming up but firstor morning planner. 30 degrees right now. by 8:00 a.m., we're around 35. and midday hours, we'll warm into the upper 30s. and that will generally our highs for the day. however, when you fact or in the winds, it will feel like temperatures are in the mid to upper 20s. so it's the warmest coat kind of day out there p. probably the snow boots once again. now, tomorrow warmer, a high temperature of 44 and we'll hit that high at 3:00 p.m., but that is after a frigid start. we'll start off with a
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temperature in the strict district of 25 degrees. abo looking like a nice weekend. a lot of snow melt going on. monday, a high temperature of 63. a chance of a late day shower. but more importantly, look at the temps, around 60 on tuesday, and 65 on wednesday. again, more on wednesday's rain coming up in a little bit. but for now, tracking a new accident on 395. >> brand new crash 395 inbound at king street, we have a crash in the left lane. also hearing about one 295 inbound at m street. chopper 4 over the top of the beltway at old georgetown road. had an earlier crash. be looks like that is now out of the way. just seeing some pretty typical looking volume. 270 north at 121, still have some plowing there. normal delay there. big look at the beltway overall
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no major issues. you can see top of the beltway there at old fworngeorgetown, l like that is clearing up. new details in the search for malaysia airlines flight 370. almost two years after it disappeared. a chinese ship with advanced sonar equipment is joining the recovery effort here. flight 370 vanished on march 8, 2014 on a flight to pay jipg. t beijing. a wing flap washed up back in august. developing right now, a leading tropical medicine expert is warning that the zika virus could spread through north america and even africa. it is linked to severe birth defects in thousands of babies in brazil and now spreading rapidly across latin america. it's carried by a particular type of mosquito. >> we're dealing with a population that has never seen it before, so they're thigh eve so there is no immunity at all.
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>> right now there are reported cases in virginia, minnesota and california. officials say in those case the people were in-pictured while traveling abroad. right now there is no drug or vaccine available to treat the virus. 6:25. happening today, the washington auto show finally you said way after days of delays because of all the snow. every year some people test their endurance in order to win a brand new car with the hands-on contest. molette green is live he auto show where there are still a few people hanging on. >> reporter: they just got pack fr back a break. they get a break for 15 minutes every three hours. can you imagine? we have five contestants. you see the three guys here. on the other side of this beautiful white hyundai, there are two young ladies. are they're sleeping and resting up for what the rest of the day
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holds. where is oprah when you need her? so how do you feel, you had your break. >> very tired. just trying to hold on. but right now, failure is not an option. >> reporter: and you're doing this because -- >> i got a baby girl coming this easter. so this would be a great time to get a new car. >> reporter: but i can't root for you. i have to root for everybody. five people in all. at the end of this, they have been doing this since tuesday. at the end of this on sunday, if all five are still standing and holding on, they get a key and whoever has the winning key gets this beautiful car. the auto show for everybody else opens up at 10:00 this morning. there are a couple of kcars her with your name on them because i know money is no option, right? >> i thought you were going to treat us to a car or something. >> reporter: money is no object for you guys. i've got an audi q 7 for you,
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aaron. and then eun, for you there is a bmw where the seats move if you happen on get in a crash and you can get out of the way. so those are for you. >> thanks. p. 6:27. take a look. current temperatures for you this morning. a lot of you waking up to temps below freezing, but a warm-up is on the way. why that might not be a good thing actually. fwl fwl . why some students this northern virginia might have another day off. and another live look at the roads. we are keeping an eye on things looking for black ice. so far not seeing too many pblems out there. melissa mollett back with a look at the roads. you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates
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seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already.
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we're go getting you up to the minute the minute you're up. >> a lot of places below freezing so you could see some slick roads. >> let's get right to amelia with your forecast. >> happy friday. i did it speak to joe driving the storm team 4 x 4 and he says
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the roads not as bad as yesterday, but still be cautious for icy spots with temperatures wloe t below the freezing mark. blustery conditions later today when you factor in the wind. and maybe a flurry or two. we'll have a big temperature warm-up this weekend and the start of february. unfortunately, with that warm-up, we'll be watching for the potential for some flooding. a lot of snow melt and high likelihood of rain on wednesday will mean the potential for flooding. right now you can see some some flurries back to the west. i think most of those will stay back to the west. taking a look right now at a couple of things around town, chopper 4off the top of the beltway. inner loop, nice light volume. the earlier problem seems to be out of the way. southbound gw parkway at turkey
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run, that should be clearing here in the next couple of minutes. 270 north at 121, still plows working thp area near clarksburg. southbound normal delays. big look at the beltway, all the routes in and out of town, you can see pretty light volume. travel times in a few minutes. some parents in northern virginia are heading back to work this morning as shall school districts have reopened. hard hit loudoun county is not one of them, though. crews are working away the clo being to clear high school parking lots. the school district deployed 90 pieces of its own equipment across the county and added 40 contract trucks to help out. the district has 89 schools to clear. we come in and we focus on the larger schools first. the high schools which are the bulk of the snow removal and then we step down from that. >> students in laegs and falls church are back in school today. loudoun county officials say they hope students can head back to the classroom on monday.
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the non-emergency call center in montgomery goes back to normal hours today. you can call 311 between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. monday through friday. the call center had been working around the clock to try to help you deal with with the blizzard. 311 should only be used to get county information. and it is not for emergencies. be sure to go to our nbc washington app for more on how to report a pothole in your neighborhood. will the the back and forth of warm and cold temperatures, frozen cracks can easily turn to nasty pot homles. we've posted the information for the following counties on the app. just search potholes. a break this morning for drivers slapped with tickets fofor parking on snow emergency routes. the city will forgive more than 2800 tickets given out on friday. that's about $700,000 in fines the city will not be getting. tickets handed out on the other
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five days of the snow emergency have to be paid. today firefighters in fairfax are being rewarded for their bravery. peta is honoring a group of city and county firefighters after they rescued the dog you see right there from woodland lake. that's milo. big saint bernard there. he will be reunited later today with his heros. despite the 8 degree windchill, firefighters in ice rescue suits jumped into that lake last friday and pulled milo to safety. prince george's county police need your help to find a 61-year-old man they say jamie fisher was last seen along glenn shire drive. he was wearing a dark hat, brown jacket and dark pants. 6:34 thousand. the search for a missing teen as expanded. the last time anyone saw nicole was around midnight on tuesday. police say they're looking at
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every possible scenario in this case. six local police agencies and more than 1,000 volunteers are searching for her. former charles county sir kit court judge due in pearl court on monday for a pretty serious charge. isaac accused of ordering a sheriff's deputy to use something called a stun cuff on a defendant back in 2014. it's a remote control device that deploys electric shocks. scott mcfarland broke the sorry yesterday. the justin declines to comment. he faces a year in prison and a $100,000 fine if convicted. a treehouse has to come down. that is the word from the district's public space committee. the tree house was built in an alley in archibald last august. the homeowners got a temporary permit from the district for the tree house. yesterday, though, a permanent permit was denied. the tree house hangs over a public space by 2 feet and neighbors complained about this. it's unclear when the homeowners
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will have to take it down. right now crews are still working to fix a water main break in alexandria. about 18 homes on east glendale avenue are affected. and still dealing with low water pressure this morning. the road has been closed since before 11:00 p.m. last night. no word when it will be completely fixed. and what many believe was a broken water main in the district yesterday turned out to be a fire hydrant that was somehow knocked over under ground. look at all the water gushing. this is along calvert street. d.c. water officials say it's possible the hydrant may have been covered by all the snow and a plow could have hit it. if you thought it felt cold when you took the dog out this morning, just wait. why it will feel even colder. and back on u.s. soil. this morning the affluenza teen is in texas after being on the run. what lies ahead for ethan couch.
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and what is
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people across several states could appematter sonic booms wh military jets took to the skies. the navy says it was doing some training runs off of the jersey coast. they're based in maryland. co-founder of jefferson airplane has died. paul kantner died at a hospital this san francisco yesterday. he suffered a heart attack earlier this week. tracking a mix of clouds and sun today as winds increase as we head into the midday hours.
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and it will stay breezy to windy during the afternoon and evening hours. so this is what it will feel like at noon. temperatures in the mid 20s to around 30. and notice at 2:00, it only feels about 23 degrees in gait when you factor in the winds, 27 in washington. very similar at # #:04:00 today. so bundle up. tonight icing possible after 9:00. and then tomorrow morning icy spots possible once again with a frigid start tomorrow morning. temperatures tomorrow morning in the district start off in the 20s. teens in the suburbs. so i think we'll have a higher likelihood of some icy spots tomorrow morning happen this morning. right now temperatures in the 20s and 30s. just lost our picture, but we had 395 nos 5 north at king , a problem there. and connecticut avenue, a little slow there.
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270 south to the spur going to take you 14 minutes. slow top of the beltway, 95 to 270. outer loop right there at connecticut avenue, 66 inbound and 95 240 5 north just fine. we're working for on you several things happening today including the announcement about guns in virginia. also this morning, what workers need to know as the federal government prepares to open on time for the first time in days. we're also trying to save you some money this morning. where some neighbors in maryland must have their sidewalks shoveled by today or face a $250 fine.
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395 north at king street still have that problem. and then right now we also have chopper 4 headed over to the water main break in prince george's county. more on that in a few minutes. >> and i'm tracking winds that will increase throughout the day. warmer air makes its way in over the weekend. i'll have the latest numbers coming up. i'm erika gonzalez from the live desk with breaking news. we're hearing about a huge water main break in bowie on mitchellville road. crews dealing with a 24 inch main and it could take some time
6:46 am
to get to the valves because of all the snow in the area. chopper 4 is on its way and so is megan mcgrath. as soon as we get pictures, we'll send them out to you via twitter and here at the live desk. right now the so-called affluenza teen is back on u.s. soil. ethan couch will attend a detention hearing later came in texas. gab guttierez joins lose with more. >> reporter: the judge could decide whether to move couch to an adult skral. t jail. he was brought back to the u.s. yesterday here to ft. worth weeks after sparking that international manhunt. he was whifsked away here to ft worth. couch and his mother were captured last month in puerto vallata. they had been on the run after he skipped a probation meeting. his case through international
6:47 am
attention when he was given no jail time for killing four people in a drunk driving crash in 2013. his lawyers argued that he had so-called affluenza, essentially that he's too rich and spoiled to know right from wrong. while his mother face as felony charge of helping him run from the law, ethan couch himself could only face a few months behind bars. his lawyers say they are optimistic that he will have no further probation issues, but if there is another violation, prosecutors could go after him for up to 40 years in jail. >> gabe guttierez, thank you. be sure to catch his full report on the affluenza teen on the "today" show. federal workers are heading into the office on time this morning. opm made the announcement last night. employees to have the option to take up scheduled leave or to telework. metro returns to a regular schedule today, but you still could run in on some delays. metro says there will be fewer
6:48 am
"and i" car trains because of the storm. and yellow line trains will resume today. if you use metrobus, only a few routes still have detours. today a man charged with murder in the 1975 disappearance of two maryland sisters heads back to court. lloyd welch jr. made his first court appearance yesterday in bedford county circuit court. he's charged with the disappearance of 12-year-old sheila lyon and her sister katherine. their bodies have never been found. a hearing surrounding the murder of former white house intern chandra levy, the man convicted in killing her is expected in court this afternoon. his lawyers say a witness deliberately misled jurors. levy's body was not discovered for a year.
6:49 am
the new trial begins in march. 6:49. we are covering all angles of the countdown to iowa for you. caucuses are set for monday night. new nbc news maris poll shows hillary clinton and bernie sanders nearly tied among voters in the hawk eye state. senator sanders stayed off of social media during last night's gop debate in deda hoin des moi hillary clinton says look real hard, you won't find anyone supporting equal pay, paid leave or reproductive rights at #gop debate. be sure to watch "nightly news" tonight. lester holt will speaking with secretary clinton after a rally today and the interview will air tonight right after news 4 at 6:00. i mentioned i will be in des moines to cover it all for you. knoll me #nbcaaron. our live coverage starts right here on "news 4 today" monday at
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5:00 a.m. it is now time for weather and traffic on the 1s. let's check this with amelia segal to find out what kind of day we will have. >> happy friday. keeping a close eye on storm team 4 radar this morning. a few flurries are possible especially west of town. if you're in washington county and maryland right now, essentially seeing some of the light snow, but no accumulation. a flurry or two maybe here in the d.c. metro area. only conversational. more importantly, i'm tagging temperatures below freezing for most of us. so that could mean some icy spots as you make your way in. highs today in the upper 30s. 39 in washington, 38 in apin an police, but when you factor in the winds, it will feel like temperatures only in the mid to upper 20s. and because of that, recess gets a c. by dismissal, windy with a temperature of 39 but feeling more like 29 degrees. dining out tonight for your friday night, mostly 20s, but
6:51 am
still blustery. and dealing with potentially icy spots once again tonight into early tomorrow morning. and it's a cold start tomorrow morning. temperature at 7:00 a.m., 25. but teens in suburbs. overall warmer and winds not an issue. a high tomorrow of 44. we'll once again have a mix of clouds and sunshine, but a little bit more sun in the forecast for tomorrow. sunday looking nice with a high of 50. mild on monday, a high of 63. around 60 on tuesday. wednesday, rain looking likely. and that could lead to flooding concerns with all the snow melt, as well. but temperature on wednesday of 65. melissa, you're keeping a close eye on chopper. >> chopper right now headed to prince george's county for that water main break mitchellville road. so as soon as chopper gets there, we will bring you live pictures. 395 north approaching king street, have that accident still blocking some lanes. big look at the beltway, overall volume is pretty light. we are a little slow here top of the beltway, pretty normal
6:52 am
there, 395 again the rob we spr showed you on camera. the problem at the spur should be clearing up. southbound gw parkway at turkey run, a tad slow. 95, 66 fine. sound bound through quani quant tad slow. up top here, no major problems on 95, bw parkway, route 1. everything there looking good. 6:52 now. today lawmakers in virginia will announce a major compromise on gun laws. it includes concessions from km democrats aprepublicans. one per will stop people from carrying a firearm if they're under a permanent protective order for a domestic violence offense. in the past republicans have e repeatedly rejected this measure. >> some aedd a vow h ed a vod a
6:53 am
concerned about the issue. >> republicans are agreed to require state police to be present at gun shows to perform voluntary background checks. good morning. i'm landon dowdy. wells fargo and bank of america are working to integrate apple pay in their atms. they will unveil a t. next month in eleselect markets. it will connect atms to digital wallets, and it already accepts android pay. with your cnbc morning business report, i'm landon dowdy. flint, michigan is struggling to deal with its water contamination crisis. senate democrats want to give the city $400,000 to replace the lead pipes but they want the state to put up the same amount of money. governor rick snyder has not responded to the proposition. experts say removing the lead pipes is the only permanent
6:54 am
solution to this problem. residents have been drinking state provided bottled water for weeks as officials debate how to fix it. sunday is the deadline for open enrollment in obamacare. and tomorrow there will be a door to door campaign to get you ready. folks from the d.c. health link will be out in the petworth neighborhood to inform residents about the plans and the possibility of an irs penalty for those able to get insurance but who choose not to. now that a long time anti-war protester has died, many are wondering what will happen to her encampment in la fayette park. she died this week after 30 years of camping out in front of the white house. the park service must remove the things if it's not occupied. for now tourists are still taking pictures and remarking about her remarkable run. >> she used to say exact words every day, this is the message,
6:55 am
anti-nuclear peace. >> reporte s >> connie's attorney said they will decide monday whether to keep the encampment going. >> you're looking for a new car, right? how about the one used by pope francis. one of the cars is coming in up for auction. the pope made a big splash because he was traveling around not in some luxurious car or limousine, it was a fiat 500 l. one will be on display at the philadelphia auto show, the other being put on the auction block today. the proceeds will benefit select ministries and missions of the archdiocese of philadelphia. >> do you know how blessed that car is? i want it. >> good point. want to give you an update on that breaking news in bowie, the huge water main break. we've got aerial shots to show
6:56 am
you. this is mitchellville road. they are working to shut off water from a 24 inch main. this could definitely prove to be problematic for anybody that lives in that area, travels through that area. and crews saying this could really take some time to get under wraps because of all the snow in the area. as soon as we get more information, we'll be sure to send it to you on twitter. at 6:56, four things to know before you head out. analysts say there was no clear winner in last night's gop debate. donald trump did not participate, but his name was still the most searched. today the man charged with murder in the disappearance of two maryland sisters heads back to court. lloyd welch jr. made his first court appearance yesterday. the trial set for november. today lawmakers in virginia will announce a major compromise on gun laws. it includes concessions from democrats and republican. one measure will stop people there carrying a firearm if they're under a permanent
6:57 am
protect tive order. and if you live in prince george's county, the sidewalks there have to be cleared today if you haven't shoveled yours yet, you could face a $100 fine. and it will be blustery this afternoon, so temperatures will only feel like they're in the mid to upper 20s throughout the day. warmer over the weekend. and that is the broadcast this morning. thanks for waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll see you in 25 minutes with weather, traffic and any breaking news. hope you have a great weekend. >> and make it a great friday, everybody. fwrs
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good morning. the main events. >> let's address the elephant not in the room tonight. >> no-show donald trump in the cross hairs at the republican presidential debate. >> i'm a maniac. and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat and ugly. and, ben, you're a terrible surgeon. >> the republican front runner digging in at a rally of his own. >> when you're treated badly, you have to stick up for your rights. >> this morning, what trump was asking fox to do to show up. the confrontation. the fbi releases video of that deadly shooting of an anti-government protester in oregon. were the officers actions


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