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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  February 1, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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an early morning police stop turns deadly in the district. i'm barbara harrison. new information about what prompted policemen to open fire. not too bad out there today, but rain on the way. we'll time it out for you, coming up. and i'm melissa mollet to tell you what you can expect if you're headed to silver spring this morning. another water main break. >> lauren ricketts can tell us about our weather. lauren? >> it's been a wonderful day, wonderful morning so far, warming temperatures. we started this morning on the warm side. actually, our temperatures started above what our average daytime high is. right now we keep seeing that
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temperature move up and up. 54 in washington, 61 in fredricksburg, 55 in manassas. you can see a big spread, especially as you head north for i-81. we're going 50s pretty much for everybody. if you're south, obviously, you get a little bit more warmth. this is the rain that will be moving into our area. around i-81 just around the noon area. it will continue to move east to southern maryland around 2:00 or 3:00. we'll time it out hour by hour in just a few minutes. crews are making some progress fixing a water main break in silver spring. chopper 4 was just over it. a couple lanes were shut down this morning and it was entirely closed at one point. the broken pipe is 12 inches and 88 years old. crews dug a big hole out of the street to fix that break. melissa mollet will be coming up
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to tell us how long those repairs might take. information on a deadly shooting in d.c. police say an officer killed a man. derrick ward is live on clay terrace in northeast washington with the details for us. hi, good morning. >> reporter: good morning again. we're in the 5300 clay street in the clay terrace neighborhood of northeast. the shooting happened just behind me there. you see that stop sign? that's where it happened, and it was about 2:09 this morning. according to police, that was the time an officer thought to stop a man here in the 5500 block of clay street. police say they got into a struggle and that the person they were trying to stop pulled a gun, and at that point the officer shot that person. that person died at a hospital a short time later. we don't have an identity or what it was that prompted the officer to stop that person in the first place. police held the scene until a little over an hour ago where they cleared away the investigation and moved into a different phase. the officer involved has been
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placed on administrative duty as is common practice in an investigation such as this. now, it is ironic. we are told about two months ago in november, there was a police-involved shooting, a fatality, just about a block away from here on 53rd and dix street. in that case police encountered a man way knife and police say another sharp-edged weapon. that person was shot and killed as well. again, this investigation continues here. police and people who live around here actually tell me there is often a police car posted at this intersection. we don't know if the officer who was there was the one who was involved in this. all of that is part of the investigation which is, indeed, ongoing. we're live here in northeast. derrick ward, news4. back to you. >> thank you, derrick. in northwest washington someone was stabbed to death overnight. d.c. police say two men were stabbed on elf street a few blocks from farrugut square. police were investigating the area around the barcode.
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one man was killed, another one is in the hospital right now. officers say two stepbrothers had an argument. it happened right across the street from the police station on plaza street. officers say a woman ran into the lobby just after midnight saying a man had been stabbed. one of the stepbrothers later died at the hospital. and turning to decision 2016 now. here are four things you should know ahead of the iowa caucuses tonight. voter turnout could dramatically impact the success of certain campaigns. both donald trump and bernie sanders are counting on support from young, first-time voters. if they don't show, that could affect the results. there are 30 delegates available for republicans and 44 delegates available for democratic candidates. democrats must have 15% support from a caucus to earn a delegate, and we may not know the winners before you go to bed tonight. be sure to check your nbc washington app in the morning and watch our coverage live from
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des moines. aaron gilchrist is there for us, and you'll hear from him about 15 minutes from now. diversity not an issue at the sag awards. the actor who made history last night with two awards. plus, new information on one of virginia tech students arrested for the murder of a
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we're taking a look at what's trending today. we look at rapper drake seemingly calling out obama. drake could be a little sultry about being picked over by the president in favor of rapper kevin lamar. the president said drake was talented, but between the two,
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kendrick lamar had the better album. the president even invited lamar to the oval office. actress avis elvin made history at the sag awards. he's not only the first young man to take away two trophies in one night but the first african-american to do so. one for "beast of the nation" and the mini-series "luther." take a look at this. how would you like some hydrating genes? it's actual -- jeans? >> apparently the slim tech technology slims your rear and thighs while also claiming to hydrate and smooth your skin. the fiber includes extract, vitamin rich vitamin e
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right now they're getting ready to install heavy new beams as part of the third street tunnel projects. there are detours on i-395, new york avenue and surrounding streets as well. the construction will happen between 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. and will last for seven months, we understand. lauren, kind of nice out there right now. >> it's not bad. you're absolutely right. they were talking to me on wtap today to ask where the rain is. we've been saying around noon, chuck and i, and it does look like that's on par. we will start to see around noon in the shenandoah valley on i-81, and even if you're driving in it, there could be a few bursts where visibility goes down a little bit. so notice that because it's going to be around for the evening commute as it continues to move to the east.
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let's time it out. by 2:00, we'll see it move into portions of maryland and the central area. it will move out late tonight. it will clear out and dry out for tomorrow, but heavy rain on the way for wednesday. those details ahead. american airlines is adding free snacks back to its economy flights. next month american will offer cookies and pretzels on all domestic flights. the airline hasn't offered free snacks since 2003. american will give full meal service for passengers on some flights. the company is also adding kwli complimentary in-seat tvs. a look at who is leading in the polls. a look at today's iowa caucuse
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right now last-minute appeals ahead of the iowa caucuses. here's where democrats stand among iowans according to the des moines register's poll. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are essentially tied. o'malley falls way behind. now to the republicans, donald trump leads with 28%, ted cruz follows with 23%, and then there's marco rubio with 15%. now let's get the latest from
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our aaron gilchrist covering the caucuses from des moines. aaron? >> we are in the final hours before the iowa caucuses now, just a couple hours left before the voters in this state will gather in those meeting areas in 17 precincts around the state. candidates still today have been chris-crossing the state trying to make final pushes to get people to caucus for them. turnout is going to be key at 7:00 here in iowa. it will be the time whether we see more people show up, whether we see first-time voters or more younger voters who might turn out today. that would be a boost for bernie sanders and for donald trump, for that matter, but it's all going to be left to see what happens tonight in terms of thaç turnout. then the practice, actually, for caucusing is different for republicans than it is for democrats. a little more involved for democrats, but surrogates, for candidates to come to those meetings and make a final pitch for the group.
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then neighbors will get together and have a conversation, try to convince each other to support one candidate or another. at the end of the night we'll see who comes out on top. we'll have numbers an hour or so after the vote for the republicans. then here at the media center we'll see those numbers roll in, and we will know who is going to be the candidate that the folks here in iowa think should be the nominee for president for their individual parties. that's the latest here from des moines. i'm aaron gilchrist, news4. >> we'll be monitoring that for you from des moines. be sure to download the app to be the first to learn about the new developments. lauren, snow in iowa, right? >> yeah, a little bit of snow in iowa. nothing here, though, but that's that main system moving through the northwest. it's going to be here on wednesday. it's warm for us on wednesday because we'll have a surge of warm air, in fact, maybe record-breaking temperatures. our record that day is 65, i believe, set back in 1927, 1933
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and 1927. but it's back in the 20s, so we could break that record. we're going to get pretty darn close. rain moving in today, then we have some rain on wednesday, but the sunshine returns finally on thursday. i know we have a little bit of sunshine out there today. so by this afternoon, 12:00, 1:00, 2:00, we'll start to see that rain move in. it's going to move in the western suburbs around noon or 1:00, southern maryland 2:00 or 3:00. if you're driving out and about in it, it could reduce visibility quite a bit. it will move outf here and will dry out about 8:00 or 9:00 tonight. not looking too bad for your groundhog day, though that temperature back to near normal. then we shoot that temperature up. by wednesday again we'll be in the low 60s and then we'll drop after that. we're going to be in the 40s as we move into the weekend. but again, heavy rain possible on wednesday. hope. ly -- hopefully we can get a good deal of melting which we already have so we won't deal with a lot of flooding on
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wednesday. midday track work. got to love that train signal tracking from van necessary to friendship. your wait time should be less than 15 minutes there. track work is scheduled until about 2:30 this afternoon. d.c. high schoolers have until midnight tonight to apply for the my school d.c. lottery. the lottery deadline for pre-k through 8th grade is march 1st. right now mayor bowser is promoting the empowering high school. it will be the first such high school in the district. it's also highlighting improvements in the d.c. public schools. right now four protesters are holding their ground on a wildlife refuge in oregon despite the request from their leader that they stand down. they're protesting federal land policies. owners took over the national wildlife refuge nearly a month ago. a memorial now marks the place
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where a policeman shot and killed a group spokesman last week. we have video which shows two escaped inmates in handcuffs on their way back to jail. take a look. california deputies caught two escapees over the weekend in a stolen van. a passer-by recognized the vehicle and alerted authorities. they broke out of jail more than a week ago. jail officials say they're already tightening security. after the break, the d.a. approves an altering technique in embryos. you can catch this anywhere. all you need is your
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the world health organization is deciding whether to declare the zika virus an international health emergency. overseas it's becoming a rapidly
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growing outbreak. we met an american on a mission to help brazilians with this crisis. >> reporter: sunday morning prayers in a part of hecifah. texas native dennis dowling is on a mission. working with poor families here in brazil for 30 years, his focus now is on educating them about the zika virus. how hard is it to communicate this message to protect yourself? >> it's very difficult. a lot of times they just don't know what the consequences are, what the dangers are. >> reporter: for 19-year-old anna paiola, the message hits home. two months pregnant, she initially had zika-like symptoms, a fever, rash and body aches. she's worried the virus that's been linked to birth defects and brain damage in infants could affect her baby, and doctors told her to use insect repellant and protective clothing. but no trousers and no long sleeves.
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not surprise ing in this land o sun and skin, now preparing for carnival later this week, part of the festivities constant reminders to be aware of mosquitoes. this 13-year-old says he's learning about zika in school. to the north, colombia is also learning about the spread of zika. fumigation trucks are going street to street in the especially hard hit eastern corner of that country. there are now 2100 pregnant women. the government is urging women in colombia to delay pregnancy. back here in brazil, the epicenter of the zika outbreak, life goes on but many families worry about the virus and what it means for their future. rahe raheema ellis, nbc news, brazil. >> the federal government wants to take action on zika.
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fema wants them to deploy resources abroad and work with private industries here to develop a vaccine. mosquitoes in south america can transmit zika. developing this morning: should humans alter the genetic code of human beings? the debate continues after britain's fertility regulator has approved one scientist's request to use a technique that would do just that. the research would try to understand the genes which human embryos need to successfully develop. chinese researchers tried to do similar work last year. some say the research will lead to treatments for diseases, but critics fear messing with the genetic code could lead to genetically modified babies. we're also watching a developing story out of l.a. right now. a dangerous fire in an industrial building, propane cylinders fueling these flames you see here.
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firefighters are working to extinguish a massive fire in los angeles now. take a look. this is the scene a few hours ago and the fire is still burning up there. this is a commercial building. more than 100 firefighters are working to put this fire out. they say thankfully no one has been hurt. we're keeping an eye on storm team 4 radar and rain moving into our area. lauren, what can we expect this afternoon? >> we can expect rain, barbara. unfortunately, it looks like we could get some light rain, but by the time we get to wednesday, more moderate rain, heavy at times. we're hoping to get this out of the way before we head into wednesday. we're looking at clouds moving in. it was a beautiful morning, a mild morning out there. it's mild right now. the temperature keeps popping on up. they're at 65 in fredricksburg, 65 in manassas, the 40s in
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central virginia. the rain is moving along i-81 just around noon. it will probably be here around 2:00 or 3:00. it's going to continue through the evening. we'll time it out for you, coming up. at the live desk with an alert just issued by the irs. it's a warning for you, the taxpayer, about a tax scam already surfacing. it's the first scam of the dirty dozen list the agency is highlighting. you are to be careful opening e-mails or taking calls on tax issues and giving out your social security number. scammers just need that number to file a return for fraudulent refi. for more information you can check out the identity theft portion of the website angie? >> buying almonds used to hit you in the wallet, but now for the first time in seven years, the price is falling. the wholesale price for that one
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bag of almonds now just 2.55 cents. back in august, it was $5. that's good, i love almonds. farmers being a little cautious because of the price drop. >> i love them, too. look what it's going to take to get kids back to school after a week of snow days. a repair of a water main break. neighborhood,i feel like it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. the kitchen is light and bright,new. we should definitely go see it. [agent] hi...welcome i'm maggie.melanie.maggie. so nice to meet you. [mother] this is brendan. [agent] hey brendan.
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living room. [dad] hey. [mother] hey sweetie. [dad] sorry about that. what about this? this looks good. [brendan] no. [mother] isn't it so great?i think we found it. [announcer]redfin pays its agents based on your happiness... that's real estate, redefined.
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right now d.c. police are investigating two deadly incidents. we'll start with the one in northeast washington where officers shot and killed a man. police say the officer tried to stop the man around clay terrace northeast, then the two struggled. police say the officer fired when the man pulled out a gun. and in northwest washington, a man was stabbed to death. it happened on l street a new blocks from farrugut square. you can see the investigation around the club barcode. another man was also stabbed and is in the hospital right now. oh, man. >> reporter: right now, i'm molette green in silver spring. we confirm to you that the pipe is fixed. broken water main fixed, no more leaks. that news in just from wffc minutes ago after a tough ride through the morning rush, and long night and morning for the work crews here at the site.
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nothing like a water main break and work crews during monday morning rush hour. >> due to a water main break, we are reduced to single lanes in both directions. expect up to 20-minute delays. >> reporter: the first day back to work and school along busy university boulevard. >> this is bad. really, really bad. i actually work right there, at the intersection of university and new hampshire. >> reporter: she has to drive right by it between piney branch and pine avenue. two lanes were suddenly reduced to one lane and two lanes opening westbound by the work zone. but f some, avoiding the area altogether is the best option. >> i can go around it because i live nearby. i'm lucky that way. >> reporter: before the morning rush hour kicked in, all traffic blocked as crews went in and out of a big hole in the ground to get to the 12-inch pipe that's 88 years old. wssc worked to reopen some lanes by 5:00 a.m. >> we figured out where the
11:31 am
break is, but there is some other pipes in the area, and we've got to do our due diligence and make sure everything is still intact. we don't want to just fix the first thing we see, fill it back in and have it break again. >> reporter: right now what you're looking at is crews trying to fill the hole there. but this isn't over. drivers, you need to be aware of reduced traffic for a couple more days. the road repair is next. the pavers are on the way. that word from wssc this morning. that's going to take all day today, and it will start up again after 9:00 a.m. tomorrow, and then they'll have to come back out on friday to fix another part of the damaged road. that is the latest live from university boulevard in silver spring, molette green, news4. happening right now, council president nancy floring is updating residents about the county. many residents are complaining about the mountains of snow
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still sitting around their neighborhoods. she is also expected to talk about the impact of the maryland state budget on montgomery county. the snow vacation is over for many kids in the area this morning. my son was actually excited to get back, including some of montgomery county. they returned to class since the snow started falling a week ago friday. we talked to some and asked them why it took so long to reopen. >> with 200 schools, 227 facilities and buses to dig out of three feet of snow or more, it's been a challenge. >> reporter: according to the website, if school is closed for five days, school will be extended until june 20. there has not been official word as of yet. some schools were under criticism for closing last week. a spokesman said the district wanted to make sure everyone was safe after the blizzard. but the chairman of the prince william county board of
11:33 am
supervisors said schools should not have closed for so long. according to the "washington post," cory stewart also said it was dangerous to leave children home alone while parents were at work. hopefully they were not doing that. tea students were also off because of a teacher workday. lauryn, water, water, everywhere. >> water everywhere. thank goodness we weren't seeing that rain early this morning, but we're going to have rain for the evening commute. it's starting to move sbut shin shenandoah valley later on. the evening commute, rain showers. it's going to be wet and messy as we get to the evening commute. 2:00 here, it moves across the region and it's still with us about 5:00 or 6:00. getting out of here about 8:00 or 9:00, we'll go partly cloudy overnight. we'll be dry tomorrow, back in the 40s. more heavy rain on wednesday.
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we'll time that out for you, coming up. ♪ >> a virginia community comes together to grieve the abduction and murder of a 13-year-old girl. we will have more on that story -- actually, we'll have it right now. 18-year-old david eisenhauer was arraigned this morning in the death of nicole lovell. she had been missing since wednesday from her home in blacksburg, virginia. her body was found on wednesday in surrey county, idaho. natalie keepers helped him dispose of the body. both attend virginia tech. keepers is from laurel. >> they are a perfectly normal family, nothing that'st stere stereotypical right out of a textbook. there is nothing to indicate there was anything unusual. >> police were seen searching a
11:35 am
pond on the virginia tech campus yesterday. investigators say eisenhauer and the young teen did know each other.
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it's february and that means black history month is now under way. take a look at what google is doing. today's doodle shows frederick douglas, the abolitionist leader who lived right here in d.c. later this month, the national park service will celebrate douglas' birthday where he lived. they are also holding several events for black history month, including some things this weekend. an amazing surprise from a prince william teacher still recovering from a coma. kelly powell got a front row seat to watch david cassidy. a car accident put her in a coma. her husband was by her side as
11:37 am
she watched david cassidy. cassidy got wind of the story and arranged to meet the powells at the end of the show. >> the story that was sent to me was so touching and moving, and what you did for her was incredible. >> that has meant the world to me, what he did. >> yeah. >> that's wonderful. >> powell teaches students with special needs at a high school. she is hoping to get back to teaching soon and make a full
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wow! well, the exhaustion must have been worth it for william holmes who drew the lucky key to win an suv. he spent six days and five nights with his hands on that vehicle, then he turned the key
11:39 am
over to his mother to cheers and applause. the maryland man was one of five people who made it to the end of the hyundai hands-on contest at the washington auto show. his mom plans on using her new suv for volunteering in the community, she says. hey, lauryn. >> what a great story. it's a great-looking morning out there, but as we get into the afternoon, things start to change a little bit. we've got some rain on the way for the afternoon and into the evening. temperatures today will be in the 50s, although if you're south of d.c., you're topping out in the 60s f you're north, maybe into the 40s. we're all over the place with temperatures. tomorrow we should all be in the 40s and we should all be dry. we'll be seasonable out there. average temperature about the 40s for this time of year. then the temperature goes up tuesday night into wednesday. temperatures in the low 60s. we'll time out wednesday's rain right here. you can see it's starting early in the morning and it will continue. it will be heavy at times aiming just after the evening commute, then we'll dry up for thursday and friday. papa john's fires the latest
11:40 am
shot in the pizza wars in tand country's fourth largest pizza chain is heading an ad for the super bowl. they will pledge any customer dissatisfied with their pizza will get the next one free. papa john's, li'l caesar's and domino's monopolize the $40 billion industry. we're now six days away from super bowl sunday. the denver broncos and carolina panthers are getting ready in california. the broncos touched down first in san jose. their plane had the team logo and they flew a flag out the front window. carolina arrived shortly after. check out the pants on cam newton, those zebra-striped pants. my dad had those in the '80s. i don't know what the yellow part is. it's actually pretty cute. news4's carol maloney is there
11:41 am
all week leading up to the super bowl at 6:00 sunday in santa cla clara. >> there were a number of cool outfits. >> a little tight, but yeah. residents of a greek island residents of a greek island could be in the running
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(singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're
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growing everyday... (instrumental)
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we have a breaking news update on that officer-involved shooting in northeast d.c. we just learned that the weapon of the person shot and killed by the officer, that weapon was found on the scene. it was a bb gun. this happened at the 53 -- at the intersection of 53rd and clay terrace. police saying the officer tried to stop the individual which followed with a pursuit and then a struggle, and it was during that struggle that they say the person showed what was believed to be a firearm, and as i mentioned, we just learned that turned out to be a bb gun. police saying that an investigation is still under way. back to you. wssc just wrapped up repairs of that big water main break in silver spring. as we just heard from crews, they have a big hole in the middle of university boulevard to fix the pipe. it's 88 years old. traffic moving normally on university. all lanes were shut down earlier this morning. it was pretty nasty. barbara? today is a huge day in politics with the iowa caucuses taking place.
11:45 am
all across that state, neighbors are gathering to make their pick for president. nbc's tracie potts is in iowa watching the excitement. tracie, hi. >> good afternoon. we're here in des moines, iowa. candidates are trying to make their pitch. donald trump has something happening in waterloo right around lunchtime, and in fact, we've already seen some of the candidates out this morning. >> this is our time. this is the time for the men and women of iowa. >> reporter: final arguments less than 24 hours before tonight's caucuses. >> there is a large turnout in caucuses all over the state. i believe we will win. >> i hope you'll all stand up for me! i hope you will fight for me! >> reporter: hillary clinton and donald trump have slim leads in the latest des moines register poll. >> we have to win this election and we have to win in iowa. >> reporter: but that same poll shows nearly 1 in 10 iowans are
11:46 am
like cassandra. many have favorites but could still change their minds today. karen tentner is a democrat that may caucus as a republican. >> i want to make sure the republican candidate we're not interested in is not included. >> reporter: she interrupted her florida vacation to fly home for tonight's caucuses. >> it's important. i want to stand up for my candidate. >> reporter: that's what democrats have to do here, literally. unlike republicans, there is no secret ballot. >> you basically have to put your hand up in public and say, i am for this candidate. that's really something. that's just such hands-on public democracy. >> reporter: democracy in action in iowa tonight. and again, they're still trying to get the vote out here, trying to get people interested. more than 1200 stops across the state, and they are still
11:47 am
campaigning, barbara. but guess what? not everyone participates. in fact, most people don't. the biggest turnout they had back in 2008, only one in six iowans participated in that caucus. that was the first year president obama was elected. >> well, it should be interesting to see what happens tonight, tracie. thank you so much and i hope you're having a good time. news4's aaron gilchrist is also in iowa today. look for updates from him on news4 at 5:00 this afternoon. cleanup after deadly storms in southern california. high winds knocked down a tree that fell across four lanes, crushing a small sedan and the driver. the national weather service says wind gusts topped 115 miles an hour outside san diego. up the coast, winter weather might be to blame for a 29-vehicle crash. look at that. more than two dozen cars and four tractor-trailers collided last night near the california-nevada border. no serious injuries there.
11:48 am
barbara? some good news if you didn't get a chance to take advantage of d.c. restaurant week. there's still time. because of our big snowstorm, most restaurants are extending deals through wednesday or even through next sunday. so you can still go. you can check out the full list of which restaurants are participating on our nbc washington app and search restaurant week. it may be january but maryland workers are already thinking about your summer and the backups on the chesapeake bridge. they're considering widening on either side. before that happens, lawmakers will propose a newbi bill that would secure federal money to set up the bridge. they are hoping for $775 million for an environmental study. that study has to happen before any federal money is contributed to this project. toyota is shutting down production lines in japan. it's halting production for six days after an explosion at a
11:49 am
steel plant left it with a shortage of parts. toyota producing 3 million cars from japan last year. the nobel peace prize nominees deadline is today. early favorites are edward snowden and peace negotiators in colombia. last year there were 303 nominees. greeks are also contenders for helping refugees. people from the island risked their lives for keeping refugees from taking boats and welcoming them in. >> we have lots of people that have not made it. >> the island's doctors are overwhelmed and many people have opened their homes. it could be difficult to recognize greek winners.
11:50 am
the award can be split up three ways to individuals or organizations. the winner will be announced in october. turning the tables on a police officer. >> after the break, a speedi
11:51 am
david culver here, and we're back on more stories you're clicking on this morning. this one from miami. it's when the driver turned the tables on a police officer there. she pulled him over and accused him of speeding. she claims he was going close to 90 miles an hour. the officer says he was just trying to get to work and didn't think he was speeding. there were no tickets exchanged. they both agreed to set good examples on the road. nonetheless, pretty interesting. if you hear a few folks singing "grease" soundtrack this morning, it's because "grease live" was shown last night.
11:52 am
the sound acted up during "hopelessly devoted to you." a microphone on the sound stage was being picked up. no big issues on this show, but lots of action for vanessa hudgens just hours after her father passed away from cancer. a massive wave knocking a surfer off of his board. this is off the coast of maui swallowing him whole. i can't imagine what was going through his mind when he caught that massive wave. he later described it, pretty appropriately so, as a sea monster rising out of the ocean. amazingly he came away with only a stiff neck and a broken surfboard. get this. he went out surfing the very next day. >> that's what surfers do. what is better for your health, calling or
11:53 am
11:54 am
heart month starts today and it's all about raising awareness about the nation's top killer, which is heart disease. even though exercise we know reduces the risk of the disease, erika edwards reports some of us just don't get enough. >> a body at rest tends to stay at rest, said sir isaac newton. that tends to lessen the risk for heart disease. a new survey from cardiologists at the cleveland clinic finds 40% of us are not meeting the minimum recommendation for exercise. 30 minutes of five days a week of walking, biking goes a long way to helping blood pressure.wg fitness experts say start small and stay realistic. >> don't expect to lose 20 pounds in that first month. don't expect to go to every class five days a week right in a row.
11:55 am
>> reporter: just as exercise can help prevent heart problems, it's equally important for people already living with heart disease. doctors say they should be getting just as much physical activity as anybody else. >> the one caveat i would say to that is they should build an exercise program with a professional. so with their cardiologist or with their sports cardiologist. >> reporter: if you have those days that are impossible to work in a workout, don't take it sitting down. studies have shown simply standing for two hours a day can risk heart disease risk by 10%. erika edwards, nbc news. in some more news for your health this morning, apparently talking beats out texting when it comes to emotional well-being. during a stress exercise, researchers learned that women who received face-to-face support responded in a positive manner compared to support from text messages. it also helps pre-teens better understand non-verbal emotional
11:56 am
cues. we have that rain headed to us right now. should be coming into the shenandoah valley pretty soon. there are heavier cells in here so we could have lower visibilities as we continue through the day. the rain moves in from the west. we have showers all across the region in the mid-afternoon. that will continue through the evening commute, and about 8:00 or 9:00 that, rain starts to move on, but it's pretty mild until then. tomorrow will be pretty seasonable for groundhog day. we'll have to wait and see if the groundhog sees his shadow. heavy rain early in the day, not ending until after the evening commute. the good news is by the time we head into thursday and friday, we'll get our sunshine back to around seasonable. we stay dry for the weekend once again with temperatures seasonable for this time of year. thank you, lauryn. that's it for news4 midday. thank you so much for joining us today. we're back on the air this afternoon first at 4:00. >> remember, you can get news and weather updates any time with the nbc washington app. we'll be following what goes on
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in iowa today, and we'll have all of that coming up for you this evening.
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