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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  February 11, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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thursday morning. windchills this morning are down into the single numbers and teens. northwest winds averaging 10 to 20 miles per hour this morning. it will get even colder as we head through the weekend. worst of the worst will be saturday night into sunday morning. could have windchills 10 below zero or colder. right now you'll get through thursday first. temperatures and windchills now, windchill of 6 in gaithersburg, 8 in waldorf and laplata. it will stay windy and cold all day long. and there is a chance for some snow coming our way tomorrow. more about that coming up. yellow line delays to mt. vernon square because of a switch problem. no word on whether the cold weather is playing a part. blue line delays to largo. farragut west, 18th and
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street, the entrance shut down. and we're having chopper head to this one. 50 west bound at kenle worth. we're following a developing story out of prince george's county that is causing outrage in the community this morning. a new lawsuit claims that judge sylvania woods elementary school principal michelle williams knew about a school aide abusing children and did nothing to stop it. list say 22-year-old deonte carraway may have abused up to 30 children. the lawsuit claims the abuse happened in open and obvious places like the school auditorium and bathrooms. >> police know of 11 children who have been victimized and fear that number could grow. to encourage the victims to come forward, the county has set up a hotline. megan mcgrath joins us live now with more on what school leaders are trying to do. >> reporter: the real concern here is that
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they know of 11, but they fear that there are more, so they have set up this special hotline number so people who have information can call and speak directly with investigators. that number is 301-772-4930. and later on tonight, parents are going to get an update and they will be able to voice their concerns about the situation here at a meeting taking place at sylvania woods elementary school. counselors are going to be here at the school today, they will be talking to students, teachers, anyone who wants to share their concerns, their feelings about what has happened here. and as you say, there is a sense of outrage that deonte carraway, a school aide here, could sexually abuse and videotape students right inside the school. now, a relative of one of the victims reported their suspicions about the abuse to school officials. no immediate action was taken. and the principal has now been removed
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lawsuit that is pending against the school system. the guardian -- rather i should say carraway is accused of abusing and videotaping at least 11 children, but the concern is that that number could certainly rides rise. anyone with information, you're asked to come forward and probably easiest way is to contact investigators through that hotline. back to you. and when talking to young people about child abuse, try to maintain a sense of normalcy in the conversation. the goal is to answer a child's question without trying to scare him. don't expect a specific reaction either. just important that children know that you are available and willing to talk about that encourage your child to tell someone they trust if they think abuse is happening not just with them, but with someone she know and be sure to make it clear that adults are not supposed to hurt children. you can find these tips and more on the nbc washington app. this morning metro will
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trains almost collided near the smithsonian station. adam tuss was the first to tell you about this incident. those trains came within 150 feet of each other last wednesday. this happened after one train reportedly ran a red signal on the tracks there. metro operator le eor had to st train remotely. adam will be at today's meeting, follow him @adamtuss. police are investigating a homicide. a man was shot in the 1800 block of u place southeast. it happened close to the neighborhood library. the man was taken to the hospital in critical condition but later died. fairfax county police have two suspects on their radar after a 19-year-old was stabbstabbed a
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wednesday afternoon. later died from his injuries. investigators believe this was not a random attack. they say the suspects are believed to be in their late teens and escaped in a blue honda or toyota. today flags are flying at half-staff in maryland after the murders of two har ford county sheriff deputies. the first responded to a panera for reports of a customer acting strangely. witnesses say the deputy sat down with that suspect and the suspect pulled out a gun and shot the deputy in the head. the man ran off and got into a shoot-out with police. that's when a second deputy was killed along with the suspect. a motive for the shooting is still unclear right now. maryland governor larry hogan released a statement saying the death of two har ford county sheriff's deputies is nothing less than absolutely heartbreaking. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will go head to head on the debate stage tonight. the pbs news hour
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clinton may come out swinging after a double digit loss to sanders this week. expect a full debrief and analysis tomorrow morning right here on "news 4 today." seven republican candidates are competing for a win next week in south carolina. that is down from nine after announcements from chris christie and carly fiorina that they are calling it quits. here is a look now at who is still standing. new hampshire winner donald trump, skron cajohn kasich who second, ted cruz, marco rubio, jeb bush, ben carson and jim gill more. today d.c. council will hear a bill who affects anybody who may have to take family leave. the proposal would require private employers to provide 12 week of paid family leave. the benefits would be funded by 1% payroll tax. if the bill passes, it would be one of the most generous family leave plans in the country. sdl sdl a deliver
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tossing several packages at the gate. yikes. why this could have triggered a dangerous reaction. and chopper headed out to the problem on 50 westbound before kenilworth avenue. we should have live pictures of that coming up. also several different problems on metro. details ahead. and you will need your warmest coat and extra layer or two or three as you head outside into single digit windchills right now. put it all on. amelia segal is preparing you for the commute at 6:11. all eyes on oregon right now as the four remaining ranchers at an oregon wildlife refuge will surrender, this after a confrontation with the fbi. the occupiers said they plan to turn themselves in only if they are escorted by a nevada politician and a member of the billy graham evangelistic association. they plan to meet officials at a check point this morning.
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(elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan.
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nobody wants to see this if you're expecting a package. a miami homeowner caught a u.p.s. delivery man chucking the packages over a gate. he walks to the gate, throws the packages right over the top. contents spill out. inside the package there were bullets apparently for a small hand gun. the homeowner says it also posed a security risk since anybody could have come by and picked up those bullets. picture worth 1,000 words. but u.p.s. says that it is investigating the incident. >> you could have glass, an antique, who knows. >> just call me, i'll pick it up. >> exactly. even with these single digit windchills, the brave, intrepid storm t
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amelia segal is out on the storm team 4 weather deck. >> and only amelia could look this good all bundled up. >> you're so kind. definitely a morning to bundle up. it's cold on its own but when you factor in the blustery winds, it's in the single digits and teens. feeling about 1 here in washingt 13 here in washington. so you'll be on a swift walk. coming home, not much better. still windy, so feeling like teens. at least we'll have plenty of sun. chuck has more on the weekend in ten minutes. issues with metro this morning. blue and yellow line gdelays. and chopper 4 over this at westbound 50. pretty big backups headed westbound. yellow and blue line delays. a switch proble.
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beltway, no problems there. 66 inbound and 95 north on time. remember to wlisten to wtop 1035 when you hop in your car. not taking the fears over the zika virus lightly. what the u.s. olympic committee now says it will to to make se make sure its athletes are safe. and a recall now involving thousands of more cars. the latest to be added to the list.
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i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents.
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and i approve this message.
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new developments about the zika virus and the fears that it could impact the olympics this year. the u.s. olympic committee says it's hiring two infectious disease specialists to talk to athletes. some are worried about catching zika at the games in brazil where there will there have been thousands of cases of birth defects connected to that
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disease. today nih director anthony fauci is testifying on capitol hill about that disease. he and the director of the cdc will answer questions from the senate appropriations committee about the president's request for funding. doctor fauci says a vaccine could possibly be developed by late next year. and a form are nurse will answer to sex crimes. police say he sexually assaulted a woman he was supposed to be taking care of at the he bowie health center back in january of 2014. officers say klein forced the woman to touch him. opening statements begin at 9:00 a.m. new bills could restrict guns even more in maryland. democrats in the maryland senate proposed three new bills. within would rye vent you from carrying a gun on a college campus. another would keep anyone on the fbi terrorist watch list from getting a gun. and the third would take guns away from convicted domestic abusers. >>
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bowser will talk about her plan it relocate homeless families from the d.c. general shelter. bowser says that location is not an appropriate lays to house families. earlier this week, she announced a plan to enon a shelter in each d.c. ward. each will hold about 29 to 50 families. the meeting tonight begins at 6:30 at the metropolitan memorial united church. prince william county is looking for a new police chief. steve hudson announced yesterday that he will retire at the end of next month. hudson has been part of the police department for 34 years and became chief this 2013. deputy chief of police will serve until tillnew leader is f. a sheriff making history and also a difference. one year ago, troy barry became the first black elected sheriff in charles county, maryland. yesterday he dropped in on classes at jon hanson middle school. sheriff barry says he didn't run to make history, but to make a
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young people in the county grow up with a positive relationship with police officers. >> we have young citizens and we want to make sure that we have a positive impact in their lives. so when they reach across their lives, they will make positive decisions. >> the sheriff says racial rioting in baltimore, ferguson and new york fwru out of community distrust of police and he's trying to build relationships. developing right now, rescuers say it is unlikely they will find anymore survivors of that deadly earthquake in taiwan. the earthquake hit along the southwestern coast of that country causing a huge building to collapse in one city. as of this morning, we know 59 people have died, another 76 are still missing in the rubble right now. in "news 4 your health," if you're planning on dieting, do some research first. according to researchers at johns hop k
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s h johns hopkins, only about 9% of programs found on line cop form to medical guidelines. 60% of the sites didn't give any specifics when it came to die the and exercise. about one third said it was okay to use up regulated supplements. did you stick to your new year's resolutions? don't feel bad, but you're not alone. now doctors say there is a way to identified your bad habits find out what triggers unhealthy has been bets. giving yourself awards may help you stay on track. eating healthier, getting more exercise -- all right, a big fat piece of chocolate cake. experts say make a note of your aims and goals can help. so write it down. and when you're on week 354, you still have a few weeks to go. never give up.
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already? no. do you have wrapping paper on the floor still? >> no. got to let it go. >> your christmas tree be be down, that's all i'm saying. >> we do have for you the first look at the 2016 official white house christmas ornament. there it is right there. the white house historical association unveiled it today. this year's design is the first onen entired by a student. it commemorates the 1929 christmas eve fire that broke out in the west wing during president hoover ear administration. it took 130 firefighters to put out the four-alarm fire. the fire engine here as the ornament for 2016. >> this is not mine to keep sadly. i have to give it back. but here is a look at the real thing. it's really pretty. there is a christmas tree on th. and only $15. they make great gifts. i have only one. when i was a sunday h
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me for christmas. let's get you up to speed on the cold weather. >> christmas and the north poll go together very well and -- >> bringing it south now. >> it was 74 degrees on christmas eve last year. >> it was near 70 christmastime, you're right about that. but now we have a different visitor from the north pole coming our way. your weekend forecast, saturday, single number windchills all day long. high on saturday will be lucky to make 25 degrees. even colder on sunday, but the wind will not be as much of a factor sunday afternoon as it will be on saturday. but it will still be frigid. so the whole weekend will be lostto the cold. best thing you can do if you're a snow skier, get out and go snow skiing. you'll have all your layers on. but any other kind of exercise needs to be moved i
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and saturday night, hold them tight because you will need it. thursday morning, it feels like a balmy 4 in gaithersburg. windchills will hover in the teens all the way through the day. all the way through the overnight, as well. the strong winds this morning will lay down tonight. so today's highs upper 20s to near 30 with the windchill. tomorrow, temperatures into the low 30s without the windchill. but it will -- you need to limit your time outside, indoor recess for kids and adults. and again this evening windchills down near zero. tomorrow's highs back up into the low 30s for most, but that does come with something else that we're watching very carefully. a risk for friday flurries. just passing snow flurries friday evening after about 6:00, 7:00. complete check of the "7-day forecast" coming up at
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new trouble top of the beltway outer loop at new hampshire, report of a crash. not seeing slowdowns right now, but i think they will start picking up. 395 north at duke, an accident there blocking the right side of the roadway. metro delays. yellow and blue line delays to largo and mount vernon square because of a switch problem. right now chopper over westbound 50 at kenilworth is where the crash is. there is a no-fly zone, but you can see some of the backups. and the white house christmas tree ornament, big thing in our white house. my brother has about 15. >> somebody on facebook says the same thing, they have every single one. >> i'll need to buy a tree. have to start somewhere. dramatic rescue caught on camera. a dog found hiding from a fire in
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during the fire yesterday morning. the owners of the home escaped safely. no one including the dog was hurt. think of what you pack when you plan on taking a flight. cellphone, laptops and other electronics. everybody the hoverboards that have caught fire. what these products have in common, they all contain lithium batteries. the federal aviation administration recently tested these batteries a found potential risks for what it call as catastrophic loss due to lithium battery fire or explosion. the g government says current suppression systems can't control the fire. and the faa is asking to larair to conduct safety investigations. back to you. anothe
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air bags. they can explode instead of inflating when you're involved in a crash. volkswagen, bmw and daimler are recalling 2.5 million more calls. each company has about 850,000 cars that may have a problem. one of the bmws was sold this past year. so far 28 million cars with takata air bag inflaters have been recalled. the president of a college in frederick, maryland says he's taking, quote, the high road after intense public scrutiny of recent faculty firings. two mount st. mary's professors were fired, one tenured, the other the adviser to the student newspaper. that publication receiptly quoted the president talking about weeding out college freshmen comparing them to bunnies who need to be drowned. officials have not commented on the case. president new man says both professors violated the sc
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code of ethics. a new tool to help students stay safe. how the u ask app could help prevent sex assaults. and watching where you light up, the potential penalties for people in virginia if they smoke around children. a walk along the potomac river doesn't sound like such a great idea right now as we deal with dangerous windchills this morning. but this is the view. chuck bell
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we're helping you prepare for the bitter cold temperatures outside. we're dealing with windchills in the teens right now. for some of you, it will feel even colder. >> know let greemolette green i dress properly, but we begin with chuck bell and the four things to know before leaving your house. >> bundle up, layer up, do whatever you need to do to try to stay warm today. four things you need to know, hold on to your hat. it's windy outside. young kids put rocks in the pockets. it's a windy day. winds northwest 25 to 30 miles
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through the day. that means windchills single numbers and teens this morning and this afternoon. tracking the chance for friday night flurries and colder weather as we head into the weekend. saturday and sunday both a lot colder than it is this morning. windchills now anywhere between about 5 and 15 degrees. for the day today, temperatures will stay mostly in the 20s all through the course of the afternoon and xwrwith the winds you need to layer up. if it's warm and you own it, you should put it on. and you think this is cold, we were digging back through the records, this is the anniversary of our all-time coldest temperature, 15 below zero. that was air temperature, no windchill. minus 15. >> makes my skin hurt. hearing about a new problem on bw parkway. sending chopper there right now. two other issues outer loop at new hampshire avenue, a crash there. 395 north at duke street, as
6:32 am
yellow and blue delays to lar go because of a switch problem. overall roadways not doing too bad. we'll have travel times and again hope to have chopper over bw parkway here in the next few minutes. 6:32. you heard chuck's advice, you really need to bundle up this morning if you have to spend even a few seconds outside. the coldest air of the winter moving through our area right now. we're seeing windchills in the teens this morning if you're lucky. we continue team coverage with molette green in northwest washington with more on the dangers of this extreme cold even though she's smiling. maybe she's frozen like that. i don't know. >> reporter: you know, i've got my furry earmuffs, my hat, my gloves, my happennd warmers and several layers on. and whenis
6:33 am
to do when it's this cold. it really puts you at the risk for frostbite, for hypothermia. and doctors say you really have to take this cold air seriously. even in the mid-atlantic, people really don't think about injuries due to cold because we don't experience extended periods of cold weather. but last year we treated over a dozen patients with severe frostbite. and some of those patients we're still treating 12 months later. so although we don't have as many patients injured by cold temperatures in this area, it's still a significant problem. >> reporter: and in the most severe cases, they have to amputate after you have a severe case of frostbite. you got to limit your time outside. want to show you what some of the warning signs that you're in danger of on the screen when there is a change in sensation this your hands and feet. when your coloring turns, when there is severe rhettness and
6:34 am
severe cases, turning from blue to black than. you have to take this kind of weather seriously. molette green, news 4. as it gets colder, nbc 4 is trying to work for you to help the homeless. we've compiled several resources in the nbc washington app. there are numbers to call to get help for someone who is homeless and links to organizations dedicated to ending homelessness. just search homelessness. >> we're working to learn how a baby boy died after being left at home. the baby and his five siblings were left home alone in northwest yesterday morning. the baby was rushed to the hospital after a sibling called 911 for help. the other children are all under the age of 10. right now the children are in the care of d.c. child and family services. d.c. police are questioning the mother of the children right now. d.c. area college students can now use their
6:35 am
there is a new app called u ask d.c. it can be downloaded and is available for all area colleges. the app launched at george washington university on wednesday. it feature as panic button that will call 911. the app also lets you share your gps location where your friends and helps you find resources if you are assaulted. >> sometimes when these things happen, violence happens to students on campus, they don't necessarily know where to go or what to do. >> the nonprofit group men can stop rape created this app. they hope to expand this to other college campuses nationwide. construction on the purple line could start this year. new homeowners who live along the planned route may have to make some changes to your property. the light rail will connect bethesda and new carrollton. right now there is still no word on who will pild the purple line or whether funding is even in place. homeowners have until the end of april to remove sheds and tree house
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$3,000 to help them out. smoking a cigarette in a car while there are children in that car may soon cost you some money. if new legislation proposed by a virginia house republican becomes law, people who smoke while there are children under eight years old in the car will be hit with a $100 fine. the house has given preliminary approval to this bill. opponents say it is an overly intrusive measure by state developme government. it could be easier to install life saving equipment if the mayor gets her way. a bill eliminates many of the obstacles keeping people from installing automated external defibry late tors. many experts say aeds literally bring people back from the dead giving step by step instructions on how to place electrodes on to an unconscious patient and delivering shocks only if they're needed. it's what saved alexander when cpr didn't work after he collapsed while working
6:37 am
the gym. >> just physical manipulation wasn't sufficient and the defibrillator was the responsible piece of equipment that brought me back to life. >> you can hear more of his story tonight on news 4 at 5:00 and 6:00. the iteam has spent the last month checking out more than 100 aeds and they will show you the big problems they found that could be the difference between life and death. i've bad in bad situations but that was the worst. i don't scare heeasy and that scared me. >> new reaction from passengers an bod board the cruise ship rocked by bad weather. and a warning about a series of break ins. and bw parkway southbound, a
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we built our factories here because of a huge natural resource. not the land. the water. or power sources. it's the people. american workers. they build world-class products. and that builds communities. and a better future. for all of us. because making something in america means so much,
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weathertech. proudly made in america.
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new video of a missile launched by north korea this past weekend. they say they were launching a satellite, but it's raised international concerns about their nuclear capabilities. yesterday the senate unanimously approved new financial sanctions against north korea because of the latest launch. breaking news on the roads. we're talking about bw parkway southbound as you're approaching 198, that's where the crash is. chopper 4 over the scene showing us a 2 mile and glrowing backup. you have to stay left. 95 looks okay. might want to take 95 instead. inner loop at little river turnpike, to add to the outer loop at new hampshire 95 and duke. we wanted to make you feel a little bit better about going outside in these
6:42 am
so poor thing, we put amelia segal out on the weather deck. >> i have all the gear on, so it's actually not that bad. but this morning definitely a hat, scarf, mittens, gloves kind of morning. sunglasses, as well. you can see the beautiful sunrise. you can leave the umbrella at home take and throuoday and thr weekend. at the bus stop, it will be windy and still bitterly cold. recess at least a c if not worse. maybe a failing grade. and then dismissal still plenty of sun and a temperature of 29. coldest time period sunday morning. chuck will talk about the windchills in ten minutes. and developing story this morning in maryland now, we track new allegations in that child pornography scandal. the steps the school district is taking to make sure your children are protected 37. plus live to new jersey where passrs
6:43 am
cruise ship return home. what the
6:45 am
we're preparing you for the dangerous conditions outside as some of you with seeing windchills in the single digits. >> what you need to know to stay safe is just one of the things we're working on to get you up to the minute the meainute you' up. and southbound bw parkway, chopper 4 over the scene for us
6:46 am
building south bound bw parkway near 198 is where this crash is. it's an overturned vehicle. very hard to see there over on the right side of the roadway. take a look northbound lanes are slow, as well. good morning. windchills are back down around 10 degrees this morning. it will be even colder as we head into the weekend. we may be flirting with records by sunday morning. down close to zero. we're following a developing story out of prince george's county that is causing outrage in the community this morning. a new lawsuit claims michelle williams new about a school aide about abusing children apdid nothing to stop it. deonte carraway may have abused up to 30 children. the abuse happened in open and obvious places like the school auditorium and bathroom. police know of 11
6:47 am
have been victimized and they fear that number could increase. megan mcgrath is live in glenarden with information on a new hot line opening today. >> reporter: good morning. there certainly is a sense of outrage here in prince george's county as a school aide dionte care raway was in a position of trust and now in jail accused of sexually abusing and the videotaping at least 11 students and the fear here is that there are additional victims out there that just have not come forward yet. and so investigators have started this hotline number here, they're asking people who potentially are were victimized or have information about other victims to call. 301-772-4930. and tonight, parents are going to be given another update on when what is happening with the investigation. they will also be given an opportunity to voice their concerns during a meeting tonight at sylvania woods
6:48 am
cafeteria. and no doubt one of the issues that will be raised during that meeting will be the school's handling of the situation. a relative of one of the victims reported thing a alleged abuse but no immediate action was taken. and the principal has been removed and the school system is now facing a lawsuit. deonte carraway is facing 40 counts of child abuse, the abuse happening at sylvania woods elementary cool, but some of the abuse may have happened elsewhe elsewhere. back to you. and when talking to young people will child abuse, you want to try to maintain a sense of normalcy in that conversation. the goal is to answer a child's questions without trying to scare him and don't expect a specific reaction. it's just as important that children know you're around, you're available to talk to them. also encourage them to tell someone they trust ifey
6:49 am
abuse is happening. and be sure, make it very clear, adults are not supposed to hurt children. you can find these tips and more on nbc washington app, just search child abuse talk. i've beaeeen this bad situations but that was the worst. i don't scare easily, but that scared me. >> water kept coming on our window. it was pretty scary. >> we're hearing from passengers aboard royal caribbean's anthem of the seas after they experienced a rocky vacation on the water. janet sham sham pljanet sham pl live with more. >> reporter: if you talk to passengers who disembarked about 9:30 last night, they are many still emotional about what happened. they say during those four hours, the height of the storm, many of them thought that they were going down. some of
6:50 am
are still on board because anyone who needed help with their luggage, perhaps the elderly or people who had a lot of luggage, were not able to get off until this morning. some passengers are still wr waiting for that first taste of dry land. >> janet shamlian, thank you. look for her full report on the "today" show. this morning metro will hold a meeting to find out why two trains nearly collided near the smithsonian station. adam tuesday ss was the first t you about this incident. the trains came within 150 feet mu of each other after one ran a red signal. it had to be stopped remotely. no one was hurt. adam will be at today's@adamtus. flags are flying at halfta
6:51 am
murder of two deputies. the first responded to report of a customer agting strangely. the suspect pulled out a gun and shot him in the head. the man ran off and got into a shoot-out with police later when a second deputy was killed along with the suspect. larry hoe beggan released a stat saying the death of two deputies is nothing less than heartbreaking. d.c. police are investigating a number of car break-ins at howard university. over the past several weeks several cars have been broken into on and around campus. howard university is reminding you not to leave any personal items in plain view inside your car as you become an easy target. you should also avoid parking in isolated and dark areas. 6:51 now. another debate nowtonight. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will go head to head in milwaukee. clinton is coming off of a double digit loss to sanders in
6:52 am
she has the lead in the latest south carolina polls, though. expect analysis tomorrow morning right here on "news 4 today." we start at 4:26. seven republican candidates are competing for a win next week in south carolina, down from nine after announcements from chris christie and carly fiorina that they are calling it quits. here is a look at who is still standing. donald trump, john kasich, ted cruz, marco rubio, jeb bush, ben carson, and jim gilmore. breaking new, chopper 4 over southbound bw parkway near 198, you can see it's an overturned vehicle off to the right side. only the left lane is getting by and we have now a 4 mile backup because of this crash. you can see it is really causing some delays. northbound delays as folks are looking to their left, as well. outer loop at new hampshire avenue, krar inner loop at little river turnpike, another problem. and
6:53 am
so sprinkled all over the place like a sprinkled cookie here. 66 inbound looking okay. the 95 north, no real worries there. prince george's county overall we have the typical inbound delays on indian head highway right before the beltway there. 270 at montrose road, no major problems there. read line delays to glenmont still sticking around. feels like temperatures today will be hovering mostly in the teens. tomorrow not quite as bad. wind will lay down a bit tomorrow. but then the powerhouse northwesterly winds return saturday night into sunday. it will feel like down near zero. headed out for your resolution run this morning, layer up. extra layers of warmth required this morning. temperatures are in the low 20s now. will climb to the upper 20s to near 30. but feels lifactors today, 15 a 1:00, and 14 degrees feels like
6:54 am
by 11:00, wind laying down, so the windchills won't be as much of an issue first thing tomorrow morning but still awfully cold. highs today, 25 gaithersburg, 31 fredericksburg, 29 in town. going out on the town tonight, again feels like temperatures down near 10. actual air temperatures in the low to mid-20s. next thing we're watching for comes tomorrow. clouds increase early tomorrow afternoon and my 6:00 tomorrow night, up to about 10:00 or midnight, an opportunity for mostly conversational flurries, but the ground is extra cold now and totally frozen, so where he might be able to accumulate maybe half an inch or so of a white coating with the flurries. but not a big deal. future weather 5:00 tomorrow, hit and miss flurry chance tomorrow evening. so something we're watching for. next thing after that, cold, cold, cold for valentine's weekend and another chance for snow late monday and rain/snow mix on tuesday. it's
6:55 am
windchills are in the teens. you may want to bundle up big time. we continue team coverage now with molette green braving the cold air this morning. she has more on the dangers of the extreme cold. >> reporter: when the weather is this cold, it's dangerously cold, it can set us up for frostbite, hypothermia. this is what you need to do before you head out doors. dress in layers. multiple layers. stay dry. that is a very important point to safe guard against frostbite. and you want to stay indoors and limit your exposure outside. if you have to be outside, many folks do have to work out in these conditions, don't work alone. have a buddy just in case you get in trouble so someone can call 911. that's the latest from northwest. back to you. today the d.c. council will hear a bill that affects anybody who may have to take family
6:56 am
leave. the proposal would require private employers to provide 12 weeks of paid family leave. benefits would be funded by a 1% payroll tax. if it passes,ed it be o ed iit f the most generous plans in the country. four things to know this morning, there is a democratic debate tonight in milwaukee, hillary clinton trying to bounce back after the new hampshire primary. some olympic athletes are expressing fears about the zika virus in brazil. the u.s. olympic committee is hiring specialists to talk to them. this morning metro will hold a meeting to find out why two trains nearly collided. adam tuss will be at the meeting. follow him @adamtuss. and tonight there will be a meeting for parents at judge still vaylvania woods elementarl to update them on the sex scandal. and bw parkway, crash at
6:57 am
pound and about two miles headed northbound. 95 through that area looks pretty good. might try 95 instead. make friends with your snuggie. it will be a cold stretch of weather around here. three dog nights coming up. we're talking great dane cold over the weekend. >> bring out the big dog. thank you, chuck. that is the broadcast this morning. we appreciate you waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next.
6:58 am
i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
6:59 am
7:00 am
breaking news. come out with your hands up. >> no we're not. you're going to have to kill us. >> an overnight standoff between the last four protesters at the wildlife refuge and fbi. is the six-week long show down about to end? why the presidential race is about to get tougher on the republican side while the democrats get set to debate again tonight. what will hillary clinton say to try to win back women voters who have left her for bernie sanders? back on solid ground. >> it was a cruise from hell.


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