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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  February 15, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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weekday schedule and camden and brunswick have limited service. the body of antonin scalia has arrived back into virginia. it was termed he died of natural causes and an autopsy was not necessary. he was found dead inside his room at a west texas resort ranch saturday morning. and flags in front of the supreme court and the white house are flying at half-staff in honor of justice scalia. the supreme court you can see here on your left, the white house there on your right. colleagues of justice scalia are mourning his death today. justice ruth bader ginsburg said she was best buddies with scalia for more than 30 years. scalia was found dead saturday morning as megan said of an apparent
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he went quail hunting on friday, he went to bed early saying he felt tired. here is how the owner describes finding him the next day. >> he was very peaceful in the bed. he had obviously passed away with no difficulty at all in the middle of the night. >> scalia a was a devout catholic, a priest was brought into administer last rites. the firestorm surrounding his possible replacement on the supreme court when tracie potts joins us at 4:45. right now we're dealing with a winter storm that started with snow and things are going to move over to ice. you have a challenge upon you, chuck bell, today over the next 24 hours. >> most certainly do. easiest part of the forecast is here for this morning. because it's all snow for everybody through most of the daylight hours today. but here are the four things you need to know about the weather. it's all snow today, the real trick is
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until early tomorrow when we'll have this transition from snow to freezing rain, eventually to all rain. heavy rain coming our way for tomorrow, so this will all be rinsed off very quickly. temperatures near 50 tomorrow. but radar this morning, snow on the capital beltway and all points south of route 50 into southern maryland along i-95. total snow accumulations today on average 3 to maybe as much as 5 inches of snow with high are amounts out toward the north and west. we'll be here all morning to let you know the impact on today, tonight and tomorrow. no problems 270 at montgomery avenue. we have at least one good lane on the interstates. a lot have been pre-treated. but river road for example, still has a nice coating on it and it is slick.
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sidewalks are really slick, as well. southbound indian head highway just after the beltway, two left lanes getting by. a vehicle fire has been there for quite some time here this morning. 95 here southbound there, the ramp to eastbound dale city it is shut down because of icy conditions. 95 doesn't look so hot in either direction here this morning and bw parkway after nasa, a crash blocking a lane this, as well. back in ten minutes. and back here at the live desk, we're following breaking news out of brooklyn, new york this morning. nearly 150 firefighters battled a massive fire at a multistory home overnight. you can see the residential building engulfed in flames. fdny tweeted just before 1:30 that the fire is under control. the cause is under investigation, but we're told no one was injured in the blaze. back to you. police in upper marlboro are
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killed a convicted bank thief who was found shot to death inside a pickup truck on armstrong lane in upper marlboro yesterday. he served time in prison for defrauding $53 million from banks to fund his lavish lifestyle. his family reported him missing several days ago. we're relearning more about scary car crash. a 21-year-old man was driving this mangled viper and an 18-year-old woman was also in the car. the car swerved before hitting a concrete wall sunday afternoon. the woman was air lifted to a baltimore hospital. she's being treated for serious injuries. the driver is also in the hospital but is expected to be okay. plus aolice are investigati crash where the driver was going the wrong way down branch avenue and hit another car head did, on. police don't know why the driver was going the wrong way. the driver of the
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to be cut out but was not hurt. happening today, a push to get legislation that would require maryland colleges to adopt an affirmative sexual consent policy. it's a verbal agreement about how and when people are comfortable engaging in sexual acts. now, according to the bill, consent cannot be given if someone is intoxicated, under coercion or while someone is unconscious. more than 100 maryland college students plan to hold a rally this evening. the yes means yes bill would change how schools define sexual assault. a family definite investigatidevastated by a fire is getting help from strangers. the story moved a news 4 viewer to help. and they collected
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swellings donate clothing and school supplies ultimately helping the family settle in their new apartment in silver springs. >> we give back and we help each other in need. >> she came just like an angel. goo god sent her to us. >> the red cross helped about 100 people displaced. and a go fund me page has been set up to help the family pay their represent for a year. search working for you in our app. happening today, frpresiden obama will meet with several leaders as the u.s. steps up efforts to counter china's growth. secretary of state john kerry will participate. security trade and climate change are all on the day's agenda. anthony brown says his democratic congressional campaign is not authorized to use the naacp
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as the "washington post" reports, the logo appeared in a message that staff members sent last week invoking the national civil rights organization. brown said the message titled happy anniversary naacp was not an endorsement of his campaign. the organization doesn't endorse candidates for public office. it is a storm team 4 weather alert day and you can see why. just take a look at the snow covering the area this morning. thankfully a lot of you don't have to go to work or school because it is presidents day. but will the snow cancel class
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an early indicator of what could come in decision 2016. virginia cling students predict donald trump will win the republican nomination for president. washington and lee university students have correctly chosen the nominee in mock conventions since 1948. they gave trump a 2:1 win over ted cruz. commuters can weigh in on 95 express lanes. virginia department of transportation has plans to let traffic exercisan
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travelers enter and exit farther south. 4:41. on this weather alert day, no school today thanks for the holiday and the snow. >> but still dealing with some dangerous conditions. >> absolutely right. show covered roads, the arctic air in place meant everything stuck on contact this morning. roads very, very dangerous this morning. be real careful if you have to drive at all. if you can wait until later today, that would be a better decision. the steadie of the snow is washington southbound through southern prince george's county, charles county, into southern maryland and the northern neck. temperatures are way super cold. still only in the upper teens to near 20 degrees. planning out the day, all snow here through the morning and into the afternoon hours. after 4:00, 5:00 this afternoon especially south of town, likely to have at least some period of sleet or freezing rain gradually becoming rain late late tonight. temperatures will hold steady or rise overnight tonight into tomorrow. but i do suspect that there will
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delays or closures coming up for early tomorrow morning, as well. so school chances 50/50 at best for tomorrow. "7-day forecast" just ten minutes from thousand. storm team 4 x 4 looking out front in theft washington, going to be driving around a lot for us here this morning just shows us what is going on around town. wisconsin avenue at calvert street, just wet roads in that area. river road at bradley, not as good looking this morning as it is in northwest washington. so you can see a little bit of powder still on the roadway. inner loop at van dorn street, two left lanes getting by an accident there. and southbound indian head highway after the beltway, two lanes getting by a vehicle fire. and i-95 southbound to eastbound dale city, ramp shut down because of ice. his death could create a political firestorm. and we'rel
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glimpse of how it is impacting decision 2016. but what happens in the meantime? the latest on the passing of antonin scalia. and a politician who found himself in the middle of a sex scandal is back in the headlines. why
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(elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise)
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give us a plan. it is a storm team 4 weather alert day. take a look, snow has been falling across our area since a little before midnight. let's check in with molette green in mclean, virginia. >> reporter: we're on tolly madison boulevard. you can see a plow truck just passed us about 30 seconds being a go. and trying to clear this stretch here that really is not
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all. listen, folks, today is a holiday, so that is good news. that means most people don't have to be out and about because the roads are very tricky. the main roads, the secondary roads, are still tough going about if you don't have the right tires and the right kind of vehicles. and it's just tough in those neighborhoods and on those side streets all together on a day like this when you don't have to go out, don't go out. it's cold out here, the road surface, pavement, is cold, as well. and so this is sticking and it makes for a tricky early morning right out here. there is a car coming down the road going i think a little too fast in these conditions. but, hey, we've warned folks. stay indoors if you can. that's the latest live from mclean, virginia. molette green, news 4. there is no way the senate the should confirm anyone that ba
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his lifetime in office to a lifetime appointment. >> barack obama is president of the united states until january 20th, 2017.ter battle already beginning over who will replace justice scalia. president obama's choice could tip the balance of the nation's highest court. tracie potts joins us from capitol hill. and no doubt we are in for a fight officer who should replace justice scalia. >> reporter: yeah, because right now what we have on the court are five conservatives generally, sometimes we get a swing vote there, and four liberals. that balance could tilt with scalia, a staunch conservative, now gone from the court. president obama expected to nominate someone who might be more liberal. that is a concern for republicans. they think key cases out there that are undecided could be affected
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abortion, affirmative action, immigration. the president's immigration plan and how that is going to play out in the court. keep in mind we're in the middle of the court's term. there are cases that have been heard by the justices scalia, but we don't have a decision on them yet. and there are other cases still to be heard and decided this term before the end of june. so with scalia gone, if the president is able to nominate someone and get it through the senate, and that's a big if, it could definitely tilt the balance and affect the outcome of some of these cases. >> but until law makers are able to come to that agreement on a replacement, we will have eight justices on the bench. the court will continue to hear cases. what if it's a 4-4 decision? >> reporter: and what happens, the lower court decion stands. so basically it could bring some of these
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screeching halt because even though they're able to be argued before the court, if there is no deciding factor here with an even number of justices, a different opinions in sometimes different parts of the country will stand and that could turn out to be chaos. so overall it seems to be in the interest to have nine justices on the court, but whether or not this democratic president can get that through a republican congress in the last year of his term, very iffy right now. >> tracie potts for us on the hill breaking down what is sure to be a big fight in the months to come. thank you, tracie. a little more about the possible replacements for justice scalia. lisa vasten oig and paul watford and melissa millett and then merrick garland.
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justice scalia was widely recognized for his writings to constitutional law. we spoke to a georgetown professor who actually argued a medical marijuana case in front of the supreme court and says he lost mostly on scalia's dissent. >> i certainly remember i wasn't really happy with his ruling. he wrote a separate opinion which didn't please me, but he's also visit the georgetown several times, he visited my seminar to talk about his new book. he's been a friend of ghorneorgn and mine. >> and he clearly remembers scalia's questions saying they were the most demanding and gave him the most difficulty in court. it's 4:50. a former new york governor accused of choking a woman at a hotel. eliot spitzer resigned from office back in 2008 after being linked to a prostitution ring. well, police are now looking this to whether he
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woman thin her mid-20s at the plaza hotel in manhattan. spitzer denies the report. batteries could have stopped the blimp that broke its mooring and flew through hemaryland las year. batteries that could have deflated it were missing. and if they had been there, it would have landed a few miles from where it broke loose. snow, rain, sleet, ice. all in the forecast. >> all of that. >> it is a mixed bag and it will be a busy next seven days. >> you betcha. the next 24 hours will be the most critical because we have temperatures way below freezing here this morning. so what is coming down now is all in the form of snow. likely to stay that way through the daylight hours today and then tonight, really concerned about sundown to sunrise tomorrow morning during the transition from snow to rain. could have a period of sleet or freezing rain this evening. advisories, winter weather
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winter storm warning along the i-81 corridor. these both go until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. generally all snow here during the daylight hours today, on average 2 to maybe in some spots as much as 6 inches. a risk of freezing rain and ice tonight especially between about sundown and midnight tonight. be extra cautious. but again, 9 most dangerous tonight is 8:00 to 8:00. so trouble traveling, moderate difficulties around now, but at least it's crunchy snow. by tonight, be on the lookout, freezing rain and icy roads may be a real problem. school delays and cancellations are likely again tomorrow morning. radar for now snow on all corners of the beltway where it's heavier steadier snow across calvert, st. mary's, on average one to three inches. look at the plume of moisture pointing right at us and this will continhr
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much warmer air down to the south, but that arctic air that was put in place over the weekend is very difficult to scour out. so this will stay cold enough to snow and stick. temperature now only 18 in gaithersburg, and 19 in manassas. future weather by 9:00 a.m. this morning, mostly from snow from washington southbound, but the snow is lifting north. so even our friends and naebs here in northern maryland will go back into the snow by about mid to late morning up to about lunchtime today. all snow during the daylight showers. here is 4:30 this afternoon, just before the sun goes down, hey start to change over to rain in southern maryland and the northern neck. overnight tonight, here is 7:00 tonight. freezing rain likely north and west of i-95. mostly rain down to the south. but again, with already with the roads already covered with snow and ice, this could be a very slippery and dangerous situation. and then into tomorrow. tomorrow this all becomes a big wash of heavy rain, could get an inch of raini
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tomorrow with temperatures surging in to the low 50s. so snow today, ice tonight, rain tomorrow. may end with a little light snow very early wednesday morning, but mostly sunny by wednesday afternoon. thursday, from i look good and just because i know you want to start thinking about springtime, how about near 60 degree weather and sunshine both days for the coming weekend. that's between news, melissa mollett. >> that is good news. i absolutely love that. storm team 4 x 4 top of the beltway showing us what is happening all around town here. so we'll be checking in with them here at first 4 traffic. beltway at st. barnabas, so you can see depend overall beltway looking pretty good. all the main lines look like they have pretty much been treated. but still have a lot of the snow on the side streets and in your neighborhood and of course should be slow going this morning. take it easy because it's not completely clear. it's just not terrible. eastbound 50 at 28 there in centreville, left laneet
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inner loop at van dorn street, two left lanes getting by that crash. 95 north bound, we'll take a look at that one coming up. so how many times have you rented a car on vacation and how many times was there a bomb under it? the investigation under way now involving the feds. and have you ever noticed something pop up on your netflix account that you don't remember watching? how some thieves are stealing your account information. where should you start when you're told you have cancer? start with a specialist. start where you'll find advanced technology, precn treatment options and truly compassionatate care. start here with a team of experts who treat only cancer.
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snow has been falling and it's expected to keep snowing and that could make for a mess if you have to head out. we have our crews working for you. a live look at the conditions and the next 24 hours in just a matter of minutes. a man is pleading not guilty to charges that he stabbed his girlfriend and her three little girls. police arrested sikes and he'll be back in court tomorrow. atf and the fbi investigating a scary situation near a mexico airport. a rental care facility in the
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open this morning after a bomb was found under a car. the building was evacuated, customers were sent to a nearby lot. federal authorities will continue their investigation. thieves are filing fake returns to try to get your tax refund. the irs is sending outleters warning of fraudulent tax returns. thiefs are using millions of social security numbers from last year's data security breaches. >> about in most cases we're hearing that they're e filing and they're doing it in bulk. and they know that a lot of these will get rejected or caught by the irs. >> the irs says more security measures are in place this year. there isn't much you can do to prevent fraud other than to file early before the thief does. could your netflix account be at risk? it looks like folks who don't want to pay full price can buy stolen log-in information from the black
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potential customers some showing netflix log-ins on sale for as little as a quarter. users should look out for items that they thou know they haven' watched. if you see something suspicious, it might be time to change your password. take a live look at the roads on this storm team 4 weather alert day. this is what it looks like on the inner loop of the beltway near college park right now. you can see a little track there where cars have driven. >> yes, and a little bit of light snow there. >> good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm angie goff. a lot of people seeing a dusting or nice coating already. we have complete team coverage for you this morning. chuck bell, melissa mollett, derrick ward all standing by. we want to begin things off with chuck. >> good morning. it is indeed a presidents


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