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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  February 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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take a look outside. just a nasty, nasty evening. take a look down towards the national mall. you can see the washington monument right there. kind of obscured by what we've got coming down in the form of drizzle and just some really nasty, yucky conditions. take a look at the radar and we'll show you what's happening. again, very light precipitation now around the d.c. metro area down to the south, but you notice all the pink. that is freezing rain coming. still snowing around frederick, still snowing fed rick county, martinsburg. now, this is is what we're watching coming up across the region. notice the freezing rain area. not a lot of moisture here, but we will see that freezing rain right on through the night tonight, and that's why we still have the winter storm warnings in effect. temperatures well below freezing. 27 in gaithersburg. only 23 in martinsburg. it's going to take some time to warm above the freezing mark. again, that winter storm warning continues in effect until 10:00 tomorrow morning. i don't think it will last that hmong but 10:00 tomorrow morning. we'll talk more about this, the frang overnight tonight, that
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tomorrow. it will be quite a mess for the next 24 hours. we'll continue to break it down for you. i'm here throughout the afternoon. >> we'll see the new models at 11:00. thank you. weather conditions led to a busy day on the roads for police all across virginia. they tell us they responded to more than 160 accidents today between midnight and 7:00 this morning. folks were asked to delay their trips until roads could be cleared. by 8:00 a.m. the streets around mclean here were passable but slick. some of those who did stay put used that time to shovel the snow before it could refreeze and turn into ice. the slick conditions didn't go away though. police tell us by 2:00 in the afternoon, the number of accidents had jumped to, get this, more than 500. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey joins us live from south riding, virginia, where she's been checking out the road conditions around loudoun county. julie? >> reporter: an hour ago as i was standing here, it was freezing rain. now it's mostly just rain. you can see the road
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parkway. so driving conditions not too bad, but this morning conditions turned deadly for a driver in fauquier county. an suv crossed the center line and hit a snowplow head on killing the driver of that suv. that was a man from linden. so big question is right now, is this going to freeze up overnight and will hazardous conditions return tomorrow morning? suv number one, and suv number two, both had to be towed away from a crash this morning in h ashburn. it's clear to see from the damage one slid into the back of the other. this is what those subdivision roads looked like midmorning. still quite snow covered and slick. but in areas of northern virginia where just 3 to 4 inches of snow fell, the plows quickly started to clear it away. even reaching into the subdivisions by early afternoon. >> not too
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not as bad as the blizzard we had. >> reporter: a piece of cake compared to that. >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: roads first turned slushy and then mainly just wet. snow shoveling and snow blowing a much easier proposition than what folks faced last month. this man cleared his driveway in less than an hour. he hopes for the last time. >> i'm happy with the two times it has been but no more i think. >> reporter: around the block these teenagers tackled the driveway and the cars. compared to the snow a few weeks ago, what do you think of this one? >> this is easy, light. nothing bad. >> reporter: these shovellers got so warm they'd already ditched their gloves when we came along. they too say they're ready for spring. >> i'm done with it. >> reporter: how come? >> it's too cold. that's it. >> reporter: you're saying come on, spring. >> spring and summer needs to hurry up. >> reporter: i think a lot of people out there agreeing with him today. when i join you on news4 at 6:00, i will i
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explain why they were out shoveling an entire parking lot today. reporting live from south riding, i'm julie carey. >> thanks, jules. the snow is something we don't see too often. the snow piling up in southern maryland. some places there still under a snow emergency. here is what the roads looked like as the storm team4 x 4 travels down route 245 in california, maryland, earlier today. not a lot of blacktop showing. our prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins has been traveling the southern part of the county checking on the conditions. southern maryland sometimes is spared these big snow totals. how are they doing now, tracee? >> reporter: yeah, no, this time they were not spared. we saw plenty of people getting out there, most of them enjoying all this. we have route 5 over my shoulders. it has improved a lot. they have been able to get out and get a lot of plowing done but it really meant they had to change their initial plan.
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there was enough snow in parts of southern maryland for snowboarding and snow blowing. >> i do my neighbors. they don't have blowers so i figure i'll do theirs as well. >> reporter: the snow accumulation changed up the plans for prince george's county road crews. >> we had planned to primarily have this as a salting event, but because of the continued accumulation of snow, we've had to actually do a little plowing as well. >> reporter: and then there were the slick roads. >> coming up the road and locked the brakes in, slid into the back of a district police officer. >> reporter: luckily no one was hurt in this minor fender bender involving a pentagon police officer's cruiser. the officer was helping another vehicle when it happened. >> he wasn't in the car when -- luckily when it hit him. he's good though. >> not your average snow shovel but it will do. >> reporter: and in residential areas, folks were already out with the shovels. >> not going t
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too long but just knock out enough. >> i used to enjoy it as a kid but now -- >> reporter: how would you describe it? is it heavy, is it light? >> heavy. >> reporter: folks driving from southern maryland into charles county say so far, so good on the primary roads. you came from solomon's island. how is it looking? >> the roads -- the main roads are fine. slushy, wet, but for the most part the crews have done a great job of keeping them shoulder to shoulder, and it really wasn't that bad of a ride. >> we just got done with the blizzard and now this? >> i know. i'm over it. >> reporter: right now we're having some rain in clinton. we did have some freezing. now i'm seeing a mixture of light rain and the freezing rain coming down. so the situation is what they're asking for folks to do in prince george's county is to give some time after precipitation before you come out to give the crews a chance to get out and clear the roads and make sure everything is treated. coming up on news4 at 6:00, what you can expect
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happen overnight, and also how much all of this is costing prince george's county. you will be amazed at the numbers. back to you in the studio. >> thanks so much. to the district we go where the snowfall created a picturesque scene. take a look at this video outside the lincoln memorial earlier. the snow falling as people gathered for a presidents day announcement regarding a big donation from the steps of the monument and looking the other way you could barely make out the washington monument in the distance. well, many people, of course, will be returning to work tomorrow after the presidents day holiday, so what will all this weather mean for those who have to commute into the district? news4's mark segraves has been checking on this for us, the roads and with the officials too. he joins us from northeast d.c. mark, what's the story? >> reporter: this intersection at kennedy and north capitol is pretty typical of the entire district. take a look. the main streets, perfectly fine. completely clear. but take a look at the
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icy mess. you weren't expecting this much snow? >> no, not at all. >> reporter: although it was in the forecast, lots of people we met today were caught off-guard by how much snow we got today. >> i wasn't really expecting it, but it's beautiful. >> reporter: what about tomorrow when everyone has to go back to school and work? >> yeah, i'm a little worried about that honestly. last time when it snowed, it was kind of a catastrophe. we'll see what happens. >> reporter: the main roads were pretty much cleared. some side roads were zstill waiting to be plowed. district officials are hoping a rise in temperature and the rain will help keep things manageable for tomorrow morning's rush hour. one of the issues facing us tomorrow if the temperatures do rise and the rain does come will be the runoff into the rivers and the possibility of flooding in places like here at the georgetown waterfront. as for where you are park your cars tonight and tomorrow morning -- >> no snow emergency has been declared for this particular event.
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have to be concerned their vehicle will be removed. >> reporter: metrorail was on a saturday schedule today because of the holiday. metrobuses were on their severe snow plan which means buses are only operating along major routes and riders should expect delays through tonight. one more issue that is of concern for tomorrow morning are the sidewalks. many of which didn't get cleared today and could be frozen over by tomorrow morning. and now many of you will recall that this was supposed to be the first winter that d.c. issued fines to residents and businesses that didn't clear their sidewalks, but once again just like during the blizzard, mayor bowser has exempted residents from that requirement, although businesses may still get fined. coming up at 6:00, what all this snow and ice will mean for trash collection in the district. wendy, back to you. >> thanks, mark. let's take a live look at 270 and montrose road in maryland. most of the main streets seem to be in pretty good shape at this
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adam tuss is monitoring things in alexandria in the comfort of the storm team4 x 4. adam? >> reporter: listen, i just do the assignments that i'm told, wendy, okay? they ask me to go out here, i'm happy to do it. that being said, let's show you what's happening. this is clinton road in alexandria. you still have to use some caution. even though we're seeing really good driving conditions, you have roads like this, hills in neighborhoods with a lot of slush and slop on them. we saw a small car trying to get up this hill. he basically backed down the whole thing and reversed out of here. as the temperatures hover right around freezing tonight, this is going to be a fricafric tricky you. just be mindful that plows have come through for the most part but not every single road is in great shape. the best thing that you can do is let the rain do its job tonight and let the temperatures do their job. therefore, tomorrow mng
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is just washed away for you. but we are seeing some really good conditions on a lot of roads. so the crews did a good job and want to give them a big credit when they do a good job. just please be mindful and use caution if you are headed out tonight. i hear that the studio is actually pretty comfy, too. it just depends what the thermostat that jim has -- the temperature set at. >> we like it a little warm in here. >> they don't give us pedicures in the studio like they do in the storm team4 x 4. >> adam, you can get a lot of work done. are you doing some facebook on that computer screen or twitter up? >> reporter: you know, we got everything here. we're doing a little facebook, a little twitter. we're tracking the conditions out here. all jokes aside, we are keeping an eye on things and we'll do that for the rest of the night. >> follow him as he follows the weather. >> yes. and speaking of following the weather, let's check in with lauryn ricketts who is on the weather deck right now. what's it like in the parking lot? >> reporter: how did i get this and adam is in that nice comfy 4 x 4? what is going on? it's a littlemi
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in fact, i can probably take this down. it's just a little on the misty side out here and that's what we're seeing right now. but as we continue into the overnight, temperatures are actually going to rise. we have a lot of rain on the way for our area. in fact, beginning overnight and continuing through tomorrow. so once this gets out of here, what to expect, maybe 60s for the weekend? doug will have that forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. plus, a local teenager is dead after an accident in a dodge viper. what one witness told us about the moments after the crash when she ran out to the car trying to help. the sudden death of justice scalia. now the battle between president obama and the senate republicans is taking shape. nbc's pete williams explains what's at stake. and it wouldn't be a snowy day without pat collins snow stick challenge. he's live next as the patriotic entries are pouring in. we also have a special guest.
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i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them;
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i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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and we're back now on news4 at 5:00 with our continuing coverage on this weather alert day. >> doug is standing by with the latest, but, you know, it is presidents day and we're feeling a little patriotic so we thought we needed to begin with pat collins in northwest d.c. and a
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>> reporter: wendy, i'm pat. that's george. this is the official pat collins snow stick, and the special presidents day snow stick challenge is now under way. the challenge on this presidents day, go out and do something patriotic in the snow. or do something patriotic with the snow. best patriotic snow picture gets an official pat collins snow stick. we got all sorts of entries. a snow sculpture of george washington. a snow sculpture of abe lincoln. i think this was done before he took office or before he went on atkins. and then we got flags. flags and more flags.
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this flag plowed out in a parking lot. how did they do that? we have people marching with flags and saluting flags. little salutes and big salutes. look, she's balancing on a snowball. and check out these soldiers in the snow re-enacting the iconic iwo jima scene. now, that is pretty impressive. now, coming up at 6:00, george, i have a picture of you crossing the delaware that you won't believe. a picture that you haven't even seen before. bet you'd like to have that, wouldn't you? well, you can't. be honest, george. that's better. >> oh! >> he hasn't done anything patriotic, has he? >> you can hold it. yeah. >> you got a lot to choose from. some great stuff, pat. >> reporter: wait un y
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crossing the delaware. i never saw him do it quite like that before. >> i can't imagine. can't even. thank you, patrick. >>. >> reporter: now, let me have it back. >> no fighting. no fighting. it's not exactly a trend but there is something about presidents day and snow in our area. this was the scene on presidents day weekend in 2003. a crippling storm depleted the snow budgets of every county in the surrounding area paralyzing much of the east coast as well. more than 16 inches falling at reagan national. more than 21 inches recorded at dulles. that was 2003. that's the time period, guys. presidents day, this is typically the time where we see the most snow cli toelogicaclim speaking. show you what we're dealing with across the region. just some drizzle right now coming through but it will be freezing drizzle around the d.c. area. why?
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freezing. 29 degrees. not much of a wind. down to 23 though the windchill, so we are going to continue to see wind chills in the low 20s. here is the radar. again, notice not a lot going on. we've got areas of drizzle. it is freezing drizzle, some snow around haguers town, martinsburg, back to winchester but even here we will start to see the freezing rain move ai don't say the area. could mix with some sleet at times. sleet will bounce when it falls. freezing rain is rain that will freeze on contact. if it's bouncing, it's sleet. remember that. notice down to the south now what we have going on. a little bit of a drying trend. that's very good news. splotchy freezing rain. this is not going to be a major freezing rain event. i'm very happy about that, but we still will see upwards of a tenth to a quarter of an inch of freezing rain overnight tonight. this is the big system. this thing is a monster down here. lshd a couple tornadoes reported in mississippi. tornado warning in florida into alabama. that system will move our way, and when it does, watch what it does to the
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cold things have been. well, temperatures right now 24 in hagerstown, 23 in martinsburg, 29 in d.c. that's why we're going to be dealing with the freezing rain. here comes the freezing rain tonight. now, 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, i think that's when we could see the most of the freezing rain in here, but my midnight, notice that now it's just all rain around d.c. back to the west still dealing with the freezing rain here. the rain moves back to the west by 7:00 a.m. 7:00 a.m. starting off okay in parts of the region. still could be dealing with some ice but here comes the rain. 9:00 in the morning, look how heavy this rain is here. could even see some thunderstorms with this. i would not be surprised to see a rumble of thunder. very, very heavy rain coming through, upwards of three-quarters to an inch and a half of rain tomorrow and then it's out of here by tuesday. so again, let's look at the temperatures. overnight tonight, the temperatures will rise overnight tonight. 33 by around midnight. 33 gaithersburg. could still see freezing rain at this point, but starting to get above freezing. look at 7:00 a.m. 53 in d.c.
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so everybody well above freezing, and look where we go tomorrow. close to 60 degrees in parts of the area tomorrow, and then we get into the next couple days. we will cool a bit. temperatures around 48 degrees on wednesday. 39 on thursday. this is the coldest day, and then we get to 44 degrees coming up on friday. i got to show it to you, guys. normally i don't show the seven-day forecast at this time but i just got to show it to you. >> you got to. hello! >> there you go. it lifts our spirits. >> just want to make sure. >> we got it. that's all we're thinking of. >> thank you, doug. developing story tonight, we are learning more about the health issues of supreme court issue antonin scalia. >> he died this weekend, as you know, after suffering a heart attack. a texas judge who spoke with his physician says he had a history of heart trouble, high blood pressure, and other chronic illnesses. meanwhile, there is a fight shaping up over the vacancy created by his sudden death. as nbc news
5:22 pm
explains, it seems to have caught the white house off-gu d off-guard. >> reporter: it seems like the white house was most likely prepared for -- not prepared for this vacancy. they probably had other contingency plans. they're now trying to figure out a way, we're told, to find a consensus nominee that would be acceptable to many republicans, certainly not all, but there seem to be some entreaties by the white house to members of the senate to say who could we send up there that would have a chance? there are lots of names being washington, d.c., merrick garland who is well liked, former justice department official. all these folks have been confirmed once before. patricia millett. there are lots of names but this is a process for the white house to work through in deciding what kind of a nominee they want to send up and, c
5:23 pm
background. >> nbc's pete williams will have much more on the battle to fill the supreme court seat coming up in his reports on "nightly news" at 7:00. a local man who vanished from work is found murdered. why police are taking a close look at his past to help find his killer. and remembering a hero. friends and family pay their final respects to a maryland deputy killed during a shootout. and they call her the mad caster. why she's putting a smile on broken bones. vo: know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from. we didn't really have anything, you know. but, we made do.
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lan as strong as your values. al, how you doing. hey, mr. hamilton. vo: know that together you can establish a meaningful legacy. with the guidance and support of your dedicated pnc wealth management team.
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the search for a missing loudoun county man is now a murder investigation. osama el atari's body was found saturday afternoon in a pickup truck in upper marlboro. he had been shot. the former restaurant owner was convicted in 2010 of scamming banks out of more than $50 million. he served only four years for testifying in two high-profile cases. mourners are paying tribute to one of two maryland deputies killed by a gunman at a restaurant. the body of patrick dailey is lying in state at a church in joppa. viewing taking place until 9:00 tonight. the funeral is set for wednesday. dailey and senior deputy mark logsdon were shot last week while responding to a callut
5:27 pm
at a panera restaurant in abingdon. we're learning that man is a suspect in another shooting from 20 years ago. david evans could not be found for questioning according to a report in ""the baltimore sun."" sheriff's investigators also say there wasn't enough evidence to arrest him. evans' ex-wife was shot as she left her abingdon home to go to work in 1996, but she survived. it was a nasty accident scene, and now this crash has turned deadly. new details about the local student who died and what neighbors have to say about this so-called problem area. and if you follow mark segraves on twitter, you were first to learn about private ambulances and when they will be coming to d.c. we'll catch you up on the developments on emergency care in the city. tom sherwood not at the lincoln memorial, under the lincoln memorial. the space will soon be open to the public.
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the storm team4 x 4 traveling through springfield, virginia. there's a live look there what the roads are looking like. this is transitioning now to freezing rain so we're starting to get -- hear about some accidents out there, so you really have to be careful because it can be quite deceiving. >> and beyond that freezing rain we've also got some more treacherous stuff happening out there. >> right. let's take -- we begin with a look at what w a
5:31 pm
seeing is lauryn ricketts is outside right now on our weather deck. how is it looking out there. you look good. how does the rest of it look? >> i look cold. i'm sure i do. it is really chilly out here. temperatures have stayed in the 20s throughout the entire day. in fact, temperatures are going to rise overnight but we're getting warming aloft and that's why we saw snow earlier. now we're seeing some freezing rain. so freezing rain, about a tenth of an inch of glaze on top of what we already have which is that snow, and some areas could get a little bit more accumulation, some areas a little bit less, but it's going to be rain by the morning commute and it's going to be a lot of rain. so weather alert day not only tonight but also into tomorrow. here is a look at the radar right now at 5:30. you can see we are getting some spotty freezing rain. maybe a little bit of sleet mixed in and some snow north and weti west of town. but it is chilly out there. the sun, what we did have of it today has already gone down. i know thati
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there's a lot of accidents on the roadways. as you guys just said, adam is in the 4 x 4 getting some of the accidents. i will toss it over to doug and he will have more on the road conditions out there. >> you mentioned the sun. even though temperatures today were below freezing, only in the upper 20s, the sun still able to help melt the roadways, but now that the sun is going down, you're going to start to see things freezing very, very quickly, especially those bridges and overpasses. so please give yourself a lot of extra time tonight. we still have snow falling around hagerstown, martinsburg, down i-81, areas of freezing rain. freezing drizzle now around the d.c. metro area but also freezing rain happening now, too. so really give yourself a lot of extra time tonight. take a look at the roads forecast tonight. tonight areas of ice for sure. a lot of slick spots. we have you in the red. red early tomorrow morning too. not just because a few icy spots tomorrow morning but heavy rain, and it could be very heavy tomorrow morning. most likely between 8:00 and
5:33 pm
really be coming down. tomorrow night no problem, still got you on the yellow. a little on the wet side but that's about it. i think tomorrow afternoon will be no problem at all. school chances. we're getting a lot of delays, a lot of cancellations. go to the nbc washington facebook page and the app. a lot of closures. much better on wednesday. we start to get back to normal. i don't see any more chances for school closings the rest of the week. >> doug, thank you. hey, if you have to head out tonight, watch for the slick spots. this freezing rain, again, could create dangerous driving conditions. our transportation reporter adam tuss is monitoring the roads for us tonight in the storm team4 x 4 and now he's made his way to springfield. we understand you passed a number of accidents. is that right, adam? >> reporter: yeah, a couple accidents, jim, that's exactly right. you really got to be careful as the sun is now down and the temperatures are hovering around that freezing mark. it is deceptive out here. take a look at what we
5:34 pm
outside of the storm team4 x 4. we're making a decent clip, and this is where it gets dangerous. you're going around a turn like this and you think everything is okay and then all of a sudden you could end up slipping and sliding off the road. we have seen the bridges, the overpasses. some of the on and off-ramps have become a little more slick just over the last couple minutes. that's something so certainly be careful of. as we get up closer, we see some of these areas where you make a turn off to the right or the left. one car was completely in a ditch right there. we were showing it to you a couple minutes ago. another car had spun out and hit the guardrail right in the middle of the road. so those are conditions that you really have to be careful if you're going to run out to the store tonight, maybe you have to do something else, just be really careful out here because it can be deceiving with the road conditions. but we're going to be out driving around, checking things out from the cozy confines of the storm team4 x 4. wendy, i want to show you something real quick here. this was a live shot from your most recent assignment in rio. you know, you're talki
5:35 pm
cushy jobs and assignments. let's not get too particularly about who is going where. >> i want you to know, it was really hot down there. i was sweating a lot. it was really hot. and the humidity did horrible things to my hair. so don't even -- >> that's why he passed on that assignment. >> reporter: awful, awful. check with metro before heading out to catch a bus or train because bus service an operating on a severe snow plan. metrobuses are running on major corridors with some detours. expect delay there is and metro trains are on a saturday schedule because it is the presidents day holiday, not because of the weather. the system closes at midnight tonight. metro access is running, but most subscription trips have been canceled. how much snow did you get? we have a list of snow totals on our nbc washington app right now. a valentine's day ride turned deadly after
5:36 pm
montgomery county. the dodge viper that crashed just a piece of twisted metal, and tonight we're learning the name of a university of maryland student who died in that accident. news4's darcy spencer talked so someone who saw the whole thing unfold and tried to jump in and help. >> reporter: how disturbing was this for you to see this happen right here near your home? >> for me it was very disturbing because i just never been in a situation like this. >> reporter: maria mckay was in her driveway shen swhen she wit this horrific crash. a young man driving a dodge viper ran off the road and smashed into a concrete barrier. it took rescuers over an hour to pull his passenger from the mangled metal. the 18-year-old, christina koutsoukos later died from her injuries. >> the car went very fast. i think it went fast. i'm not sure. it happened very quickly, and had hit the bridge. >> reporter:c
5:37 pm
much she could do. did you try to open the door? >> i tried to pull, and it's impossible to open. >> reporter: mckay says the driver later crawled out through a window. police identified the driver as 22-year-old brandon bussard. he was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. police say speed was a factor in the crash. the loss of christina koutsoukos brought outpourings of grief on social media. she was a student at the university of maryland. residents on travilah road say drives need to slow down. maybe speed bumps or cameras? >> it would be helpful. we have many accidents. >> reporter: coming up, police talk whether any charges will be filed in this fatal crash. darcy spencer, news4. it was a bomb scare at an airport car rental. find out what investigators found that has now changed this story. and this
5:38 pm
memorial is going to get a much-needed face lift, and someone is dishing out some serious cash to make it happen.
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in the cold, the snow, the freezing rain, news4 working for you and our community to help the homeless. we have compiled a number of resources on the nbc washington app. thar
5:41 pm
help someone who is homeless. sus jer just search homelessness. the lincoln memorial needs some tlc. >> just a little bit. the u.s. park service is planning a four-year $25 million renovation. as tom sherwood reports, a local philanthropist made a major donation to help for it. >> i grew up in baltimore. mi parents brought me here as many young children were brought here and as you walk up the steps they're quite imposing. >> reporter: philanthropist david rubenstein still has school boy enthusiasm for the lincoln memorial but in recent years the money to help fix it. on the snowy plaza outside the memorial, rubenstein's gift of $18.5 million was warmly received on this presidents day holiday. >> because it was abraham lincoln more than any other person who kept this country together. think about what you can do to make your country better. >> reporter: local
5:42 pm
the restoration of the local mall joined rubenstein in a tour under the lincoln memorial. he says the donation doesn't have to be unique. >> it's terrific. it's just terrific. we need more and more of this. not everybody has to give $18 million. $18 times 300 million people goes a long way. >> reporter: the space under the memorial will be in part turned into a visitor's center. 15,000 square feet instead of the dinky 800 square feet now. >> we will have an underground education center so that people when they come here can not only see the great memorial but also learn a bit more about lincoln. >> reporter: the lincoln restoration will get started later this year. the u.s. park service hopes to keep the memorial open to the public as much as possible. it draws more than 7 million visitors a year. on the national mall, tom sherwood, news4. it was a dramatic fire rescue in the district. a woman on
5:43 pm
was revived. learn how a tale of misfortune has a happy ending. and healing patients are wearing trendy tags on their cast. how a physical therapist is using art to mend hearts and broken bones. and we've got some freezing rain, pockets of sleet out there, but really icy as that sun has gone down and as we get into the overnight. temperatures going up. wh datoes that mean for tomorrow? we have those details coming up.
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live look now from our 4 x 4, our storm team4 x 4. some freezing rain hitting the windshields in burke, virginia, but it looks like cars are moving at a fairly good clip. the holiday has been a blessing in all of this, lauryn ricketts. >> thank goodness. even though there were a lot of cars out on the roadways today, but still there could have been a lot more and we know how that would have ended up. and as we go through tomorrow morning, i still think we'll have a little bit of a mess even though it will be plain rain but it will be a lot of it. we're going to be looking at some rain moving through our region. temperatures are actually going up. so the snow is gone. freezing rain now with some pockets of some sleet. i am getting some reports from some of my twitterer followers, thanks guys, and, you know, and then through about midnight we're going it see this before those temperatures start to become above freezing moving in from the south to the north, and that's where that warm air is moving
5:47 pm
so freezing rain and sleet as we continue into the late evening. now, warming temperatures overnight. by about midnight, d.c. should be right around that 32 degree mark and we will continue to come up from there and that's why this next swath of moisture will just be plain rain. some of the sheltered valleys could still see a little bit of frozen precipitation by early tomorrow morning. we'll check that out in a minute. here on future cast, first let's look at the temperatures. we're at 29 right now. again, we're on our way to that freezing mark by midnight. by 9:00 a.m. we should be in the mid-40s, believe it or not. and then we'll continue to move up from there into the low to mid-50s, but heavy rain for the morning commute. it will start to taper off by the early afternoon. and then out of here, just wet by 4:00 p.m. here is a look at the radar. spotty, freezing rain. you saw some pictures from burke. this is how it will be. we could get a tenth of an inch.
5:48 pm
through. it stretches down to the gulf coast, into mississippi and alabama where they have already had tornadoes being report approximated tonight, slick spots, moderate in terms of trouble traveling. our friends at wtop just tweeted me said spinouts all over the place. they did it right before my last outside shot. again, as that sun goes down, as doug was talking about, we're starting to see some slick spots on the roadways right now even though they have been treated. be careful. if you don't need to be out, just rent a netflix movie. by tomorrow morning we're just going to get rain, but we could have some issues with flooding. i believe tomorrow morning it could be a little treacherous. school chances, everybody wants to know about that, especially the kids and the parents. ice through midnight, heavy rain through tomorrow. it will be out of here by early afternoon. school delays likely. wednesday, probably won't have to worry about anything. we have winter weather warnings in pink and advisories in purple. a tenth of an inch to a quarter of an inch. you can see it through 10:15 before the temperatures start to come up and t
5:49 pm
that will continue until about the early afternoon. so again we're expecting anywhere from about three-quarters of an inch to an inch and a half of rain. we still have a flood watch for everybody again with all of that rain. so the morning commute going to be haeveavy rain. here is a look at your four-day forecast. you can see we got some sunshine. i'm going to take it out to the seven. look at the 60s. he know doug showed you earlier but 60s on tap for the weekend. >> bring it. first at 4, a private ambulance service is getting ready to do business in the district. news4's mark segraves breaking the story on twitter. within the next 30 days a private company called amr will be responding to the nonlife threatening 911 calls. operating from 7:00 in the morning to 1:00 a.m. seven days a week. amr is currently looking to ire emts for this work. the job will pay about 20 bucks an hour. the mayor and her new fire chief say the service will help reduce the
5:50 pm
give firefighters and paramedics more time for much-needed training. today a d.c. woman met the firefighters who saved her from a purniburning home. debbie boston was asleep when her house caught on fire. she lost consciousness. firefighters pulled her out. she was initially pronounced dead, but the medics revived her. her husband escaped on his own and while she was happy to thank the firefighters, there's another mysterious person she'd like to thank. >> the strangest thing is they said there was a person on my front and he was there saying there's two people in that house. and ms. washington never seen this person a day in her life and we never seen them no more. ja >> a local design company renovated the burned house for free including furnishings and decor. today was the first time the couple had seen the house since it was renovated. bo
5:51 pm
a physical therapist in northeast d.c. is getting raves from patients for healing patients with artistic flair. she's become one of the coolest in town covering casts with cool designs. >> reporter: she's known as the mad caster, crazy creative concoctions. all whipped up by hand. >> mostly permanent parkers and painting for the decor. >> reporter: here at the hsc pediatric rehab center, amanda hall uses her talents to replace sadness with smiles. >> i hope it makes them feel special because they're getting something custom and something that's designed just for them. >> reporter: like this old school air jordan sneaker for 15-year-old deonte bats. >> i never seen nobody make a cast like this. all the colors and the straps. i got the straps on there. >> he said they're icy. >> reporter: that's cool for all you lay people
5:52 pm
hopping these days spattered with icy concoctions like an everlast boxing glove, kanye west's popular yeezy boots, nikes, mini uggs. "star wars" characters like r 2-d 2 and spider-man. >> we have a lot of infants who haven't gone home yet and so a lot of the firsts are different than the parents were expecting so their first pair of shoes would actually be a splint. >> reporter: hall says she wouldn't consider herself artistic. >> this is sort of developed with my casting skills. >> reporter: just passionate. >> i love the alignment for function but it's also important that the child and the family are excited about the cast. >> reporter: remember that big chunky plaster cast. perhaps with some autographs across it you had as a kid? what physical tharerapists get work with these days are far cooler.
5:53 pm
lot over the years. initially there was plaster and then fiberglass was really common. now we use a combination today. on her cast we will use soft casting material with fiberglass to reinforce it. >> reporter: there's no extra charge for her clever ideas and hall is always looking for inspiration. >> if they have a hello kitty shoe on one side, i will put a hello kitty on their cast. >> ready to try any design even if she has to look it up. >> you have to be up on your pop culture. >> i use google. >> reporter: in northeast washington, melissa mollet news four. up next, why eliot spitzer is tangled in a new scandal at an upscale hotel. and it's a license plate car that cost more than your car. why someone paid more than a quarter million bucks for two numbers. we're coming right back.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
5:56 pm
today we're learning a device found on a rental car this weekend in new mexico was a hoax. a mechanic found the device under a car at the albuquerque airport yesterday. agents evacuated the rental fill, called in the atf, and today federal officials say the device didn't contain any explosive elements and posed no threat to the public. this might be one of the most expensive license plates you have ever seen. check it out. it sold at an auction in ra hoe bath beach, delaware, this weekend for $325,000. the simple black and white
5:57 pm
plates are considered an investment and the lower the number the more valuable. >> for the last 75 years, tags have become more and more valuable because there's less and less of them, and more and more people are coming to delaware. you know, it's kind of a social thing but it's also an investment thing. >> by the way, the number 6 tag sold nip yeane years ago for a d $700,000. new trouble for disgraced former new york governor eliot spitzer. you may remember he resigned as governor in 2008 after a prostitution scandal at the m mayflower hotel in washington. >> now police sources tell nbc news in new york that they have launched an investigation after a woman excused spitzer of choking her inside a manhattan hotel room over the weekend. we have the latest on this investigation. >> reporter: at new york's premiere plaza hotel, a police investigation now under way involving a well-known former new york politician. sources tells4
5:58 pm
spitzer choked a woman in her 20s inside a room at the plaza on saturday. >> that's insane. that's awful. >> reporter: spitzer served as governor of new york for just over a year stepping down in 2008. >> i am deeply sorry that i did not live up to what was expected of me. >> reporter: at the time the former attorney general became the center of a prosit tuths ring scandal. prosecutors said spitzer paid thousands of dollars for a prosit statute. >> kind of sad actually. bad for a career and just sad for the guy. >> reporter: before the scandal, spitzer had made a name for himself prioritizing ethics and politics. he even passed a law increasing jail time for those soliciting prostitutes back in 2007. after the scandal, spitzer tried running for comptroller in 2013 but lost in the democratic primary. >> he was kind of a hypocrite and -- but i do remember that he got a lot of things done and that people were a little bit willing to overlook all of his flaws. >>
5:59 pm
from the plaza trying to piece together what happened here on saturday. a spokesperson for spitzer released this statement sunday night saying simply there is no truth to the allegation. >> they're just allegations. i don't think anything. >> well, sources say that after those allegations came to light, the woman who reported it slit her wrist, although police say not in a suicide attempt. >> those same sources say that woman is now in russia. news4 at 6:00 begins right now. now at 6:00, a winter storm warning in effect on this presidents day. >> i'm over it. >> reporter: there are already several inches of snow on the ground, but freezing rain is moving into the area. >> it's more dangerous than snow is. this is lightweight pack, easy to shovel. >> and the worst of it is hours away. >> i used to enjoy it as a kid. >> we have team coverage from the roads to the rails and the school cancellations already coming in. >>
6:00 pm
news4. and our crews have been traveling all over the area. >> from the accidents on the roads to the delays at the airports, we have every angle covered. the threat right now, freezing rain. this is a live look at the conditions in burke, virginia, from our storm team4 x 4. let's start with doug to tell us what we can expect. >> well, what we can expect right now, guys, is that freezing rain to come through, and anything that is out there is freezing across the area. the sun is now down. the sun, even though temperatures were in the mid-20s all day, the sun was able to help to melt the road surfaces but now we're seeing a lot of accidents being reported. this is how much snow we saw, a lot less through the north, inch and a half to the north of frederick, four inches in parts of montgomery county, bethesda, in towards d.c. up to nine inches though down to the south. down toward southern maryland, fredericksburg, spotsylvania county, 8 to 9 inches. that's where the bull's-eye was. the snow is out of here for the most part. still some snow along i-81,


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