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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  February 19, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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now i would say take 95, or route 1. we'll keep you updated to let you know when 295 opens. busy, busy, busy morning in traffic and it is cold, cold, cold outside this morning. weather headlines then, be ready to bundle up this morning. temperatures are in the teens and 20s right now. saturday still looking super and we're still keeping a close eye on that storm for next week. but right now, it is only 17 in martinsburg, 20 in stafford, 29 degrees now in capitol heights. and the next 24 hours waiting on the warm-up, it's not coming today, but it is coming tomorrow. temperatures 24 at 7:00 a.m. this morning, 41 at 7:00 tonight. upper 30s to near 40 tomorrow morning to start things out. all green lights today and tomorrow. a chance for showers or sprinkles on sunday. enjoy your saturday. today there will be a somber procession through the supreme court to honor justice antonin
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the supreme court. and he is the first justice to receive that honor since william rehnquist more than a decade ago. president obama will be among the mourners paying their respects. at 9:20 this morning, the casket will arrive at the supreme court and be brought this to the great hall. there will be a private ceremony at 9:30. coming up, molette green will let us know when the public can file into view justice scalia. brutal murders of a wealthy family and their house keeper shocked our area and today the man prosecutors believe is behind the killings will be in court. mark segraves looks ahead to what will happen today. >> reporter: darron wint will appear before a judge later this morning. he's facing 20 charges in connection with the quadruple murders last year of the satit y savopoulos family and their house keeper. it happened this their mans
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try to cover up his tracks. wint was caught after his dna was found on a piece of pizza left behind at the murder scene. wimt mchl wint person who is charged, but police believe he had accomplices and the investigation is continuing. so far wint has not provided any information that would lead police to any other suspects. and this is his first court appearance since a grand jury handed down the 20 count indictment. he's facing life in prison without the possibility of parole. the district does that have the death penalty. we'll be inside the courtroom and will update you later in the day. in the district, mark segraves, news 4. a jury will continue to deliberate prior an hey hugh oig, accused of putting a hit out while he sat in his jail cell. his uncle was going to testify
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in mayhew's last murder try. the first trial ended in a hung jury. he is already serving life in prison for other crimes. witnesses helped police with the description of a recent murder suspect, but this morning no arrests in yesterday's double murder. it happened in the middle of the day this northeast washington on 58th street. one man was found dead inside a home, the other man died at the hospital. possible delays on changes for the department of liquor control after a news 4 iteam investigation. after our reports, montgomery county council members started looking at problems inside the dlc. that department oversees all alcohol sales in the county. the county eventually supported a bill that would privatize some sales, but today delegates will vote on an amendment that could replace that bill and form a new a task force that would take a team are look and delay any changes to more than a year. decision 2016 having a direct impact on some of our students. all fairfax county schools will
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tuesday. the school buildings will be used as polling places. the school board made the decision last night in light of historic turnouts in other primaries across the country. students will not have to make up that day. and potholes on beach drive in northwest d.c. shouldn't be a problem much longer. crews will be working overtime tomorrow and sunday trying to patch up holes. news 4 was there yesterday. crews were already on the job. and we're working to make sure you hknow where the worst potholes are. tweet us @4potholefix with a picture and the location. get ready for a nice warm-up this weekend. but not before a chilly walk to metro this morning. chuck bell back with your commuter forecast. a former marine brutally beaten. police say they are one step closer to fin
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case. >> and it's a case of child pornography that shocked the prince george's county community and now school leaders are taking a closer look at the proceduyour daughter wants to stay organic. your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. you want to stay free from artificial preservatives. and your debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with small victories like giant's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 items. eat well for less. only at my giant.
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i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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former marine assaulted while grabbing a bite to eat. police hope this surveillance video will help track town the people responsible. as the victim left the restaurant, one person knocked him to the ground and the other started kicking him. this happened at 9th and e street last friday night. the victim told police his attackers called him racist and stole the mapn's wallet. right now people have to swear in court that they haven't spent the night with their spouse in the past year and get a witness to back up their c
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those requirements. the capitol gazette reports the measure drew little opposition last week in the house of delegates. of course this is during divorce proceedings. it's time to check our forecast now. and i like chuck's system here because he will talk a little a take and then focus on the good stuff. >>ichtgif for sure. but small chance for a snow 234r5 flake or two this morning moving into the south ends of the shenandoah valley. all indications is that that should dry up as it comes east of the mountains, but west of the blue ridge, at least a chance for a quick flurry or two. temperatures are way below freezing. 19 in gaithersburg now, 21 winchester and luray, 19 in
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washington. so your commute this morning, it will be cold and cloudy, couldn't rule out a flurry or two. not looking for any accumulations, but later today cloudy and dry. temperatures in the low to mid-40s. weekend impacts, nice and low. if it you will be exercising or even going skiing, the weather will be very cooperative especially on your saturday. sunday a little chance for some showers. more about that coming up in ten minutes. you would think it was monday with all these traffic troubles, melissa mollett. it is nasty. breaking news here top of the beltway, outer loop at connecticut avenue, we just have a mess this morning. so take a look at this camera if we can here for a minute. beltway at connecticut, that is the outer loop for this crash. inner loop no lanes getting by, but now a little traffic creeping by every now and then. taking a look at a big look at the beltway, you can see overall evhi
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we don't have any major issues anywhere else. but top of the beltway, that little piece of red there this morning going to be you causing problems for a while. right now we know that it is a tractor trailer on its side. it is through the jersey wall. there is a fuel spill. avoid it if you can. we're sending a crew that way now. update on the bw parkway situation northbound at 32, left lane now getting by that crash. the ramp from 32 to northbound bw parkway are again open. prince george's county overall nice and green. and we have 66 and 95 with no major issues. we're just hours away from the first good byes to antonin scali scalia. and what school oicials arffe
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good morning. i'm erika gonzalez from the live desk. we're learning this morning that investigators believe they have two isis suspects detained in austria after officials got word that they had been traveling with the paris attackers. investigators believe the men arrived in the european union with two paris attackers, but it's not clear if they were directly involved. if you remember, it was back in november that a series of attacks in paris killed 130 people. back to you. it's 5:15. today antonin scalia will return for the high court one final time. scalia's body will lie in repose today inside the supreme court building. molette green is live with today's schedule of events. good morning. >> reporter: officials in washington and the public get a chance to pay their final respects all day tod.
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solemn day of events here at the high court. the casket carrying justice scalia's body will arrive and be brought into the great hall on the lincoln kasa fact on loan to the supreme court by congress. that's at 9:20. and then a short private ceremony set to begin at 9:30. the public viewing starts at 10:30. and we're expecting a lot of people to show up today. it will last throughout the day and close at 8:00 tonight. president obama among those mourners attending today's events. and interesting points to make, the u.s. supreme court police officers are serving as pallbearers. and former law clerks to justice scalia are serving as honorary pallbearers. that's the latest here.
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votes to the 2016 race for the white house tomorrow in nevada, democrat bernie sanders and hillary clinton are essentially tied going into tomorrow's caucuses. both candidates are aggressively courting latinos talking immigration in last night's m scs nbc town hall. >> we are absolutely going on introduce ledges lgislation. >> within 100 days? >> yeah, i'm going to introduce my priority legislation and this is at the top of that list. >> i want to take 11 million undocumented people in this country out of the shadows. >> and now to the southeast where republicans are jockeying for south carolina voters. donald trump is fighting to keep his status as frontrunner. political analysts say jeb bush and marco rubio needs strong showings in the paul met toe state. >> i'm here to ask you for your vote becau i
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as thin running in this race, but i'm a conservative that can win. >> necky haley officially endorsed marco rubio this week. we'll go deeper into what is at stake tomorrow and talk about the pope's unexpected involvement in decision 2016 when tracie potts joins us at 5:30. today the texas boy man san antonio ashe affluenza teen heads back to court over whether his case should be transferred to the adult court system. he was sentenced to probation and could face up to 120 days in jail if sentenced to adult probation. couch see attorney scott brown says he doesn't plan to fight transferring this case to adult court. the punishment could be greater if it stays in the juvenile courts. once was not enough for fbi agents who
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the home is tied to the brother of san bernardino shooter farook oig. in news for your health, you can also receive a health screening at the grocery store. we'll post the participating giants in the nbc washington app. screenings begin at 9:00 a.m. and will last until 3:00 p.m. the free service is in recognition of february as heart health month. nobody wants for go to the doctor for a skin issue they developed at this time of year. it may be cold outside, but some dermatologists say you should still put on sunscreen every single day. that's because the sun's uva rays shine every season. >> it is a common high school conception that you don't get as much sun exposure in the winter than the summer, but that's
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>> now, uvb sunlight is stronger during the summer and less intennow. skin experts say a broad spectrum sunscreen is best. you can find one that doesn't smell or leave a white streak on your skup. >> your face and hands especially. >> any sun to worry about? well, i guess it doesn't matter. but still, any sun today, chuck? >> very little sunshine unfortunately. a lot of clouds out there early this morning. but there is even a little chance of a snowflake or two this morning. tracking it here on storm team 4 radar, just this little ribbon of snowflakes there frostburg to petersburg to the north side of charlottesville. probably only going to last 5 or 10 minutes, but along i-81 be on the lookout for a quick passing snowflake. it's along the warm front which promises a big change in the weather coming our way for tomorrow. but as that warm front lifts through here,
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wring out just a snow tlflurry two. temperatures around the metro area, 20 in rockville, 21 reston up to center, 18 in manassas, 21 in clinton, maryland. 21 in college park and 25 by the bay. so here is the way the day will break out. going outside thois morning, layer up. in the teams and 20s. lots of clouds around for today. slivers of sunshine this afternoon. highs today only in the low to mid-40s downtown. upper 30s across maryland. tomorrow, things get a whole lot better. skies go from partly to mostly sunny. highs tomorrow mid-50s to upper 50s right along the we were are shore of the chesapeake bay, but low 60s around the metro area and mid-60s from manassas to charlottesville and
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there is all the sunshine for tomorrow. clouds come back on us saturday night into early sunday morning and sunday will start try. here is 3:00 sunday. and there is the rain chance sneaking this to the shenandoah valley and hit and miss shower chances from about 3:00 to 10:00 on sunday. but on the whole, i think you will like the weekend. at least it will be mild. both days in the upper 50s to low 60s. melissa mollett first 4 traffic. breaking news top of the beltway at connecticut avenue, we're shut down on the outer loop. very little traffic getting by on the inner loop on this camera. perhaps just coming off of connecticut avenue. rockville pig, the ra viville p inner loop shutting down. 270 south diverted on to gor georgetown. we're trying to get more information on this. again, we'rein
5:23 am
come by on the inner loop. i'm not sure if that's because they're coming off of connecticut avenue for example. rest of the beltway look quite good. our problem there sort of pulsating here in the top corner. bw parkway north at 32, that left lane getting by. no major issues any longer there, so you don't have it any more worries headed to bwi. clearly based on what happened something failed. >> school leaders saying the system failed the very students it was designed to protect. that is the message from the county school board on the child pornography case that angered parents from every part of our region. and pathey want to know why deoe carraway was left alone with students long enough to get their trust. there are 17 victim. the school board will decide whether students can be left alone with volunteers. the board will also review its hiring and background check policies.
5:24 am
carraway's background check did not turn up anything criminal, but sources say he does have a juvenile sex offense record. officials will also look at the protocols for reporting abuse. >> and the principal is legally obligated first to report that to child protective services and to report that to his or her immediate supervisor. >> the principal michelle williams is of not taking action after a guardian reported he had sent an explicit photo to a 9-year-old. today health officials will answer your questions about zika virus. they want residents to be aware but not alarmed. we'll put a link to the chat on our nbc washington app. and time is running out if you are a drone owner. today is the last day you can get it registered without a fine. ho more than 300,000 have
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registered. expect to pay $5 for that registration that is valid for three years. if you don't register, you could face fines of up to $250,000 and three years in prison. something unexpected almost came to a church youth function. the woman says she was opening up a can of green beans for the children when she saw a snake head inside. i can't even look at this. she's contacted the manufacturer and they are pulling green beep cans off of store shelves in utah as a precaution. and thank goodness she saw what it was before she served it to the kids. i can't even look. >> it looks like a green bean. >> i'm trying not to look. and now that we've lost our appetite, we'll talk about mcdonalds getting creative with breakfast. >> may want to think of thisf
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mcgriddle is on the menu, but now they're offering a chicken mcgriddle. it's a pancake bun of sorts that is stuffed with the mcchicken sandwich. >> might as well just dribble syrup and put a doughnut on top. >> yes, please. >> it's being tested at some spots this central ohio. no word if or when it might come out here. >> we would try that. >> over and over. 5:26 right how. two key states at high stakes. what candidates are doing. florida and all aboard. after years of anticipation, the wait is over. when you can finally use the d.c. street car system. national harbor you see right there. if you don't have plans this weekend, why not try heading there. springlike satu rd
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all eyes will be on two states this week as decision 2016 tips. but will the candidates last minute stuchling have an impact? i'm aaron fill crisgilchris. a father took his toddler with him to get a haircut and they were both shot. this morning we're learning new details about the
5:30 am
avenue, we are shut down both directions. only seeing very little traffic getting by at this point. listen to this, avoid the beltway ramps in that area. right now we know 355 to the inner loop to connecticut avenue to the outer loop, those ramps are shutting down. 270 south being pushed on to old georgetown. outer loop diverted on to connecticut and inner loop on to 395. but still closed because of the overturned track tractor trailer. four things you need to know about the weather, get ready for saturday. more clouds, but staying mostly dry. couldn't rule out a snowflake or two. springing into saturday, temperatures in the 60s. chances for raindrops on sunday mean that saturday is the day to get out there and enjoy the weather. still another snow chance coming up tuesday/wednesday time frame. here is
5:31 am
snowflakes drifting up the i-81 corridor. and it is cold outside. in the teens and 20s now. 40s later today. a person who only thinks about building walls wherever they may be and not building bridges is not a christian. >> if and when the vatican is attacked by isis, which as everyone knows is isis's ultimate trophy, i can promise you that the pope would have only wished and prayed that donald trump would have been president. >> an unexpected exchange between donald trump and the pope over immigration. that new strers controversies as voters prepare to weigh in in in nevada and south carolina. tracy spots, a shakeup in the ls
5:32 am
pope sort of landed in the middle of this as we are now 24 hour away from south carolina and nevada. initially when the pope said that it was unchristian to build this wall that donald trump wants to build between the u.s. and mexico, trump responded pretty strongly and quickly calling the pope's comments disgraceful. last night he dialed that back a bit saying that he's a big fan of the pope and he thinks that the pope was misinformed and that his comments were misunderstood. so backing off the criticism a little bit. we also heard from jeb bush saying he doesn't position it's appropriate for the pope to weigh in. now, looking at the democrats,p appropriate for the pope to weigh in. now, looking at the democrats, hillary clinton and bernie sanders essentially neck and neck. last night at a forum, they focused on immigration. large latino population out
5:33 am
they're both trying to engage that large latino population. both of them saying that they will do their best to deal with and protect the 11 million undocumented residents who are currently in the country. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill for us. thank you, tracie. a major delay for the officers on trial in the death of freddie gray. it could be months before anyone of the six baltimore police officers is back in court because the maryland court of appeals is trying to decide whether officer william porter will have to testify. you'll remember porter's case ended in a mess trial back in december. prosecutors still want to use his system against the other five officers. d.c. police are looking for a third man after a shooting in a southeast barber shop that left a 14 month old baby hurt. police say the three suspects shot and
5:34 am
son last friday afternoon. two charged with assault with a dangerous weapon. dae tech differences are still looking for anthony chambers and he should be considered armed and dangerous. both victims are expected to be okay. two men thin prince george' county accused of killing a convicted scammer. they're being held without bond. police say the men robbed atari and shot him. one of the items stolen was a rolex watch. at atari was once convicted of scamming banks out of more than $50 million. a 13-year-old tood.c. girl missing. sky a hmar'e young was last see yesterday morning. she's 5'6" with black curly
5:35 am
ugg boots and a black baseball cap with a pom-pom on top. more and more schools are coming under fire for their name. last night the fairfax county school board took a step toward a possible name change for jeb stewart owiuart high school. a petition calls for them to drop the name. in southeast washington, there are questions about whether ballou high school should be renamed after former marian barry. the school's alumni group thinks no change should happen and instead recommend barry's name go up on a new all boys school. ballou is named after a former tooes superintendent. city leaders would have to approve of any change. happening today, students will get to meet its new leader. dr. troy peno will be introduced
5:36 am
he was president at truman state in missouri since 2010. capitol hill will be a spot you want to avoid. streets around the capitol will close for the national governors conference. governors will discuss topics like health care and strategies to combat drug overdoses before they meet with president obama on monday. the conference and street closures end monday night. you will soon be able to take a street car along the h street corridor. the troubled d.c. street car system will start running next saturday, that is february 27. that project cost $200 million. it's been delayed for years due to safety and equipment problems. and you can ride for free right now. a video everybody is talking about right now. a helicopter dropping from the sky sending everyone on board into the water. what is expected to happen today as the investigation gets under way. >>
5:37 am
temperatures this morning, kids will definitely want to bundle up for recess today, but playing outside this weekend, it could be a whole lot different.
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5:39 am
a teen and several other people were taking a flying tour of pearl harbor when that happened. that
5:40 am
condition. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the plane to just drop out of the sky. i should say helicopter. five others were on board men it went down. someone from the ntsb arrives today. students bussed away from accokeek academy would have to wake up much earlier than they do now. the prince george's county board of education wants to rezone some students and send them to a school 20 minutes away. the students would start hair school day at 7:30 instead of 9:15. parents also say the other school has a lower quality academic record. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell coming up on 5:41. here is
5:41 am
valley. a shock of light snow coming through. could be reaching bluemont by about 7:00 a.m. most of the metro not going to see a snowflake, but shenandoah valley, eastern, western virginia, northern maryland, at least a conversational flake or two. it is cold this morning. teens and 20s on your way out the door. it will be a how long day. temperatures only in the 40s. more about the big weekend warm-up coming up. breaking news on the beltway. we're shut down at connecticut avenue. a lot of ramp closures. avoid the beltway ramps. rockville pig to the inner loop and connecticut avenue to the outer loop closing. 270 being pushed on to old george up to. you can't getting across the top of the beltway. out are loop detoured to connecticut and inner loop on to rockville pike. 270 south germantown to the beltway, nopr
5:42 am
marks here. it is not entering the information because nothing happening. 66 into town is fine. 95 north quantico to the beltway, 20 minutes. a have a a have a military school shut down for days. the possible threat from isis that has a lot of people there on edge. and it might not be your most favorite thing to do, but it could be good for you. why y
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top of beltway is shut down. avoid the ramps, too. rockville pike to the inner loop, connecticut avenue to the outer loop closing. 270 pushed on to old georgetown road. outer loop to connecticut and inner loop to rockville pike. layer up this morning.
5:46 am
go. but we'll talk about the 60s on saturday this five minutes. and pothole patrol continues. what we're learning about fixes that kind paimpact your weekend plans. today a jury will continue its deliberations this the retrial of a man already serving a life sentence. write brian mayhew accused of arranging the murder of his uncle. there was a hug jury in the first trial. the new jury is now deliberating. a mayhew is serving life on other murder convictions. police are investigating a shoot taking happened on 58th street in northeast d.c. close to the maryland line yesterday afternoon. police found one map dead inside a home, another man who was shot died at the hospital. so far there have been no arrests. we know this won't make you too happy to
5:47 am
your ride home next week monday and tuesday between the smithsonian and frl central southwest stations. after 8:00 p.m., trains will run every 15 minutes because of single tracking. silver line trains will only run between boston and wehle reston east for major laying of new track there. and before it even gets up and running, the purple line could be plagued by the same problems metro has had. there is a proposal to use a spanish company that once made cars for metro and those cars had to be replaced because they broke down take often. the 16 mile light rail system would connect montgomery and prince george's counties. road closures may make it tricky to get around. after the morning rush shower, this very much of independence avenue will close for pothole repair. the bruidge expected to be blocked through saturday
5:48 am
and these potholes on beautiful drive theft shouldnnorthwest sh problem much longer. y crews already on the job. we're making to make sure crews hoe where the worst potholes are. tweet us @4potholefix. the new twitter handle is devoted to patching the potholes. @4potholefix. new funding on its way to help flint, michigan with its water crisis. both the michigan governor and health and human services secretary have announced funding to help those affected by lead found this drinking water there. governor rick snyder says $2 million will be approved for the city's plan to remove pipes and replace them. sylvia burwell announced the government will give $500,000 in emergency funding for more testing and treatment. >> it's
5:49 am
is positive work being done. it's a big team to make flint better. >> getting to a place where there is clean safe water both in the short term and long term and supporting all those entities on our path to get there. >> governor stnyder hopes more collaboration can happen. >> local leaders pack their bags cuba. news 4's david kuld ver will also be on the trip to cover the visit. delegation visits like this this one are becoming more common since relations between the u.s. and cuba were re-established. the group will tour schools and hospitals during their five day trip, but local readers say this is also about networking as many local businesses want in on trade and tourism. >> we're going down now before the spotlight sort of makes all of its
5:50 am
we're down there early. and i think that is critical. >> there is caution about doing business with the island nation following reports of human rights abuses. but the delegation says no deals will be made on this trip. they will head cuba on saturday. next month the president will also make a visited a become the first sitting president to take a trip to you cuba in decades. best part of the forecast is it's friday. >> yes, a frigid friday will turn into a springlike saturday around here. but don't get too used to the warm weather. it will only be a one or one and a half day shot at it, but every little bit helps. today skies are getting more cloudy with time. staying on the cold side for today. we're all very, very anxious to be outside and enjoying the weather coming up for tomorrow. first thing you need to know, check it out on storm team 4 radar, a ribbon of snowflakes into the
5:51 am
might be enough to leave a quick little coating. moving in to woodstock, virginia. headed up to martinsburg. so don't be shocked if you see a snowflake or two. page, shenandoah county, out toward warren, as well. not a lot of snow. just enough to sort of say, hey, it's out there and then it's done. temperatures are cold enough for snow. 18 now in damascus, 18 in manassas and culpeper. 17 in charles town. biki biking forecast, relatively if. which i will i today with temperatures in the 40s. perfect bike riding weather coming up tomorrow. a risk of showers sunday in the afternoon. so do it earlier in the day. tomorrow starting out with clouds around and chilly. temperatures around 40 tomorrow morning. but compared to teens and 20ss this morning, that's a big change. 20 to 25 degree improvement from now to tomorrow
5:52 am
tomorrow afternoon at lunchtime, more sunshine, mid-50s. mostly sunny, we'll call it between mild to warm. temperature it is in the low to mid-60s. and "7-day forecast," mild both days this weekend, but again a chance for rain showers sunday afternoon. monday cloudy and in the 50s and maybe a little rain/snow combination tuesday in to wednesday of next week. i'll let you know how the weather will affect the rest of your weekend plans coming up. breaking news on the top of beltway. take a look, chopper # just got over the scene of will this tractor trailer that is overturned. this is the outer loop of the beltway right now. that is where most of the crash and debris is here this morning. but you can see some of it spilled over including the load in to the inner loop lanes. these folks that are getting by here, right shoulder of the inner loop were the folks that were there when this happened, so they have been sitting in this backup behind this it is all shut down right now. and you cannot continue on to the inner loop. soo
5:53 am
rockville pike to inner loop and connecticut avenue to outer loop shutting down. outer look on to connecticut and inner look on to rockville pike. she lost her parents, son and daughter in a fire that she almost didn't survive. tomorrow they say good-bye. they were all killed in a fire in chillum exactly one month ago. fire investigators say they didn't find any smoke detectodetector s in that home. all four of the family members will be laid to rest at fort lincoln cemetery. a social media threat connected to isis is closing a virginia school today. according to the "washington post," someone used social media to threaten the hargrave military academy in chatham. the fbi and police are investigating facebook messages the school received. th
5:54 am
will this weekend. school administrators say they have increased security. the campus is crowed until next week. good reason to get your tax returns filed.until next week. good reason to get your tax returns filed. millions of people have become victims of i.d. theft. >> i get an e-mail from my accountant that says this is very strange, i cannot submit your return. >> tonight on news 4 at 5:00, tax refund fraud. seuss usan hogan shows you how t can prevent it tonight at 5:00. i'm landon dowdy and cnbc. if you drive a lexus, be prepared to get pulled over. it's the biggest ticket magnet. the site reviewedur
5:55 am
for more than 300 models and 323,000 customers over the past two years. also in the top five, the knnisn 350z. . a bill introduced in virginia could keep the names of police officers secret. it would exempt the families and training records of officers from freedom of information act requests making them inaccessible to the public and the media. opponents say public access to the names is important for keeping departments accountable since they are funded by taxpayer dollars. we've reported about cellphone thefts in our area. and now we're learning that one woman says she was the victim of a back to back crime. lauren says she was looking at a map on her iphone tuesday when a teenage girl took it and ran off. she was then
5:56 am
young boy who says that he would get the phone back, but it would cost her. he said it would cost her $60. she told at collins that she gave him $20. >> i said i'll give you the the rest when you come back. obviously he never came back. and that was it. i paid him to rob me. >> police say they are concerned about this kind of double robbery. they say cellphones are hot items. government regulators took a step that could save you money on your cable bill. >> they adopted a policy that will open up the market for set top boxes. the proposed rule change will give cable and satellite customers more choice this whether to use the set top box or a competing company. american families send on average more than $200 a year on box rentals from cable companies. >> those competitive options will do what expedition always
5:57 am
drive town costs and create opportunities. >> a coalition of cable companies including comcast has argued the rule change may raise prices for consumers because of the cost of implementing a new system. comcast is the parent company of nbc 4. this proposal now enters a comment period in which businesses and customers can weigh in before a final vote. breaking news right now that is making a mess of the morning commute. take a look here, live picture both the eninner and outer loop shuts down after a truck accident. chopper 4 live over the scene. melissa mollett will have all the closures you need to know about.
5:58 am
5:59 am
breaking news right now that could make it hard for you to get to work. take a live look right now. the beltway shut down in both directions after a truck accident this morning in montgomery county. >> chopper 4 live over the scene. melissa mollett is here with all the closures we need to know about. going to be a rough morning through there. >> it will be a mess. so depe again take a look. outer loop at connecticut avenue where most of the crash is here this morning. inner loop all these folks getting by on the right, that is only open for toes that were
6:00 am
the existing backup from that accident. so outer loop shut down. avoid the beltway ramps. all ramps in that area are shutting down. 270 pushed on to old georgetown, outer alone on to connecticut and inner loop on to rockville pike. new crashes, inner loop at 66, inner loop at van dorn and 95 at fairfax county mark way. and bw parkway north at 32, still slow just after that here this morning, so allow extra time if you are headed up to the airport here this morning as we zoom out, you can see no other real major issues as we take a big look at the beltway. chuck, you have to have better news than i do morning. >> absolutely. receipt l pretty low bar, but as you're getting ready for a weekend, no real troubles. it will be cloudy and cool for your friday p tomorr. tomorrow is a day to jump outside. risk of some rn


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