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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  February 19, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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antonin scalia. just moments ago president obama and first lady michelle obama went to the supreme court to pay their respects to the long-time justice. >> scalia's body will lie in repose until 8:00 tonight. derrick ward is right outside the court. he has been talking to mourners who have been lining up all day long. >> reporter: good morning. indeed they have. as you said, the president and first lady left here about ten minutes ago at arriving at 3:30 and staying for roughly 20 minutes but the steady stream of mourners has been going in all day since early this morning. usually a gathering like this outside this court means that there's a ruling coming down, but today with the flags at half-staff, it is clear that this is all about mourning. scalia's coffin got here at 9:30 from a fairfax county funeral home. he was taken inside by former clerks who acted as pall bearers. he was placed
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the same one used by president lincoln when his body laid in repose. scalia served on the court longer than any of the other justices. he was the standard bearer of originalism and also a standard bearer for conservatism and his death comes at a time that thrusts his replacement or the issue of his replacement into the crucible of presidential politics, but today it is clear that this was again all about saying good-bye to this man, and we spoke to one of the mourners as she came out about what the mood was inside. >> it's very somber. she was a great man. avenues legal giant. i feel really honored to have had the opportunity to say good-bye. >> reporter: and there are people here of all political ilks from all over the country. a lot of local people here who have touched or whose lives have been touched by scalia in some ways and others who haven't, who just wanted to come and pay their respe.
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ceremony will remain in effect until about 8:00 tonight and tomorrow there will be a funeral at 11:00. it will be presided over by one of scalia's sons who is a catholic priest. they have not said publicly where scalia will be buried after that ceremony tomorrow. coming up, we'll have more on what's going on here inside and outside the court. we're live now outside the supreme court. derrick ward, news4. back to you. new details tonight about some of the tactics police say were used by the man accused of making child porn while working as a teacher's aide in prince george's county. >> let's go to glenarden where darcy spencer is live outside judge sylvania woods elementary school. what are you hearing? >> reporter: well, chris, when you learn of these disturbing details, it certainly boggles your mind to think that someone was able to allegedly commit these criminal acts right inside an elementary school where you think your children are being
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out today is that the suspect in the case allegedly handed out several cell phones at the beginning of the school day to -- for kids to record perhaps videos or photographs and then would collect those phones at the end of the school day. that is new information we learned today. 22-year-old deonte carraway is the focus of this investigation. a former volunteer and aide here at judge sylvania woods elementary school. he is in jail right now facing child pornography charges. there are at least 17 victims who have come forward. they are between the ages of 9 and 13. investigators have discovered dozens of videos of children engaging in vial sexual acts. coming up on news4 at 5:00, you will get parent reaction to these new disturbing details. darcy spencer, news4. >> thank you very much, darcy. over in montgomery county, traffic on the beltway is moving again.
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today when a tractor-trailer flipped over near connecticut avenue and spilled fuel and debris all over the beltway. police had to close the beltway in both direction for more than two hours. the truck damaged a concrete barrier. police say the driver was e investigated from the truck and died. dennis frampton was from halethorpe, maryland, and police are trying to figure out what caused him to crash. we're still awaiting word for funeral arrangements for harper lee. the author died this morning. to kill a mockingbird defined the racial troubles of the deep south. it was published in 1906 and won a pulitzer prize the next year. two years later it was a movie starring gregory peck. "mockingbird" was her only novel until last year when she released "go set a watchman." people from tim cook to rand paul have weighed in on her death. you can read their tweets, j
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a clarification from the vatican today regarding the comments pope francis made about gop presidential hopeful donald trump. a vatican spokesperson says the pontiff was not making a personal attack when he said trump is not a christian. pope francis made the comments yesterday referencing trump's repeated calls to build a wall between the u.s. and mexico. a papal spokesperson says papal often talks about building bridges, not walls. on thursday said it is disgraceful for a religious leader to question a person's faith. today the world health orths made an encouraging prediction about the zika virus. the group zika response team says the mosquito-borne virus will be way down by august when the summer olympics kick off in rio. they feel they will host a fantastic olympics and say since the venues are in a relatively confined areas, they say it's easier for authorities to control the local mosquito population. coming up, wh
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say about zika and the use of artificial contraception. well, the weekend is upon us and storm team4 is tracking the forecast and what everybody wants to know is what's waiting for us on the other side of the weekend. let's get the latest from storm team4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer. hey, doug. >> hey, guys, pat, good to see you. temperatures today a little on the cool side. our average high temperature this time of year is 48. we've been well below that and the reason why, we've had all the cloud cover across the area. you can see the clouds on our rockville camera but not a bad friday afternoon if you're heading out this afternoon. i think you're looking okay there, too. 41 here. 38 in philadelphia, but 66 in jackson, kentucky. 63 in charleston, west virginia, and that warm air is going to slide our way overnight tonight. so it weres won't even be all that cold tonight and tomorrow it's looking really nice. we're talking about a great weekend. now, we have a chance of showers on sunday. that's something we'll talk much more about, show you when the showers move in, and then you talk about next
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storms now making their way our way. one on tuesday, one on thursday. we'll talk much more about what they can bring in our full forecast. we'll see you in just a few. >> thank you. do we know this? the flu virus is spreading this afternoon. first at 4, which part of the area now has a widespread flu situation and what you can still do to make sure you don't get it. and months after reports of smoking hover boards surface e
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after a month-long investigation, the government sis hover boards are uaf
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consumer product safety commission. the agency notified retailers, manufacturers, and importers about new hover board safety standards. if those standards aren't met, the agency may take enforcement action. the commission wants makers and sellers of hover boards to take noncertified boards off the market until they can be certified. now, first at 4, a prince george's county man found guilty of murdering his uncle. brian mayhew's ankuncle was getg ready to testify against him. nicoh mayhew waso,rp killed in weeks before he was set to take the stand. prosecutors say mayhew ordered the hit through a series of illegal jailhouse phone calls. despite the murder, ryan mayhew was convicted on the double murders. we're working for you with this health alert. more and more people are getting the flu,
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producers, we have all been hit over the last couple weeks, so doctors are advising everyone to wash your hands. health officials say the flu is widespread in 12 states, including maryland, but this year's vaccine is a good match for the strain that's circulating and doctors say it's not too late to get the flu shot. he's the man behind a shocking crime that got national attention, but even as the case against him builds, there's still one big question that's looming over the mansion murder. and what part of your weekend could be wet and more on the storm we're tracking for next week. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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you're watching news4 at 4:00. the only man charged in the killings of four people inside a d.c. mansion was in court today. >> yeah. it was daron wint's first appearance before a judge since he was indicted on 20 counts. mark segraves was there. now he's joining us live from the scene of the crime. >> good evening, chris. yeah, wint appeared before a d.c. superior court judge this morning. it's the first time he's been in court since the grand jury earlier this week handed down that 20-count indictment. he's facing life in prison. this morning he pled not guilty. wint was led into the courtroom in leg and hand shackles. he tripped over those shackles going in. inside the courtroom this morning, the father of amy sa
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well as family members from the housekeeper. they did not want to talk to reporters on their way out, nor did prosecutors. wint was cordial with the when the judge addressed him but the hearing was quick and the next trial day or hearing date was set for may 20th. that will be almost exactly a year from the day that wint was arrested just days after the murder. back here at the scene of the crime, the house remains boarded up. it's been sold. the new owners have asked for a permit to tear down this house and build a new house. as i said, wint is due back in court in late may. he's facing life in prison without the possibility of parole. chris, back to you. >> and, mark, i remember a few months back when you reported on his arrest, he wasn't alone. why hasn't anyone else been charged? >> reporter: yeah, and, you know, chris prosecutors and police have said publicly that they believe that wint had at least one accomplice, that he did not act alone in this, but so far they have not been able to find any other
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you know, wint was picked up because they found his dna on a piece of pizza crust inside the crime scene, but wint, as you said, when he was arrested there were several other people around him and they had tens of thousands of dollars on them. those people were all questioned and released that night, and so far wint does not seem to be cooperating with prosecutors. coming up at 5:00, we're going to talk to a civil rights attorney who explains why the fact that d.c. doesn't have the death penalty may actually be hindering prosecutors' efforts to get wint to prosecute. chris? >> thanks very much, mark. top honors for the two harford county sheriff's deputies killed in the line of duty. they were shot and killed february 10th at a restaurant in abingdon. this week their families were awarded the sheriff's medal of honor on the depp tiputiedeputi.
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dailey's funeral took place on wednesday. officer logsdon's funeral takes place tomorrow morning. i got to tell you, doug, you know, you walk outside -- pat and i have been so excited about the 60s. i think we expected it to already be on the way earlier today. >> and, doug, it's sort of the tale of two seasons that we're experiencing. >> for sure. this morning we woke up to temperatures in the 20s and tomorrow we're getting into the 60s. a nice 35, 40-degree temperature rise here. a little taste of spring. that's right. and take a look outside. still dealing with some cool conditions today in most areas. we've got plenty of cloud cover. that's actually the warm front that's moving our way. you can tell because it's now moving to the north. it's 41 in d.c. with the winds out of the south at 16 miles an hour. again, that's southerly component to the wind will allow some warming as we move on through the day. look down to the south. it's 47 degrees down toward fredericksburg. 48 down
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nothing on the radar, no rain, no snow to talk about. not going to worry about that, but here is the front. you can see a frontal boundary moving to the north. had some snow showers up there towards parts of pennsylvania. the warm air though just back to the west. we've got a system that's moving up towards the great lakes. that's going to help to draw that warm air our way. look at the numbers. 73 in st. louis. 65 in cincinnati. it's near 60 in pittsburgh right now, and that's the warm air that will eventually move our way tomorrow. so tomorrow is going to be one spectacular day. high temperature 63 d.c. 65 fredericksburg. 60 in martinsburg. upper 50s, gaithersburg, around baltimore but with plenty of sunshine. tomorrow is really looking quite nice. now, we have the sunshine and the warm air tomorrow. a lot of sun during the day tomorrow but then the clouds move in on sunday. saturday night no issues. if you're going out saturday night it's looking really good for that. sunday morning though, notice the cloud cover around on
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rain on sunday. doesn't come in until late in the day but that's something we're going to be watching. here is monday around midnight and by early monday morning it's out of here. this is a sunday night/monday event. that's a quick shot. that will help cool things down on monday and then we get into early next week. car wash forecast, yes, time to get the salt off the cars. yeah, you can definitely wash the car. we're not going to be seeing anything else in the way of snow. will stachiwatching next week. we have two areas of low pressure making their way our way. this will not be one storm, this will be two storms. the first storm on tuesday, the second storm moves in on thursday, and right now it looks like most of this will be rain. we've been talking about the pattern, ripe for a storm, but looking like rain. the chances for snow will be decreasing i thinkas we move towards it. the thursday storm could be one that we have to watch for snow, but right now the tuesday storm looks like it would be all rain. 63 tomorrow. 58 on sunday.
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46 on tuesday, and i know somebody who is very happy that right now we're predicting rain and not snow. pat? >> can't imagine who that would be. thank you, doug. >> you're welcome. the government has just fired back at apple for refusing to help access that encrypted iphone. first at 4, which two big tech companies have just weighed in on this escalating feud. for a lot of us it's the only way to get from d.c. to virginia, even over to maryland. you may be surprised how many of our local bridges need to be fixed. i'm tisha thompson with the news4 i-team. this is connecticut avenue, and right there you can still see where the b & o railroad used to come right through here. it's now the capital crescent trail and it's right here at about this spot that's the scene of the oldest unsolved murder in montgomery county. we're going to tell you why police are still searching for the killer in a
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theft of dimes and nickels. and we're going to show you why police think the murder weapon may be in someone's attic. we'll show you what they're looking for tonig
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ster it. you can do that on the faa
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the rule applies to owners of all remote controlled aircraft that weigh 9 ounces or more. the deadline is for drones bought before december 21st, and get this, so far 325,000 people have registered drones. that's more than the number of people registered to pilot aircraft. the justice department is stepping up its fight with apple over unlocking an iphone. they just filed a new motion accusing apple of, quote, repudiating a federal judge's order instead of following it. the ruling ordered apple to help the fbi hack into an encrypted iphone that one of the san bernardino shooters used, but apple's chief executive says break floing into the phone is dangerous. today twitter and facebook came out in support of apple and sources tell cnbc apple's response is due in court next friday. you may drive across one of them every day. a new report shows thousands of bridges across the country are in desperate need of
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in our area the district has ten bridges that are considered deficient. that means they're in poor condition or worse. that's 4% of the city's bridges. in virginia there are just over a thousand considered deficient. that's 8% of virginia's total, and maryland has about 300 deficient bridges or 6%. >> this has an impact on commuters, tourists, school buses, first responders, everybody who crosses these bridges. there are about 204 million crossings on our structurally deficient bridges every day. >> with current federal funding levels, it would take more than 20 years to fix all the deficient bridges in the country. maryland lawmakers want to crack down on marijuana users who light up in their cars. they voted to make it a misdemeanor to smoke pot in cars or trucks. now the bill has to head to the senate. now, two years ago maryland made it -- made
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possession of less than ten grams of marijuana a civil offense. this bill makes it a criminal offense if you smoke while driving or as a passenger in the car. well, they tend to sneak up on you. you don't see them until it's too late. potholes everywhere and in one spot it's so bad it's about to cause a detour. and we're about to ride a roller coaster, weather roller coaster that is. storm team4 has the latest.
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now at 4:30, we have lost a true literary legend. author harper lee is dead at the age of 89. she wrote the classic "to kill a mockingbird." sources tell news4 the former teacher's aide accused of making child porn allegedly gave cell phones to children. 17 victims have stepped forward so far. and we're taking a look at live pictures from the u.s. supreme court. the body of justice antonin scalia is lying in repose until 8:00 tonight. the president and first lady paid their respects about an hour ago. his funeral is set for tomorrow at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. vice president joe biden and his wife dr. jill biden will represent the white house at that funeral. well, we are getting closer to the moment of truth for several p
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democrats are going to caucus tomorrow in nevada. >> yeah. my hometown, and south carolina republicans will vote in their primary. the results there could change the shape of the race. steve handelsman live now in columbia, south carolina, with the latest. a lot of drama there, steve. >> reporter: yes. a beautiful day here in columbia. here in the state of south carolina nationwide what's helping donald trump so dominate is so many of his rivals are remaining in this race, splitting up the anti-trump vote. marco rubio hopes to put an end to that tomorrow here in this state. >> reporter: if the polling is accurate, marco rubio will not win south carolina's primary. >> very confident about tomorrow, very optimistic. >> reporter: because rubio's goal is second or third, but to beat jeb bush who campaigned again today with his mother, barbara. to beat john kasich and maybe ted cruz, to take over as the only surviving mainstream republican candidate. >> we need to no
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i know that i can better than anyone in this race. >> reporter: rubio's supporters are urging bush and kasich to quit. >> we need that segment to just bow out gracefully. >> reporter: ted cruz won't. the iowa winner polling second here wants to drive rubio from the race. >> here in south carolina these next 21 hours are going to decide a great deal. >> reporter: he's linking rubio to president obama on immigration. even though cruz today had to pull this fake photo of the two. >> this guy ted cruz is really a liar, i'll tell what you. >> reporter: trump's once big lead over cruz is down to five in today's nbc news/"wall street journa journal"/marist poll. >> running for president takes guts. i have never done this stuff before. takes guts. >> reporter: and showmanship. >> i support you. >> reporter: the candidate who would ban muslims from entering the u.s. looks set to win another primary.
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headlines on display here in south carolina again today when he called for a boycott of apple over the iphone manufacturer's dispute with the fbi over unlocking the phone allegedly used by the san bernardino killers. trump said to the audience, confessed, he said, hey, i just thought of that but it seems like a good idea. live from column bee yashtibico handelsman. tomorrow is a big day for the democratic candidates as well. bernie sanders and hillary clinton will both be in nevada for the caucuses. there aren't a whole lot of polls available from nevada, but if you believe the latest results, the race is either a tie or clinton has a slight edge. by the way, this caucus process will be very similar to the one in iowa but with a las vegas-style twist. ties at precinct caucuses will be decided with a deck of cards. remember, they flipped a coin in iowa. the group that draws the high card will be declared the
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winner. dozens of governors from around the country are gathering here in washington this weekend for their annual winter meeting. they'll talk about a number of public policy topics like health care. before meeting with president obama on monday. the event is affecting downtown traffic. right now e street is closed between 13th and 14th streets northwest and it won't reopen until 6:30 p.m. on monday. that's the stretch of e street near freedom plaza and the national theater. if you have to travel through that area over the weekend, you should expect delays. get ready for a fan tab lus weekend. there's a lot of events going on. someone said, hey, i'm going to play golf this weekend. it will be a little soggy, the ground, so you might have to put the grass back there, but our temperatures first of all for the evening not bad either. we'll start out around 40 degrees at 5:00 and then our temperatures will gently,
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i don't think we'll bottom out too low. we'll stay above the freezing mark. it's a nice evening out for a friday night kicking off the weekend. look at even pax river, st. mary's, 40 degrees the temperature by early tomorrow. 37 around olney, gaithersburg. 38 in falls church. on satellite and radar we have clouds around here. we will see some clearing and we will get that with this warm front. there is br the warm air is and that's going to be moving into the area this weekend. the next change for us, 50 by lunchtime. 60 by 1:00. we'll stay in the 60s. that should be 63 at 3:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon. nice and warm, great weather for getting out exercising, going skiing, even an evening out. better than last weekend and better than next weekend in many ways as you will see. we'll have that seven-day forecast for you. >> thanks, v.j. well, this next story could motivate you to fileo
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>> and that's because millions of americans are at risk of tax-related identity theft. consumer reporter susan hogan is here to explain how it happens. >> that's right. the federal government says more than 17.5 million people are victims of identity theft. that means millions of people are at risk of someone else using personal information to file people's tax returns and steal refunds. so if you're a victim of any data breach in recent years or had your identity stolen some other way, you want to file your return as soon as you receive your w-2 tax documents. otherwise, could you end up like that man, that d.c. resident, ronald nim and hear this when you try to file your return. >> i get an e-mail from my accountant and said this is very strange. i cannot submit your return. >> ronald says he spent the last year trying to straighten out his tax i.d. problems. tonight on
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preventing tax-related identity theft. plus, find out why our story has d.c. rethinking the way it handles tax i.d. theft cases. it's a story you're not going to want to miss. it's amazing what happened. >> even when you get it worked out, it's such a hassle. >> it's so true. it takes months to work out. earlier today we held a facebook chat with the federal trade commission talking about tax fraud and identity theft. open our nbc washington page to read all the questions and answers. >> a lot of good information there. a papal proclamation that for many people was so unexpected, but it's not the first time a pope has relaxed the rules on a controversial subject. and first at 4, people are already gearing up for spring break, but if you haven't finalized your plans, you'll want to act fast.
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pope francis says it's okay for some women to use artificial contraception if they're at risk of contracting the zika virus and giving birth to babies with rare birth defects. >> as anne thompson reports, it's not the first time the catholic church has relaxed its rules on birth control. >> reporter: in pope francis' native latin america, the zika virus carried by mosquitos is wreaking havoc, linked to babies born with abnormally small heads. public health officials have urged women to avoid getting pregnant in a region of the world that is overwhelmingly catho
4:40 pm
conference, the pope said contraception to prevent zika is the lesser of two evils compared to abortion. abortion, he said, is a crime, an absolute evil, and likened it to what the mafia does. while surprising, francis' decision is is not a first in church history. in the '60s pope paul vi allowed nuns in the belgian kongo in danger of rape to use birth control. in that case francis said it was a clear exception. that exception has some people in latin america hailing francis as a modern pope who finds solutions. but experts insist this is not a change in church doctrine. >> this is not a blanket statement to apply to all forms of contraception at any moment, but this is dealing with a disease that's wreaking havoc in people's live. >> reporter: pope francis also addressed the latest vatican gossip concerning a close friendship between st. john paul ii and an american female philosopher. was it a sin?
4:41 pm
with a woman is not a sin, that popes can have healthy holy relationships with women and need their input. without it, he said, men are missing something. i'm anne thompson in rome. now back to you. if you are planning to fly somewhere for spring break you may want to book your trip now to save some money. fare analyzed popular spring break destinations looking at how families and college students can save on airfare. they say if you book tickets this week, you can save up to 30% as compared to folks who book trips at the last minute. and if you need some ideas, the d.c. travel and adventure show is rolling into your area this weekend. nbc 4 is a proud partner of the event which showcases hundreds of destinations from india to the caribbean to even some local hotspots. it also features cooking demonstrations, dance performances, and a few hands-on activities. the show runs saturday and sunday at the washington convention cee
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nightmare and suddenly comes true. how the right people at the right time turn a terrifying ordeal into such a survival story. and potholes. they're just about everywhere and in one place the potholes are so bad they could cause big weekend traffic headaches.
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a very, very warm weekend. i may have to issue a get outdoors weather alert for the weekend, ande'
4:45 pm
that midweek storm that we've been monitoring. cell phone snatch and grab. it's one of the most common crimes in our area. the i-team is investigating a new twist. how much would you pay to get yours back? i'm melissa with the your fir first4 traffic. kutz bridge closed for pothole repairs, just some closures on the left and center lanes here throughout the weekend. so lanes will be reopening by late saturday afternoon. that's the good news if you're going to use the bridge anytime this weekend. national governors conference happening in northwest. road closures around capitol hill really. so roads are going to be reopening there monday night once that conference is then out of the way. talking about metro, everywhere on every line we do have a bit of a delay here this weekend. so red line will be single tracking between
4:46 pm
gut north and silver bring. orange and blue, between smithsonian and federal center southwest. silver line every ten minutes. and green line single tracking between l'enfant plaza and navy yard. we'll see you monday morning for news4 today. and now your storm team4 forecast. >> mild conditions this weekend. doesn't matter if you have anything planned yet because just go outside and enjoy yourself. this will be a fantastic mild weekend coming up. we mentioned the adventures travel show, the washington convention center. also the d.c. roller girls at the d.c. armory this upcoming weekend. i think we're all going to have a bit of a fever, spring fever this weekend. and then midweek right now it's looking like it's a rain event for us, at least for the most part as you will see in just a moment. so weather impacts on the day
4:47 pm
day warning we should have. it's you are jeurgent that you outside. maybe a little crowded out there at some of the area parks and with just how mild the temperatures are going to be. 58 to 64 the range. it gets a little breezy in the afternoon. that's it. in fact, let me show you the sky cast. you can see the clouds early part of the day. this is 2:00. so a lot of high to midlevel clouds across the area during the afternoon hours, and then you will notice by late in the day a lot of those clouds will start making their way back out of here. by 7:00, it will be partly cloudy. we start out at 40, already warm. we'll continue to climb into the upper 50s even at 5:00. again, our high temperature around 63 around 2:00, 3:00. she's got her nbc washington app. you hit it, you get the temperature. 63 degrees, a taste of spring. a bit of a brief warm-up is what i'm calling it for
4:48 pm
least cooler and then cold by the end of next week. some showers coming. now it looks like later and later on sunday. probably after 6:00, 7:00, maybe even as late as 8:00 as you will see in a moment. here is 8:00. some showers down south around leonardtown, maybe around fredericksburg could be a little closer. then 11:00, some showers come through the area. we're not going to get a lot, maybe a quarter of an inch. for anyone going out late, you will just need a regular size umbrella. nothing too heavy for us to deal with. first thing monday morning after such a nice weekend -- that's not monday morning actually. no snow for monday. but look at this. we'll start out in the 40s. low 40s across the area. as that rain ends around 3:00, 4:00 a.m. monday morning, roads will be wet, but they will not be icy. and then tuesday, the rain develops. your high impact day i think is tuesday especially late into wednesday morning because these temperatures are higher now into the mid to upper 40s, it is looking like rain that could carry into thursday.
4:49 pm
coming up on news4 at 5:00. >> thanks, v.j. well, we rely on these things to keep us connected but they have also become a big target for thieves. >> and sometimes when a phone calls into the wrong hands, the thieves don't stop there. they ask for cash before you can get your phone back. news4's scott macfarlane and the news4 i-team found more and more people are losing both their phones and their cash. >> reporter: 1,200 times since 2012 and 30 times since january people riding metro had their phones snatched. an orange line at the deanwood. watch them board a train and then jump off and bolt. people say they smashed a woman's iphone 6 and through rock salt in her face. a month later a man demanded $300 from the victim before returning it. metro police arrested him for possession of stolen material. they say they take these cases
4:50 pm
>> the victim calls us and we'll coordinate the buyback. >> reporter: a 13-year-old's phone was stolen. when his mom texted the number to get the phone back, a woman responded saying she'd just bought the phone at a store and wouldn't return it for less than $200. >> that's my son's phone and it was stolen. >> reporter: in principle you're not paying for that. metro transit officers arranged a sting. >> yesterday the victim's mother gets a phone call from a person in possession of the stolen team. >> reporter: cameras rolled as the woman arrived and police arrested her. did you ask for money in run for that phone? >> i did. yes, sir, i did. >> reporter: it's not just stolen phones but lost phones, sometimes being held for ransom. someone demanded $150 for a phone on campus in college park and twice in recent months u.s. capitol police busted people for demanding ransom for phones on the grounds of the capitol. but those victims might actually be the lucky once. the i-team went undercover and found often
4:51 pm
we placed phone in three busy locations in d.c. and positioned our cameras to record what happened next. 16 minutes after leaving a phone behind in dupont circle we watched a man stop, check around him, appear to text with his own phone, then grab ours and walk off. we texted our own number and the man eventually responded eight hours later saying he was turning it in. but he never told us where. at this bus stop on u street northwest less than five minutes after we left the phone on a bench, this man found it, looked around briefly, and took it. we never heard back from him. on a different day at eastern market, our phone sat near the metro one man walked past it, lifted it, and put it back. another saw it and pocketed the phone. >> i just got a text. >> could i come meet you to get it? >> he agreed to meet up free of charge. the only good samaritan the i-team found. speaking of good samaritans, if you lose your phone you really want
4:52 pm
eleanor spotted this iphone 5 in a lime green case in an alley behind remember row house. >> right there on the brick road? >> yes. >> she and irene have spend weeks trying to track down the owner. >> if i had ever lost it in the owner, i would have loved it if i had gotten a phone call. >> reporter: calling the phone company and then posting an ad online. >> and we put the ad on craigslist. we haven't had any hits. >> still hoping and trying to return for free something so many of us just can't go without. scott macfarlane. >> police tell us trying to buy your phone back can be dangerous. if it's stolen, your first move should be to call police. go to the nbc washington app and click on investigations for more information. a group of local leaders is heading to cuba this weekend and northern virginia bureau reporter david culver will be right there with them. theel
4:53 pm
bowser, montgomery county executive ike leggett and maurice jones, the commerce and trade secretary in virginia. they're calling it a networking trip that will focus on health, education, business, and government. you will start seeing david's reports on sunday on news4 at 6:00 and 11:00 and he will be reporting live from cuba at 5:00 p.m. on monday. a young boy's life suddenly hanging in the balance. >> an infant that isn't breathing turned blue. >> the terrifying moments for a mother and her young son and why the person who came to the rescue had never done anything like this before. >> you're watching news4 at 4:00.
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the affluent teenager is moving to adult court. a judge in texas ordered ethan couch's trial transferred out of the juvenile system. he was 16 years old when he got drunk and killed four people in a car crash. he initially got probation but now could be facing jail time. couch and his mother escaped to mexico in december after questions were raised about violating that probation. police found them and both have been returned to the u.s. a woman in new jersey had to use cpr to save her baby's life. the 2-month-old had stopped breathing, but as reporter ted greenberg shows us, this particular rescue was a team effort. >> i was just focused on trying to do what i needed to do. >> reporter: for
4:57 pm
that meant performing cpr on her 2-month-old son brian after the tiny boy stopped breathing. >> an infant that isn't breathing, turned blue. >> reporter: a friend called for help february 10th from the family's galloway township home. 911 dispatcher katy lawrence answered the call. >> for me personally infants and elderly people are definitely the hardest. >> stay on the phone with me and keep me updated. i'm starting the plans and the medics over. >> reporter: she also dispatched police officer kevin jorgenson. >> i arrived to see the mother kneeling next to the child. my training took over. i took control of the baby, began cpr. >> reporter: soon emts and paramedics were there as well. then jorgenson said their team effort paid off when the baby started breathing. >> he just opened his eyes subtly, shut them again. it was an amazing experience. i'm the father of three girls. >> reporter: the tiny boy who
4:58 pm
condition is now recovering at st. christopher's hospital for children in philadelphia. >> we're so, so thankful. i could hear them from the other room just talking to my son. kind of encouraging him. >> reporter: officer jorgenson said it's the first time he ever performed cpr on an infant and he and other department members just received updated medical training for first responders within the last couple weeks. >> it was a great refresher for me and it was helpful with our save of this infant. >> to see them act in your best interest for your son and know they are invested in it, i think that's what i took away from it so much. >> reporter: ted greenberg, news4. news4 at 5:00 starts now. an alarming new develop tonight in the case of that former teacher's aide in prince george's county. >> right now at 5:00, we are learning how the
4:59 pm
abuser collected disturbing images. where there's smoke there's fire. after months of reports of overheating hover boards, the federal government tonight laying down the law. coming up on news4, the man charged in the mansion murders was in court today pleading not guilty. i'm mark segraves and we'll explain why the district's lack of the death penalty may play a role in this case. we begin with a developing story. new details this evening involving a child pornography case at the prince george's county school. >> tonight we learned about one of the tactics that the suspect allegedly used to collect those images. news4's darcy spencer just talked to some of the parents today at judge sylvania woods judge sylvania woods elementary school and joins us live. >> reporter: because of the disturbing nature of all of the alleges that have come out so far in this investigation, i can't tell you that parents were shocked today to find out that the suspect in this case aleg
5:00 pm
students for them to do these recordings, but i can tell you that they were disheartened. a source close to the investigation says deonte carraway handed out several cell phones to potential victims to record videos and collected them at the end of the school day at judge sylvania woods elementary in glenarden. he allegedly recorded dozens of videos of children performing vial sexual acts at school, even at church where he was a youth choir director. >> i didn't know that. >> reporter: what do you think of that? >> that's horrible. it's just horrible all around for the children. not for him but for the children. >> reporter: state the state's attorney would not comment but says her office is getting cooperation. >> we want everyone to cooperate so the families and parents involved can learn what happened


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