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tv   News4 This Week  NBC  February 21, 2016 11:30am-12:01pm EST

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hi, everyone. i'm veronica johnson. we'll show you some of the more interesting local stories making news this week. among them, they're devices that save lives. the news4 i-taken discovered defibrillators can be hard to find and that can be the difference between life and death. plus, she is taking signing casts to a whole new level. we meet a physical therapist who is using her experience to make a painful experience more fun. and if you think it's been cold, try a trip to antarctica. we go on a once in a lifetime trip. first a closer look at the threat of the zika virus. in the past week maryland
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it appeared a person traveled to a country where mosquitos carried the virus. that person has fully recovered and it poses no danger to the community. maryland has sent more test kits and is awaiting those results. while the threat of zika is relatively low in the u.s., it is major concern in brazil where athletes and spectators will gather for the rio olympics in a little more than 160 days. as chris gordon tells us, when montgomery county companies working hard to rid the country of the virus in time for the games. >> this little lab in rockville, maryland, is taking on a giant challenge. they want to help eradicate the zika virus in time for the olympics in rio this summer. >> i believe that we can. i believe we can work with government such as the brazilian government. i know that they're very motivated to make people as safe as they can be at the brazilian olympics. >> the company is called
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testing mosquitos to identify concentrations carrying the zika virus. that could help focus fume gags efforts. >> the world health organization has been focusing on the people. on the people who get the infection. what we're focusing on is the source. we're focusing at the spigot. if you consider this a flood, we're trying to turn off the spigot. it is the mosquitos. >> this biotech firm has a lofty goal comfortable they achieve it in time for the olympics? some olympic competitors are considering whether to withdraw. they're aware of the warnings, that the zika virus can cause birth defects in pregnant women. but these local scientists say the current population of mosquito there's die out in less than six months and they want to make sure the next generation of mosquitos will not be carrying the zika virus.
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the attendees completely safe from the virus. that would be a wonderful win for us. we would be very pleased. >> then you would get the gold. >> yes, sir. >> chris gordon, news4. wouldn't it be nice, we hope they make some head way. mystery solved. last week we told but that oil spill on the potomac river. now dominion virginia power is taking responsibility. you see the coast guard says all the oil samples collected from the site came from the 13,000 gallon spill as a dominion transformer station in crystal city. that sheen stretched eight miles along the potomac from reagan national airport down to the wilson bridge. it was first spotted last week. the environmental protection agency, the epa will decide whether to take action against dominion. physical therapists in northeast washington, she is getting raves from patients for healing with
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coolest women in town with some seriously cool designs. >> she is known as the mad caster, crazy creative concoctions casts. all done by hand. >> mostly paint penns. >> the physical therapist amanda hall uses her talents to help replace sadness with smiles. >> it makes them feel special. they're getting something custom designed just for them. >> like this old air jordan sneaker for 15-year-old deonte. >> all the colors. i got the straps on it. >> he said they're icy. >> that's cool for all you lay people out there. her instagram account is busy, with the ever lasting boxing
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wedges, nikes, adeedas. and r2-d2 and spiderman. >> we have a tlot of infants wh haven't gone home yet. they've gone from the nicu to the nursery. so their first pair of shoes might be this. >> but hall said she wouldn't consider herself artistic. just passionate. >> i love alignment for the foot and for function. it is also important the child and the family are excited about the cast. >> remember that big chunky caster cast? perhaps with some autographs you had across it as a kid? well, this is far cooler. >> it has progressed over the years. initially it was plaster. and then fiberglass was really common. now we use a combination today. on her
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casting material with fiberglass to reinforce it. >> there is no extra charge for her clever ideas and she is always looking for inspiration. >> they have the hello kitty. even if she has to look it up. >> where do you get your ideas? >> i google. >> news4. >> no, don't get a broeken leg for just that. when you hop in an uber car, you probably don't expect the ride to take that long. she's swearing off the service after an hour's late night ride that happen while he elementary school. >> this features one of the most majestic birds.
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extra attention this president's day. the lincoln memorial will be getting a little extra attention. the $18.5 million gift will help restore the marble panels, repair the roof and create a new 15,000 square foot educational center below the monument. they've given more than $43 million to restore the national parks service properties in recent years. what was supposed to be a one-mile trip home. it turned into more than a two-hour, nearly $200 experience for an uber rider. he said he ordered the uber car. about 2:00 in the morning, once he got in, he said slowly he fell asleep. what happened next was this winding, more than two-hour trip through montgomery county, prince george's county, then back into the district to his home. $171 later, he said he felt violated. >> i mean to really be dramatic, he couav
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pictures of me, could have had other people in the car, could have been stopping other places. i literally don't know what you were doing. that just makes me feel a little uncomfortable. >> uber refunded the partly sunny and said in a statement that it expects riders and drivers to have, quote, a shared standard for respect, accountability and common courtesy during rides. forget national zoo's panda cam. the internet is buzzing about a new bald eagle camera. the eagle is named mr. president and the first lady built their nest at the national arboretum in 2014. they launched the live camera yesterday. the first lady has laid two eggs in the past week. both parents will incubate the eggs which will hatch in about a month. the bald eagles are the first ones in the nest at the national arboretum since 1947. jump on board! take a look. two chefs are competing for a huge
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shows this week. we'll take a look at one of them. and they are life saving devices but they aren't always easy to find. the news4 i-team investigate is next.
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. two local chefs are fighting for the covet title of top chef on the hit series on bravo. last week we introduced you to one of them. this time we look at another, kwame onwuachi. we sat down with him to find out about a brand new restaurant he's bringing to the district. >> it's a unique area with an evolving vibe and a treasured history that still remains. >> this is the shaw bijou. this is my baby. >> a restaurant which sits on the corner of 9th and q will be bringing its own
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to the neighborhood. >> this outside area will be a raised herb garden. >> meet the chef owner kwame onwuachi. if he looks familiar, eight chefs remain to compete. this is likely where you've seen him. one of the top chef's most competitive talents. his cuisine, top notch and these judges are not easy to please. >> the same quality is promised at the shaw bijou. >> you can expect food from hong kong, nigeria. >> the interior isn't done yet. here's a look at some of the hand crafted furniture that will be inside. all the pieces making a statement and setting the tone for an experience with a twist. >> when you walk into the door, there is no menu. >> you heard him right. there we'll be any menu. when guests make reservations, kwame. they'll be asked a funeral
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and dietary restrictions. >> i want them to feel like they're coming into their friend's home and to trust me and trust my team. we're really trying to give them the best experience possible. >> upstairs will be a members only bar offering a 24-hour concierge. >> it is bringing a level have refinement to the bar scene. >> refinement with a unique vibe. like this evolving neighborhood and from a man many are calling a talented and emerging chef. >> it is an experience. like the shaw bijou, we're bringing another experience to d.c. and we're really excited about it. >> nbc 4, washington. >> i'm excited about it. i'm ready to go. >> all right. it is the i-team that has uncovered a troubling trend within many government and private buildings. the life saving devices that some say can't save a life because not enough people can final them or get to
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since february is american heart month, we show what you they found when they tried on track them down. >> for they have years, ashley starts her shift typing into the computer, answering the phone. >> call for help. >> while her co-worker makes a lot of noise. jones said she always collection the automated defibrillator or aed at the beginning of every shift but never thought she would actually use the thing. 48-year-old said he never felt any pain hx no idea his heart was about to stop. >> i play badminton every saturday. one saturday i collapsed. >> i grab it. i knew exactly where. it was i opened the case, placed the pads and followed the instructions on the aed. >> jones and mendoza say they
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less than a minute. they knew exactly where to final the aed. >> those precious moments make a big difference between life and death. >> statistics show fuss a patient is defibrillated within the first minute of cardiac arrest, they have a 90% chance of arrival. for every minute after that, their chance of survival decreases by 10%. >> montgomery county fire captain bob said if you can final a defibrillator -- all you have to do is hit the button and the machine will tell what you to do. >> clear. shock, advise. >> which is why montgomery county's fire chief said the devices should be out in the open. available to everyone. and never out of sight. >> if it is not in plain sight, it is not going to get used. >> when they checked out more than 100 aeds throughout our region, we couldn't find 20% of them without asking a lot of questions. for instance, at the
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bathrooms of the portrait gallery but could not find them at the air and space museum. a spokeswoman tells us, they keep nearly all 100 of their devices behind their security desks. we couldn't locate aeds in. of the malls we visited including the fashion central at pentagon city and westfield, montgomery, who told us their aeds are on site in security offices or mobile units, promising officers can call for one in an emergency. we did see aeds out in the open at d.c.'s wilson aquatics central, at the martin luther king library but could not final them anywhere in the wilson building. it took several days for a spokesman to tell us they're actually located in the security offices. >> if you don't know it is there, you as a bystander can't call for somebody else to grab the aed. >> chief goldstein. buildings need to advertise they have the devices available by putting them in the most visible place possible. because as the i-team
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multiple medical cities showed the reason people don't use them is they're locked up or people just don't see them. >> we have an emergency. we revert back to muscle memory. we revert back to our most basic skills. and having to dig through a cabinet or open a cabinet or a desk or a locker to get that medical equipment is not what is going to benefit patient. >> had we not had that aed machine, he would not have made it out of here. >> they say they now look for the devices in every building they visit. >> i want to be able to see the aed or know at least where it is. >> it is a habit he says he is especially grateful for. >> i would have died. thanks to the defibrillator. >> the she visited metro stations as well and found a lot of emboxes. a spokesperson said they move them into managers' key
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controlled environment for the aeds which can be negatively affected by extreme heat and cold at some stations, rendering them inoperable. you can see the complete statement, along with the others on our nbc washington app. pat collins' snow stick challenge. we asked for your best patriotic snow scene. we'll show you the winner right after this.
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weather, aren't we? this weekend with the bitter cold we have isn't a problem for one high school senior, andrea spent several days on an educational visit to antarctica last month. she was one of four students in the u.s. to participate in the national science foundation trip. while there, she studied a glacier and got up close and personal with penguins.
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>> they're so amicable. they'll just walk up to you. i guess they're people walking around near them. so if you lay down really low, they'll come walking to you. >> she said she hopes to return to antarctica again someday. george washington crossing the delaware. a re-enactment of iwo jima. our esteemed panel of news4 judges close the howard family from alexandria, virginia. their snow sculpture was considered the best of the best by pat collins' snow stick. more snow to come, right? stay tuned. that's all for news4 this week. i'm veronica johnson. thank you for joining us. until next time, be safe, be kind, be happy. bye-bye, everybody.
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nbc sports, home of the 2016 rio olympics, the nhl, pleeg, the nascar chase for the sprint cup playoffs, and primetime's number one show, sunday night football, only on nbc. 15 degrees here in the twin cities. let's play hockey. >> minnesota. where hockey is more than a game. it's a way of life. it's about heritage. and history. >> do you believe in miracles? yes!


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