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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  March 1, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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this truck unrecognizable, mangled metal everywhere. you can see authorities still trying to clear the scene. this is on fingerboard road at parks mill road. just checked in with melissa mollett and shsaid the road is still closed off. also the frederick news post reporting that one person did die in this crash. we are still working with authorities to get more information on what caused it. stay with news 4. it is 4:30. and right now will the search is on for a patient who ran away from the northern virginia mental health institute in falls church. michael marshall went missing around 6:00 last night. police say he is known to exhibit violent behavior. he's believed to have ties with the centreville area and sterling area. if you do see him, contact police, but do not approach him. and working to learn more about a person found dead in a fire in the district. the house went up in flames around 8:00 last night on
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police are not releasing the victim's name or any details about how the person died. but as soon as we get more information, we'll have it hear and on nbc washington's app. a task force set up to make sure students are not abused starts work today in prince george's county. you remember dioneonte carraways been charged with sexually abusing as many as 17 children. the task force will review the school district's safety and security policies and decide what needs to be changed. the group sxegexpects to have r by may. the indictment engages that carraway engaged with graphic sex acts with at least 11 victims. he faces 13 counts of abusing children. and also a class action lawsuit. time to weather and traffic on the 1s. let's start with chuck bel
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$10 to get weather like this. >> i think you're right. >> check is in the haimail. >> it's like the variable toll, the rate keeps changing depending on how much you like it. outside today, this is it, everybody, the last mild day for a while. we're likely to get in to the 60s today and not be 60 or warmer for another 7 or 8 days. moderate rain coming our way for tonight. it's a very breezy to windy pattern the next couple of days and still watching for a chance for snow, perhaps some accumulating snow on friday. not to worry about that between now and then, there are rain chances out here in illinois, they're about 17 are or so hours away from reaching us. so most of the rain is an overnight issue tonight. current temperatures, mostly in the 30s to around 40. so a little warm jacket will do you well here early this morning. but later today, upper 50s and low 60s. plenty of wind away. good kite flying day.
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this is what angie was talking about, this could be shut down for much of the morning. a lot of you in frederick county do take 80 to get over to 270. you'll have to do something different very likely today. 80 there fingerboard road at park mills road, all lanes still blocked. and that could be hanging around. outer loop at university boulevard, two right lanes getting by that work zone. inbound suitland parkway at alabama avenue, left lane getting by that crash. and outbound at forestville road, also an accident there. 395 south after seminary, two left lanes getting by that work zone. huge day ahead in decision 2016. voters in 11 states will weigh in on both the democratic and the republican races for the presidential nomination. polls open here in virginia at 6:00 this morning. make sure to bring a photo i.d. now, virginia has a diverse collection of voters,
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experts say it is america in miniature, meaning a win in virginia could suggest a win later on. now the latest polls have hillary clinton leading in virginia right now. she could win by 95 delegates. and 14 superdelegates today. democrat candidates need nearly 2400 delegates on qualify for a nomination. to the gop now where donald trump has a hold now on the lead, 49 delegates for the republicans that are available. gop candidate needs to meet more than 1200 delegates -- 1237 top exact to qualify for the party's nomination. now, some campaigns could end today depending on how votes in virginia and other states go. florida senator marco rubio is looking for a win in any state to try to derail donald trump. senator ted cruz is trying to improve on his third-place finishes in the past two races. and bernie sanders is looking
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white voters. there is an opportunity today for hillary clinton and donald trump to run up the delegate score. and expect full coverage from nbc news. we will run a special hour long edition of nightly news starting right here at 7:00. lester holt, savannah guthrie and chuck todd will be back at 10:00 tonight with an update on the races and results. and we have virginia covered for you, as well, with team coverage live from northern virginia on news 4 at 11:00. 4:35. neighbors in bethesda call it a dangerous intersection and they want changes. a crash on river road at pyle road killed a walt whitman high school student, his parents, as well, and critically injured his sister. one neighbor says he got hundreds of signatures back in 2008 to put a traffic light at that intersection. the state highway administration studied it, but decided not to install a light. now it's taking another look. >> many of us have been urging sha for some time it
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has taken place. by god, they better do something. >> new tests of the intersection will be conducted soon. it is now 4:36. starting today, you can checan 1 if you have an emergency in loudoun county. the texts should be short and have the specific location and type of emergency. loudoun county officials suggest first calling 911 if you can. district leaders are voting on a new plan that includes pay paying at risk youth to steer them away from crime. this program calls for a stipend for those at high risk of crime who take part in counseling. ed it pair mental health professionals with police to work in individual communities. d.c. police would also be required to collects more data on crime and situations where force is used. >> of course it's always bittersweet when you leave this incredible place. >> the longest ever trip to space is
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nasa astronaut scott kelly is coming home. and the first thing he will try to do is stand still. kelly and a russian cosmonaut spent an entire year in space. the experiment could give nasa the information it needs to accepted someone to mars. excited for him to come home. >> if you follow him on twitter, he's taken a lot of amazing pictures. will the kids need a light or heavy jacket for school today? chuck bell putting together your school day forecast. a heads up if you were planning on visiting a certain part of the national zoo today. the e. coli scare that forced an exhibit to shut down. and we're monitoring a did you know there's a cough liquid that lasts for twelve hours? try delsym® twelve hour cough liquid. its advanced formula releases powerful medicine that acts fast while its extended release medicine lasts for 12 hours.
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that lasts for twelve hours? try delsym® twelve hour cough liquid. its advanced formula releases powerful medicine that acts fast while its extended release medicine lasts for 12 hours. try delsym®. i'm angie goff at the live desk with this developing story. a man is still on the loose, police searching for him after he led police on a wild police chase in los angeles. we're working on getting you video. but to sum it up, the guy was in a hummer, he led police on an hour's long pursuit. it ended with a standoff and eventually the guy being able to get away by foot. police searched overnight, they are still looking for this guy. authorities say that he kidnapped his girlfriend and her children, a 1 and 5-year-old. they are now with
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manhunt. the kid's farm he national zoo is under quarantine after an e. coli scare. so far no people have shown any signs of e coal line. z e coal line. the exhibit may reopen after three one deck could you difference weeks of negative tesing. a lot of cold spots out there this morning. dulles airport down below freezing. manassas 28. 42 in arlington and falls church. 34 college park, 36 in clinton, maryland. so bus stop weather for you this morning, a nice start. albeit on the chilly side. by later today, plenty of wind around, but it will be a mild day. temperatures today generally in the upper 50s and low 60s. don't get used to it, melissa, it ain't going to last.
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mills road, still have all lanes blocked. this is a fatal crash, so your alternates here this morning, 85 or 109. it could be some time before it is completely cleared here. let's take a look at some other issues right now. 270 north at 70, the right lane getting by that work zone here this morning. you can see overall looking pretty good. outer loop at university, two right lanes getting by there. and 66 at gallows road, that is clear. no major problems there. decision 2016 gears up as super tuesday gets understand way. but will clinton clinch the delegates she needs and will trump triumph. what happens if not. what we're learning about the first victim in saturday's shooting which also killed a prince william county police officer. the domestic violence some say went hidden.
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tonight family and friends will remember crystal hamilton. she died saturday when her husband shot her after she called 911. there will be a vigil tonight in her honor. it begins at 7:00 p.m. outside her home on lashmere court in woodbridge. and no one seemed to know what was really going on inside the hamilton home. crystal's sister says she hopes her loss will start a conversation about domestic violence and the dangers of not speaking out. according to wendy howard, on saturday the couple's son returned from a sleep overand his parts were arguing. the situation quickly escalated and crystal called police. she told her son to run and as he fled, he saw his father pick up his mom and throw her down. the
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that he heard gunshots as he ran down the stairs and out of the house. >> that my sister i'm sure was going through and never said anything about it. don't be afraid. this is your opportunity. if you don't get out for yourself, get out for your kids. >> news 4 has learned the suspect ronald hamilton was charged with assault back in 2007 in another state. he was allowed to enter a diversion program to avoid jail time. 4:46 right now. and today millions get to weigh in on decision 2016. it's super tuesday. in less than two hours, polls will be opened right here in virginia. make sure you bring a photo i.d. tracie potts monitoring all of today's races for us from capitol hill. >> reporter: good morning. so a dozen states, 11 each for republicans and democrats with hundreds of delegates at stake today. the big prize is texas where ted cruz is hopito
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state. he's leading in the polls and take 155 delegates with him. let's start, though, with the democrats. hillary clinton who was just here in fairfax, virginia on monday at george mason university, trying to gain the northern virginia vote that we know is so important to what ends up happening in virginia. she is actually leading the national polls, leading many of the super tuesday polls, as well, with exception of vermont, bernie sanders' home state. some polls have her behind thin oklahoma. but she's already looking ahead and talking a lot more about the general election and debating touchdown as opposed to bernie sanders. but that is the race that we're watching today. now, the republicans. donald trump who was just at radford university in virginia is hoping to sweep the super tuesday states. he is leading in all of them except for texas.
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ted cruz. it's almost a must win for him today to win that home state. also marco rubio, he's got to come in at least a very strong second which he has in the last couple of contests thin order t remain competitive today. >> tracie potts on the hill for us. thank you. happening take,oday, a woma accused of stabbing her grandmother will go to trial. prosecutors say in 2014 she stabbed her grandmother, lil morris, inside their frederick county home. harris initially told police there was an intruder. arlington county police want to know if a recent sexual assault will solve other attacks. investigators say dna evidence links the 19 old to an attack on north pershing street last summer. he's accused of pushing a woman to the ground and trying to take off her
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and now they're investigating whether lopez assaulted others along the bike trail. and virginia state police say minifield shot himself while being pursued by written chester police officers. last night 100 people marked through win chester, many questioning police investigations. minifield died sunday afternoon. police say he fled when th questioned him about a fight. virginia state place wolice who investigating say no police officer it is charged a firearm during the chase. the president of a small maryland college is out.charged during the chase. the president of a small maryland college is out. on monday simon newman resigned from police position at mount st. mary's university. the former financial industry exec was in his first year as president. he encouraged struggling freshmen students to leave the school in order to boost the collegs
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comparing those students to, quote, bunnies that should be drowned ignited criticism nationwide. smokers now have fewer spaces to light up in rockville. it it's march 1 and the new outdoor smoking ban takes effect today. you cannot smoke on any city owned property including all the out door parks and facilities. the ban does not apply to privately owned businesses such as restaurants. and there is also talk today about changing tanning rules to keep your children safe. montgomery county could pass a measure banning anyone 18 and under from indoor tanning facilities. now, these places would also have to post warning signs. the push for change comes because studies say exposure to tanning rays could cause health problems. i do love the sun, but there are other ways to do it. creams and stuff. >> it's just something -- get in this oven and let it cook you.
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feeling sunshine on your face. >> and this is meteorological spring starts today. >> he knows. >> so psychologically, we're there. >> a-plus for aaron today. yeah, march 1 is here, that means the sun angel is changing. we've added two hours to our day since the winter solstice. and those longer days mean higher sun angels and hi s high for skin damage. another nice one coming our way for today, nice low impact weather day. the weather and your plans today, during the daylight hours, no problems. anything you want to do outside can go on without any interceptions. sunny, mild. always on the breezy side. overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning, likely to have a period of moderate rain moving in after about 8:00, 9:00. but by tomorrow afternoon, no problems
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a t dry day coming. rain chance late tonight. the northern edge of this has winter weather advisories northern new york and new england, parts of michigan and northern illinois. we won't have to worry about that we will be mild enough to be all in the form of raindrops. current temperatures now are in the mid-30s in montgomery county, away 40 downtown. there are pockets down across central virginia down into the upper 20s here this morning. so headed out for that early morning jog this morning, temperatures 30s to around 40 degrees through about 7:00 or 8:00. into the 50s by 10:00 a.m. and highs today up close to 60 degrees in many neighborhoods. about 62 down on the national mall. 65 in fredericksburg today, 59 in hagerstown. future weather, beautiful sunny, it will be breezy today, keep that in mind. overnight tonight, here we are at 10:00, clouds racing in, rain drops could arrive about 8:00, 9:00. most of the rain right here in the metro area between about 2:00 and 6:00 a.m. tomorrow
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for the wednesday morning commute. very windy coming our way for tomorrow. and then cold air settles on in and here is the next time to watch for. thursday night at 7:00, 8:00 at night, there could be a chance for some snow showers coming to our area and that may lead to a little chance for accumulating snow by early friday morning. that is the next really big thing that we're watching out for is thursday night into early friday. possibility of some accumulating snow. first check of the "7-day forecast," springtime today, rain tonight, colder weather wednesday and thursday. rain/snow possible on friday. chilly and lots of clouds around for the weekend. melissa mollett now first 4 traffic. fatal crash here could take some time to get it out of the way. again, this is 80 fingerboard road at park mills. you can take 85 or 109 this morning because this could be some time again because it's
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let's take a look at some other things happening around town right now. inbound suitland parkway at alabama avenue, still have the left lane as the only thing getting by that septembeacciden. the outbound problem is now out of the way. overall nice and green. no major issues on the beltway. outer loop at university, still have the two right lanes getting by the work zone. update on the crash in frederick coming up. would you know if there was a skimmer on your atm? and is that new kip chip on you card actually protecting your account? and a major warning about a popular birth control. yo
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on the front passenger of the new york "post" and espn scandal -- >> air rerin andrews gave emoti testimony in her $75 million stalking case. the sports reportered is she wanted to be the girl next door who loved sports but now she's the girl with the hotel scandal. andrews was in her hotel room naked when a man recorded her. she la he later posted the video on the internet. andrews says it not only damaged her career, but caused her more emotional distress. >> is there more video coming out, where is
4:58 am
happen all over again. this 1 what i lay awake at night thinking. >> the plan who recorded andrews testifieded by video. he previously served more than two years in jail for the recording. andrews is suing him and the hotel where she was staying for $75 million. apple's fight over security with the fbi heads to capitol hill today. fbi director james comey and an apple senior vice president will testify before the house judiciary committee. the fobi wants wants apple to c software to help them break into one san bernardino shooters phones. a consume are alert as many retailers are skroom blicrambli the new chip card up and running. thiefs are targeting atms and gas station pumps that don't have the chip reiders. the technology is expensive. many won't have the
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until next year. don't take any chances. cover the key pad when punching in your pin and check the atm for any unusual devices. in news 4 your health now, the fda says it will add a warning to the essure contraceptive device that will talk about pelvic pain and bleeding. the twiguys has device has gene thousands of complaints. the fda will only require the manufacturer to perform risk studies. howard university will get high powered help in restoring its campus library. founders library has been a central part of howard since 1939 when it first opened. the library has helped educate thousands of students and plays host to all sorts of civil rights activism. yesterday it was named a national treasure by the national trust for histor
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preservation. >> to embark on a designation and project that we feel will restore the founders library to its full glory. >> now, this national treasure designation allows howard to get technical help to plan the renovation of the library and to qualify for tax exempt bonds to help finance the work. officials said they are just starting to a project that will take several years. stair wiy with us. "news 4 today" continues now at 5:00 a.m. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. we're experiencing some snis springlike weather on this first day of march. not yet, though. still chilly. >> chuck bell here with your weather headlines. >> good morning. welcome to tuesday morning, everybody. it will be a relatively nice day to be outside today. pretty breezy this afternoon, but it will be mild nonetheless. temperatures today upper fifth to near 60. watcn


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