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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  March 8, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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california after a commuter train plunges off the tracks into a fast moving creek. p what we're learning about the condition of those on board. but first, chuck bell has your out the door forecast. loving this weather, chuck bell. >> loving it indeed. outside this morning, skies are partly to at times mostly cloudy. there is a random sprinkle or two that could impact you in the next few minutes. but by and large you don't need to worry about the umbrella today. weather headlines, it will be a winner of a day to be outside. cool start this morning, but the 70s are back. today likely to be our first 70 since december 27 and there is an 80 on the 7 day forecast. we'll share that with you a little later on. hour by hour planner, how about 68 at noon and 73 at 4:00. kim mccormick, i hope you're having more luck talking than me. >> i will give it a try. outer loop of the beltway after george walk parkway,
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southbound i-270 south of i-70, crash on the left shoulder. building volume headed down towards gaithersburg. 295 south crash in the center of the road, delays already back to the maryland/d.c. line. and looking at this gorgeous sunrise on the prince george's county side of the beltway, at route 5, branch avenue, outer loop headed toward you on the headlights. it looks gorgeous. no problems right here right now. 6:01. we'ref we're following a developing story. we learned new information about a police investigation in cheverly. a deadly shooting happened on landover road. kn molette green is live with more. >> reporter: good morning. my source just confirmed that two adult women shot dead here and the neighbors have described hearing arguing at the time. we do know that police right now
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working on suspect information. we know that a 911 call went out about 10:30 for shots fired multiple shots. and just as we arrived here a couple of hours ago, the last crime scene vehicle left its apartment complex here in the 6500 block of landover road. we're at the cheverly station apartments where the investigation has gone on through the night. but again, two adult women shot dead here after an incident here late last night. that's the latest live from cheverly. back to you. developing this morning, an 18-year-old college student is missing. take a look. he's a student at the university of maryland and his family hasn't heard from him for days. maryland police say he was last seen on the campus near the student union wearing a hoodie, shorts and a gray and greenback c
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about his whereabouts, call university of maryland police. this morning montgomery county police are searching for a second suspect in a brazen home robbery in germantown. police have already arrested 44-year-old kevin darnell carroll. they say carol and a second man ambushed a 21 and 14-year-old as they entered their germantown home. police believe the armed be robbers planted a gps tracker on the family car and followed them home. police say carroll and his partner tied up their hostages and robbed the house. we're tracking decision 2016 for you this morning. take a look at the tour big contests that are going to get under way today. republicans trying to get vote this is hawaii, idaho, mississippi and michigan. democrats will face off in primaries in just two of those states. there are about 150 delegates up for grabs today. now, for democrats, the most critical primary is in michigan. thatwh
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night in a town hall heating in detroit. sanders worked to contrast his record with the former secretary of state on the iraq war and on wall street. clinton called her opponent an ally and said she wants to enlist his help if she becomes the nominee but stopped short of saying sanders would be her vp pick. new york city's former mayor says he will not run as a third party presidential candidate. michael bloomberg spent months mulling a possible independent campaign. the billionaire said in a blog post on monday that he doesn't think he could win if he entered the race thousanow. and his candidacy could shift the election toward donald trump or ted cruz. chuck todd will join us live with more on the impact this will have on the race and what else we should be watching out for. developing now, gra madrama video of a drain derailment in l
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crews are working to pull it out before they say a tree knocked it off the tracks. several passengers were hurt, but no one died. >> i'm just happy that i'm alive. thank god if that. >> i'm great it will that it wasn't worse. very grateful. >> thinine people hurt, tour seriofour seriously. all the rain in the bay area lately may have played a role in the tree falling on the train. a few report says there has been an increase this pedestrian deaths all over the country. the report is from the governor of highway safety association. it comes days after a pedestrian was hit in montgomery county. we learned yesterday that she died after being hit on east randolph road. she was less than a block away from her home. according to the new report, there was a gk in pedestrian deaths in maryland, but an increase in d.c., virginia and
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researchers said that 10% increase was the highest it's ever recorded. they said an increase in distracted driving and walking may have contributed to the change. you voiced your concerns and now montgomery county is looking at how it can better handle future snowstorms. this year's blizzard shut down schools for a week there so that roads could be cleared. it took days for sidewalks to become passable, as well. this morning the county council will take a look at what went well and what can be done better in the future. today's weather is a tar cry from the giant snow banks we saw back in january, but the white house says president obama has approved the request for a disaster declaration so the state can get federal money for needed repairs. into vtwo volunteer firefig are back on the job. why one happen says the issue of rushing a little girl in a fire truck is far from resolved. pleasant starto
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it will only warm up from here. chuck has your spring like commuter forecast. an your chance of spdri
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it looks league spri s likee warmer weather could mean you could be dealing with severe allergies. tree pollen has already started and in the next few weeks, the grass pollen will bring on the swollen eyes and itching. if you have children who suffer from allergy, try to limit the amount of time they spend out doors an always shower after being outside to remove the pollen. over the counter medications also help because they do kick in quickly. it may be too late for some people to do the allergy shots because it takes six months sometimes
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got to get ahead of it. >> and chuck bell helping us get ahead of what today's weather might bring. we can still appreciate it will be pretty springlike. >> oh, yes. nice looking day to be outside. had the dogs out yesterday running around the basin. just posted which pictures. cherry blossoms he can will plume a whole lot earlier in an the last couple of years. temperatures this morning up dw under a partly to mostly cloudy sky. you'll neat a need a light jacket, but no windshield wipers. flying out of town, only trouble spots slui spot st. louis and dallas and phoenix. it's traffic time. problem top sight outer loop of the beltway before new hampshire avenue. crash reported along the left side of the road. so be careful if you're coming off of 95. and if you're traveling on 270 or the beltway, are you starting to
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toward the beltway on 270 and across the top side. tune into wtop on your radio when you get in your car for traffic updates. trying to change the way kids are dws plained at school. the proposal that could mean better protection for students with behavioral issues. xwl first, though, we will go live to new york to talk to chuck todd about what you should be watching for as voters in
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i'll be back on the fire truck. appreciate all the support from the citizens, the community. >> two volunteer firefighters in stafford county expected to be back on the job this morning. the fire chief reinstated both men after a review and public outcry. captain james kelley and virgil bloom were placed on leave for itting a child to the hospital on a tire engine rather than waiting for an ambulance.
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away and the child needed help immediately. captain kelley says he never expected to be reprimanded for his decision. >> it took me by surprise. yeah, i didn't think anything was ever going to come out of it honestly. >> did you think it was fair? >> i did the right thing. >> during this review, it was found that captain kelley is not a certified emt in virginia. he is registered nationally. vv's ems office is doing a review of the case. police have arrested daniel weste, he admitted he stabbed his girlfriend at the overlook garden apartments in prince george's county. she died at the scene. weste is accused of stabbing another woman, she is expected to be okay. weste now faces murder and attempted murder charges. school leaders in baltimore are taking new action after a shocking video. it's hard to forget this scene here. the schoolli
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slapping a teenager and then kicking him. "the baltimore sun" says the ceo of schools met with parents and teachers last night and he would review how officers are selected and trained. the officer, a second officer and the school police chief were all placed on administrative leave. 6:17 your time right now. and republican frontrunner donald trump is on the offensive this morning moving into today's primaries. >> trump is now taking shots at ted cruz who is catching up in the delegate count. much of the focus is already on next week's primary in florida and ohio. those states are both winner takes all. >> chuck todd joining us now with what we might be looking at today. so chuck, good morning first of all. and that is the question. what is at stake today? >> well, i think it's this. donald trump is heavily favor this had both states. michigan and mississippi are the two big prizes of the day. and if you look at mississippi, bordg
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he shouldn't win mississippi by the same double digit margins that he won alabama and tennessee by. michigan, it has a history of rewarding populist candidates. plenty of polling showing trump with a double giubouble digit l. but most of it was done before the last debate that was rather crude and vulgar. so if trump has narrow win, i think we can start to say, you know what, maybe the romney attacks, maybe all the other stuff, maybe it is accumulating. but if we see big double digit wins, maybe saturday was a speed bump and trump is well on his way. >> does michael bloomberg's announcement not to run as a third party candidate have any impact on this race? who is the most relieved here? >> i think the person most relieved is hillary clinton because uniquely in a match-up of clinton/trumpth
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clinton than he would have from trump and would have made it easier for trump to win not harder. and i think that's the conclusion he came to. had bernie sanders gotten more traction, had it looked like sanders could get this democratic nomination and you were looking at sanders/trump, under that scenario, i think bloomberg runs. >> chuck todd for us in new york. "meet the press" and political director. we'll see you on the "today" show. amount of damages if about any do you award erin andrews? $55 million, correct is this. >> tears of joy from erin andrews after a jury sides with her in a civil lawsuit. the jury found both the national marriott at vanderbilt university and michael david barrett at fault for what happened. barrett was convicted several years ago of secretly recording andrews naked while she stayed at the hotel. andrews was awarded a $55 million payout. $20 million less than what she asked for. barrett will be responsible for
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paying $28 million and the hotel will pay about $26 million. pepco and exelon's controversial $7 billion merger is in in big trouble this morning. yesterday they asked the d.c. public service commission to reconsider the conditions it put on that merger last month. failure to act can mean the hole deal is derailed. some civic groups and leaders say it's a bad deal and it's not clear if or when the deal will go through. more and more people are renting. a study conducted at nyu found that the number of suburban renters actually grew faster than city renters. and it also found rents have building less affordable overall, but actually more affordable in this some of the biggest rental markets. former first lady nancy ray began wi reagan will lie in repose this week. tomorrow and thursday the public will have a chance to pay their respects it at the reagan presidential library in
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on friday, there will be a private funeral service also at the presidential library. mrs. reagan will be laid to rest next to her husband. she passed away sunday at the age of 94. nobody was hurt when this happened. look at that. the plane just fell out of the sky. this is in new york. you take a closer look, you can see it bounced when it hits the ground. a father and his daughter were on that plane. almost looks like a toy prop or something. >> you see the parachute in the background. >> father was piloting it. he said the engine just died. he walked away just a scratch on his forehead, his daughter unhurt. and that parachute obviously made a big difference. could have been worse. >> it's hard to believe take they walked away from that. 6:21 is our time. want to get you caught up on the draft. >> they ever seen thinking like that. parachute deployed from the plane itself. crazy. good idea for them. amazing
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outside here this morning, wow. what a nice day. we'll give this one a perfect 10 on any way you want to measure it. good looking sky out there early this morning. a couple of clouds around. that is it. nice and cool. temperatures mostly in the tourts. but lots and lots of sunshine coming your way for this afternoon. today will be our first time back in to the 70s. hello 70s is our hash tag today. first time since december 27. 45 in leesburg, martinsburg. even fredericksburg at 45. storm team 4 radar had been tracking a couple of random sprinkles, but you can see rain chances stab at approximately 1%. so we won't bother putting that on the "7-day forecast." for now, temperatures will in the 40s. we'll be warming up very, very quickly. they're full sunshine by 9 ok9:. this afternoon, get out of work early if you can. tin
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plenty of sunshine and warm today, clear overnight tonight. back to about 50 tomorrow morning. and then tomorrow even warmer still, mid to upper 70s for tomorrow. as we get in to the day thursday, we may be talking about our first chance at 80 degrees. so highs today, 71 in martinsburg, 75 downtown. mid to upper 70s to tomorrow. thinking about the weekend? well, the weather won't be all this nice about in to the weekend. saturday lots of clouds. a risk of a few showers late in the day saturday, but most of your saturday will be dry mid-60s. sunday, again pretty good chance for a shower or two. maybe even a rumble or two of thunder. but mild, mid to upper 60s. kim mccormick, how is the traffic? we're starting to get heavier volumes which means more possibilities for accidents. a crash on 95 just after route 610 garrisonville. it's on the left shoulder. unfortunately, in southern
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branch at pine field road, it is a single right lane getting you by. so be careful from branch avenue from war toll of moving up toward the beltway. traveling top side outer loop, the taillights you see there heading to the top of your screen. into silver spring, starting to pick up in volume headed in toward kensington. the 2016 atlantic coast brabl tournament gets understand way at the verizon center. virginia and virginia tech hit the court. washington area is hosting the tournament for the first time since 2005 when maryland played in the first round. 6:24. in in honor of women's history month throughout the month of march, we're highlighting the strong successful women who make our region great. somg of you out there. laura perez is one of them. she is the director of education and program at the prince george's county
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cultural center. she believes music, poetry and writing can engage students. you can see her story and other women's on our instragram. it's breakfast time, so how about some free pancakes. it is national pancake day and eun is paying. no. in honor of -- really? in honor of the anniversary, ihop is giving away free pancakes. a free short stack of buttermilk pancakes. in return, they ask that you make a donation to the children's miracle network. over the last 11 years, ihop has raised nearly $20 million for charity with this national pancake day. >> i'm soermilk pancakes with s and butter. >> it's happening today. developing situation about in texas after severe storms tear a path through one community. what we're learning about the
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no severe weather in the day ahead for you. all you need to be thinking about is spring today. chuck bell's four things to know. plus a warning to heed next time someone knocks on your door. the man police say is going door to door scamming people out of money.
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a sight we're not happy to see. perhaps you've notified when you stop to get gas, prices at the pump are climbing up. what is to blame for the increase and if prices will start dropping again anytime soon. >> but first we're talking about the weather. it's finally starting to feel like spring around here as we see temperatures right now, i've got a wonderful feeling. >> you do? >> that everything is going your way? storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell, how about that for our knowledge of musicals. >> you've been googling. four things you need to know. oh, what a beautiful morning, oh, what a beautiful
6:30 am
coming our way. thursday likely to be our first 80 degree day of the year and that would be a record high. current record stands at 78. nebl next 24 hours, light jacket is all you will need. it will be 70 this afternoon and right away 52 by this time tomorrow morning. we'll get more into the detail of how long that "7-day forecast" will stay mild coming up. here's a 1% chance for rain. a couple sprinkles up in carroll county and a few more light sprinkles in stanton. this is just ground clutter. could an random sprinkle or two in montgomery county. school day forecast coming up. there is good news on the beltway in virginia. outer loop after georgetown pike, you can see the tow truck there just about to clear the crash out of the way. so that is good news for you. delays from maryland should seiease shortly.
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northbound branch avenue at pinefield, a crash. follow police direction. looking live at the beltway in-ain inner and outer loop, looks nice. great sun rise. but if you are coming from silver spring, you're running in to heavier volumes typical for will time of the morning. today prince george's county wants to hear fu wants to hear your thoughts.tim. today prince george's county wants to hear your thoughts. lagging tax revenue is failing to keep up with expenses. so it depends heavily on state government funding. by 2022, the government could face a $250 million budget hole. county executive rushern baker is expected to present his proposed 2017 budget to the council later this week. virginia lawmakers have approved a bill that would force deatr
6:32 am
electric chair if lethal injection drugs are not available. since 1995, only 7 out of 87 have chosen the chair. the common wealth is be looking for alternatives now. the statehouse and senate both passed legislation allowing the use of the electric chair, however the governor has not said if he will sign that legislation. virginia lawmakers are also taking steps to protect special needs minors who commit crimes. this bill would create a new legal defense for children with disabilities who are charged with committing misdemeanors in school. under the bill, ourp attorneys be allowed to present evidence of their issues at the trial. the bill now goes to the governor's death. this comes after a report that found virginia refers more students with special immediates to police than any other state. a man's attempt to get inside the white house ended before he even touched the north lawn.
6:33 am
he was tackled before he hit the ground. the secret service says he never had a chance at the main fence. he says he's your neighbor and then asks you for money. a warning from d.c. police about a guy scamming people in several parts of the city. this latest incident happened just this weekend in the navy yard area. a well dressed man in a suit and tie knocks on your door and says he's your neighbor bruce. he tells you he's locked out and that he has no keys, no wallet and asks for money so he can catch a cab or take metro. >> he knocked to my door and i couldn't come down, but did he knock on my neighbor's door. >> it's sad that somebody would take advantage of good hearted people. >> we've blurred his face because police say he hasn't committed will any crime. but they want to get the word out and urge you not to give him money.will any crime. but they want to get the word out and urge you not to give him money.
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you will see extra crews on the roads in maryland filling in the pesky potholes. 340 since january, the county has filled more than 1,000 potholes and we want to know if you see any more causing problems. tweet the location to @4potholefix. we're keeping a close eye on gas prices across our area and they are starting to creep up. refinery issues are causing a spike in prices in some places. erika gonzalez is live in arlington checking things out. >> reporter: good morning. as you mentioned, the prices are actually up 7 cents. but they are still 70 cents cheaper than they were at this time last year. the tags al average coming in at $2.51 here in arlington, if you take a look behind me, along columbia pike, this fast stati
6:35 am
$1.68. $1.67 just up the street. aaa says there should be a creeling on how much you pay. prices can vary substantially from one gas station to the next even in the same area. >> it in the washington metro area, you can still find gasoline below $1.80 per gallon and in some cases you can find on one street corner such as the one we're standing by where there is a 30 cent swing in gasoli gasoline prices. >> reporter: so the idea that you can thousand fill up your tank about 30 bucks is really good news especially since spring break is around the corner. i'm sure a lot of families will be taking to the roads for a quick trip. i'm erika gonzalez
6:36 am
so what prices are you seeing? share them with us on the nbc facebook page. be sure to snap a photo and add the location. 6:36. in honor of international women's day, michelle pobama wil speak to dozens of girls as part of the let girls learn might be difference. it includes funding, training andcruitment to help girls complete their educations. later this morning, we will find out who will perform at the kennedy center this year. the line upfor the 2016/17 season will be revealed at the 11:00. providing some relief after the blizzard of 2016. the assistance new disaster declaration will provide for communities in virginia after all of that snow. >> that's what it looked like six weeks ago. this is what it looks like this
6:37 am
for later today. i'll tell you how warm it will be in your hometown coming up. plus new concerns this morning about your safety on the roads. the alarming few trend concerning pedestrian accidents and how rious the issue is in se
6:38 am
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in texas, flash flooding and high winds there, severe storm left a lot of damage outside dallas. they're work to go clean it up. at least a dozen homes were damaged. some families have to stay with relatives until the storm lets up. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. chuck bell, i am thrilled to see the 70s return to our area. >> first time since december the 27th. we'll be 70 or higher for today and we'll be sunny and dry much of the week. bus stop weather this morning, a little on the cool side first thing. out the door wer
6:41 am
low 70s with full sunshine coming our way later on this afternoon. so what to wear? just a light jacket early this morning p short sleeves and sunglasses coming up. one of my twitter followers says her mom is a huge fan of mine and it's her birthday, so happy birthday to kim and happy early birthday to kim mccore hick.cco. thanks very much. there is a crash on georgia avenue toward the beltway. 66 through manassas, gainesville to the beltway running a little slow. speeds down there quantico up to the beltway. when you hop in your car, tune in to wtop 103.5 for traffic and weather updates. right now we're working on a pair of developing stories as we get you up to the minute the meant you're up. first in cheverly, what police are telling us about a late night argument that ended with
6:42 am
we're also watching developments out of california after a commuter train jumps the tracks plunging into a fast moving creek. what passengers are saying about this crash.
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6:44 am
we're watching a number of developing stories at 6:45 as we work to get you up to the minute the minute you're
6:45 am
first in prince george's county, two people are dead after an argument ends this gunfire. plus new video overnight, a ride home for a number of people in california take as frightening turn after the train they're on derailed and plunged this into a fast moving creek. good morning. your tuesday will be a good one. weather is not going to mess up any of your outdoor plans. you can go for that run, maybe play tennis or golf later this afternoon into this evening. how long does this kind of weather stick around? 7 day forecast at 6:51. and if you are traveling on the outer loop of the beltway at the george washington parkway, they just changed the shot, but there is a crash on the right shoulder. more traffic information coming up. it is now 6:46. we have developing story this morning, a shooting leaves two people dead in prince george's county. it happened in a
6:46 am
road last night. molette green is live with more on what neighbors heard before shots rang out. >> reporter: we have learned that young kids may have also witnessed this deadly turn of events. take a look at the third floor balcony there with the kid's tricycles there. multiple shots fired on the third floor inside that unit. neighbors describe hearing arguing, all of this happening late last night about 10:30 leaving two women shot dead. and we understand from my source that at least three children were inside the home when all of this happened. prince george's county police conducting interviews right now and working on suspect information along with a motive here in the 5500 block of landover road. this is considered cheverly, we're at the cheverly station apartments. and prince george's county and cheverly police
6:47 am
find suspect and of course a motive in this deadly incident that happened late last night.e. back to you. university of maryland police are searching for a studentmissing for several days. the 18-year-old has not been in touch with his family. he was last seen near the student uplast wenion last week. if you have any information, call university of maryland police. this morning montgomery county police are searching for a second suspect in a bizarre home robbery. they have arrested kevin darnell carroll. they say kacarroll and a man second man ambushed them and had tracked them hole p police say carroll and his partner tied up their loss ans and robbed the
6:48 am
2016 for you this morning. take a look at the four big contests coming up today where there are 150 delegates up for grabs. republicans are trying to get both the hawaii, idaho, mississippi and michigan. democrats will face off in primaries in just two of those states. the scales could tip with today's big primaries across the country. especially when it comes to the gop race. with weekend wins, tg hed cruz been catching up to donald trump. big wins will be in michigan and mississippi today. chuck todd says it will all depend on how big those wins are. >> if we see big double digit wins, then maybe saturday was a speed bump and trump is well on his way. >> trump was able to get double digit wins in alabama and arkans
6:49 am
says he will not run as a third party presidential candidate. michael bloomberg spent months mulling a possible independent campaign. the billionaire said in a blog post on monday that he doesn't position he could win if he entered the race. he also said his candidacy could shift the election toward republicans donald trump or d.c. for the democrats, the most critical primary is in michigan. that's where they squared off last night in detroit. sanders worked to contrast his record with the former secretary of state on the iraq war and on wall street. the "today" show has much more on the race for the white house in just minutes.question today, whether senator ted cruz can at that time lead in the republican race. chuck todd weighs in and donald trump talks live with matt and savannah. severe rain is being blamed for a commuter train derailment. take a look at the
6:50 am
outside of oakland, department says a tree fell and knocked the train right off the tracks. mudslides made it tough for crews to pull everyone to safety. >> one member was under the mud slide so we were trying to dig her out. i'm just happy that i'm alive. >> the fire department says all of the rain in the bay area likely contributed to the tree falling on the train. nine people were hurt in that derailment, four seriously. montgomery county wants to know how it can better respond to snow emergencies like the blizzard of 2016. this year's storm shut down schools for weeks. it took days for sidewalks to become passable. this morning the county council will take a look at what went well and what can be done better in the future. today's weather is a far cry from these giant snow banks we saw in january. but the white house says president obama has approved virginia's request for a disaster declaration. that means the state can get federal money to make needed repairs following the
6:51 am
of 2016. oh, to be rid of all that snow, chuck, and talk about 70s and breaking records. >> absolutely. the transition from winter to spring to summer this year took about that long. >> isn't that the case for d.c. almost every year? spring is so short lived. >> sure does feel that way. we'd like spring to last a little longer in most cases, but this time around, the transition is just going to be a blink of an eye. outside we go, 70s, our first 70 likely for today and it looks like thursday might be our first 80 glee day of the year. last year it took until april 13th before we made 80 for the first time. just a couple years ago, we had an early one. march 13 of 2012. but this early, we had to go all the way back to march 8 of 2000 to find an 80 degree day as early as this thursday. all because of a big dip in the jet stream, that severe weather you saw out of texas, this big area of lre
6:52 am
eastern seaboard. so we're going to be seeing temperatures in the 70s they're 80 for today, tomorrow, thursday, probably into friday, as well. so the warmest of the year so far plenty of sunshine, put a fork in it. winter is all but done around here. high pressure is in charge now. on the leading edge of about this ridge, we have seen a few light sprinkles. there could still an random raindrop near gaithersburg and damascus. temperatures in the upper 40s to they're 50. there is your morning planner. good looking sky out there. temperatures 30s and 40s now. we'll be in the mid to upper 50s by 9:00 a.m. and how about into the 70s for today. here is your 7 day, 78 today, 78 tomorrow. 80 degrees on thursday. still in the 70s on friday. that will be our
6:53 am
of weather. at least a chance to rain both days in weekend, but most of the rain threat comes up on your sunday. we have the cleanup of the accident on the outer loop of the beltway at the george washington parkway. you can see it's off to the right shoulder there. still have the crash in waldorf northbound branch at pinefield road, a single right lane gets you by. causing delays up to 301. if you're taking marc, pretty much everything quiet. penn south number 409 running 8 to 10 minutes late. and we're just getting reports of a late crash possibly on the southbound baltimore-washington parkway near route 175. so headed down toward ft. meade, stay on your toes and look out for any police on the scene. new this morning, a new report says more and more pedestrians are being killed on the roads. according to the governor of highway safety
6:54 am
pedestrian deaths from 2014 to last year. the group says most of the accidents happened at night. an increase in distracted driving and walking could also be a reason for the change. this issing out days after a pedestrian ways hit and killed in montgomery county on east randolph road. she was only a block away from home. we're quickeeping a close en gas prices. refinery issues causing a spike in some places. eri eri eri erika gonzalez is in arlington. >> reporter: and we've seen gas prices go up about seven secent but we're still 70 cents cheaper than we were last year at this time. the national average, high heest $2.51, lowest about $1.30. here in arlington, we're
6:55 am
at $1.67 along columbia pike. aaa says the lower price of crude and the abundant supply should keep a ceiling on how much you pay in the coming months. and with spring break around the corner, that of course is welcome news for a lot of families who can fill up their tanks for about 30 bucks. travel 200, 300 miles with that tank of gas. and really leave more in their pockets. so exactly how much are you paying? what is the cheapest gas prices you have seen? tweet us your pictures and facebook us. you can go to the nbc washington facebook page and send those to us there. i'm erika gonzalez, news 4. good morning. i'm landon dowdy at cnbc. lyft is gaining on uber in new york city. ridership has increased 500% since last may. the growth is partly due to fare cuts in 33 cities including new york and wash
6:56 am
marketing efforts. with your morning business report, i'm landon dowdy. 6:56. here are four things to know he before you head out. two volunteer firefighters are back on the job this morning. the men were placed on live for taking a child to the hospital on a fire truck rather than waiting for an ambulance. 150 delegates up for grabs across four states that have caucuses or primaries today. hawaii and idaho, republicans will weigh in. and in mississippi and michigan, both parties looking for voters. nine people hurt after a tree fell on to the commuter train and knocked it off the tracks in california. the fire department says heavy rain may have helped take that tree down. two women are dead after a shooting in cheverly. police say neighbors heard arguing right before hearing gunshots on landover road. no word on a suspect. there is a "7-day forecast" that look as whole lot more like memorial day than it does here in mid march. temperatures in the 70s for the
6:57 am
flirting with 80 on thursday. kim mccormick. >> still cleaning up the crash beltway at george washington parkway. everywhere else pretty quiet, just standard volume wherever you happen to go. >> and that is the broadcast this morning. we appreciate you waking up with us. >> the if"today" show is next.
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good morning. breaking overnight, a commuter train derailed near san francisco, plunging one car into a creek. passengers attempt to rescue fellow riders. >> we were trying to dig her out while the train was hanging. >> at least nine people injured. image problem. donald trump facing mounti inin criticism for doing this at rallies. >> raise your hand right, everybody. do you swear that you're going to vote for donald trump tomorrow? raise that hand. >> some say he'sagery of a dark in history. we'll talk to donald trump live as voters go to the polls in four more states today. jury awards erin andrews


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