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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  March 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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first at 4 the hunt for the man who murderedluuz women at a prince george's apartment. this happened atxd cheverlyqw3 farz( off of thexd exit for rou 50. m tell us that the two girls were half floor apartment behind us when the shootingñi happened. moments ago i had an opportunity to speak with the victim who livv[$r'side that apartment, mother, she was tearful and sad that her e15-year-old grandchil witnessed the x#ñmurders. they don't know whoñi the suspe is but they believe he knewt( t victims. prince george's county police arrived at the cheverly station apartments at 10:30 last f2áju they found tarekka jones andñi
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ko home at the time and may have witnessed thexgnçi] shooting. tarekka jones classmates stopped by her apartment this morning shortly after they heard the mo three was a kind woman who was excited about start agnew career as a dental hygienist. >> this year we were going to graduate in december. >> she was really nice. we kicked it off really nice.ñ she's like my best friend in school. jalisa walls-harris andñi why+ she was at this apartment behinp it's anotherxd pivotal day the presidential race.xd four more states are holdinglp republican voters casting ballots in michigan and mississippi. only republicans are voting in idaho and hawaii. the primary resultxdfáw3
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coming in laterñiçó tonight. nationwide hillary clinton is holding herxd lead in the democratic race.iu#eìáhp &hc% clinton gets the support of 53% of democratic primary voters a poll last month gave clinton 53% to 42% for sanders. the current poll was conducted last week and has a margin ofqw error of plus or minus 3 percentage points. democrats debate again tomorrow primary next tuesday. xd on the republican side, front-runner dulles toll road said he believes the race for the white house is essentiallyúo down to twoçó gop candidates no ted cruz and himself. (affiliate in miami. meanwhile mitt romney is delivering another anti-trumpxd message. he taped robo calls on behalf of marco rubio and johnxd kasich telling voters holding primaries to chooseq someone who can dat
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hillary clinton in the fall. hillary clinton ist( among the growing list of people slated to attend thexd funeral fori] form george w. bush and his wife, rosa ly)qok carter, president nixon's daughter trisha and president lyndon b. johnson's daughters will be attending this private ceremony friday afternoon at the reaganñr presidential library in california. cell phone video shows the flames engulfing an apartment building thisñr morning inko ñ. some people had to be rescued from their balconies. jackie bensen found out a young girl saved her siblings and warned her neighbors. >> reporter: this was the situation where momñi had stepp out the take afá younger siblin to the bus stop whenñrñran guju younger sibling came in and told this 12-year-old that her lamp at that point fire investigators
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what she was supposed to qdo, just the right thing to keep everyone safe. unfortunately, a dozen uni!5ñ i this apartment complex just off goodluck road will not be livable for a couple of things but the good thingçóñr is lpevek including a number of children got out of these buildings okay. >> baltimore police officer will have to testify against his fellow officers in the freddie gray e1case. maryland's court of appeals william porter canxd be4váu r to testify against his five colleagues. they are all charged in the death of g"j last april in police custody. "-"táspáed to start tomorrow bu hung jury in december. june.
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to loseyo his life. two years ago he waskoe1 murden uát and thi man who did it was convicted. but wexd lovedechñi other dearl. >> reporter: the man convicted of that murder will be sentenced in the nextlp 60 days. one sheriff is calling this a miracle. no deaths in a chaotic commuter train derailment in california's bay area. but nine passengerst(çó still recovering from injuries andxd four oft( them are in serious condition. investigators now say it's likely a mudslide led to this derailment in niles canyon. a commuter train tumbled 50 fete with 214 passengers on board. two cars landed in the water. another car
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ledge.q it's not yete1 clear exó#ñ how fast 4e[xd train had beenxd goit the time. we'll have more details from the passengersxd and the latest on this investigation in our next half hour. >> prince william countyñr poli released this photo of officer jesse hempen going home froóóp,c hospital. guindon. a blood drive in honor of the officers continueok tom&now in loudoun county. it will be at the sheriff' department headquarters inñi p.m. right now a lot of tourists arei] scrambling to change thei plans. xd big changei] fori] the famous cherr bloõms. they will emá
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>> forecasting record warmth the next two days.ñr temperatures running some 20 to 30 trees above average. the trend will continue through the weekend. how it will impact tñ allergy season for spring. >> it's pretty wildñi xdvideo. the news reporterw3lxuho got a e
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children are safe after a scary situation. their school bus got stuck in high water
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by severe stormuó last night in dallas the water was çóhalfway the bus's wheels. the bus got trapped. rescuers were able to wade out to the bus and carry out students on their shoulders. one by one they took themt( to nearby boat. the children were put aboard another bus and taken to school. >> if you drive i-66 you can get theçó latest on changes thatjf coming inside the beltway. vdot sharing information and taking comments about the new toll lane pricing and general operation of it. tonight's meeting is f÷/ 6:00 to 8:00 at eagle ridge middlefá school in ashburn. >> well, how about this for a change of plans. looks likeñiñi the cherry bloss peaking a lot sooner. the park servicexdçó sa3g with of thisp.pi5 weather we're getting this week the trees will likely peak between march 18th and march 23rñid.+
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affect theñr dates of the cherr blossoms festival. ]0myñ hundreds of thousands comu town for that cherry bl(r)oms and many depend on metro. metro is suspendingxd all ofçó weekend track work forko five straight weeks starting marchçó 19th. that work usually causes delays it's going to happen after 10:00 at night on sunday when don't forget metro is no longer cards.çó >> reporter: chaotqct andxdñr confusing situation. >> wow. a man covering the news sudley makes the news. what happened after this crash live ñireporter. >> your bank may want to knowok exactly where you are. why it claims trackingou is y
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ant( update on some police activity off lee highway in fairfax.jfxd a short time ago a suspicious package that disruptedok busine in the area was harmle faj was discovered at the home depot on west ox road. át were closed for several hours butlip% y said bizarre crash that's
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area. this suv onñiñi the roof no supposed to be there. police sayñr there's a roadok n to this giant eagle grocery store that run] almost parallel to the roof. the suv somehow flew off the --. the vehicle began to leak no one was ñihf(u)ed. still no arrests in a shooting at a bus stop that left wounded in the district. >> news4 pat collins has been >> reporter: by now you probablf know all about it. how a woman sitting here with some groceries at her side was gunned down in a drive byçó shooting, a drive by shooting not meant fort( her. it happened sunday afternoon. to%i1 we'll tell you allñi abo we'll hear from her family. they will talk about the
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and suffering this hasfá brough home to them. that storyñi coming up, news4 aó 5:00. >> first at 4 it won'tq happen whenñin you stand out on the ro. we know that. >> take a look as a newsr reporter and his photographer near san francisco narrowly e1 a chaotic and confusing station. >> that was close. he was reporting live on a traiá derailment in california when that car drove off the road and both are okay now. the two hugged and thanked each other on theçó air. and a new beat is domg the kennedy center this summer. the center announced
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focus on hip-hop culture.jf q-tip will serve as the director of this new program. it aims toa5 celebrate the influencew3 hip-hop music has h in promoting values like courage, justice and service in our country and around+çó the world. >> we hear it every where. you cannotè
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of course yesterday we werexd i the 60s.lp take a look.t( that's the big snow pile there that we've beeni] tracking at r a lot of it will be gone bye1 t time we get to tend of the work week. so your weather headlines, record warmth coming oure1 way we take a look. %0qe can see a little bit ofø r and ii] meant( a little bit. i should have putxd that inc quotes. very littlexd rain in the next 75 ine1 frederick. these temperatures are closerfár what you would find late may. late may. not marcht] walking the dog this evening, mild conditions will fall to the mid-60s by 9:00. that's it. onexd mostlymy clear skies.kop here's what we're tracking. i showed you this
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here. now it's way up here3w acro%y areas of new york. we have that mild flow out of the southwest. warm air coming over us. tomorrow upper 70s to 80 degrees.ñre1 again. then we got 80 degrees coming our way on thursday as well. so that's why we're thinking we could see record highs either tied or shattered on thursday. looking back last year first 80 degree day was on aprilçó3w 13. the other ones in recent years march 1onz, ñi2012, march 8th i 2000çó some of the earlier time when we've hit 80ç"degr-es at te bus stopñi tomorrow morning. mild 52 degrees. kids can get by with a light jacket but how about the long sleeves they can roll up during the afternoonçó hours. warm conditions. that's the next thing you'll w3 notice. when wejf hit 80 there will be culpeper 81 for a high temperature on da
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sunshine. that's a weather front coming weekend. as youxd look at the storm team four day forecast 80 degrees tomorrow as wellk as thursday, twu more days like this if notq warmer, you're really going to t it and@ lor getting out.e1 in a few minutes we'll take a look at yourcfá recreational forecast for tomorrow, to do golfing oráhp &% saturday is the coolc down. we'll talk about when we could see ac little bit of rain. before we know it5?1 everyo will bexd taking off for spring break and whether you're heading low, low gas pri3be1 we've enjoyed they couldfá start climbing. >> the quiz can guess your age, gender and even how much money you make. we'll take axd closer look at that. but first big night in the race for the white house. republicans in four states are voting today. >> which candidate do you think will do best? it's oure1 nbc washingtonlp fla
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call or text the number on your screen or
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. what people know about us based on the apps on our çóphon. happy pancake day. here are the stor
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talking about today. >> it's never tooxd late for pancakes. never ever too late for metal bandçó ac/dc which canceld several u.s. touri] dates including one here. >> there are ten datesfá total. brian johnsone1xd has been toldt if hee1 doesn't stope1fá perfore can golp deaf inçó thei] next c weeks. they cancelled ten remaininge1 shows. they are looking for a guestjfj vocalist where they can make up some of them. unfortunatelylñá for him, it's such a serious condition -- tonight is something that comes up with musicianst( just becaus they arelp exposed to live musi all the time. that's what he has. a very serious condition. >> that does sound serious. here's something that's really happy.ñi >> ie1 did. it was in th
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it was great. ihop the national&ñ pancake day today. oh, i get tolp show ñrokthat. now i'm starving.zv benefits the children's medical every year they dot( this. this is < fanj!(tic. we want toñi salute you.ó[ okay. >> let's move on fromñi the pancakes. ,7'su talk about our cell phones. there's anxd app, there are app that can actually paint a >> one app in particular that you can download and base on what you answer yes or knowft"á ñr youxdñiw ñr have on your phone that2xá tell your age, how much you make, how oldñi you are, your social status includingñr thing about your life thatñi youht mt there. snap chat,q çówendy, yout( have
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walmart, zillow madeñi the list. the list as well. which youñi probably shouldn't bring to qwork. jf 32. you arexdñ@24. what your talking about. >> i'm 33. >> sorry. >> you got some hot tickets to give away. >> we would love to getñi you o of d.c. and into the sun, out go to our iheart music awards coming up tomorrow morning onxd our show. >> we'll take youe1 outçó right. e1 i'm hungry. this election seems like now maryland' governor isok weighing in and getting a lot of attention. plus your bank wants to know exactly wherñ you are allçó the time. why it claims it can save you some lpxdmoney. this is
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now at 4:30 one of the prince william county police officers wounded in the line of duty is outi of the fáhospital. empen is home and recovering. his fellow officerq ashley guindon was killed laste1 month. uju inñr cheverly. jones and jalisa walls-harris they were found shot to
4:30 pm
prince george's county police are still searching for the  and don't believe this was a random fáshooting. what does the warm weather thejfçó national park service s peak bloom will happen between march 18th and the 23rd. that's two weeks earlier. it's michigan's turn to weigh in on the presidential race and the biggest prize in four states that's holdingfá primaries orlp caucuses today. democratlp bernie sanders, republican john kasich need to do very well. >> both appear long shots in a state where dulles toll road and hillary clinton have strong steve handelsman is tracking the action from capitol hill this afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon. can thexd front-runners be stopped? the shortxd term answer seems t beht not today. >> thank you for letting me com1 by. michigan where hillary clinton has 21 lead
4:31 pm
>> i believe she's thei] right person to lead this country. >> i feel she's an honest person. g losing michigan with its unions and racial diversity could crushfá b+áli7p sanders. he's trailing badly in delegates but nine points down nationally in today'ñ(i] nbc/wall street journal poll.fá there's voting todayok in xd mississippi, idaho and qhawaii. but republican john kasich is focused on michigan. >> i don't know where but i think we'll do well and win çporter: marco rubio is struggling. >> what we hear from people all ov%!1át countryxd pleas don't let dulles toll road be our nominee. >> reporter: trump willçóxd not claims ted cruz who is close in the delegate counts. >> if you don't want to see hillary clinton as the president which is the result of dulles toll road being the nominee come join us, let us stand together.+ >> raise your hand. >> reporter: trump saidxd todaye might stop asking supporters to raise their hands after critics say the
4:32 pm
salute. >> if it's offensive i wouldn't do it. when i say raise their hand everybody is raising their hand. >> reporter: trump te# inñi pre-vote polling inñijf michigad mississippi. showdown, florida and ohio that could answer the question could dulles toll road be stopped? i'm steve handelsman, news4. thank you, steve. maryland governor larry hogan was asked today which candidate he plans to support in november. his response. he says quote completely w3 disgusted, and not paying mucheg attention. capital tonight with more on/o!e governor's controversial comments. look for that in our next hour. banksq are starting to experiment with a new way of reducing credit card fraud by tracking where youxd arefá atq times. this idea is people are glued ti their phones so if your phone and credit card are in the same place the charges are most customers would be able to
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data for security only and not for marketing. many ofxd yof are planning head somewhere for spring break. and aaa says more and more of you are considering takingt(çófç car. that's because of super low gas prices, althoughe1 they are on c rise. news4 erika gonzalez shows ust( what to watchfá out for the pum. >> reporter: we'veok seen price go up about seven cents in the past coupleqc of weeks. still if you look at prices last year compared to this year we're still 70e1 cents cheaper now th we were last year. the national highest average for a gallon ofq gasoline about $2.51. the lowest $1.30. about that price range. here in arlington along columbia pike we're look at i]ym$1.67,9.
4:34 pm
corner this is welcomed news. john townsend says take añçó lo around where you shop because prices can vary substantially even in a very small area. >> youçó can find on oneác%uá corner such as one we're standing by where there's a 30 cent swing in gasolinexd rises. it doesn't make sense to consumers but take advantage of that. i'm erika gonzalez, news4.ñiñi we're seeing sunshine acrosr the area. the temperatures have been, mid-70s. we're going to head on down the mid-60s by the time weq get to 8:00. a mild evening coming our way. yes, you can just kind of throw the jacket to the id
4:35 pm
it feels nice outside. wake up weather for tomorrow, a mild start. we're expecting dry conditions. i know there was a little the area this morning, sparked a few showers. not going to see thatjft( tomor. in. just like todayq we'll see thos temperatures spring very quickly especially after lunch time. forecasting 80 degrees inçót( d 76 to 82, maybe 83 degrees around stafford, fredericksburg1 once again, annapolis, mid-60s to around 70 degrees. we'll talk about how long the 80 degree warmth will sticke1 arou and our$9 qlp chance of seeing rain over the next few. well, we have just had the warmest winter on recordt( according to our government meteorologist. the average nationwide temperature for the lower 48ym from december through february was about 37 degrees. that's four and a, lf degreesxd above-normal. the national oceanic and atmospheric administrations
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combination ofñi el nino which you've been hearing about and manmade global warming which you've been hearing about. ko andmy speaking of wild  millions of people have a lotq o clean up this afternoon. take a look where strong storms are cause sewing much damage. it'st( called t(douring eve acci vo: know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from.
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. the makersçó of gogo squeez are recalling certain pouches of their e1non-organic apple sauce. certain food product residue may have made it into those pouches. the pouches havee1 a besti] buye of between decemberxd 2015 and march 2017. no illnesses have )9 linked to this. if you did #¥átáq these recalled pouches head to táñ gogzáuqq- website0(t you'll get afá replacement voucher.q virginia driversñr who open their doors and hit a cyclist or a motorized vehicle like a scooter or atv will be at fault. you'll be fined if a newñr billn virginia becomes law. it is
4:40 pm
a third of theu s victims went the hospital. it's a bill signed by the governor drivers would pay a $50 fine. bicyclists from across the country are gathered here in washington &qm5ñúa]ternoon for the annual bike at the sea summit. lj focuses on bikingñi safety, education and building betterko bike3w paths in communities.
4:41 pm
spring. also joining the washington director will be kent's e1husba3 he's the associate artistic director of the american ballet theater. she says she's excited to return to the d.c.çó area. a nightmareok behind the whf every second of it caught on camera. what was so amazingxd about how developments in a story that could have turned into a tragedy. a train full of people runs ut and what it's about taking a stand.
4:42 pm
had their way. they crashed our economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges our families face. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator.
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bring flooding, wind and fire. the wicked weather that's carve3 axd path of destruction for mor than 1,000 miles. >> days from now parts of our runners andxdi] metro ise1 goin change thingsñi around in anticipation. first theñr developments onn evening commuteçó that has seve[ people fighting for their lives in northern california. >>q it y!, mudslidebj)q bay area blamed for a chaotic train derailment. it left two rail cars submerged in a creek. we have more on theñi harrowing ue
4:45 pm
u jf killed. >> shifted the gravity all of a su6d%n. >> reporter: four car commuter train derailed monday night with 214 people on board. the lead car slippede1 down an embankment and into a creek.t( passengers described a harrowing chaotic scene. >> i wasn't sure if we were startedfá listening fort( the screams. people were crying for help. >> reporter: authorities say the train was traveling from san jose to stockton when it struck a tree laying on the track sending the lead car in the water.ectr(t&háhp &hg.' rescuers battledxd the fast-movg current to bring victimsñi to safety. >> water coming in at the farthest part down in the water rescued from the mud.i] she was trapped beneath a second the t(tracs&6 >> we were trying to dig
4:46 pm
that mudslide pushed the tree on the tracks causing the incident. passengers say rain was coming down hard just moments before hand part of ajf series are of thunderstorms that's inonew3t( d the san francisco bay area in recent days. ñit( breaking news at the li desk. we've learned a man is in critical condition ever being stabbed in northwest d.c. police say it happened in the u 3400 block of georgia avenue nearlp morton street just after 3:00. the man was taken to hospital and policeu say he's in bad shape. no information about what led to the stabbing or who may have we'll update yout( on the nbc washington app as we learn more. workers are still working to put out a firelp at a chicago fa market that started eight hours ago. one person wasçó rescued from t massive building that runs for two blocks.+ a roof deck collapsedq
4:47 pm
several cars plummeting intoñi ó flames. loss. this is chicago's largestq indor flea market. it was one of the most popular videos on your facebook page today, a garbageq truck tht fellxú÷off an interstate ramp i miami. the truck's dash cam shows the moment it c-ed through a guardrail on ñilpflorida's i-95 fell nearly xd100 feet to the ground landing in the parking lot of a neighborhood park. the driver xdsurvived. witnesses and family members say it's a miracle he is still alive. this all happened last year and the video was just released by the florida highway patrol today. police haven't said what caused {
4:48 pm
least two more days where temperatures are going to be topping out in the upper 70s to 80 degrees. warmer conditions foré@ e1tomo. your impact forecast, i knoww have iti] as low. i'm thinkingé@ of changing to high. because it will be hard to go done. kids at the bus stop tomorrow morning won't need the umbrella or the coat. maybe a light jacket for ap, little bit of an early morningm chill. not going last very long. go with long sleeves and let them push them up in thenf=eìá% afternoon w3hours. sunglasses for you. bright sunshine across our arew tomorrow. weather that will beq a plus fo wednesday and thursday. we pull it down toe1 b for frid. i'll show you whyu in just a moment. certainly not going to be as warm. 80 degrees we topçó out in d.c. tomorrow, 81 la plata, 79 leesburg and 82, maybe 84 fredericksburg to charlottesville. more warmth
4:49 pm
southwest virginia and down i-95. like today we'llxdko see those temperatures jump very quickly. severalxd degrees each hour between 9:00 and 11:00 a.m. eight degrees and then same deal between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 coming your way forñi early 5tir the latter part of the day. 80 to 82. that's your wednesday. we're forecasting here, thejf record for wednesday is 80. i thinklpçó we'll tie the recor( tomorrow. i think we'll break the record on thursday.fá record isxd 78 degrees. again these temperatures that we're forecasting more like late your thursday,i] morningq to ni forecast again the second warm day for us. there you can see we'll get to up the 70s to 80 degrees. and into thei] evening çóhours, evening 7:00 on thursday mid-70s xd high temperature again this tiof
4:50 pm
sunsets at 6:09. daylight savings time begins sunday morningfá 2:00 a.m. sunset on sunday at 7:14. ot springing forward, losing that making sure you check the batteriest( in yourt(t(fát(nbq go straight from winter toe1 e1 summer. >> i think it is. we'll continuei] to see our temperatures running above average and could be interesting for hurricane season too. >> i wonder if 5:00 will be one of those hours where wew3 see y run straightt( to the weather dk outside.# cf1 o go for it. ñ there. >> great. smith is the new superintendent of montgomery countydqt1% xd
4:51 pm
a four year contract that includes aq salary of a5$275,0 year. right now he's the state interi superintendent. before that he was the head of describe smith as a skilled leader who will build on montgomery county's legacy of excellence. >> if you were relying on metro onç?$ápáurday there are some changes because of the rock and roll marathon goingxdi] through town. metro rail will open at 5:00 a.m. to help the runners and spectators get to the starting line. there is a full lejrh half marchw3 thorngs a -- thexd marad there will be road closures. we have afá full list.q we'rei work several developing stories in the newsroom right now. the nation'sxd leading soccer scorer on the college basketball court is shattering
4:52 pm
our own backyard. the motivation behind howarde1 university's james daniel. and upticke1 in domestic violence in one part of our area but there's a new plan that x where police are hoping to track field trip. that teenager nowçó out $100. coming up at 5:00 i'll tell you how iti] ended up herei] on the sidewalkh.xáh the displagiarize handgun. what a way to end a college visit. a3ym(u$er and daughter said a parachute helped save their lives. the plane is seen bouncing when it hits the ground in long lp island. it nearly hit a building. this happened over the weekend. the father who wasñii] pilotine
4:53 pm
he walked away with a scratcht(n his forehead and his daughter of if you suffer from allergies this warmer weather will set you off. tree pollen has started rising and in the next0#wxd weeks gras pollen will mean swollen eyes utdoors. health officials say shower when you go back indoors to remove the pollen. over-the-counterñi medications n allergy shot as many of them
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days of dogged determination and with ai]jf strandedt( pup sd r)ove mane1 is dog's best friend. the dog was stuck on an ice coveredxd reservoir and was scared, repeatedlyt( running aw fromxd r days. it wasn't until thee1 dog fell through ties that crews were able toeo:uu to it.r hail fell by the bucket full in parts of northern colorado yesterday.fá so much of itxd that some say i
4:57 pm
ice balls. it created dangerous driving e1 conditions. a truck slid on an icy road and nearly hit another truck coming in the opp/)n$mx direction. folks in southernt( califora are still cleaning up after a powerful storm last night. knbce1 patrick healy reports it brought rain, lightning, thunde] andi] flooding. >> reporter: localizedu floodin. downed trees and power fálines. shingles ripped off roofs. and a tree set ablaze by lightning. >> we heard the woy) etipd &háhp &hc% monica and herok husband were not preparet3 for what came next.
4:58 pm
>> i saw the trees go like this and i saw it shake and then the lights went off. >> reporter: the tree came down with a crack smashing the nissan in the driveway and a chevy van parked in the fácurb. another neighbor found aq silve t,npdidn't fall on our fáhouse,r roof. >> reporter: roofs tookxd a beating, showering the neighborhood with shingles quite loose by what the national weather service calledt( ar localized down e1burst. this man found water inside hisr family's upstairs unit. >> thefá vacuumt( sucks out 12 gallons and weçó emptied it t(t. >> reporter: this man got a couple of new shingles.q marvelling at wind damage he's not seen in years. >> haveok you ever seen wind do this to at that roof? was a down burst of straight
4:59 pm
"news 4 at 5:00" starts with jim and wendy. i would advise people not to over reactq but to get prepared. >> plus a young man who survived medical hardships but couldn't wrong. tonight his mother u>t(uj after the conviction of one of thosei] responsible for his death. foods and lung cancer. why youym may be at risk even you don't smoke. we gin tonight withi] break news related to theó[ m#1im o two women in prince george'[3 ãc%u9qe who were shot to death0 >> just minutes ago police told megan
5:00 pm
>> reporter: familyçó members s the two women were half sisters qok other. that's why family mesers said jalisa walls-harris was inside that top third floor apartment there last night.ok moments later shots were fired. those two girls were found murdered inside. police are now trying to figure family memberst( have questionss well. >> she was a shiningxd star. she would light upjf any room. >> róp4rter: she was only 22 years old but family members dreams of becoming a vocalist, postingi] renditions of songs o instagram. ♪t(t( now these songse1 andt( picture mean more. her aunt says she went to spend time with 26-year-old tarekka the two sisters were working on rebuilding th


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