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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  March 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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>> reporter: familyçó members s the two women were half sisters qok other. that's why family mesers said jalisa walls-harris was inside that top third floor apartment there last night.ok moments later shots were fired. those two girls were found murdered inside. police are now trying to figure family memberst( have questionss well. >> she was a shiningxd star. she would light upjf any room. >> róp4rter: she was only 22 years old but family members dreams of becoming a vocalist, postingi] renditions of songs o instagram. ♪t(t( now these songse1 andt( picture mean more. her aunt says she went to spend time with 26-year-old tarekka the two sisters were working on rebuilding th
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the prince george's county police say at around 10:30 a man inside the apartment before taking jfoff. tarekka jones mother andxd cousr returned to the scene hours later. she said her daughters three young children were inside the apartment and the 5-year-old witnessed the shooting. jones jones classmates also stopped by and remembered their friend as a good person who loved her kids and was excited about become a dental hygienist. z december. >> she wase1 reab@ ñinice.a5 outgoing. she didn't deserve it. roman dick relationship with kendall reynolds but wouldn't let go and move-9 on. coming up at 6:00 we talkedok t family members who said domestic violence was a conce6f÷ forçó t. and amid thisw3 uptick in george's county isñi working to help make familiesi]ko fe
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this year there have been six domestica5ñr related homicides would expand the definition of abuse. if it is passed itñiûould incle property and would allow more reasons for granting protective orders. the county is also trainingw3 faith leadersi] in how to couns families involved infá domestic violence. >> this morning i saidok weñr c no longer mind our business. we werexd raised in a culture y should mind your business. but you have toúfnu involved t( now. get help for individuals. all of us see where it's happening. >> also she says boys who see domesti ttxd are more than twice asxd likely to repeat it r girls who witness it are moret( likely to become victims later in life. a major ruling
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maryland that will impact the trials of those baltimore officers charged in the death of freddie gray. the court ruled that william porter the firstq officer to pae of all five of his fellow officers charged in the case. porter's own triali] ended with hung jury you'll recall back in( december. hj expected to go onxdxd trial again in june. the court's decision is a historic oneçóxd in the state a sets pres;qq'ce in how testimony can be used amonge1 co-defendan. more on that coming upçó later this hour. crime, a montgomery county man survived a life-savingnb organ transplant and other serious health challenges only tot( be shot and killed during a home that he knew. and no(gñ one of the killers ha been found guilte1 i. derrick ward has some newp r(t&% reaction from the victims family. >> reporter: the accused was
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took the montgomery juryu two ad a half hours toñr come back wit that verdict.ñr life had been tough for jan anthony harris, plagued by illness. he's undergone two kidney transplants and open heart surgery. through it all he's been a fighter and an inspiration to his ñifamily. >> he was like my other leg. but we lovedi] eachw3 other dea. ju e1 forces more sinister than disease took jonathan away. >> he was young man thatlp weigd 105 pounds. an easyxd targetx> reporter: december of 2014 whenñi harris' mother found him dead,fá murdered in the basemen apartment of the home they shared. investigators say deionok wasçó main actor in the brutal murder. >> part of what
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attack on mr. harris, waslp revenge by her for himxd having >> reporter: she died of brain cancer before going trial. the convict ofw3w3 deion helped jonathan's family cope.xd >> they took a person i love the most in this entire world, the person that inspires me to live every day like it's my last. >> reporter: for thefá family is been a long hard two years sinc1 jonathan's death. >> thanks to yesterday's verdict, ixd have an opportunit now to find a newxd normal. >> reporter: deion is scheduled to be sentencedt( in mid-may. the remaining person ise1 due t be sentenced on .:jday. coming up in the 6:00 hour a look at some of the evidencet( that ledfá tof"ñ yesterday's gu verdict. >> derrick ward. thank you. injured responding to that dom
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woodbridge. prince william county poli%h jesse hempen on twitter. he left the hospital last week and is now at home lprecovering% jesse hempen andi] another offir young officerxd ashley guindon.i jesse hempen's family said he's in good spirits and thankful for the supportu. the family hasc received. now to the race for the white house. vote cigarette under wayñi righ now in three states with caucuses tonight in hawaii, but bothw3 sides is michigan. where both dulles toll road and hillary clinton have leads in the polls ahead of today's primary. we have team coverage for you from nbc news. >> reporter: i'm kasie hunt.ñi the sanders campaign has a lot to test whether or not he can, in fact, win in some of theseçó bigger morelp diverse states across the heartland. >>xd i'm hallie jackson. cruz is looking
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in idaho and want as strong showing in missist+!a% hoping o frame this as a two man race between him andxd dulle/y&ur road.i] the problem for cruz he's not stick around. >> reporter: marco rubio is holding a rallyok later tonight. he faces the possibility of disappointing fourth place finishes in michigan and mississippi but his campaign is already lookingfálpxd aheadxd t florida, setting up a make-or-break showdown here in the sunshine xdstate. we wantfá to know wha$( yo think. which candidate do you think will have the besti] results in tonight's contest. you can text the number on your screen or vote on ourxd n2cd washington facebookeoñpage. maryland governor larry the questiontpáu(j asked during the press conference today wasc simple. wouldfáfác heq
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here at the state house to discuss the budget bute1 the biggest news he made was whena5e was asked about presidential ñr politics. had a strong response today to ñ reporter's question whether hogan wouldt( support donald trp if he'si] the gop presidential nominee. >> quiteñi frankly i'm completed disgusted with national politics in both parties, democrats andj republicans, not paying3w much attention. i'm trying to focus here in maryland. >> reporter: i asked a member of this women's coalition what she thinks of the governor'sñi comments that he's disgusted with national politics in both parties. >> i think our governor is right. disgusted with thuk republicanñ primaries aof the way things are going now anyway. >>ñie@,wo-thirds of the people t cast a vote in the republican
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ye%9mq you. they don't wantpc< you to be th p>> reporter: people are turned off by the rudd niece andçó ranr of the recent republican xd debates. >> thee1 badebates have been horrible. they are focusing on talking about each other instead of the issues. >> reporter: ahead why governor hogan is resisting calls e him candidate even though w3marylans primary is next month. that's coming up onñr "news 4 a president obama will not be meeting with israelixd prime minister netanyahu when he comes to the country. it was due to a scheduling conflict.
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remains unshakeable. president joe biden getsok read to meet with netanyahuok and palestinian president in çói]is. we're just getting started here. a big change for thee1fáé@ arr thosexdxd cherry blossoms on ou new information will have a lot you scrambling. >> a student on an out of townñ school trip targeted in a scam at the pentagon city mall. what happened when he wenta. b >> the actions of a 13-year-old that helped savex#rq) family fr] roomó2saying, my room is on fi. >> we did it. it'pr may! it feels like may out there. temperatures today topping out in the upper 70s. take a e1i]look. almost 80 degrees. we'rert
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now we're forecasting record warmth for your wednesday and thursday. and not too shby forab
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rapidly threwiaan apartment complex in prince george's county this morning and while
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goodluck road didn't take any jackie bensen live is lanham tonight where a 13-year-old girl is being credited for getting her family oute1t( safely. >> reporter: she went from getting ready for school tofár using h%áe life-saving skille just like that. >> i was really scared. >> reporter: diana hernandez, lp 13, was at home with her younger brother and sister while her mom took another sibling to the bus stop >> he came running to my room fire. i said is the fire big or small. he said it'sfá big.b.zi &háhp &hc% >> reporter: within minutes garden apartment building. the wr firefighters had to pull at( number of peopl to safety after they became trapped on upper floors. fire officials say diana very likely kept her younger brother andst
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or worseçó by quickly getting tm out of the apartment. >> there's a tendency forq youn ones to panic, not knowq what t do. that's why we recommendjf durin our school visits families plan and practiceñi an escape drillx from the home identifying two ways outçóñi of everyçó room ind >> reporter: coming up on "news 4 at 6:00"e1 diana will tell us all-importantfá life-saving skills. march madness is almost upon us. andt( right now ourt(ñr area is playing host to one of the gets in the big jfdance. nc beat wake forest for thdk start of the acc tournament. we'll see local fan favorites tomorrow when virginia tech takes on th7 florida statexdxd seminoles. thursday night okuva hits the court. good evening everyone
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jason t(pugh.fá this year hasn't gone for the bison team.t( they lost a number of close game v cf1 o howard fans to bee1 hopeful for the future and theirt( teamst( chances. hisé(sq is james daniel. some daysñ] james daniel will h ?árrj jersey number hanginge rafters here at howard university. >> when i first came i really didn't have any certainthdgoals. >> daniel has been consssáq't and spectacular. his 27 points a game leads the he's averaging those nu-[km r(t&háhp &hc% that has his coaches impressed. >> he's thei] number one personi he's still getting 20 a game. that's what makes it special.t( nation's top scoring he broke
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>> you see him work and put the numbers up. still hasn't hit meñii] yet tha hit the all timee1 leading scor here at howard ç6ouniversity. you won't see he leads. years later someonñxd will tryq break his record. >> when he's not coaching your can findñi james daniel jr.ñi a howard filming his son's game. note1 necessarily forñi memory he'll record that over the next >> we sit down and watch the tape and go through it. out ofq-anybody in this world i know this gameq better than a' o an[p off the charts but forw3fá nowq the jun sole focus is making a?; run i the tournament not individual awards. >> when i'm 30 i'll think about it. when iok come xdback. >> howardñi plays north carolin central tonight. tipoff in that game is setñi fo
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go to or our kaiser permanente. search conference tournament. well, ifq this weather isn' will be opening dá at nats park. pe will sing the national anthem. 50 people have been invited to audition this saturday morning o at the ballpark. those auditions are noti]lp ope it's too late. each of those people singing will be singing acapella. one of the country's most influential music genre and hip-hop is coming down the chosen. and the first lady's message like most women i know how $m feels to be overlooked, to bó
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only half listen to your ideas at a meeting, to see them turn to the man next." to you, the n
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well, wexd all have spring fever and apparently so do the cherry trees. >> we're feelingit. the national park service tells usjfhe
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beforeñiçó expected. shomari stone is downtown tidal basin. so what did you learn? >> reporter: hey, firstçó of al let me tell you it's absolutely behind me. they look bad now but soon they will look gorgeous. let's roll some video. thet( weather is so warmlp thelp national park servicee1 bumpedq its prediction for the cherry blossoms peakq bloom dates. now it's marche1 18th to march 23rd. it wase1t( originally march 31s april 3rd. the cherry blossoms draw thousands of tourists to the d.c. area. peake1 bloom happens when 70% o theq cherry trees along the tidl basin are in bloom. this marks the
5:23 pm
of the gift of the cherry trees from japan. the nationalfá parkfá service. are you surprised by this? the revision of the dates is not uncommon any time you're trying to project more than sevene1 da out, the date is always a little this much this relatively soon after we made the first projection that's a little bit unprecedented. >> reporter: unprecedented indeed. the cherry blossomslp festiv%rj scheduled to be from5a march 2 to april 17th. we've started to receive calls from family and friends see if they can camp at my place during thelp festival. no. call thexd hotels. hotels areñi receiving differen phone calls from people trying we have these newñr days. i'm shomari stone,w3ok
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high temperatures that will be running above average. ñ will be averagexd or xdbe. they are all going to be above. some way above like tomorrow and thefáok day after. we hit 79 degrees our biggest jump@/#"z kangaroo temperatures. remember around this time march 5th last year@øujut still npgetting snow. earlier 80 degree daysok have bn marche1jf 13th, 2012 and in 200 marcht( 8th. now coming a bit early feeling like late spring for us or late may too. over the next couple of days as you'll see in just a moment. out there this evening again we're in the 70s nowsv4 we drop to 70xd degrees by 0
5:25 pm
under mostly clear skies. you'll be out walking the dog just pleasant. a lot of folks, your family will ever. mid-60s by 9:00. satellite and radar. here's the reason why it's so warm. high pressure off theçói] coast. warm southwesterly flow around it. new york. not just here but 5?1philadelph a.m. 80 degrees. culpeper may geti] upfát( to 82 degrees. very light wind out of the southwest and axd lot of sunshi across the area. that's thing you'll notice that check wheási] we hit 80 because all the spots that will be topping out, hitting the warmth early and staying there throughout the afternoon
5:26 pm
those will be moving out of the area. maryland/pennsylvania line.ñr it doesokñrt breezy andçó temperatures coold-i a weather front coming through. same front that will linger around our area for the weekend and keep us in the 60s ass7 we spring forwardçó and then some higher rain chancesñi coming upn monday and tuesday. again, no day out of the nextñr seven will our temperatures be  average, 54 or below average ani evenfá as we go forwardfá towar think we're still going to stay above average. we'll talk more about when we could see a few light showers up in just a few minutes. >> thanks. there's at( new study raisi interesting questions about the food on your plate. just ahead the links some doctors have made between carbs and thet(ok increased risk of l cancer. >> surprise ruling in thexd cas of one of thefj$j )(q)s in the
5:27 pm
freddie gray trial. what it means for the rest of the officers in the case. murder at the bus stop. tonight we hear from the xd victim's jf vo: know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from. we didn't really have anything, you know. but, we made do. vo: know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. al, how you doing. hey, mr. hamilton.
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tv and phone for our best offer ever. switch to better. switch to fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v fá nowjfxd at 5:30 we're lea more about a woman killed in an apparenti] drive by shooting. this happenedxd over the weeken in broad daylight. pat collins talked to the victim'
5:30 pm
pat? >> reporter: she had ae1 couplef bags ofe1 e1food. she just want ad bus ride home but ends up getting gunned down here on naylor road. it was a bold daylight drive by. a drive by at a bus stop on a sunday afternoon. a barrage of xdgunfire. two men shot and wounded ivy smith. she was shot and killed. she was here with some bagsñrñi food just waitingv) a bus ride home. today iñi talked to ivy's niece. she spoke about the gun violenck in our city. >> it's soñit(çó prevalent. it doesn't shock me it numbs me because it's so qprevalent. d.c. has no concern about life. they think it's valueless. >> reporter: &évjf smith, 39 yes she grew up in ñiwashington,lp graduated fromçó dunbar high
5:31 pm
school. she worked as a barista. sheñr worked in property management. she had a 16-year-old ñison.xde1 he brought balloons today to the the place@utjut ivy smith was gunned dk'.ñr now police believe some guy at the bus stop may have been targeted but it was ivy smith who lost her life. >> no onet( wanted to kill my aunt. this wasn't targeted for her. she was an innocentx+oç bystandt a bus stop. she had her groceries with xdhe. she was onxd her way home. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00, a message for the murderer. i'll see youe1 at 6:00. a herndon middleñi school student is being honored forlp saving the lives of his family in january. roberta morales called 911 when feeling sick. well the emergency responders
5:32 pm
theçó basement below. he'll bexd recognized at tonighs well.r and th call 911. >> also being honored tonight amanda and herlp mom olga.lp they helpedfá a special needs student who got lost on her way to school.g d.c. mayor and other ôe leaders broke grounds on what howard university campus. that provide service or products for3w underserved communities. the mayor says+ d.c. has the idea, energy and political will to provide anñi environment whe business can grow. next week city leaders will head
5:33 pm
conference inko austin. >> all our businesses in virginia are severelye1 affecte the district finds them self on another side of the bench. eis endorsed asok a nominee for the supreme court. cuccinelli became the first agx in the country to challu president's health care law. the white house could bee1 tightening as we get new numbers that showt( a much closer racee one side. candidates are vying for votes four different lpqstates. let's get to pat lawson muse for the fádetails. >> that new poll shows the race getting closer on the republican side with voting getting under way in three states and caucuses in t(hawaii. and democrats have primaries in two of those states. for all six candidates thei] bi delegates up f
5:34 pm
republican side. the latest polls show donald voting began today and hillary clinton leading bernie sanders trump tops a brand newfá nbc/wa street journal national pollxd republicans. he leads by 30%. ted cruz is just behind him and within the margin of error at xd 27%. john kasich islp in third place with rubioe1 coming in fourth. for the democrats clinton maintains a national lead against sanders at 53 to i]44%. democratic ho utlp contests nex[4rtuesday. sandersmu)s& be in miami5 clinton wille1 be in cleveland which will also be the site of the republicani] national xd convention. and we invite you to make nbc news and news4 your home for all things politics thisg season. we're going to be sending out breaking news alerts through our nbc washington app as they come in and have any a
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a mudslide and then a frightening accident. the latest on a+ commuter trai that derailed and plunged into a creek. >> reporter: it's that time of year again.z(t%-country for d.c. one from california has quite a story to tell about éhv criminal that targed himet
5:36 pm
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a mu÷&ó% is being blamed for aq commuter rail car crash people hurt in n.ávhern california. union pacific rail believes the slide cause ad tree to fall on to the tracks last night sending thet( tree tumbling 50 feet inta river. more than 200 people were on board. thist( is about 40 miles southet of san francisco. äátz train car that fell into te creek quickly filled with water. a miracle. it's rugged. it's rural.t( it's cold.t( it's dark. and for the people that are on the train they may not be dressed to bexd out in 45 degre weather at the time. kind of a misty fog. so you got to account for all these things. >> investigators aren't sure how fast the train of>'&ing at the time. that area because thelp terrains steep andok it has a lot of nb curves. alp scary detour for childr
5:39 pm
where six kids had to be5a resd when theirmy school bus got st  threexdxd feetxflq a public hearingñi isb. goo transportation officials want to get the public's thoughts on the they will show off their design plans and talk about location of the signs that display the variable tolls.rp r(t&háhp &hc% a baltimore poike officer is being forced to testify against otherlituj in thefá freddie gray trial in baltimore. up next reaction to today's ruling. plus a surprising new study linking what's on your plate cancer.ñixd nightly news from tomfá co
5:40 pm
even sure i read that á right. yes, i did.t( the reason behind this unusual phenomenon. i have my box of tissues ready, how about you? i just special needs. gett( ready toc sneeze more. the pollen
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ar looking to findi] him.xd andx#áuq" at pentagon city lp mall. bureau chief julie carey is outside of the mall with howñi went down. >> reporter: well see those tour buses across the street that's a sure sign of springe1 and the my school field trips nowfá inxdt( washington, d.c. this 14-year-old boy from california was targeted. with their matching brightly are easy to spot and can be ane1 easy mark. monday nightqñ teen in3 down m san bruno, california was in the pentagon mall food court when a man asked iflp he could help change myxd$100. he had $97ñi and provided thatk the suspect and the suspectñi provided him só fraudulent ñi$1 bill. the teen realized almost right
5:44 pm
a little whilew3 l@ver still inside the food court the teenager spotted the man and confronted him asking for his money back. the man told the boy to follow him outside he would get itñr f him. instead he lifted up his shirt and had a handgun in his waist band.uçi &háhp &hc% >> that's when he brandished the weapon and told him to leave hi1 alone. >> reporter: it's something of eighth graders from north carolina. they have strict field trip rules. >> they don't leave ourñr sight and the buddy system the whole time we're here. >> reporter: most of the male. wet( give them $10 for every ma. the mostxd they have is just t( change. california. >> that's sad. i wouldn't want to lose $100 personally. $ñ>> reporter: neither would i.
5:45 pm
incidents like this one andt( kp all tourists and shoppers safe.p your health. this is a crazy new study that iss( ofxd lung an
5:46 pm
f1 oing aboute1 cornpdflakes. white grade.ñiq pretzels. and also others thatlxcrefá com. processed, compñjk carbs that s loaded inñr sugarsçóa@w'd loade starches. the concern here, what they are thinking is that when you3w haa sudden blood sugar spike, a glucose spike, because you're eating one of thesexd things an itq quickly drops again then tht causesrño ae1 reaction in the growth that is in some cases connected to cancer. so they have seen this in other cancers as well, a belief that this constant spiket(ok and drog of bloodñi glucose levels can, let me stress this and i want everybody to hear it. nobody is saying stop eating they are not saying that.t( what they are saying is as we
5:47 pm
don't go into these starches and sugary meals as much as you can and exercise and whatever you do don't smokgv >> if it is just a spike i'm wondering because other things, wine, alcohol, candy, anything with sugar spikes it. so it wouldn't just bexd these carbs, it would be anything. >> i don't know that for sure. ixd cani] only speak to the óaì% carbohydrate issue. out oft( nonspokersxd they were  if they had a dieti] heavy in these carbs. >> i'm curiousoz smokers were more prone to eat these kinds of starches. >> these transparent nonsmokers. two and a half times more likely to get the lung cancer if they went heavy on the carbs. >> amazing. h
5:48 pm
with this? >> confident enoughlp that they published their study inpj @adko the most prestigiousq medical journals out there for xd researchers. what hapmm now all the scientific community weighs in rj compelling evidence. more to the point, itñi is informationuai"ijt of dove tails with other research about >> you're doing this on "nightly news"? >> we ñiare. >> the bowl is alreadyçó half çó gone. tonight onçóxd "nightly news".r ñ scary. announced three finalists for performing.
5:49 pm
she helps students* z learn empowerjfok each other. michaele1fá b. williams teaches history. he found the county minority scholars program. teacher of the year will be named in may. today is international women's day. first lady michele obama hosted dozens of teenage girls at union market for a let girls lea+f event.[beìáhp &hc% thisok marks one year since the initiative was launched. like okusaid andxpuiuj to encourage girlsq toó[ finish schooling. right of women. girls around the world take great risk to get that learning opportunity. >> i'm passionate about this because i truly seexd myself in these girls in their hunger, in rise above their circumstances
5:50 pm
>> theq first lady saysxd 62 million girls worldwide do not there's a pretty cool change coming to the kennedy centerx$$ it gears up for its next performance center. rapper and producer q-tip will join the center as the new artistic director for hip-hoplp culture. q-tip isó[ considered a rapw3 pioneer. what we're going to connect to at the kennedy center. other changes this season, cellostçós7 yo-yo ma and renee fleming will take on rolesi] as artistic advisors. tomorrow a solar eclipse.
5:51 pm
to see it in our region. that eclipse will darken the
5:52 pm
once again 24 hour count stands moderate and it's going to be high for tomorrow. that's the prediction as far as the trees, cedar, maple and elm the main contributor. 70 degrees at 6:00 to the low 60s by 9:00. still well above average high temperature for this time of year. so in the 60s not bad at all. we start the day off tomorrow in the upper 40s low 50s. sunny start tomorrow morning. get the sunglasses ready. long slaves maybe for the morning. kids can push them up by the afternoon or you can send them off to school with a jacket. bus stop forecast very, very nice for early tomorrow morning as we start out again in the low 50s. like today i think we'll see our temperatures jump quickly. we saw ase
5:53 pm
10:00 a.m. same story tomorrow. 60 to 68. 68 to 75 between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 and going to be v-very warm. again we're forecasting record warmth. the record tomorrow 80 -- the record high temperature on thursday 78. so i think we can set a new record on thursday. the weather then having a low impact on our area but really going to be hard to go inside tomorrow. for thursday you can see our temperatures they go up to 82. they drop the 60s again. not a bad evening coming our way. meanwhile there's a chance of rain coming our way this weekend. very slight. keep in mind we spring forward, make sure you change the batteries in your smoke detectors as well. better chance early part of next week but still very mild. we'll talk more on our rain chances. it was a crime that shocked people every where. the execution style murder of a 9-year-old boy. >> coming up what police are
5:54 pm
saying about the spebtd killer and his intentions towards victim. i'm tom sherwood in southeast washington. no matter where you live this is the tax season and tax fraud is a big problem. what the district of columbia is doing to try totop s
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
we're learning disturbing new details involving the murder of a 9-year-old boy in chicago. dwight dodys
5:57 pm
first degree murder last night. today police say dody planned to torture the boy as part of a gang retaliation. the boy was lured from a park and killed. >> dody picked up the boy's basketball and began dribbling it a few times refusing to give it back. he then asked the child if he wanted to go to store. when he said he didn't have any money. dody told him he would buy him whatever he wanted. once they reached the middle of the alley, dody took out a gun and shot him multiple times at close range >> two other men are suspected in this child's murder. one has been charged the other is still at large. a major win today for prosecutors in baltimore in the trial of the six baltimore police officers who were charged in the 2015 death of freddie gray. maryland's high court ruled that one of those officer
5:58 pm
other five. nbc barry simms with our story. >> reporter: the order from the court of appeals gives baltimore prosecutors the opportunity to use officer william porter as a witness in the trials of the officers. >> this is a monumental decision. this is exactly what the state wanted. they wanted officer porter to be compelled to testify against the other five officers. >> reporter: defense attorneys are monitoring the trials connected to the in custody death in app of 2015 of freddie gray. >> seemed to be that it was going to be a tough road for porter's attorney in this case. >> reporter: last week the seven judge panel of maryland's court of appeals heard the issue of porter testifying. his attorneys worried the limited immunity offered by the state would not protect his constitutional rights against self-inincriminatation. with
5:59 pm
ended in a hung jury called portions of his testimony lies. that poses credibility problems. >> you wonder why all the effort just to put a witness on that they themselves are saying cannot be trusted in what he says even after he takes an oath. >> reporter: prosecutors believe porter's testimony is freddie gray asked for medical assistance. during his trial porter decide freddie said he couldn't read. >> be interesting to see what the testimony is again and again and again as officer porter may be called as a witness five more times. >> reporter: making a ruling the court of appeals has yet to release its opinion explaining its decision and instructing the judge barry williams in the circuit court of baltimore how to proceed. >> what will the defense do on behalf of officer porter. they will appeal this to the supreme court which they could. now at 6:00, two sisters
6:00 pm
the gunman has been found dead now more than 100 miles away. family members are talking about weeks leading up to that tragedy. cell phone captured the dramatic scene of flames shooting out of this apartment. tonight the heroic actions of a 13-year-old girl who saved her family. interesting comments today from maryland's governor in the race for the white house. he is disgusted by what's happening in national politics. we're now only two hours away from the first returns in tonight's presidential primaries. the big prize, of course, is michigan. that's where donald trump and hillary clinton have leads in the polls. >> democrats and republicans are voting in michigan and mississippi. idaho and hawaii races are republican only. our hansteve handelsman joins u. >> reporter: breaking news. a new nbc/wall street journal poll on the republican


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