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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  March 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> and this campaign is about building a future where every american can live up to his or her full potential.
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>> be prepared to tell the billionaire class they can not have it all. >> what i say to the republicans is embrace it. we will win the election easily. two more wins for donald trump and a neck-in-neck race for donald trump in michigan. another night of presidential primaries. >> also, pete bloom and reaction to the big change for this year's cherry blossoms. >> and piles of trash covering the parking lot. and, yes, there is still snow under that mess. we're finding out where this huge mess is going to go as it mets. . >> announcer: news 4 at 11:00 starts now. >> donald trump weathers a storm again and hillary clinton in a big nail biter. >> sitting in for doreen, despite m
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is adding to his delegate lead again tonight. a win in michigan where they're battling it out for second place. and marco rubio headed for a fourth place fin irn. the latest southern state to back him for the white house. >> bernie sanders in michigan where it is still too close to call. hillary clinton wins big in mississippi, carrying by overwhelming support of african american supporters. >> polls just closed a minute ago in idaho. nbc news is calling it too close to call. >> and the republican caucuses in hawaii are starting right now. we don't expect to have those results for at least another two hours. tonight's contests, meanwhile, are some of the last before a huge day on the presidential calendar one week from tonight. >> and that is when we can see this rre
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news 4's steve hamilton is live with the impact of tonight's result. >> the front runners are still the front runners. >> there's only one person did well tonight, donald trump: >> we have democrats coming over. very importantly. we have ind pen debits coming over. idaho and hawaii voting. ohio governor john kaisich was battling for second in michigan. texas senator ted cruz did take second. >> we are closing the gap in state after state after state after state. >> another bad night for marco rubio.
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hillary clinton wanted mstz multiple sclerosis and took aim at trump. >> running for president shouldn't be about delivering insults. it should be about delivering results. >> too close to call. bernie sanders saying earlier he won't quit. republicans show down next tuesday. >> we have some breaking news. we've learned the man suspected of shooting an idaho pastor was arrested here in d.c. tonight. police are holding a press conference right now. kyle odom, a former ma renal is accused of shooting pastor tim remington at his church over the weekend.
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according to our affiliate, he was arrest outside the white house for throwing objects over the fensz. his family says he is awake and speaking. >> and the calendar, it is not officially spring, bud we are headed for record high temperatures this weekend. >> yes, the warm weather coming our way. we'll need a big change for this year's cherry blossom festival today. the national park service updated its peek bloom estimate by nearly two weeks. >> all of that sunshine is not good news. for everyone, check out the mess at rfk parking lot. piles and piles of trash from all the snow left orve in our streets.
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go? news 4's mark seagraves is at rfk with some answers. >> first, let's begin with shomari stone and a big change of plans. >> a lot of tourists tell us they are happy. >> pumped up its prediction for the cherry blossom peak bloom days. >> the cherry blossoms are a fantastic view coming in visiting, especially from out of town.
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any time you're trying to project more than seven days out,'s a tough estimate. >> more than 1.5 million people are expected to come see them this year. many will base their travel plans on the peak bloom estimate. >> i'm mark seagraves where much of the snow piled off of the streets of d.c. to give you an idea of how much we're talking about, just take a look. >> more than six weeks later, this is what that snow pile looks like today.
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>>. >> as the snow pile has been melting, it's revealed what else was scooped up. today, lot 7 is a debris field. and, yes, it leads directly into the river a few feet away. >> d.c. water tweeted a problem to the environment. d.c. united tweeted it's created parking issues. the d.c. department of public works have cleaned up the huge mess left behind by the snow melts. >> then, they'll spread out the mounds of snow to help it melt. then, the debris will be trabs
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swept. >> i guess i'm trust iing as mu as they can. but it's pretty gross. >> officials hope to have all of this mess in lot 7 cleaned up by the last week of march. then, a whole lot will have to be repaved. no word on what this is going to cause taxpayer. as for the river, the d.c. department of environment has been monitoring the river ever since the snow got piled up here. so far, there's no reason for concern that they have installed a floeting boom in the river than the debris that does make it way into the river will be trapped. reporting live from rfk stadium, mark seagraves, sports. >> our weather is fabulous. >> get out and flip-flop. we'oo
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tomorrow and break the record on thursday. but you're right. flip-flops, short sleeves, even short pants, i think, are in order tomorrow. temperatures so mild, so early in march. like in 2012, you're looking at the high temperatures from today. upper 70s, even 80 fredericksburg. 26 degrees above average. more like late may and early june. and now they forecast even higher temperatures. wednesday, thursday, i think we can tie the record there and break the record on thursday at 78. >> i'll show you what will bring down our temperatures and give us our first next chantsz of rain. >> all right, veronica, thank you. tonight, a suspect of a double murder of two half sisters is dead. now, police tell us kevin reynolds shot and killed the sisters at an apartment complex and then killed himself. his body was found year
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news 4 was told jones had just ended a relationship with reynolds but he wouldn't move on. that's what led him to kill her and her sister, 22-year-old ha ris. >> it's saturday night. >> the three children were in the apartment when the shooting happened. they were not hurt and now they're staying with their grand father mplt. >> well, yesterday, we've told you there have been six domestic-related killings in prince-georges county already this year. now, the murders bring that total to 8. that's about one domestic homicide in that county every agt days since the start of this year. state's attorney angela brooks was also in annapolis today that would help victims of domestic abuse. >> we need every tool possible at our disposal. we move dangerous people from
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citizenry about what they're looking at when they see these cases so that we can provide more. >> prince george's county has a special unit that responds to domestic violence crimes. we have posted that information on our nbc washington app. tonight, three families rebuilding after a fire destroyed everything they own: it could have been deadly, but it wasn't. thanks to a 13-year-old girl who remembered what she learned at school. >> spring is in the air. and, for metro riders, that means sweet relief on the tracks. for a few weeks, we're going to tell you when. >> and many studies suggest carbs are bad for your waistline. but a new study warns they also may be wad for your lungs. >> hi, everybody. car pools, are they getting any better? tomorrow morning, would recollecting for you to let you know which counsel tips are wrapping up their potholes. which ones are getting started
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it took just minutes for an apartment building to burst in flames. dianna hernandez was home on good look road. but something caught fire in the brother's bedroom and dianna knew what to do. she got her siblings out. she says it's something she learned in elementary school. >> get down on the ground. if there's a lot of smoke on top, always make sure you're not breathing that air. >> it's the c
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public education efforts. >> fire fighters did have to rescue several other people from their balcony in that complex. but nobody was hurt. several apartments were heavily damaged. >> one of the prince william county police officers shot on the job is back home tonight. the department reased this photo today of officer jesse hamp ton surrounded by loved ones as he left the hopt last week. officer david mccowan was also shot and is recovering. this was the same shooting where officer ashley gwynden was killed just two weeks ago. the officer served in the marines before becoming a police officer. >> and it is not just smoking anymore. a new study says certain carbs can increase your risk for lung cancer. and that includes
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white breads, rice, potatoes. even popcorn. scientists believe that frequent blood shu car spikes can affect the way cells grow. >>. >> it's resistance in the south and these leads to potenti potentially-leading gross factor. >> doctors say it's way too early to say that white bread causes kanszer. but it's a good idea to eat a lean diet with lots of fruits and vegetables and whole grains. >> pregnant women not travel to areas where there's zika outbreaks.
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sexual transmission is more common than previously thought. >> metro says it will scale back its track work during cherly blossom season. metro does help it ease construction. that's the peek of rush hour. and try to avoid the smithsonian station, if you can. consider the archives, arlington cemetery or federal triangle station, instead. isn't the 1th saturday? i don't know, it's late. >> we'll check back with you tomorrow. >> so, what is -- it's going to be what? 80 tomorrow? >> and you're right. i forgot earlier, flip-opfl.s yes, flip-flops.
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>> along with the higher temperatures, we've seen the count climb over the last 24 hours. i think we're going to be dealing with a very high count. right now, your main contributing pollen goes for elm and maple. get your prescriptions filled. 50 for the temperature and rising very quickly. lunchtime, we're into the 70s. sunshine throughout the area tomorrow. at the bus stop, you're not going to need the coat. maybe the lightweight long sleeve.
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recreation outside. 60 degrees at 9:00 a.m. 80 degrees or higher than tomorrow. we're into the upper 70s. a plus for thursday. we're going to have some clouds in the morning. it's not going to be quite as warm, but still running above average. the next change you're going to notice is when it starts to cool down again. that will be on saturday as we drop to the 60s, chance for some showers, too, over the weekend. it's going to come from the front that moves through our area tomorrow. meanwhile, look at that, there's not one single day
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will be average and we do have some rain coming up. we're talking about sunday, 2:00 a.m. day light saving time begins. as far as your forecast, let's take a look at the next four days. 80 to 82 degrees. by the time we get to the end of the week, at friday, we're at 70. >> there's your temperatures with a slight chance on monday and then on tuesday chlts just look at that,68, 78 degrees. >> done, done, and done. >> coming up, t
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. a lot of elbows. pushing and shoving. on how they finish out the last 28 games right now. they're two games back to that final playoff spot in the eastern conference. not having one of their best players in the line-up. it certainly doesn't help their chances. he does not join the team for a road trip. the show must go on. randy and the guys starting a three-game western swing dig on the blazers tonight. and damien
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going on from the start. later, a minute, he kept it going. he had the hot hand early. never saw a shot hand in his life. life. the blazers led 29-22. things get heated here. allen anderson, these two start pushing and shoving. the referee is actually looking back at this. anderson was ejected from the elbow that he threw on henderson. he hits the locker room. right now, the wizards on top at halftime, the score, 55-54. >> college basketball, the tournament taking place. the nation's leading scorer james daniel and howard making nc central early on. daniel making things happen. tyler stone there for the finish. later on, cowell sitting there for the slam. no
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he had 22 tonight from nc central. they would win this game, 68-66. >> the season officially over. the nats facing an old teammate. they spend the last two years in the nation's capital. down to the first, he gets tyler more. look at him. the first strikeouts weren't allowed in three innings of work. shurzer has bases loaded. the dugout, only allowed one run and two wins. they double up the houston astros 4r7x-the. 4-2. >> we have a new head coach. the terps are on the field. so many questions for the coaching staff. their first season in college part.
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. >> we got better today than we were yesterday. that's our goel today. just continue to improve. we just want to give these guys the urgency and the effort level. so we get better today. some of us are still waiting to go. >> he lost his voice.
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a raresighted in south ooesz asia tonight. a total solar eclipse lasting over four minutes. other parts of asia saw a partial eclipse. and the phenomenon actually moved back in time because it started on what is now wednesday in asia
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