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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  March 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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only fios has the fastest internet and wi-fi available. so you can send files up to 5x faster than cable. now, get our best offer ever - super fast 100 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds. plus tv & phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. 100 meg speeds at a price this good? fios can do that. cable just can't. just go to or call 1.888.get.fios. that's 100 meg internet speeds, tv and phone for our best offer ever. switch to better. switch to fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v it was very intense, the smoke. >> tonight, what a local fire fighter did to save a woman
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apartment. >> you get indicted, will you go public. >> oh, for goodness -- that is not going to happen. i'm not even going to answer that question. >> we have been overwhelmed with the amount of support we've received from our community. while everyone was rushing out, they were rushing n. news 4's shomari stone is live outside the hospital center tonight tonight, we have an
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he actually put his life in dwaj to help someone else. many aappreciabluates the d.c. air forces who rescued her from her burning apartment building in the southeast this morning. at a nearby school on patrol making sure kids got home safely. some people rushed over yelling for help. >> we was flagged down by citizens. they corrected us to the location where the fire was at. >> the building was engulfed in flames and smoex when they arrived. >> firefighters arrived.
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was ax which youly sharing oxygen with the elderly woman here. he was overcome by smoke inhalation. if god hadn't sent them, they'd still be in there. >> new at 11:00, a baby mizing is now
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>> a thousand mile spath r swath of our country. parts of louisiana have seen more than a foot. and rain totals could double. that's left towns like lafayette and sub measuringed in three to four feet of water and many has to be rescued. the rate could continue for anoth another. >> it means the which i recall ri blossom festival, those blossoms could be hopping early.
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>> the cherry blos system festival will go on as scheduled, but some performances and events will to inside a little? >> hey, there, we sure do. a pretty maizing day of warmth. this wras a record that had bee held. once again, high temperatures back around 80. 20-30 degrees around average. we'll talk about what's next for us. when i think we could see a whether itle bit of rain. a slooigt change to the fore caste.
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>> you can see the tributes piled high here on this car. people in d.c., maryland and vad vad have asked how can they help? and now they're going to get the chance. three prince william county police officers responded to a domestic violence call that turned into a deadly ambush. officer ashley was killed:
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>> what we do is fw they're injured, we step in and help them e them out.
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>> the chief major says tomorrow he will ask that the bill to the original strengtsd. the return e maim staying. t that emg inc. line up she would not respond when asked about dronle you wanted. >> hut ri hillary clinton cage out to. >> we began thpang pain in the ever 0 you live mplt
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>> tamerican people are never going to elect a mrd who insublgtsss. madame secretary, i will match my rupg against yours any day of the week. >> but you will matly, their ay ayeeing want to see then deported. i want to see them on a path to citizenship. >> i ep. >> can queue frommen. >> they're conversation did touch on other topics, but imgraesz e graegs
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. >> what an endorsement coming from jeb bush. he flannels to meet tomorrow ahead of the next debate. he suggestion pended his own white house kbit last month. >> bush lick viewings will nancy rest will be laefrs eing next to neal e their honey. the
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that probably won't impress republicans. >> the obama is trying to etc. its unbut without a hearing. >> think're warning potential mom meez
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cash for taxes that you don't owe. >> it's about to get real crowded
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tonight, the fire department says a gas leak likely cause ds that blast that destroyed three businesses. sfooir fighters got a call last night. and then the blast arrived shortly after instruct her. >> they were not soorsly injured from this event. but they put themselves in the right position in case something like this would occur. >> they're saying they stilt have not found the source of that leak. >>. >> the could b
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list. >> the're day, fsz pr gjts stoo an oeshts o. if patient who sevened the tramp stavrp. forested doctors to
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>> getting one of those calls and about 5,000 people have actually given the scammers money. >> how hard is it to catch these guys. >> it's sometimes very difficult. you have people who are not necessarily there the united states. witch p we have shell companies to be sured. also, no matter what, don't give out your social security number over the phone.
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>> no. >> all right. so far. quite good. might that continue? >> on and on and on.
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60 trg the arter mary wroirks. at mf a at hfr sfmt
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>> and i really think that saturday, the change in the forecast, that we could have a little more sunshine and owest chance of rard cop e come us uch for the early place hay hand in kun ty
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may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. sports desk. >> hoyas off to a good start in the big east. >> a very good start. here's the thing, though. whether it's the tournament on the nit, they're in gem dill of missing both this year. and they need this run.
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y erksz s. he feel has missed the slstz six the h orksz yrksz as hasn't within a game. and the george town reaches officer the turn tonight. see, you're picking perfect time to make a return: hoe defeated the hold the second time: he had 10 points, seven rebounds. second halve, trying to get back in it. comes away from the steal. gets the buck et to go chlts
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>> i'll go ahead and kraeng up the roud. >> hits the gene i don't recall only a little bit later. lgt
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if you've goodles who the intersin shermgt toll rolled hrm government records show the number of americans actually applying for sa frad
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>> well, year round. right? >> yes. beautiful. just beautiful. >> "the tonight show" is heading your way nirks. >> tharpgss for watching.
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