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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  March 10, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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long the stretch of nice weather will last. >> good morning, everybody. coming up on 6:00 on a thursday morning. sunrise about 30 minutes from now. your weather headlines for ta s today, insanely warm. records likely to fall all the way into new england. rain chances are starting to increase just in time for the weekend. out you go this morning, it's in the upper 50s across the region now which is already above our average high temperature for this time of the year. so 62 at 7:00 a.m., 80 at 5:00 with clouds coming in. it will be mostly cloudy by this time tomorrow morning. could have overnight showers. more on that coming up. it's traffic time. so right now 295 southbound here at howard road, still have that crash being reported inner loop to westbound 66. police activity there. as far as 66 and 95
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see 66 no major issues. through woodbridge, normal slow spot. 66 at wap he wil wap he willes problems there. 210 headed in-pound there, northbound a little bit slow, as well. nothing totally atypical. we'll take a look at travel times and chopper over the top of the beltway coming up. developing right now, d.c. police are investigating two violent crimes that happened within a few blocks of one another. person was stabbed this morning on benning road in southeast. that person has been taken to the hospital alive. and police also received a call for a shooting. they found two victims. let's go to molette green live with more. >> reporter: good morning. yes, we're live here on the scene where you can see
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tape around this area in the 4700 block of benning road right next to a school. these apartments, this is where it happened. and police found the two men shot on the sidewalk suffering some heavy draw that. they were conscious and breathing on the way to the hospital p. the gun battle took place behind the apartments in the parking lot area. some of the cars we understand took some bullets. even one apartment unit as well. police recovered a couple of records from the scene, but no suspect information at this time. they will be looking at the surveillance tape, the school that is across the street has a camera right there with a view of this this apartment complex where all of this happened. we are live this the 4700 block of benning road. and they're continuing to follow the developments in this case. again, no suspect information. two victims in the hospital. that is the latest live. back
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backyard cookout ends in a deadly shooting. five people are dead. and another three injured after police say gunmen opened fire on these folks in an area just outside pittsburgh, pennsylvania. officials say they're confident two people are behind the shooting. but they don't have anybody in custody just yet. witnesses say some 20 shots could be heard and people started running when a second gunman opened fire. >> this street is always quiet. nothing but kids on this street. so to see that is probably being s shocking to everyone. i'm shaking, so it's pretty bad. >> neighbors describe the victims as a close knit family that did not deserve this. aaron. it's 6:03. today montgomery county police chief set to testify before maryland's senate. he's going to try to strengthen what he calls the watered down noah's law. the
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noah leotta who died after being hit by a suspected drunk driver at a dui checkpoint. the chief tells wtop that some penalties he hoped would be expablded have the not changed and lawmakers have created a new offense that he believes may be uninside forcible. the chief says he will ask that the bill be returned to its ring strength. we'll follow the story throughout the day. a washington police officer heads to court today accused of assaulting an employee at a cellphone store in northwest washington. ulysses delaney was off duty at the time of the alleged assault. it happened back in october. the store employee was also arrested and charged with making threats. in you come out and vote, we will win florida, we will take 99 delegates and i'll be the nominee of the republican party. >> senator marco rubio is betting all on florida. he needs to win t
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primary there to keep his presidential campaign alive. 99 delegates up for grabs in florida. that state is his home state of course. he says he's currently trailing donald trump in the polls there, senator rubio will need a strong performance at tonight's gop debate in miami to convince voters to hit the polls for him. we're waiting to see whether jeb bush will endorse another republican nominee. bush met with marco rubio yesterday and plans to meet with john kasich today ahead of the debate. jeb bush success he said abou d suspended his white house bid last month. second clinton did not support thosehe said suspended his white house bid last month. second clinton did not support those children. i did. >> he supported indefinite detention for people facing deportation. >> immigration dominated last notes's democratic presidential debate. the candidates agreed on providing undocumented immigrants a path to
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children of undocumented immigrants. coming up, tracie potts will examine which candidate did the better job at last night's debate according to some sxempts and how that sets them up for tuesday's primary. bring on the sun. today is the nicest day of the week so far to get outside and go for that walk. storm team 4 is tracking what you can expect on your morning commute. and warm weather is moving peak dates for
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new this morning, d.c. police are looking for two suspects involved in an armed robbery on georgia avenue. they just released this video from the incident last month. take a look. one of the suspects threatened the employ rewithee
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demanded money. a reward is available to information leading to an arrest. so how much did the blizzard cost? in tread frederick county later mapped, about $3.9 million. brunswick had more than $250,000 in commences most of that was to repair and replace a public works building that collapsed. a live look outside for you. the tidal basin here this morning where we are watching those cherry blossoms. all this warm weather has pushed up the peak bloom time. >> and that's where we pifind amelia segal. >> reporter: it's gorgeous out here.temperature 57 degrees. peak bloom pushed up to one to two weeks from now. of course record temperatures in the forecast today, low 80s. but even as we cool down a bit heading into the
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still say well above normal. that will help the bloops come out earlier than normal. once they're out, we want calm cool weather that will help the flowers stay on the trees. blooms last several days. commuter forecast this morning, be looking at some cloudiness out here, but you'll still have the sunglasses handy take. temperatures in the low 60s as you head into work. seeing a lot of runners down here morning. the weather certainly perfect for that. coming home, a temperature around 82. so the record to beat at all three major airports. megan will have more on how the weather will affect the cherry blossom festival coming up. right now chopper over the top of the beltway near 95. you can see inner loop and outer loop looking fine. a new problem just pouped up,
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parkway, right shoulder blocked. travel times in maryland, 270 south from germantown to the spur, you're on time. top of the beltway 95 over to 270, also on time. 66 inbound to the beltway, looking good there at the ten minutes p. same thing 95 to the beltway on time at 25 minute. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 when you hop in your car. working the register and getting their money. the quick moves montgomery county police say thiefs are use to go scam businees right in ss
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it if god hadn't have sent him, i'd still be in there. >> a woman have very grateful that a d.c. firefighter saved her from a building burning. and now he's fighting for his life. four school resource officers are being credited with raising the alarm at the apartment fire in southeast. as one fire climbed the ladder, he had to share oxygen with one of the residents. he is in the hospital
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inhalati inhalation. three elderly people and a dog were rescued from the building. and metro officials are finalizing some money matters. the finance committee is expected to approve the 2017 operating budget of $1.7 billion. the new budget keeps fares at current levels and maintains existing rail and bus service. it also includes an increase in federal grants for maintenance. once the proposal is out of the finance committee, it will move to the full board of directors for approval. the teen accused of shooting a man on a metro train will be in court today. and so will the man who was with him. prosecutors say the sooting was sparked after the victims fought off a robbery. they say 16-year-old hassan graves fired the gun and 19-year-old andre broadie helped him will. graves is being tried as an assault. they will be in court at 9:00 this morning. the mtv star who made threats against the metro system is scheduled to be
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this morning. kidd cole appeared on the reality show catfish. court records show that he made hundreds of threatening calls to 911. a plea deal is calling for him to spend up to 27 months in prison. a fire hazard and no plan for cleaning up hazardous materials. those new accusations have a luxury d.c. hotel now facing tens of thousands of dollars in fines. osha fined the marriott on connecticut avenue nearly $77,000 for a dozen of serious violations, among them, no written plan for how employees should handle hazardous materials or how housekeeping should handle guest laundry contaminated with blood. we reached out to the marriott for a response, the marriott hotel chain, the hotel told us it is committed to a safe environment and said, quote, we have already addressed most of the items identified by osha and continue to cooperate with them. 6:17. a happy ending to a story of a missing baby from landover hills area. the 11on
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safe and sound. the baby and her ohio disappeared over the week end. the 18-year-old and her today the vanished from the car. somebody spotted her at a d.c. bus stop yesterday and k encouraged her to contact her mother. she called and she came to pick them up. north korea is threatening an all out offensive against the south. south korean troops are practicing large scale drills to protect themselves. they say this morning north korea fired two more short range missiles in a show of force. these missiles were fired in to the sea of japan. the south says it is fully prepared to respond on any kind of attack. some d.c. thabs are upset about their water bills this morning. recent work had caused their statements to rise. normal water bills are about $80
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hundreds of dollars for some people. >> in october, they put in a new water meter. after that, we started to receive very high bills. i think the first one was for $500 and some. the next one was for $1700. >> we reached out to see what the issue is here. d.c. water tells news 4 it is conducting field investigations to ensure the meters are programmed properly. if they are not, they will be reprogrammed and they will make appropriate adjustments to the customer's accounts. it is 6:19. you will get to see the cherry blossoms bloom earlier this year. all the warm weather has pushed up the peak bloom season for the cherry blossoms. and megan mcgrath is live by the tidal basin talking about the great weather and the blooms. >> reporter: it's absolutely beautiful down here. and we'll have a very, very warm day which of course is speeding up the process. although i have to tell you, looking at the tree, take a look, the
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tightly clamped shut. but apparently in the next week and a half, we will start to see them explode into beautiful blossoms. and they have moved up the peak bloom date here because of all of the warm weather. i'm joined by diana mayhew, the festival president. so we have a new date two weeks earlier tan expected. >> yes. that's only for the peak bloom being but the festival still continues march 20th all the way through april 17th. >> so the peak bloom now march 18 through the 23. and because of the new peak date, you've changed some of the performance schedules here. >> right down here at the tidal basin, we have the a&a stage that we feature over 100 performances. we did schedule those, we had to rekhual those to be earlier. so we can accommodate all the folks that are down here enjoying the blossoms. >> everybody loves the peak period. but really this festival is about so much more than that. you have events going on for seer
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again, we have kite festival on april 2, fireworks festival april 9. finale weekend, the parade will be saturday the 16th anacostia festival. >> so we'll keep a close eye on these trees. right now we're not seeing any blossoms, but it's coming. back to you. storm team 4 meet fwteorolo chuck bell is in the "weather center." and items a's all because oof t grate weath great weather. >> i've been getting out for some have a long run. hopefully you've been al to keep your resolutions going here. outside this morning, sunrise still four or five minutes away, but a beautiful orange and red sky out there early this morning.
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the next couple hours. plenty of sunshine today. and it is a mild start this morning. 58 now at reagan national, 55 in college park. but already 63 at reston town center and 61 degrees in manassas. so planning out your day then, temperatures near 60 at 7:00 a.m. mid-70s at noontime. low 80s for highs take, but clouds will start to increase late this afternoon and into this evening. could lead to a little rain chance tonight. but all the records, these are all record high temperatures set ten years ago, in all likelihood all three will fall later today. so on future weather, here is 10:00 tonight. so nothing to worry about during the daylight hours today. but after sundown, clouds thicken up between about midnight and sunrise tomorrow. a quick moving line of rain showers. probably a tenth of an inch or less. and again the timing midnight to sunrise means that most of will you will sleep through the rain chance. i'll drive to work in the rain thom, but you probably won't. and then tomorrow, skies will clear out,os
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tomorrow afternoon northwesterly wipsd bringing in cooler and drier air. but even cooler than take, we'll still be well above average. and as we head into the weekend, another little chan for some showers coming up. saturday probably going to be the drier and cooler of the two day this is weekend. saturday's highs mid-60s. and sunday back up to near 70, but a better chance of raindrops. chopper 4 over 270 at the spur. you can see the county bus lot there up and rolling here this morning. no major problems right now. 66 inbound at fair tags county parkw fairfax county parkway, a vehicle to the right shoulder. does that seem to be slowing things. beltway, no major issues. top of the beltway typically slow here this time of day. something that i'm seeing here, not sure what is going on, looks like bw parkway
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beltway quite red. we don't have a report of anything there, but i'll keep an eye on that one for you. otherwise everything is looking quite good. i'll see you back here at 6:31 with a live look at 270. they say the man tries to pay with a $100 bill and then tricks cashiers in on giving it back to him. this scam has been popping up this germantown. they say this guy stole there two businesses on century boulevard last hospitamonth. he used a quick change scam where he confuses the cashier and then gets his money back. if you think you recognize him, call montgomery county police. we're hearing from the family of the man accused of shooting a pastor in idaho and then later arrested here this washington. kyle odom's family says they're thankful he was arrested and glad he's safe and no one else was hurt. odom is being accused of shooting pastor remington a day after he spoke at ted cruz's
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on tuesday, the secret service arrested odom outside of the white house. he appeared in d.c. court yesterday and has another hearing in d.c. next month. if you've driven through tyson's corner recently, there a building boom. the next phase is on the scale of city center. this development is expected to include the largest whole foods on the east coast complete with its own brewery. people living in tyson s's say e development is good news for the whole area. >> moved here 40 years ago and it was a really sleepy southern town and now takes very vibrant competitive place. and we need to make sure that our any continues to expand and grow. residents also say there needs to be increased focus on using metro stations and not individual cars. today in our women of washington series, we're featuring a top chef finalist. marjorie meek-bradley
6:26 am
executive chef and has a new shop opening up soon. and you can see her battling it out on top chef on bravo. heek meek-bradley says food serve as universal language. and she himself says tdedicates time to yourself is important even if it's just an hour. we're doing the series in honor of march being women's history month and you can see all the great women we featured so far by looking at the nbc washington instragram page. we're rooting for chef margie. >> and bring us some food when you're done. officials in brazil are down playing the risk of massive protests during the summer olympic games. security will be ramped up for the event because of the political and economic unrest in that country. 85,000 more security personnel will hit the streets there. some groups have rpromised to protest during the games.
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the games kick off on august 5. of course you can see the action on the networks of nbc universal including this station. right now a massive shooting in the pittsburgh area. and the search for two gunmen. hull tip he wi multiple dead and others wounded. police dealing with a shooting and stabbing on the same street. what we're finding ot.u
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we're following two big stories. two people hurt in a shooting while another stabbed blocks away. and outside pittsburgh, five people dead in a mass shooting as police try to track town two succespected gunmen. and coming up on 6:31 on a beautiful thursday. sun just up in our eastern sky. there is theational shrine of the immaculate conception. beautiful basilica out there. sitting in sunshine this morning. four things you need to know about the weather, a nice mild start to the day today. more records are going to be brokat
6:31 am
reporting airports. a new showers coming in late tonight probably after you go to bed and before you get up and we're concerned a little bit of your weekend may be impacted by raindrop, as well. high temperatures today, nice everywhere away from the water. annapolis high only in the upper 60s to maybe near 70, but away from the chesapeake bay and the cold waters and it will be a mild afternoon. most places today low 80s. so that is really nice. 82, 83 degrees. average high temperature for about june 9. >> i love. i'll be outside at some point reading or something. taking a look at chopper 4 over 270, all these folks headed southbound at the spur. don't have any issues there headed southbound or northbound really here this morning. do still have this slowdown bw parkway northbound. nothing reported in that area. obviously something slowing
6:32 am
folks down. prince george's county, again looking pretty normal. inbound indian head highway, 14 miles per hour here this morning. otherwise don't have any big worries. we'll take a look at travel times in ten minutes. today you can learn more about the proposed budget for prince george's county. county executive rushern baker will lay out his proposal for 2017. that will happen at 3:00 this afternoon in upper marlboro. a recent report says the county may be heading into a budget deficit. lagging taxes are not covering county expenses and that means you may have to rely more heavily on government funding. >> at that same meeting, officials will always talk about domestic violence. this week alone, there have been three deaths, the latest in cheverly. this year there have been eight domestic deaths county wide. in our nbc washington app, we have resources to help with domestic violence including 24 hour
6:33 am
open up the app and search domestic violence. we're learning more about the two baltimore school police officers who are facing assault charges. they stem from this cell gone video sha hothat shows officer slapping and kicking a student. spence was charged with assault and child abuse and he's now on leave without pay. the other officer in the video was also charged partly because she told spence, quote, you need to smack him because he's got too much mouth. >> what we do, when they're injured and they can't work the detail, we help them out financially with their mortgage or car payments. an outpouring of support for two prince william county police officers wounded this woodbridge. officer hempen and david mccown were shot after responding to a domestic violence incident on february 27. a planning heatimeeting for an coming fundraiser
6:34 am
last night. the money will help support the officers until they're well enough to return to active service.fundraiser will take place on march 20. ashley guindon was killed in that incident, her first day on the job. right now schools closed, roads shut down and thousands are under mandatory evacuation orders in louisiana. take a look at this new drone video of some widespread flooding there. this neighborhood pretty much completely under water. one person in louisiana and another person in texas died in the storms there. storms sxenktsed to keep putting down a lot of heavy rain across the state until late tonight. 6:34 now. we have good news for people living in flint, michigan. the city says it will stop sending water bills to people until april. recent bills have caused frustration and confusion since neighbors cannot use the water because it's contaminated. the city sayses's also suspending the billing cycles to 30 million in aid from the
6:35 am
should cover 65% of bills that comes out to $600 per account. today is the final day nancy reagan will lie in repose at the ronald reagan presidential library in california. her funeral is set for tomorrow. first ladies including rosalynn carter, michelle obama all expected to attend. and nancy reagan will be laid to rest next to her husband. today transportation leaders will look at ways to reduce the number of people killed on our nation erodes. the national highway traffic safety administration will gather with experts to explore ways to tackle human behavior y ial issues that contribute to 9 94% of crashes. we'll also learn more about the agency's vision for improving traffic safety over the next 25 year. ary la maryland has some loo in their gun laws.
6:36 am
glon stratsed yesterday. some want to keep guns from people who are mentally ill and want long guns to be registered and weapons illegally owned by domestic offenders to be confiscated. rights advocates say the existing laws are not being enforced. scammers are demanding money for taxes that you don't owe. the warning is coming from irs and the fbi. here is how the scam works. someone calls you and claims they're from the fbi. the caller then says they filed a lawsuit and start asking you to money p. one woman has received three calls in at many weeks. so far 900,000 people have reported getting one of the calls and close to 5,000 have actually given the scammers money. thousands of complaints about noise coming from reagan national, how the neighbor he's
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one prn is very
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the noise coming from reagan national airport. last year the airport received more than 8,000 complaints. 6500 of them came from the same person. that's according to our news partner wtop. that is equivalent to 18 calls every gday of the year. the airport is not identifying the complainer, but officials say they are working with residents to address the noise issue. speeding tickets, red light camera ticket respe, chances ar you've had one. new this morning, one out of four ended up unpaid or uncollected. that is near $85 million of unpaid tickets. and folks will not get off scot-free. aaa says with the income tax filing deadline fast approaching, district reads can face garnishment of their tax return checks, so payse
6:41 am
back to you. it is 6:41 right now. you are taking a live look at the tidal basin this morning where we're watching the dhcher blossoms. the peak bloom date has been pushed up. >> amelia s meal seigal there. >> reporter: comfortably school with the temperature around 58. so as kids get on the bus, temperatures will be in the upper 50s, low 60s. definitely leave the jacket at home. recess is an a-plus with temperatures in the mid-70s about. and a high today of 82. so talking about warmth. what a great day to play outdoors. and as far as the cherry blossoms are concerned, peak bloom date to be between march 15 and 23. last year was april 10 to 14. so about a month earlier than last year. now, we can see peak plu a
6:42 am
early as march 15 or as late as april 18. and here live at the tidal basin, i'm starting to see the green buds on the trees. they're still very tight, but of course today with temperatures in the low 80s and staying above normal over the next seven day, it will really encourage these bloops to come out. chuck has more on rain chances, but for now, let's see how are the roads. so we do have a crash there northbound bw parkway. we're sending chopper over there to see what is going on. sound like it could be out of the roadway now. but we still have seeing significant delays. travel times 270 from germantown to the spur, typically slow. also typically slow 95 over to 270 on the outer loop. 19 minutes. takes you usually about 10. 66 inbound looking just fine here. and 95 north quantico to the beltway also looking good. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 when you hop in the car
6:43 am
latest easpecially on this new rob bw parkway northbound. a doeching stodeveloping stg and stabbing just blocks away pap. police peetsing together two separate attacks. and marco rubio not did giving up in the race for the white house. the new effort to gain momentum in his home state as key de
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breaking news outside pittsburgh. a deadly mass shooting at a cookout sends people running for their lives. five people were killed, three others hurt. police say they're looking for two suspects who are still out there right now. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. got a couple of clouds outside, but we're off it a mild start. record high temperatures likely this afternoon. exactly how high we'll go and how warm we'll stay through the weekend coming right up. and chopper should be over this one any minute. northbound bw parkway there just after nasa goddard before powder mill. crash sounds like it's on the left shoulder. still shows delays north and southbound. now to a developing story. d.c. police are investigating two violent crimes a few blocks from one the another and near a school. a person was stabbed this morning on benning road in southeast. >> and police also
6:47 am
away. molette green has the latest from the scene. >> reporter: police breaking down the scene here. you can see that officer taking down the police tape where they found two men shot right there on the sidewalk here. we're right across from a school, and those are the hampton east apartments. most of the gun battle happened just before 1:00 a.m. behind those units in a parking lot area. we understand many cars took bullets even one apartment unit took some bullets in this gunfight. two men critically injured in the hospital right now. police believe this shooting involved as many as four people. but again, no real suspect information at this time. they continue to investigate what happened and of course look for suspects in this latest gunfight in the city. back to you.
6:48 am
watered todown. what is what the police chief is calling the noah's law. he's set to testify about the new bill named for officer leotta. he died after being hit by a suspected drunk driver. major says some penalties he hoped would be expanded have not changed. and lawmakers have created a different law that he believes may be up enforceable. the chief will can that the bill be returned to its original strength spell we' strength. we'll have the latest at 4:00. fwl a washington police officer goes to court accused of assaulting an employee at a cellphone story. he was on off duty at the time of the alleged employee was also arrested and charged with making threats. and the u.s. senate will ps a law that will impact a lot of virginia families. the bill aims to prevent
6:49 am
and prescription drug abuse and overdoses. in 2015, 725 virginians died from overdoses making it the number one yeah of accidental deaths in the state. the new law chore authorizes $300 million for health and justice programs at the local level. and it also emimproves prescription drug monitoring. one the best things about this too many time of the year washington, d.c. the cherry blossoms. >> the warm weather has pushed peak bloom up. megan mcgrath live at the tidal basin to fill us in. >> reporter: yeah, it's kind of hard to believe when you look at the trees right now, look at the buds here. they're just barely starting to get green at the tips there. they're clamped recei eed prett closed. but in a matter of a week and a half or so, we will he see the buds just explode into beautiful blossoms. the warm weather has really sped things up. in fact they have changed the prediction for the peak date.
6:50 am
23rd. that is about two weeks earlier than originally thought all because of the record breaking warm temperatures. the national park service is talking about will this. the weather has sped everything up. >> reporter: the record breaking weather that has really changed it so much. three potentially consecutive days in the 80s. temperatures in the 80s being a accept rate the bloom process by a factor of four. any one day will do that. three he ddays in a row, it doe take look to move it. in and if you get a cool tokooc that will prolong it? >> temperatures below 45 puts everything on pause. so the i deal thing is get them to come out, no rain, no wind, temperatures cool down. and we'll hold the buds higher bloom possibly a week, maybe ente even ten
6:51 am
>> reporte >> reporter: fingers crossed. we'll bring you the beautiful blooms as soon as they start to pop. and the man we can give credit to for the gorgeous weather -- >> and blame for all the snow. yeah, another nice day to come outside. today a couple of back to back days in the 80s around here. this will be the last of the really warm days, last day of record high temperatures around here for quite some time. temperatures running 20 to 25 degrees warmer than average. records likely august tll the w withdrawing northbound into new england. clouds could lead to a little chance for rain late time. high pressure from canada will shave 10 to 15 degrees off the temperatures tomorrow. heavy rain and big floodi acros arkansas
6:52 am
the north, but as the front tags through, it will bring some moisture along with it. ahead of it today, skies mostly sunny during the afternoon. high temperatures about 82 in washington. 83 out across thorn virginia. all these will be records, current records for the day all set ten years ago today in the upper 70s. after midnight tonight, before sunrise tomorrow, probably tenth of an inch or less of rain, but that is the leading edge of cooler air tomorrow. so no rain issues tonight. midnight through about 4:00, 5:00 tomorrow morning, that's when the most likely chances for rain are, but back to dry weather by 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. turning breezy and sunny, but cooler. in the 60s. mid-60s on saturday. of course saturday night you change the batteries in your smoke detectors and move your clocks ahead one hour. best chance for rain comes in on sunday. but melissa
6:53 am
cold air in sight. >> unfortunately, we do have an accident here in sight. chopper 4 over northbound bw parkway at nasa god arrestdard. it's blocking the right lane. nd and y and you can see the delays through that area. taking a look at prince george's county, overall looking very typical for this time of morning. 66 and 95 same thing there. 270 montrose volume pretty light. secretary clinton did not support those children coming in to this country. i did it. >> senator sanders supported indefinite detention for people facing deportation. >> immigration dominated last night's democratic presidential debate about that the candida. candidates attacked each other's records. right now we turn to
6:54 am
potts. folks trying to figure out who did a better job last night. >> reporter: well, it was sanders who really needed to gain some ground. he's down 30 points in the latest poll there showing hillary clinton ahead. he tried to go after her on immigration. big national issue. also a big issue right there in florida. here you're seeing clinton defending herself when sanders claimed she didn't want to allow children who came into the country without their parents undocumented to stay. she said that is simply not true. is he also told supporters afterwards that she is not taking florida for granted even though she has the big lead. because remember a few daysing go she had a double digit lead in michigan and lost. >> let's turn to the republicans. marco rubio betting big on florida, but he is behind in the polls there. so is there a way that his campaign can sustain tuesday's primary? >> reporter: he's hitting the pavement and making up groun
6:55 am
trump has now in the latest fox news poll. but's also now talking more openly about what happens if he does not win. he says he doesn't want to be anyone's vice president. but he admits florida is do or tie for him. >> all right. tracie, thank you. good morning, i'm jackie deangelis at cnbc. mcdonald's may expand its all day breakfast menu. they're testing more items in oklahoma, north carolina. and could roll them out nationwide in the coming popts. currently mcdonald's all day breakfast only offers a limited number of items like egg mcmuffins and hotcakes. with your c thbs morninbc morni report, i'm jackie deangelis. four things to know, police investigating two violent incidents on benning road. a shooting around 1:00 achl and
6:56 am
no suspects in either incident. would suspects on the run after killing five people at a backyard cookout in pennsylvania. police say three others were hit with two this critical condition right now. metro's finance committee meets today to approve the system's new budget. $1.7 billion plan will work to improve safety and security. there are no fare increases. people forced to abandon their homes in louisiana where another foot of rain is expected to fall today. it's caused widespread flooding and two deaths. here is another check of your seven day forecast. today is the last of the crazy warm days. we'll be in the 80s. those will be new record highs for today. staying mild all the way through the forecast, but not quite this warm. could have a few overnight showers tonight into early tomorrow, but most of today and tomorrow will be dry. sunday afternoon showers are a possibility. don't forget it's daylight
6:57 am
spring ahead one hour. chopper 4 still over the problem northbound bw parkway at nasa goddard. again you can see we have the crash off to the right side of the roadway. still a little slow through that area northbound and southbound. i don't think if you're leaving anytime soon it's slow enough to have to take 95. it will cost you maybe a couple extra minutes. >> hey stranger. >> welcome back. >> thanks. >> that is the broadcast this morning. thanks for waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll see you in 25 minutes.
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good morning. breaking news. gun men open fire in an ambush style attack in a backyard party in pittsburgh. right to the point. hillary clinton faces a tough questions about her-mail controversy during last night's heated presidential debate. >> if you had been indicted. >> i'm not answering that question. on the republican side donald trump says he is going for the knockout in winner take all primary in florida and ohio. catastrophic, historic flooding leads to at least three deaths, thousands of power outages and more


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