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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  March 10, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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month-long summer trips to germany. and helping bring german students to langley. until he abruptly quit his job in september 2014. virginia board of education disciplinary records obtained by the news4 i-team reveal why. the records say he quit weeks after fairfax county schools investigated him for what happened on the 2014 summer trip to germany. there were accusations the teacher, quote, supplied alcohol to the students, encouraged the students to drink to the point of intoxication. instructed students to strip naked and drink together and instructed two students to engage in sex acts while he watched and participated. the records say school investigators spoke to stuments who confirmed the allegations about drinking and the report the teens were encouraged to strip naked. the report notes he refused to cooperate with the investigation and provided no statement about what happened. the state revoked his license and he has since been unreachable by phone or e-mail. >> i know that he would go and
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own time. >> reporter: christa leo helped sponsor the trips. he insisted on unique control in choosing the students. >> he would just kind of zigzag around and visit just his participants. >> reporter: she says she was never notified about the investigation until we told her. even though he oversaw about 20 german students in the u.s. and 20 langley students in germany each other. she tells the i-team she's been trying to find rademacher ever since trying to recover money he collected for a future trip. some former students tell us they too were unfamiliar with the accusations. fairfax county police were alerted, but they told the state and news4 they couldn't investigate because the incident in question allegedly occurred overseas in germany, that there was no local criminal case against rademacher in t
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county public schools sent a letter to langley high school family notifying parents of our story. they said this was not a school sponsored trip. it was organized by the teacher on his own time. once fcps became aware of what had occurred, we immediately notified the parents of the students who traveled with the teacher and also contacted law enforcement. we were told langley high school no longer participates in the german exchange program. to see the entire letter or to send us a tip, visit our nbc washington app. click on investigations. scott macfarlane, news4 i-team. >> i didn't mean to cut you off. i apologize for that. i'm confused. this guy took these kids overseas but without school sanking these trims or being responsible? >> the school says it doesn't officially sponsor these trips and has no professional or financial relationship with the nop profit organization that helps arrange it but he was the point of contact for the
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organization. it was langley students who went. what's more, it was german students coming to the u.s. who were then visiting for a month inside langley high school itself. >> and no charges because no crime? >> no local crime police say, so they couldn't bring local charges in this case. >> because it occurred overseas. >> happened in germany. age of consent is lower in germany, so is the drinking age. >> interesting. >> thank you, scott. we turn to politics now. the 12th gop debate takes place. this one is tonight in florida. the question is whether it will be like the last one which was a rowdy, raucous affair that some parents said was unsuitable for family viewing. jay gray is in miami now. he's got more on this story. jay? >> reporter: jim, here we go again. who knows what will happen on that stage tonight. we do know though this debate comes at a critical time, just five days before the next round of primaries which could help to lend some clarity to what's been just a chaotic political season
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so far. the democrats, firing up their grand game in florida. bernie sanders fresh off a surprise win in michigan and looking for more. >> on tuesday we've got five states coming up, including florida. if you guys come out to vote, we're going to pull off an upset here as well. >> reporter: hillary clinton leading in the polls and the delegate count and hoping to in effect close out the nomination next week. >> people ask me all the time, well, who do i want to run against in that's not for me to decide, but given what they've all said, i will take any one of them. >> reporter: three of the four republican candidates traveled to the sunshine state now looking for a ray of hope in a race that's been controlled to this point by billionaire donald trump. >> you're going to love your president. >> reporter: marco rubio comes into tonight's debate desperate for a win here in his home state. the same is true for john kas h kasich, confident we will
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ted cruz the only contender who has cut into trump's lead with a handful of primary and caucus wins picked up some added support from a senate colleague. >> he is the only republican candidate who can defeat donald trump and who can defeat hillary clinton, and i believe he will. >> reporter: of course, the most important endorsement comes from voters who get their next chance to weigh in on tuesday. you know, the states in play, florida, ohio, illinois, missouri, and north carolina, and right now in most polls donald trump is in the lead in all five. so as my friend terrell owens used to say, get your popcorn ready. should be quite a show tonight. >> jay, you must have a billion air miles now, right? huh? >> reporter: i'm close. i'd have to go check the current number, but i'm close. >> thank you, jay. good work. we appreciate it. >> reporter: bye, guys. new reaction to
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donald trump during an interview with cnn yesterday. trump said he thinks, quote, islam hates us. tonight the council on american islamic relations is demanding an apology. >> do you think islam is at war with the west? >> i think islam hates us. there's something -- there's something there that is a tremendous hatred there. there's a tremendous hatred. we have to get to the bottom of it. >> we should make america greater again by working together, by not offending the very fabric of america itself. america is made up of christians, jews, muslims, buddhists, and people of other faith, traditions, and no faith. that's what mages america great. >> trump made headlines in december when he called for a temporary ban on all muslims entering the united states. the trump campaign says it had nothing to do with an attack on a protester at a rally%w6,p north carolina. there were several disruptions last night. polic
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protesters out of the arena when a guy standing nearby threw a punch at one of the protesters. the sheriff says his deputies did not see the protester get punched. but when video of the incident hit social media, the suspect was identified and arrested. his name is john franklin mcgraw. he's charged with assault and disorderly conduct. as for tonight, republican presidential debate, we asked you to weigh in and more than half say you are tired of these debates. others say they're tired of the rhetoric but they'll still watch. democratic senator tim kaine of virginia is blasting what he calls the racial rhetoric in the republican race for the white house. his comments are getting national attention even as some mention kaine as a potential candidate for vice president. news4's tom sherwood reports. >> reporter: virginia senator tim kaine is bilingual.
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>> reporter: telling a group of hispanic and african-american publishers the nation and virginia are now much more diverse. kaine said when he was born in 1958, only 1 in 100 u.s. residents was from a foreign country. now, he said, that number is 1 in every 9 and virginia has benefited. >> just think about that change. to a state that is now top ten median income, highly educated, and extremely diverse. >> reporter: he's a potential vice presidential candidate with hillary clinton. he used that diversity to attack republican donald trump without naming him. >> on the campaign trail from a declaration we shouldn't allow muslims into the united states to horrible stereotypes trafficked about many ethnic groups in this country. this hateful rhetoric, which i condemn ant abhor, it is the death spasm of a feeling that people have about losing control. >> reporter:
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comment on any vice presidential talk about himself. >> well, i'm a happy senator and i like my job and i'm not looking for another one. my best use is helping secretary clinton especially win virginia. >> reporter: he said virginia is among a handful of the critical states for democrats to win in november. tom sherwood, news4. right now at the white house guests are beginning to arrive for tonight's state dinner honoring canada's prime minister justin trudeau and his wife. this morning president obama and first lady michelle obama welcomed canada's first couple. at a news conference later a question turned to whether mr. obama feels responsible for the political climate that has fueled the rise of donald trump. the president was quite clear on where he places the blame. steve handelsman at the white house now where the president let loose. steve? >> reporter: let loose is right, jim. don't blame me was barack obama's message
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president said it is the republicans alone and not him in any way who are responsible for the rise of their controversial front-runner. president obama denied blame for the rise of donald trump as he welcomed the new prime minister of canada, 44-year-old justin trudeau. they promised a more open u.s./canada border. >> allies, partners, and friends. >> reporter: while ties with mexico are strained by republican donald trump warning that criminals are coming from the south. >> we're going to have a very, very big and powerful wall. we're going to have a wall. >> reporter: president obama said it began in 2009. >> the republican crack up that's been taking place. >> reporter: republicans angrily opposed anything he proposed. trump led the birther movement charging mr. obama was not american. all that is not m
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the president. >> all those efforts over a course of time creating an environment where somebody like a donald trump can thrive. he's just doing more of what has been done for the last 7 1/2 years. >> reporter: canadian prime minister trudeau said for now he will not pick a fight with the gop front-runner, a sign that america america's closest ally is at least imagining a president donald trump in the white house. president obama said it's time for what he called thoughtful conservatives concerned about donald trump to consider what they did that might have helped this front-runner take the positions that he has. live at the white house, steve husban handelsman, news4. back to you. a metro operator ran a red light with a train full of passengers. we'll tell you how it ha
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says about holding employees accountable. a dramatic rescue as a d.c. firefighter takes off his air mask to give it to a woman who was trapped inside her home. we're going to see how this unfolds. >> reporter: a speed bank robber at work. three bank jobs in 15 minutes. fast but not so fast. police believe they've got him. that story coming up. record warmth today. from june-like temperatures to april-like temperatures, and, yes, we'll get some showers. i'll show
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a close call in gaithersburg today. chopper4 was over the scene just a few hours ago. that's when a car crashed into a restaurant in a strip mall off snuffer school road. you can see there in this picture taken just a few moments after the crash, if you look closely, you can see the driver with her hands on her head in disbelief of what had just happened. one person was taken to a hospital. they're expected to be okay. no word on what caused that accident. a building inspector has been called in now to determine if that structure is safe for habitation. it might be a new record. a man is in custody
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robbing three banks in 15 minutes. this happened at a four mile stretch in montgomery county this morning. and now we're learning how he was caught. news4's pat collins joins us live from wheaton. pat? >> reporter: wendy, the bank robberies, they were fast, but the arrest, that was pretty fast too. tonight a man in custody being questioned by police. they think he may be the speed bank robber. the suspect in custody is being questioned in connection with a robbery this morning at this td bank in new carrollton and a series of three speed robberies of three banks in montgomery county. the suspect arrested this afternoon in the parking lot of the wegmans grocery store off route 202. the getaway car spotted by a prince george's county detective who made the case. the arrest made without incident. sources say money was
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police believe the suspect is linked to three montgomery county bank robberies this morning. three bank jobs in 15 minutes. 11:20 a.m., the suntrust bank in chevy chase. 11:29 a.m., the capitol one bank in kensington. 11:35 a.m., the bb&t bank in wheaton. three montgomery county banks hit in 15 minutes. it appears to be the work of the same guy in some sort of speed robbery spree. is that some sort of record here in montgomery county? have you ever seen anything like this before? >> not in recent memory, no. >> reporter: what do you make of this? >> i'm not sure what to make of it right now. >> reporter: it was something. now, sources say the man picked up today may be linked to other bank jobs as well. wendy, back to you. >> pat
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a former aide to russian president vladimir putin. he was found in his room last november at the doyle dupont circle hotel, and at the time d.c. police said there was no sign of foul play. russian officials said he died of a heart attack. but today the medical examiner said he died of blunt force injuries to his head. he also had injuries to his neck, to his torso, arms, and legs. but despite those findings, the medical examiner has not ruled this a homicide. d.c. police still investigating. lawmakers in maryland are about to take up a drunk driving measure known as noah's law. but today families of victims voiced concern after recent changes were made to the bill. chris gordon has our report. >> reporter: families of victims killed by drunk drivers came to annapolis to support noah's la
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mothers against drunk driver and her 5-month-old daughter laura was paralyzed by a repeat drunk driver. >> i'm here for laura, for noah, and for every family that has suffered this terrible long trail of tears. >> reporter: noah's law would require convicted drunk drivers to use ignition interlock devices. it's named for montgomery county police officer noah leotta. >> i have had 49 of my police officers hit by drunk drivers. the 50th crash caused by a drunk driver killed officer noah leotta. >> reporter: his father displayed a letter of support for noah's law from maryland's governor larry hogan but mr. leotta is concerned that the requirements and penalties of noah's law have been watered down by the house judiciary committee. >> this law with the
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make a difference and actually save lives. >> and we're going to pass a tough and comprehensive bill for mandatory ignition interlock devices in the cars of all convicted drunk drivers in maryland. i'm totally determined to make that happen. >> reporter: the first vote on noah's law is scheduled in the maryland house of delegates tomorrow morning. reporting from annapolis, chris gordon, news4. two days of public tributes for former first lady nancy reagan are just about over. this is at the ronald reagan presidential library in california. mrs. reagan's funeral will take place tomorrow. she'll be buried next to her husband on the grounds of that library, and we will carry the funeral live for you tomorrow starting at 2:00 here on nbc 4. a love story for the ages. that's how a former white house butler remembers the reagans. alan devalerio worned at the white house from 1980 to 1990. devalerio said the former first-degree
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husband came first. >> it was really heartwarming to see, you know, after all of those years of marriage, you know, that the look she gave him, could you just tell -- you could almost feel the intensity of the love between them. >> when asked to describe mrs. reagan in one word, he said gracious. coming up, a road rage attack in arlington. the victim tonight is sharing his story after an angry driver went after him with a baseball bat. i'm darcy spencer in upper marlboro where the county executive just released his budget proposal. i'll tell you one thing that's not in it that may have many people very pleased. incredible images from the sky in the aftermathf historic o
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parts of louisiana are still under water in the midst of some historic flooding down there. this video shows the conditions in one area. people in more than 3,000 homes were forced to evacuate along the red river near shreveport today. nearly a foot of rain i
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no major storms on our horizon. veronica joins us to talk about the beautiful record-breaking weather we are still enjoying. >> it has been really nice over the last couple days. today day three and our temperatures will start coming down as we get a chance of rain from parts of that same weather system on the tail end of that system we've got a big area of low pressure that's just not moving. it's really acting like a tropical system. clouds across the area here. you can see some of the rain out ahead of it up in areas of pennsylvania and ohio. and on the tail end of this front, here is areas of tennessee, mississippi, on the tail end a big area of low pressure that's going to sit and spin and it's not going to move very much at all over the next 24, maybe even 36 hours. our rain chances will be going up. for the second half of the weekend i think a higher chance and especially monday early part of next week, so until then, just a very slight chance of a brief passing shower as you'll see in just a cle
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temperatures are going to be coming down. wler n we're not going to see any more 80s or even 70s over the next couple days but s60s we're goin to have. with the april-type temperatures i think we'll have showers coming our way. for the records today, 79 degrees reagan national. the old record 78. bwi marshall thurgood airport 77 was the old record. that had been standing since 2006 for this date. evening out, it's going to be dry. again, we've got some clouds out there right now. comfortable though. 66 to 70 degrees. again, there's a little bit of a breeze blowing, so with the sun now setting, may feel just a little cool. may want to go with the long sleeves or very light jacket this evening. early part of the day tomorrow a passing shower. 62 your temperature. i don't think it's enough to warrant carrying the umbrella. that shower chance should be over by 7:00 in the morning. mainly in the 60s across the area. so i
6:27 pm
rain coat home, leave the umbrella at home. long sleeves, jacket, yes for tomorrow and even this weekend unless you're going to be running or doing some exercising because it is going to be cooler. temperatures come down a little more over the weekend. shower chance at 3:00 a.m. d.c., frederick, maryland, and around hagerstown. by 6:00, 7:00 a.m. it's all the way through southern maryland and then leaving the area with temperatures getting into the upper 60s to around 70 degrees. so tomorrow the weather is going to have a low impact on our area. the weekend, 64, 69 degrees. remember, this upcoming weekend we, of course, spring forward. we lose that hour, and with it again some showers on sunday. we'll talk more about the rain chances coming up tail end of the weekend in a few minutes. >> thanks, veronica. coming up tonight, a family's plea for answers nearly a year after a reporter was caught in cross fire and killed on her way home from work. i'm adam tuss.
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red signal, met tror lero leadeg tough. a heroic act as flames and smoke fill
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6:00. >> and right now at 6:30, our team of reporters working the day'sop stories including a big mistake on metro. >> for the second time in a month, a metro train ran past a red signal on the tracks. that's a serious safety violation. this latest incident happened at the silver spring station as a train with passengers was on its way to glenmont. >> adam tuss broke this story. he joins us live. hi, adam. >> reporter: that's right, wendy. new general manager paul wiedefeld not happy at all about this most recent incident, and when we caught up with him today one-on-one, he talked an awful lot about metro employees taking responsibility. this metro train operator may lose his job for running a red signal, and metro's new leader
6:32 pm
clear across the agency that people are being -- are being held accountable. >> reporter: do you think people are afraid of you. >> i'm not trying to get anyone afraid of me. i want them to buy in to you own this system. we all own this system together as the agency, so you should feel the pride to get it right. >> reporter: while the operator in this case did not get it right, he had the train on the wrong control setting. here is what happened exactly. this train was entering what's known as a pocket track or middle track and that's when the problem started. let me show you what the pocket track is. the pocket track is that one right in the middle. it's essentially a middle track that you can use for all sorts of things, but the train went into that area, went too far past the red light. here is where it gets a little bit technical. longer eight-car metro trains are only supposed to enter that pocket track in a human controlled manual mode. this train was in a computer controlled automatic mode, and the automatic mode told the
6:33 pm
that's a big problem for a transit agency that's trying to return all of its trains to a fully automatic mode of operation. metro has now made an engineering change to its technology to prevent this from happening again. now, these incidents can also slow things down on the tracks. when this incident did happen, everybody had to be offloaded. metro says there was no threat to their safety though. jim, back to you. >> adam tuss. thanks. community leaders are making an emotional plea tonight for action in ward 8. it comes offer two women were killed nearly one year apart. ivy smith was killed on sunday while she was sitting at a bus stop on alabama avenue in southeast. the shots came from a church van. it happened across the street from where reporter charnice milton was killed last may while walking to a bus stop. milton's father today asked the
6:34 pm
justice to those unsolved murders. >> we have been promised community policing and that he is no community tips that lead to the resolution of the crime. what is my wife to do but to weep because another one dies, another young woman dies sitting at bus stop just waiting to go home. >> according to milton's father, there are more than 200 unsolved murders in ward 8. there is a spike in murders in montgomery county for a second year in a row. police say there were 29 murders in the county in 2015, up from 19 murders the year before, 8 murders in 2013. police chief tom manger says most of these cases were domestic. the victims and the suspects new each other. he said there's no ongoing threat to the public. >> outside of the domestic, if you're not buying drugs, if you're not selling drugs, if you're not a gang member, it's very unlikely you're going to be the victim of a homicide in nt
6:35 pm
these domestic cases, most of the other murders did involve gangs. prince george's county enjoying the best budget it has seen in years and that means no new taxes. news4's darcy spencer joins us. she's in upper marlboro to tell us what is fueling this optimism. darcy? >> reporter: that's right, wendy. for the first time in five years, rushern baker was able to smile during his budget presentation. like you said, he's not proposing any tax increases. in fact, there is more money flowing into the county. he says that's because of improvements in the housing industry and mgm casino is coming. rushern baker says it's the best budget he's had in five years. the economy is turning around. he's proposing no layoffs or furloughs, and a merit increase in pay for county employees. >> this is a momentous occasion for us. >> reporter: the budget projec
6:36 pm
he credits an increase in home sales and values in the planned opening of the new mgm casino later this year. >> it's more jobs, you know. that's more money. >> reporter: unlike last year, no plan to increase taxes to pay for education. >> before you get nervous and my staff starts running for the door, i'm not proposing a tax increase this year. >> reporter: residents we spoke to were pleased but a little skeptical. >> i'm a little leery when it comes down to politics. i kind of got a wait and see attitude. >> reporter: the budget includes money for 150 police recruits, 70 fives, and 25 sheriff's deputies. the plan also includes $1 million for domestic violence prevention program that will place helpful women inside apartment complexes in the county. >> certain females are going to be skeptical about things, but it's -- females n
6:37 pm
that support so i'm all for it. >> reporter: in upper marlboro, darcy spencer, news4. some homeless people are being moved out of an encampment near union station. some of them have been living on the sidewalk at first and h streets northeast for more than a year. there were concerns about trash, rats, and those tents blocking the sidewalk. the district gave those people living there notice a month ago. the city is offering housing to those who want it. some say they'd rather stay on the streets. ticket trouble. just how many millions of dollars are lost from unpaid citations and who is the biggest offender? arlington's second road rage incident this week happened at that intersection. this time police say the suspect used a bat to attack the driver. >> there was a few cars there. >> reporter: coming up in the next half hour, hear from the victim and a m
6:38 pm
incident shortly after the suspect took off. i'm tracking a little bit of rain for part of the morning rush. i'll show you how it will impact our temperatures coming up on news4 at 6:00.
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6:40 pm
a wild scene unfolded in arlington as a man armed with a baseball bat goes after a driver and starts swinging. this happened off west gleeb road. meagan fitzgerald is at the scene as police search for a suspect in this road rage. meagan? >> reporter: yeah, and, wendy, police say it was the suspect that cut off the victim and then got mad when the guy honked his horn. that's when things turned violent. we had an opportunity to speak with that victim earlier today with the help of a translator. it was business as usual for many shops wednesday. >> there were a few cars there and the cops were there. >> reporter: that was until cops surrounded the intersection near four mile run drive and a woman
6:41 pm
station. >> she told me that somebody opened the drunk and took out the base bat and she was witness. >> reporter: that witness was talking about what happened to jose after he says a driver cut in front of him. >> translator: all he did was honk his horn because he said they almost hit me. >> reporter: that's when police say the suspect stopped his car. >> the driver exited the vehicle, came up to the car, spoke a dcouple words to that victim, at that point returned to the car. >> they got out of the car and they got bats out of the trunk, and they started hitting his car. they said that they did go for him once. >> reporter: jose showed us the scratches on his arm, the dents to his car and the cardboard he has to use until he can get his window fixed. >> road rage, that's bad. this is a bad thing happening now. >> reporter: it was also terrifying for jose, but he realizes things could have been worse. >> translator:e
6:42 pm
two guys start beating up my car with bats. >> reporter: police say the suspect is in his 50s. he was last seen driving a gray or light colored toyota avalon. police are asking anyone with information to contact the arlington county police department. jim? >> thanks, meagan. the district is losing out on millions of dollars because of unpaid traffic tickets. according to aaa, more than 600,000 tickets handed out last year have been ignored by the drivers. things such as parking tickets, speeding tickets, red light camera violations. the fines total nearly $85 million. the biggest offenders would be drivers from maryland. they owe more than $35 million. d.c. and virginia drivers owe nearly $18 million a piece, and drivers from other states owe the city about $14 million. a brawl on a flight
6:43 pm
baltimore. we're going to hear from the passenger who helped break up this fight as police reveal what started it. coming up on news4, a d.c. firefighter in intensive care after saving a woman's life. i'm mark segraves. you'll hear from the woman's family who said the firefighter got there in just the nick of
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
a d.c. firefighter went above and beyond the call of duty, and today the 65-year-old grandmother is alive because of what he did while rescuing her from a b
6:46 pm
news4's mark segraves that if firefighters hadn't arrived when they did, that woman was about to take a risky step. >> reporter: the fire was so hot and the smoke so thick, terika terrell says if danny lovato hadn't gotten to the third floor window, her grandmother was about to give up. >> she said she was about to jump and he was right there and he gave her the mask. >> reporter: as smoke billowed out of the windows, lovato took off his air mask and gave it to phyllis terrell who was trapped inside the building so she could breathe. >> once she got to her, he was sharing his mask with her. they were both taking turns breathing. >> i love him and i love what he did. >> reporter: terrell and lovato suffered severe smoke inhalation and both are on the same floor in the intensive care burn unit at the washington h
6:47 pm
center. lovato could be released as early as friday. 65-year-old te in serious condition but she is also expected to recover. >> sometimes there's a lot of negative press towards us, and we're human. things happen. but we're here to do what we did yesterday and that's when we go out the door, that's what we're expected. that's what we expect of ourselves. >> several families were displaced by the fire. a second firefighter was also injured, but his injuries were not serious. investigators believe the fire started in a top floor utility room. in the district, mark segraves, news4. >> and we are now hearing from one of the passengers who helped break up this, a fight on a plane that happened on board a spirit airlines flight yesterday from bwi marshall heading to los angeles. officials say two groups of women had been arguing about loud music and as they were landing, punches were flying. >> they were throwing serious p
6:48 pm
a lot of people were, you know, stop, you know, but nobody actually did anything. at the point i saw the ladies, they were swigeinging on each other. the stewardess even got punched. me and my friend, jazz, he stepped in and broke the fight. >> all five women involved in the fight were removed from the plane by the police but no one was charged. lovely veronica, what should we expect for tomorrow? >> tomorrow not too bad. >> not so lovely. >> it's not going to be all bad. a lot of folks saying i like the warmth but i don't want this much so early in the season. >> i do. i'm okay with it. >> see, we can spread it all around. we got a little something for everybody. we're going to see more mild conditions coming our way. temperatures not extremely warm or as warm as they've been over the last couple days. your evening, we're going to drop out of the 70s. next time we're going to be back into the 70s, tuesday of next
6:49 pm
week. so get ready for more april-type conditions across the area. we're going to be running above that average temperature, 54 degrees. it remains dry for your evening, but look at the radar. storm team4 radar, i'm tracking showers for you. we're not going to get much so it's looking a little heavier up here around pittsburgh, even columbus, ohio, out ahead of the weather front, and look at all this down south. that is part of this system that's producing that historic type of flooding, like a tropical system oun here with all the rain. areas of mississippi and out of louisiana. our sky cast for tomorrow morning. we start with clouds, auto ena brief shower that will be ending around 7:00 a.m. through southern maryland. we will hold in the 60s but look at that, upper 60s by around 3:00. a little sunshine for the afternoon, jim. so not too bad. washing the car this weekend, i'd say hold off until wednesday of next week but good for gardening and getting outside to exercise. it will be comfortable this week and great weather too for the rock 'n' roll marathon. yes, our temperatures will be in the 60sis
6:50 pm
as far as temperatures, again, the upcoming weekend we'll be in the 60s and we have a little rain. our best chance monday of next week. we have sports coming up. george washington is making their case for the big dance. carol has that. first, here is lester holt with a look ahead to "nightly news." growing violence on the campaign trail to talk about tonight. what really happened between a reporter and donald trump's campaign manager and charges filed after a punch at a trump rally in north carolina. recruitment forms from isis with a rare look at who is applying and what you can do tonight to avoid a physical danger of switching
6:52 pm
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> so we've been sitting here looking up abilican. >> the bill cans play george washington that's all i know. it's the colonial time this time of
6:54 pm
a-10 in new york. our own george washington making a serious case to be invited to another tournament called the big dance. george with his game face on. cl first half gw up. pass to tyler cavanaugh. big time move to get the two. george washington up six. second half it's the colonials pulling away. turnover by st. louis. the two, throwing down. gw off to a 13-point lead. st. louis battling back. they get it back and then out to jermaine bishop, the freshman knocks it down. within five. next possession gw putting an end to that ball work it around. he drains the three. gw with the win. 73-65. quarterback finals against st. joe's tomorrow. head coach today mike lonergan already on the campaign trail for selection sunday.
6:55 pm
it should get us in the conversation. till give us four top 50 wins. i think the people in the room that will be deciding, they'll put us in but we have to win tomorrow. >> yeah, he wants to keep playing. to the garden, georgetown taking on top seeded villanova. tied at 25. smith rivera pulls up for the jumper. that's called creating your own shot. just eight points for dsr. second half now georgetown at one. josh hart. he's feeling it. the junior with the three. the wildcats take a two-point lead. later, here come the hoyas. the corner shot. yeah, he's got it. 18 points for him. hoyas up one but the number three team in the nation not ready for the upset. nova the steal. ahead, they're going to pass to hart, and he gets the tough bucket to go in. he had 25. villanova advances.
6:56 pm
the acc tournament continues here in washington, d.c., continues without duke. blue devils lost today to notre dame. you can go ahead and applaud. >> that's a shame. >> i see it. jason pugh though, he joins us from verizon center to talk about the favorite and that's our very own virginia cavaliers. >> reporter: virginia getting set to take on georgia tech at the verizon center in the acc tournament. it doesn't matter if it's the big dance or conference tournament time. the postseason is all about mental toughness. >> this year's team, you know, has lost close ones and struggled, and there is good experience so my hope is that we'll prepare as well as we can and there will be a level of toughness. that's what you hope. >> it's about endurance at this point. it's about not believing your body is fatigued and playing through it and continuing to try to play the right way. >> you know, i think this team is tough. i wouldn't c
6:57 pm
with whether or not this team is tougher than last year's team or anything like that. i think it's two different teams and both of the teams are tough. mentally we're ready where we need to be going into the postseason so i'm looking forward to it. >> the winner will take on the winner of the game between miami and virginia tech tomorrow here at the verizon center. i'm jason pugh, news4 sports. thanks, jason. you know we're going to cover it on news4 at 11:00. last night in l.a. caps big come back in front of kobe bryant. they storm back to three in the third. nicklas backstrom putting away the rebound brought it to 3-2. then watch orloff swerve through traffic. caps lose in overtime after a big rally, but those stinker starts are not okay with the locker room. >> no, no, nothing, zero. it's been our achilles' heel. our starts have been terrible. we can't come back every night. certainly not going to happen. so we need to jump on that. that's been a problem for us.
6:58 pm
and that big ring she has on her finger back in the day. rememberthat? "ni gh
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7:00 pm
breaking news tonight. donald trump accused of encouraging violence at his rallies. a supporter caught sucker punching a protester. his campaign manager accused of roughing up a female reporter. the rising death toll as record floods rage. hundreds of high-water rescues, sending fish swimming down the sidewalks. brawl on a plane. mayhem as fists fly. shocked passengers with the melee. you won't believe what started it all. ambush horror. five massacred, including a pregnant woman as gunmen opened fire in a backyard barbecue. tonight, a manhunt for a pair of cold-blooded killers. wakeup call, a big health alert. why this weekend is especially high risk for heart attacks and strokes. "nightly news" begins


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