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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  March 11, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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nbc washington app. good morning. i'm scott mcfarland. overnight developments in a story we broke out of fairfax county. federal investigators are reviewing the matter of christopher rademacher, former high school teacher. he said he resigned his job and had his teaching license revoked after schools investigated him for his conduct on a trip with students to germany. allegations are he supplied alcohol to some of the student, he encouraged them to strip naked, and include sex acts in which he watched and participated. the school district has notified parents of the kid, but local police did not launch a child abuse investigation because it happened overseas. no criminal charges were are filed. rademacher did not appear in a hearing into his case and has been up reachable for comment, but again this morning the u.s. attorney's office says it is
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christopher rademacher. scott mcfarland, news 4. police have made an arrest in the case of a school bomb threat. a 17-year-old was taken into making a bomb threat over e-mail at mclean high school. the threat was that march 2. investigators say the teen is not connected to seven other threats in northern virginia from last friday. a woman is in serious condition after police say a man intentionally hit her with a car twice. leesburg police arrested landrun jr. it appears they had a fight and he hit her and ran away. he's being held without bond. 4:31. let's check in with chuck bell. really, really mild start to our morning. >> no kidding. average low temperature this time of the year is in the mid-30s, so we're about 30 degrees above average on your way out the door this morning. we are dealing with one or two lonesome little rain dro o
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will be 100th of an inch or not much more than that. still warm, but no more records today. lots of clouds to cope with as we go into the weekend. most likely time for rain though appears to be during the rain on sunday. first thing this morning, here is the latest of the rain now up across northern maryland from hagerstown to martinsburg to winchester. these are drying up as they come eastbound, so not a guarantee that you will get raped on especially here in the metro area. temperatures in the 60s.raped o especially here in the metro area. temperatures in the 60s. clouds giving way to breezy conditions, but sunshine to finish out your friday afternoon. let's hope it helps the traffic. >> anytime it's not raining or snowing or ice flying from the sky, usually we're okay. maryland 5 northbound at accokeek road, two left lanes getting by a crash. ing a
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of the intersection. south capitol street southeast, right lane getting work the work zone. top of the beltway looking good. 270 from frederick down to the spur, going to take you 25 minutes as it should. see you back here in ten. it's 4:33 now. we turn to the latest in decision 02016 this morning. ben carson set to endorse trump today. trump had called him ba pathologic pathological. the two are set to hold a press conference later this morning. >> the policy donald outlined, it's an anti-israel will policy. maybe that's not your intent. >> a very different tone on the debate stage last night. the final four candidates squared off in miami.
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low key and remained mostly focused on a range of issues. for donald trump, ted cruz, john kasich and marco rubio, the stakes are high in next tuesday's contest in five states with 350 delegates at stake. on the democrat being side, bernie sanders will head to north carolina and ohio taoday. he spent thursday in friday still trying to gain on rival hillary clinton. >> five states coming up including florida. if you guys come out to vote, we will pull off an upset here, as well. >> hillary clinton still has a commanding lead over sanders. today she's set to attend the funeral of former first lady nancy reagan. coming up in a few minutes, tracie potts will join us live from capitol hill to break down last night's debate and how the democratic race is shaping up. 4:35 now. new details this morning about a house fire in maryland. a firefighter w
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blaze in boyds, maryland. the house here partially collapsed, but everyone did get out safely. the fire moved from the garage into the house on aspendale court. no word on how the fire started. a giant hole in isis' defenses. a leak of thousands of documents that could reveal critical information about isis recruits. a syrian man says he stole the documents on a flash drive and hid it in his baby's tydiaper. some analysts are asking whether the documents are authentic, but two security experts told nbc news it appears they are. the d.c. firefighter who removed his own oxygen mask to save the life of a 65-year-old grandmother is recovering this morning. danny lovato and phyllis tear rely are on the same floor at washington hospital center. lovato should leave the
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terrell was trapped on the third floor of her building on wednesday. family members say she was about to jump when lovato gave her his mask. that gave firefighters inside enough time to get to her. we are hear from that hero in the next hour. an outpouring of frustration, you'll hear from local mus simms upset by last night's seemingly civil gop debate. >> first, though, a sunny afternoon turns chaotic when a man wielding a baseball bat appears. the wild chase and how it started ahead. plus a live look at radar here. you can see some sprinkles way out on the edges of our viewing you can't predict the market. you can see some sprinkles way out on the edges of our viewing but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings.
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retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. it took nearly 150 firefighters to extinguish this fire in l.a., this is a massive warehouse fire that went up will smoke last night so high the plumes could be seen miles away. and in less than an hour, part of that structure had collapsed. luckily there are no reports of injury. but the cause of the fire yet to be determined. back to you. the search is on this morning for a man accused of attacking a driver in a road rage incident in arlington. this happeneded on west glebe road. police say the suspect cut off another thridriver. they exchanged words and the suspt
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vehicle and injuring the victim. the victim was not taken to the hospital. the suspect took off from the scene. time to check our weather now and chuck bell delivering another lovely forecast. good morning, chuck. >> yeah, just as nice and mild as we have building accustomed to, but not quite as pretty. yesterday the clouds snuck in and they have been with us overnight. they are generating a few light rain showers mainly in northern maryland and out to the eastern west virginia panhandle. one or two rain drops here this morning, that should all be done by 7:00 or 8:00 this morning. we'll see clearing skies turning breezy, but staying relatively mild. just not quite as toasty wra iy warm as we were. recess take get as b. traffic, what are you going to
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give traffic? >> a b-minus. 5 near 301, two left lanes getting by a crash. so a warning for you there. hoping that gets out of the way soon. beg look at the beltway, inner loop and outer looch, everything is rolling along just fine. so no big worries here on beltway. no real construction to worry about either. 270 montgomery village avenue, everything is rolling along just fine there. inbound south capitol at potomac southeast, still have the right lane getting by that work zone. and taking a look at 66 headed into town, going to take you 8 minutes. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 when you hop in your car. metro's new gh getting tough after a dangerous mistake. how he plans to hold employees accountable. andp. c
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mr. trump, last night you told cnn, quote, id lamb hates us. can it you mean all 1.6 billion muslims? >> i mean a lot of them. i mean a lot of them. >> this moment in last night's debate has a lot of people talking and at least one group demanding an apology. many muslim and arab-americans say they don't believe trump will ever apologize. sha sha marrow stonelk
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many say they love the united states and they feel they constantly have to prove it. they also talked specifically about donald trump. >> muslim american, a woman, the list goes on. there are so many different groups that he's offended. and it's very discouraging as a young person who is very passionate about politics. >> people there also said they don't believe trump represents the views and interests of the arab community or the arab world. >> and trump is looking for a knockout primary punch next tuesday. he and the remaining gop candidates made an effort to showcase their softer sides in their 12th and possibly final debate. tracie potts joins us live now from capitol hill. so let's talk about this debate. last night's approach a little different. will it work, though, for gop voters? >> that's really the big question especially for marco rubio who has so much riding on florida coming up on tuesday. for donald trump, we saw him back off. in fact he even commented,
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this was the most civil debate they had had in a while. but trump found himself on the opposite side from the other three candidates on a number of issues. and because it was so so civil, it was issue oriented. they talked about social security, too, but taxing chi nargs muslims and a solution for israel. donald trump in many cases on one side and the other three candidates on the other side. so in this case sort of alienating him when it came to the issues of the campaign. so we know the situation in florida. 99 delegates at stake. and we have donald trump leading in the polls right now. meantime let's talk quickly about the democrats. because today is going to be a very busy kay for bernie sanders. he's in north carolina, illinois and ohio all those states also voting on tuesday. ohio is where hillary clinton is hoping to make her midwest comeback after the big loss in michigan. back to you. >> tracie potts on the hill for us. thank you. we already are hearing talk
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yesterday democratic senator tim kaine spoke about the state's diversity and he criticized the racially charged rhetoric being used in the campaign. >> this hateful mercy clinic today. it is 4:47. maryland law makers will vote today on an anti-drunk driving bill named for a montgomery county officer. families of victims gathered in annapolis yesterday to
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it's named for officer leotta who was killed in december. the law would require convicted drunk drivers to use an ignition interlock device after a first offense. florida and for the second year in a row, there a spike in murders in montgomery county. police say there were 29 murder in the county in 2015. that's up from 19 the year before and eight in 2013. police chief tom manger says in most of the cases, the victims and suspects knew each other. >> outside of domestic, if you're not buying drugs, if you're not selling drugs, if you're not a gang member, very unlikely that you'll be the victim of a homicide. >> the chief says after gldomesc cases, most other murders involved gangs. we're learning when baltimore's police will start wearing body cameras. mayor and police commissioner announce they plan to equip hundreds of officers with those cameras this may. the entire force won't have cameras until 2018. and this is
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million contract to buy those cameras and store all the footage. and a robber who targeted women are in jail, but police say more suspects are at large. terrell vehicstrickland was arr, he was involved in robberies where women were punched and shoved. there are have been more than 23 robberies over the last few weeks. d.c. police released this photo of an suv they think was used in one attack. they are still on the hunt for the other suspects. staying with crime records now, this may an new one, three quick robbery and a fast arrest, a man behind bars this morning accused of robbing three bank there is about 15 minutes. he's also suspected of a fourth robbery at td bank. he was arrested at a wegmans parking lot. police have not
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suspect's name. you will lose an entire hour of your day as we turn our clocks ahead an hour, spring forward. daylight saving time will begin at 2:00 a.m. on sunday. the time change is always a good way to remember to change the batteries in your smoke alarms. and your carbon monoxide detectors. firefighters in prince george's county say it is an important message to get out. >> these life saving devices typically run off a 9 volt battery or aa batteries. they work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. and those batteries wear out. >> he says only six out of ten homes in prince george's county have a working smoking alarm. he says 80% of fatal fires happen in homes without working smoke detell detectors. chuck bell
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this morning. another almost 70 degrees here in it looks like? >> crazy. >> but in a good way. >> good crazy. >> the little plant mishigh garden are confused. what season is it? url we're worried about a final freeze. i don't know that -- there is no cold air anywhere in in sight. the next 7 to 10 days, all look milder than average. and this comes on the heel of a country of days where we broke records. yellow light here early this morning.of days where we broke records. yellow light here early this morning. could be an isolated sprinkle or drop here. rainfall amounts will be paltry at best. later this afternoon, skies clearing out. a bit of a breezy northwesterly wind, 15 to 20 miles per hour. so not too bad. good kite flying weather. for this evening, dry, on the cool side. temperatures will actually fall back down a little closer to it average this evening. two big battles g
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front here, that is drifting down to our south. that is a sprinkle chance here early this morning. that front will get about as far south as the virginia/north carolina border. and over the course of the weekend, all the moisture down to the deep south will push the front back to the north as a warm front, that means we will have a lot in the way of clouds for deal with, but not much of a rain threat until the second half of sunday. early this morning, we're dry here in metro, but there have been light rain showers occurriduring the overnight hours. future weather staying mostly cloudy through about 9:00 or 10:00 this morning, but as the front goes to the south, northwest winds clear our skies out and cool things off just a touch. so "7-day forecast," temperatures in the 60s now. we'll stay in the 60s all day. falling back down into the 40s by early tomorrow morning. tomorrow a lot of cloud around, temperatures low to mid 60s. probably rain free tomorrow. a lile
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his showers coming our way sunday afternoon. sunday's highs back up near 70. best chance for rain in the next seven days comes up on monday, that should taper off on tuesday, but look at thargs at, those numbers way above average. where did march even go? >> i don't care. i just want the warm months upon us. outer loop at 270, a crash cleanup. you can see he there a little bit slow from overnight. still on the scene trying to get everything out of the way for us. 66 at prince william parkway, eastbound to westbound looking quite good. no worries on 66. still have this issue 5 inbound at accokeek road. two left lanes getting by that accident. accokeek road blocked just east of the intersection will with branch avenue. inbound south capitol street southeast at potomac, we have the right lane getting by. 95 south from 32 to the beltway, you're rightin
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minutes. gory details months after a man linked to vladimir putin is found dead. what actually happened inside a d.c. hotel. high water still on the rise in the deep south. how long folks in text will have to weather the storm. first, though, this 106-year-old internet sensation is about to get a birthday gift and she knows nothing about it.
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remembering a beloved first lady. nancy reagan will be laid to rest today surrounded by her family and some of the most famous figures in the united states. a teenager arrested after threats at a local high school. police in fairfax county tell us their investigation is far from over. metro train operator may lose his job for running a stop signal. so how did this happen is th? we're learning the driver had the train on the wrong control setting. it was entering a pocket track and that's where the problem started. metro's new leader is talking tough. >> i think i made it pretty clear across the agency that people are being -- will be held accountable. >> now here's where it gets a little technical. longer 8 car trains are only supposed to enter the pocket track in a huge controlled manual mode. this train was
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controlled automatic mode and the automatic mode told the train to go past the signal. metro has thousanow made an engineering change to prevent this from happening again. d.c. police are not calling it a homicide, but we now know the former aide to vladimir putin died of blunt force injuries to his head. the medical examiner says mikha mikhail lessin had head injurie. a russian funded media company reported he died of a heart attack. d.c. police say the investigation is still active. big changes at one of the most prominent veterans support organizations in the country. the wounded warrior project has fired its ceo and chief operating officer. the nonprofit is facing accusations of wasteful spending. former employees
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organization of making money off their injuries. well, she won the hearts of the first couple and the country with her excitement, her dance moves and her age. >> how can we forget 106-year-old virginia mclauren who cut a rug with the obamas last month. look at how happy she is to be at the white house. she fulfilled a dream by going there. she's now dubbed as grandma virginia and will have her dancing shoes ready today. she is turn 1g 07 th07 this weed there is a celebration planned at the arc. one much my favorite places in the entire city. we'll have a live report coming up from the big preparations. i am so excited for her. >> should be a great party. >> dancing and singing and full of life. congratulations and happy birthday, grandma virginia.
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5:00 a.m. on this friday morning. betwe good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. chuck bell here now with yourmo. finally friday, that is our hash tag for the weather department today. a little cold front inching its way southbound. generating just a little bit of rain. just hit and miss light rain showers mainly northern maryland. this front should be passing down between about 8:00 and 9:00 this morning. use wring out a couple of drops. that's it. have that pocket umbrella with you. so here is your next 24 hours. cloudy, mild, maybe a sprinkle this morning. temperatures h s md mid-60s. tonight crdry, sunny, breezy. and tomorrow it ma


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