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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  March 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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family and friends to pay tribute to reagan during her funeral. mrs. reagan will be buried next to her husband. nbc's ji thnah kim is live at t report and she will join us. the guest list tells a story about the life she shared with ron yald reagan. in our nbc washington app we take a look at the people who attended the funeral and why. open up the app and search guest list. "first at 4," the d.c. firefighter who was injured while rescuing a woman is now out of the hospital. danny lovato gave his own breathing mask to the grandmother that he pulled from a burning apartment in southeast d.c. news4's darcy spencer was there when lovato was released from the hospitals. >> reporter: d.c. firefighter danny lovato walked out of the burn unit here this afternoon and was hailed a hero. on wednesday evening he's credited with saving a 65-year-old woman who was trapped in her
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building in southeast. he climbed up a ladder to reach phyllis terrell who was ready to jump from her third floor. he convinced her not to jump and shared his mask with her so she could breathe fresh air until firefighters from inside the building could reach her. he said this is what he's trained to do. >> i'd just like to thank the crew on the fire ground and the officers and the firefighters that helped me out. >> reporter: phyllis terrell is still being treated here at the burn unit. coming up on news4 at 5:00, he describes the moment he came face-to-face with the woman he's now credited with saving. in northwest washington, darcy spencer, news4. miami meagan fitzgerald in lorton where it's been 15 hours since an 38-year-old man was murdered. fairfax county police are still on scene investigating trying to determine who shot the elderly
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from the wife of 83-year-old johan de leede saying her husband had been shot. when police arrived they rushed him to the hospital where he later died. meanwhile, investigators scoured the area around the 6000 block of river road in the quiet mason neck community. neighbors were told to stay inside. coming up at 5:00, hear from the man who heard the gunshots and why some neighbors believe this murder is so suspicious. we buried the hatchet. that was political stuff. >> i was most impressed with his views. education. it's a strength and it's a tremendous strength. >> republican presidential candidate donald trump accepts the endorsement of formal rival ben carson putting past attacks behind them. trump says carson would have a spot in his administration should he win. canadian prime minister
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visit to washington. >> the prime minister stopped by american university in northwest d.c. shaking a few hands with students and then giving a speech at the university school of international service. he once again touted the special relationship between canada and the united states. the audience of students from some 140 countries gave him a standing ovation. last night the obamas honored the prime minister and his wife with a state dinner at the white house. 200 people were on the guest list including famous canadian-american celebrities like mike myers, ryan reynolds, michael j. fox and "snl" executive producer loren michaels. the menu was lamb drizzled with yukon jack canadian whiskey. and there were also special honor today for montgomery county's first responders who performed beyond thea
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others. police and fire rescuers were recognized at the 42nd annual public afternoon awards luncheon sponsored by the montgomery county chamber of commerce. the gold medal of valor awarded to two police officers who saved an unconscious motorist who was trapped in a burning car on the beltway last september. the rescue was caught on video. working together they broke windows and dragged the driver out of the burning car. >> fire rescue on scene said that if we hadn't done what we had, he would have died. >> melissa molette and toms to costello were both emcees. maryland is looking to crack down on drunk drivers. today the house of delegates approved a tougher version of noah's law. the anti-drunk driving bill is named after montgomery county officer noah leotta who was ll
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driver in november. the law would require convicted dunk drivers to use an ignition interlock device even after a first offense. relatives of drunk driving victims, including leotta's father, have been lobbying in support of the bill. >> we finally got some good news, that it looks like the bill that was watered down has been significantly restored to its original form. and it's gratifying that the governor got behind this, the public got behind this, the media got behind this, and you know what? i think noah is behind this. >> the bill now moves to the state senate for a final vote as early as next week. well, we are wrapping up a beautiful week of warm summery weather here, and doug decided to come back home from philly to enjoy this day with us. >> yeah, doug. >> you know, i had to keep the record going. we didn't set any records today but wti
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and it will continue to be at least for the next few hours and then we have some changes this weekend. look at the numbers. 73 degrees right now in d.c. 73 in richmond. 68 up towards philadelphia. i had a great time up there, but great to be back home. as far as what we're dealing with right now, it is the warmer air. it's not the rain though, but we are going to see some showers making their way our way. here is where the rain is, down to the south. we have been talking about this storm for days because it's been inundating parts of the south with a foot to 20 inches of rain in some locations. some of that rain will try to make its way our way. we are going to be a little unsettled as we head into the weekend and it will be a little cooler. say good-bye to the warmth. still going to be above average but not temperatures in the 70s or 80s anymore. showers moving in, but we're calling it an okay weekend. it's not a washout. you don't need to cancel any plans but one day will be better than another. we'll talk about that forecast for you coming up in just a few minutes. >> all right. thank you, doug. right now republins
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spanned out campaigning after a largely civil debate last night in miami. what was behind the new civil tone? a prince george's county robbery detective parks his car, goes for lunchness and ends up catching a robber who had robbed
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a developing story this afternoon. a new clue in one of the greatest airline mysteries of all time. investigators believe a three foot long piece of debris found off the coast of mozambique may be from the missing malaysian airlines flight. it was discovered in the same area where another piece of debris was found and it is being analyzed. that flight, flight 370, vani vanished from radar in march of 2014 after it took off from kuala lumpur bound for beijing. investigators believe the plane with 239 people on board flew thousands of miles off course before crashing into the ocean. top infectious disease experts in our country are urging congress to fund the fight against zika. the heads of the centers for disease control and the national institute for allergy and infectious diseases say the effects of zika appear to be worse than anyone initially thought. as we know, it's linked to severei
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syndrome that can cause paralysis. president obama has asked congress for nearly $2 billion for research, prevention, and work on a vaccine. some of the most popular frozen foods are being yanked off the shelf as nestle recalls, lean qua scene, and stow fer's products. they could contain small pieces of glass. nestle's website has the full list of these recalled items and if you have one in your freezer, return it to the store for a full refund. take a look at this guy. very rare lobster spared from the dinner table. a saep food company in portland, maine, saw the lobster in one of its regular deliveries and realized it has four claws instead of the usual two. they have named her claudette. one of the biologists who works
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never seen anything like this. they're going to hand her over in the hopes of breeding her. a suspect robs at least nine banks in prince george's and montgomery county and almost gets away with it. you won't believe how police caught the guy. plus, how a spelling mistake
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"first at 4," he was caught after police say he hit four banks one after another. >> well, now investigators say this serial bank robber stuck up at least nine banks since september. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins joins us live from one of the banks he hit in that county. >> reporter: yeah, this is a really strange case. just yesterday they say that this man hit four banks, three of them in montgomery county just 15 minutes and did he all three of these banks. what's really unusual is how he was caught. according to prince george's county police, 45-year-old leroy earl-morris daley is the man seen in these pictures robbing banks. police say he's responsible for robbing nine banks in prince george's and montgomery counties. four of those robberies happened within just minutes of each other.
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toyota. so what happened between him and one of the detectives looking for him sounds more like a scene out of a movie than reality. it unfolded at the woodmore town center, just a few hours after his last robbery. >> came over here for lunched a noodles and company. an finishing lunch i walked out to my cruiser and parked right next t my cruiser was the suspect vehicle. i thought there's no way it's going to be this easy to close this big bank robbery string, but it absolutely was. >> reporter: yeah, the detectives who were investigating him go for lunch, come out from lunch, and then find the suspect's vehicle parked next to the police officer's unmarked car. coming up on news4 at 5:00, we will explain what happened next. reporting live in new carrollton, i'm tracee wilkins. >> great story. thanks. a vigil tonight for one of the women murdered in prince george's county this week. loved ones are meeting at
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remember jalisa wallrs. she worked at the restaurant. police believe jones' ex-boyfriend killed them. he was found dead of an apparent suicide just hours later. d.c. police are still calling it -- not calling it a homicide, but we now know the former aide of russian president vladimir putin did die of blunt force injuries to his head. the medical examiner says mikhail lessen had similar injuries on his neck and body. this comes nearly four months after he was found dead inside a dupont circle hotel. last november the russian-funded media company rt reported he died of a heart attack. d.c. police say this investigation is still active. a developing story now. an emergency declaration in parts of louisiana. this after days of rain and flooding. it just won't stop. as nbc's
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the coast guard has been rescuing people stranded on the roof of their homes. >> reporter: the rescues don't stop. life-threatening conditions jen where from memphis to mississippi. for residents of this flood-ravaged region, it's likely to be days before they're allowed back to see how much damage was done. >> last time it was over two weeks. it's probably going to be longer than two weeks. >> reporter: some who decided to ride it out now admit they put themselves in serious danger. >> the water just come so quick. it just -- people don't understand that. i learned a lesson. >> reporter: this is the work of the national guard. they're doing wellness checks in these neighborhoods to make sure people who decided to stay are safe. national guard trucks are the only way out for flooded neighborhoods like this. each time a truck rolls through, stranded residents beg for a ride out. >> you're going to have to wait a little while
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miles and it all looks like this. >> devastating. nothing you can do. just keep going. >> reporter: tens of millions lost. >> i have two refrigerators in here floating around in my kitchen. >> reporter: and then the possessions for which there is no price tag. >> it's my grandfather's bible, my mother's father's bible. it just means a lot to our family. >> in some places the water is recreedieding but there is more in the forecast. i'm melissa molette with your first 4 traffic. we'll take a look at the fun part of things. as far as metro goes for the rock 'n' roll marathon this weekend, red line opening early for all the runners at 5:00 a.m. on saturday. now, road closures will be in effect all over the place, and
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senged. those closures mean we have metrobus delay that is will be happening on saturday. now, the race ends at rfk stadium. when you are heed that way, you're going to want to use to the start line and remember daylight saving time saturday night into sunday means metro closes at 3:00 a.m. it really still closes at 2:00 but your watch may look like it is 3:00 a.m. start line for the race, constitution avenue at 14th street. it starts at 7:30. now, as far as closures, there are a lot of them. here are some, constitution avenue, memorial bridge, and rock creek parkway will be closed for the first leg of the race. as far as alternates, here is something to think about, key bridge and whitehurst freeway toward k street open and m street will be open. other roads will be open. those are some of the main routes. we'll have all of this on our nbc washington app and i'll see you next week for news4 today. >>
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bigger if not for a typo. hackers breached security at bangladesh bank and started transferring millions to various candidates in the philippines but one account had a misspelling in the name and that stopped the transaction. that's when officials discovered what was going on. thieves still managed to get away with about 80 million bucks, one of the largest known bank thefts in history. sewage backup in the same local homes for decades. homeowners looking for a permanent fix and they came to news4 to get some answers. a few more clouds today but a lot more clouds this weekend. a chance of showers too. i'll break it down for you.
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advisor and team who understand where you come from. we didn't really have anything, you know. but, we made do. vo: know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. al, how you doing.
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vo: know that together you can establish a meaningful legacy. with the guidance and support of your dedicated pnc wealth management team. and now your storm team4 forecast. >> just another beautiful day across the area. yesterday a high of 79 beating the old record set back in 2006 of 78 degrees, so we set a record yesterday. today not close to the record but still 73 degrees looking pretty good. winds out of the north at 13 miles per hour here. northerly component to the wind helping to keep things a little cooler than it was yesterday but still a beautiful afternoon. 72 in leesburg right now. 73 fredericksburg. winchester coming in at 68. now, the only cool spot, right along the water at 59 degrees, and if you're thinking about, ,
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s. it will be much cooler on the water. no rain across the region right now and really we're looking at a pretty nice afternoon, a very nice evening too. if you're going to be out and about tonight, no problem at all. we don't have much in the way of rain until you get down to the south. right now it's just cloud cover courtesy of the system down to the south. you can soo he ee it spinning d towards south texas and it's just pumping in moisture and rain off of the gulf of mexico day after day of rain. we've seen upwards of one to two feet of rain, and that's why we've seen so many problems, especially in towards louisiana, arkansas, now into mississippi, parts of mississippi picking up over a foot of rain. so that rain is going to continue for them and eventually we're going to start to see some of that make its way our way overnight tonight and into the day tomorrow. we're not expecting a lot of rain tomorrow so don't cancel any plans but maybe a good idea to keep the umbrella handy. 6:00 a.m., no worries but
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11:00. notice the cloud cover coming in. we will see a lot of clouds tomorrow but notice too the showers. here is a shower here, here is a shower here. it's not going to be everywhere, most of us will remain on the dry side. around 6:00 we have this shower coming through downtown right at 6:00. now, again, that could be down here, could be up to the north, but just goes to show you keep the umbrella handy just in case. even more so on sunday. that's the better chance for showers areawide and you see what's happening here at 11:00. more shower activity and by 2:00 just about everybody in on the showers. we will see showers this weekend. not a washout of a weekend. actually really not a bad weekend for this time of year but it will be a little bit cooler and we will see those showers. 62 for a high on saturday. set the clock forward one hour on saturday night into sunday. sunday the sun goes down around 7:15. you won't see it with all the cloud cover. 61 degrees and then climbing. more shower activity on monday. high of 65. tuesday coming in with a high of 67
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well, it was sure the tamest debate we've seen among the gop candidates. >> yes, and today the candidates are fanning out across the u.s. wooing voters in the five states where contests will be held on tuesday. and donald trump's latest high-profile endorsement. and she won the hearts of the first couple and the country with her excitement and her moves.
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donald trump's campaign got a big boost today. he got an endorsement today. however, his rivals are joining forces to try to stop him before tuesday's primary showdown. news4's brian mooar has our story. >> reporter: ben carson quit the presidential race for lack of support, but today he's getting behind donald trump. >> it's not about mr. trump. it's about america. >> reporter: carson is just the latest political star realigning ahead of next week's big prim y primari primaries. ted cruz now backed by carly fiorina is trying to consolidate the stop trump vote. >> join our team, we welcome you. come on in, the water is fine. >> marco rubio is in danger of sinking next week. >> in florida i'm the only one that beat donald trump. >> reporter: but in ohio rubio is suggesting supporters should help john kasich beat trump. the
4:31 pm
debate last night -- >> unify, be smart and unify. >> reporter: was a stark contrast to this today. >> our country has to toughen up, folks. >> reporter: he complained st. louis police were too gentle in ejecting protesters. outside the event. >> get the hell out of america! >> reporter: a few trump supporters nearly came to blows with demonstrators. the democrats are focused on a very different kind of violence. >> unarmed african-americans being killed by police officers. >> she's been fighting for a long time. >> reporter: bernie sanders and hillary clinton reaching out to african-american voters in states where tamir rice and trayvon martin aren't just names, they're movements. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. >> a show of force by the u.s. and south korean military. the two allies conducting a joint military exercise this week. every other year these countries have these drills. t.s
4:32 pm
korean navy corps teaming up. this year the drills come amid heightened tensions with north korea. that rogue nation didn't like the exercises calling them, quote, nuclear war moves. north korea also threatened to respond. the faa is now investigating a close call involving a small plane. the pilot of this cessna had to make an emergency landing on the beach in long island this morning. it's still not clear what went wrong. this is the second small plane mishap in long island this week. video of the aircraft's parachute landing went viral several days ago. she's the d.c. woman that danced her way into many of our hearts when she met the president and broke out her dancing shoes. >> and she did it again today. >> in time rather than celebrating her chance to meet the first black president, she was celebrating her 107th birthday. 107. folks, that's 107. virginia mclaurin and 300 o
4:33 pm
friends gathered at thearc in sooeps d.c. bob's discount furniture gave her furniture to make her more comfortable in her northwest apartment. >> love it. >> her tie in with the school and kids, it goes right up our a ali. you can't help a better person than grandma virginia. being here is an amazing honor for all of us. >> mclaurin has worked as a housekeeper, a nanny, and a seamstress. she now volunteers at an area school where she works with young children, and how lucky are they? wow. >> what an inspiration she is. >> even the white house senter a gift, a presidential medal of honor for her years of volunteer service. >> molette green will have more on news4 at 5:00. in news 4 your health now, get ready to lose a little sleep this weekend.
4:34 pm
before you go to bed tomorrow, you want to remember to turn your clocks ahead one hour. we'll gain an hour of evening light but we'll also lose an hour of shut eye. while that may not seem like a big deal, health experts say lack of sleep over the long term can affect your immune system making you more susceptible to infections, heart disease, diabetes, even cancer. >> the sleep system that has evolved over these millennia is very complicated, and so we need to sort of appreciate it, step back a little bit, and let's pay attention to our bodies and make sure sleep is a big part of our health. >> daylight saving time is a good time to remember to change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. daylight saving time actually begins at 2:00 on sunday morning. metro says this always seems to catch riders by surprise. when the clocks are moved ahead, it becomes 3:00 a.m. and that is when the metro system closes. so, yes, service will end one
4:35 pm
metro says the last trains of the evening will move through the stations between 1:00 a.m. and 2:00 a.m. and right now as we look to the weekend forecast, cooler air will move in as well as plenty of clouds and some rain. i'll have the latest timing on what you can expect
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live right now a lot of people keeping an eagle live on this live camera at the naal
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eggs are due to hatch. if you want to check in live again later, search eagle in the nbc washington app. >> chik-fil-a has officially joined the cage-free egg movement. the fast food restaurant says it is starting to make the switch and all chik-fil-as will serve only cage-free eggs by 2026. this falls in line with the company's promise to serve antibiotic-free chicken by 2019. a growing list of fast food restaurants have pledged to serve only cage-free eggs. how do you explain cancer to young children? an author and illustrator are teaming up to tackle that issue. kayla strayer shows us the new book designed to answer some tough questions your kids might have about cancer. >> reporter: mixing together bright colors, painting for a good cause. greg justice is partnering with je
4:39 pm
books designed to explain cancer. >> whatever i can do to help jean out, i'm all aboard with it. >> reporter: jean started the nonprofit cancer connection in 2008 after dealing with her husband's cancer diagnosis. she says she wishes her family had more support and information through their battle. >> it's very personal, yes. it's something that i felt led to do and with what i had to learn the hard way when my family went through it, i felt that i was equipped to be able to help people -- other people going through it with what i had to learn. >> reporter: the books are titled someone i know have cancer, do you know someone who has cancer, and when someone you know has cancer. they cater to children of all ages. breaking down complicated and emotional topics in a way that kids can understand. jean says her inspiration came from her three daughters. >> instead of them coming up with what they think that it ig
4:40 pm
them and allow them to understand it and ask questions, give them the opportunity to ask questions so they aren't afraid of the unknown because now they understand. a northern virginia middle school has a robotics team and they just won a chance to compete at the nationals. but they need some help getting there. >> the five-student team from bull run middle school designed and built their robot from scratch. it picks up balls from the floor and then shoots those balls into nets. trial and error led to the final design. >> well, we're very small and fast, which is an advantage and a disadvantage. we can move around and get the bonus balls which are double points, but we're also easier to push around, which is dirty play. >> so the student team is called the ducklings, and they have a go fund me page. search ducklings on tbc
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fed up with cleaning up sewage backups over and over again into the same local homes. homeowners contacted news4 so now our consumer reporter susan hogan is investigating. political and hollywood heavyweights from past and present gather today for an invitation-only funeral for nancy reagan. we g
4:43 pm
4:44 pm
sewage is not supposed to flood your basement, but that is what is happening over and over and over in one community in maryland, and homeowners have been forced to clean it up for years. now they've called our consumer reporter susan hogan for help. >> here is the deal. washington sue sur ban sanitary commission doesn't deny this happens and even pays for the costly cleanup. it blames miles and miles of aging sewer pipes, but customers don't want to live like this anymore, and the video you are about to see doesn't lie. >> reporter: take a look at this. disgusting, smelly raw sewage overflowing out of the to you lit, shower, and sink drains into jean white's home, into connie's home, and every single one of these homeowners too, and they're sick of it. >> it's really gross. it comes out of the toilet. >> every time we get a
4:45 pm
down there. >> reporter: when heavy rain hits, these homeowners say wssc told them not to run water or flush the toilet because that's when they experience the messy backup. >> i had company from germany. i had to take them to mcdonald's to use the bathroom. >> reporter: wssc says there's a history of problems in certain areas of montgomery and prince george's counties. 5500 miles of an aging sewer system is the main culprit. the problem wssc says old pipes may have cracks and holes that allows rain water to leak in. they're saying extensive maintenance done to prevent sewage backups, it hasn't worked for everyone. according to wssc, since 2013 it's had more than 2300 sewage related claims totally nearly $6 million. >> they said to me, it's cheaper to pay you your
4:46 pm
is to fix millions of dollars worth of damage. >> reporter: jean says shea filed close to 20 claims with wssc over the years. connie, ten claims. christa says she's lost count. so check this out while we're doing this story in this neighborhood, a wssc truck just happens to be here and they're checking the sewer lines and also going door to door talking to all the residents here. maybe a sign of progress. >> there's a history of problems in that area. we're aware of it. >> reporter: just this week wssc confirmed with news4 they are in the process of replacing aging sewer pipes, including this neighborhood. >> so there's some new pipe in the ground now. the rest of it is going in as we speak and by the end of september all the customers should be on the new pipes. >> reporter: so after decades of being on edge with every rainstorm, keeping handbags and fans nearby, these homeowners are hopeful their years of living with raw sewage are over. wssc tells us t
4:47 pm
it has budgeted more than $200 million for sewer replacement and rehabilitation work in montgomery and prince george's counties. susan hogan, news4. right now about 1,000 dignitaries, hollywood celebrities, and guests of honor paid their respects to former first lady nancy reagan. >> you saw it live right here on nbc 4. former president and four first ladies were among those saying good-bye. nbc's jinah kim joins us from the reagan presidential library with more on today's ceremony. >> reporter: good afternoon from the reagan library in simi valley. it is wet and cold here and just in time too, because the funeral is all but over now. a few more people paying their final respects to nancy reagan, but the majority of the first ladies, the former presidents, the dignitaries have moved out as of about a half hour ago. you know, everyone paying tribute to nancy reagan today kept referring back to two
4:48 pm
and, two, her unique love with her husband. >> i am the resurrection and the life said the lord. >> reporter: under a gray sky threatening rain, nancy reagan made her final journey surrounded by her closest family and friends, those who knew her best from the many roles that defined her legacy, from hollywood to washington, and perhaps the most important roles of all, mother and wife. >> there was a circle of their own private world, as clear as if it had been traced around them. indestructible, impenetrable, an island for two. >> most importantly, she will once again lay down beside the man who was the love of her life, the one she loved until the end of her days. ♪ >> reporter: spokespersons at the ronald reagan presidential library in simi valley said mrs. reagan herself planned the details of her funeral, who to invite, what music would be played, who would speak.
4:49 pm
♪ amazing grace >> the service was full of hymns, bible readings, and loving tributes. >> we gather here today to say good-bye to nancy davis reagan, a beautiful, smart, and gracious woman. >> reporter: all of the living first ladies were in attendance today with the exception of 90-year-old barbara bush who was represented by her son and daughter-in-law. reagan was 94 when she died sunday of congestive heart failure at her home in bel air. she told her daughter before dying that she looked forward to being with her ronnie again. she will now be laid to rest next to the love of her life in their final resting place. james baker went so far as to say during his tribute today that without nancy, ronald reagan would in the have become the 40th president of the united states. live in simi valley, california, jinah kim. back to you. president obama sent first lady michelle obama to the funeral because he's the keot
4:50 pm
speaker at the south by southwest music festival in austin, texas. you're looking at live pictures of the president speaking right now. to learn more about what d.c. is doing to bring businesses back to our region, open up our app and search sxsw. and now your storm team4 forecast. >> it turned out to be a gorgeous day with temperatures warming into the low to even mid-70s. as we head on into the weekend, the weather is going to be okay. we'll have plenty of clouds and some rain in the forecast, especially on sunday, and because of that saturday looking to be the better of the two weekend days if there's something you want to get done outside. plan to do it tomorrow. temperatures though do stay above normal this weekend. normal now in the mid-50s. this weekend we'll track temperatures in the low 60s for highs. tomorrow the wlp havieather hav pret low impact on your day. we'll start off with a little sunshine but the clouds quickly move in and by the late afternoon and
4:51 pm
there's the chance of a light shower, so have that small umbrella handy. currently temperatures for the most part still in the 70s. 73 in the district. 70 in leesburg, and 68 back in winchester. if you are heading out this evening, probably want to grab a light jacket or a sweatshirt, especially if you're going to be going out towards 8:00, 9:00 p.m. right now we're at 73. by 7:00 we're around 60 degrees. 9:00 p.m. temperatures in the mid-50s and 11:00 it's chilly with a temperature of 54. maybe you have been opening your windows the last few days. might get a little too chilly out there tonight. of course, tomorrow morning is the rock 'n' roll marathon. kicking off at 7:00 a.m., it will be cool with temperature around 47, but overall nice weather for running. 9:00 a.m. a temperature of 54. by noon temperatures in the upper 50s. highs tomorrow will warm into the upper 50s and low 60s. a high in the district of 62. annapolis warms to 59 and again there is that chance of a
4:52 pm
better chance though of rain on sunday. in fact, you will be dealing with rain for sure on sunday, and here is the latest timing. earlier we were thinking it might hold off until the afternoon or evening. here future weather at 8:00 a.m. already bringing in light showers. we'll continue to track a few waves of rain. otherwise it's a cloudy day. the steadiest rain is sunday night into early monday morning commute. probably want to hold off on getting the car washed. outdoor exercise not too bad this weekend. monday we're in the mid-60s. we'll keep tuesday dry. a high temperature near 70. the chance of a late-day shower on webs bdnesday but before tha looking high. nice with a high of 74 degrees. we are working several developing story. the i-team uncovering new details in a story that broke first about a former fairfax high school german teacher accused of misconduct with student a
4:53 pm
the school district responded saying that they notified the parents of those kids who were on the trip about these allegations, but now that story has slightly changed. the i-team just ahead at 5:00 with more on this. metro police are getting new uniforms. they'll soon stand out in the crowd. metro's new general manager says it's part of an effort to improve security. in our next hour we'll take a look at the new uniform and let you know when they will be rolled out across the department. i'm mark segraves outside the french embassy in northwest washington. last week a federal judge ruled that the embassy discriminated against one of its employees a muslim woman, a french citizen born in pakistan. she told the court she was fired for being pregnant and for being a muslim and that her co-workers, employees of the french government, called her a terrorist and wouldn't let her wear her traditional headgear. >> it was a nightmare almost
4:54 pm
>> reporter: coming up on news4, you will meet this woman and you'll hear exactly what she says happened to her and you'll hear what the french government says is their side of the story. a fire department in new hampshire is hurting for one of their own. after police say someone put a political sign on a woman's grave. the outrage as officials try to
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
a developing story in new hampshire tonight where a grieving father and firefighter is trying to track down the person who stuck a political sign right on top of his daughter's gravesite. as katherine underwood reports, police are trying to find that person as well. >> reporter: amanda frances was only 25 years old when she died. it's been 15 years since her dad has given her a hug, but at the very least he has this special spot to visit. >> lieutenant frances goes to the cemetery just about every day. >> peter frances is a lieutenant at the northampton fire department. when he came here to post road cemetery to visit his daughter last friday, he found a political sign stuck in the snow almost right on top of her grave. that sign opposed the construction of a new fire and police complex. >> you know, it's like dealing with it all over again. >> reporter: fire chief michael tully believe a town resident specifically targeted lieutenant
4:58 pm
28-year veteran of the department. >> that's what makes it difficult is he's the typical model employee you wanted in your community taking care of your family. >> reporter: when we showed this photo to nearby residents their reaction was all the same. >> i think that's very disrespectful. >> horrible, despicable. >> as far as i'm concerned an act of pure evil. >> are the sign is being analyzed at the state forensic lab. do you think they should face criminal charges? >> i absolutely do. >> reporter: the new safety complex was voted down tuesday night but the fire chief says right now that's the least of his concerns. >> i don't think it's a positive reflection on what northampton is and the people that live here. >> we're all supposed to be neighbors and this kind of thing makes me sick to my stomach. >> reporter: northampton police have been patrolling the cemetery. they're hoping this community will come together to help solve this crime. if you know anything, police want to hear from you. reporting in north
4:59 pm
katherine underwood, necn. right now -- >> four or five shots in a volley and there was a pause and two or three more shortly after that. >> now at 5:00, a murder mystery in mason neck. a community leader lived for 83 years before being shot in his own backyard. pulling an unconscious driver from a burning car is all in a day's work for the local police. and a former russian presidential aide found dead in a hotel in d.c., turns out he died of blunt force injuries to the head. now there are even more questions swirling around his death. but we begin this friday evening with developments in a secret scandal at fairfax county's langley high school. we reported on a teacher who was investigated, quit his job and was stripped of
5:00 pm
after he supplied them in booze. >> the incident remained unknown in the community until it was uncovered by our news4 i-team. the i-team has been busy uncovering new details and scott macfarlane joins us with the very latest. >> good evening. in response to our story, we found some families of kids on the trip who say they were never told, and now the school district has changed some of its story. chris rademacher quit his job and was stripped of his teacher's license week after returning from the june 2014 trip he organized to germany for langley high school students. after fairfax county schools investigated accusations he, quote, supplied alcohol to the students, encouraged them to drink to the point of intoxication, instructed students to strip naked and drink together and instructed two students to engage in sex acts while he watched and


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