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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 12, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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right now on news 4 today, punches, brawls, and approximately particulars. fights break out at a donald trump rally. violence gets out of control when the event gets called off. the political fight hits the district. battling for delegates as voters head to the polls. which may have an edge. ready to rock? good luck trying to roll. thousands of runners lace up. they will have trouble getting around one of the biggest marathons in our area. >> they may have my tos
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good morning. i'm angie goff. it's so nice out. >> beautiful. i'med am tuesday. showers are moving in. it all depends where you are today. tom kierein back this weekend tracking the storms. ? good morning. our sunrise is looking glorious now. the live view from storm team 4 shower camera showing an omg sunrise. clouds turning a nice pink color there. the sun is coming up in about 10 minutes or so. it will be an hour later by dawn tomorrow as we will spring forward. storm team 4 radar not showing any rain. getting a few scattered sprinkles in southern virginia. these little speck els on the
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sprinkles stretching into the handle handle of west virginia. metro area should stay dry for the morning marathon starting at 7:30. a greater chance of showers moving in. we'll have the hour-by-hour timing on that in just a few minutes. now this morning, a crash on the beltway may slow some of you down on the inner loop near river road. a tractor trailer hit this car just before 5:00 this morning, flipping the car over, sending it into flames there. no one was seriously hurt. drivers can get through the area there. you should be aware of officials on the side of the road still working the scene there. developing right now, two police officers are hurt. at least five people are arrested after mass protests outside a donald trump rally.
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to see anyone get hurt or worse. both trump supporters and protesters packed the pavilion. you can see arguments quickly turned into fist fights and straight up brawls there. the chicago police department said it was ready to go on despite the fact. >> they were taken by surprise when trump decided to postpone the event. here's's trump's take on the violence? we have so much anger in the country. it's anger in the country. it's not directed -- i don't think it's directed at me or anything. it is just is directed at what's been going on for years. and it's on both sides. >> trump's political opponents quick to plame him for all of this. senator ted cruz's campaign actively encouraged violence he said
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insults and dividing people up. john kasich will be on "meet the press" with chuck todd. they'll take strategy and their campaigns ahead of primaries in florida and ohio. it starts here on news 10:30 tomorrow morning. if you are not registered for the d.c. board of elections, it is too late to vote today. download our app to get breaking news alerts to your phones as results come in. we expect another donald trump protest. this one in washington. we do want to mention, it's been planned for quite some time. 9:00 this morning activists will gather near thomas circle, right across from d.c.'s repub
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ballots for the gop nomination. time 6:04. investigators working to figure out who killed an 83-year-old man. his wife called 911 yesterday morning. she thought he had fallen but determined he had been shot. a man is now charged with death in anne arundel county. hogan was arrested friday at the royal inn. paramedics took the little boy to the hospital where he later died of blunt force injuries. he is the boyfriend of the child's mother.
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of interest at a deadly shooting. it showed someone running from the area. that is where ivy smith was found sunday. she was sitting at a bus stop when someone was shooting from a van. it was apparently stolen from a prince george's county church. well, get ready for major road closures today. the rock 'n' roll marathon taking place in the district. you can see it goes through the city and blocked a lot of roads. the end of the route race has changed. it actually moved the finish line from parking lot 7 of to lot three because of all the debris and melting snow that the clouds picked up during the january blizzard. well, one of today's runners is really special. jackie snowden is
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this is her first half marathon. five years ago she had to have heart valve surgery. she is is trying to keep calm as the big race approaches. but she realizes how fortunate she is to be able to run. >> it's bigger than me. i feel this is a godsend. this is something i'm supposed to do to inspire people. >> you can follow jackie at the rash searching for #howard by the race. developing right now, severe flooding and more rain in louisiana. neighborhoods soaked andatch w
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we have a few clouds closing in. storm team 4 radar, you can see the sprinkles are advancing closer to the metro area. we will have the light sprinkles moving in for part of the rock 'n' roll marathon. it is going to be part of our morning all the way through noon time when we had the chance for a few scattered sprinkles. >> thank you, tom. now to a developing story to our south. heavy rain is causing major flooding in louisiana. more rain on the way. six inches in neighboring mississippi. officials say it is too early to give damage assessment ises. >> four people in the hospital after a shooting at a cemetery. canadian police say a future
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they do not think the shooting was random. they are investigating whether there is any connection between the shooters and whether the violence was gang related. two people are hurt after a tire flies off a car and smashes into the windshield of another suv in new york. a 63-year-old man suffered severe head trauma from the impact. the other passenger, a 62-year-old recovering from a shoulder injury. a woman and a 15-month-old baby inside the other car were taken to the hospital. they are expected to be okay. 6:11. airports pack break nicer. it takes longer to get through security. whoa, what a shot. back to the story. we're going to tell you about the major backup and what is you can't predict the market. we're going to tell you about the major backup and what is but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years.
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may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. omg! sunrise under way on this saturday morning. that may be the last we will see of the sun. clouds will be lowering in and producing some sprinkles. i have the timing on that and a weather pattern on the way. that's coming up. thank you, tom. it looks like a painting. >> amazing. >> spectacular. hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets of lima friday night demanding the disqualification of the front-runner in pe's
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demonstrators chanted and carried banners through the streets of the caribbean capital. the front-runner is the daughter of the former president. he is currently in prison for corruption and authorizing death squads. demonstrators say the front runner is linked to a tax revoked scandal, which is illegal in peru. and the apple/fbi fight. president obama says he thinks mobile devices should be built in a way that would allow the government to gain access to personal data. the president said the government would only access a person's information if it was needed to prevent a terrorist attack oren force tax laws >> the d.c. firefighter who handed over his breathing mask to save a woman's life is waking up at
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65-year-old phyllis shared his mask until she could be rescued by other firefighters inside the burning building. he talked about what was going through his mind in those crucial moments. >> i knew she was about to jump. and i looked at her, don't do it. i'll be there in a second. >> and he said he hopes to be back on the job within a week. she is still in the hospital but out of intensive care. >> amazing story there. and that just shows you what these guys do every day, putting it on the line. you don't know when the bell is going to ring, what you're going to have to do. and in a moment like that. >> and i love the quotes. he had he just gave her my air. just a beautiful thing. and she said after they met she could not stop going over what the situation was and how he saved her life. by the way, he has a 6-year-old and he said he is finally glad
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>> take a look at that. that's beautiful. >> and that's real. >> you didn't paint that? >> gorgeous sunrise under way. a view of the potomac relative. live view from the city camera this saturday morning. enjoy it while you can. storm team 4 radar we are getting scattered sprinkles tracking across virginia, coming out of the south and west. storm team 4 radar showing the leading edge right along where 66 hits front royal. 81, a few sprinkles there. they try to get into prince william county. most are hardly reaching the ground. we have the gorgeous sunrise under way from our live tower camera. beautiful pink and purple colors. a very light breeze under this cloudy sky. a cloudy cooler paper. maybe a few midday sprinkles. we'll stay cool and wet into monday. have
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and you'll need long pants. it's going to be turning a bit cooler the next self days. it's rather chilly. we're just in the 40s throughout much of the region. for the rock 'n' roll marathon it will be cloudy and cool. you're going to get your own exercise today. it will be in the 50s by late morning. near 60 degrees during the afternoon. a lot of clouds around. then the storm team four four-day forecast, don't forget to spring forward. turn your clocks forward tonight. showers. up near 60. a passing sprinkle monday. that's the way it looks. >> tom, thank you very much. back out to reagan national
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you might run into long lines at the tsa checkpoint. some people have even missed their flights. it all has to do with staffing levels of the tsa. tom costello has more on how to fix the problem. >> reporter: it's happening at airports nationwide, agonizingly slow, long lines to get through tsa. backups, delays, and mounting frustrations. >> i missed my flight wednesday. two hours i couldn't even get through. >> reporter: same story in chicago and atlanta. >> it's long. >> reporter: dallas and newark. >> come down here. >> reporter: meanwhile, some airports closed check points. the chief on the defensive. >> it's different if you were going to disney world at the peak period of the year, you're gong
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line. >> reporter: 140 million expected to fly this spring alone. volume is up 7% of last year. and passengers are carrying on more to avoid fees and choke pointing areas. it is is at its lowest staffing level for five years. in minneapolis, some improvement but they say it's only a start. >> i don't think we can be satisfied until people feel good about coming to the airport. >> reporter: the advice, get to the airport really early and brace yourself for what could be a very intense summer. tom costello, nbc news, reagan national airport. yeah.
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there for sure. >> definitely not like disneyland. >> you're carrying all of that stuff. >> you don't get the benefit of the sunrise. well, start doing your warmups. washington nationals are looking for a new star to sign the national anthem. >> sing the national anthem. or sign. it works. maybe you can do it. auditions are today in d.c. they announced tryouts earlier this month on social media. the first 50 candidates to sing have been inviting to try out. each of them will have to sing the star spangled banner a cappella in front of judges. a small plane narrowly missing the water. it took long island by surprise. how armed forces are work to go keep the game safe.
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day. i was able to get that he had two on board before he went down. >> close call on the beaches of long island this new york. neither of the two people were hurt. the faa is investigating why it made the emergency landing yesterday morning. #respect your selfie. that is the message behind a special event happening next week. >> koe sponsored by montgomery county schools. how to establish healthy relationships. the event is sunday, march 20th at richard montgomery high school. it's free. registration is under way right now. >> we believe by teaching young people when they are beginning their dating relationships the proper boundaries for tating relationships that will in the long-term reduce domestic violence. >> students in sixth grade through high school are
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encouraged to attend. armed forces are trained to make sure athletes and guests stay safe at the rio games. it is just one of many drills in preparations for the games in august. they have no history of major terror attacks. however, brazilian forces have been training with france and the u.s. just in case. another snag in a deal that could affect your power bill. the peoples council for the district both said they did not supported the revised merger terms yesterday. they could still vote to accept a new deal without approval. they have until april 7th to make that decision. >> the u.s. and south korea hold a joint military drill. sit being described as the biggest ever involving morth
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north korea condemns the annual joint military drills, calling them preparations for an invasion. the joint exercise follows the long range rocket launch. >> 6:27. look outside as the sun starts to come out. you may hit showers. when rain will be headed through your neighborhood. >> one of the most recognizable sky lines in your region. how it could be changing in very big way.
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a fight broke out last night at a donald trump rally. he postponed citing security concerns the districtol
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caucus today. they are split over donald trump and marco rubio. download our washington app to get breaking news as results come in. rock and roll mayor than taking place in the city. the marathon gets under way at 7:30. we have a map i believe online on our nbc washington app. a lot of us are watching for showers that could dampen our weekend plans. i'm angie goff. welcome back. >> i'm adam tuss. welcome back. we have been treated to nice weather this week. storm team 4 tom kierein is here with that answer. >> the gorgeous sunrise didn't last long. the colors are more muted. a live view from storm team 4 tower camera. the clouds are beginning to close in. that's ahead of a few sprinkles showing up. they're here in the northern
6:32 am
shenandoah valley. getting close to winchester. a few sprinkles northern fauquier county. the marathon will stay dry. a light breeze. cloudy, cooler pattern. a small chance of that. a cool wet pattern today all the way into monday. we'll sort all of that out and look at our rain chances in just a few minutes. >> all right. thank you very much, tom. well, the rosslyn skyline is one of the most recognizable of our area. it could be changing in a big way. they prepare to vote on a massive new project today. here's what it means for your commute. >> rosslyn is growing. and it's likely about to grow some more. an almost forgotten section of rosslyn dripping with worn out concrete and confusing side streets is a target
6:33 am
huge new project. it sits directly across from roosevelt island. the plan calls for seven buildings on this side is of rosslyn to go away. in their place, five new buildings would go up. they would have one spectacular view of downtown d.c. >> 2 million square feet of space. it wouldn't all be done at once. but looking at a park. right now it is hard to walk. people get lost. people get confused. we will break that up and have open spaces for people. >> i think it is really needed. there is no place to go. >> traffic will get much worse in already crowded rosslyn and metro won't be able to pick up the new slack of residents. >> i'm okay with the way it is. >> you don't want to see anymore
6:34 am
is. >> arlington planning improved sidewalks, bike connections. others worry their million dollar views will be blocked by new buildings. if buildings go too high, flight paths may have to be altered. at least for right now rosslyn seems poised to rise. >> the council finally voted to demolish 15 units in parker gray neighborhood. it makes room for 63 affordable new housing units. the demolition won't happen until they approve a still underdevelopment proposal for exactly what will replace it. >> tonight people will remember, come together and remember two youngsters killed this week by a man who police believe was one of their ex-boyfriends.
6:35 am
they found 22-year-old felicia tara dead in cheverly. you will find the go fund me page on our nbc washington app. it's been two decades since virginia tech student went missing. police think remains near a bridge in fayetteville belong to missing grad student robert kovac. he disappeared in 1998 while on his way to a game in morgantown. his brother said the remains found yesterday are headed to the smithsonian institute for positive i.d. we should know the results next week. 6:35. now to virginia politics.
6:36 am
credit extension arguably as a way to stick it to republican lawmakers. the "washington post" reports earlier in the democratic governor told republican lawmakers he would sign off on the extension if the they stopped fighting the recess appointment of a former judge to the state court. lawmakers will reconvene next month. the general assembly that would allow the state to execute condemned inmates in the electric chair when they can't find lethal injection drugs. it had previously been approved by both chambers. the governor has not indicated whether he will sign it into law. how long has this happened to you? you have to run to catch the car because you're on the wrong part
6:37 am
a new solution to help drives during the wait. you may think it saves your iphone battery. the myth apple is now clearing
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good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. you might need an umbrella west of the metro area you can see there are a few scattered sprinkles. the few specs of just to the west of the metro area, loudoun county, winchester, martinsburg the next 20 minutes or so. thank you, tom. well, winter is definitely not over all of us yet. take a look at the mess on the roads near the see is air ra mountain range in northern california.
6:40 am
if you think closing apps to try to save is the battery, you can stop now. a top app official says shutting down your apps will not save your battery life. the e-mail to the ceo tim cook asked whether it was helpful to save the battery to close apps when you have a bunch of them opening. the chief responded by saying is no. >> all right, then. >> how to you save the battery? >> don't text or send pictures or all that other stuff. >> yeah. >> it is 6:40. it was beautiful. it's still pretty. the clouds are definitely moving in. we are expecting showers across our area soon. the question is whether you need to pack an umbrella before you head out. rules for drunk drivers in
6:41 am
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congress voted to label genetically engineered salmon; why not other foods? gmo crops are doused with heavy doses of herbicides the world health organization says probably cause cancer. isn't that reason enough to label? 64 other countries label gmos. why don't american shoppers have the same information? instead, congress might permanently block our right to know. we deserve clear, on-package labeling. tell senators kaine and warner to stop the dark act.
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right now a few clouds passing over the metro area. a very light breeze. there is union station. might need it a little bit later. >> thank you, tom. the "today" show is coming up next right here on
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working on. >> erica hill and craig melvin join us live from new york city. good morning. >> nice to see you all. ahead here on a saturday morning on "today", chaos and violence on the campaign trail erupting at a donald trump rally. >> also ahead this morning, the latest on a scandal walking the wounded warrior project. two top executives are fired. plus, the must see event of the week. south by southwest, the annual event. the president and many celebrities making their way to austin this year. just what will be the hot new thing coming out of it? we have a preview. >> and the beautiful shot of union station there. the sun is already out. time to spring ahead. daylight saving time is upon us. th
6:45 am
from losing all that sleep. much more when we get started on a saturday morning right here on today. >> definitely news all of us could use. >> going to be a sleepy morning tomorrow morning. >> coffee, coffee, coffee. >> no, we're cutting back on coffee. that's part of the tip. >> we're not cutting back on coffee. we want to ratchet it up. >> the shortest weekend of the year. we lose an hour when we spring forward. we'll get our sunsets. looking at the storm team 4 radar, a few scattered sprinkles. little specks of green. getting closer to the metro area. it's right along 66 from the beltway from haymarket, shenandoah valley. most of these sprinkles passing west of washington. a few along 95 from near
6:46 am
you'll need a light jacket today and the umbrella ready. long pants. the last few days everybody was comfortable in shorts. it is chilly now. in the 40 from the mountains to the bay. reagan national at 51 degrees. get outside. if you're not running the marathon, should be a good day. temperatures reaching the low 60s between 2:00 and 4:00. and then storm team 4 four-day forecast. after we spring forward, low 50s by dawn. greater chance of showers tomorrow. occasional showers during the day sunday with a high around 60. smaller chance monday. maybe a little drizzle and fog. sun back after a few showers on tuesday. highs mid-70s. upper 70s wednesday. cooler towards the end of the week. >> tom? a final vote is scheduled for a bill that would
6:47 am
the penalties for drunk drivers in maryland. the house gave a little bthe pr. new developments in a secret scandal. the i team first reported on a teacher at langley high school who quit his job amid allegations of misconduct with students overseas. the teacher is also accused of disappearing with nearly $18,000 of parents's money. scott macfarlane has the details. >> reporter: it has already cost him his teaching license. public schools investigated he supplied alcohol to the students, encouraged them to drink to the point of
6:48 am
strip naked and two to engage in sex acts while he watched and participated. he resigned before he could depart on a 2015 trip back to germany with a dozen other langley students. parents say he kept the money he had collected from families for that summer of 2015 trip, including $1,000 from richard disalva. >> although people have listened to us, they haven't taken any action. >> it's been a long, long process. lots of e-mails going out. very few e-mails going in. >> you can't find this guy. >> cannot find him at all. >> friendship connection said they have been trying to track him d t
6:49 am
about $18,000. he wanted unique control of student money. they say he was the only teacher whose parents requested deposits far in advance. they set up an official llc. found it. closed now. the listed address is this home that he once owned. wednesday night fairfax county schools said they notified the parents on the kids on the 2014 trip. we found families who told us they weren't notified. now the school district changed its statement to say only parents of victims were notified. visit nbc washington app to see more of the school's response changes are coming to help prevent sex assaults particularly on college campuses. virginia general
6:50 am
they will train police on sexual assault investigation ises and improve the handling of physical evidence in those investigations. the changes are personal for jill harrington, whose son morgan was killed in one of two high profile cases. >> if they had been in place in 2009, morgan and hannah would be alive. those two lives would have been saved. >> earlier this month, jessie matthew jr. pleaded guilty to killing morgan harrington and hannah graham. he will spend the rest of his life in prison. legislation this week allowing people with protective orders to carry a gun for 45 days and expediting their license applications. the governor opposes the legislation saying he wants to
6:51 am
in-person safety training course and certification from a judge before being allowed to carry a weapon. 6:51. some metrobuses will get a bit of a makeover. as early as next week they will feature budweiser ads. budweiser signed a contract to put bud eyeser on the side of buses. metro continues to look for new ways to raise revenue outside of the fare box. about where should you stand on the metro platform if you want to catch the train? sounds a lot simpler than it really is. metro is trying to make it easier to figure out. the transit system has installed yellow and black details at four main connector stations to mark the end of the train. in 2009, all trains stop at the head of the platform instead of the middle. an eight car train fills the entire platform. the six card leav
6:52 am
some of you have to go running for the train. metro police officers will soon look a little bit brighter. starting this summer, most officers will be wearing these. those bright yellow uniforms. the police outfits will have reflective trim. metro's general manager came up with that idea. right now metro police wear dark blue, often making them hard to find when they are in the dark or also in a big crowd. time right now is 6:52. 4 things you need to know this saturday morning. two police officers are hurt after clashes at a donald trump rally get under way. the front-runner postponed his event because of security concerns there. >> the district holds its republican caucus today. 19 delegates up for grabs. republicans in d.c. are split over donald trump and senator marco rubio. download our app to get breaking news alerts as the results come
6:53 am
in. arlington county board voting in rosslyn today. if it passes, many are worried about traffic badly impacting that area. >> major road closures for the rock 'n' roll marathon. the race actually starts in just 30 minutes. well, he just set is a u.s. record in space. scott kelly has a new idea in mind for his
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>> at the buzzer -- oh, my goodness. >> oh, yeah, looks good. but sorry. the buzzer had gone off before he let the shot go. west virginia had the lead against oklahoma. now oklahoma inbounds. beats the buzzer. it's good. they think they won. after the replay, it turns out that the buzzer had already gone off. west virginia wins 69-67.
6:57 am
start putting together your green outfit. >> st. patrick's day this coming thursday. today the city of gaithersburg will host a parade starting at 10:00 at the rfk stadium grounds. it stretches until 1:00 in the afternoon. performances from nearly 30 bands and six separate stages. >> watch for sprinkles today possibly. >> right. need an umbrella. another couple of hours. after that, clouds in the check mcdonald's mcpick 2 menu! try a flaky filet-o-fish made with sustainably sourced fish, a big mac made with 100% beef, chicken mcnuggets made with white meat, or a quarter pounder with cheese seared on the grill. pick any 2 for $5 bucks. ♪ bada ba ba ba
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i'll see you at home.
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made with a fresh cracked egg and real butter. only at mcdonald's. i'm lovin it. good morning. chaos and clashes. violence breaks out at the donald trump rally in chicago after a last minute cancellation. protesters and supporters taking their fight into the streets and the candidate said he made the right move. >> i don't want to see anybody get hurt. >> chicago police making it clear he didn't have to cancel. his opponents weighing in. >> there is one candidate with violence. >> will tempers flare today? under water. days of endless rain sending water racing into neighborhoods. >> we got these people t


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