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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  March 22, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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and we can go to alice ter jamison. we've heard unconfirmed reports, french media saying that there are possibly these subway station explosions. do you have any information on that? >> reporter: yes, we are seeing pictures from central brussels showing what appears to be smoke coming from buildings close to subway stations in central brussels. but at the moment, we simply don't know what is causing those or indeed what is going on there. authorities themselves unable to confirm that. but that is what french media reporting, several explosions this central brussels close to subway stations. and as kelly was mentioning, the belgian foreign minister did say after the arrest of salah abdeslam the other day that there was evidence from the cell in which he was believed to be hiding with was
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that was their expression. and possibly that may have included what turns out to be the attack today. don't to get a large amount of weapons were found at the scene of those raids. kalashnikovs and ammunition, as well. so clearly they were prepared to mount an attack that could take place across several areas. no indication that the attack on brussels airport involved any kind of warning or indeed whether it was coordinated. it took place shortly after 8:00 local time, that's about 3:00 eastern. the unsecureded zone, people walking from the curb and it
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took close to departure area four, used by a number of international carriers including american airlines. and it caused widespread devastation. witness pictures show shattered glass, parts of the ceiling having fallen down, many bloodied, wounded people being carried out of that area. today pre-all over the road. and there was video of hundreds of passengers, thousands in fact running from the terminal building out through the parking lots into surrounding area. what we're now seeing is all those people coming off planes arriving there other places unable to enter the terminal, so they're evacuated on to the tarmac and that's where they're being kept until authorities can secure the area. now it seems like as authorities are increasing the terror alert at airports throughout belgium and the region, that there may have been these other explosions in central brussels. but we still don't have
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moment. what it will do is increase concerns there governments not only in western europe, but also the united states that terror cells are prepared to mount these kind of attacks in crowded areas that are not secured. the pre-departure area before you go he into an airport, you're just walking from the curb. and airports in europe and the united states generally do not have the kind of pre-terminal security that you had expect to find in the middle east. >> so you'you've been listening nbc special report as we've been learning about the explosion at the brussels report. may be several dead and many more injured. >> kelly cobiella saying belgian media there were two reports. the airport saying to not come this way, telling passengers do no
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canceled. everything has been grupded. the maximum level, they have heightened security there in belgium. and now getting reports of another explosion near the eu building at a metro station. >> actually all the metro stations in brussels have been closed. we know there was a report of smoke coming there one station indicated near the eu building or eu facilities there. kristen wright is digging into this and we'll check back in with her as soon as we have more information. it's 4:34. we have clear skies, but it's still chilly. >> it is feeling wintry cold. we have a bright moon. no rain anywhere in the vicinity. all clear, but temperatures in the 20s to near 30 shenandoah valley all the way to the bay. a bit warmer right on the waters in annapolis. reagan national at 37. but nearby suburbs, prince george's county,
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30 degrees. dry pavement this morning. cold morning, your weather headlines for this tuesday, a milder afternoon and then a warmer pattern is on the way. melissa, we have construction this morning? >> do have road work hanging around. a couple pieces to tell you about right now. inner loop at university boulevard, have the right lane blocked by that work zone and then will take a look along 66, 66 east bound at 29/centreville, two lanes getting by the work zone. 270 at father hurley boulevard, don't have any big worries there. we'll take a live look at 95 in virginia coming up. it's 4:35. making your metro ride to work safer. right now the federal transit administration is conducting what it is calling a safety blitz. this comes less than a week after an unprecedented safety shutdown of the entire mro
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track integrity, which was the rope for last week's shutdown, rest significa red signal overruns and rail vehicle securement. there are several instances where vehicles have rolled away. riders seem to be welcoming the government scrutiny. >> i don't like catching metro, but now that i see that they're trying to get better or trying to improve the metrorail system, it's kind of making me feel at ease with metro. >> the final report is expected by early summer and mainly to the fta issuing new safety tregt differences. new case laters are coming to the columbia heights skags. the entrance on the northeast corner of irving streets northwest will close for nine months. riders can still enter on the southwest side. this is the final phase of the escalator replacement project at that station.
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of the seven escalators. development in the privacy battle between the fbi and apple, the fbi saying the federal agents may have a way to access a terrorist locked iphone without the help of the company. and today's federal court hearing was canceled. the justice department believes farook used the phone right up until he and his wife went on a shooting spree in san bernardino and they think it may show contacts with terrorist organizations overseas. fbi agents must provide an update on the case by april 5. flames overtoo a home in damascus after smoke materials were not put out properly. montgomery county fire tweeting out this photo. our chopper 4 got a bird's eye view of primary rose court and the house there after the fire was put under control. three people were able to
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today is president obama's final day in cuba. and he will address the people of the island nation in a televised speech. he will also spend some time with dissidents and others to hear their concerns. later today he will watch a baseball game got cuban national team and tampa bay rays with raul castro. and then they will head to argentina. the kids might be begging you to wear shorts to the bus stop thomorrow, but today is a different story. tom kierein will be back. >> and a heads up for anyone traveling in or out of reagan national airport. the strike that could impact your travel plans. and we continue to follow the breaking news in belgium where the terror level is highest. we've learned one person is dead. we'll monitor this for you.
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a virginia state trooper is off the job this morning charged with animal cruelty. police say christopher campbell shot and killed a pit bull on march 8. it happened along runyon court just a few blocks away from where campbell lives. investigators have not revealed a possible office for he's been a trooper since 2012. he's on unpaid leave. >> a strike at airports around the country could haven an impact on your easter travel plans. more than 2,000
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employees at reagan national airport are taking part in this strike which begins tonight. it's going to last for 24 hours. workers say they want $15 an hour and the right to organize labor unions. let's check on the forecast this morning. tom kierein is in the storm team 4 "weather center." >> winter does not want to give it up. you need your warm winter coat. and you will need sunglasses. we'll have bright sunshine and then you can shed the coat by later this afternoon. so try pavement this morni dry pavement this morning, lots of sunshine. but you need the heater blasting in the car. and when you're driving home, you can have the windows home. bright sunshine, temperatures in the low 60s. so a 30 degree jump from where we are right now. a look at our next chances for rain coming up at 4:51. melissa, roads looking good? nice and dry here for the moment at least. 95 as
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road, no worries there. prince george's county overall looking quite good in and out of town. again nice and green. inner loop at university, the work zone. and along 66 inbound there at centreville, two right lanes getting by the work zone. staying on top of breaking news out of belgium this morning. an explosion at the airport possibly at other locations in brussels. we're now hearing one confirmed dead, possibly as many as ten dead according to life's morning multitasking for a growing family,
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we're following breaking news at the live desk. a series of explosions at the brussels airport this morning. we know at least one person is dead. it's believed many more are dead. and many are injured. people there heard two loud explosions, this is video outside of the airport. this is the check-in area where the explosions happened. again, two explosions in the check-in area at the brussels airport at 8:00 there time this morning. we've also heard of trouble at brussels subway stations where media is reporting smoke in two subway stations. too soon to say whether this is terrorism related. of course we're staying on top of this. back to you. 4:46. our coverage of decision 2016. we mentioned people in arizona, idaho, utah casting their ballots for the presidential nomination today. tracie potts is on capitol hill to explain what we could see from republican hopefuls and party
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>> reporter: let's start with the republicans. and donald trump, he's leading arizona while ted cruz is leading utah. and both of them focusing on foreign policy. we saw all the candidates except one at the aipac conference here in d.c. the pro israel conference where donald trump said that we have got to be supportive of israel. in the past he's also said we have to see if there is a way to work with the palestinians. and he is taking heat from both sides, including ted cruz, about his positions. cruz said late last night that donald trump's positions change day by day. john kasich also at that conference saying that he doubts that it will be very difficult to get a two state solution until the palestinians recognize israel. now for the testimonies, they have three contests today, also a caucus in idaho. hillary clinton slamming donald trump on the israel comments saying that we need someone with steady hand, not someone who is neutral one day and pro israel the next
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sanders that was not at that conference, but did he give a major policy speech and he's hoping he can win utah today. >> tracie potts on capitol hill for us. thank you. fire investigators now say it was 56-year-old a lad continue mohammad yousef that was killed in the townhouse fire last year. the cause is still under investigation. today the man who calls himself cush god will plead guilty charged with distribution of marijuana. he admitted to sell 2g$,000 of products for an yupd cover officer. he had a fleet of cars labeled cush god where he would happened out anies on the street and ask for cash donations. u.s. park lays say the man who led them into a high speed chase has turned himself
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he sped off reaching speeds reaching 115 miles per hour. he crashed his car at the entrance to 395 and bailed out. while officers searched for him, he allegedly stole a cruiser and took off into d.c. he bailed out again after crashing at the 11th street bridge. overton turned himself in yesterday. tow truck driver accused of stealing things out of the cars that he picked up. arrelington county police say fellow workers at advance towing company saw phillip pierce remove items to his personal car. the employee called police who not only found stolen valuables, but burglary tools, as well. >> unacceptable obviously. something you should be fired informati for. >> that's horrible. >> let alone someone charged with taking care of our cars. >> the towing company out of arlington has a history of complaintab
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towing of cars. so far police have located three victims. they believe there could be more. an unusual day ahead at the supreme out. only seven justices will consider arguments over whether a bankruptcy can be filed. right now it is not an option. if justices decide to extend filing privileges, that would allow puerto rico to restructure its 20 pld of debt. now, the already reduced eight justice court goes down to seven because justice samuel alito and his wife own puerto rican municipal bonds. outrageous, that is what some people are calling a new numbers about diversity in mond montgomery county schools. a new report found 5% of white students were accepted compared to 23% for hispanic students and 19% for black students. district plans to talk about the disparity at upcoming meetings. the report also noted that diversity is an issue at gifted programs across the count n
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4:51 just about. another the story about your children, this time their health and safety. a hearing about a tanning bill, the bill would prevent anyone und under the age of 18 from using tanning facilities. the county health and human services committee will talk about the bill next month. flori at least two black bears have been spotted in virginia. a bear and a cub were seen at a home near wolf trap valley park in vienna on sunday. they stayed on the property for about an hour. if you come close to a bear this spring, police say back off, give it its space, don't try to take a selfie or anything like that. and u can report the sighting, the number is on our nbc washington app. and they also suggest don't put any type of garbage or trash on your deck or porch. bring it
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morning before pickup. let's turn to tom kierein now. one more day of a cold start. >> it's like the relatives who overstayed their welcome. >> get out of here. >> winter just didn't want to give it up. it's cold again this morning. look at our temperature, it's in the 20s to around 30 degrees. but thankfully we don't have any wind. that wind has died down. we have the bright moon with jupiter right next to it. and that is going to be continuing to fade as we get toward sunrise under a clear sky. getting some exercise today, good day to get out, get a run in. we'll be in the upper 40s by 11:00. and then sliding into the mid different by 1:00. by 2:00, near 60. and then maybe briefly low 60s and then back down to around 60 by 6:00 p.m. lots of sunshine through the day. right now storm team 4 radar all clear, don't have any rain, any snow anywhere in the vicinity. trees, though, they have been producing pollen, but they're not as high. the pollen count because of the weekendns
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washed out, but it will start jumping back up again. mostly see dcedar, cypress, jun and elm. you get the itch i ey eyes and watery nose. tomorrow, we'll be well above the average of 58. 72 for a high on wednesday with bright sunshine. thursday, another gormg yus dge afternoon highs in to the mid-70s. parts of virginia may be in the upper 70s on thursday afternoon. then late thursday night into early friday morning, some rain showers. that is our next chance for rain. and then sun back friday afternoon with highs low 60s. here is a look at your weekend storm team 4 seven day outlook. saturday sunshine, mid-60s. and easter sunday, partly cloudy, mid-60s. and then rain moving in late sunday night and into monday with highs in the mid-60s. how are we looking with the construction now? ve
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talk about here this morning. one thing that i haven't mentioned yet, northbound 3rd street tunnel diverted to massachusetts avenue, the long term project because of a work zone. 66 inbound at 29/centreville, right lane getting by the work zone there. really not slowing things too much for you here this morning. inner loop at university, right lane is blocked by that work zone here this morning. taking a live look beltway at branch avenue, inner loop and outer loop, everything slowing just fine. overall not seeing any road work. weather and traffic always on the 1s. 5:01 we'll have a live look at 270. we continue to follow breaking news. an explosion in brussels at the airport. the terror level at its highest right now. one person confirmed dead, many more injured. and now more blasts at a metro station. what we're learning about this unfolding situation when "news 4 today" returns.
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♪ discover every way to easter at target. get a $10 target gift card when you spend $50 on groceries. see store for coupon. glenn:threateningicans: gofederal workers;ns over 60 votes to repeal obamacare. now they're refusing to even consider president obama's nominee for the supreme court. it disrespects the president and all of us -- and we won't put up with it. in congress, i'll protect president obama's legacy,
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and stand up for social security and medicare. i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on republicans - for all of us. 4:57. we're staying on top of the latest breaking news out of belgium where the city of brussels seems to be under attack. we've confirmed two blasts at the brussels airport which has resulted in at least one confirmed death. >> we're also hearing reports of smoke and possible explosion on the city's metro system. right now we're working to get much more information for you this morning. and we will bring you an update
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i know the people there and i won't say that any of them were doing anything too crazy, but i have no idea what they had those for. >> police are investigating explosive materials found in a dorm room at george mason university in fairfax county. a freshman, brendan, watched as police collected evidence from the dorm room opposite his last wednesday. police removed a tool box from the first floor of jefferson hall, it contained multiple match books, lighter fluid, happened sanitizer and candles. they also found a pvc pipe in the room. combined investigation get a the tors think they could be used to manufacture fire bombs or make explosive material.get a the tors think they could be used to manufacture fire bombs or make explosive material. some students says's a it's a sign of the times. >> people do a lot of crazy things. sometimes in the region of being unsafe. but for the most part on campus i feel safe. >> police have not relooel leased the n
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arrested. the water crisis this flint has some wondering if the city's water is safe to take a bath in. epa says it will take more samples and talk with other federal agencies working on the water crisis. it will also share data with an advocacy group called water defense. this organization has been urging people in flint not to bathe in the water. it has done its open testing and claims carcinogens are in the water. >> it's safe to shower and bathe without even doing the testing. especially when you've got a lot of cases of rashes and serious health concerns. >> but until more samples are taken, the epa and state officials say flint's water is safe to take a bath in. breaking news, a series of explosions thin brussels, both the subway lines
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person has been killed in the airport explosions. it happened around 8:00 their time. there is the the inside of the airport you're look at, that is the outside, lots of shattered glass. many injured, as well. we're also hearing of explosions on the subway lines as we said near the european union headquarters. so all of this of course very concerning. brussels has raised its terror alert level to the highest possible. but no word yet, just too soon to say where exactly all of this is coming from. we're staying on top of it here at the live desk. one of the explosions reportedly happened near the american airlines check-in desk at that airport just outside brussels. a spokesperson for american released this statement, we are a ir behalf an incident at the brussels airport departure hall and are taking care of our customers, employees and contractors. at this time all 6 our employees and contractors are accounted for with no reported injuries.


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