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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  March 22, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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person has been killed in the airport explosions. it happened around 8:00 their time. there is the the inside of the airport you're look at, that is the outside, lots of shattered glass. many injured, as well. we're also hearing of explosions on the subway lines as we said near the european union headquarters. so all of this of course very concerning. brussels has raised its terror alert level to the highest possible. but no word yet, just too soon to say where exactly all of this is coming from. we're staying on top of it here at the live desk. one of the explosions reportedly happened near the american airlines check-in desk at that airport just outside brussels. a spokesperson for american released this statement, we are a ir behalf an incident at the brussels airport departure hall and are taking care of our customers, employees and contractors. at this time all 6 our employees and contractors are accounted for with no reported injuries.
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been canceled for today. 5:00 a.m. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm angie goff in for eun yang. please stay with us as we continue to follow develops from that breaking story. meanwhile let's turn our eyes to the weather. tom, you have our headlines. >> a lot of people tweeting me wondering what is that planet next to the big full moon. there is a live picture. that is jupiter right next to the full moon. looking toward the west. and our headlines for this tuesday morning, cold temperatures hovering in the 20s near 30, but milder afternoon. we should make to the low 60s. and then warmer pattern is on the way mid week. right now around the region, no rain, no snow. all dry pavement starting off early this morning. your bus stop draft, that is coming up at 5:11. now a look at construction and any issues on the roads. do have a couple pieces of construction hanging away. big look at the beltway, overall
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that earlier construction tom is talking about just cleared out the way. so that is no longer happening there inner loop near new hampshire avenue. 270 the falls road, rolling along nicely. 66 inbound at 29/centreville, two right lanes getting by that work zone. and then remember 3rd street tunnel northbound diverted at massachusetts avenue because of that work zone. 5:02. making your metro ride to work safer. right now the federal transit administration conducting what it's calling a safety blitz, this comes less than a week after an unprecedented safety shutdown of the entire metrorail system. the fta says it's focusing on three major issues. track integrity, red signal overruns and rail vehicle securement. riders we spoke to welcome the government's scrutiny. >> i don't like catching metro, but now that i see that
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trying to give better or trying to improve the metrorail system, it's kind of making me feel at ease with metro. >> coming up, molette green will explain why the fta is looking at those three specific issues and then the final report-of will or when the final report will be done. new escalatesers are coming to the columbia heights metro station in d.c. next month metro will start installing two new entrance escalators on the east side of the station. the entrance on the northeast corner of 14th and irving will close for nine months. riders can still enter on the southwest side, though. this is the final phase of the escalator replacement project at that station. to date metro has replaced five of the seven station escalators. new developments about the zika virus. it's in a new country right now. south korea's health authority says a man who visited brazil contracted the disease. he made a business trip there and then came back with muscle pains and a fever. he is expected to recover. health officials have
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zika to micromicrocephaly, a di where babies are born with abnormally small heads. also developing, the privacy battle between the fbi and apple. the fbi says federal agents may have a way to access a terrorist's locked iphone without help from the company. those revelations likely contributed to the justice department's decision to cancel today's federal court hearing over access to the phone that was used by iffarook. they think the phone may show contact with terrorist organizations overseas. today is president obama's final day in cuba. and he will address the people of that's land nation in a televised speech. he will also spend time with disowe denwe disowe diptss and community lead
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heads to argentina. from cuba to what is happening today in washington, we are going to take a live look at the city now where d.c. pair muriel bowser will present her state of the district address tonight. we expect the mayor to outliner vision for the city's future and reflect on the successes and failures of this past year. many of you tell us overall you're proud of d.c., but concerned about crime and transportation issues. >> i think metro could maybe use a little work, but they have been closing it down, trying to get everything back to normal. >> mayor bowser is expected to highlight affordable housing programs an investments the city is making in education. her address begins at 5:30 at the creager theater. it is election day for people in arizona, utah and idaho. voters considering two very different kinds of political battles there. among democrats, hillary clinton
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so big senator bernie sanders complaint pa can't pass her. arizona is a winner take all state touchdown i sta state. tracie potts will join us later. and right now we're following breaking news this morning out of brussels. a series of explosions both at the airport and in the city's subway system. one person dead at least. and many injured. meagan fitzgerald just arrived at the belgian embassy here in washington andill have a w
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it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way. they crashed our economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges our families face. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator.
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breaking news out of belgium where the city of brussels is dealing with a major series of explosions. we've confirmed at least two
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which has resulted at this point nbc confirming 20 dead. we know two explosions at the airport check-in area and several reports about explosions at multiple metro stations there in brussels. >> and we're just getting word that eu officials and workers are being told to stay in their offices or to stay at home. and this of course after one of the explosions at a metro station which is briefed to be near an eu building where they say they are seeing smoke pouring out of that building right now. so a devastating scene early this morning, unfolding situation that we're following very closely. >> all flights in to brussels now being diverted. the airport is closed at least for the next 20 hours or so. as they try to get a ham on whatever is going on in belgium. >> all metro stationso
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closed. >> coming up on 11:00 after 5:00. weather and traffic on the 1s. >> it is a cold spring morning for the metro and the bus stop. track the temperature where are you with the nbc washington app. waiting for the bus this morning, it will be around the freezing mark with a mostly clear sky. and when you're heading back home, mild, a warming of 30 degrees from where we are now. in the low 60s with bright sunshine during the afternoon. but look at our temperatures around the region, we're hovering upper 20s near 30 degrees much of the region. mid and upper 30s right on the bay waters. coming up at 5:21, a look at the big changes on the way over the next seven days. that polilissa has a new crash. 95 fort at fairfax county parkway, you can start to see it get a bit slow. turning a little yellow. this is a live camera. we're not seeing the actual crash on camera. they will probably
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on. 66, no problems. and earlier construction 66 at 29 is now out of the way. top of the beltway looking quite good. all of those routes don't have any big worries there. and prince george's county overall no problems. 50 inbound/outbound rolling along just fine. we continue following the breaks news out of belgium this morning. again sources telling nbc news 20 people have died as a result of several blasts in brussels. >> airport in brussels right now closed. all inbound flight flights dive. all metro stations shut down following a series of explosions that has killed several. we are back with the latest.
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we're following breaking news out of brussels this morning. we have new video we want to show you of the metro
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explosion. in fact two metro stations we believe have had explosions this morning. the subway system there in brussels is closed. all public transit in brussels is sthhut down. all of this follows explosions this morning at the brussels airport. we have video from there. you see all of the windows completely blown out. two loud blasts people heard there this morning in the check-in area of the airport. we're also hearing nbc news reporting according to sources as many as 20 people are dead in these explosions this morning. we're following it closely for you this morning at the live desk. back to you, aaron. want to share this but. british prime minister david cameron reacting to the news. he tweeted in the last hour that he is shocked and concerned by the events this brussels. he is also offering help to that
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getting clued into what is happening. we're continuing to follow that breaking news this morning. >> meagan fitzgerald is outside the belgium embassy in northwest d.c. what more can you tell us sf. >> reporter: obviously this is still coming in. it is breaking news at this point. we're working all sources to try to get more information. but very concerning. as you mentioned, we know two explosions at the brussels airport. we know there are several casualties and injuries and we know there was an explosion at at least one metro station. we've been following tweets on twitter where eu officials are telling folks to stay indoors. this is all unfolding if you recall just a couple of days ago on friday when salah abdeslam was arrested. he was one of the last
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connected to that paris attack back in november. now, again, we don't know who did these attacks at the airport and at the metro station. it's just certainly worth mentioning that this comes at a time heightened security in that country right now. so again, still working right now to figure out exactly who is responsible for these attacks. but we do understand that there are several people killed and injured at the two different locations. at the airport and at metro stations. so again, we will continue to work our sources getting more information and we will be sure to bring it to you as soon as it becomes available. back to you. i'd go down every night on my knees and thank god roger fed federer and rafael nadal was born because they carried the sport. >> a swift resignation from the former top tennis official af
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tennis professionals serena williams. you just part of what he said, essentially saying women's pro tennis players ride on the coattails of men. professionals like williams were furious after hearing this calling his comments wrong on any level and every level. the california tournament director apologized and has since offered a written apology. today a fired texas trooper heads back to court facing arraignment on a misdemeanor perjury charge. he faces the charge after his arrest last summer of sandra bland, a black barack obama who was later found dead in a county jail. he said in an affidavit that he removed a com bass difference bland from her car after stopping her near houston for a minor traffic vti
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dash cam video provoked outrage. the jail death was ruled a suicide. emergency room at howard university hospital is back up and running. the e.r. forced to close yesterday after a water pipe burst in the hospital's basement. hn emergency services were redirected and some people went home without seeing a doctor. >> i was totally in shock because if i had an appointment, shall be should have called me and told me that everything was canceled. >> eight patients from a critical care area were also moved to it a higher floor because of the flooding. in news 4 your health now, there is a growing concern about veterans who say they are using marijuana to ease symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. the department of veterans affairs has not approved its use and it is still illegal in most states, but even though no major studies show it is effective, vets say it helps manage anxiety and
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sger experts say it can hamper recovery. fwl today you can learn more about how to stay safe during a tornado. virginia's governor declared today tornado preparedness day. five people were killed after eight to wit ters swept through back in february. more than 400 buildings were also damaged. businesses, schools, families an individuals are encouraged to focus on tornado safety procedures today including where to go to shelter during a tornado warning. the national weather service will send out a test tornado warning that is expected to happen around 9:45 this morning. virginia by the way gets about 18 tornadoes on average every year. we know it only takes one to show how important. in. >> and today we need to be prepared for a cold start. >> the stubborn winter does not want to leave. it is below freezing this morning. so you need your warm winte
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coat. and you'll need sunglasses later today as we'll have bright sun. right now it's down into the 20s to just near 30 degrees. nearby suburb, most of maryland, virginia, look at manassas, 25 degrees here on this march the 22nd. at least the tree pollen is not as high because of the weekend rains and wet snows. but it will be beginning to climb here later today and into tomorrow. mostly cedar, cypress, juniper and elm. you might be having watery eyes and itchy thonose. a great day to get out and get a run or a hike. 1:00 in the mid-50s. near 60 by 2:00. low 60s by 4:00 p.m. with bright sunshine. back down it near 60 by 6:00 p.m. p. all clear on storm team 4 radar, dry pavement all around the region. four day forecast, tomorrow the mild air moves in, the pollen count likely quite a bit higher on wednesday with sunshine. 40s in the morning, afternoon highs low 70s. 50s thursday morning, thursday aftern
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and then on friday, after maybe some showers late thursday night and early friday morning, we'll get the sunshine back and temperatures a bit cooler into the low 60s. average high this time of year is 58. storm team 4 seven day outlook in to the weekend, saturday should be beautiful. sunny, 40s in the morning, afternoon highs mid-60s. and then easter sunday, mostly cloudy, 40s in the morning, afternoon highs mid-60s. a chance of showers on monday in the afternoon. four things to know is coming up in ten minutes. brand new problem here, this is the outer loop of the beltway at annapolis road, just after 450, hearing of an accident there. trying to get more information. still have this problem 95 north at fairfax county parkway, we now know it's a disabled vehicle with one lane blocked. and you can see some pretty page slowdowns headed northbound for this time of morning. if this was anyhe
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i would say this is no big deal. 270 t at 270 at falls road, no issues. 66 headed in to town going to take you nine minutes. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 to your latest travel troubles when you hop in your car this morning. he served prince george's county for four years and now funeral services for detective jacai colson will be open to the public because of an outpouring of community support. colson was mistaken for a suspect in a shoot-out at a county police station last week. the detective was accidently shot and killed by a fellow officer. awake is set for thursday with funeral to follow on friday. search colson on the app to get the latest service information. florida prince william county officer shot and killed will be remembered by her alma the matter today.
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university will hold a memorialr today. embry-riddle aeronautical university will hold a memorial. guindon was killed on her first day on the job. shooting on georgia state university campus sends a student and another person to the hospital. police say the shooting was the result of a drug deal. according to campus police near the dorm's a student got into the car intending to sell drugs. there was an exchange of gunfire between the student and the driver of the car. the driver was shot three times and the student was shot once. no word on their conditions yet. the passenger in the car was arrested. a diverted american airlines flight is now on its way to ireland this morning. american airlines says transatlantic flight was forced to land in boston monday night. the plane was headed there philadelphia to dublin. an airline spokesperson says that a woman on board had a medical condition and was taken
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breaking news in brussels this morning. explosions at the airport there as well as the metro station. several people dead, many injured. the latest throughout the kathleen matthews: if we want to be heard, we need women in congress. it was the women who forced republicans to include women's health and contraceptive coverage in the affordable care act. in congress, i'll fight for pay equity, family leave and tougher gun safety laws. and, as an environmentalist, i'll work combat climate change. i know as a journalist and as a senior executive in business that when women are at the table, we get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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in brussels, there have been a series of deadly explosions. we have a new number for you. death toll according to the associated press at 13 right now. an explosion at metro stations there, as well as the airport. we know that the w
5:29 am
blasts at the airport. two metro stations experienced explosions, as well near the european union. so very concerning. the airport attacks happened -- airport explosions happened in the check-in area at the airp t airport. the airport of course is closed. all public transit in brussels is also closed after the terror alert level there in belgium is at its highest possible. too soon to say where all of this is coming from. we're staying on top of it. >> this attack comes just days after the arrest of salah abdeslam, suspect in last year's paris attacks. belgian officials say the terror suspect planned to, quote, restart something in brussels. abdeslam is the only living member of that terror cell that carried out the pair
5:30 am
he was the logistics guy who could hold a lot of answers about how the group manned tpla attack. we now know that the french president is meeting with his cabinet security folks to try to get a better understanding of what is going on just like the rest of us are. >> and the belgian interior minister said because of that arrest, that a revenge attack could be in the offing. and now they have even taken to another level. florida 5:30. good morning, everybody. >> let's talk about your weather as we enter this half hour. four things you need to know and tom is here to tell you all about it. >> this too cold tuesday morning, we will have these near freezing temperatures here for another couple of hours. we'll have bright sunshine after sunrise. and then a milder sunny afternoon coming up. much warmer tomorrow. then a chance of some rain moving in on thursday night. that is our next chance for any rain. loo t
5:31 am
nearby suburbs are in the upper dwepts to they're 30 degrees. reagan national 37. annapolis also now at 37 degrees. shenandoah valley in the upper 30s to low 30s much of the region there. depends on the elevation. in the valleys right near freezing. so a cold morning. winter does not want to give it up, melissa. and it looks like we have traffic problems, too. a crash on the beltway? we do have a problem. so take a look at this camera. this is outer loop just before bw parkway. we have the two left lanes here, it's a little hard to see, but left lanes blocked by the police and fire response. so we're starting to see some backups build there. we'll keep an eye on it for you here. bill look at the beltway, overall we're looking pretty good. so hopefully this gets out of the way. 95 north at fairfax county parkway, that disabled vehicle still blocking that one lane. still slow northbound at fairfax county wa
5:32 am
the beltway coming up. authorities in prince william county say a 56-year-old man died in this woodbridge townhouse fire. they say a mohammed syousef was caught in the fire. and today nicholas cunningham is charged with distribution of marijuana last year. cunningham admitted to selling $2,000 of marijuana products to an undercover officer. he had a fleet of car labeled cush god where he would hand out marijuana laced brownies and gummies on the street and ask for cash donations. u.s. park police says the man who led them on a high speed chase has turned himself in. last week they tried to pull wilson overton over and he sped off reacheding speeds up to 115 miles per hour. he crashed his car at the entrance to 395 and t
5:33 am
for him wi, overton stole a crur and took off and bailed off again after crashing at the 11th street bridge. he turned himself in yesterday. a tow truck driver accused of stealing things out of the cars he picked up. tell low workers at advance towing company saw phillip pierce remove items from the tow truck that he had been driving to his personal car, moved those items to his personal call. the police found stolen valuables and burglary tools, as well about. >> unacceptable. something you should be fired for. >> that's horrible. i can't believe that would happen. >> sad to see anyone stealing something, let alone someone charged with taking care of our cars about sflp this towing company has a history of complaints about aggressive towing. so far police have located three victind
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an unusual day ahead at the supreme court, only seven justices will consider arguments over whether puerto rico should be able to file for chapter 9 bankruptcy. right now it's not an option for puerto rico or washington, d.c. if justices decide to extend filing privileges, that would allow puerto rico to restructure its $20 billion of debt. the already reduced eight justice court goes down to seven because justice samuel alito and his wife own pouerto rican will municipal bounds. outragerous is it what some are calling new numbers. 45% of white students who applied to gifted programs were accepted compared to 23% of hispanics and 19% of black students. the district plans to talk about the disparity at upcoming meetings. the report issued that i did verse ci diversity is an issue across the coun
5:35 am
public hearing on a tank bitanng bill. the bill would prevent anyone under 18 to use tanning facilities and also is sloalons would have to post warning signs. at least two black bears have been spotted in virginia. fairfax county police say a bear and a cub were seen at a home near wolf trap spring valley park in vienna sunday. they stayed on the property for about an hour. if you come close to a bear this spring, police say back off and give it its space. you can report any sightings to the virginia wild life conflict help line. we do have that number on the nbc washington app. well, it is a big, big night for a local family. >> 26-year-old singer/songwriter taking the stage on "the voice." he grew up in d.c. his father won the best new artist grammy in 1976.
5:36 am
it's in his blood. this was for his star land voice vocal band. the two have ebb about a making music for years now. owen lives in new york now where he's making his own way as a musician. he says he's enjoying his run on the tv show and admits the level of competition there makes him a little nervous. >> it's terrifying because you know how good everybody is. but all you can really do is i think try to make yourself proud of -- like push yourself and do the best that you can. and hope that that is enough. because it's -- i think ultimately it's not -- you can't think about what somebody else is doing because everyone is amazing. and unique. >> tonight at 5:00, mark segraves sits down with the father and son, they talk about getting past the nerves and what the two generations of new n musicians think about being on a xi tis.
5:37 am
the breaking news out of belgium. live pictures from the city at this hour, although we see a lot of people moving around through the city, we're told that belgian authorities have told everyone to shelter in place. civilians even the u.s. embassy has locked its doors and told its employees an all u.s. citizens to stay in place. we believe these pictures coming from the airport and you can see at the bottom of your screen the notation at least 13 killed in a series of attacks across belgium. and trying to help the victims and figure out who is behind what appears to be a coordinated attack. tay with us. s
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5:40 your time. breaking news out of belgium this morning where you are being looking at some video of images that were coming in at the airport. we know two explosions at the airport there. at this point the a.p. confirming 13 people dead as a result, many more injuries there. and the reports again of explosions possibly multiple explosions at some of the metro stations. the prime minister there just putting out a statement saying that for the moment we're asking
5:41 am
out as the security situation develops in brussels. and you saw that picture of salah abdeslam. you can't help but think about the french citizen, he is the prime suspect in the paris attacks and he was captured by belgian police this past friday. the interior minister shortly after that saying the country was on high alert because of possible revenge attacks. still no verification at this point whether there is a terrorist attack or at least a coordinated one. we know that stopping one cell can push others into action. that is what officials had said in the past. and this is definitely a story that we will stay on top of. >> and let me add as you were talking, the a.p. reporting authorities referring to explosions at airports, subway as terror attacks. city locked down. that's new and that certainly elevates this incident because it puts that title on it for certain now. and you
5:42 am
authorities and international authorities will bring every resource to bear on what is calling a belgian terror attack. >> and every action being taken to be able to pin point what is behind this, if there is any future threat at this point. it has crippled the country in a sense that the airport and transportation, metro sayingtat all that shut down as well as the embassy. and eu workers being told to stay home and stay away from the eu offices. because that is near where one of the explosions happened. much more on this in a second. let's get to the forecast now. >> it is a cold morning. you can see the temperature where you live with the nbc washington app. there is a bright full moon in the western sky. a few clouds around an securing jupiter. bus stop this morning, you'll need your winter coat. sunshine and clouds, mild, climbing up into the low 60s. your easter weekend forecast comes up at the
5:43 am
outer loop before bw parkway, more than a mile worth of backup because of a crash. red line delays at glenmont because of an earlier malfunction. and 270 top of the beltway from 95 over to 270, you're just fine. 66 inbound, 95 north bound, no troubles. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 when you hop in your car. from the live desk, we're following break news this morning. explosions in brussels. authorities are calling this a series of terror attacks. 13 dead. these are live pictures you're looking at, people there in brussels walking perhaps at the airport where one of the attacks took place this morning. what we know just ahead.
5:44 am
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authorities now calling explosion mis brs thiin brussel attacks. they went off at metro stations and the airport. the devastation is rear. you s clear. you can see the shattered glass. again, 13 people dead both at metro stations and at the brussels airport. belgium has raised its terror alert level to its highest possible. back to you. >> and chris tkristen is keep u what is coming out of belgium. i also want tooi
5:48 am
happening in france. we know that the british prime minister has activiated his advisers to look at what is going on. items la it's late morning tin that par of the world. and here metro transit police are aware of what is going on. and they are closely monitoring the events in brussels. if you see something say something. we know some of these explosions happened in the subway system in brussels. so here new york city, also there that police department terrorism folks are aware and they have amped up their activities, as well. >> and everyone getting the word out to those important to them. we no tknow the british airpor increasing security at their airports. no word yet if inbound/outbound delights have been grounded or
5:49 am
canceled. at the belgium airport, flight are canceled. >> and the regional light rail system in that part of europe has been shut down. there have no trains coming into brussels at this point. none leaving brussels either. we know there were several nbc news crews that were headed from different bureaus in that part of the world. they will likely be stopped because of euro star in particular, they shut down. fair to assume that some of these other regional rail systems will be closing, as well. >> and we did hear from american and i remembers, appaerptsrentl of the two blasts happened near the american airlines check-in desk. so a spokesperson did release a statement saying they are a wafrt incident and that their customers, employees and contractors have all been taken care of. and at this time, all their employees and contractors are
5:50 am
accounted for. we also have heard from the u.s. embassy in belgium, we know that they are telling their citizens to shelter in place. this of course as eu officials and workers also being told to stay in their offices or to stay home after an explosion at an eu building which was near one of the metro stations. reports of smoke coming out of the buildings. >> we want to listen into some of the special report. i'll note for you no word yet from the white house. president obama obviously traveling in cuba. scheduled to go to argentina today. no word from them as of yet. let's listen in a bit to this nbc news special report. >> i would imagine that means they tear there are more accomplices intent on causing harm in the next few hours. >> and paris attacks really exposed to the world what was going on in brussels in particular this neighborhood that there was this vast terror cell, that it was
5:51 am
people with these intentions could live this relative ease and coordinate and obviously evade authorities. right now the prime minister of belgium has said what has become very apparent here, this is indeed a terror attack. and matching what is going on in brussels right now. you have the train station shut down. we've reported that the cell service has been succespended b the authority this is an effort to protect so that emergency personnel can use the cell signals and also stop any potential authority. >> but people are allowed to text and use other forms of social media, but you're not supposed to use your cellphone to make calls. so you have the subways, cellphones and the airports. >> and also seeing reports online of of course the euro star train, other modes of transportation that otherwise might be entering brussels told to stop right now. because you see the city
5:52 am
in the weeks after the paris attacks as the focus came to brussels, there was a period of time and you'll remember this, matt, when brussels was completely shut down and the authorities said basically don't leave your home because they were so fearful that an attack like this was imminent. obviously that was lifted at some point and now we see those fears coming to reality. >> and although we talk about this shutdown of transportation, this is europe's soft border. not like the united states where you travel between here for example and canada or mexico. there you just see a street sign change and you're in another ri see roadside stops. i would imagine law enforcement on the roadways leading out of belgium into other european country, trying to see
5:53 am
can find other suspects. >> and you have to believe there is a dragnet right now around that area. and it's also a sore spot because that's what happened after the paris attacks on november 13 and salah abdeslam was able to slip that dragnet because he left early enough that his name wasn't known to authorities. he wasn't known to be a suspect in the paris attacks who was able to slip out. he's a name that continually comes up this morning because of his connection to the pairs are attacks because he came from brussels, belgium and because he was arrested just in the last four days. and purchase reportedly talking to authorities. there will be a lot of questions as to whether these attacks are in any way related or reaction to the arrest of salah abdeslam. >> and pete williams, you have to wonder what he has told authorities so far, what he failed to tell them. and you have to handling timagit will be turned up on him substantially. >> there have been
5:54 am
reports about the extent of his cooperation. some of the early records were that he was being cooperative which which was surprising to counterterrorism. and then over the weekend, his lawyer said, no, he wasn't cooperating. but no question he's potentially a he very important person, but whether they can turn him and get information, i don't know. it is often surprising how much information does come from people involved in terrorism. oftentimes once arrested, they do begin to spill their guts takes were on what they know and who else may be involved. and that's the critical yes. what else is oiut
5:55 am
is involved. >> and salah abdeslam was shall be who was supposed to be among the suicide bombers, that he reportedly told interrogators that he lost his nerve outside the soccer stadium and asked friends to get him out of paris which he obviously was able to do. but that also raises the question of where he stood in the terrorist network after that. if you fail to complete your hihi mission i've read that he wasn't featured prominently in the literature. so maybe he tried to save his skin as he potentially talks to in-tear gators there. >> and i think we have to take all of it with a grain of salt at this point because there are conflicting reports on exactly how much he's saying.
5:56 am
there may be opt timism in somef the reports. >> there was coordination because -- >> you've been listening to an nbc news special report on the now terror attacks we're calling them in brussels this morning. explosions at some of the mass transit hubs. some of the subway stations, as women. the associated press reporting 13 dead. >> and many more injured and in the hospital. we know the subway system, the airport, a closed cell service exempt for emergency use. british airports also increasing security. you minksed entioned no word fr white house. you can only imagine the president is being briefed on the situation. >> there is basically a fence put up around brussels at this point in the respects of no planes coming in, nothing leaving
5:57 am
the euro star, transportation between the european countries tippeds to be a bit easier than we height experience here, but the trains, euro star has been stopped. as they try to get a handle on this. we understand that there are again 13 dead, but been more injured as a result of what has happened in brussels this morning and we haven't gotten confirmed numbers from the authorities in brussels that would put that out, but we dough know that there will be an extreme number of issues to deal with, injuries to deal with temperature state department to americans there staying shelter in place. >> and of course this just two days after the interior minister saying the country was on high alert because of a possible revenge attack after the arrest of salah abdeslam. prime suspect in the paris attacks p. >> we'll take a short break, come back and give you weather and traffic report.
5:58 am
coverage of the terror attacks in brussels.
5:59 am
when it comes to the fithings you love,. you want more. love romance? get lost in every embrace. into sports? follow every pitch, every play and every win. change the way you experience tv with x1 from xfinity. as we watch what unfolds in brussels, and a city on lockdown. >> once again the people of europe waking up to images of terror, people all around the world waking up to the
6:00 am
you watch the injured being carried away from the airport in brussels. >> we'll let our stations pause and rejoin us at the top of the hour to cover breaking news. you're watching news 4 today. we'll do a quick weather and traffic check here. no, let's go back to the special report. >> breaking news, terror attacks at the airport and the subway system there. 8:00 local time in brussels, there were two explosions at the airport there. one took place just in the curbside check-in area, the other inside the departure terminal. the second of theas


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