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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  March 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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belgium after an horrific act of terror. >> standing with them and condemning these outrageous attacks. >> dozens killed, hundreds more injured including
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after bombs go off in the airport and metro station at rush hour. >> panic. we have to run. >> what we are learning about several raids. how an arrest last week could be connect to today's attacks. >> authorities stepped up security. news4 at 11:00 starts right now. first tonight, a new warning about travel to europe. >> the state department says americans should be wary about visiting the entire continent. terrorists continue to plan, "near-term attacks throughout europe." there is a call from police for cell phone video as investigation continues. trains, trams and buses will be running and schools will be open as the country
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>> team coverage at our area airports. but we begin with a possible connection to last week's terror arrests. >> tonight, police are hunting this man as yet unnamed, seen in the airport with two others, those men officials believe blew themselves up moments later. many injured, bleeding and many dead, killed by bombs packed with nails. isis claiming responsibility for the horror. hundreds fleeing to the tarmac, smoke billowing from the airport building. >> feeling like a wave. >> then an hour later, more carnage. subway cars' doors blown out. passengers escaping along the track while heard along the tunnel screaming.
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today's attacks and some still missing. no one heard from stephanie and justin, their family increasingly worried. tonight those behind the attacks may be on the run, a house raid discovering improvised explosionive devices and an isis flag. the massive manhunt is now under way in the afternoon rt the border there were reports of lines of cars. there has been increasing criticism of security failures here. when we crossed the border late into the night, we saw no checks, no police. back to you. >> countries around the world are standing in solidarity with belgium. iconic landmarks like the eiffel tower bathed in colors of the belgium flag. so is the
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ward. >> derrick word at reagan national with our story tonight. >> reporter: that is one of the outpourings we've seen. stepped-up security is one of the more visible reactions we've seen. another memorial as the belgium embassy in the northwest, flowers and notes laid at the foot of the flagpole. amid full-on angst over the bombings. >> i'm not belgian but it's just a terrible, terrible thing. >> reporter: for those in belgium there was brief. we spoke to an attorney in
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business. i went over to the office and it was cordons off. once we got to the premises, you could smell the smoke. >> reporter: he had been to the airport the day before. the day of flying out was no longer an option. >> i'm on my car hoping to catch my flight tomorrow morning back to storm. >> reporter: the bombings mean staying with friends outside the city. being extra caution now. >> i think we will avoid public areas, try to arrive at the latest possible airports and try to limit our movements in the immediate future. >> reporter: at reagan national airport, a planned work stoppage to highlight protests was postponed. >> workers decided to pay respect to victims and workers
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helped save lives. >> reporter: as we heard in statements in the tsa and department of homeland security, there was no 7hearing of a credible threat. there are other measures not as visible. derrick ward, news4. you can expect to see heightened security measures at dulles airport. more on what travelers can expect there tomorrow. >> if you or a loved one has a flight out of dulles airport tomorrow, one thing you will notice is intense security will continue. you'll see armored police vehicles and you'll see
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some will carry rifles, others wearing face masks with kevlar vests on and you'll see k-9 units. about a dozen we saw. they are checking luggage and empty trash cans and checking our own cameras. it's something that will likely continue at dulles airport. for some it's comforting. kafd culver news4. metro transit police are working overtime because the subway was targeted, rail systems are on high alert tonight. all the major railways say there are no credible threats. metro transit tells us they added plains-clothesed officers you won't see. matt lauer is on the way to brussels with live reports tomorrow morning on the
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show. a developing story right now. hundreds of students gathering for a massive protest at howard university tonight. the group is upset with how the school handled an allege sex assault. >> what the university is saying tonight. >> reporter: the protests welled up out of a strong sense of injustice. hundreds of howard university students gathered and began marching toward the main administration building. >> there will be a thorough investigation. >> reporter: once there, organizers read a list of things they want to see changed. >> survivors will not be removed from howard university campus as a result of their accusations. >> reporter: the incident happened inside do
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student interviews says an advisor was raped by another student. the alleged victim lost her r.a. job and had to leave school. the alenled perpetrator remains on campus. >> she was a great artist. in my own personal opinion the right protocal was not taken. >> we have actively investigating all reports made to us. protest organizers are holding what they are calling a heal session on
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moments away from getting the first results from tonight's primaries in caucuses. polls have closed in loot of places. youth has problems out there. voters have been waiting a long time to caucus. some of the lines are several blocks away from the building. republicans are allowing online voting for another two hours. turn out is high across the board. down in arizona people have waited up to three hours to cast a ballot. somebody tweeted out that the polls closed around 10:30 in tempe. folks at the end of theline were told to expect a three-hour wait to vote. hour winner take-all. if hillary clinton wins there she will offset more delegates than
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if in utah ted cruz could take away the votes. we are continuing to watch developments after today's terror ato being in brussels many. >> what d.c. mayor has planned for the nation's capital. >> music in his blood. >> we are at home with owen danoff after a huge win tonight on "the voice." heightened security around the globe. we are tracking the efforts stepped up to keep you safe in our community.
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tributes and condolences for the victims of the brussel terror attacks continue to pour in from around the world. new at teenager is behind bars for allegedly stabbing another young woman to death. police say the 16-year-old was arguing with an 18-year-old at a bus stop on benning road in southeast this morning. their argument got physical and witnesses say the 16-year-old pulled out a knife and stabbed the woman. it's not known if this will be handled in juvenile court. >> the d.c. mayor wants to raise the minimum wage. mayor bowser is
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major new spending on education. that includes building repairs. >> starting at 2017, we will give each school that hasn't been modernized a full renovation. >> the city will increase its education budget by $75 million. that is the largest investment in public education in the ç district's history. you really did the job. the winner is owen. >> owen. >> you watched him advance through the final rounds on "the voice" tonight. owen danoff as he prepares for the live show. mark spent time with him and his grammy-winning father. >> reporter: bill and owen had been playing
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years. when bill was 26 he had his first hit. ♪ don't think twice it's all right ♪ ♪ ♪ i gave her my heart but she wanted my soul ♪ >> i consider myself a full-grown artist. i'm a huge paul simon fan >> reporter: he didn't list his father among his musical influences. >> we need to keep him humble. >> owen had to ask his father how it went. >> he doesn't know any of my songs. >>. >> reporter: fighting back the
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path to success isn't going to be like his. >> that was the ticket to then maybe you could get an album. >> reporter: owen's song writing he hopes the fans will come to know. >> everything comes together. it's about the lyrics more than anything else. that is my big focus. >> reporter: owen didn't learn helps dad's songs until later in life, there was an early sign he wanted to be like his dad. >> once i took it and tried to photo shop my name on to it. >> reporter: listening to the father and son share a song, it's clear it may not be the same path, but it's very much the same journey. >> reporter: news4. talented genes
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for. tomorrow kicks off peak bloom for the cherry blossoms. 6. >> will we have peak weather? >> as a matter of fact, for this last seven days, peak weather coincides perfectly with peak bloom. >> what are the chances? >> not last year, that's for sure. peak bloom tomorrow and on thursday. the weather is going to cooperate. highs in the 70s wednesday and thursday. temperatures go down towards the weekend. nice. out there right now, a much different story than last night. last night we were sitting around 44. winds out of the south at 16 miles per hour. last night dulles, manassas and warrenton were at 32.
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we are all in the 50s right now. ft. meade cooler there. we've got that southerly wind to keep things warmer overnight night. no rain to talk about. we have cloud cover making its way our way. that cloud cover will help to keep temperatures on the mild side tonight. mild tomorrow morning. temperatures around 50. tomorrow afternoon 71. nice and warm. a really great day. good day for the kid getting off the bus. 70 in leesburg. 67 martinsburg. fredericksburg 73. even along the bay with that southwesterly flow, we should warm there. it will be nice everywhere. lunch outdoors, beautiful. around town, enjoy it.
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plenty of green to go around. that will be the case the next few days. we do have a frontal boundary. a cold front moves through late thursday. here is your peak here. friday, i've got a chance of rain early in the morning. most likely around midnight thursday nice to friday morning. could see wet roadways. 65 on easter sunday. monday will be the heavy rainy day. not a huge storm. good news tomorrow and thursday. >> i'm going to go out on a limb and predict peak traffic. >> that will be right here. >> thank you. coming up, the caps clinch major milestones tonight.
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sports. valentino. a great show.
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moving on to sports. >> caps win but they are not so thrilled or they don't want to get too confident? >> we'll explain that. we checked. there is no panic button. capitals have the best record in the nhl. there is not a switch, a switch the team can turn on and off when it wants to play better. we were reminded that sunday in pittsburgh. they lost to penguins 6-12. a chance for ottowa to end that streak. caps coming away there clinching the metro division and top spot in the east. first period, working on those slow starts. great passing. this is terrific stuff. 43rd goal of the season for ovechkin. later in the period,
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the caps. ba backstrom, soft goal. extra attacker. far scores on a touch angle. the caps add an empty netter and win it 4-2. not celebrating, staying focused. >> we are all sick of the way we played at times the last couple of months. you can tell everyone has hit that bottom. you can tell that's where we turned around. >> alfred morris is staying in the
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his production has been on the decline. redskins are keeping kurt cousins. the team is trying to get a long-term deal worked out with cousins. >> it's ongoing. i would love to have kurt on a long-term deechlt this is where you are going to play. >> we know a wild week for maryland. terrapins punching their ticket sunday. the team will fly to louisville and a date with kansas thursday. a hectic schedule. that's why they call it march madness. >> you can't take a breath this time of year. it's busy. each step gets busier. playing
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monday and play thursday makes it more busy. it's a lot on our plate. different than most teams playing thursday night.
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>> that's adele performing "make you feel my love" at a concert in honor of all the survivors and victims of the attack. she asked the crowd to sing along and
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- don chedle, saoirse ronan,


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