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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  March 25, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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about the two americans killed in the bombings? >> well, chris, it is a tragedy, not unexpected but fits into what john kerry came here to belgium to say. to remind nations that the fight against isis-inspired terror is the fight of every country and the death of these two young new yorkers all the way over here shows that is the case. their loved ones had feared they were among the 31 dead in belgium since the terrible phone call. alex and sascha pinczowski telling their mother they arrived at brussels airport when there was the sound of a blast and then silence. the pair was close to the suicide bombers and the identification of their bodies finally confirmed today. the siblings lived here in new york city, dutch citizens who loved america. sweet kids said friends today. one girlfriend of sascha called her an awesome chick.
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john kerry said america is grieving. >> for the loved ones of those who were very cruelly taken from us, including americans. >> reporter: the secretary of state had come to belgium to offer u.s. help to prevent more attacks. and belgian police are stepping up their efforts. more raids and more arrests last night and today in neighborhoods where isis is recruiting. french police saying their new arrests prevented a planned attack. after the isis-inspired massacres in california and in paris and now brussels. 175 dead and those three attacks. kerry had a message for isis followers. >> we will not be deterred. and we will come back with greater resolve with greater strength. >> reporter: but the job is hard. two of tuesday's terror suspects are still at large, including the man and wife identified but not caught. as belgium
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fear, celebrate life and am tensify the fight against terror. a key to that is to stop isis recruiting of muslim youth in cities just like this. ask how to do that, this apparently stunned brother of one of tuesday's suicide bombers said here today he has no idea. live from brussels, steve handelsman, news 4. >> steve, thank you. the pentagon is claiming a victory tonight in the fight against isis. officials say the group's number two leader was killed by u.s. forces. our team coverage continues now with nbc's brian moore. >> reporter: u.s. officials say they've eliminated the second in command and finance chief. >> whoever overseas the operation hurting their ability to hire recruits. >> reporter: a strike earlier th
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the war minister known as omar the chechen. >> these leaders have been around for a long time. they are senior. they are experienced and so eliminating them is an important objective. >> reporter: u.s. and coalition forces say they're hacking away at the isis core in iraq and syria. neutralizing its ability to export violence like this week's brussels bombings and november's attack in paris. while the pentagon claims it's building momentum, there is no end in sight. >> but by no means would i say that we're about to break the back of isol or the fight is over. >> reporter: there are others willing to pick up the black battle flag. >> we thought we were done with osama bin laden and only the beginning of a whole new chapter that turned out to be much more brutal. less focus on individuals and less focus and the root causes. >> reporter: either isis leader dead and the fight goes on. an isis
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be a major agenda item here next week as president obama hosts world leaders for the nuclear security summit. live on capitol hill, brian moore, news 4. one of the americans injured in that attack in brussels is now talking about what he saw and felt that day. mason wells is a 19-year-old missionary from idaho. he was dropping off a college at the airport in brussels when the bombs went off. >> my burn injuries and injury to my foot i know came from the first blast. i actually saw fire in front of my face and on the ground around me and i know that the burns came from that. my body was kind of lifted off the ground during the first blast. it was very loud. and i started running towards the exit. a lot of people started running towards the exit and i had taken a couple steps and three seconds later the second blast went off and it went off to my right and where could feel the blast. but i don't think, i don't believeat
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i can just kind feel the impact wave. >> mason wells family says it's a miracle he is alive. he was also in boston during the marathon bombing in 2013 and in paris when that city was attacked last november. back here at home is police chief calls him a hero. another officer said he's a cop's cop. crowds came out to honor prince george's county police officer who was shot and killed in front of his station. lines of law enforcement stood and saluted as officer jacai colson's family was carried to his funeral service. more on the tribute and what police say about the dangers they face every day. >> as the bagpipes blow in honor of a fallen officer. there are questions and frustrations. >> it's a grim reminder when we come to these things that this is the
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police officer faces every day. >> reporter: why celebrating the life of officer jacai colsona volunteer, servant and man of god was so important. ♪ >> this is the day that the lord has made and we shall rejoice. >> he was truly special from the day he was born. jacai was a six-month baby. and he fought to get here and he fought going out. >> god bless my hero and our hero jacai colson.
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guardians and the men and women of the prince george's county police department. ♪ >> he was a cop's cop. he stood up and he fought that day and i'll never forget that. rest easy 3693. we got it from here, brother. >> what happened outside of district 3 is still under investigation. but today was about focusing and celebrating the life of detective colson. he will be laid to rest in his home state of pennsylvania on monday. reporting live in upper marlboro, i'm tracee wilkins. >> thank you a cop's cop. metro's top safety official is stepping down. lou brown has been the acting chief safety officer for less than a year. transportation r
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tuft broke the story and said will call it quits in four weeks. with all the safety issues, this has been a tough position to fill. the previous chief safety officer was publicly criticized by the metro board and also resigned. we're learning about that on the same day that metro faced another serious problem that disrupted service for passengers. train service was suspended on the orange and silver lines today after another fire in a tunnel. it happened between the claredon and courthouse stations in arlington. chris gordon is on the scene with more on the cause. chris, what do we know? >> well, i was just down in the platform so i can tell you that train service is back to normal. orange and silver line trains running in both directions and on time. far different from this morning, which began with a fire followed by frustrating delays. metro says this fire was caused by burning debris on the track bed. it was not a power cable issue, like the one that caused the
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emergency inspections a week ago. >> doesn't matter whether it's a cable fire or debris fire or whatever this may have been, it's still a fire. >> reporter: arlington county firefighters were called to the claredon metro station just before 10:00 a.m. >> we arrived and found light smoke and we evacuated the station. >> reporter: the fire was out by the time firefighters got to it, but a metro emergency response team remained athe scene of the fire. in the tunnel leading into the claredon station. metro rail service was suspended from roslen and shuttle buses transported passengers between the stations that were closed. the patience of passengers were, once again, tested. >> over the past several years have been lots of issues with the system and i certainly think that it is an important part of our city's infrastructure needs to be updated and addressed. >> reporter: just before noon metro began single tracking
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boston and foggy bottom. but silver line trains stopped at east falls church. >> it just slows everything up. i'm kind of used to waiting in the metro, but it just gets annoying day after day. >> i'm on my way to work. it took me about two hours to get here. where it usually takes me about 45 minutes. so, metro needs to get it together. >> reporter: now, it's important to mention that some passengers told us they support metro general manager's decision to close down metro for a day last week for emergency inspections. they say it shows that metro is focusing on safety. that's the latest from claredon station. chris, back to you. a former federal police chief is reported to prison and may not get out for years. new 4z broke the story last summer from the national institute of standards and technology off 270 in gaithersburg. police arrested the agency's top cop for trying to make methon the job in a federal lab.
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christopher bartly pleaded guilty and prison records show that he has reported to a federal prison in michigan. he is scheduled to serve nearly three years. we haven't seen this before. road rage in a red convertible. a woman arrested as the victim shares details of the dangerous encounter in virginia. well, if it hasn't already, the political feud is getting even more personal. chuck todd joins us to talk about the republican presidential candidate as they escalate their attacks on each other's wives. if you want to check out the cherry blossoms along the tidal basin without all the crowds, there is a way. i'm mark segraves and coming up i'll tell you how. and a little bit of sunshine right before sunset, but what about this easter weekend? how much sunshine and how warm those temperatures? a detailed look
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we need women in congress. if we want to be heard, it was the women who forced republicans to include women's health and contraceptive coverage in the affordable care act. in congress, i'll fight for pay equity,
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gun safety laws. and, as an environmentalist, i'll work combat climate change. i know as a journalist and as a senior executive in business that when women are at the table, we get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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women. strong women scare donald. real men don't try to bully women. >> wow. yeah. i mean. the escalating war of words between donald trump and ted cruz pretty shocking. >> just when you think it can't go any lower, it does. chuck todd joining us now. chuck, we have a big primary in wisconsin coming up less than two weeks away. the candidates aren't talking about terrorism or the economy. they're talking about each other's wives. >> i was a civilian for three days meaning i actually took three days off, spring break week for the arlington public school system. you know, did the whole florida thing with my two and just experienced all the last four days as a civilian and you're like, wait, i assumed, oh, boy my show on sunday commander in chief and how it devolved into what we got and how we're not shocked by it. >> m
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vacation. >> i think the most remarkable thing is how unremarkable it seems to us. trump has numbes us when it comes to shock. where are we going to go now? you see ted cruz and will he experience the same fate as marco rubio and ted cruz and anybody who has tried to engage trump. and trump just outwits him, outsmarts him, outmuddies him. whatever you want to call it. just always seems to almost thrive in this canotic, controversial nature. >> how do you fight back against that? >> as a primary campaign, i don't know. cruz hasn't found a sweet spot on it. nobody has figured it out. it dozen seem to be helping trump in a general election. that's the other part of this. it just damages him more in a potential race with hillary clinton. >> tapiggy back on that, i was looking at the latest nbc news poll that 70%
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women overall. >> i mean, i've never seen numbers that high. how do you even begin to close that kind of gap? >> one way to start closing the gap is to not look like you're attacking the wife of your chief opponent. and especially attacking somebody who is highly successful as heidi cruz is. so, it is, i don't think he's done anything to help himself fix this problem. it was built in when his campaign started and it has gotten worse. this is the one case whether it's megyn kelly and back and forth with carly fiorina. how is he going to hold up in a campaign without offending, saying something about hillary clinton that doesn't offend women who may not want to vote for hillary clinton. >> people are saying, keep it up. >> on one hand they're saying it. they don't want to run against trump because trump doesn't play by an
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so, it is when you're facing an opponent that won't play by an agreed upon set of rules you don't relish running against that opponent. let's say she wins the presidency. what is she going to look like as a leader when that campaign is over? is she going to have, you know, the political capital to govern. >> given all this, yeah. >> maybe this a little bit. it is easter sunday. we'll try to be a little more uplifting and a little more reflective and we'll do a deep dive in what is going on with isis, what happened in brussels and really what is a uniquely european issue that it is going to cause and then a case against sanders. three caucuses tomorrow on the democratic side. somebody's voting somewhere. >> all right, chuck. thank you. glad you worked in a few days off. >> just a few days. just enough. >> let's watch "meet the press" here on nbc 4. this is s
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just talking about it a couple minutes ago. the cherry blossoms at peak bloom and if you're heading out to see them, you're not going to be alone. mark segraves joins us with ways that you can navigate through those crowds, mark. >> hey, chris. plenty of company down here if you're coming down to the cherry blossoms today, tomorrow or in the next few days. now, if you want to see cherry blossoms but you don't want to fight the crowds, always the cherry blossoms in bethesda but see the blossoms around the monument, a way to do it without fighting these crowds and you don't need a helicopter. driving to the cherry blossoms isn't recommended. but we didn't have to tell this family that. >> metro. metro. and i'm not going to try to drive in d.c., at all. >> reporter: any time or just cherry blossom? >> ever. >> reporter: capital bike share has added extra bikes. pedicab rides start at about 20 bucks. and this guy
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something we had never seen before. but at some point just about everyone ends up on foot. so police are out to help with the crosswalks. as for what's the best time to come to avoid the crowds. >> the traffic is moving at a standstill. almost from before sunrise. >> reporter: and if you want a different view of the blossoms without the crowds, you can take a boat up the washington channel. >> coming up the channel, i wouldn't have thought about that one and certainly in the coming years. >> reporter: it's not just drawing people down to the caps game and a d.c. united game as well as sunday morning easter service at lincoln memorial and monday morning the easter egg roll at the white house. mark segraves, news 4. a train rider got a court
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she cheated the system. tonight she's fighting back and sharing her story to warn others. he turned 20 bucks into a priceless gift for a complete stranger. how this little boy in ohio is it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way. they crashed our economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges our families face. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator.
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but jamie raskin is the only democrat for congress who's authored landmark progressive laws -- marriage equality, equal pay for women, green maryland act, assault weapons ban, and more. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message.
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all right. veronica, the pressure's on. the cherry blossoms are at their peak. it's easter weekend. all kinds of things going on. >> oh, the pressure. i know. we want great weather this weekend. now, one of the things that we were looking at is easter coming a little early this year? we're seeing cooler conditions, but nothing like last weekend. hard to believe that last weekend we were still talking about a little bit of rain and snow and a trace. we're not going to be in the 40s. how about the 60s this weekend. we're going to be dealing with a little bit of wind and not a bad weekend. still running above average our temperatures. for this evening starting out some slow clearing and we dropped to 60 degrees by 9:00. and mid-50s by 11:00 and continue with that clearing trend and we
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satellite and radar where the weather system is right there still making its way out of there and the clearing behind it and a few clouds that we'll have to deal with and a little bit of wind for this evening, which could take down some petals from the cherry trees. few petals for today, this evening and then we could see a few more off the trees on monday as we continue through the beginning there of peak bloom. much cooler tomorrow morning. a few locations well north and west. western maryland and up through northern maryland in the 30s to mid-40s right inside the beltway. not a bad start at all. outdoors tomorrow. great conditions. okay, so, tomorrow gets the a plus. on sunday, you'll see in just a moment. but a plus weather for sure the best day out of the week and brightest. around 60 degrees by 3:00 and then if you plan on going out saturday night, pretty clear across the area, but going to get cool, too. 48 to 56 the range in temperatures across the area.wq so you might want to take a jacket if you're heading t
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behind me, saebd. that's why i'm not going to give sunday an a plus at all. more like b minus to c plus weather. that is pretty much everywhere early part of the day. you can see west virginia a few less clouds but there might even be a few sprinkles that start showing up. have travel plans through north carolina and maybe a few sprinks. we'll talk about that travel forecast and go broad and wide coming up in my next weather hit. still be able to get outdoors as rain will hold off until the early part of next week with the lower temperatures, though, for early sunday morning and going to church services. the little ones will need a jacket and you, too. something over your arms before we get a chance to warm up. 63 on saturday and we'll talk more about the early part of next week and an hourly look at monday, too, for easter egg roll that's going on. we'll take a look at how much rain we're going to get coming out of that system early part of
6:27 pm
next week. >> thanks, veronica. his recovery was nothing short of a miracle. now news of an arrest after a 9-year-old boy was shot in the head just days before christmas. fairfax county police investigating a road rage incident that ended in this very parking lot here in lorton. the victim says that the suspect tried to run over him right here. ahead on news 4 at 6:00, the words that were uttered to the victim that could make this a very different case. a tribute to a little boy who found 20 bucks in a parking lot and paid it forward in
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tonight a woodbridge woman is undergoing a mental evaluation after fairfax county police say she tried to run over a man. >> it happened this morning in lorton and not long afterwards the victim of this road rage attack spoke with david culver. >>
6:31 pm
face or hear his name. this victim of an apparent road rage too scared. >> i'll be fearful for a couple of days. >> reporter: as the victim tells it, he was just minding his own business driving down 123 here in lorton when he looked up at the rear view mirror and noticed something unusual. >> she was tailing me, basically. just tailing me and swerving. >> reporter: we decided to pull off the main road and pull into this shopping center where you have a ziant and coffee shop and he thought plenty of people would be around and he'd be safe here. the woman became more aggressive and slammed right into him. >> she hit me like three, four times and then i got out of my car and then she chased me in her car. she was trying to run me over. >> reporter: the woman also shouted inflammatory remarks at him. >> when i got out of my car she said you need to go back to your country. she said, hey, he's from isi. >> reporter: here's the
6:32 pm
description. >> 5'6", 5'8", 160 pounds approximately and wearing a lime green shirt, blonde hair and driving a red convertible. >> reporter: aftery checking the surveillance cameras we learned late today the police took the woman into custody in neighboring prince william county. she is currently undergoing a mental evaluation. as of now they have no plans to charge her criminally. in lorton, news 4. deputies are looking for the man who shot at another driver. it happened in the catlett area earlier this morning. the pickup driver was trying to aggressively pass the other car when the driver of the car got to a stop sign, he noticed his window was shattered and the other driver was pointing a gun at him. deputies are looking for a dark tacoma with oversized tires. tonight a possible first step towards justice for a little boy who w
6:33 pm
head near a playground in d.c. his family calls his recovery a miracle and now they may have new hope with this announcement of an arrest. derrick ward has our report. >> reporter: marked a bit of a milestone today and she wanted to make sure it did not go unnoticed. >> to talk about a case that i think everybody in our community remembers very, very well. >> reporter: it was october 3rd, 2014, a friday. a call went in reporting the sound of gunfire in the 3800 block of hay street northeast. police got there and they found three people who had been shot. worst off, a 9-year-old child. >> when the officers got on the scene you may recall three officers realizing how serious his injury was and potentially fatal. they got in the police car and drove him to the hospital, saving his life. >> reporter: 9-year-old jaydan stancil was not sproez esuppose
6:34 pm
>> d.c. jail where he was incarcerated on unrelated charges. >> reporter: parker faces a 14-count indictment in regard to those shootings that left jaydan wounded. almost two years later he's still recovering from being s t shot. his mother was happy about the one arrest but believes there are more. the investigation was not closed with today's arrest. five homicides in the past three days to making the case in the arrest of jaydan stancil. >> spent countless hours at work when others are asleep, they're working. >> reporter: cathy laner said one thing that helped them close cases and make advances like they did is help from the public. she says she knows it's not always there, but when it is, they need that help to help bring justice. at d.c. police headquarters, derrick ward, news 4. a warning for drivers in northern virginia.
6:35 pm
and alexandria has been dropped from 35 to 25 miles an hour. this is the area east of 395 and south of braddock road. the change comes after concerns from neighbors there. more than 250 people signed the pudition. the city found the cars reg regularly drive 45 miles per hour and 60 crashes over the past five years. a measure ask keeping repeat drunk drivers off the roads is one step closer to becoming law tonight. the maryland state senate today unanimously approved a bill called noah's law that requires drivers convicted of drunk driving to use an ignition interlock system. the bill is named in montgomery county police officer who cause killed by a suspected drunk driver last fall. we saw standing ovation today at joint base mier henderson hall forilatal boy with a big heart. >> ladies and gentlemen, please congratulate mooils eckert as
6:36 pm
>> the congressional medal of honor foundation honored myles ecke eckert. 8 years old and raised more than $2 million for charity to help kids who lost a parent to war. all started more than two years ago when myles found $20 in a restaurant and gave it to a soldier who reminded him of his fallen father. after his story was told nationwide the donations started to pour in. >> impressive young man. a maryland woman makes history. more on her hummable beginning and how she rose through the ranks to sit on the state's highest court. i'm darcy spencer in alexandria. a woman was given a summons to appear in court after she says she was wrongly accused of not paying her fair. coming up, you'll hear from her and get a response from vre. and if you're traveling this easter weekend. we have your forecast out of ta
6:37 pm
pennsylvania, north carolina, everywhere. we'll take you hour by hour for this upcoming weekend, next.
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all this month we have been celebrating women making a difference in our community. tonight we meet a historymaking judge in maryland as aaron gilchrist reports. >> sat on maryland's highest court since december. a long list of firsts, but wants history to remember her for a career dedicated to service. >> when you tell me no. i'm not listening. >> reporter: michelle doesn't call that she calls it drive. never accepting no or you can't as a has steadied her drive from being the latest court on the maryland court of
6:41 pm
daunting the signature red robe after a lifetime of perseverance. >> i started out not having much of anything. and my mother worked three jobs. i had two grandmothers that absolutely loved me and taught me a number of lessons. >> reporter: strong women who taught her that hard work pays off and there was nothing she couldn't do. including becoming a lawyer. an idea she got from television. >> you pick someone to lie to. >> watching perry mason, i was absolutely fascinated that this person had paid so much attention to detail in terms of human nature and circumstances. >> reporter: that led her to graduate from law school in 1979. >> that which you is an obstacle makes you stronger ands makes you appreciate the value of an education. >> reporter: a prince george's prosecutor and a circuit court judge and now
6:42 pm
woman from the county to serve on the state's high court. governor larry hogan but for michelle, it's not about a position of power sitting in judgment. she says it's about a commitment to service and trying to help people dig a little deeper. >> not creating a brand-new persona, but having to be in touch with the person inside of you because that person can do great things. >> reporter: as part of the message she recently shared with young women in the diamonds leadership program. high schoolmeni mentees who she encouraged to think critically of their choices. >> it shouldn't be easy. it is a life lesson. >> reporter: today this photo sits at her desk. a freeze frame of a key life lesson. graduation day surrounded by the women who taught her that believing in herself could move mountains. you keep this close by today as a reminder. >> as a reminder of, you know, of how far it took to get there and where
6:43 pm
time. >> powerful women in that family. >> indeed, a lot of them. a woman got a summons over something she says wasn't her fault. how many other riders are impacted each month. plus, you might want to know which neighborhood is seeing an increase in these before you head out t it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way. they crashed our economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges our families face. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics.
6:44 pm
nd's next senator.
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6:46 pm
the first time she took vre was the day metro shut down but now a virginia woman could have to pay much more than the 7 bucks she spent on that one ticket. vre says she had an invalid pass and we learned she is not the only one to face those accusations. news 4 darcy spencer reports. >> reporter: every month more than 100 virginia railway express riders get summons to appear in court for fare evasion. that's if they don't pay or have an invalid ticket. they face a $100 fine in court costs. it happened to ralph, he pled guilty. >> i admit i was wrong. harsh for the first time not to get a warning. >> reporter: ceo doug
6:47 pm
10 to 150 summons are issued monthly. >> they are able to prove they have a monthly ticket and we wave about two-thirds of those. it is a small percentage that goes to court. >> reporter: jennifer got one of those summons after riding vre for the fers time during the metro shut down last week. the conductor said her $6.75 ticket was invalid. >> the conductor that i dealt with, you know, really treated me as if i was a criminal. >> reporter: although she said she paid for the ticket about 3:30 in the afternoon, the time stamp said it was purchased at 8:37 that morning. she is adamant she bought it in the afternoon and says her credit card company has verified that. >> i have proof that i actually paid for it. i didn't steal the ticket from someone else or try to reuse it from that morning. >> reporter: she has asked vre to give her a waiver, but hasn't heard back. vre ceo doug allen said he co
6:48 pm
specifically but a process for riders who feel they have been ticketed unfairly. if you get one of these court summons, you have a couple of options. you could pay the fine and court costs or you can go and plead your case before the judge. that's exactly what she plans to do. in alexandria, news 4. this is a story that has dorevdo doreen on edge. be on the look out for bears. several sightings in some neighborhood and just yesterday somebody said they saw a black bear on their patio in vienna. they're calling this two small black bears. i'm not sure. maybe it's the perspective but as doreen noted yesterday, that doesn't look all that small. >> is that a bear picture from fairfax county or a nature -- this type of bear. >> it's not like we live in colorado. we're not used to this. >> no, we aren't. we are not. we are ready for
6:49 pm
weather this weekend, though. >> ready for a busy weekend. >> on your marks, get set, go. >> you want to get out the door early tomorrow. most of our sunshine, the brighter part of this weekend will be the first half. saturday is looking a-okay and it's spring break for the college kids. so, i've got your forecast. i know where you're going. we all know, yeah. ocean city, maryland. take a look. we have a chance for some showers on monday. your high temperature right below that. 59, 60 degrees and then we're dry the mid-part of the week and on friday the end of the week and 60 degrees. you guys make good decisions. pennsylvania green light, west virginia, too. north carolina. this is for your sunday travel day. we've got early day sunshine. the afternoon clouds and overcast heading down to north carolina. near 70 degrees there. west virginia that's where there could be a bit more in the way of some sunshine coming your way. your cup of coffee early tomorrow morning. hope it's hot and a little cool
6:50 pm
so, jacket weather for early part of the day. high temperature going up to 63. delightful on saturday, again. we have most of ours sunshine coming on and still mild. mid-60s. last sunday we were in the 40s, of course, last weekend. we're talking about a little bit of snow. now, sunday night our temperatures dropped to up thor 50s. not too bad. it will stay relatively mild going into early next week. yardwork a-okay for that, too. just prep the ground because too early to put the flowers in the ground just yet. the other thing we're seeing, guys. the pollen count rise. high for trees and moderate for grasses. again a little bit of rain coming our way wednesday and friday of next week. >> packed a lot of information in there. thank you. coming up in sports, the virginia cavaliers have a chance to do something they haven't accomplished in 20
6:51 pm
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we need women in congress. if we want to be heard, it was the women who forced republicans to include women's health and contraceptive coverage in the affordable care act. in congress, i'll fight for pay equity, family leave and tougher gun safety laws. and, as an environmentalist, i'll work combat climate change. i know as a journalist and as a senior executive in business that when women are at the table, we get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfiniy your home for the most live sports. >> maryland bounced out of the tournament, our area hopes to arrive with uva. >> what is the latest? >> yeah. it's been a tough couple days for local college hoops fans. for virginia, they had a
6:54 pm
good team. the last time the hoops made it to the elite eight, 1985. you have to go back to the jeff jones era. some serious history on the line for tony bennett's crew tonight. won't be easy. uva set to face a high-scoring iowa state team. virginia known for their defense, but the cyclones can score, especially their star player who had 28 points in each of iowa state's two tourney victories so far. a matchup of sharply contesting styles and the cavaliers know their styles have to win out, in order to advance. >> we pride ourselves on stopping offense and they pride themselves on offense. >> you know, it's about us doing what we do best versus them doing what they do best. we have to do what we do better at the end of the day. and that's defense. our defense has to stop them from the very first minute. virginia trying to avoid the same pain maryland faced last
6:55 pm
kept it close for a while but couldn't overcome another dismal shooting night. maryland hit 5 of 25 three-point attempts. the loss means the end of the season but for others the end of their collegiate careers. >> i went in the locker room and i was smiling because i was so happy. not just for this team, but for this program. just see how far it has come over the last four years and makes me so proud to be a part of it. >> for them to extend their arms to me and pick me up when i was down. that means a lot to me and i just have nothing but love for all these guys and everyone a part of this program. i have that love for the rest of my life. >> all right, busy evening tonight here on csn. we have the cats and wizards in action. let's start on the ice where capitals clinched first place in their division and their conference and they're about to get even stronger. scary stuff for the rest of the nfl.
6:56 pm
return to the lineup after missing 13 games. carlson and devil team in new j to take on the devils. now, washington certainly has that. >> he looked really, really good out there today. i think that you can tell the extra couple weeks or few weeks has done him good. because when he comes back, he's a game changer for us. >> having him back and playing, especially for the last, hopefully, you know, nine, ten games here. and i think he'll be ready for playoffs. >> 7:00 p.m. start here on csn plus. the wizards and timberwolves from the verizon center. washington in desperate need of a win. they're 2 1/2 games back of the last playoff spot with just 11 games left in the season. wiz also need some momentum after tied a five-game win streak
6:57 pm
>> we have to play in desperation and, of course, we need a little bit of help and we have to put a couple more together like we did for our win streak and bounce back on friday. >> we have to get back on the other win streak. we have another game friday. you know, timberwolves can't look over them. they're playing well. young group. we just have to get back on another winning streak before we head out west. tough times for the wiz. let's lighten things up here a little bit. this is earlier today at chicago cubs spring training. say it with me now, oh. the cubs bringing in young prospects. a pair of 3 1/2 how old bear cubs posing with the team. no word on when those guys will make the big club to start the season. all right, one more note. cavs here on csn tonight. the wizards are on csn plus. both of those games start at 7:00. chris, doreen, send it back to you and see you guys and highlights from those games at 1
6:58 pm
11:00. >> those cubs will terrorize folks in fairfax county. >> i could they say character is what you do when no one is watching.
6:59 pm
their debt to society could have a chance. and fought so hard for criminal justice reform, they named a center after him. and because education was his way out david offered it free to employees. and over 14 years ago began offering them partner benefits. evening the playing field has always been david's mission. in congress it'll be his job. it's not how you run, it's how you live. i'm david trone and i approve this message.
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terror raids and new arrests as authorities scramble to disrupt more deadly plots amid a new warning tonight about the threats to come. also, isis leader killed. the terror group's second in command, its top money man taken out by u.s. special forces. nbc news learning dramatic details on the mission. complete and utter lies. ted cruz slams a tabloid report calling allegations of infidelity garbage, blasting donald trump for stoking false rumors and what donald trump is saying tonight. trouble in paradise. a new warning about dream vacations. families showing up only to be told the place they booked was never for rent. how to spot this scam. and shakespeare mystery. did someone steal part


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