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tv   Today  NBC  March 28, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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try to beat that! from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> oh, it is a fun day monday, march 28th, 2016. my dreams have been answered. >> no. >> matt lauer is here. how many times have you done this show? >> about three times. >> you know exactly how many times you've done it, about three times. matt is joining me today. kath is off. she's in florida in her thong. >> is she really? instagram photos out there? you know you're doing a different kind of show than what we do in the first two
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before we went on the air, hoda says we don't have the paddles. i'm thinking, what is that for? >> i'm going to fill you in later on exactly what. we have a fun show. all the celebrity buzz that happened over the weekend that you might have missed. >> how was your weekend? >> my weekend was good. i was supposed to go to cancun with joel and his daughter and then there was a little flub with the hotel and whatnot. so instead of having two room, we had one room. so i decided i wasn't going to go. >> did they go on without you? >> they went on without me. >> and where did you go? >> i went to west palm beach because i had time. it can be a little weird. when joel comes to my mom's place in rohoboth, sometimes my mom and i sleep in the bed and it's a small place so joe will sleep on a blowup mattress next to the bed. >> like the beverly
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get an extra room at the hotel. what are you saving for? >> then i thought -- because i think he thought that was okay, that maybe we can sleep on the pullout, it will be fine. you never done anything weird like that? >> no, i have. i've ended up where there's like four of us in a room. >> and how did -- >> i don't do well because i snore apparently and by the time the morning come, my entire family is mad at me. >> how big of a snorer are you? >> in my opinion, not big at all. in annette's opinion, a fairly large snorer. i have to say, i did wake myself up the other day. with one of those god awful grunting snores. you think, what was that? then you realize, oh, that was me. it's terrible. >> all right, so i have a question for you. >> uh-huh. >> how well do you know this show? >> you've been on it three times. >> it's fairly well. >> i'll ask you a couple
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questions. >> we name each day of the week. >> this is fun day monday. >> trollop tuesday. >> why are they in the prompter? >> curse your doctor day -- i have no idea. >> booze day tuesday. wine day wednesday. thirsty thursday and finally friday. >> happy to be here on fun day monday. >> okay, they said you're going to learn a lot about somebody if you can answer this one question. close your eyes. picture your childhood bedroom when you were a little boy. >> i can remember it. >> open your eyes and tell me what you see. >> bed on one side, weird little formica built-in unit on the other. lots of apollo space mission paraphernalia on the wall. no farrah fawcett
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>> was it neat as a pin? >> my parents never had to walk in and say clean up your room. i would say wipe your feet before you come in the room. how about yours? >> mine was bunk beds with my sister. we had the kind of sheets that were like the flintstones and snoopy. i used to love putting my face in the pillow, like sheets with all that. >> and cool, you have to have a cool pillow. >> the room was a big mess. >> what kind of pop culture thingses? >> i had two posters. i had barry manilow and erik estrada. >> half the young women in the world had erik estrada. >> but barry manilow. i liked all of his music. >> unusual. hey, can we do something here that i really messed up on? can you help me, right or wrong? friday was gene shalit's 90th birthday. i think
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legend on the "today" show, geno, happy 90th. >> he's in florida? >> no, up in the berkshires i believe. >> oh, my gosh, happy birthday to him. speaking of birthday, someone else celebrated a birthday over the weekend. lady gaga turned 30 years old. she had her fiance there, tailor kinney. john legend, all these people. >> when i hear lady gaga. this is not meant as any insult. i picture her being older because of all she's accomplished. because she did those great duets with tony bennett, the standards. she comes across at times as being older than her age. fascinat s
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30. >> we're going to show pictures and we'll get. we don't have paddles but we'll just guess. >> who was in charge of the paddles? >> julian hough. >> i'm going to say under 30. >> i'll say over 30. >> she's 27. she looks like she's under 30. all right, next one. mila kunis. >> i'm going to say she is, like, just 30. >> i'm saying she's under. go. 32. >> okay. >> all right. >> katy perry. >> that's a hard one. >> what do you think? >> i think she's under 30. >> i am also going under 30. >> what are you? 31. >> oh. how old's justin bieber? >> 22. >> only 22? is that really? he's been on the scene since he was about 15, right?
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>> it was taken during a camp trip. we posted another picture showing him sleeping. >> what do you think of the picture like that? >> i don't think i would have done that. the first thing that struck me was how beautiful the the location is. that would have been where my eye went. you're different. i don't know. i think that's unnecessary probably. >> i do too. i think he one time posted another picture of himself with his tucci oissue tus out. >> i did a twitter thing one time and begged to have some of his twitter followers follow me. and i realized they're all 12 and they didn't know what we do on the t"today" show, like meaningless. if you have that age group follow you. although that is is by the way,
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he's at a distance and he's turn around. it could be worse. >> remember the picture of you in "people" magazine with your shirt off a long time ago? i like that. >> i'm going to go right past it. justin bieber, someone -- i think it was an e-mail, someone sent me an e-mail last week that justin bieber either tweeted or did something on instagram and called me out in some way. >> what, he did? >> i think a week ago or last week. >> we don't have that? >> no, with the paddles, never mind. i was told we might have had that. >> you'll let us know when we have that. they're trying. this is how this show works. >> we just kind of go with it, isn't it? >> someone was saying when they were a guest on the show, they don't know whether we're on the air or off the air because that's what it feels like. there's some clothing that men over 40 need to ditch. all right. we're going to go through the list. which clothing items guys over 40 should not have in their wardrobe anymore. >> just becau
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>> see if you agree. a hoodie. >> i have a hoodie. i have one hoodie. it's kind of a nice hoody. i would say yes, it's touch when you get to be my age to be walking around in a hoody. >> do you wear it on a plane? >> i kind of do. travel hoody. what about you? >> i think guys are okay. depending on who the guy is. there are some guys who can pull it off i think. >> like rock stars. >> flip-flops. you got to have those. >> no. >> no, i do not own flip-flops. >> what do you wear at the beach? >> kind of like van shoes. sort of like beach sneaker type things. it lets you wear black socks with them. you put the little thing through. i see that a lot. go to disneyland.
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do people wear those when they're younger? >> maybe just big shoulder type thing? >> i guess. >> no, the style today is narrower. i would say that would be no. >> parkas? >> yeah, cold out. >> your all time favorite, the matt lauer beanie hat. >> you're not supposed to wear those over 40? wait a minute, that was at sochi. that was a weird one. that was meant to look stupid. >> no, i don't think so. >> yes, it was. >> that wasn't a fashion statement. i wore a beanie -- >> i wanted that picture but no one could get it. it's with the paddle and your other thing. all right, do we have time to do the dish washing stuff? we can do it. okay. so there is a right way and a wrong way to load a dishwasher apparently. >> this is my job, i load the dishwash dishwasher. tell me what i'm doing wrong. >> the director for good housekeeping institute, these are the mistakes we make. they say you do not need
10:11 am
scrape the food off, stick it in. scrape the food off, stick it in. >> i run really hot water just to give it a little bit of -- that's because i'm always afraid you're going to get the clean one out and look and it's still going to have things. the dishwashers today are so good that technically you don't have to do that. >> they say when you're putting your flat ware in the dishwasher. there's a way to do it. they say the knives should be blade down. >> that's for good reason. so you don't cut yourself. forks should be up. >> why? >> i don't know. because it cleans it better, right? and then spoons you should mix them up, up and down, because if they're all down and they're together -- >> then they spoon. thus the name spooning. >> is that it? that was all the info we have? >> wow. so what they basically give you is the bullet points on a study like that but don't explain the answers to you? >> right. what do we have? oh, we have to go. cheapers, whatever it is in your
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honey treasures. wholesome loving care blended for naturally beautiful hair. find your blend. all right, from a rescue at the beach to batman's heroic rescue at the box office, celebrities left no shortage of topics to dish about on a busy easter weekend. >> that's what's in today's buzz. here is the editor in chief. hugh jack man was quite the hero this week, right? >> that's right. he was hanging out with his family at bondi beach. what was supposed to be a relaxing weekend turned out to be anything but. looks like some really strong currents, riptides, came in in the afternoon. he had to rescue his
10:16 am
with other swimmers that were there. everybody was safe and sound. it seems that the pr team for jackman said this was no big deal, that the press was just making a hoopla out of it. the problem is they ended up closing the beach so i don't think it was that big -- it was -- >> that was a big deal. >> it was a big deal. so ultimately, the lifeguards are very thankful and grateful to him but i think jackman was more grateful that his kids were fine and everybody else. >> this is a quote from him. his camp says he and his family are 100% fine. >> all right. so we also have the voice, a lot going on in the voice. a couple of people leaving as coaches. >> alicia keys and miley cyrus. they'll replace pharrell williams and christina aguilera. this is the first too many a pair of female coaches will be on the show
10:17 am
miley and alish sha are no strangers to "the voice." i think these are two great picks. miley, five number one albums, huge fan base, hospital of the vmas, snl. alicia keys, 15 grammy awards, over 35 million albums sold. >> don't people want to see gwen and blake together? good news for her, right, her record was number one. >> this is what the truth feels like landed as number one on her solo album, the top bill board 100 now. she's like one of the few artists that had a band that reached number one and a solo artist as well at number one. >> can we talk about some of the reviews that have come in for "ba "batman versus superman" because they were scathing. they took no prisoners on this
10:18 am
and yet. >> $421 million globally. critics demolished it. it's significant for a variety of reasons. number one, besides it being panned by the critic, fans liked it. it broke several records. it's the fourth largest global opening of any film globally in history. it's the largest highest grossing superhero film of all time including "the avengers." it's the highest grossing film in march. >> what problems did they have it? >> i think a lot of comic fans are purists. i think it's the anticipation of seeing two of the biggest heroes in one single film. warner brothers is going to be very happy about this. time warners stock just rose. this is the setup that's going to jump start the franchise to conclude with justice league which is the equivalent of the avengers that marvel has. >> is your phone ringing? >> find out if you're the lucky fan of the week. >> have you ever wanted to change your
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oh, it's time to surprise our fan of the week. >> can we have a drum roll please? >> spin it. >> and find out where it's landed. >> in wichita falls, texas. >> that's where our fan is, tracy hughes. >> hi, tracy. >> oh, my god, hi. >> hi. >> that's what i did we i found out i was co-hosting with hoda today. it's the same reaction. all right, tracy, are you ready?
10:23 am
all right, brace yourself and calm down. tell everyone why you were chosen. she loves this show so much that when she was working full time, she would sneak watch every day. that's pretending you're working, watching on the side. thankfully now she's retired, she can watch from the comfort of her own home. she also says her pets enjoy watching just as much as she does. why not? >> tracy's favorite segments are guys tell all ambush makeover and she's planning on taking her loving sister with her if she wins this grand prize. >> oh, that's cool. >> tracy, do you also watch the first two hours of the show? >> no. >> yes, i do. >> oh, you do? >> okay, because that would have directly impacted the difficulty of the question we were going to ask you. now you get an easy one. do you like the first two hours of the show? >> yes, i do. >> you have 15 seconds and one guess to get the answer correct to win a grand prize. are you ready? >> all right, here we go
10:24 am
land very special to her which was featured on our show in the series last week. did she go to poughkeepsie, israel or australia? >> israel. >> yes, she did, yes. >> way to go, tracy. you have now won based on that answer a fabulous vacation. you and a guess, which i believe you said is your sister are going to head to palm harbor florida where you'll spend four days and five nights. that is a 900 acres of rolling hills. located just outside of tampa. >> included is a round of golf for two as well as round trip airfare. are you excited? >> yes, yes, yes, yes! >> tracy, what's your favorite show? >> "today"! >> tracy, thanks, have a great time with your sis, all right? coming up, the golden globe winning star of "crazy ex-girlfri
10:25 am
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hey, it's fun day monday. we're back with matt lauer who are counting the minutes. >> no, this is fun. >> he's filling in for kathie lee today. if you've ever wanted to change how your partner dresses, you've come to the right place. >> we found two couples who wanted some help dressing their significant others. they had a little problem with the way they dressed. so a little help from our fashion experts. they all went shopping. helping the guys choose a new look for their ladies is "today" contributor lilliana vasquez. >> and the author of "change your look change your life." >> this is every woman's dream, right, she gets to pick the perfect outfit for her man. >> they get t
10:31 am
the way they really want them to dress so who doesn't love that. >> it's not that they dress terribly. just little things they wanted to change. >> they wanted to enhance their style. >> right. >> so we're going to bring out naomi and bill first. neither of them have seen either outfit, right? you were blindfolding them the entire time. >> you haven't seen it either? >> naomi what did you not like about the way bill dressed? >> he's an being anaccu puncture dresses in all black. which is great for his clients. but he adopted it for every day life. so i'd like to see a little print, color. >> what didn't you like about the way naomi dressed? >> not very much. no, naomi's very fashionable. she's a dancer and an actress so she dresses up for a living.
10:32 am
something more structured. >> drop your robe first. you haven't seen her yet, right? reveal. >> oh. >> oh, that is hot. >> all right. go by your man. >> bill's going to have a fun afternoon. go ahead. >> got it? >> aw. >> so cute. >> come here, cutie. >> what do you think? >> yes, i would totally wear this. it's not black. excellent. thank you, george. >> all right, we're going to bring out our next couple. >> i think we have tracy and paolo. >> what bothered you a little bit about how tracy dresses? >> it doesn't bother me but she is veryoc
10:33 am
lots of black. i would love to see her in something more elegant. kind like robin wright in "house of cards." >> color, too? >> absolutely. >> what do you not like about the way your man dresses? >> he's hot and knows how to dress himself. he goes into a store and either brings out black, white or gray. i'd like to see color. something quirky. >> you want to just stand there and take the robe off? oh, come on, girl. yes. >> now this is hot. >> robin wright, olivia pope. >> i like the shoes. >> i think it looks beautiful. look at her. >> wow. do you like the way she looks? >> i think she looks amazing. >> all right, ready? >> oh, my gosh. >> that's beautiful. >> all right, come on, step up.
10:34 am
thank you, george. >> so dapper. >> i would pick this tie out. i think it's a little loud but i would give it a shot if tracy likes it. >> i love it, i love it, it's hot. >> tell us about why this outfit. >> so this suit, combat gentlemen. you can get it online. it's blue, not too crazy color. the tie in this floral print pops it a little bit. i feel like he can pull it off because it is just a blue suit, you know what i mean, with a floral tie. you got to have the little fl r flower pin on the lapel. >> you want to look good as a couple. to me, this couple looks hot and ready for spring. >> by the way, i love these outfits. you have great taste. >> they look beautiful, don't they? >> you did a great job. >> well done. >> all right, it's time for this crazy ex-girlfriend to move on.
10:35 am
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was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto®. rachel bloom burst on the scene this year winning the golden globe for best actress in a musical comedy. it's called "crazy ex-girlfriend." by the way, she also co-created it. she's an executive producer, writer. >> she plays rebecca, a lawyer who follows h
10:40 am
california. but this week, she finally realized it may be time to move on. >> why are you throwing out all this stuff? >> i told you, i'm going cold turkey. i'm done. it's not good for me and you know that. >> you have to keep the macaroni portrait, it took you weeks. >> no, i'm breaking my old patterns. >> what does that even mean? >> i realized a lot of things on my trip to new york while i was in a bumper sticker store. okay, but you're right about this, actually, it had a lot of dry goods on it, it might be useful, so i will keep it. everything else goes in the trash. >> you are so good. i love so many things about this show. i was just watching in my dressing room. all i can think is i want to be friends with you. you sing, you're funny. we can do a hang. >> i'm fine with that. what are you doing now? >> nothing. >> let's go, i don't
10:41 am
>> how pathetic. she sits in her dressing room and says i want to be friends with someone i'm watching on tv. >> i do. i have to tell you, i love so many things about this. first of all, the musical part of this. there are songs that are full-on dance numbers that burst out in the middle of some dialogue. it's like a real musical. >> yeah, we try to craft the show. oh, yeah. >> come on, girl. >> so this is called jazz battle. this is a rap battle between two jewish americans. the lyrics are written by my friend sack sherwin who's a brilliant jewish comedy rapper, very hasidic. >> come on. >> do you think it's a fact most of the people in this cast have some kind of theater background that makes it possible to try all these weird things? >> absolutely. we have the most talented cast in the world. we've only written their characters around their talents. for instance, vincent rodriguez, he plays josh, when we were casting for the role, we
10:42 am
could be able to sing, be able to rap. we found vince and vince is an acrob acrobat, he has three black belts, he does magic, he sings, he plays guitar, he raps. for most of the time, he was working as the dance captain in touring musicals. so this is a guy who can do anything. so, like, did we start out the series thinking we were going to do a boy band number starring josh? no. i think he might have been asleep and we woke him up and we were like, vince, do the boy band. he's like, what? >> the premise of this is you were actually chasing this young kid who -- when you were little and you were in summer camp, you had a big crush on him and you just packed up and followed him. meantime, you're an accomplished woman but you still felt the need to do that. is there anything that parallels your real life here? >> thank god, no. i mean, yeah. that's me. >> i love that you are
10:43 am
yourself. >> by the way, like any actor who's like, i don't like attention, i just do it for the art, it's not true. you're doing it for the art, be a writer. >> all right, so you're going to love this game. we're going to play a game. in the game, you're going to finish the lyrics. every song has the word crazy in it. >> yeah, yeah, yeah, i'm tragically uncool so i'm really excited. >> you've been briefed on this? >> i've been briefed on it. >> the first song -- again, you have to finish this. crazy in love by beyonce. here we go. ♪ crazy right now ♪ got me looking so crazy right now ♪ ♪ got me looking so crazy right now ♪ ♪ your love's got me looking so crazy right now ♪ oh. ♪ got me crazy in love ♪ looking so crazy in love >> that's close enough. close enough. >> hey what is it actually? >> looking so crazy in love, got me looking, got me looking so crazy in love. >> i really was just guessing it. >> the
10:44 am
crazy" by britney spears. ♪ drive me crazy i just can't think ♪ ♪ i'm in too deep ♪ crazy ♪ but it feels all right ♪ baby thinking of you keeps me up all night ♪ >> very nice. >> that was good. >> all right, we have time for one more. >> this is a classic. patsy cline singing "crazy." ♪ crazy i'm crazy for feeling so lonely ♪ >> crazy for lying, crazy for dying. >> why are you helping her? >> i'm crazy for lying and i'm crazy for dying. [ buzzer ] >> no, she led you astray. >> what is it? >> it's "i'm crazy, crazy for feeling so blue." >> that's what i was going
10:45 am
say. hoda. >> we're not even friends anymore, ridiculous. >> she never said she would be your friend. it didn't actually happen. >> i just said we'd hang out and i'd audition you. >> "crazy ex-girlfriend" airs tonight on the cw. >> all right. we move on. as if their job wasn't dangerous enough, how about surviving a heart attack at sea? >> yes, the new season of the deadliest catch is right after this. there's a place for vacationers who seek more than just a little time off. the ones who choose to go big or stay home. ♪ come with me now... where every amazing, despicable, wizarding adventure reveals moments that are truly epic. this place is made for those who do more than just vacation. ♪ whoa go with me now it's made for those who vacation like they mean it. universal orlando resort. introducing oikos crunch. greek nonfat yogurt with delicious crunchy toppings
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narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
10:50 am
full disclosure, they never mentioned this in the preproduction meeting, that we were going to be sitting in boats for this. >> how about saying this, ready? >> holy crab. it's one of the most dangerous jobs in america. discovery channel 16-time emmy-winning series deadliest catch. follows the real-life events aboard fishing vessels in alaska's bering sea during the crab fishing season. >> we're here with
10:51 am
veteran captain of the northeastern who, by the way, suffered a heart attack at sea earlier this month. >> and 23-year-old sean dwyer, the youngest captain in the fleet. >> can we just start, this is no laughing matter here. they call it the widow maker. there's a lot people who do not survive a heart attack like that and you had it out at sea. >> it was our final hour, we were on our way in. no, you're right, i was lucky. that was a 50/50 chance. >> what happened? you just felt this clenching in your chest? >> yeah, it felt like a massive heartburn, just all this stuff through my neck, just clenched over. it was terrible. but i'm still here. i'm too stubborn to die. >> not on tv. >> i love the show, i really do. i watch it a lot. one of the things i like, it's not just a fishing show, it's about the live also of the people out to sea. your personal story. your dad passed away i think three years ago? >> just about, t.
10:52 am
for the first time. talk about the pressure of that, the family doing what you do. >> there's a lot of pressure for sure. i'm doing what i love so that makes it easier, you know, and i enjoy it so it definitely makes it eahe'easier to get through i. >> sometimes when you talk about young captains, there's something special about this guy, right? >> well, he needed the quota, he needed crab to catch. we provided that for him. at the same time, you know, i've been there myself. i know what it's like, take over the family business. so i have a little sympathy there. but i also used him. it's like i give him the quota and now you go out and catch it and if you don't catch it, you're done. >> can we talk back to when you were on the boat and you had the heart attack? your daughter was there along with you, wasn't she? >> she was there during the season and she was actually home at the time. >> home at the time. >> and i'm glad she wasn't on board when that happened. happiest day of my life is when she leaves the bo.
10:53 am
>> yeah, i don't want her there, no. >> why? >> it's dangerous and it's not something you want to see a young kid -- i don't care, man or woman, it's a tough job. >> sean, i like to fish. there's nothing better than the moment you realize you've got something on the line. describe the feeling when you bring up a haul and you see that it's a good one. >> it's a relief, you know. there's a lot of pressure. a lot of people looking back at you when you're setting those pots. when they come up and they've got crab, it's -- yeah, it's good. >> you're probably surprised at how many different types of people watch this show. do celebs ever come to you and say, hey, sig, i'm a big fan? who does? >> tom hanks is a big fan. all those -- it's all across the board, everywhere. even downstairs, the lady officer that was guarding, like, oh, we love you. it's so flattering, you know? >> most importantly, just really happy that you're doing okay. and you're
10:54 am
please take care of yourself. >> it's tough. i mean, the medicine is hard to get used to. but you do see life a little differently. lucky guy. >> thanks for coming to see us. the 12th season of "deadliest catch" premieres tomorrow night on the discovery channel. >> a lot more ahead. actually not that much more ahead. but first, this is "today" on nbc. >> a lot more. ♪ ♪ light & fit, 15 delicious flavors, each 80 calories. try to beat that!
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10:56 am
10:57 am
how much fun was today? >> it was great. when you get out of a boat, you feel like you're still rocking sometimes. >> is that happening? >> yes, that was a lot of fun. >> come back any time you feel like it. >> happy to do it. >> all right. >> tomorrow you have more great things? >> best selling author tony robins will be here. we'll have elvis durant. >> and savannah. >> she doesn't know what she's in for. >> she's looking forward to
10:58 am
that was fun. is that it? >> that's it. >> why can't we talk more? >> because we're running out of time. >> don't go. >> see you but jamie raskin is the only democrat for congress who's authored landmark progressive laws -- marriage equality, equal pay for women, green maryland act, assault weapons ban, and more. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message.
10:59 am
11:00 am
right now a pedestrian killed by a train and major problems on the tracks. why the pedestrian shouldn't have been there in the first place. the mayor of gilchrist, the big impact of a nuclear security summit and how you can avoid trouble. rain washed the polin away. rain this afternoon, and it will be getting windy. rain didn't stop parents and children from having a good


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