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tv   Today  NBC  March 29, 2016 7:00am-9:08am EDT

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nteed discount. good morning. breaking right now in egypt, airjet hijacked and forced to land in cyprus. passengers and crew members being held hostage. 50 others safely released. are the eight americans on the flight among them? we're live as the story unfolds. the fbi breaks into the iphone of one of the san bernardino shooters. should the government now tell apple about the weak spot in its security? blown away. high winds battle the northeast. 50 miles per hour gusts knocking down trees, damaging homes and delaying flights, with more on the way today,
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everybody. welcome to "today" on a tuesday morning. we've got breaking news. we want to get right to it. that is a live look at the hijacked egyptairplane, sitting on the tarmac. the hijacker is reportedly carrying explosives and making demands. rehema ellis has the latest. >> this situation has been unfolding all night and into the morning. authorities say the hijacker's motive appears to be of a personal nature, not terrorism. nonetheless, officials say they can't take any risk and they're proceeding with extreme caution. >> reporter:
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ms181, from alexandria, was hijacked. an early hopeful sign, most passengers, including women and children, were allowed to get off the plane, leaving the hijacker, plane crew, one security officer and three foreigners on board. eight americans originally on the flight, according to egypt's civil aviation. not clear if they are among the three still on the plane. and the motive for the hijacking, it appears to be personal. the president ruling out terrorism, saying, quote, it's all to do with a woman. he added, the hijacker is not a terrorist, but an idiot. the cyprus ministry of foreign affairs identified the hijacker as seif eldin mustafa. the elstranged wife is
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wants to speak with her. this incident puts egyptian airport security back in the public eye. last october, a russian passenger jet crashed after taking off fr, and isis claimed responsibility for downing the jet. raising questions about how explosives made it on board. >> again, there is no confirmation of the nationality of the passengers that remain postage. aviation safety network is reporting this is the eighth hijacking involving an egyptairplane going back to 1976. flights are being diverted from that airport in cyprus. savannah? >> rehema ellis, thank you. >> to be clear, we believe at this moment, there are at least seven, if not more people, still on the plane. nbc news analyst clint is a former negotiator with the fbi. good morning. this is your area of rt
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hijacker now? what are they telling him? what are they asking him? >> i don't want to get ahead of the power curve on this one, but this is the type of situation authorities should feel pretty good about. if it is a domestic situation, he's demanding to talk to his ex-wife, supposedly he has children there by her, he's written a four-page letter that he threw out, demanding she come. these are demands, these are situations law enforcement can deal with. they have to be careful not to introduce the wife into an environment where she could be hurt, they could have an argument leading to somebody else being injured. i would think negotiators are fairly comfortable if, in fact, it stays a domestic situation and not a demand for the release of political prisoners, as some international media is suggesting is also included in this. >> i'm curious, clint, what the negotiator does in a situation like this. where you have this
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speak to the ex-wife. do you as the negotiator put her on the phone or does that, as you mentioned, potentially escalate all of it? >> you need to know a lot about the ex-wife. i've done this exact same thing before with a relative. you have to get the relative, in this case the ex-wife, debrief her, find out what the relationship is. is it stormy, fiery? you know, are they really upset with each other? you know, the big question, of course, is why didn't he buy an airplane ticket to cyprus if he wanted to see his ex-wife? there's something else involved other than, put her on the phone and let me talk to her. again, these are all things that can be resolved. the positive thing is upwards of 50 people have been released. part of the reason is why that's such a logistic nightmare for one hijacker. it's a wise thing to let a lot of people off the plane. he's kept just enough to probably guarantee his own safety. of course, there is
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explosive belt? when the fbi looked at these over a lengthy period of years, we found out that most people who threaten a device don't have it. but, again, you can't bet your life or the life of a dozen or a hundred people on that statistic. >> how long do they let something like this go, clint? i mean, how long are they willing to talk to this guy before they think they've reached some kind of a dead end and do something more aggress e aggressive? >> they're in a good position right now, matt. cyprus is about six hours ahead of east coast time. there is plenty of daylight. you know, cyprus is small enough. they could have got the wife. they could have got her, debriefed her. the question is, do you let her go on the plane? do you let her talk on the phone? matt, we had a hijacking one time in the fbi, an individual had a plane full of passengers. we eventually talked him out for a pack of cigarettes. there is a lot of things, a lot of reasons, that a good negotiator c
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>> clint, always good to have your perspective because you've been there and done that, as they say. thank you very much. we'll have the latest from the scene throughout the morning. we'll move to politics and the next battleground in the presidential race. the candidates are barn storming wisconsin with that state's primary one week away. hallie jackson is there. good morning. >> hi there, savannah. good morning. donald trump will be in wisconsin for what he says will be a week of campaigning, with the state's pivotal primary on tuesday. later, scott walker is expected to make an endorsement announcement, all setting up a badger state battle. for donald trump and ted cruz, the fight is far from over. >> reporter: donald trump now insisting the war over wives isn't his fault. >> i never want to go there. i never started it. ted cruz started it. >> reporter: the front runner refusing to back down as the republican race gets more
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because he's losing big. >> reporter: in wisconsin, ted cruz still forcefully denying unsubstantiated article claiming extramarital affairs. >> donald trump is a serial flanderer. >> if the answer is i have always been faithful. >> i realize you want to go into the gutter. it was a total lie planted by donald trump's henchman. i don't think the people of wisconsin or people of america have interest in tabloid trash. >> reporter: cruz instead talking about jobs, as he demands to take on trump one on one tonight in milwaukee. >> donald, show up and debate like a man. >> reporter: wisconsin, a battleground, with trump planning to spend the next week here, he
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starting in jamesville, where protests have already begun. john kasich looking toward november. >> what good does it do to win a primary in a narrow way and get your brains beat out in the general? >> reporter: hillary clinton taking aim across the aisle. >> it'll set the republican party back if donald trump is their standard bearer, but donald trump didn't come out of nowhere. >> reporter: president obama taking on the tone of 2016. >> i know i'm not the only one who may be more than a little dismayed about what's happening on the campaign trail right now. the often vulgar rhetoric that's aimed at everybody, but often is focused on the vulnerable or women or minorities. >> and new this morning, our nbc news surveymonkey online poll shows clintondi
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six points, which is the smallest gap. donald trump is still on top for the republicans. if he were to go up against hillary clinton in a general election matchup, the polls show 30% of republican voters would seriously consider a third-party candidate. >> hallie jackson on the trail, thank you. let's turn to chuck todd, moderator of "meet the press." >> good morning. >> wisconsin is important because of the momentum issue. >> it's not a delegate fight in many cases. it is about momentum for both sides. about whether sanders can win another state, a primary. wisconsin is sitting there by hi itself. it's like iowa and new hampshire, by itself. it'll get extra attention. the winners of the primaries will feel some momentum going into what will be a bunch of states on the calendar later in april. >> because it's a stand alone contest, chuck, the candidates have a chance to spend time there. >> they will. >> where will they go? >> what's inre
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for instance, i love this, donald trump is going to be in jamesville. why do we care? >> hometown. >> hometown of paul ryan. this is the home of the reagan democrats when you think about places like the midwest. that's a place where trump wants to be. little awkward if he carries the district. also a place bernie sanders is going to be. if you're ted cruz or kasich or the not trump movement, you're hoping sanders does well because he can take trump voters away. it's a new hampshire all over again. >> let's talk about wisconsin as you come to the desk. republican radio in wisconsin, donald trump really ran into a buzz saw yesterday. >> the not trump movement. >> several hosted pretty tough interviews with him. >> especially the one host, charlie, the local conservative movement guy. look, this is what wisconsin is about. donald trump versus never trump. it's not about ted cruz. both sidespe
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win wisconsin to prove they have the juice either in trump's case, that he's going to be able to do this without a contested convention, or the not trump case, that they can stop him. wisconsin is that pivotal in the momentum factor in that story. >> chuck, thank you very much. let's now turn to the investigation into the terror attacks in brussels. this morning, the only suspect charged directly in connection with the massacre has been released. belgian authorities admitting they had the wrong man. keir simmons has more on that and the rest of the investigation. good morning. >> good morning. this morning, belgian investigators do not appear to know the identity of their prime suspect, the man seen in the airport security video. a lawyer for the man you mentioned, who was arrested and then released, saying his client doesn't look like the suspect, leaving police here with the question, who is the man in white? >> reporter: a week since the security video was
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in white, seen at the airport with the two suicide bombers. in a stunning setback, officials releasing the only suspect charged with terrorist murder in connection with the brussels attacks. prosecutors saying there is insufficient evidence to keep him in custody. one belgian terrorism analyst telling me the man in white could have concealed his identity. >> the fact he's wearing heavy glasses, a cap on his hat, might even use a fake beard. could be this guy was always meant to escape the attack. >> reporter: seven days since this subway station was targeted by a suicide bomber, commuters and employees struggling to make sense of zblit it. >> did the authorities do enough to protect you? >> i don't know, to be honest. >> reporter: the airport is expected to reopen today but remains closed. airport workers given a standing ovation at a service for the victims. as they, too, now are asking searching questions. >> w i
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we knew it would happen in belgium. the only security they put there was a few army people. it was not enough. it was terrifying because we knew the security was so bad. >> reporter: this morning, a minute of silence. brussels and paris standing together, while critics of the authorities increasingly speaking out. >> the authorities do still seem to have crucial clues to follow, matt. look again at a still from the security camera footage. there, you can see, the two suicide bombers are wearing gloves on one hand. that, the analyst i spoke to told me, might be to conceal a detonator. the man in white is not wearing gloves. that raises many questions. did he always intend to get away? did he leave fingerprints? matt? >> keir simmons in brussels for us this morning. thanks so much. charges have been filed against the man who pulled a gun
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senator and spot by police. the incident leading to a frightening scene as the building was placed on lockdown. peter alexander is there. good morning. >> good morning to you. we just hung up with capitol police and they tell us the visitor center, just behind us here beneath this plaza, will reopen as planned this morning. the suspect, larry dawson was shot and in critical condition this morning. the terrifying moments playing out at one of the busiest times of year, the heart of the cherry blossom festival, with tons of tourists in the area. >> reporter: panic inside the visitors center, police drawing their guns, tourists rushing for safety. >> we heard yelling, stop, stop, and leave running, as fast as they could, ten of them. running by with guns. >> reporter: new details about larry dawson. the
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approached the screening area at the visitor scenter. >> the weapon was pointed at officers. an officer fired and struck the suspect. >> reporter: a woman was also injured by flying shrapnel. dawson was rushed to the hospital. the suspect's weapon was a realistic looking pellet gun. dawson's neighbors were stunned. >> he has two lives that he leaves. >> reporter: dawson, listed as a pastor as a community church in antioch, tennessee, was arrested for this outburst last october in the gallery, overlooking the floor of the house of representatives. dawson was ordered to stay away from the capitol. this map highlighting the no-go zone. >> i'm larry dawson. >> reporter: a tennessee state board denied him application for a funeral certification. daws
7:17 am
order, after tellingt god told supposed to sleep with her. the visitor center in the capitol was built in part to a shooting where two officers were killed. >> there is no reason to believe that this is anything more than a criminal act. >> congress, of course, was in recess at the time. no lawmakers were ever in any danger. ironically, this happened a matter of hours after an active shooting drill here at the capitol. >> unfortunately, something they're ready for. peter alexander, thank you. there is a growing backlash over a controversial transgender law in north carolina. several u.s. cities are vowing not to send their workers there. north carolina became the first state to enact a measure requiring people to use bathrooms in public facilities that matched the gender on their birth certificate. a controversial issue in the
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some businesses areeani cut tie the nba might move next year's all-star game out of charlotte. in georgia, a similar controversy with the opposite outcome. where the governor on monday vetoed a divisive religious rights bill. frightening moments on monday after a chain reaction crash that sent a car careening into a bus. this happened in south los angeles. two cars collided with each other, and then one slammed into a bus and exploded into flames. two police officers and a good samaritan jumped into action, pulling two people from the burning car. >> it was crazy. a lot of people coming. they were trying to help. i was talking to him and trying to get the knife. he carry a knife, and i was trying to cut the belt for the driver. >> the bus driver was the only one aboard at the time. some witnesses believe street racing may be to blame for the crash. like th
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al roker is returning after a few days back. >> i feel much refreshed. >> good to have you back. >> we have some winds at our back causing big problems. this sufficien taking down powed winds, and they'll last through today. suffolkthe high pressure over counties. we've got wind gusts 20-30 miles per hour. gusts at 50. look for that. we've got cooler airplane around the high pressure system. the return flow of air brings temperatures anywhere from 10-20 degrees above average through the midwest, out west. it stays cold and we've got a big snowstorm to talk about in the rockies into wyoming. some places will pick up to a foot or more of snow. we'll get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds.
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good morning, i'm i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell sun's up and a mostly clear sky in washington. it will be a cool and breezy trip on your way to work and school today. current temperatures 43 in gaithersburg. 46 at joint base andrews. a cool start, a breezy day coming. not quite as windy as yesterday. not quite as warm. highs today in the upper 50s and low 60s. you'll need your wind >> that's your latest weather.
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>> al, thank you. still ahead, the the iphone the san bernardino suspects. what will it reveal? should the government tell apple how they managed to unlock the device? also ahead, more on the hijacking of an egyptair jet. hostages still held now. we'll have the latest from the scene. first on a tuesday morning, this is "today" on nbc. wall street. the nra. they're powerful. they usually get their way.
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coming up, a 9-year-old girl who completed a grueling obstacle course designed by nay syseals for adults. her feet and why it's not without controversy.
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we just like cereal. (laughing) and now in delicious chocolate. 7:26 is your time on this tuesday march 28th, 2016, good morning i'm eun yang. >> in the news for today the u.s. capitol visitors center will reopen today after yesterday's officer involved shooting. a pastor from tennessee facing charges after police say he brought a pellet gun into the visitor center. police shot and arrested larry dawson yesterday afternoon. he is in critical condition, he's expected to appear in a d.c. courtroom after he's released from the hospital. a virus is forcing hospitals in the area to shut down their computers. it prevents certain users from logging
7:27 am
agents say there's no sign per was stolen. staff members are using back up paper systems. >> let's check the commute with melissa mollet. >> we're slow at 95 parkway at prince william parkway. we're slow northbound through that area. eastbound independence avenue, we do have a slow down there with a brand-new crash. old ox road at beaver meadow that one is also still hanging around. beltway looking typical for this time of day. >> all right, thank you we'll have a look at your forecast next.
7:28 am
plenty of sunshine out there l. a breezy day. current temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. as you plan out your day, plan on sunshine. current temperatures for
7:29 am
tomorrow morning, some of the out lying rural areas could be down nea r
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7:30 now on a tuesday morning. it is the 29th of march, 2016. this is a live shot from cyprus, where there is an ongoing hijacking situation. we have a guy on board that plane. hijacked it in egypt, had it flown to cyprus. at one point, up to 55 passengers on board. many of those have now been released, but the hijacker, though we can see activity, is said to still be on board, holding between seven and eight people. >> that's right. again, this flight had taken off from alexandria, egypt, supposed to land in cairo. was forced to fly to cyprus instead. eight americans were on board. we don't know whether any of them are still on board. >> rehema ellis is keeping
7:31 am
eye on the unfoil,io we should t moments ago, it appears as though someone was coming from the cockpit of this plane. i don't know if we have pictures of that that we can share with the viewers. as you mentioned, there have been 55 passengers on board the plane. the majority of them, the good news is, the majority had been allowed to get off the plane. many of them women and children. seven people remained, including the pilot, a flight attendant, one security officer. we're told three passengers. we do not know the nationality of the passengers. we were told there were eight americans on board. we are also told the identity of the hijacker is seif eldin mustafa. his nationality is not known. authorities say his motive is personal and not terrorism. nonetheless, they are behaving and proceeding with extreme caution. authorities say the hijacker is estranged from his wife, apparently from cyprus, and that he has requested to
7:32 am
her. again, most ofheer only seven people remain. three of them passengers. don't know the nationality of them yet. >> don't know if you see the video, but one person came down the stairway and another climbed out of the cockpit window and escaped. >> it appeared several people, maybe two or three, came down the stairs. then somebody, as you mentioned, seemed to come out on the left side of the airport there. now we're seeing it. >> through the kcockpit window. something is happening. this is a story, rehema, we'll continue to follow. >> absolutely. i can see it happening now. what happened just a few moments ago. thanks, matt. >> rehema, thank you. also this morning, the legal standoff between the government and apple is over. the fbi says it has managed to access data on a phone used by one of the san bernardino shooters without t
7:33 am
find? pete will jaiams is nbc's justi correspondent. what are you hearing? >> the main fact is the fbi entrae extracted data. it'll take a while to uncode it, but the battle is over. >> reporter: in a statement, we have more answers than we had before. the justice department had been demanding apple write software to help the fbi unlock the device. >> created zones of complete privacy, which sounds awesome until you think about it. those zones prohibit any government action. >> reporter: apple fought back hard. the company's ceo tim cook said it would undermine the security of all iphones. >> we need
7:34 am
how much power the data. >> reporter: last week, the justice department said an unnamed third-party came forward with a possible alternative for unlocking the phone, and the idea worked, allowing the fbi to extract die that from syed farook's phone. apple says the government shouldn't have brought the case in the first place. saying, people in the united states and around the world deserve data protection, security and privacy. sacrificing one for the other puts people and countries at greater risk. >> the government won't say what the method was or who suggested it, and whether it works with only iphone 5cs, like this one, the kind that farook left behind. the fbi is likely to use this idea again to help police nationwide trying to unlock iphones that contains important evidence. >> they can classify this technique to use again, or share the technique with apple. i
7:35 am
iphones. the fbi will probably try to see if this will work again. one question is, does it work only with 5cs and the ios 9 operating system on his phone, or is this a master key that can unlock phones? i think the fbi will want to continue to try to use this before it eventually probably will tell apple how it did it. >> pete williams, thank you. let's turn to grant, a senior vice president at the senior advisory firm. good to have your expertise on this. who might be the person that helps the fbi unlock this code? are you talking about a retired software engineer? could it be a wiz kid in a basement somewhere? >> if you read the government's statement, it's intriguing. they talk about, it could be a foreign government, potentially friendly to the united states. it could be a cyber s
7:36 am
a lot less likely, b sometimes hackers finding vulnerabilities and sell them to governments. >> go ahead. >> we don't know that. what we do know is this is what apple was afraid of all along. that if you gave access to this iphone, it would create a backdoor that would make all iphones accessible to data, putting all our personal data at risk. >> i can barely retrieve my own e-mails, but i've read perhaps the way they went about this -- you and nod your head -- they create a digital copy of that iphone and then they use that digital copy to try to crack the password. they crack it until the nine wrong passwords, where it would shut down, and create another copy. >> there is this digital self-detruself-d self-destruct system in the iphone. if you get ten passwords wrong in a row, you're locked out of the system and it erases your data. the reality is no system is impenetrable. what the government has done
7:37 am
creating -- and by using this technique, they sliced ov e ed iphone and copied it an unlimited number of times. you go through all the possible combinations out there until you find the right pincode to get into the system. >> let's bring this back to earth for those of us not proficient in technical stuff. if i'm worried about being hacked, what is the best security? should i use the fingerprint technolo technology? >> we recommend at rsa not to use the simple pin numbers. there are great authentication methods that are stronger, such as touchid, or using other biometric systems based upon who you are, not just a four digit passcode. >> grant, thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> good to see you. let's get a check of the weather from mr. roker. >> guys, thanks
7:38 am
coming in tomorrow from des moines, to houston, new orleans. upwards of 30 million people at risk for severe storms. and that goes on into thursday from alexandria, new orleans, panama city into parts of georgia. 12 million people at risk for severe weather. strong storms and can't rule out an isolated tornado or two and heavy rain stretching from little rock to atlanta. some places picking up three to four inches. locally it could be up to six inches. that's what's going on around the country, here's what's going on around your neck of the woods. >> sunny and cool this morning, temperatures are in the mid to upper 40s. northwesterly breeze will make it a blustery day. not as windy as yesterday. highs today high 50s to low 60s. a cold start tomorrow morning. some of the out lying areas could be near the freezing
7:39 am
next best chance for rolls in thursday and friday. >> that's your latest whether. >> al, thank you so much. up next, we're saving you money on your next vacation. >> good morning. i'm jeff rossen. vacation under cover. ever book a trip and wonder, will i get a better deal if i go all-inclusive or if i pay the normal rate? my producer lindsey and i are going to the same ♪ there it is... this is where i met your grandpa. right under this tree. ♪ (man) some things are worth holding onto. they're hugging the tree. (man) that's why we got a subaru. or was it that tree? (man) the twenty-sixteen subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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we're back with more of our special rossen reports series, we're calling vacation undercover. >> that's right. this morning, the question is, are you really getting the best bargain if you book one of the all-inclusive trips? "today" national investigative correspondent jeff rossen was good enough to test this out. you're a giver. >> i love my job. so many of us booking vacations right now. you always wonder, is the all-inclusive deal really the better deal? it's a higher rate up front, but it includes everything. all the food, drinks and activities. it has to save you a bundle, right? when you pay as you go, we all know it's bill after bill. this morning, we are solving the mystery once and for all. there is a clear winner. ♪ >> reporter: the rossen reports team undercover on a three-day vacation in the
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>> reporter: my producer lindsay and i are checking into the same resort. >> welcome. >> reporter: staying in the same type of room, doing the exact same activities. >> another day at the office. >> reporter: eating and drinking the exact same things. >> can i have the chicken breast? >> i will also have the stuffed chicken breast. >> i'll have the same thing. >> reporter: the only difference, this resort offers two ways to pay. i'm doing it the normal way, paying as i go, for food, drinks, everything. >> and i'm paying the flat, all-inclusive rate. >> reporter: who will spend less on the exact same vacation? let's start at breakfast. the buffet is overflowing with options. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: the food is delicious. >> really good. >> reporter: already, the bills begin. the buffet cost me $37. >> they get you for breakfast. >> mine is included. >> reporter: then it's straight
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to the pool. >> yes, $12 a piece. plus tax and tip. for lindlindsey, it's included. of course, more drinks at lunch. >> they give you these guest identification cards. charge everything to your room on this. you feel like you're not spending money, but you are. >> reporter: we try to capture the full vacation experience, doing all the things you would do. >> harder than it looks. >> reporter: we do kayaking. >> hey, no fair! >> reporter: $20 for me, included for her. we go snorkeling. it'll cost me. included for lindsey. >> it's so pretty down there. >> reporter: we splurge at dinner. a fancy candlelight italian meal with lasagna and live music. ♪ >> reporter: they don't know we're not a couple. for three days, we geororge ourselves. >> i'll
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>> reporter: drinks and activities. >> we just checked out. here are the final bills. time for the moment of reckoning. who got the better deal? >> i paid the all-inclusive rate. $1,996.80. for the all-inclusive. i. >> i paid as i went. $1,621.20. boom, i got the better deal. i win. >> reporter: that's right. even though i paid as i went, i saved $375. just think, for two people paying as you go, you could save a whopping $750. >> obviously, i'm not accepting it. >> it was a tough job. we reached out to the resort. they say many guests enjoy the simplicity of the all-inclusive. we were
7:48 am
we were not thirsty. a day.ut itwa a few ott tat the pool, few at r to mimic a real vacation. >> natalie and i will volunteer for the next experiment. >> i was just there. i'm glad we missed each other. >> too close for comfort. >> that's a vacation you were hoping for. >> that's the real rossen reports. how do you get to do this? >> we'll get to that after the break. ahead, we'll do pop start. is "snl" alum dating this much-younger actress? the story behind the pho
7:49 am
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7:52 am
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now. we just learned that d.c. polic deadly shooting of a teenager at the metro station this weekend. we're on the way to a news conference right now and we'll stream it live on the nbc washington app. it's 7:56. good morning i'm eun yang. let's check your morning commute with melissa mollet and your first 4 traffic. good morning. >> good morning. we have brand-new problem here. top of the beltway outer loop at bw parkway. the right lane is blocked because of a new crash this morning. as we widen out you can see inner loop coming across the bridge is slow. outer loop also slow there. >> when the cherry blossoms will narrator: all that political mail might be overwhelming. let's simplify. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott,
7:57 am
emily's list praises matthews control, clean energy,n gun education and heal research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
7:58 am
7:59 am
gusty northwesterly winds will take us out of peak blooming period before the the end of the day today. temperatures in the 40s now. we'll rise into the low 60s today. a cold start coming tomorrow morning. next chance for rain rolls in here late thursday and friday. another news update in 25 minutes.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today". coming up, they're still there for us. >> how you doing? >> would you believe one of the most-watched shows on television in 2016 was "friends"? why the show remains must-see tv. plus, serenity now. >> the breeze, the birds, just coming back to that feeling. >> how modern meditation can be found in the palm of your hand. welcome to "full frontal," i am samantha bee. >> natalie goes one on one with the comedian breaking barriers and busting up the late-night boys' club. >>
8:01 am
2016. ♪ >> my wife's 60th birthday. we're going to 60 cities and starting here in new york! >> from louisiana! >> good morning, sacramento, california. >> bella, will you go to prom with me? >> good morning. it's 8:00 on "today". it's tuesday, march 29th, 2016. we've got a pretty spring day on the plaza. we have a great spring break crowd. we're rolling along. starting to warm up a teeny, tiny bit. >> little breezy, so it feels chilly. we have a loud crowd. coming up, tired of always making the same
8:02 am
you have a you don't do this. a lot of people get in a rut. we'll give you the culinary courage to tackle recipes that sound hard but really aren't. >> they're hard to pronounce in some cases. >> yes. first, natalie has a check of the morning's top stories. >> good morning. we'll start off with the breaking news, hijacking of an egyptian air flight that ended with an arrest. rehema ellis is covering the story for us from london. good morning. >> good morning, natalie. it was about seven tense hours this unfolded. now it is over. a tweet coming from the cyprus ministry of foreign affairs saying they've arrested the suspect. a while ago, we saw a picture of someone coming out of the cockpit window. just before that, there were images of two people coming down the plane stairs. this was an incident that began with an egyptair
8:03 am
aldr the flight, saying he had an explosive belt and diverted the flight to cyprus. authorities said it was not a terrorism incident but a personal issue. the man wanted to speak to his estranged wife. early on, he let off most of the passengers from the plane. three foreigners remained on with some of the crew members. then as we said, just moments ago, a tweet from the cyprus ministry of foreign affairs saying this is over. after we saw images of someone coming out of the cockpit and down the stairs. at this point, there is no information that anyone was physically harmed. all of the passengers are safe, as we understand it. the suspect has been arrested. natalie? >> thank goodness. rehema ellis, a peaceful end to a tense situation. new fallout this morning over president obama's historic trip to cuba last week. fidel castro responded with a letter,
8:04 am
century of alleged u.s. island nation. president obama did not meet with the former leader but met with his brother raul castro. fidel critiqued obama's remarks and said, quote, we don't need the impyre empire to give us an presents. california will be the first state to boost the minimum wage to $15 an hour. it would gradually raise the $10 an hour minimum to $15 by 2022. the measure does allow some flexibility in case of a recession or budget problem. young basketball fan wasn't going to miss the chance to meet his favorite nba star. the boy rushed on to the court and hugged carmelo anthony during a game in new orleans on monday night. carmelo was shocked until he saw it was a child. the knicks
8:05 am
hunt >> you should see the shot when the to m. >> not happy. >> happened on the road. not a lot of people hugging the knicks these days. >> oh. >> sorry. now to some proof that "friends" will be there for you. the beloved sitcom's finale aired in 2004. 12 years later, ross, rachel, chandler, monica, pheobe is as popular as ever. hoda is here. >> "friends" made the debut in 1994 and instantly became must-see tv. now, it's available on netflix. the people tuning in now may surprise you. ♪ no one told you life was gonna be this way ♪ >> reporter: they were america's favorite friends, and we spent a decade getting to know that. >> look at me. i'm chandler.
8:06 am
clothes? >> we were on a e to see a new episode, that i have taken no such break. "friends" still draws 16 million weekly viewers in syndication. more than a million people watched every episode that aired this last week alone. >> it's about a sort of experience that, i think, a lot of us associate with a pre-internet age, which was just getting in a room with a bunch of people and hanging out with them face-to-face. >> reporter: it's those who have grown up with facebook friends who are diving in now. many watching on netflix, rumored to have paid around $120 million to stream the series. >> we've seen every episode and seen them probably hundreds of times. >> reporter: super fan sisters erica and mckenzie are 20 and 17. >> it's a nice way to wind down and chill out. >> it's like a hug. >> reporter: born after "friends" made its debut in 1994, they started watching a few years ago. >> the lack of cell p
8:07 am
at uters, that's the only thing that time. the engagementure, sexy. sexy p. >> people take pride in knowing about "friends," not just loving it. >> reporter: christy, a 26-year-old writer for "buzzfeed," says where of her popular posts and quizzes have been about "friends." >> people aren't tired of it. it really hits home with these overarcing themes and topics and story lines that a lot of people encounter and go through in their lives. >> reporter: even if for most, the circumstances are unrealistic. >> there are things about the show when you watch it now that are striking. the new york that was depicted on the show was a fantasy new york. >> was it ever explained how you afforded the apartment? i know this is something -- >> inherited. >> reporter: we can dream. that's exactly why so many of us still turn to our familiar friends. >> it was ner
8:08 am
portrayal of actual peo now, the fantasy element has taken on a larger feel. very emotional. people still have a strong connection to it. >> some 20 somethings were asked if they could recreate the phenomenon again. they said, there's no way to fit six people on a couch without a device. never work. >> we do it every day. >> until the commercial break. >> by the way, are you ready? >> i am so excited. i get to fill in with hoda today. >> are you ready? >> did you get your drink order? >> i did. >> se ye you in a bit. a 9-year-old who conquered an obstacle course designed by navy seals. it is causing controversy. we're watching up with the only woman in the late night comedy. why she said she's happy she didn't replace
8:09 am
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almost 8:14. we'll call it 8:14. time for trending. >> we all have something in common. we all have children. >> yeah. >> do you have a three-second rule or five-second rule or more? >> ten-second rule. >> ten seconds? leave it there for a half hour. >> we're talking about food falling on the ground. three, five or ten seconds. >> my floor is pretty clean. >> apparently, it's grown from a three-second rule to a ten-second rule in some households. i have to tell you, there are things you need to consider before you pick food up off the floor. first is the amount of time it's left on the ground, it does matter. the surface it's dropped on. the type of food that's been dropped. because the risk of contamination increases when food has been left longer on the ground. if the surface is more prone to containing germs, like a carpet. let's go through some scenarios. why are you laughing? >> did we need a s
8:15 am
study for this? >> you'll pick up at wa a cheerio. >> you're sittirohe dinner table or the dro wouldn't pick it up if he can get it quick? >> maybe they have more cheer rohs. >> cheerios. >> it boosts their immune system. >> no. >> no three-second rule? >> we have a dog. first of all, the food is gone. the dog is walking on the floor. no. >> the hard surface, you can grab it and do it. if the cheerio falls into the carpet and you grab it, you're grabbing all sorts of lint. >> what they're saying is e. coli, whatever doesn't care if it's a hard surface. >> ravioli, i wouldn't. >> no ten-second
8:16 am
>>pressive. mila r designed by n ran 36 le hundreds of obstacles. you can see her training. she trains 18 to 20 hours a week. mila's dad said competing in the racing helped her being bullied at school. some parents were upset, thinking this course is way too intense for a young child. >> she's a phenom. >> not being forced into it. if she enjoys it and got something out of it -- >> spending time with her dad. >> bullied. >> my youngest is 9. somebody told me you shouldn't have him run long distances because their legs and bones are still developing. i don't know. i don't think i would do that. >> my kid won't run to his room. nine miles.
8:17 am
>> what does that mean? >> halloween, kids bring candy to your -- >> no. >> this is where you start to talk to someone on a social app and they drop you like this. >> i love when you speak millenni millennial. >> like in olden days when you'd go on a date and that person would never call you after the first date. >> okay. >> how about when you put something in the text mail? >> don't you know on facebook if they unlike you? do you get an alert. matt lauer rejected me. >> i think it's in the chat types of things. you're in the middle of chatting, and all of a sudden, you think it's going well and poof, they're gone. >> i don't think it's a new
8:18 am
isn't it like you go on a date and the person nevereals relationship that actually never with what hollywood. 90210 actress jessica lowndes has been teasing on instagram she has a new man. showing off an engagement ring. then actor john lovitz tweeted a photo of jessica and him tweeting, easter with my bunny. people questioned the relationship. most believed it was a hoax with april fools' day around the corner. jessica settled the rumors once and for all. >> i know it's the last week in march, but is
8:19 am
say singing career. john lovitz stars in.elatnship hoax. sorry, john lovitz. the annual white house easter egg roll was on monday. the obamas participated. of course, it'll be the last time they host the event. however, the first family of politics was upstaged when the first family of music walked in. beyonce, jay-z and blue ivy made an appearance. they enjoyed the afternoon, as did the other 38,000 employees. melissa addressed rumors that spiwirled around the identy of the father of her children. many believed it was brad pitt. melissa said, actually, it was a good friend of mine. we considered it. i
8:20 am
wanted children and i bly wants to have children because they have said, i could have been handsome. it was david crosby. he already had a family of his own. >> now you know the rest of the story. >> way to go, carson. mr. roker. page two. let's show you what we got going on. ready for cold air? yes, you are. come on. guess what, the polar vortex split earlier. two areas, one side is about to drop cold air into here. that's right. early next week. temperatures will be 10-20 degrees below average. now, the average date of the last frost in the northeast will show up around april 30th. it's not that bad. don't wor
8:21 am
hat's what's going on around woods. good morning i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. bright sunshine and a clear sky out there. it is a little on the blustery side, though. northwest winds today 15-25 miles per hour. plan on that. temperatures are in the chilly 40s right now. only 44 in rockville. 48 down in virginia. 48 in arlington. forecast for the remainder of the day in the chilly 40s now. up into the 50s by lunchtime. upper 50s and low 60s at best for today. the wind will lay down today clear skies and a >> that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you very much. more of our start today spring forward series. >> in january, jenna bush hager set out to helpur fitness s. she enlisted lots of help trying various workouts. this morning, she's exploring another way to improve your body and mind. medicati mediti
8:22 am
>> reporter: in a hectic world full of distractions, sometimes escapeblue sky above. >> reporter: i found mediting. >> notice any dsere' the breeze just coming back to that feeling of the breath. >> reporter: who was this mystery guru? andy, co-founder of headspace, a meditation app that's been downloaded over 5 million times. >> you look at a setting like this and think, wow, so easy to meditate that. the truth is, you can meditate anywhere. in the middle of a busy city. doesn't really matter. >> reporter: think of headspace as uber meets mindfulness, bringing hundreds of hours worth of meditation exercises to the palm of our hand. some ten minutes long, narrated by andy himself. >> sit back, relax and be present in the world. i can do this when i arrive at work. you
8:23 am
to meditation at a young age, but his real journey began in college after tratragedy. >> i was standing with a group of friends, and a drunk driver came down the street. lost control of the car and crashed into the group. three months after that, my stepsister was run over in a car accident. she was cycling and a driver fell asleep at the wheel. those two things together created this sense of, there has to be more. >> reporter: he decided to become a buddhist monk. spending ten years in places like burma and nepal, moving on to teach meditation in russia and the uk. >> people come to the sessions and say, i feel inspired. what do i do when i go home? no one is there to hold my hand when i go home. >> reporter: from that, the idea of headspace was born. launched in 2012 and now riding a surge in popularity of a
8:24 am
nearly 18 milli a meditate. one market figure estimated the meditation and mindfulness industry made close to $1 billion last year. but just what is mindfulness? >> the mindful s fufulness is a help us step out of the busyness and actually being present. we need a way to actually train the mind to be more present. that's what meditation is. >> reporter: studies have found that meditation may have tangible health benefits, from reducing high blood pressure and anxiety, to boosting the immune system and getting a better night's sleep. oprah credits meditation for her dramatic weight loss. >> so often, we go and eat because we're upset. or we're bored or frustrated. or there's something on our mind. if we have a mechanism and a tool that we can use, to actually be comfortable with that as it is and not need to go to the cookie jar, then, of
8:25 am
as a result. >> here we volunteered my own n fornal scan. >> reporter: before heading off to meditate. >> focusing in on what's already here. >> reporter: an afternoon of mindfulness and it was back to the machine, where the results were clear. after a couple of hours meditating, activity was firing up in the parts of my brain that cope with stress. >> what we're seeing is mindfulness training seems to be increasingly coupling with these important stress management regions of the brain. >> reporter: if you're thinking you don't have the time to meditate all afternoon -- >> consistently, the research has shown it's more about frequency. it's not really about kind of the length of time. it's more about the quality of time. we pause for long enough, we experience happiness. happiness isn't out there. it's here in our mind.
8:26 am
w melissa mollet is 26n tracking some big delays on the beltway. >> have a couple of big problems, one of them 270 center of the roadway in the main lanes. the beltway situation we're talking about outer loop at bw parkway with the right lane blocks. we have six miles worth of slow downs as you're coming around the outer loop. bigger look at things slow in the normal spots.
8:27 am
8:28 am
in the chilly 40s right now. later this afternoon, plenty of sunshine and plenty of wind as well. northwest winds on the blustery side again today. temperatures gradually climbing into the low 60s. another nice day tomorrow after a cold start tomorrow
8:29 am
we'll be into the 60s agai
8:30 am
we're back at 8:30 on this tuesday morning. it's the 29th day of march, 2016. we've got a really nice, big crowd outside on the plaza. they're having a hard time holding on to their signs because the wind the whipping up. supposed to get really breezy by this afternoon. >> it is a little breezy. by the way, if you need help getting out the door in the morning, and who doesn't, we have something wild. we'll teach you a
8:31 am
beauty routine to help youan wh she's we'll show you easy they are to prepare. >> love them. al, you have a check of the weather. >> looking ahead toward today, we have wet weathertoday. wet weather is making its way through the northern plains. a lot of snow through the rockies and eastern 2/3 of the country looking good are plenty of sunshine. tomorrow we have a risk of strong storms stretching from the gulf coast into the mississippi river valley. sunshine along the pacific northwest coast into southern california. sunny here in the northeast. temperatures fairly mild. then they will drop over the next 48 hours. that's what's going on around the country, here's what's happening in your neck
8:32 am
woods bell. breezy, sunny and co temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s this afternoon. a cold night tonight. tomorrow morning, most everybody will be back down into the 30s. one or two spots could be down near the freezing mark early tomorrow morning. tomorrow a nicer day than today. plenty of sunshine, less wind to contend with. highs in the low 60s. rain chances return thursday >> got a little girl trip going on. where are you from? >> michigan. >> nice to see you, ladies. >> nice to be here. >> don't forget, make sure you check out the "today" show on siriusxm, channel 108. stretching it out so we can show you more people. guys? >> al, thank you very much. now more of our women entertaining change series.
8:33 am
forging their own the late night boys' club. >> i'm a huge fan of samantha bee. for 12 years, she was a correspondent on the "daily show" with jon stewart. now, she's breaking ground with her late night show on tbs called "full frontal with sam samantha bee." ♪ >> "full frontal" in swing. >> we did it. >> you did it. >> yup. we set out to create a show we'd want to watch. >> i am samantha bee, finally here in my studio for the very first time. >> reporter: 46-year-old samantha bee started hosting full frontal in april. >> if i drilled something at you, you'd flinch. >> reporter: unlike other late night shows, she's not behind a desk, and there are no guest or celebrity interviews. it's satire. >> this calls for a
8:34 am
>> in your "fullfrontal.enjoy p. i am in heaven. >> there's no crisis. all hands on deck. >> reporter: late night has been dominated by men with few women. the staff is 50% female. from writers to co-executive producers. >> what is it like being a women in late night? >> how can i watch the show as a man? >> what is it like being a female woman? >> you have lots of women on your team. >> yup. >> does that give the show a more distinctive voice? >> i think it definitely has broadened the point of view. i think we've carved out our own space in late night already. >> this is it. this is our stage. very simple. >> we're full frontal right now. >> this is my little perch. >> i do think our show is different from the other shows. i think that it's a
8:35 am
the women and all kinds of comedy troop when she gotn star >> burned in the usa. >> that had everything. >> it was amazing, incredible moment. >> i've done my job. >> reporter: bee was the correspondent on the show for 12 years before leaving last april. >> i imagined such a great relationship and support for you. >> yes, he gave me the platform with which to teach myself. watching him work was an amazing experience. >> did you think when jon stewart announced he was leaving the show, that maybe it'll be mine? >> no, i really didn't. i'm really amazed and gratified that it worked out the way that it did. this is better suited for me and the way i want to live my life. >> r
8:36 am
more time with fellfemale mothe female don't think i'm funny at all. i get the eggs in the morning, which is objectively true. >> reporter: while bee's gender does not define her show, as a woman, she is making her mark on late night. >> do you look forward to the day when you are not singled out as the only female late night host? >> i do, actually. i think that day is coming. i don't think it's that far away. i think that other shows will crop up very soon, and i do absolutely welcome that. i'm lonely here. >> you've forced me to do it. the show is over, folks. >> guys, the reviews on her show have all been amazing. people raving about her. it's a smart, funny, witty show, and very
8:37 am
in a year where there entekrtni tolikeo be a woman in. >> loving the series. thank you. coming up, four minutes to fabulous. the beauty routine you need in to your life to get out the door in a hurry. first, behave, our former boss is here. we'll talk to bob wright about his new book.
8:38 am
they say character is what you do when no one is watching. david trone banned the box so people who've paid their debt to society could have a chance. and fought so hard for criminal justice reform, they named a center after him. and because education was his way out david offered it free to employees. and over 14 years ago began offering them partner benefits. evening the playing field has always been david's mission. in congress it'll be his job. it's not how you run,
8:39 am
it's how you live. we are back now with a long-time friend of this show, our former boss bob wright. he also co-founded autism speaks, in an effort to help families like his own dealing with an autism diagnosis.
8:40 am
usnd it was something we made a determination that we would tackle it. i had help from marcus, bill mire, andrew robertson, really fine people that said, we'll put this together and work hard on it. >> let's make sure people understand. when your grandson was diagnosed, christian -- >> he was 2 1/2. >> right. there wasn't a place to turn back then.
8:41 am
autism the way they talwboutid u ys at coe really don't treat autism. we don't have any tools, and we don't have, quite frankly, any reimbursement from insurance. you really can't get treated here. you have to go out and find therapists. >> you're on your own, basically is what they were saying. >> you're on your own. >> i've known you a long time and your wife, susan, for a very long time. you call her your north star. >> right. >> can you describe -- i remember when christian was diagnosed. susan went on a mission. i mean that in the best possible way. >> yeah. >> what did having someone like her in those early days mean to this effort? >> oh, it was
8:42 am
couldn't have done it andrew ro sm she was the one that wthe schools, and she was the that went to a lot of people, to really encourage them to get involved. >> help me with this controversy that's come up again in the last couple days, about autism and childhood out now. wakefield is behind it, who has been discredited by scientistic studies, but has people asking the question, do childhood vaccines cause autism? as a man who has done so much to educate people, what is the definitive answer? >> there is no definitive
8:43 am
determine that autism iswith, y know, no agendaofhat can be made. vaccine safety is a passive program. if it was an active program, it would be better for everybody. as far as the -- there's no tie, direct tie, to autism and -- but there is $100 million a year that the vaccine court pays out to people for damages with vaccines. not specifically autism. but a lot of them. there's always going to be an issue with vaccines. all vaccine s are same, and all people receiving them are different. >> i mentioned susan a second ago, your wife. in many ways, the book is a love letter to susan, who is now battling
8:44 am
october 29th was the worst dlift c cancer.ed right here in it's stage four. has many, many -- most of the diagnoses are, it's metastasized. that gives you a life span, without chemo, of maybe three to five months, and with chemo, maybe a year or so. it's a terribly difficult thing. i'm now pouring myself into this because it's her. >> right. >> it's just very difficult. >> will you do me a favor and tell her we love her? >> i certainly will. >> and we're thinking of her. >> i will. >> good to see you. >> thank you. >> the book is called "the wright stuff." we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
♪ ♪ maxx life in store and online. s that work as hard as you do.
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with the products you'll need to achieve a fookn four. clock and take it aw i would look for one with an spf so add extra proprotection. chin, cheeks, nose, forehead and mush it in. it'll even out your skin tone. it's going to keep you looking fresh faced. >> okay. >> next up, concealer. i like a touch up pen. it's easy for accuracy. >> okay. you do concealer last? i wondered if you do it bu'reeo. you're dabbing it on. >> that way, i like to make a triangle under the deye. make sure you get blemishes or spots you nee
8:48 am
forehead and jaw line. >> not the all over thing? >> ey entire lid instead dng a sa . you're going to really cover the entire lid like that. take a darker color and get the outer edge. >> okay. >> see how this is a really pigmented color? >> yeah. >> use your finger again and mush it? >> smudging it in,
8:49 am
lashes. i'll show you what we're going . >> it'll really push them up and make them look super long. >> you don't do the squigg squiggling -- or people say shake it or whatever. >> i make a mascara face but roll up as you're doing it. >> the bottom lashes? >> sure, a little bit on the bottom lash. >> i don't know what the trend was. >> why not? >> okay. >> even if you do a dark color, put a little bit underneath your
8:50 am
>> next.lishjust like simple br everything in place. >> you have a one-minute warning. >> oh, boy. >> will we get this done? >> i think so. filling in the brows. >> brushing and filling in in one stop. >> exactly. one minute left, i'll make sure i don't have makeup all over. >> you have lipstick to do. >> actually, it's one step. you're going to put this on your lips like that. really simple. big smile. see the apples of your sheik ch. just like that. mush it in and go upwards. >> 30 seconds, what's your hair
8:51 am
>> do it the creases. >> ten seconds. ready for work.e robe. before and after, you look gorgeous. >> thank you. >> look at that. very, very impressive. you want to look at the step by step instructions and 31 additional tips to get out the door faster, check i'm impressive. the how-to for a restaurant-quality dish that's easier than you think to make at home. we're making muscles this morning. first,
8:52 am
8:53 am
this is the author of "quick six fix." he has a recipe for muscles. good to zsee you. >> thank you. >> these aren't hard, right? >> they're not. >> potatoes resemble fries, have a hot pan in the oven at 400 degrees. olive oil. >> finger link potatoes. >> that's it. the key is hot for a nice sear o
8:54 am
>> garlic and it? >> yeah. whi wine. he basis for the broth for the muscles. >> good and hot. let's talk about the muscles. that are we looking for when we buy them? >> smell really fresh. if they smell off, ask your fishmonger, as well. if they're clean, saves you time in the kitchen. >> how do you clean them? >> run under cold water with something course, like a plasicr sponge. pretty good. >> those go in the boiling ba i broth? >> exactly. takes three to four minutes and that's it. >> perfect. seal that up.
8:55 am
>> pretty much one of the easiest pe i oveo es? to if oma. doesn't open? >> chuck it. >> get rid of it. >> you do not want it. >> take them out of here and plate them up for me. >> okay. i like to serve them in a big bowl like this. >> the reason for that is when you dump them in, it's really important that you get a lot of the broth in there. >> yeah. hit it with fresh parsley, chopped garlic. you have the fingerling potatoes here. toss them in parmesan. >> you have to have great bread, right? >> we are dipping our bread as we speak. >> i'm going to do that as you speak. start to
8:56 am
should take you how long to prepare? >> like sixin our recipes this week, head to back after y march 29th, 2016. responding to the visitors center for an unattended item. take a look at the scene. the item was found at the visitor center which opened for the first time since yesterday's shooting at 8:15 a.m. we just lea
8:57 am
let's checkom constitutiond on at bw parkway, all lanes open. but we're slow much earlier than hitting 50 as you're passing bw parkway. 395 at the 14th street bridge slow, to
8:58 am
8:59 am
60s for most areas today. plenty of sunshine but breezy again today. wind lays down tonight. cold start tomorrow morning and a nice day tomorrow. chances co afernoon and evening. >> chk, thank you.uc
9:00 am
scenes on "aladdin" on broadway. tamron has tips for spring break travel. all that and more coming up now. announcer: from nbc"today's ta roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, hey, welcome to "today" on this tuesday, march 29th, 2016. i'm al, along with natalie, tamron. willie is off. our pal john cena -- >> i'll be with you guys
9:01 am
day. >> days in a row. we hit the jackpot. wor once. >> cool. >>s coming out. >> aside from playing willie geist today, i have a show on fox, april 14th, 9:00 p.m., "american grit." 16 civilians will be led by four decorated military heros. the heros will act as mentors, passing on the knowledge they received through military training to guide the civilians on a path to try to get the most they can in a
9:02 am
million prize.ortunate to be part of it. orio hire o vets usuntched. >> not onlythat we'll talklater individu w and he will say you get so much experience. there needs to be a transition. there needs to be some sort of passing on of the knowledge. this is a great vehicle. this show is a vehicle for that. >> you launched this other campaign called show your grit, as well. >> it's inspirational. the show caters to all walks of life. it's not just a super human, biggest, fastest, strongest show. t tabitha there is a mother of three and competed tough on the show. we launched #show your grit. through social, i want people -- they say that everyone you meet in life is going through a struggle you know nothing about. >> so true. >> i want to know the struggle. i want to k i
9:03 am
surgery. if you challenge yourself to ev yday. me, i have morning, of a young met in detroit. amputee from a blast, he gave me his purple heart. i try my best to keep my composure. he was awarded a purple heart for his incident. >> yeah. >> this is what he got. he said, you inspired me through this. i want you to have this. >> what an honor. >> very safe place in my home. they asked me to bring it in today, and i would not. i don't want to risk it getting lost. >> right. >> the sergeant is an inspiration to me. people like him drive me. use the #show your grit. >> you have the biggest heart. we've always said that. i mean,
9:04 am
>> i love it. 'lllright. said you'll haveit. >> showr grit, hashtag. t the things you will see on hollywood game night, which is a fantastic show. >> show your grit there, too. showed my grit. >> you were on there. >> exactly. it was like girls day on hollywood game night. meredith vieira was there. julia styles. >> you played popped quiz. >> i'm not even going to set it up. you have to see it. >> let's see.
9:05 am
ation? it thentce better not spit at me. >> own version of what came first. >> what came first, "frazier" or "friends"? >> "frazier." >> "friends." >> "frazier," so you don't get
9:06 am
the other, 1992. in the face. al didn't get any in his face. >> that was mature. "hollywood game night" airs this sunday on nbc at 10:00/9:00 central. >> yup. >> is this popcorn stale? >> it's big, bold and savory. >> better when you eat it. >> sorry,
9:07 am
>> that'll be the w starti f million. they were at jackpot, slot machines there in the las vegas airport and hit the jackpot. a local woman reportedly upon $733,000 tuesday. she was playing the wheel of fortune slot machine. >> which drives -- we love pat and vanna.
9:08 am
s,he was on herut w o y thinim and played the slot chance enjo. not like playing when you get off. >> when you're leaving. >> i'm playing the slot machine every time i -- >> have you ever won? >> not at a slot machine. >> i don't play them. >> i'm terrible at blackjack, whatever. >> $25 and i'm good. >> have fun and you're out. >> i'll play the slot machines from now on. >> how much did she put in to get $1 million out? >> probably put all five coins. >> study the strategy. >> go big or go home. >> speaking of going home -- >> this story, we talked about this, i think, last year. there was a home in jeey
9:09 am
right? >> yup. >> called it the spooky ho w cl father had been, you know, stalking thee market for $1.2 m. the current owners, married couple, have three kids and bought the home in 2014 when we did the story. they refused to move in because of the eerie letters. they sued the family who lived in the house prior to them, because they said, you should have disclosed it. it should have been a part of the sale of the home. the couple claims one of the letters said, do you need to
9:10 am
once i know their na
9:11 am
>> if you hadw if it's a hoax or real. they don't know. freaky. >> creepy, right? >>never. >> you did bring up this banana peel challenge. have you heard about it? the new internet sensation for the teenagers out there looking to do things that parents should be concerned about. >> don't try it at home, unless you're on carpet. >> slipping on a banana peel. are they really? it's the banana peel challenge. you see the
9:12 am
my plan was to peel thean be fu i lost my own challenge. >> i'd glad you didn't demo it. if you fell, it would cause a seismic event here. >> that's one of the things, cover your arm in fire ants challenge. >> the other one, kids were getting sick with the cinnamon ch cinnamon challenge. >> that's what's going on around the country, here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. good morning i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. temperatures now in the upper 40s to around 50. the rest of the day looks nice out there. hardly a cloud to be found in our skies today. temperatures will gradually get
9:13 am
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here'sow went. >> here go! >>
9:17 am
the disney musical "a our srd a. >> man, if you ishi mopne? >>is. barker micropho.
9:18 am
>> careful now. >> reporter: maybe it would help haif y done it >> bam. ♪ it's a whole new world >> i'm nervous. perfect. >> rub the lamp. what's your wi
9:19 am
>> i wish out now. >> al, it's tur 1,001 whites. >> the only ganache you neededk. >> now curtain three >>ou and king tut have a friend like ♪ ♪ never had a friend like me wasn't he
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to the ce at olive gardene is back choose one delicious entrée at our place and another for yours starting at $12.99 may all your tomorrow's be as delicious as today
9:24 am
i've been traveling a lot lately. i've gone on trips with only a carry on. >> this is not a carry on. >> it is. i'll tell you what i'm fitting in my carry on that may help you and your family on your spring break. tamron's tuesday trend, the carry on items i'm obsessed we're coming. talking officer and a gentleman,
9:25 am
>> we whout the lactose. so you can drink all you want...
9:26 am
9:27 am
wall street. the nra.ders she's fighting to ban assault weapons
9:28 am
not much of a rain chance today. highs today with plenty of sunshine, we'll
9:29 am
9:30 am
access to that of thcolymical k hormonal problems. the drug administration maintains bpa is safe at the current levels used in
9:31 am
researchers say they've taken a l pieked into the blood. one protein was still detectable miles. earlier iey, alaska airlines cancelled 41 let's weather from mr. roker. >> that is some ash. anyway, let's show you what we've got going on right now. we're watching this storm system make its way outt
9:32 am
omaha, oklahoma city, datout of this thing. look at the rainfall amounthree rain from new orleans into atlanta. some folks could see rainfall amounts up to four to six inches. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. good morning. we have plenty of sunshine out there. it is a blustery day once again. northwest winds will average 20-25 miles per hour for most of the day. the wind will lay
9:33 am
showers through mostf hosted by our goodhere, man. soroud of you. keep kills it. >> like a
9:34 am
never waivers. >> to tire many. >> i ain't going anywhere. >>sing. t' >> good morning. >> this show has been called one of the most intense competition challenges out there. was that the goal going into production? or was it sort of inherent? >> it was the goal to have military-theme and had inspired challenges that would put civilians through some of what we've experienced in our military training. >> you are a mentor on the show, and i got the best seat in the house. i could sit back and watch you do your thing. your new book, "worth dying for," it's loalmost like you ta the mentoring role, as well. comes out april 5th. >> in a week. >> it seems y
9:35 am
and help folks move nforwarmal civilians. cused and driven group of a folks that require different levels of motivation, making it really fun. >> what was your biggest challenge? >> figuring out how to lead people differently. i had one athlete that needed a very different set of leadership and guidance and mentorship from me than another athlete. i had to balance that. >> what was your biggest reward? >> seeing them buy into each other and takee
9:36 am
i felt if they fro not the tactics and the training d e can import that or give that to the rest of ths, it's going to beell spent. >> speaking of grit, ladies, we have a course for you. make your way to the starting line. >> we didn't have time to change from our clothes. we put on sneakers. >> what are the obstacles? >> the most difficult ever assembled. high knew through the tires, army crawl on the matts. >> what's the army crawl? >> i'll do it. >> watch the shoulder, john. you're injured. >> use your
9:37 am
>> you are going to walkshat tet army grit? >>it t bean bag toss. who will be the first -- oh! >> still in it. high knees. >> america! >> tamron hall. >> who pays for our dry cleaning? >> thank you so much. thank you, rorke. great show, john. >> we are america. >> there it is. >> usa! tamron has
9:38 am
>> from that to?
9:39 am
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so fluffy and airy it's her ha then liberty mutual calls, it is tuesday, which means it's time for the latest installment of tamron's tuesday trend. i've been traveling a lot alatey on the road covering the campaign. maybe you're getting ready for spring bre o
9:42 am
we called in ourte to see you. >> thank you for having me. and>> yry to close it.othing. beauty, as well. >> some of the tools i like to bring along are a mini steamer because i tend to travel with a lot of delegateicatedelicates. >> right. >> mini flat iron. dry shampoo and heat goes a long way. >> steamer, do we need to pack one when most hotels have an iron? >> i don't like -- even the
9:43 am
sound, the screeching sound of to th twice. >> i swear by away for 14 days covering the campaign. i only took neutral clothes. >> i do this a was es well. >> wore them over and
9:44 am
foundation, suggest two cotton added protection. if it breaks, don't worry about it getting over your stuff. here's a representation of all the products i use in m lye to is i buy everything i need again. i keep it in a compartment, travel compartment, and they travel with me. this is from wish beauty. so great. it has suction cups, place for your brushes, a mirror that lights up. >> this is what i live by when i was on the campaign trail. i got into a conversation with another woman who travels. we were commiserating over the bad light in every hotel you stay in. this mirror, because i do my own
9:45 am
i love t
9:48 am
with flonase allergy relief, they, simpl.
9:49 am
just oneresosurviving cancer than dying from can. we've all had moments where yes thought we had the next
9:50 am
thing. >> new series on o
9:51 am
green skin care. cl. >> real tight
9:52 am
>> 15 seconds.
9:54 am
elvis duran has a
9:55 am
andl you find them.
9:56 am
in the deadly shooting of a teenager at the dean wood metro station this weekend. police will announce the arrest at a news conference at 10:00. we'll stream it live on the nbc washington app in a few minutes. on saturday he was shot as he waited for a tr w
9:57 am
family. let's check your f notoras ees a blustery day to but15-25 look tomorrow. next chance for rain rolls late in the day on thursday. maybe even a thursday night rumble or two of thunder. no severe weather expected. turning cooler as we go into the weekend. >> chuck, thank you. coming up on news
9:58 am
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from n wel a little ie is filling teeny bit liberated? >> i feel liberated but i feel nervous because on the 7:00 to 9:00 hour for the "today" show, you have the producer in your ear, you've been studying since 3:00 in the morning. needless to say i haven't had a glass of wine. now i'm here, you j


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