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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 1, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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because i'm on your side. ♪ it's friday, april 1st. coming up on "early today," 26 million americans are in the path of severe weather today. breaking over night, north korea does saber rattling. new details surrounding the trooper kill ed at a virginia s statement. and the women fight for fair pay, plus much more on a busy april fool's day. "early today" starts right now. well, good morning everyone. i'm betty nguyen. 26 million people are in the path of a severe storm system today. reports of at least four tornados like this one in new
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hope, mississippi, caused severe damage, along with another in alabama. a mississippi police car hydroplaning into a tree. intense storms and funnel clouds reported across the region and farther north. mississippi saw severe flooding and pelting hail and it is not over. april begins with the threat of more flash flooding in the soaked south. wind damage from delaware to the northern gulf coast and as far north as new england. the northeast is also bracing for colder temperatures, possibly light snow. we'll have your full forecast in just a few minutes. breaking news overnight. north korea has reportedly fired another surface-to air missile in the sea of japan. this could be in response to president obama's galthering fo a two day summit
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nuclear security. chief foreign affairs corresponde correspondent. >> reporter: donald trump's first meeting with his foreign policy team took place in a construction site for a trump hotel. >> great importance is north korea's -- >> reporter: and it trump's cause to possibly even use him that have him under fire. >> i would never take any of my cards off the table. >> how about europe? >> i'm not going to take it off the table. >> you might use it in europe? >> no, i don't think so. i am not taking cards offer the table. >> reporter: trump's plan by the man in charge of the u.s. nuclear officer. >> i'm afraid this kind of talk is bluntly
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>> reporter: and now includes countries like u.s., russia and of course, north korea. >> at some point we have to say we're better off if japan protects themselves against this maniac in north korea. saudi arabia, absolutely. >> reporter: but many say that could set off a nuclear arms race. >> the notion that rogues will not get ahold of them is ridiculous. >> the white house called donald trump'scatastrophic. a virginia state trooper has died. 37-year-oldtialit chad, a marins veter veteran. the man pulled out a gun and
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was shot by two nearby officers. >> i'd ask that everyone keep the family in their thoughts and prayers as well as the families of the two innocent females that were injured as well. it was quite a tragedy for all of us. >> the gunman has not been identified. there's still no word on why he opened fire. the backlish continues over donald trump's comments over abortion during the town hall. and last night he continued to walk back and clarify his remarks. >> you really ought to hear the whole thing. this is a long convulewded question and they just cut it out and frankly, it was really conivaluted and the person performing the abortion, the doctor or whoever it may be, the person doing the act, not the woman is responsible.
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felt. >> this comes as tlurump had a private meeting in washington. it reportedly focussed on delegate counts and general election activities, not his recent clashes with the rnc. for the democratic side, senator, bernie sanders continues to put pressure on hillary clinton. they say they raised $44 million in march, an increase from its february hall. and edward, things are heating up with wisconsin just four days away. >> reporter: things are heating up indeed. in fact, governor john kasich actually attacked donald trump, which is something he has not done in the past. all of the competitors on the republican side are sensing weakness there. donald trump as you saw gave a thumbs up and a wave when he met with the rnc but he's in trouble overthat misstep where he talked about abortion saying a woman
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aborgd aborti abortion. and he met with his national security advisors. all of those advisors say they agree with him that you should not take the nuclear option off the table. and meanwhile, hillary clinton is trying to pivot, trying to become the nominee and attack the republicans. however, she's facing stiff competition from senator, bernie sanders. he's hammering her about her corporate contributions and how much she has accepted from wall street there. now, bernie sanders again not giving up. both of the frontrunners would like to see this primary wrapped up, but the competition just won't give up. >> thank you so much for that. california law makers have approved a state-wide minimum wage increase to $15 an hour, the highest in america. governor jerry brown says he will sign the bill into law on monday and it
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they worry the increase could hurt california's economy, although, governor andrew cuomo and state legislators have reel rea -- reached a budget deal and other parts will have more gradual increases. five members of the u.s. women's soccer team have filed a federal complaint of wage discrimination with the equal employment opportunity commission. they allege that making the roster pays a female player 30,000 and the men make twice that. and the bonus structure gives men a chance to earn even more. in 2015, the men's team took home $9 million, although they lost before the quarter finals and the women earn 2 million and they actually won the title. u.s. soccer tells nbc news,
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well, the women's team also has more major overall wins than their male counterparts. it was an epic brawl on a florida golf course as two alligators go head-to-head. eventually one of them had enough and walked away. the city of sarasota tweeting, wow, this brings new meaning to course hazard. you think? at least it ended somewhat peacefully. nbc meteorologist bill karins is here. >> it's an early wake-up call for a lot of people, even new thunderstorms erupting in texas. and the greatest concern as is in areas of alabama and georgia. we have a little bit
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montgomery, a lot of people waking up with thunderstorms right over the top of you. so, today, as we mentioned, $26 million people at risk from chesapeake to carolinas, georgia and the northern gulf coast. as far as the rainfall goes, we're watching a flash flood threat, southern mississippi and a good portion of georgia and north florida. and as far as the heavy rain, three inches from panama city to augusta. and middle of the nation looking absolutely fine. now a closer look at the day ahead. the thunderstorms will rerupt this morning and then we're going to continue to see another line later today. and we could see strong storms as far north as d.c. and philadelphia. maybe even in
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and then of course there's that cold winter thing we still have to talk about. >> we've had enough, bill. unfortunately, it's what's happening. well, a k9 cop killed in the line of duty. and an incredible scene when a highway over pass collapses. you're watching show. show.we st, so you don't have to stop... because you believe in go. onward. today's the day. carpe diem. tylenol® 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you. tylenol®. choose the one new revlon ultimate-all-in-one. our revolutionary mascara delivers 5 lash-transforming benefits. volume, length, definition, lift, and intense color. choose love
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onal best. and a little help and soup and sandwich and study group. good, clean food pairs well with anything. try the clean pairings menu. at panera. food as it should be. welcome back everybody. at least 21 people are dead after an over pass collapsed in western india. more than 70 were admitted when it fell on moving traffic. crews work under to the night to remove rubble. it's been under construction since 2009. philadelphia city koinscoun officially apologized to jacky robinson. >> timeout, h
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come on [ bleep] >> he was playing the phillies back then. the resolution named april 15th is jacky robinson day in the city. and it's a close call in kentucky. a wildlife worker falls while trying to free a bald eagle. and the second try goes much better as the eagle flies into the distance. there it goes. well the las vegas police k9, nicki was shot and killed confronting an armed suspect. he had just recovered from a february machete attack. the suspect was also shot and is in the hospital. california police, they were investigating a suspicious vehicle when they found a young girl and her mother living in their car. one officer helped the woman get in touch with homeless services, th
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the girl hopscotch. tesla unveiled its lower price model 3 sedan at a starting price of $35,000. within 24 hours, more than 15,000 people had preordered the car. and the snp 500 finished in green with 6.6% gains in march. and investors turned to gold, which experienced its best quarter in 30 years and nasdaq had its first negative quarter since 2009. and economists are expecting a healthy jobs report. and the creation of more than 200,000 jobs. unemployment is expected to run steady at 4.9%. and a slam dunk
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narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message. ♪ this morning on "today," the attorney of colorful d.c. madam is speaking out on the alleged election bomb shell hidden in her call log. college basketball has a new
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george washington university wins it's first national tournament. and tomorrow night in houston, the final four in the men's ncaa tournament, villanueva against oklahoma, followed by syracuse taking on north carolina. michigan state's denzel valentine has been named the associated press's player of the year and barely beat out oklahoma's buddy field. and a milestone for lebron james. king james moved past dominic wilkins into 12th place on the nba scoring list. and next to china and tight rope race 900 feet above the ground. they had to ps the wire more than 100 yards long and three rounds side by side while racing against the clock. they each carried the 22-pound
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balance pole and 50-year-old freddy knock of switzerland won. and to the ncaa slam dunk contest. he tried to impress the judges by jumping over the pancake mascot, well, the mascot paid the price to the delight of this hungry crowd. poor mascot. just ahead, beyonce wants to be part of your workout. and the tribute to the life and music of david bowie. you're watching "early today." uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. ♪ think about it ♪ there must be higher love ♪ down in the heart what do you think? ♪ and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love
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from neutrogena ♪ well, this is some of the scariest stuff yesterday. this tornado in new hope, mississippi, it came down and grew in a hurry. it went from a small to a large one. now, let's talk about the cold winter blast. not a lot happens on saturday but sunday, the really high winds and cold air rise in new engla engla england. and we have a chance of snow. this is just a model, not the official forecast but the potential is there. our european model says we have a chance and our american model says we have a chance of accumulating snows in the same areas. so, we went from 70 yesterday to -- >> i know. it
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>> don't put away your shovel. >> or your furry coat. and beyonce unveiled her fitness line called ivy park. and fans can purchase the clothing from stores including top shop starting april 14th. act actor ewin mcgregor woue happy to come back in a possible "star wars" spin off. there is plenty of "star wars" to come. so, we'll see if he gets his sequel. and circ deso lay is suing justin timber lake. and iggy azalea has released a
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year-long hiatus. and a tribute to david bowie took place at carnegie hall last night. and another tribute is planned for tonight at radio city music hall. and the music is so great too. >> why don't they do more stuff like that? you hear about the tribute stuff in vegas. >> i don't know. why don't we do these while they're still alive so they can enjoy it. >> billy joel's been doing that at madison square garden. >> and he's been selling out. so there's something to that. hey hey if you have allergy congestion,
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is. we're monitoring several unfolding stories and they may just impact your day. >> from the nuclear security summit expected to snarl traffic again to the latest developments to the shooting death of a virginia state trooper to the severe storms headed our way. "news 4 today" starts now. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. grab your umbrella. we will check in with chuck bell in just a minute. >> first let's mhead to the liv desk. >> it's another violent night of storms in the south. this video of a
4:27 am
show you out of mississippi, would you take a look at that, the storms hit multiple states, but the creep now that you're looking at, alabama where significant damage was done after reports of a tornado that you saw. today they are dealing with downed trees, downed power lines. the good news here to report is that no injuries have been reported. we'll continue to follow the story. back to you. so let's get up to speed on what we can expect here today. chuck bell is in with our forecast. >> good morning, everyone. it is a friday. and temperatures going way, way up today before they go crashing back down to more february-like numbers. so not a perfect weekend. not a total washout, but big time wind on sunday as the colder air comes blasting in. cold, but not
4:28 am
temperatures on the upper 60s to near 70. nothing on storm team 4 radar just yet. a up he will light showers around, but there is a pocket in west virginia coming our direction. it will be in here just before lunchtime. we'll time out the rest of the day coming up in a few more minutes. for now busy morning already in traffic. a couple different things happening. a crash 66 east there at fairfax drive, hard to see on camera about that 295 south at east capitol, stay right to get by. and all lanes blocked because of a car into a building, three notch road at exploration drive. 270, no problems. see you in a few minutes. north korea fires another short range missile. this morning south korean officials are reporting the news
4:29 am
two day nuclear security summit hosted by president obama. you've heard us reporting about it this morning. yesterday we were talking about the massive road closures. the president spoke yesterday about the need to, quote, vimg la vigilantly enforce the strong u.n. security measures on the north after its latest nuclear test p back to you. north korea top of mind as we enter day two of the nuclear security summit here in d.c. this morning president obama meets with world leaders on the iran nuclear deal. expect tight security around the cop vepgs center as that meeting and others happen today. the president will address the public around 6:00 tonight. here is a look at some of the closures you'll run into because of the summit. parts of new york avenue, mass avenue, all blocked off here. all the way up to o street and over to 6th. we suggest you avoid that area all together if you can. we've posted all the streets you'll want to stay away from in the nbc washington app, just search nuclear
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we're following a developing story this morning. a training exercise turns deadly for a virginia state trooper in richmond. trooper chad dermyer was shot and killed at the city's greyhound bus station on thursday. the team was training on how to intercept drugs when the trooper walked up and introduced himself to a man inside the terminal. >> all of a said he pulled out a handgun and shot chad multiple times. >> the gunman tipped shooting. two women were hit, they are expected to be okay. the suspect was eventually shot by police and taken to the hospital where he died. the cdc is hosting a summit in atlanta on how to respond to zika. federal health experts believe seay are a oig mosquitos may live in more of the u.s. than once thought, but


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