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tv   News4 Today  NBC  April 2, 2016 8:30am-9:00am EDT

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i'm angie goff. >> i'm david culver. you might need the umbrella. tomorrow is when you will want to unpack the winter coat. tracking when the freezing cold will arrive. a busy morning for you, tom. >> yeah. april is an active weather month. it is certainly living up to its name. we have the area in light green north and east. that is some very light rain west of the 95 corridor. coming down harder in prince george's county and anne arundel. beginning to dry out in the shenandoah valley. we'll have light rain around for another hour or so. the ground will be damp into the beginning of the afternoon. noon time temperatures, sun breaking back out. back to mid to upper 50s. 60 by 3:00 p.m. with the sun in and out. and the winds will begin to pick
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up a little bit this afternoon. maybe gusting 20, 25 miles per hour. that's going to continue until late afternoon as we drop back down into the 50s. the big changes occur tonight and into tomorrow morning. we'll look at that and other big changes on the way for the next seven days. back in just a few minutes. thank you so much, tom. a developing story this morning. a man is seriously hurt after being struck by a driver of a car in southeast d.c. it happened 10:30 last night at the intersection of alabama avenue and ainger place. as soon as we get more details, we will have them here as well as the nbc washington app. >> a developing story out of arlington, virginia. a man is dead and another injured in a double stabbing there. police were called around 8:00 last night. neighbors say they heard some sort of dispute on the street. this is arlington's first homicide this year. police have not yet released the name of the victim. the search is now on for suspects.
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its first homicide of the year as well. police say a 69-year-old man was found monday night on south alfred street suffering from a head injury. he died from those injuries yesterday. he was walking near his home when someone assaulted him during a robbery. if you have any information, police in alexandria want to hear from you. ♪ >> somber sound in honor of chad dermyer last night. the husband, father of two gunned down in a richmond bus thursday. james brown iii of illinois. >> had it not been for trooper chad, i can't imagine how many more lives would have been lost. >> here's what police say they found on the suspect brown when they searched him.
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ammunition. two women were hurt in that exchange of gunfire. a bullet grazed one of the women and another was wounded. they are both expected to be okay. president obama is slamming donald trump. he made some comments about him as he wrapped up the nuclear summit. the president said a lot of important work has started even if the goal of stopping the spread of nukes does not happen in his lifetime. then he was asked about trump's suggestion that south korea and japan arm themselves with nuclear weapons. >> the person who made the statement doesn't know much about foreign policy or nuclear policy or the korean peninsula or the world generally. >> well, the president said trump's comments came up with foreign leaders at the summit. he said other nations want sobriety and clarity from the united states. >> another
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tomorrow. chuck todd will break down how the most recent controversial comments are impacting his campaign. that is at 10:30 right after news 4 today. well, some good news for medstar health. >> that's right. this comes after hackers crippled its computer systems earlier this week. medstar says they are about 90% back to normal. they there are several clinical information systems back online, including health records, education, and some scheduling. they do not believe any patient information was ever compromised. it affected all 10 medstar hospitals in d.c. and maryland, including 250 clinics. >> on the topic of hacking, he is accused of getting into a former president's private e-mail account. an alleged hacker in alexandria facing criminal charges. marcel lazar is a romanian citizen. he successfully hacked into george w. bush's e-mail three years a
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the former president's e-mails, private family photos and artwork, including a self portrait of the president in the bathtub. romania recently agreed to let the u.s. prosecute lazar. a judge orders a deputy to shock a defendant. the new punishment for the man behind the bench. urgent action to fight zika. a new push to stop the virus from spreading here and around the world. it's 8:35.
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in just about an hour, a two-day search will get under
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year and a half now. sarah and jacob hoggle last seen with mother catherine in 2014. their father is leading a renewed search effort at goshen recreation park. that's where we find news 4's derrick. derrick, good morning. good morning. well, as you know, this is the case for the whole year and a half has been missing. it has gotten national attention. today another search for the hoggle children. they haven't been seen in 18 months. they were last seen with their mother. they disappeared. the mother was found but the children have not been heard from since then. she is in a mental institution. she is saying that the kids are safe, but she will not tell people where they are. joining me now is kristi shoemaker, one of the people who has been involved in these searches. what is it bra brings everyone out here to
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actively looking for the kids. we want to find them, bring them home. help troy get his family back together. bring peace and hopefully find them. >> this is an area that has been searched before but he wants to come out and do it again. >> yes. . send the communities out to areas that maybe were overlooked. it doesn't hurt to double-check things. if there's a reason to be out here, we're going to do it. >> how was the morale among folks that are here? you are expecting 20 people. we saw more earlier on. but a core group of people seem to be interested in helping out here. >> definitely. this morning i have seen new faces, which is great. because it's out on the news again. it's nice to know people want to help us. >> so the search will be going on here today, rain or shine. they will do it again tomorrow. hopefully will come up, some news to give comfort to the family. live in montgomery county,
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back to you. mr. sheriff, do it. use it. >> disturbing to listen to. we have to explain what you just saw right there. that was a look inside a charles county courtroom. the defendant was wearing a stun cuff. you heard the judge say do it when the defendant ignored orders to stop talking. it delivers an electric shock for five seconds. news 4 i team was the first to report about this case. judge robert nally pleaded guilty to civil rights violation. one year probation and $5,000 fine. it is 8:40. >> mosquito season is here. experts got together for a zika virus summit in atlanta. it is already in the u.s. now. there is growing evidence that the is virus can affect an unborn child. the breed is showing up in th
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parts of the northeast and the midwest as well. health experts say urgent action needs to be taken. >> if we wait until we see widespread transmission in the united states, if we wait until the public is panicking because they are seeing babies born with birth defects in every state or across the country, we have waited too long. >> state and local health officials are working to develop game plans. they are identifying areas to spraying insecticide and educating women the best ways to a void infection. 8:41. some showers as we look live outside. may have get in the way of your plans today. we are talking about a major temperature swing that we're expecting. we'll tell you how you can plan for one of the coldest days in weeks. a little rain never stopped a good baseball fan, right, from enjoying the game? the excitement as the nats hit the field ahead of opening
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>> we're live this morning at the nbc 4 allstate community shred. how you can get rid of unwanted paperwork safely and give back to the community. it's 8:42.
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a knife found at the o.j. simpson former estate is not the murder weapon used to kill his ex-wife and her friend. investigators ruled it out after a few weeks of forensics tests. a construction worker found the knife while working at his estate a decade ago. he gave it to a retired officer. the actual murder weapon has never been found a los angeles man charged with murdering his son for being gay. police arrested 69-year-old isa after officers responded to 911 calls at the family's home. they got there and discovered the body of his wife and 29-year-old son. detectives said that isa -- they found his wife's body in a bathroom. he said he shot his son in self-defense because the young man was threatening him with a knife. police say no knife was found at the scene. >> a man said a walmart clerk racially profiled him. gilbert said he went to renew his fishing license.
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the clerk asked him what his job was. he told him he worked for the university, without specific what exactly he did there. when the license arrived, he realized it said toilet cleaner. i believes it happened because he is black. his license has been fixed and walmart has apologized for the incident 8:47 your time now. today you can get rid of all bank statements and personal documents as well. >> you can get rid of it all. the nbc 4 allstate community shred. it runs until 11:00 this morning. joining us live from annandale. shawn, i want to start with you. first off with the easy question, what can people bring today. >> i'm sorry. can you repeat that? >> sure. what can people bring today. o
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we want folks to bring bank statements, credit card statements, financial information, medical documentation, anything that might compromise their identity. this is a perfect event to bring it on down by the box loads. >> this event getting bigger and bigger each year. folks lined up in the rain. it's not stopping them. why is this so important to the community? >> state cares about the community and protecting your identity. shredding is your first line of defense to do that. >> that's right. there are things you are telling people not to bring as well. there is a list of that. >> right. we don't want hard drives, cd, any type of media, bad list, any type of metal. they could damage the equipment. this is strictly a paper event. bring that confidential information down here.
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is steady line of folks coming in. still a great day to come out. >> thank you so much. we want to remind folks if you want to get into that line behind them, be there before 11:00 this morning to get the items shredded. >> thanks, guys. we'll check in with you shortly. >> all right. moving over now to the nats. they're warming up. fans turned out to catch a season opener exhibition game. they weren't disappointed. the team won 4-3 against the twins. news 4 caught up with fans ahead of that game. >> so excited that baseball is back. can't wait to see what's new at the stadium. >> first year i'm having season tickets. i'm excited. >> will the team be able to hold off the twins when they play later today? the official home opener is this thursday. >> as far as timing is
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the game? >> for today, we will dry out in time for the game. i have the game forecast coming right up. let's not think about the cold and the win. let's think about the nationals and play ball. baseball season upon us. but winter is still knocking on the door. we've got? chilly rain falling on the storm team 4 radar. you see in the light green it's coming down lightly in the district. the areas in the yellow and the dark are green. it's coming down hard between bowie, coston. that's tracking away from the metro area. a few lingering sprinkles into the shenandoah valley. play ball. here's the forecast. nationals versus twins. exhibition game today. home run by bryce harper. we will have temperatures by game time. first pitch 12:05. ought to be in the mid-50s. the sun probably just beginning to break out.
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back down into the mid to upper 50s. pretty good day for baseball. high wind warning on the eastern shore. that area in orange, out here in the mountains. locations could get winds gusting 60 miles per hour. elsewhere in northern virginia, the district, nearby suburbs, winds gusting to 55 miles per hour. power outages are possible. that's late don't midnight through sunday morning. in addition, by dawn on sunday, there is likely going to be a freeze in the purple zone, areas north and west, loudoun, northern montgomery. car may have frost on it. the winds die down. sunday midday. sunshine in the afternoon. low 50s.
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chilly tuesday is and wednesday but dry. another chance of rain maybe on thursday. >> tom, thank you. a late night, a package on your doorstep after a few drinks. the delivery o fios is not cable. we're wired differently. doorstep after a few drinks. the delivery we are a 100% fiber optic network... and fiber optics move at the speed of light. over the last 10 years, our cable competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more. including pc magazine's #1 for internet speed 10 years running. and jd power ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year... in a row. awards aren't everything. but when they come from your customers, they mean a lot. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network.
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yeah, you remember it. the pope mobile that carried the pontiff around new york
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according to charity buzz, the fiat 500 that toted pope francis around sold this week at philadelphia auto show. miles nidal, an entrepreneur, businessman and philanthropist bought the car. it typically sells from $19,000 to $21,000, which means the paid price was 10 times more than that. the new owner says the car will be admired but does not plan to let it out of his sight. he will keep it off the road and as good condition as he can. the other one sold for $82,000 back in february. so this is significantly more. >> you would have to take it out for one spin. >> you've got to keep it preserved if you shop after a few glasses of wine. >> it seems more of you are kicking b
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your drink of choice and buying late at night. got plans tonight? dinner, a few cocktails and some clicks. you're not alone if the urge to spend kicks in sometimes after midnight friday. >> shoes. >> close. clothes. >> a scooter. >> online retailer list says orders are up 48% friday. late one night brittany decided to buy fit bit. >> i drank a whole bottle of wine. i got one for my mom, dad, sister, and myself. >> late night shoppers spend 30% more than their school night counterparts. >> it is all about stress relief and anxiety. it gives you a happy surge. it is something people are looking for at the end of a long workweek. >> it seems women are leading the charge. >> the pieces people want to shop for when they are drunk confident are the pieces that make you feel good. >> dre
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320%. late friday night. 6 lingerie soars 50%. shoe sales double. especially the expensive ones. so what can you do to help curb the urge? experts say always check return policies. don't save your credit card info online. and set up a separate e-mail for all of those offers. >> unfortunately for shoppers, retailers are very aware this is a trend as well. so they are seeing more targeted ads. >> ads that might make you think you can't live without the -- >> shoes, shirts, skis i didn't need. 80 and sunny one day. then 20 degrees two days later. what is going on? we're getting you ready for a weather alert sunday with a major temperature change and strong winds. and developing right now, several states dealing with major storm damage. the big
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