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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  April 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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waiting. henley is going to play first here in the second to last group. >> got a good lie on the right fairway bunker. 209 left. likes to cut the ball -- center of the green is the spot for this. if you can get it there, be happy. >> it's hard to see the flag. it's back left. it's right here, folks. right there. >> so anything left of the green will roll down in the water. there's plenty of balls down there. phil mickelson hit it in there. spieth hit it in there. 14 balls in the water. henley really came out of the gates earlier today. had a lead by one with the third birdie at the 7th hole. he liked it. >> cutting a little bit right of center. but a solid
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>> gotten over the ridge, too. >> sort of a tough putt there. but it's a good shot. >> the next shot with a huge bearing on deciding the outcome. herman behind him on the tee still waiting. 207. left to the hole for stenson. >> herman is back there watching it all. >> what do you think, does he have to take it on or bail it a little right? >> i'd take it on ten feet right of the hole. that way if you pull it a little, you're a hero. very high. center of the green. cleared the ridge. very, very acceptable. heading down the hill. people are loving it. >> that's
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a makable putt. >> calling himself a good ball striker. but johnny, this is the biggest drive of his life right now. >> no doubt about it. he is really a good driver. he's seventh in total driving. the rest of his game is not good. the total -- as far as stats for the year. that is his weapon, hitting the fairways and hitting die sent distance. not a long hitter. but decent. >> like you said, this is a whole different ball game. >> if he can hit it in the middle of the fairway, i am totally impressed. the right bunker is probably calling his name.
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>> this one is very low. straight. >> is that ever low and straight and perfect. down the middle. after the wait of his life. jim herman just strikes it down 18. >> heard a little applause from my partner in the 18th tower. that doesn't look like a journeyman swing at this moment. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> at the 7 itnd hole, stenson for birdie. coming up in a second to tie herman. the double breaker. stenson getting behind that to get a read of exactly where that was breaking. how about jim herman. he saves his best for last. pipes that drive and ends up the longest of the week. 316 yards for herman. >> that was
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>> 313 yards at 17. if you don't think this guy is pumped up, he's got to try to dodge stenson's birdie attempt here. >> i'm not seeing a bunch of break in this, johnny. >> he's on the fall line. it might move a little left. it's not an easy putt to see. that's one reason why he wanted to check the other putt out so carefully. >> this is the historical sunday hole location, always there. not many guys make it on this putt. so will stenson go to augusta with perhaps a win or will he go once again with another one of these close calls in search of his first major title? >> i have it on my old chart, maybe
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>> this to tie herman at 15 under. >> is it enough? >> went left and then it went right. it was a double breaker. almost impossible to read that. that's what you saw roger. >> jim herman is going for the chapstick. >> anything else he's got in the bag. >> i think he hit a good one. breaking left. back the other way. >> thinking exactly. >> he's saying that thing went right at the hole. >> still not in for par. he's trying to think it went to the hole at the back of the green. do i have to putt for that, play for that? >> roger, you're right there, aren't you?
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>> i think he hits it with any speed, it isn't going to do anything. he's probably trying to clear his mind a little bit from what happened on the last putt. >> make this and force herman to make par to win it. >> that european tour, the last win anywhere. >> got to putt through his shadow. >> gets it in. >> pretty good weekend indeed for the swede. >> trying to break that 0 for 39 major-less streak he has gone. herman just trying to get there.
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>> one, two, three, golf channel tower. one, two, three. see that guy in the turquoise shirt right there. i love it right there. that's where the edge is. your shot in there -- >> about 20,000 people out here. he's picking out a guy in a blue shirt back there. it's about 20 feet right of the hole. going to let his little draw bleed it toward the hole if anything. >> 172 yards. >> get up over the ridge. >> acceptable. >> it is. it's not rolling
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not bad. >> not an easy two-putt. >> this 18th hole has been an eternity for jim herman. now lovemark from 161. his own box of breaking through today. just never got on track. played the first six holes. like to see him run it up at the top of the backswing. >> a little loose i up there under pressure. too much time. >> up comes jim herman. this is his 106th pga tour event. he played 118 events on the tour with one win. 224 events, one win. what this win could do for him and his confidence is
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in addition to all of the perks playing in a couple of majors. life changing indeed, johnny. for a 38-year-old late bloomer. >> seven wrestling matches with cue school, finally got his card. i can't imagine what this guy is thinking as he comes up here with a one-shot lead. >> splurging on the weekend at subway. >> it's a lot of belief in yourself. it's a lot of times where i'm sure he thought this would never happen. hasn't happened yet. but he's right there on the edge. >> can he do it? can he make that two-putt when you have to two-putt? i almost can't believe he's doing what he's doing. what a fantastic round of golf. 4 under par for the day. he has every reason with all the big names in front of him and around him to fold. he just hasn't done it. all t
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>> kind of appropriate. his favorite movie, tin cup. >> well, he's knnot doing a tin cup finish. >> it's interesting, dan and johnny, the last six weeks for us with the florida swing and adam scott winning a couple times and jason day and you think about all the impressive performances, to me, this might be the most impressive of all if he can get it down in two here. >> i know one thing, there are going to be a lot of tears if he can two-putt this. stenson waiting one back. >> jokester stenson. >> most of them have played at the mecca of college golf programs. herman played up there at the university of cincinnati where he was just inducted into the cincinnati athletic hall of fame just last december. he said he won five times in college. but he says, that doesn't mean
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he moved to florida in 2000 to chase the dream and here we are 16 years later. >> jim herman is going to keep his eye on this putt. this could be very useful for him. speaking of college superstars, lovemark was the "it" guy, ncaa champion, all-american. part of that walker cup historic team. maybe the best ever assembled. dustin johnson and rickie fowler and just a reminder that golf channel has continuing coverage of the ana inspiration. ladies first major of the year. they have a heck of a leaderboard out there in the desert. in our next stop, the players, rickie fowler had that incredible finish last year. tonight, starting at
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central, all new episodes of little big shots, crowded and "dateline." >> just two little putts away. >> not a lot of break here, mark. the big thing, 25 feet, trying to cozy it down there. it almost doesn't seema appropriate to read this put, johnny. somehow hit it two more times. >> doesn't have to hit it very hard, i can tell you that. >> looks pretty good. >> says he's
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watching from around the country, a lot of them in that palm city area where he moved just a short time ago. moved there just a few years ago. lovemark for his par. the stage is there for the 191st ranked player in the world. he can finally get it done. in the 106th pga tour event. finally gets inside. his day at the shell houston open has arrived.
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one last look at the leaderboard. not a lot of people would have thought that jim herman's name would be on top especially when you consider that stenson and johnson were right behind him. 500 fedex points for herman. he takes a big jump into the 18th position. 75 spots. as we go down to todd lewis. >> dan, thank you. here with the champ. many were interested to see how you would react. your first 54-hole lead as you chased your first pga tour victory. what did you lean on today to hold off the biggest names in the game? >> my caddie, matt. he was right there for me all day. we had a good game plan. sorry for the tears. but i'm pretty happy. matt and i we really did a good job keeping our game plan. we did a lot of 3 woods. i'm sure everyone was wondering about that. we wanted to give ourselves as many birdie chances as we
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look what happened? >> tears of joy of the we'll see you at augusta national next week. >> never thought it was possible. >> dan? >> i don't know if i can talk, todd. jim herman realizing the dream with a hard-earned par at 18 for our entire crew. dan hicks saying so long from the golf club of houston. where this pga tour stopped. finally belongs to 38-year-old jim herman. next stop for him, augusta.
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developing right now. amtrak just wrapped up a news conference on the deadly train crash near philadelphia. find out how the wreck could affect travelers in our region. a fairfax county police officer struck and killed a pedestrian last night. i'll have the latest on the investigation and a live report. and we'll show you some of the hardest-hit areas after strong winds gave us one wild night. good evening, everyone. the ntsb investigating today's deadly amtrak train derailment south of philadelphia. the train slammed into a backhoe killing two workers and injuring dozens of passengers. the silver spring resident snapped these pictures. the car that he was in started shaking wildly and they smelled smoke and a window near him blew out. reporter drew smith is at a church turned t
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the injured were taken. >> reporter: the explosion, a loud bang. passengers were settled in after amtrak train 89 stopped in philadelphia but minutes later we felt it. >> we were sleeping and woke up to a big boom. >> it really felt like an earthquake. >> reporter: in a panic, some people tried to run off the train. >> the girl next to me was hysterical. >> there was a fire. a window burst out. >> reporter: a conductor told everyone to stay put. the tracks were still live. once it was safe, the investigation began. >> it was cold, windy, weather, and thankfully there was a church nearby. >> ambulance after ambulance moved in to help the injured. then the buses arrived to pick up the passengers to take them to 30th street station where another makeshift medical station helped the people who didn't get to a
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>> the train just brought them back. i banged my knee and a bump -- a bruise and now there's a knot on it. >> today's derailment causing major delays in the northeast corridor. here's a live look at union station where riders were impacted by the crash. this morning's accident comes nearly a year after an amtrak train from dc derailed in philadelphia killing 8 people. we want to go to a developing story in fair fax county where we are learning new information about a deadly crash involving a police cruiser and a pedestrian. a young man killed trying to cross beulah street near telegraph road. our reporter is live with details. >> reporter: the fairfax police wrapped up a press conference within the last hour here at the government center. one new thing we learn today is that this entire crash was captured on the officer's dash-mounted camera. let's go to the scene
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night. an officer on routine patrol right around 11:00 last night struck and killed that pedestrian. the man was identified as 26-year-old jeffrey aguilar. he lived in alexandria. police say the officer had the green light on beulah street when aguilar they say stepped into the roadway in front of the officer's cruiser, that's when the officer hit aguilar who later died at the hospital. the chief said there's no investigation that speed or alcohol were factors in the crash and that aguilar was walking either in or near a crosswalk. >> the weather conditions at the time were heavy rain and the area was dimly lit as the officer was proceeding northbound on beulah street. unfortunately, mr. aguilar was crossing the street wearing dark clothing and the police cruiser collided with mr. aguilar. there was no reaction time for the officer based upon the weather conditions and them
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lighting. >> reporter: we have been able to confirm that aguilar was a popular worker at a local bar-restaurant. he was not working last night but was apparently walking home at the time that he was hit. i spoke to one of his friends who said he wanted to make sure that police do a thorough investigation to make sure they find out how and why this happened and so far, police have not yet released the identity of the officer who was in that cruiser last night. back to you. >> thank you so very much. storm team 4 meteorologist amelia seeingle told you about the high risk of winds. look at some of the damage. people in maryland, virginia, and d.c. were slammed with high winds that knocked down trees, knocked out power, and left behind a major mess. area airports saw wind gusts approaching 60 miles an hour.
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>> there still will be chilly temperatures and wind but not as bad as last night. >> next week, the winds for the most part not letting up. the cooler temperatures as well. the national weather service has issued a frost advisory for the counties in blue. it begins in midnight. it ends at 8:00 p.m. tomorrow. if you are under the frost advisory you have to cover any sensitive plants or bring them in indoors. temperatures will dip to 35 in me nas sass. monday, you need the sunglasses. we warm up quickly around 9:00 a.m. erica, some rain tomorrow. i'll
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forecast. d.c.'s 9/11 operations are back to normal after those strong winds last night led to scattered power outages. the center lost light and air conditioning last night. the operations were moved to the backup location in northwest during the outages. those outages did not impact 911 calls or communications with first responders. the city's 311 line did go down for about two hours as well. we've got much more on the damage from the high winds. news 4 talks to families who had close calls with the weather. we'll have that story in ten minutes. we're learning more story about the man accused of killing his ex-girlfriend last night. police say eric lewis argued with his ex, cristina er
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and he shot her. her daughter called 911. lewis was taken into custody in middleburg. he's charged with murder and violating a protective order. a legendary women's soccer star runs into trouble with the law. we're going to show you what landed abby wambach behind bars. and the calendar says spring, but the video that we're going to show you coming up says something completely different as people in some areas of the country are dealing with spring snow
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criminal justice reform, they named a center after him. and because education was his way out david offered it free to employees. and over 14 years ago began offering them partner benefits. evening the playing field has always been david's mission. in congress it'll be his job. it's not how you run, it's how you live. i'm david trone and i approve this message.
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abby wambach says she's let herself and others down after getting arrested on suspected dui in portland, oregon. on facebook, she issued an apology and says she takes full responsibility for her actions. police say they stopped her when she ran a red light last night and she failed sobriety tests. along with being a two-time gold medalist, she also played for the washington freedom. all right. so it may have been a little chilly out there this morning, but imagine having to deal with this in april. a storm system brought snow to michigan and severe weather to other parts of the midwest, bringing down trees completely in indiana and ohio.
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police chase. second out -- check out this video as a california highway patrol officer spots a dog on the loose. the four legged fugitive went scampering down the bay bridge this morning. the officer scooped it up and brought it back to the office. if nobody claims the little guy, the pup goes up for adoption. the washington monument is back open. the landmark had been closed since friday after people got stuck in the elevator. expect more roller coaster temperatures and high winds at times in the coming days. amelia will the timing of that coming up. is a man knocked unconscious taken to the hospital last night from the


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