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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 4, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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test it is monday, april 4th. coming up on "early today." its was a weekend on danger, even deadly weather. 45 people faced huge wind gust, snow, and anything but springlike temperatures. >> the presidential race in wisconsin is shaping up to be a perthal moment for both parties. exposed. how the rich and famous used off shore accounts to avoid paying the irs. plus a huge night at the academy of country music awards. these kids form a human arrow. and for those with heart trouble. "early today" starts right now. well, good morning on this monday and thanks for joining us on this monday morning. we're now two weeks into spring, but it does not
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across a wide swath of the u.s. and east coast. over the weekend strong winds tore down trees and ripped down power lines. as the first in the series of fast-moving low pressure system of clippers move across the midwest into the northeast bringing winds up to 66 miles an hour. in massachusetts two people were killed after a tree fill on their car trapped them inside and a strong wind causes a tree to come crashing down in this maryland home. a man was knocked unconscious but his family was o'-wise oklahoma. more snow? it's in the forecast. bill karps will have more in a few minutes. right now amtrak says service on its busy northeast corridor should be back soon. it happened when the train rammed into a backhoe on the tracks. nbc's sara
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>> reporter: palmetto train 89 describe a fireball. >> there were people who were pretty bloody because it was an explosion. we got off track and there was a big explosion and then a fire very 15-year-old linton holmes was traveling to visit his father. officials say the train traveled from new york to sash na hit a backhoe on the tracks outside philadelphia. two people were killed. >> we now have our second doa located at the impact site of the backhoe. >> reporter: stephanie burroughs snapped these photos. she said passengers went up in the air after the hard impact. the 341 passengers and seven employees were i evacuated to a nearby church. nearly three dozen were hospitalized with nonlife-threatening injuries. one
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stretches of track. >> most of our team has arrived on scene and we will be looking at mechanical operations, signal, track, human performance, and survival factors. >> reporter: this isn't the first deadly amtrak accident in the last year. last year a train traveling through philadelphia derailed killing eight people, injuring more than 200. that crash is still being investigated. as passengers and their families wait to find out what happened this time, many tried to make sense of this latest tragedy. >> my heart just dropped. i pray for the other families who suffered the loss. i can't imagine it. meanwhile in a separate incident one person was killed when an amtrak train bound for california hit a car in northern illinois sunday. they say the vehicle drove around the crossing gates. the driver was pronounced dead at the scene.
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hurt. documents say they know how law firms are doing it. more than 11.5 million documents from a pan a mainian law firm were leaked. the so-called panama papers are considered the largest leak of inside information in history. among the findings, details of 12 current and former world leaders' offshore holdings and although his name does not directly appear, the papers show associates of vladimir putin moved around over $2 million in banks and companies. the law firm said in part it had operated beyond reproach for over 40 years and had never been accused or charged with criminal wrongdoing. in the presidential race,
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they've offered dated for future debates but says the sanders campaign rejected them. sanders said one date offered was the date of the ncaa finals. it's 1yu69 a dustup. nbc's kristen welker has more. >> reporter: feeling the heat on her home turf of new york hillary clinton spent the morning visiting churches in brooklyn. >> i want to underscore how honored i was to serve as your senator for eight years, to work with you. >> reporter: clinton had started to pivot to the general election and donald trump but now praying bernie sanders's newfound momentum slowed. on "meet the press" hillary clinton acknowledged she still has a fight on her hands. >> i know i still have work to do to win the nomination and i'll going to keep reaching out to every
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>> reporter: clinton's poll shows a double digit advance but sanders is catching up. still sanders' path to the nomination is narrow and winning the nomination on tuesday is crucial. >> if it comes out of young people voted, we will win on tuesday. >> reporter: and sanders repeated his claim, he would do better against donald trump. >> poll after poll shows we're doing much better against trump than she is. >> as i said before about donald trump's appearances, rhetoric, demagoguery, when you insight violen violence, you are acting like a political arsonist. >> reporter: clinton's campaign dogged by the ongoing controversy over her e-mails. the fbi expected to interview
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hasn't been contacted yes and isn't concerned. >> no, i'm not because i don't think anything inappropriate was done, but i'm not at all worried about it. >> reporter: clinton's focus now, staying on top with sanders surging. on the other side, the republicans are focused on tuesday. that's when wisconsin voters head to the polls. donald trump is joining ted cruz, calling for ohio governor john kasich to get out of the race. >> if i didn't have kasich, i'd automatically win. look, if i get 50%, lots of good things happen, right? i'm way over 50%. but with kasich it's hard jeer in a campaign e-mail kasich kicked back, a vote for hillary clinton is is a vote for donald trump is a vote for hillary clinton. he said, yeah, if it was a mi
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wouldn't have said it. cruz meanwhile is pushing hard for the badger state. he said it shows he can compete never. former u.s. soccer star amy wambach was arrested, in fact, and charged with driving under the influence. police pulled her over just after 11:00 p.m. when she ran a red-light. she failed sobriety tests and later failed a breath test. wambach was booked at the county jail and released sunday morning. she's a two f h time olympic gold medalist and fifa world champion. she holds the world record for the most international scores. she apologized on facebook and said i have let myself and others down. i take full responsibility for my actions and it's all on me and i will make
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mistake is never repeated. boy, it was frightful for a lot of folks. a winter blast hit hard over the weekend. >> the winds. there's a couple edges of snow. now we're dealing with another mini snowstorm. so far it's understood achieving in places like hudson, so that's good. so the timing of it is probably the biggest problem. additional snowfall, i mean these amounts are not -- you know, they're not exactly hefty or anything, but during the morning commute is when we'll get the one or two inches accumulating. be careful. boston could end up with the higher totals. that's because you get a little bit of an enhancement. that's where it looks. just a rain event for new york city southward, the snow, up through areas of northern connecticut and across the mass pike. by 5:00 p.
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it's going to be plain old rain for you. the rest of the country is great. we're in the 70s in the south. oklahoma, you look great too. 80s and even the 90th. the what a difference today. washington, d.c., will be warmer. from texas to floor looks fantastic. so it's really just the great lakes and the northeast. we suffer for a couple of days. >> let's hopefully see the suffering end soon. thank you, bill. straight ahead, important new details for anyone with heart concerns. plus amazon continues to look for market share outside of this universe. you're watching "early today". ♪
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no, no, no, no, [music] people are both soft and strong... yey! which is why our products are too. angel soft. the brussels airport reopened sunday nearly two weeks after 16 people were killed in
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terrorist attack there. passengers on three flights were subjected to new security screenings and a temporary check-in area. the first flight took off just after 1:40 local time bound for portugal. a groundbreaking new study found that usinging a statin lowered the risk of cardiovascular disease by 25%. astrazeneca manufactures the drug used in the research. recommendations were submitted to the faa to allow small drones weighing about half a pound to begin flying in unrestricted areas over people. other drones of varying weights would be allowed to fly at least 20 feet up. the faa would look at all the recommendations before setting rules. >> jeff bezos's space company blue origin is another step closer to being operational. they successfully launch and landed a suborbital
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the boss, congratulations. >> and a bull that escaped from a clean slaughterhouse friday already received a comedian friend. freedom does come with a price. the bull will be cass straitsed so it can live safe will i with the other livestock. down to business the batman v superman movie declined. it weren't from $68 million to just over $52 million. globally the warner brothers movie has made over 3 million since its relet. 276,000 orders of the electric car were made by saturday evening. the company's ceo made the announcement on twitter. tesla's stock soared about 60% since february. and starbucks
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with microsoft. consumers can now schedule a meeting and order a coffee drink via their outlook. they're focusing on their mobile strategy after a decline in pc sales. >> just ahead, we now have the ncaa championship matchup plus a nice moment on the traction. sports is next. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin. 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months. while the majority saw 90% clearance. do not use if you are allergic to cosentyx. before starting, you should be tested for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur... ...tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms...
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never be tolerated. yvette: mr. ivey showed compassion. i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey. as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message, because i'm on your side. narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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this morning on "today" snooze news. find out why sleeping on the job might be a good thing. can't wait to see that. all right. let's get you to some sports now. your top four college basketball teams, they're set for the finals. for the women, no surprise, number one seed. they steam rolled the huskies. and in the other semifinal sire kuz'dly ha ll lly tonight the men will battle for the national championship. roy williams' tar heels favored by two points. north carolina has beaten villanova five of six times in ncaa history. and nova coach jay wright is winless in three games in his career against roy williams' team. but ahead of the big team jay wright was
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naismith coach of the year, second and earlier. he also took home the big east coa coach of the year award. tonight's big game villanova and north carolina tar heels. the royals managed to an early 4-0 lead against the world series rival med. they battled back but they were short. in the other opener the pirates beat the cardinals 4-1 in chilly pittsburgh and toronto took out tampa bay, 5-3. and racing fans, check this out. that what's up? >> oh my god. oh, my god. how are you. i love you all. oh, my god. >> what an epic reaction. kyle b
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parton and katy perry. perry went on to give parton her award for "coat of many colors." while, the i hearst music radio awards opening with not other than justin bieber. look at that hair. but it was taylor swift who was big winner of the year. that's not all. taylor swift also got a lot of attention this weekend for her new apple music ad. it reflects a change of heart who briefly removed her music. >> she can laugh at herself, win everything. >> i love this. she was crating that they were not adequately compensating artists. they changed their policy within 24 hours and apparently it's with her falling for it, get it?
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on the popular series "transparent." transparent creator says the cameo is a dream come true. jenner will begin filming her role next week. after a lot of hinting, they finally revealed that the character smithers is gay. and "snl" took over the donald. >> there was a lot of violence. a young woman was pepper spray. >> donald trump does not personally condone violence. >> right. let's randomly see what's happening right now at his rally. >> i'm voting for you. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. ♪ think about it
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. now at 4:126, in montgomery county, a nasty injury caused at least a dozen to be injured. what we're learning in an update. and a heads up for anybody plan to go use amtrak today. the delays you could face after a deadly derailment. and the future of rfk stadium unveiled. what we could learn in just a matter of hours. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang p. >> and i'm angie goff this to aaron gilchrist. it is so fun any watching everybody to come into work morning with their hair all
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s it's cold out there. >> we want spring to come back, chuck. >> no kidding. but that is not in the offing. not anytime soon. this will be a week far colder than average. almost each and every day. freezing cold weather is likely. in fact freeze watches and warnings have been posted for tonight going into tomorrow morning. we'll be talk about windchills here in april, and worse still, a chance for rain on opening day. but it first thing you need to know, we have the freeze war of watches and freeze warnings out for tonight and early tomorrow. several hours particularly for those west of i-95 in northern virginia and shenandoah. several hours likely to be below breezing. and for those of us that aren't a plant, of thats done near 20 degrees by tomorrow morning. for how just breezy and chilly start. temperatures mostly in the 40s. grab the umbrella. a pretty did chance for rain coming our way later on this afternoon. we'll get more into the timing of the raindrops
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kristen wright at the live deck, where we begin with a serious mess on 270 north between routes 109 and 121 at the weigh station. look at this car, at least five cars were involved in this one. 12 people hurt, many of them children we understand. someone actually had to be ex extricated from one of the vehicles, but we're told everyone is expected to be all right and 270 good news is back open this morning. back to you. and taking a look at other things around town right now, luckily as chris te kristen jus 270 has reopened. pine any point at delay deny, all lanes shut down. this could hang around for a couple of hours.any point at del lanes shut down. this could hang around for a couple of hours. branch of a just after the beltway, right lane getting by the
4:29 am
3rd at massachusetts avenue, still the work zone there. 270 at shady grove, no problems. amtrak passengers with expect delays after sunday's deadly train crash. two amtrak workers were killed when a train hit a backhoe near philadelphia. amtrak train 89 was traveling from new york city to savannah, georgia. today the the medical examiner will conduct autopsies for the back toe operator and supervisor who died in that crash. meanwhile investigators are trying to figure out why the equipment was on the tracks. the data recorders and camera footage will be brought to washington on so the n stchlt sb can review the material. at union station, there was a lot of frustration and confusion among passengers following the crash. we spoke with a commuter who said her train left a couple hours late. other commuters said workers in the station were not helpful and rude. at the time of the crash, seven crew members and 341
4:30 am
were on board. >> the train jolted back and i banged my knee and there is a knot on it. >> 35 passengers on the train were hurt, although none seriously. visitation services will be held in hampton, virginia today for a fallen state police trooper. trooper chad dermyer died in the line of duty last thursday. state police say that trooper dermyer approached a man during a training exercise at a bus station in richmond. that man shot him multiple times they say. police later shot and killed the suspect. trooper dermyer's funeral is set for tomorrow. it is 4:30 now. sentencing hearings begin today for a former social media ceo accused of murder. he pled no contest on killing his ex-wife's new husband in loudoun county in january. detectives say wynn broke into do these and cory madison's home and shot cory. prosecutors say wynn w


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