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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  April 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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resuming in brussels in the wake of the terrorist attacks. we'll show you when flights to d.c. could return. but first, here is chuck bell with your out the door forecast. and he says don't forget that umbrella. >> that's right. don't forget it, there is not a whole lot of rain out there just yet, but rain most likely in the metro between 4:00 and 6:00 this afternoon. so be umbrella ready. temperatures are in the 30s in northern maryland, but near 50 from washington southbound into southern maryland and northern neglect. so the next 24 hours, feeling almost like summer kind of sort of for one day. this will be the only day this week that is anywhere near mild, though. 40s this morning, becomes they're 70 this afternoon, but 80% chance of rain today. the rain ends before midnight as the cold front blasts by and we'll be near the freezing mark tomorrow morning with windchills in the teens and low 20s. it will be bitter cold tomorrow. we may have another freeze threat not just tuesday morning, t
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up on saturday morning. it will be a cold weigh week ahead. and red line troubles i hear from melissa mollett. red line troubles to shady grow because of an investigation at farragut north. some delays to shady grove this morning. topper 4 over the top of the beltway, taillights outer loop, everything looks pretty normal. a lot of folks back to school and work after spring break. piney point road at drayden, that crash investigation still has just one lane open. traffic alternates with the one lane. just a bit slow here this morning. eastbound southeast/southwest freeway, right side is blocked by the crash. and as we zoom in again, still have this problem here 66 inbound there at the roosevelt bridge. left side is blocked by a disabled vehicle. developing this
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at union station after a deadly amtrak accident along the northeast corridor. two amtrak workers were killed when a train hit a backhoe they're philadelphinear fifr philadelphia. amtrak says it is running on a normal monday schedule right now following that crash yesterday. there was a lot of frustration and confusion among passengers at union station. some commuters said their trains left hours behind schedule. let's check in now with derrick ward at union station. >> reporter: good morning. well, a different situation seems to be prevailing here at union station today after those delays yesterday. the first train due here from points north is due at 6:58 and according to the board, that train is due on time. departures from here heading north are also seeming to be running on time. this all concerns train number 89. it was about 8:00 a.m. yesterday when that train
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hit a backhoe outside of philadelphia. chester p.a. about 15 miles outside of philadelphia. two workers were killed when the train hit the backhoe. and the ntsb is now looking at the data recorders from that train. and that includes some video recorders. forward looking cameras mounted on the train that they hope will give them information about what happened. about 30 passengers were injured, taken to hospitals. none were deemed to be life threatening. and amtrak has promised to have things running on the busy northeast corridor back to normal today. all appearances are that that is indeed happening. again the first train from points north due here at 6:58 and it is due on time. live at union station, derrick ward, news 4. and if there are any major changes to amtrak service departing union station, we will send an alert to your phone using the nbc washington app. a dozen people are recovering and i-270 is back
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take a look at this photo. it's of one of the five cars that collided last night. major damage obviously done to it there. montgomery county fire and ems saying that six children and six adults were hurt. one of the adults had serious injuries. everyone is expected to be okay. right now a crash investigation has partially shut down a road in st. mary's county. police have been on the swecene for the last few hours. as soon as we hear back from police, we'll have an update here and on our nbc washington app. 6:04. sentencing hearings starts today for a former social media ceo accused of murder. mim wynn pled no contest to killing his ex-wife's new husband in january. detectives say he broke into denise and cory madison's home in ashburn and shot
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prosecutors say wynn was jealous of the time cory madison had been spending with his children. a no contest plea has the same consequences as a guilty plea without admitting any wrongdoing. today people will begin to say good by to a fallen virginia say the trooper. chad dermyer died in the line of duty last thursday. state police say he approached a man during a training exercise at a bus station this richmond and the man shot him. this afternoon there will be visitation services in hampton, virginia. trooper t trooper dermyer's funeral is tomorrow. an emotional step in recovery after last month's terror attacks in brussels. the brussels airport is up and running although it has a long way to go. airport officials say right now the airport is operating at about a fifth of where it was when isis terrorists bombed it. dozens of people died that day. travelers now are using a temporary departure hall. and as y
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a lot of extra security in place. one of today's flights is going to new york. the airport says it will start fly to ing to dulles starting t wednesday. animal lovers listen to this, cats, dogs and a guinea pig are all on the move today. the washington new hain society is ernlg in humane society is merging with the animal league. and they are clare closing thei adoption center on georgia avenue and moving to a new shelter. the organization says the new shelter that will provide more space for the animals p. it's a day we've been waiting for. it is finally here, opening day nationals are facing the atlanta braves it afternoon. there is plenty of excitement for young players as well as veterans. >> it's one of the best days. when that starts to get old and you don't get excited to come out on opening day, i think you need
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>> this is rye ap zimmermais ryh year. and you will be down there. >> cannot wait. we took the whole family down saturday for the exhibition game. we are ready to play ball. >> i cannot wait for the theme games. how they do the '80s and star wars. >> and promotion days. fun for the whole family. picking up the pieces after strong winds leave their impact on our region. the damage we're finding plus the close call some people experienced. also ahead, hackers brought their system down, now we'll show you the progress medstar says it has made get things back on lionel. . and a problem on the red line here this morning with some delays. also a brand new crash as yore headed u'in
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to senator mikulski who will "deliver results." i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message. i'm chris van hollen, but jamie raskin is the only abdemocrat for congress who led the fight for tougher gun laws. only raskin took on the nra to ban military-style assault weapons. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message.
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. surveillance footage shows thieves in san francisco stealing from six children. investigators are searching for the burglars who broke into a make a wish office. they snatched sports memorabilia. make a wish officials position thieves used a crow bar to break in. i can't think of anything worse, stealing from sick children from the make-a-wish foundation which does incredible work. >> exactly. awful. so low. okay. 6:11. we have to talk to this guy. because it ain't right. >> chuck bell, make it better. >> are you lumping me in with those thieves? 000 those two are terrible and now let's go to this guy. >> i know neither one of you are big
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what to expect for today, not a pad o bad one today. we'll be near 70, but this is the only mild day of the week. showers likely to come in on us this afternoon. so be ready for that. ahead of the cold shot that is coming our way for tonight into tomorrow. freeze warnings are posted for tomorrow morning for the entire d.c. metro area and everywhere north and west to the shenandoah. here is 3:30 this afternoon. here comes the rain right through the heart of the metro just in time for your afternoon commute home from work and school. so have your umbrellas ready to go. mostly in the 40s. a little chilly and breezy this morning. mid to upper 60s. some spots might touch 70. but again down near 30 by tomorrow morning. a look at the whole seven day forecast coming up. now melissa mollett with breaking news. breaking new, red lane delays to shady grove because of an investigation at farragut north. a police investigation. so want t
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westbound east capitol street at southern of a, a bad crash with entrapment. that will be a while before it gets out of the way. german south to the spur, on time. 66 inbound no problems. 95 north no problems. i'll show you a shot from chopper coming up. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm in your car. laying out plans for rfk stadium. d.c. puts out the plans for redeveloping the site. a developing story right now outside of new york city where a terminal at newark airport has been evacuated twice after a fire. i'm kristin wright at the live desk where i'm tracki whethnger
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wall street. the nra. they're powerful. they usually get their way. but not with democrat donna edwards. she won't take cash from wall street banks. and when washington insiders wrote a loophole to let the nra spend dark money to kill gun safety laws, donna edwards said 'no'
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and putting the safety of our communities first. because to democrat donna edwards, the special interests aren't special. we are. women vote! is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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i'm kristin wright at the live desk. we're watching evacuations at newark airport this morning because of a fire. started just about 1:00 this morning in a boiler rool. you're be look at the airport here. fire started in one of the terminals about 200 people had to be evacuated. and then firefighters got the fire under control, but it restarted, started again, and they had to evacuate the terminal all over again. we understand now that the fire is under control once againn
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into terminal b there at newark airport. good news no one hurt in the fire. 6:17 now. people in the northeast are dealing with a serious springtime snowstorm. strong winds in massachusetts took down a tree that killed two people in their car. crews say the tree suddenly uprooted and fell on to the car as it was driving by. let's check in now with justin michaels live in boston now with the latest on conditions there. justin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. in fact the snow just started here. so for your live shot, we were able to pull that off here in boston for you. just started to come down very lightly. you can see that in the screen there. so it's beginning. when will it stop in probably about 8:00 tonight. by the end of this we're expecting 3 to 5 inches of snow. but it's extremely cold right now. it's about 28 degrees. feels a few degrees cooler than that. and that puts a huge record in
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wednesday. of course we're supposed to have a few days of cold here in boston. this coming wednesday, if it drops below 20 degrees on wednesday, it will break 135 year record dating back to 1881 for that kind of cold on that day here in april. so april snow storm. red sox are in cleveland, but they will be getting snow there, too. so the commute this morning shouldn't be too bad. tonight's commute, though, here in boston could be a little challenging. what they're saying is there could be a flash freeze tonight. so not a good time to be in boston right now. you have a little more fun down there in d.c. back to you. >> justin, thanks so much. winter hanging on. thanks for making it snow for the live shot. wild winds caused major damage across the area this weekend. houses and cars took a beating. one woman in bethesda spent most of the day trapped in her house after a tree fell on to utility pole. and another man was knocked out of his bed by falling debris
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through the roof. >> my husband was asleep on the far side ever the bed and we were both awakened when stuff started falling. and i've got bumps on my head but he was actually unconscious and stuck under stuff. >> at one point on sunday, the winds were up to 60 miles an hour. and you could feel it. service out of d.c.'s 911 center was affected by this weekend's strong winds. the center lost lights and air conditioning. the director moved operations to the backup location in northwest during those outages. and the outages did not impact 911 calls or communications with first responders. the 311 line did go down for about two hours. well, wind is not the only story as we get our week started. chuck bell is tracking rain plus unseasonably cold tp
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at 6:21. today you can make a donation of life this hob or of a fallen and wounded officer. prince william county police are holding a blood drive today to honor the officers shot responding to a domestic incident in february. officers david mcquinn and jesse hempen were hurt. ashley guindon was killed. today's blood drive is happening in manassas on freedom center bfd. it will take place from 10:00 to 6:00. we shouldn't have to deal with any computer problems at any medstar health clinics today. system officials say that they restored the computers that physicians use to access medical records. last week hackers you might recall shut down the entire system. staff had to use paper records. the baltimore sun reports the hackers demanded money in exchange for keys to regain access to the encrypted data.
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strength as thousands in mexico city worried about ash falling from the sky. take a look at this volcano explode. it sent rocks and ash up into the air. the volcano is about 50 miles southeast of mexico city and is one of the country's most active volcanos. doctors may make stronger recommendations for bypass surgery according to the lead author affair study out yesterday from duke university. the study found that heart failure patients with clogged arteries have a better chance of recovering if they get the bypass surgery and take the prescribed medicine rather than just use the drugs alone. a lot of people are sharing this next story online because this is really good video. take a look. let's just say this dog will need a good leash. that is a chihuahua that ran across the oakland san francisco
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motorcycle chasing hill down. highway patrol officer captured it. he's doing all right. they don't know who the dog belongs to, so if no one comes forward, it would be up for adoption. the dog is named ponch. >> remember chip? >> it took me back. >> yeah, eric he estrada. he never rode a ploet tore cycle before he good that show. a little piece of cratrivia for you. there are a few chances of rain, chuck. >> first good chance for rain comes in this afternoon. so take your umbrella on your way out early this morning. if you liyou left it at the off friday, not to worry. mostly dry this morning. but big swing high school will temperatures coming our way. we'll be near 70 this afternoon and down near 30 by tomorrow morning. so a 40 degree temperature dop
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coming between 3:00 this afternoon and sunrise tomorrow. as a result of the cold that is coming, a freeze watch and freeze warning is posted. all the darker colors here which includes the entire d.c. metro area, that is a freeze warning for tonight in to tomorrow morning. likely to have several hours of temperatures at or below freezing. so protect the cold sensitive plants. and for us people, we will have windchills to cope with down near 20 degrees tomorrow morning. about 29 in manassas, 34 in washington. so a cold start. here is the view from the tower this morning. a crescent moon out there in the eastern sky. temperatures today, mostly in the 40s and 50s on your way out the door. not much rain in the immediate area just yet, but there are rain showers here in southern pennsylvania. they're going almost straight to the east, so not in anybig hurry to come into the area. but more rain back out to the west there. this whole weather system will sag its way farther
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day. so about an 80% chance you will get rained on today. t dry but cold tuesday and wednesday. opening day thursday, pretty good chance for rain. here is the timing of the rain today. by 3:30 this afternoon, showers in howard county, out toward leesburg and winchester. by 5:00, 6:00, the rain pushing through the city and down into charles county and eventually southern appear lamaryland. temperature-wise, 45 now. low 50s by 9:00. a risk of a few showers as early as about lunchtime, but really rain chances wait until later on this afternoon. enjoy the mild weather. southerly winds today, it would be a little blustery at times. it will get us near 70. but by tomorrow morning down near the freezing mark, most of the western suburbs below freezing tomorrow morning and wednesday morning also looks like it could be quite cold. there is your rain chance opening day for the nationals. rain should be ein
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that may linger on. and the weekend looks very cold. you won't want to hear this, some of those crazy computer models are trying to generate snow on saturday. we'll keep an eye on that. just know that it will stay on the cold side. melissa mollett now with updates on all the news in traffic. so right now take a look, chopper 4 over brand new problem outer loop of the beltway ramp to 95 north. it's a little hard to see, but what is lit up there on the right side of your screen is a car turned around backwards there in the trees here this morning. so they will get that out of the way here hopefully soon. doesn't seem to be slowing things too much. red line back on schedule here this morning, no more delays to shady grove. we had an early investigation at farragut north that has pretty much cleared out of the way. westbound east capitol street at southern avenue, still a crash hanging around. eastbound southeast/southwest freeway, at potomac park, a crash there. and 66 in-broubound headed acro roolt
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blocked by disabled vehicle. st. mary's, piney point road at drayden, still have one lane open traffic alternates there. will it be villanova or north carolina? tonight we find out which will win the ncaa men's basketball championship. villanova claiming their spot after a 44 point win over oklahoma. and tar heels beat out syracuse in the final four this weekend. head over to our nbc washington facebook page, let us know if you want the tar heels or the wildcats to win. today we'll get a better picture of what the future of rfk stadium could look like. events d.c. is unveiling several concept plans for the 190 acre rfk stadium-armory campus in southeast washington. so far district officials have only suggested the stadium have what they call recreational facilities and anchor facilities. >> our responsibility is that we don't just have aan
6:27 am
at rfk. so i expect that we will have concepts that would include an nfl stadium, not include an nfl stadium, but regardless, it will be many uses. >>? some community members aren't happy with the possibility of a new stadium for the redskins saying they want more green space, not just a place to play football. a woman is counting her blessings this morning after her car plunges off this cliff. take a look. how she was able to escape the fall. a cold start to your week as you look live at the capital wheel. chuck bell has when you could see rain where you live. >> reporter: new information coming in on a triple stabbing that happened here at this restaurant and lounge just hours ago that sent tre
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narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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developing this morning, we're working for you to see whether a deadly train accident outside of philadelphia will impact your morning commute here. right now amtrak says it is running on a normal monday schedule and trains are running on time. two amtrak workers were killed when a train hit a backhoe they're philly yesterday. the train was traveling from new york city to savannah, georgia. ntsb officials say they are sending the data roeecorders an camera footage back here to washington to be reviewed. storm team 4 is tracking winterlike complainditions and showers in the coming hours. chuck bell is here with four things you need to know. and i believe that includes some rain. >> sure does. be umbrella ready today as rain chances will be increasing over the course ever the afternoon. rain on the way. very cold april pattern here.
6:32 am
first week of april than we were for the last week or two of march. freeze warnings are up tonight into tomorrow morning. likely to be issued again for wednesday morning and potentially again later on in the week. where is it all the warm air? it's moved way out to the west. so today, mostly clear sky out there for now, but clouds will increase very quickly. we'll have a risk of a few showers northern maryland and shenandoah valley by as early as lunchtime. best chances for rain in the city around 4:00, 5:00 this afternoon. nice and mild today, in the upper 60s maybe near 70. just don't get used to it. chopper 4 here over the top of the beltway, this is outer loop trying to get on to 95 northbound. the vehicle is off to the right side of the roadway, so now because state highway has pulled up, we have a little bit of a lane blockage there on the right side of the roadway. westbound east capitol street, a crash involving
6:33 am
eastbound southeast/southwest freeway, that crash out of the way. and bigger look at things, no major issues right now. still have the 66 inbound before the roosevelt bridge with the left side blocked by a disabled car. travel times in ten minutes. we're following a developing story three people stabbed at a restaurant and lounge, this happened early this morning on kea cady drive in fort wall. molette green is live to break down what happened. >> reporter: i just spoke to a man who drove up to tell me he was just here last night, was at the sports bar just steps away and walked over to the restaurant and lounge about 10:00 last night. says there was no trouble at all at that time. sunday nights usually attract a younger crowd, folks in their 20s and 30s. we can tell you police say there was some sort of a fight that broke out, ended up in a stac
6:34 am
guard on duty septembnt to the hospital with stab wounds on the upper body. they're expected to survive their injuries. police got here about 2:00 a.m. and that's when they found all of these victims. we are working to find out more about what led up to the fight and suspect are information. we're live this morning in ft. washington, caddy drive just of livingston road, back to you. this weekend's deadly accident involving a fairfax county police cruiser may have been because of bad weather and poor lighting. police say that an officer hit jeffrey aguilar when aguilar stepped out into the street. this happened along beulah street in the alexandria section of the county saturday night. we're told the officer had a green light and the officer's dash cam actually recorded the crash. police have not identified the officer. maryland state police meanwhile saying that alcohol may have contributed to a deadly crash in chevy chase. the car drove off
6:35 am
off-ramp at connecticut avenue this is early on sunday morning. the car came crashing down on to kensington parkway and the driver jose torez was thrown from the car and killed. to decision 2016 now. voters weigh in tomorrow in wisconsin and we're learning donald trump and ted cruz have a new plan to push john kasich out of the race. both campaigns are backing a rule that would require candidates to have a delegate majority in at least eight states to get on the ballot at the republican national convention this cleveland this summer. the rule could effectively end kasich's campaign. republican leadership has not approved of the proposed requirements. to the democrats now, wisconsin voters may back bernie sanders in tomorrow's primary. he is leading hillary clinton in the polls. he's also gaining on her lead in new york. over the weekend, clip top announced she will debate senator sanders again before the new york primary on april
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ahead on "today," chuck todd shares what to expect in tomorrow's wisconsin primary. moon rymontgomery county of want to know how increased purple line costs will impact the county. the county council is very nice it 24 afternoon to talk about the proposed light rail. that project would extend from bethesda to new carrollton in prince george's county. costs for the project keep rising, though. the county was told that four major projects related to the new line may cost an extra $14 million. construction on that line could start in 2016 if plans are approved. just in, alaska air will merge with virgin america. alaska air beat out jetblue in the $2.5 billion deal. so for you, this means expanded routes, including in and out of reagan national. and now alaska air will be able to service more markets in the east
6:37 am
flights are once again leaves brussels airport in the wake of the terrorist attacks. we'll show you when flights to d.c. will resume. plus look out for your safety. the new ride sharing option reaching out to women. and two new problems in virginia. one of them eastbound 7 at the toll road, sounds like we have
6:39 am
6:40 am
terrifying moments in canada as a car fluplunges down a clif. look at the scene. you can see the car, police say the driver either jumped or was thrown just before her car nose dived over the edge. the 20-year-old driver was rescued from the face of that cliff. she's expected
6:41 am
crews repelled down the cliff and were able to lift the car up 300 feet up from the cliff. dramatic video there. proof luck counts absolutely. outside for us, clear skies over washington. going to be a nice sunrise, but clouds in northern maryland and there are raindrops in southern made p pennsylvania. shorts and t-shirts from friday, put them back in the drawer. we're back to jeans and sweaters and wind breakers. south winds, so mild today. mid to upper 60s. recess gets a c. there could be a pospotty showe. but rain chance probably best 4:00 to 6:00 this evening. "7-day forecast" in ten minutes. taking a look at a
6:42 am
road, sounds like we may have a vehicle on its side. chopper is headed that way. they should be there probably in the next ten minutes or so. as we look at 395, not so pretty there either. 395 north at washington boulevard, a crash in the left lane. so seeing big slowdowns headed inbound. outer loop the ramp to northbound 95, a vehicle in the trees. trying to go get it out of the way. 270 south looking pretty good. top of the beltway, it will take you 27 minutes. it should take you about 10 or 11. 66 inbound from fairfax county mark way to the beltway, you're fine there. and also final quaup ifthe fine beltway. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. we're watching a story that could impact travel.
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expect delays after deadly accident near philadelphia. wou what e're learning and thwe ♪ he's begun forgetting words. forgetting where he lives. but when the day comes when he forgets who i am, i'll still know who he is. the first time we said i love you we didn't use words. we simply held each other's hands. we still are. i lost my dad to alzheimer's. preventing alzheimer's is within our grasp. let's double the budget of nih and get it done. i'm david trone and i approve this message.
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we're watching a developing situation that could impact your travel plans. amtrak is running a full schedule but warning about potential delays. this after the deadly accident near philadelphia on sunday. we have live team coverage on the crash and the
6:46 am
washington. as you're planning your day, plan to having a wind breaker. it will be breezy. and plan to having the umbrella. rain likely after about 3:00 this afternoon. big problem top of the beltway, outer loop at colesville road, brand new crash in the middle of the roadway causes pretty big delays. chop other the way right now to eastbound 7 at the toll road, report of a vehicle on its side. it is 6:46. developing this morning, amtrak says it is returning to normal monster advice following this weekend's deadly train crash. two workers died when a train hit a backhoe near philly yesterday morning. and we have team coverage of how the crash will impact your morning commute with derrick ward, but we want to begin the investigation into what happened with nbc's monique braxton who is in delaware county where the train was towed to overnight. hi,
6:47 am
>> reporter: good morning. overnight we have been watching activity here near the derailment site site in trainer just outside philadelphia. amtrak trains including local regional trains have been passing through now for the past couple of hours. the derailed train has been moved to 30th street station this is the annuamtrak station philadelphia. >> we'd like to offer our condolences to the family of the deceased. >> reporter: the sad announcement yesterday by the ntsb alerting everyone that two people were confirmed dead, more than 30 injured when amtrak train 89 valslammed into a back. the identities of those killed haven't been released, but dell care county medical examiner tells us he plans to do so after performing autopsies today. the national transportation safety board official has confirmed one of the
6:48 am
was the operate are or of the equipment and chuck schumer says the other person killed was a super vits or. and they had decades of experience with amtrak. so a couple questions have come for mind. what did happen, what caused the train carrying 348 crew members and passengers to collide with the backhoe on the tracks? it's a question congressman bob brady wants answered because this is the second time if a year he has responded to a derailment, a deadly derailment, outside philadelphia. ntsb investigator says the event data recorder and videotape from the locomotive considered valuable have been recovered and taken to washington to the lab. so in just a couple of hours, chester city's mayor is going to hold a press conference, he will update everyone on the condition of those injured and he will also layout what is available to the investigators now working in trainer. live for now
6:49 am
philadelphia, monique braxton. back to you. >> amtrak says it is running on a normal monday schedule right now following take crash yesterday. there was a lot of frustration and confusion among passengers at union station. some commuters said trains left hours behind schedule. let's check in now with derrick ward at union station with how trains are moving this morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, sunrise is finding smooth operations here at union station. the first train from points north, a train from boston, due here in less than 15 minutes and due to arrive on time. again, a different situation than yesterday with that incident are regarding train 89. that train was headed south, it was running between new york and savannah, when it hit a backhoe on the tracks outside of philadelphia in chester. into work two workers were killed and the ntsb has indeed begun their investigation here in washington where some
6:50 am
including forward looking cameras are being processed at a lab. now, again not many disruptions here along the eastern corridor. heavily traveled corridor. none we can see here at union station with the train due here from boston at 6:58 and scheduled to arrive on time as that investigation continues. live at union station, derrick ward, news 4. and if there are any major changes to amtrak service departing union station, we will send an alert to your phone using the nbc washington app. developing right now, a number of children recovering from this highway pileup. five cars crashed on i-270 in clarksburg. take a look at the damage. in total a dozen were hurt including six children. eight people were taken to the hospital. we should all be okay. the highway was shut down, but has been reopened.
6:51 am
more about a crash investigation in snat. mary's. piney point road at drayden has been partially closed. we're working to typfind out if anyone was hurt. he pleaded no contest to killing his ex-wife's new husband. today sentencing hearings start. in january, wynn wrote into cory and denise's home and shot corky because he was jealous. a no contest plea has the same consequences of the guilty plea without admitting wrongdoing. visitation services will be held in hampton, virginia for a fallen state police trooper. trooper chad dermyer died in the line of duty last thursday. state police say that trooper dermyer approached a man during a training exercise at a bus station in richmond. and that is when the man shot him multiple times. police officers say at
6:52 am
suspect. dermyer's funeral is set for tomorrow. another step in the long recovery from the brussels attacks. today planes are flying out of the brussels airport. one is flying to new york. later this week, flights to dulles will start again. they worked all day and night to reopen the airport after isis terrorists bombed it last month. however it is not close to up and running. the main departure hall is still closed and it's not clear when exactly it will be fixed. breaking news on the roads, top of elemebeltway, a four mil backup because of a crash right there in the middle of the roadway. it is just going to start building. take a look, ton of the beld y beltway, the red line pretty nasty. also ramp to northbound 95, vehicle off the right side and spun around. so right now they're trying to get that out of the way. eastbound 7 at
6:53 am
have that accident hanging around. sounds like an overturned vehicle. we're sending chopper there. not quite there yet. taking a look at 395 north at washington boulevard, we have that crash hanging around in the left lane this morning. 66 and 95, looking pretty typical. no reports of anything too wild there. prince george's county overall is nice and green. a little slow there inbound indian head highway. and taking a look 270 at montrose, pretty light volume. chuck. outside today even though the sun is come up and beautiful clear sky over washington right now, take the umbrella. be the smart one in school today. have your umbrella ready for go. rain chances at 80%. a couple dry days, but tuesday and wednesday will be really cold. temperatures 15 to 20 degrees colder than average after today. weather and how it will affect your plans, not much p an impact this morning. a little on the breezy side. south bpd winhi
6:54 am
likely. so you may have to sort of reschedule some of the outdoor events later on this afternoon. and then for tomorrow, no chance for rain, just win dwi and cold. freeze warnings are posted for the entire d.c. metro area for tomorrow morning. and a couple more chances to be below freezing before the week is done. here is our rain chance across southern pennsylvania and eastern ohio now. most of these showers are going straight to the east, but eventually the whole line will sag south into the d.c. metro. so first northern maryland, in the metro goodbetween 34:0:00 t. here is 3:00. rain in frederick and then right through the metro between about 4:00 and 7:00. so have the umbrella ready. on the way out this morning, not too bad. in the 40s and 50s this morning by tomorrow morning, though, we'll be in the 20s and 30s. and then cold weather here the rest of the
6:55 am
and wednesday morning. rain for opening day on thursday for the nationals. another cold shot means another freeze possible on saturday. it is now 6:55 and we're staying on top of a developing story. three people stabbed at a restaurant and lounge. this happened just after 2:00 this morning on cady drive in ft. washington and that's where we find molette green live with an update. >> reporter: prince george's county police tell us they found three men suffering stab wounds when they got here at 2:00 a.m. at this restaurant and lounge here in ft. washington. one of the injured is a security guard. they're in the hospital expected to survive. this is apparently a very popular spot for folks on this side of town. the injured again at the hospital as police continue to investigate what led up to this and of course give us some suspect information. we hope to get more information on that a little later on this morning. that's the
6:56 am
washington not far from livingston road. back to you. here is something parents with daughters will appreciate. a new ride sharing option that is focusing on women's safety. cha dh chariot only hires women drivers. the goal is to give female passengers peace of mind by ensuring another woman is always behind will the wheel. the ride sharing program will only pick up femaleen der the a. it is set to launch april 19. fur things to know before you head out, new concept plans are being released today for the redevelopment of rfk stadium. leaders say several plans could include a multiuse site with the nfl stadium. the brussels airport is open for the first time since it was bombed last month. service is limited, but flights to dulles start later this week. there arevi
6:57 am
services today for the fallen virginia state police trooper chad dermyer. he died after a shooting at a bus station in richmond. trooper dermyer's funeral is held tomorrow. amtrak service at union station has returned to normal following yesterday's train crash. right now the data recorder and camera footage are headed to d.c. and ntsb investigators will try to figure out what led up to the accident. big problem top of the beltway, outer loop at colesville road, a crash causing a four mile backup. thanks so much for time magazine called chris van hollen "a hero to environmentalists, education groups, and gun control advocates" for his accomplishments as a young legislator. now a respected leader in congress and key ally of president ob
6:58 am
protecting planned parenthood and social security... chris van hollen is the only candidate who fought the wall street banks and the nra...and won. that's why he's endorsed by the post as the "talented successor" to senator mikulski who will "deliver results." i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message. i'm chris van hollen, wall street. the nra. they're powerful. they usually get their way. but not with democrat donna edwards. she won't take cash from wall street banks. and when washington insiders wrote a loophole to let the nra spend dark money to kill gun safety laws, donna edwards said 'no' she's fighting to ban assault weapons and putting the safety of our communities first. because to democrat donna edwards, the special interests aren't special. we are. women vote! is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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authorities investigating why a piece of construction equipment was on an active track when a amtrak train slammed into it and derailed. >> hard thud. >> passengers injuries. wisconsin, wisconsin, wisconsin. the battle in the badger state shaping up to be crucial, especially for the republicans. >> tuesday is


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