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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  April 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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even a bolt of lightning, some thunder in northern portions of loudoun county. you can see this cold front that's coming on through too. snow to the north and with that behind this we have much colder air that's going to continue to move in. look at the temperatures right now. we were 74 last hour. we're now down to 60. still 76 in richmond but only 38 in pittsburgh. that cold air continuing to make its way down, and by tomorrow morning, well, we have a freeze warning in effect from the d.c. metro area and everybody to the north and west. freeze watch down to the south and a freeze watch tomorrow night as well. not only temperatures but the wind will be up there. as i mentioned, windchills could be in the teens by tomorrow morning. we'll talk much more about this and show you just how cold things get for the rest of the seven-day forecast, guys. it's not the best. >> oh, dear. thank you, doug. breaking news in the district right now. the irs building evacuated for a fire in the basement. >> let's get the latest now. shomari stone just got to the scene.
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>> reporter: good evening. right now i'm here at 10th street northwest and constitution avenue. you look here, these police officers are directing traffic blocking off the area to make sure no one drives down constitution avenue en route to the washington monument. come with me over here before i show you some video. you can see this fire truck here. the area right down there, which is 13th, that is blocked off. so a lot of folks are packing their patience trying to avoid the irs building. let's roll some video right now. here is what happened. a transformer fire sparked in the basement. now, a d.c. fire and em s representative told us that he doesn't know if anyone was injured. well, i have an update right now from the irs spokesperson, and he tolells me no one was injure. this is the internal revenue service headquarters building here and all of the employees inside were evacuated. many of them decided to go home. others i presume are standing around here because they have work to do, trying to see if they will be able to go back
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inside. back out here live, this fire comes just two weeks before tacks atack taxes are due. one man asked if his tax returns are burning. no, because the tax returns are not process eed at headquarters. he was a business disappointed. download our nbc washington app and we'll bring you the latest details. live here in northwest d.c., i'm shomari stone, news4. shomari, thank you. could more major shutdowns be in metro's future? the head of metro's board says tonight it may be what's needed to get the transit agency back on track. tonight jack evans is talking one-on-one with our transportation reporter adam tuss about what evans calls a desperate situation. adam is live now at the metro center with more for us. adam? >> reporter: that's right, jim. and, you know, one of the things that we learned in talking with metro insiders today is that a month-long shutdown of any particular rail line, that probably won't happen. t
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needed, and he says he's just the guy delivering the message of metro, and it's not a good message right now. >> i think paul and i are taking a different tone in upping the urgency, that this is no longer something you can choose to ignore. >> reporter: metro's board schar says metro is broken and it's time to fix it. most maintenance is squeezed into tight windows on nights, weekends, and midday hours. that's left too little time to get too much done. it's clear metro's maintenance plan right now is not working. >> that's what i'm told. i mean, the thing caught fire 13 months ago and then again two weeks ago. >> reporter: evans claims his financial turnaround track record in the district combined with general manager paul wiedefeld's success at bwi marshall airport has them in the right position to make a meaningful difference at metro, but he says in no uncertain terms it's going to take extra
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in d.c., maryland, and virginia and the federal government will have to contribute more to get it done. i'm not interested in congress or anyone saying we're waiting for you to get your house in order. we got our house in order. we have the best people now in charge. now we need you to step up. >> reporter: he says it's time for hard, tough decisions. now, evans, of course, says that local jurisdictions and the federal government need to contribute more to help metro get back on its feet, but what about riders? will there be a fare hike? tell you about that, wendy, coming up next hour at 6:00. >> thanks, adam. we are learning new details about what may have been the district's first murder of 2016. the medical examiner is now saying that a man's death inside a home in northwest d.c. in january was actually a homicide. it says that sheldon gordie died from blunt force trauma and compression to the neck. officers found him dead inside a home on nicholson street on january 5th.
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an arlington teenager accused of killing his father made his first court appearance today. investigators found inconsistencies in the teen's story. they found his father dennis adams with multiple stab wounds on third street in south arlington. adams later died. the teen originally told police someone else had stand him. well, this evening we're learn being a case of identity theft that ran up bills into the thousands of dollars for a man in montgomery county. pat collins is live at police headquarters in gaithersburg with images of the suspect in thiscase. pat? >> reporter: wendy, watch out for this one. it's a big-time scheme with a capital "s." here is how the cops say it went down. take a good look at these guys. police say they're on a chargeorama buying spree. the problem is the charge un
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name and credit they're using doesn't even know it's going on. brookway drive, fort sumner, bethesda, this is how police tell the story. somebody goes into a guy's car here and starts taking stuff. personal stuff. sentimental stuff. papers with personal information on it. several days go by. nothing. more time goes by. nothing. then all of a sudden in come the credit card charges. the unauthorized credit card charges. to the tune of $17,000. >> he starts receiving credit cards and credit account notices in the mail stating he's opened up these credit accounts
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these var stores. >> and he never had those credit cards. >> he didn't have those cards or open up these accounts. >> reporter: so what stores did these suspects use in wh? what products did they buy? i'll have more on that coming up at 6:00. i'll give you a hint though. their getaway car with was a moving van. back to you. bridge inspections could lead to backups for some of d.c.'s busiest roadways. tomorrow and wednesday crews will check out connecticut avenue in parts of woodley park and on thursday crews will inspect parts of south capitol street near the ballpark just before the nationals' home opener. during the inspections you can expect lane closures and potential delays. d.c.'s new private ambulances, they are helping with the call volume, but the city is still transporting dozens of people every day with minor injuries. in the first week of what they call these third-party
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took about 90 patients each day. that has reduced basic transports by about half for the city's ambulances. well, d.c. fire and ems says that despite the private rides, they are still transporting more than 100 nonlife threatening injuries every day. right now some big questions remain over a big problem at d.c.'s 911 call center. backup generators failed on saturday during that power outage caused by the strong winds. news4's mark segraves broke this story over the weekend sffor us and at 5:00 he talks to homeland security about what's being done to fix this issue. >> problem is we have to find out why, what happened within the spike, and make sure if there's anything we can do to avoid too so we don't have to leave the facility and go to our backup facility, that's what we're going to be looking for. >> reporter: engineers are still trying to figure out why these backup generators here at the district's 911 call center didn't kick inh
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went out late saturday night. the building is designed with several power system backups, including two dedicated feeder lines from pepco. and a battery system that can power the facility for up to two hours. if all that fails, three powerful generators that can keep the building running indefinitely are supposed to kick in. but saturday night after the batteries had been in use for more than an hour, it became clear the generators were not operating. >> about an hour into that, we realized out of an abundance of caution we need to go and prove to our backup facility. >> reporter: that meant moving about 50 dispatchers and call takers from the main facility in anacostia across town to this backup facility in northwest near howard university. >> operationally we were able to continue on, didn't lose any calls, didn't miss any dispatches, didn't lose any visibility on the city. all the redundancies we have in place, they
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>> reporter: while no 911 calls or dispatches were delayed, the nonemergency 311 line was out of service for about two hours. things are back to normal at the main 911 call center today. officials believe the problem was caused by a power surge. the goal now is to figure out a way to prevent this from happening again. mark segraves, news4. and those strong winds creating issues for d.c.'s 911 also led to an incredibly close call for a couple in bethesda. beth sinclair says she and her husband were asleep when a huge tree crashed through their roof. the impact covered them with rubble and debris. sinclair said she had to dig out her husband before help arrived. >> my husband was asleep on the far side of the bed and we were both awakened when stuff started falling, and i'm bumped up. i have bumped on my head but he was actually unconscious and stuck under stuff and i had to get him out.
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>> sinclair's husband is expected to be okay. a vir mother of three is at the center of a homicide investigation. her death came three days after a victory in court. it's a bill aimed at convicting sexual predators. so why are so many state's attorneys afraid it's never going to become law? i'm tracee wilkins. we'll have the latest coming up on news4. and problems for a pta. someone took thousands of dollars meant for the kids in a northern virginia school.
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you're watching news4 at 5:00. and right now on storm team4 radar we're tracking the rain across the area. you can see the rain coming through d.c., around the waldorf area, around fredericksburg, warrenton seeing the rain. it has stopped though to the west of frederick and winchester. right now the heaviest rain in and around parts of montgomery county in through fairfax county, right around herndon, reston, over towards tysons corner area seeing heavier rain. gaithersburg up towards clarksburg, back to leesburg all seeing rain coming through. what we will see behind this, much colder air. by tomorrow morning windchills in the teens to around 20. absolutely amazing the cold air that's moving in. more on this in a minute.
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there's a bill in maryland that would allow a defendant's past criminal history to be used as evidence in future trials involving sex offenses. >> and it's a bill that could impact the trial of a former prince george's county volunteer school aide. that aide is accused of sexually abusing children on school grounds. tracee wilkins is in upper marlboro with how things could play out if this is passed. tracee? >> reporter: there are plenty of people who are hoping that that will happen. there are other states that do this already. and the bottom line is that if you are a defendant who has a criminal background and a pattern to that background that appears to be a serial pattern, they don't believe you should get a fresh start with your jury. when deonte carraway's case is presented to a prince george's county jury they may not know he's charged with multiple child porn charges. they may not know about the other juvenile sex offenses he's had and the other alleged victims within the school he worked in. >> when a jury
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is what is in front of them, sometimes there could be information that is helpful. >> reporter: it's these kind of case that is has propelled the baltimore city state's corner, marilyn mosby to advocate for state house bill 218 and senate bill 235. >> these types of cases ultimately come down to credibility. >> reporter: bill supporters believe it would be most helpful for a jury to know if it isn't a defendant's first offense or if there is a documented pattern. >> one of my prosecutors has currently seven cases where this law could affect the pending cases that he has. >> there is a sense of narcissism among the offenders that these victims are just there for the taking and society must be protected from that. >> reporter: this baltimore woman was the victim of serial rapist nelson clifford who was able to convince juries that sex was consensual in her trial and the trials of two other women. his prior convictions and charges were not admissible. and this victim testified in annapolis but the bill could
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>> jury didn't know that he had a conviction already for rape. he was facing other trials for that. his whole history is of sexual assault. >> reporter: the bill passed unanimously in the state senate but is stalled in the house. >> it's not just a baltimore city issue. this is a state issue. maryland is promoting rape culture by absolutely doing nothing. >> reporter: this time this bill has gone further than it ever has. but it has been introduced before. in fact, on and off since 2004. coming up on news4 at 6:00, we'll explain what keeps happening every time it gets close to passing. reporting live in upper marlboro, i'm tracee wilkins. back to you all in the studio. >> thank you, tracee. a former board member for a loudoun county elementary pta is accused of embezzlement. "the loudoun times-mirror" reports a former member from creighton corner elementary is accused of misusing $13,000 from the pta. according to the paper,
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been filtered in and out of a board member's account over a five-month span, and that individual still not been charged. in the race for the white house, it's the eve of the wisconsin primary where some of the candidates hope a win could mean a big momentum boost. both parties are holding primaries tomorrow with 96 delegates up for grabs for the democrats, 42 for republicans. the most recent polls show a tight race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders with a slight edge for sanders. for the gop ted cruz is leading donald trump. but looking at the delegate count, both cruz and sanders need big wins to catch up to the front-runners. right now clinton leads sanders in the delegate race by a margin of about 700. and in the republican race, trump has a lead over cruz of 275 with john kasich a distant third. kasich actually has fewer delegates than marco rubio who did when he suspended his
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cruz are pushing for kasich to follow suit and drop out. trump says kasich is taking votes away from him and is essentially helping cruz. kasich meantime says he has no plans to end his bid for the republican nomination. that all brings us to our nbc washington flash survey of the day. do you think that john kasich should drop out? we posted the question on our facebook page today. taking a look at the results, it looks like about half of you say no. keep voting and we'll have more results in our next hour. so when you are shopping for internet service, do you know what to look for? consumer reporter susan hogan is here with a new way to knoll what you're getting before you sign up. >> we're all familiar with nutrition labels on food products, right? now we could soon see those similar labels from internet service providers. broadband labels that you see right there will replace information on calories and fat with details on speed and
5:20 pm
commission unveiled the labels. they're created to make it easier for consumers to understand exactly what they're paying for with mobile and fixed service. >> it is designed to meet the transparency requirements of the open internet order and to be used at point of sale as well as online. >> now, the fcc says the labels are not mandatory but rather recommended to meet transparency rule requirements. the fcc receives more than 2,000 complaints each year about surprise fees associated with consumers' internet service bills. back to you. >> thanks, susan. we're following a developing story. a scary scene. a car blows up in a maryland transit agency lot. we have new details about the incident that brought in bomb-sniffing dogs. plus, virginia's governor is now using his veto power to
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parents need to know about sexually explicit books. here are some live pictures of i-270 as people are making their way home in a driving rain. doug has been telling us about the changes and the winter weather expected in the morning. we're going to see what that means for the rest of our week. the full forecast is nex
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they say character is what you do when no one is watching. david trone banned the box so people who've paid their debt to society could have a chance. and fought so hard for criminal justice reform, they named a center after him. and because education was his way out david offered it free to employees. and over 14 years ago began offering them partner benefits. evening the playing field has always been david's mission. in congress it'll be his job. it's not how you run, it's how you live. i'm david trone and i approve this message.
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forecast. >> get ready, those big changes are blowing in. get ready to bundle up. >> we have to turn the heat back on, huh, doug? >> yeah, guys. those big changes coming in right now, and we're going to continue to watch -- hi, guys. >> hi. hey, how are you? >> i haven't seen you guys in a while. been on vacation. it's good to see you guys. >> welcome back. >> thank you very much. i love that shot behind you of the capitol. it looks great. out there right now, this is what's happening across our region. we've got the cloud cover, we've got some shower activity coming down. those showers will eventually lead to some colder temperatures. right now we're already 15 degrees cooler than we were just about an hour ago. we were 74 earlier. now down to 60. winds out of the northwest at 17 miles per hour. that northwesterly wind bringing in that colder air. still 75 patuxent river but 55 in frederick. so already a 20-degree temperature difference, and we're going to continue to see that colder air move on through as we make our way through the rest of the
5:25 pm
storm team4 radar tracking the rain making its way in along i-95. you can see heavier rain to the north through fairfax county where some of the heavier rain has been throughout the last hour or two. still there around tysons corner, the beltway not looking very good here. plenty of rain and, of course, that always means traffic this time of night. over towards bowie, seeing some of that rain too, but heavier rain. look around mount airy and howard county and northern portions of montgomery county. we've even seen a little rumble of thunder or two from time to time. heavier shower activity, this is the back of the cold front making its way on through and behind this, well, we get really cold. here is the frontal boundary. you can see we saw some sun and then the clouds quickly moved in. behind this system we have snow to the north. boston under a winter storm warning. more snow back towards the u.p., the upper peninsula of michigan right on down through the chicagoland area. lake-effect snow and that cold air racing down towards our region. it is going to be here by early tomorrow morning. we're talking about a huge change. here is the rain through 6
5:26 pm
d.c. metro area. around 7:00 you see that rain moving down to the south and getting out of the region by around 7:00, 8:00, 9:00. then it's the wind and the colder air. and this isn't a typo here. this is what our computer model says for windchills tomorrow morning. 11 in gaithersburg. 17 patuxent river. 12. that's 12 degrees, folks. that's 74 today to 12 degrees early tomorrow morning. so you will need the coats when you step out the front door. the kids will need them too. make sure you bundle up. get out the winter gear again tonight. windchills around noon tomorrow, around 24 degrees. so an incredibly cold day. high temperatures tomorrow even with plenty of sunshine will be about 15 degrees below average. a high of around 49 d.c. but only 46 gaithersburg, 49 in manassas and windchills will be in the 30s. so a very cold april day tomorrow. a little bit better wednesday after a cold start. freeze watch in effect for wednesday morning. most areas will see temperatures close to freezing. 62 degrees on thursday.
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direction, right? well, no. back down to the upper 40s to around 50 on friday and even colder for the weekend. got that weekend forecast for you, at least veronica does. >> oh, my goodness. >> hey, you guys are back. >> we're back. >> you're missing florida, aren't you, doug? >> it was great down there. i was hoping to bring back some of the warmer weather but it did not travel with me. >> thank you, buddy. >> reporter: in the making, a vigil at this leesburg park to remember a leesburg mother of three killed 11 days after she went to court to tell a judge her ex was abusing her. coming up, what she wrote in these court documents to convince the judge to give her this protective order. plus, a triple stabbing at a hot spot in prince george's county. what we've learned about a big change in this case as police try to make an arrest. and it's a lingering question. so what should the district do with rfk
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time magazine called chris van hollen "a hero to environmentalists, education groups, and gun control advocates" for his accomplishments as a young legislator. now a respected leader in congress and key ally of president obama, protecting planned parenthood and social security... chris van hollen is the only candidate who fought the wall street banks and the nra...and won. that's why he's endorsed by the post as the "talented successor" to senator mikulski who will "deliver results."
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and i approve this message. now at 5:00, a deadly derailment. >> it was a harsh thud, you know. just boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. >> after the second deadly accident for amtrak in less than a year, trains are back on the track even with serious safety questions unanswered. plus, the future of rfk. a new look at how d.c.'s
5:31 pm
deteriorating stadium could get a massive makeover. we continue to look at the weather. the rain is here and so is an arctic blast of cold temps. our storm team4 coverage continues in the second half hour. friends are planning a vigil tonight to honor a mother of three who police tell us was shot to death by her ex-boyfriend. he was the father of two of the children. >> and our northern virginia bureau chief julie carey got ahold of the court records and she learned christina fisher was killed just days after she won a protective order against her ex. >> reporter: this is the leesburg park where friends and family of christina fisher will come together in about an hour. it's not far from the town home where she was shot and killed on saturday night. and the big question those who knew her have -- why didn't this protective order work? one of the first calls to 911 saturday night came from a worried child at this leesburg townhoun
5:32 pm
>> there's a child on the line advising her mother's ex is there yelling and causing trouble. possibly a protective order. >> reporter: but there was a gun and this is the permanent protective order that christina fisher got just 11 days ago. it barred darrick lewis from any face-to-face contact with fisher or the children. in seeking it, fisher described multiple attacks. darrick has shoved me and choked me to the point i could not breft, she writes. he also slashed the seats in my car and cut all tie tires. he punched and stomped me in the face. it's the second time she had gone to court to get protection against lewis. next may she got a protective temporary record writing, has tlened to kill, hurt me. i told him i was going to call 911. he said i won't live if i do. saturday night police say lewis violated the protective order. he allegedly carried out the prior threats. >> we're getting a report of a shooting at the same location
5:33 pm
responders arrived, the fatal shots had been fired. in court today, lewis hung his head slightly as the judge asked if he understood the charges against him, including first-degree murder. ahead at 6:00, why the victim's friends want to both remember her and cast a spotlight on the issue of domestic violence. in leesburg, i'm julie carey, news4. we learned some encouraging news today during a blood drive in prince william county. both officers injured in that shooting that killed officer ashley guindon are now home from the hospital. david mccowan and jesse hampen both attended a roll call to let fellow squad members know they are on the road to recovery. it's the first time we've seen mccowan in public since the shooting. >> he's doing well. he's a strong person so he's doing well. and it's the beauty of law enforcement is it is a family. it's a very close family. not just regionally or locally bu
5:34 pm
>> captain braun says participation in recent blood drives has grown perhaps because of february's tragedy in woodbridge. one person is custody for a triple stabbing at a restaurant in prince george's county. phillip harrington is accused of attacking two people during an argument. then he reportedly turned on the security guard who tried to break it up. that happened this morning outside of martini's restaurant and lounge. as molette green reports, regular customers say this violence is unusual. >> reporter: prince george's county police worked throughout the morning hours and have made an arrest in this triple stabbing here. we expect to get details about the suspect and motive as police put together what happened in this fight that turned so violent, landed three men in the hospital. we spoke to several people who know the owner, they've partied at this establishment over the years, and they say this kind of
5:35 pm
now, most nights this place is packed. it's a very popular hangout for folks in fort washington, but early this morning about 2:00 a.m., police arrived to find three member suffering stab wounds to the upper body. one of them a security guard. i spoke to a business owner on cady drive who also frequents this club. >> from what they tell me, it was something that started from someone with an argument, which is usually the case, and then it led to outside, and then from that point on who knows. one thing you can say for sure, the actual knife or whatever weapon was used, it wasn't in the club because the actual stabbing or whatever happened didn't happen inside the club. >> reporter: now, the injured are all expected to survive. the owner is well known in this community and even lives close by. about ten minutes away. we've tried to reach him. showed up at his house, rang the doorbell to the gate but nobody answered.
5:36 pm
police made an arrest in this case just hours after this triple stabbing. in fort washington, molette green, news4. a bill from the virginia general assembly that targets school books with sexually explicit content, well, that bill is not moving forward. governor terry mcauliffe vetoed it today. he doesn't want to interfere with local school board policy. this bill would have notified parents if their children were assigned books that reference sex. it would force the schools to give an alternative book if parents objected to the origi l original. a backhoe, that's what's caused a deadly derailment on amtrak. find out what's being done now to prevent a tragedy like this in the future. if you're making summer travel plans, we've got the good, the bad, and it can get ugly out there when it comes to airline quality. find out who comes out on top d d who coul
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5:39 pm
we now have our second doa located at the impact site of the backhoe. >> federal investigators are holding a briefing right now on the amtrak train derailment outside of philadelphia. they're trying to figure out what the backhoe was doing on the tracks before that train slammed into it. investigators are also looking at all factors including mechanical, signal, and human error. the derailment happened st
5:40 pm
two amtrak workers using that backhoe died. more than 300 passengers were on board the train at the time. dozens were injured. the train was headed from new york to savannah, georgia. >> just a harsh thud, you know. it was boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. >> the train was like rumbling and we got off track, i guess, and then it was just a bunch of dust. it was dust everywhere. >> the train service is back to normal along the busy corridor. all of the passengers hurt are expected to survive. well, flights are now coming and going from the airport in belgium that terrorists attacked last month. flights landed at brussel's airport. they were the first to land in tep days. passengers said it looked like a ghost airport. just a few flights took off from brussels over the weekend. that airport is operating at 20% capacity now. isis claimed responsibility for those attacks in belgium and today president obama said an alliance with nato is crucial in the war
5:41 pm
the president hosted nato's secretary-general at the white house today, one of the biggest focus points is fighting terrorism. other issues are afghan security and conflicts between russia and the ukraine. they also talked about concern over migrants fleeing syria for europe. ahead, will it be out with the old and in with the new? what people who live around rfk stadium would like to see built in its place. and it may feel like winter around here by tomorrow morning, and some folks not far from here pulling out their snow shovels. we were walking around today feeling like everything was a-okay with spring. our temperatures in the 70s. well, they will be down into the teens. those windchills by early tomorrow morning. what you need to know to prepare, in fact, for the whole week. coming up next.
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wall street. the nra. they're powerful. they usually get their way. but not with democrat donna edwards. she won't take cash from wall street banks. and when washington insiders wrote a loophole to let the nra spend dark money to kill gun safety laws, donna edwards said 'no' she's fighting to ban assault weapons and putting the safety of our communities first. because to democrat donna edwards, the special interests aren't special. we are. women vote! is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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20 degree windchill sounds bad but it could be worse looking at what our neighbors to the north are getting, a foot of snow. a foot of snow up around the u.p. of michigan. around here just getting comments on social media like boo or what are we, trapped in the twilight zone? this is crazy, right? >> yeah, we're trapped in the twilight zone. i think that's correct. >> not only is it going to be cold but also windy. the windchill temperatures early tomorrow will be very low. coldest air in probably more than two weeks moving in. take a lookt
5:45 pm
13 to 17 is what it will feel like across the area. then as we get into the latter part of the morning, around 20 to 25 degrees during midday hours into the mid to upper 30s. so quite cold. a lot like mid-january type day for us. also this cold front that's moving through, you can see the front there coming through the area with most of the rain, montgomery county up through howard county and baltimore county making its way eastward. i think most of the rain will be out of here by the time we get to 9:00, certainly midnight. here is your future weather. we show the rain through southern maryland. leonardtown, fredericksburg, the sky will start to clear but the wind will continue to pick up across the area with the winds gusting i think during the latter part of the night, early part of the day tomorrow. over 30 miles per hour. maybe a little higher than that. right now between about 20 and 25-mile-per-hour gusts certainly down through southern maryland. so with the winds that strong, we're not going to have what
5:46 pm
had saturday night sunday morning. we're not going to see tiles pulled off the roofs because our winds then were 50, 60 miles per hour but there will be leaves, some trash blowing around, and some trees swaying gloves for the early part of the day with the low windchills at the bus stop. so the weather tomorrow will have a moderate impact on the day. big temperature drop. feels a lot like winter and not only tomorrow but for the next couple of mornings. we're going to see some very cold mornings, told you about the freeze warning and the freeze watch from areas east of
5:47 pm
i-95. so as we take a look at the high temperatures for tomorrow into the upper 40s to around 50 degrees. m midweek not bad, 56. 62 on thursday with a good chance of rain coming through the area especially midday through the afternoon. and then the weekend again cold on saturday. no, i know. i'll just stand in front of it. >> there you go. >> that looks better. >> doug will tell you more about the weekend on news4 at 6:00. and pity our poor neighbors to the north in northern michigan in the u.p. april is a month that usually just brings some rain up there, but they got a continuous snowfall and more than a foot of snow on the ground, and temperatures are still in the 20s right now. so no relief. snow is also being blamed for some treacherous roads in parts of the northeast. southern new england dealing with an april snowstorm as well. michael paige reports on how conditions have changed through the day. >> reporter: jim and wendy, right now we're on the massachusetts turnpike, and this is one of the rowa
5:48 pm
gone from wet during the morning hours to increasingly snowy and slushy leaving massachusetts state police very busy. >> they had a lot of cars off the road, probably we saw five accidents. >> reporter: massachusetts state police responding to numerous crashes as an april snowstorm blankets southern new england monday. >> people i think going too fast. trying to pass and then they'd get caught in the ridge of slush in the middle. i think they just got pulled off the road. >> reporter: the massachusetts turnpike one of the highways turning snowy and slushy over the course of the afternoon. >> it started off as a rain mixture of sleet, and then it's been on and off. it will accumulate for a while and then it stops. >> reporter: fred brought out his heavy equipment to clean up this marlboro parking lot. >> definitely the last few hours it's accumulating a lot more than it was. >> reporter: he's plowed in april before, most notably during the blizzard in 1997. >> i remember that one. >> this is a little easier than that. >> that was definitely -- i think we had a blizzard on april fool's. that
5:49 pm
>> reporter: an interstate 495, many drivers building in extra time. >> i was doing 55, a little bit of slipping and sliding. being kale. i want to get home nice and safe. >> reporter: the snow will wind down tonight across southern new england but travel will be treacherous right through the evening drive. reporting along the massachusetts turnpike, i'm meteorologist michael paige, news4. so will it be a sports and entertainment venue, a water park or something altogether different? less than an hour from now d.c. leaders will hold a community meeting about the future of the rfk stadium site in southeast d.c. they will be discussing some of the development options being considered now. news4's chris gordon asked folks who live nearby what they'd like to see there. he's live outside the stadium for us. chris? >> reporter: well, jim, rfk is 55 years old and showing its age. it needs more than a face lift, and what they're proposing is a sports and
5:50 pm
that stretches all the way beyond me to the anacostia river, and they're hoping it will become a destination for families. once d.c. united's soccer team leaves rfk there will be little use for the stadium. events d.c., which runs the city's sports, entertainment, and cultural events, wants to hear what the public thinks should be done with rfk. it sits on a 190-acre campus that has plenty of parking and is served by metrobus and rail at the stadium armory complex. it also sits beside the anacostia river. at a communitiwide meeting tonight, events d.c. will reveal its initial plans. these are drawings of concepts that are being considered. there's a proposal for a new nfl stadium, an arena for the wizards and the capitals, a major entertainment venue with a
5:51 pm
aquarium, and a water park. >> i would like to see a new rfk with a roof on it so we can not only host the redskins here but have a super bowl here too and make some money on this town. >> reporter: others who live here like the fact that the new proposals go beyond football. >> i would like to see like more like concerts and stuff like that. >> reporter: joyce just moved to southeast in december, and she's excited by the possibilities that are being considered. >> places where i have a newborn baby where he could play but there would also be opportunity for more jobs, more places to hang out, restaurants, shops, things like that. >> reporter: ahead, what will have to be done after tonight's public meeting to make this sports and entertainment complex a reality. that's coming up with all the obstacles that must be overcome on news4 at o'clock. wendy, back to you. >> it's going to be interesting. we have a new start for the washington nationals and a new
5:52 pm
ncaa tourney. >> oh, it's a big day in the sports world and news4's jason pugh is here now with more on it. you're in your element, buddy. >> absolutely right, jim. it might be cloudy here in the nation's capital but it's sunny out in atlanta. that's why the nationals are kicking off the season under dusty baker. opening day and it did not take long for the fireworks to start. bryce harper at the dish here for the nats. and harper, he will send this ball into the right field seats. a solo home run, his fourth opening day home run and the third straight year he's hit one. right now the nationals and braves are tied up in the sixth inning at two apiece. also happening tonight, the national championship game between the university of north carolina and villanova. tons of local flavor in this match-up. chris jenkins and nate brit from gonzaga high school and josh hart from sidwell friends. jenkins and hart they play for nova, while britt will suit up
5:53 pm
for the tar heels. the championship game tips off at 9:19. the most recognizable star in u.s. women's soccer is in trouble with the law. abby wambach was arrested over the weekend in portland, oregon, for driving under the influence. police say they pulled her over after she ran a red light and she failed a sobriety and breathalyzer test. wom wom she retired after winning the world cup title last summer. well, you might find more cranky travelers on your next flight. airline complaints jumped 34% in 2015. according to the annual airline quality rating report. the research was done by embree-riddle aeronautical university and wichita state. they found the complaints ever cancellations and delays, but travelers say airlines are improving in three areas, arrival time, flight bumps, and baggage
5:54 pm
airlines made millions off baggage handling but it's hidden fee that is are angering travelers. >> change fees were $3.1 billion in revenue for the industry. that's a big number. and i think a lot of people are a little bit unhappy about the idea that it maybe takes $25 to rattle some keys and make a change in your schedule. >> spirit had the most complaints. a spokesman released this statement. if price were a component of this survey, we are confident we would do much better in the results. we put very little to no pad in our schedules to save our customers money on airfare. spirit says they're working to improve their on-time performance. the carrier with the least number of complaints is alaska airlines, and it just reached a $2 billion deal with virgin america today. the merger will make it the fifth largest carrier in the u.s. it will also allow alaska airlines to expand business and international hubs, and that
5:55 pm
a car explosion and the bomb sniffing dogs are called in. new details on the fire vestigation at the minar
5:56 pm
he's begun forgetting words. forgetting where he lives. but when the day comes when he forgets who i am, i'll still know who he is. the first time we said i love you we didn't use words. we simply held each other's hands. we still are. i lost my dad to alzheimer's.
5:57 pm
let's double the budget of nih and get it done. i'm david trone and i approve this message. in news 4 your health tonight, a new injectable drug may help bring down bad cholesterol or ld l. millions of people use staten like lipitor to lower their ldl but many complain of side
5:58 pm
and cramping. a new inhibiter injection helped patients who couldn't tolerate statens reduce their ldl by more than half. those injections are pricey and could cost more than $10,000 a year. the new study comes out of the cleveland clinic. well, a normal monday morning quickly turned into a major scare for some mta employees near billion dollar. >> a car exploded in a parking lot of a maintenance facility this morning and investigators are still trying to figure out just how it happened. lisa robinson has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: at 8:00 this morning, the 30 employees working inside the mta maintenance fiment facility in pikesville got quite a scare when a car blew up in the employee parking lot. one man was in serious distress. >> we had one adult male employee on the ground in the parking lot with severe injuries to his face, hands, and chest
5:59 pm
him to shock trauma. the state fire marshal's office says the car belongs to the employee. eight other vehicles in the lot caught fire or suffered damage from degree. >> he was working around the vehicle and at that point he was trying to move some materials supplies, and that's when the explosion occurred. >> reporter: investigators have been combing the scene for clues about what might have happened. they don't believe it's anything criminal but they are acting out of an abundance of caution in searching for a cause. >> we have, you know, the bomb-sniffing dogs, we have different -- taking photographs, video of the area and we're still investigating at this time. right now at 6:00, a fight for wisconsin. some of the candidates are hoping it will change the momentum in the race for the white house. a mother murdered just days after an important court decision. detailbe
6:00 pm
confrontation that played out in front of her children and the man she feared. first tonight though, there is rain moving through parts of the area now. but folks, that's not even the half of what's coming our way. >> doug is tracking the cold air that will have us feeling more like winter than springtime around here. doug, what's going on? >> absolutely amazing, guys. to go from 74 degrees is where we were earlier today to a windchill tomorrow morning potentially in the teens. that's the kind of change that we've got coming in just the next 12 hours. this is why. we've got a cold front moving through right now. you can see some very heavy rain right now right along i-95 coming on through the d.c. metro area right along 95, up 29 as well. and down to the south around fredericksburg. we're dry to the north and west. i want to zoom in on this area and see where this heavy rain is. coming through bethesda, through the aspen hill area. i'll zoom in a little bit more right where that heavy rain is coming across i-95. here is 29 around the salemville, old salem village.


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