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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  April 4, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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confrontation that played out in front of her children and the man she feared. first tonight though, there is rain moving through parts of the area now. but folks, that's not even the half of what's coming our way. >> doug is tracking the cold air that will have us feeling more like winter than springtime around here. doug, what's going on? >> absolutely amazing, guys. to go from 74 degrees is where we were earlier today to a windchill tomorrow morning potentially in the teens. that's the kind of change that we've got coming in just the next 12 hours. this is why. we've got a cold front moving through right now. you can see some very heavy rain right now right along i-95 coming on through the d.c. metro area right along 95, up 29 as well. and down to the south around fredericksburg. we're dry to the north and west. i want to zoom in on this area and see where this heavy rain is. coming through bethesda, through the aspen hill area. i'll zoom in a little bit more right where that heavy rain is coming across i-95. here is 29 around the salemville, old salem village.
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region. very heavy rain there. this is all part of a front that's swinging on through the region. take a look at the temperatures. ahead of the front we're still in the 70s down around the norfolk area, 79 degrees. only 35 in pittsburgh. once again incredibly cold air. so cold we have a freeze warning in effect. we'll talk much more about this and much more about the cold not just today but for seven days, at least parts of the seven-day forecast coming up in just a minute. >> okay. thanks, doug. and welcome back. tomorrow's wisconsin primary could be critical in both presidential races. there are 42 republican delegates and a total of 96 democratic delegates at stake. the winners will claim two weeks' worth of momentum because the next big primary is not until april 26 in new york. steve handelsman is tracking the prays from capitol hill. hi, steve. >> hi, doreen. some of these candidates have already moved on to new york, but wisconsin matters when it comes to what george bush 41 famously called the big mo, momentum.
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♪ >> reporter: trailing by four polling points the day before the vote in wisconsin, donald trump still insists he will get the republican nomination. >> if we don't win here, it's not over, but wouldn't you like to take the credit in wisconsin for ending it? aft >> reporter: trump stumbled last week and lost momentum to ted cruz who has got a long shot at the nomination on the first ballot. >> we're getting close to 100% of the delegates in state after state after state. if we continue doing that we will win 1237 delegates. that's plan "a." >> reporter: trump is demanding john kasich pull out, but he is stubborn and baffled. >> i'm up 14 points on hillary in wisconsin, and i'm going to lose in wisconsin. okay? this is really unbelievable. >> reporter: bernie sanders is up by three over hillary clinton in wisconsin democratic polls. >> so don't tell her this, but i think we win here, we win in new york state, we're on our way to the white house.
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thank you all very much! >> reporter: clinton was already in new york. >> hello, new york! >> reporter: pushing a hike in the minimum wage. >> because this is what makes america great. >> reporter: focusing on donald trump. >> he's fired. that's funny. >> reporter: with trump struggling. >> i can be the most presidential person you have ever seen. >> reporter: wisconsin republicans will weigh in on that. here is some critical numbers. to win the republican nomination before the convention, to lock it down with no need for a floor fight, donald trump needs 56% of all the remaining delegates. ted cruz to do it would need 88%. magic numbers on the democratic side are clinton, 34%. bernie sanders nearly double that, 66% to lock down the democratic domination before the convention. doreen, back to you. >> steve handelsman, thank you. we asked people online to weigh in on the gop race. what do you think, should john kasich drop out? well, take a look at the results. the majority of you say, no, he should not drop out. others do not think it will make
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the d.c. council is expected to hold an emergency vote tomorrow that would put bernie sanders' name on the ballot for the democratic primary here in d.c. on june 14th. our tom sherwood was the first to report last week that local democratic party officials were one day late filing registration paperwork for sanders and hillary clinton. a democratic voter in the district challenged sanders' registration based on the missed deadline. clinton's registration was not challenged. new information now on a story we brought you as breaking news "first at 4." the irs building has been evacuated because of a fire burning in the basement there. crews say a transformer caught fire. you could see some smoke coming from the building at one point. we are told that everyone got out okay, but traffic around the building downtown is a mess with some streets blocked off for the fire response. taxes are due in about two weeks but returns are not processed in that building.
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at the district's 911 call center. it happened during the heavy winds on saturday night. and today officials tell us the outage also revealed a problem with the call center's backup generators that did not work. mark segraves reports officials still don't know what caused those generators to fail. >> reporter: officials believe it was a power surge or spike that caused the generators at the 911 call center to fail. >> we do weekly tests of our generator power going from shore power to generator power and back. we do weekly maintenance. something happened in the spike that caused that part of our failsafe process to not work. the good thing is we have so many redundancies in place with that, that it didn't cause any issues operationally. >> reporter: while no 911 calls or dispatches were delayed because of the power failure, dispatchers and call takers had to relocate from the main call center in southeast to a backup location
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but it prompts the question, what would happen if something caused the 911 number to fail? >> honestly, mark, that's a doomsday for us. and we don't want to ever see that happen. there's multiple ten digit numbers we could use that are backup numbers to 911, and we would broadcast that out to folks if that were to happen. >> reporter: the district is currently working on a plan to add the ability for residents to text to 911. but that's not here yet. >> that's the whole next gen 911 piece that everybody in the country is working on right now. some folks have the text to 911 in place. we're looking at it holistically here in the district, and we're going to be determining how best to roll all of that out. >> reporter: today the main 911 call center is back up and running. engineers are on site trying to determine why the generators failed and how to keep that from happening again. in the district, mark segraves, news4. right now friends and family are starting the painful process of saying good-bye to a virginia stateop
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and killed on the job last week. a visitation is being held in hampton for trooper chad dermyer. he was shot at a richmond bus station last thursday. the gunman was killed by police. trooper dermyer's funeral is set for tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. he will be buried in gloucester county in a private service. he is survived by his wife and two young children. there is a bill in maryland that could have an impact on the trial of a former prince george's county volunteer school aide. that man is accused of sexually abusing children on school grounds. our bureau chief tracee wilkins is in upper marlboro now with the new calls for some change. >> reporter: jim, with that deonte carraway case, the school aide who is accused, there was a pattern there, and what's going on with this bill is that the people who are supporting it are saying that if you are a defendant who has a history and a pattern of sexual offenses, the jury trying you should know about it.
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when deonte carraway's case is presented to a prince george's october jury they may not know he's charged with multiple child porn charges, they may not know about the other juvenile sex offenses he's had and the other alleged victims within the school he worked in. >> when a jury walks into a courtroom cold and all they have is what is in front of them, sometimes there could be information that is helpful. >> reporter: it's these kind of case that is have propelled the baltimore city state's attorney, marilyn mossby to advocate for these bills. >> these type of cases ultimately come down to credibility. >> reporter: house bill 218 calls for evidence to be presented in the trial if there's a prior sexual offense and it includes sexual abuse of a minor. senate bill 235 passed unanimously with amendments. that's the furthest the bill has ever gone. right now it's stalled in the house. in 2015 it died altogether in committee. the same as in
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and every other year that a version of this bill has been introduced. >> the courts make those decisions on what should come in and what should not come in. >> reporter: long time chair joe vallario has the power to decide if the senate bill will be reviewed and passed into law. >> it's a drastic step because somebody is accusied of a crime who happened that day. how much of that bad act are you going to get into? >> this is a state issue. maryland is promoting rape culture by absolutely doing nothing. >> reporter: basically what this bill would do is set up parameters for judges and the state's attorneys will stale have to present an argument for why any other offenses should be allowed into the trial. that is the system of checks and balances they have created to make sure that someone who is defending one's self will not
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now, we have very little time left in the legislature. folks are guessing there's a good possibility this bill may once again die. reporting live at upper marlboro, i'm tracee wilkins. back to you all in the studio. >> thank you. a d.c. man's death has been ruled a homicide nearly three months after he died, and his may have been the district's first murder for 2016. officers found sheldon gordie dead inside an apartment on nicholson street in january. gordie died from blunt force trauma and compression to the neck. so far nobody arrested in this case. a rather common crime morphed into an even bigger problem for a man in montgomery county. tonight we are learning new details about a case of identity theft that racked up bills in the thousands of dollars. pat collins is at police headquarters in gaithersburg now to tell us how it all happened.
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nightmare for a montgomery county man. thousands and thousands of fraudulent charges on a credit card account he never had. they opened a charge account at the lowe's in northeast d.c. and a charge account at the home depot in upper marlboro, and then police say these guys went on a buying spree. enough appliances to outfit a big kitchen, bundles and bundles of flooring. they got so much stuff they had to use a moving van for a getaway car. police say it was all part of a big scheme. you see, police say the name and the credit information the suspects used to open those accounts stolen, taken from paperwork left in a car on brookeway drive in bethesda. they say the victim didn't even know he'd been taken until days l
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brand new accounts. >> correct. >> reporter: in his name? >> yes. >> reporter: and then went on a chargeorama spree at these home improvement stores? >> correct the two stores they charged approximately $17,000 worth of merchandise. >> reporter: police warning residents tonight to be careful about what you leave in your car. >> please remove all valuables out of your vehicle, and those valuables include information with your personal identifying information on it. >> reporter: now, if you recognize the suspects, if you know anything about this case, police want to hear from you. doreen, back to you. >> good advice. thank you, pat. still ahead, new questions as investigators try to figure out why an amtrak train was operating on the same tracks that were being worked on. a woman feared for her life, and we'll tell you about the 911 call she made just moments before she was allegedly killed by a man against whom she had a protective order.
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traveled line. nbc's jay gray has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: the wreckage has been cleared away and trains are rolling again along amtrak's northeast corridor after a deadly crash this weekend. >> we now have our second doa located at the impact site of the backhoe. >> reporter: two amtrak workers were killed sunday morning when a train slammed into the backhoe they were using on the tracks just south of philadelphia. investigators with the national transportation safety board remain on site. >> we'll be looking at mechanical, operations, signal, track, human performance, and survival factors. >> reporter: more than 300 passengers and 7 crew members were on board the palmetto train 89 in new york to savannah, georgia. >> it was a harsh thud. boom, boom, boom, boom. >> reporter: 30 people were taken to area hospitals including the engineer. none of their injuries
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considered life threaten. >> the train was rumbling and then we got offtrack i guess. and then it was just a dust. dust everywhere. >> reporter: dust that won't settle until investigators have determine how and why it happened. jay gray, nbc news. in belgium the airport in brussels is once again open, although on a limited basis. the first flight to arrive since those terror attacks there flew in from new york. only 20% of the airport's flights are operating because of damage done by that deadly suicide bombing on march 22nd. some of the passengers noted the eerily quiet atmosphere at the airport, but they told belgigia media that while we were cautious, they were not frafrai. one couple said the hardest thing about arriving in brussels today was the long line for a taxi outside the airport. the panama papers are
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tonight the justice department is reviewing them to see if any u.s. laws have been broken. they belong to a panamanian law firm called mossack fonseca. a coalition of media outlets worked to identify offshore financial holds of 140 public officials, including 12 current or former world leaders. some of the holdings were traced to associates of russian president vladimir putin, but his name does not appear in the documents. other leaders include the prime ministers of iceland and pakistan, the president of ukraine and the king of saudi arabia. shell companies and offshore accounts are often established to hide assets, but it's not clear if any laws have been broken. they released a statement saying they have operated without reproach for 40 years. a british girl named m
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while her family was on vacation in portugal in 2007. the trail was cold for some time but british police opened a full investigation again three years ago. the girl was only 9 years old at the time. nbc news has learned that detectives have only a few months left now to work the case. keir simmons has our report. >> reporter: she was only 3 years old, smiling on vacation with her parents. then she disappeared. nine years later british police are close to admitting they cannot explain what happened. nbc news learning this morning scotland yard is getting an extra $150,000 in a last-ditch effort for an investigation that has so far cost $20 million and has seen numerous public appeals. madeleine mccann vanished in the night from the family's vacation apartment. there were multip
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even her mom and dad were suspected and cleared. but despite clues, signs someone may have entered the apartment, reports of sightings all over the world, for her parents there was always crushing disappointment but they never gave up. there have even been artist impressions of how she would look as time passed. nine years on scotland yard has failed to find her or explain her disappearance. i covered this case since the beginning. her parents will be pleased at least there is the money to continue the investigation for a little while longer even if they would like it to keep going until she is found. >> thank you. up next, a night of partying ends in violence. what we're learning about the moments before a triple stabbing inside a maryland nightclub. new plans to transform rfk stadium in the district. we've got a look at a multimillion dollar project. a spring storm dumped several inches of snow in some
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w they say character is what you do when no one is watching. david trone banned the box so people who've paid their debt to society could have a chance. and fought so hard for criminal justice reform, they named a center after him. and because education was his way out david offered it free to employees. and over 14 years ago began offering them partner benefits. evening the playing field has always been david's mission. in congress it'll be his job. it's not how you run, it's how you live. i'm david trone and i approve this message.
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millions of people all over this country, it still feels like winter. an april snowstorm has swept across the upper midwest and the northeast dumping as much as 9 inches of snow in some places. high winds have also been a problem. they've torn down trees and power lines as well. >> we're lucky we don't have thathe
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some changes coming our way that is going to make it feel a lot more like winter than spring, huh? >> and we've already seen those changes starting to take place now around our region. we're talking about temperatures that have come down close to 20 degrees already in many areas, and that's just the start of what we're going to continue to see. out there right now, it is cloudy, it is damp and, well, now it is on the cooler side. we were at 74 earlier, now we're at 58. winds out of the north at 15 miles per hour. temperatures all across the region have been dropping. back to the west actually increasing just a little bit but then they'll fall again. look at 60 degrees martinsburg. only 50 in cumberland. that cold air will continue to make its way in here. here is the latest radar, leesburg, frederick, you're just about done with the rain. maybe a stray shower but done with the steady rain. we have one area of heavy rain around fredericksburg. you can see that right through fredericksburg and i-95. going to be a very slow go of things along i-9
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across the river back over to southern maryland, bowie, 50, looking like it could be a tough go. 97 back towards annapolis. even through the city still seeing moderate to heavy rain across the region. this is all part of that cold front that's moving through right now, and you can see what's happening around boston. they're expecting 4 to 8 inches before it's all said and done. winter storm warning for them. cold air back to buffalo. lake-effect snow for them. cleveland, some lake-effect snow. lake-effect snow all across the region. for us no snow here, but the cold air is moving in here. so by this time tomorrow, well, by this time tomorrow morning rather, look at the windchills. 13, 13 the windchill tomorrow morning. 12 in gaithersburg. near 18 in culpeper. again, an extremely cold start to the day tomorrow and even around lunch tomorrow. maybe you took lunch outside today, it wasn't too bad in the 70s. tomorrow it will feel close to 50 degrees cooler than it did a little bit earlier this afternoon and even around 5:00 windchills still in the upper
6:26 pm
sure. actual high temperatures getting into the mid to upper 40s with plenty of sunshine but, again, the winds gusting upwards of 20 to 25 miles an hour keep things cold. tomorrow's impact, well, at least on the moderate side. a dramatic temperature drop, fepife feeling much more like winter and that means you will be pulling the coats out again. i don't think many of the kids will be smiling tomorrow at the bus stop. the coats, the gloves, the scarves, they have to come back out. we have an extremely cold day tomorrow and that's not the only cold day in the forecast. we start off on wednesday with a freeze watch that could be a freeze warning in parts of the area. a freeze warning tomorrow morning but then another one wednesday morning. temperatures around the freezing mark early. 35 in the city though. up to 56 on wednesday afternoon. another chance of showers on thursday with a high of 62. that's ahead of another frontal boundary that will bring temperatures down by friday and this weekend we're looking even colder again. yes, the coats will be needed for the weekend if you have
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my son's games start this weekend. yeah. it's going to be cold. >> you know what, doug? the problem is not necessarily that the coats have been put away, but that that kid lost his coat again. a couple weeks ago and now you got to buy him a new one. >> trust me -- >> or find him one. >> what is wrong with that young man? >> thanks, doug. >> you bet. metro leaders say the system needs more funding but does that mean the riders will have to pay more? i'm julie carey in leesburg where friends and family plan to come together in this park to remember a loving mother who so feared her ex she got a protective order. coming up, what friendsant w
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now at 6:30, a vigil for a virginia mother who was murdered. how friends and family are paying tribute to her life while warning others about domestic violence. >> also, a security guard stabbed trying to break up a fight inside a nightclub. getting metro back on track. >> this is no longer something you can choose to ignore. >> the transit agency says it needs more money to keep you safe. does that mean a fare hike is on the way? a major makeover for rfk stadium. >> i would like to see like more like concerts and stuff like that. >> we'll tell you what that area might look like in the future.
6:31 pm
first at 6:30, a tribute to a mother who police say was shot and killed by her ex-boyfriend and father of two of her children. >> bureau chief julie carey joins us live with the vigil that's getting under way and the steps the victim took to try to save her life just days before her murder. julie? >> reporter: well, you can see friends already starting to gather here in the park for the 7:00 vigil. it was just two weeks ago that the mother of three went to court to get this permanent protective order against her ex darrick lewis. her friends tell me she hoped this would help her break away for good. instead, police say he came back after her one final time. 34-year-old christina fisher, chrissy to her friends. she was well known in loudoun county, born and raised there. now dozens are in mourning. the man fisher feared, her ex-boyfriend, is charged with killing her. these friends are organizing the vigil. >> she just was so sweet, so caring. she was a great mom. like she did anything and
6:32 pm
kids. >> reporter: one of the first calls to 911 saturday night came from a worried child at this leesburg townhouse on nansemond street. >> there's a child on the line advising his mother's ex is there yelling and causing trouble. male party will be a darrick lewis. no weapons, no alcohol. possibly a protective order. >> reporter: but there was a gun, and this is the permanent protective order that fisher got just 11 days before her death. it barred darrick lewis from any face-to-face contact with fisher or the children. in seeking it, fisher described multiple attacks. darrick has shoved me and choked me to the point i could not breathe, she writes. he also slashed my seats in my car and cut all of my tires. he punched and stomped me in the face. last may she got a temporary protective order writing, has threatened to kill/hurt me. i told him i was going to call 911. he said i won't live if i do. saturday night police say lewis violated the protective order. he allegedly carried out the prior tts
6:33 pm
a shooting at the same location. >> reporter: now fisher's friends hope the vigil not only helps honor her but also sends a message about domestic violence. >> with having a protective order, how is it possible that he's able to get to her? >> there is hope in the community. there may not be a lot of awareness about it. if someone is in a domestic situation, you know, go for help. ask for help before it's too late. >> reporter: as for darrick lewis, he made his initial court appearance today. he is being held without bond facing a first-degree murder charge. back to you now in the studio. >> thanks, julie. the man who lived in ashburn, virginia, who killed his ex-wife's new husband will learn his fate tomorrow. his name is min wynn. he began shooting his gun even before he pushed his way into the family's townhouse last year. he shot corey madison four times. at the hearing today a detective
6:34 pm
after madison was shot, madison ran out a back door in an effort to steer wynn away from his wife's children in order to protect the kids. madison's widow, denise, called her late husband a hero. she gave birth to the couple's first child in september, eight months after he was killed. testimony revealed that wynn went after madison in a rage because he didn't want madison taking care of the children fathered by wynn. tonight a man is in jail. he's accused of stabbing three people at a nightclub. it happened early this morning inside a club called martini's in fort washington, maryland. two men were stabbed during a fight. a security guard also was stabbed when he tried to break it up. philip harrington of southeast washington has been charged with three counts of assault. nearby business owner tells us that popular hangout is
6:35 pm
>> i have been here since 2011 as a business owner, but i have been frequenting the place when it was charlie's. but martini's is a great place. you haven't had that many incident you can name of to record. >> three victims were taken to a hospital. we're told they're going to be okay. two of them, in fact, expected to be released tonight. metro leaders are ready to change the way the transit agency is maintained but do they have the money to do it? and will riders be asked to contribute more? transportation reporter adam tuss talked one-on-one with metro's board chair and joins us with details. hi, adam. >> reporter: hey, doreen. that's right. you know, there's some good news about all of this shutdown talk with metro. a month-long shutdown of a particular rail line, that is looking more and more unlikely and riders, they're not going to be asked to put more into the system with the way it is right
6:36 pm
service, metro's board chair says he can't possibly ask riders to pay more. >> i do not do fare hikes and i don't do service cuts. i think it's ridiculous. i don't even think the fare system we have doesn't make any sense. >> reporter: but chair jack evans says local jurisdictions and the federal government will have to pay more in the future to fix metro and he says metro's finances are now getting organized so that meaningful repairs can happen. >> i'm not interested in congress or anyone saying we're waiting for you to get your house in order. we've got our house in order. we have the best people now in charge. now we need you to step up and support us in getting this done. >> reporter: on the subject of month-long maintenance shutdowns, insiders say that option is increasingly unlikely, but evans says the current system of maintenance at nights, in the midday hours, and on weekends, that has to change. it's clear that metro's maintenance plan right now is not working. >> that's what i'm told. it's not just what i'm being told. i mean, the thing caught f
6:37 pm
weeks ago. >> reporter: top officials from the transit agency are scheduled to head to capitol hill next week to lay out a strategy to get the system back on track. now, one of the things the board chair also said today is he believes local leaders have been afraid to make tough decisions about metro. he says, jim, that that has to change. >> thank you, adam. still to come tonight, new details about ransom demands after hackers virtually paralyzed the hospital system. after a community meeting tonight on the future of rfk, what will need to be done to make this one of the biggest attractions in washington, d.c.? that would be a great thing. out there right now we're watching the cold air come in. clearing out towards reston. the rain has moved o
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more than 90% of their computer systems are now back up and running, and they tell news4 they're making steady progress on the rest of the system. hackers locked up their data last week in a cyber attack known as a ransomware attack. the hackers then encrypted the hospital's daunt and ta and dem more than $18,000 to unlock the system. medstar officials say they did not pay a ransom. public schools in virginia will not be required to tell parents if their kids are assigned to read books with sexually explicit content. governor terry mcauliffe vetoed a bill that would have required such notification. the governor says the state should not interfere with local school board policies. he says the virginia board of education is already looking at a similar policy. in a push for higher wages on both coasts, today the governors of
6:41 pm
california signed legislation that will gradually push their statewide minimum wages to $15 an hour. that would be the highest in the nation. today's legislation is the most ambitious move yet to close the national divide between rich and poor. republicans and business groups warn that it could cost thousands of jobs. some minor work is already under way along the controversial purple line corridor in maryland. the light rail line will he can tend from bethesda to new carrollton in prince george's county. today montgomery county officials got an update on the project from the state. montgomery wants to know why four projects related to the new line may cost an extra $14 million. significant work on the line is expected to start later this year. the state hayes minor work such as moving utilities is already under way. >> coming up tonight, some folks who live in the neighborhood will get their first look at plans that would transform the old rfk st
6:42 pm
drastic temperature swings in our area. a freeze warning issued for tonight. doug will let us know what to expect before you head out to work and s ch
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narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message. but cigna is there for you. health isn't easy. literally. just download our free coach by cigna app. for personalized programs from a team of health coaches to help you achieve your wellness goals. cigna. together, all the way. a community meeting just got 1yu7 under way in parts of d.c. they're talking ab
6:45 pm
d.c. officials are showing residents some of the options that they're considering that would transform the riverfront property into a world-class sports and entertainment complex. our chris gordon is down there now with a look at some of the challenges of such a huge project. chris? >> reporter: oh, this is a major project. it could bring people back to the neighborhoods, bring money back to the businesses here on the east side of town and not just on game day. will we ever see it again, the stands rocking at rfk? >> they need to tear it down and build something else over there. i mean, the stadium is too small for like a football game. >> reporter: rfk is now owned and operated by events d.c. under a long-term lease from the national park service. the campus is 190 acres with
6:46 pm
stadium armory station and plenty of parking. now events d.c. is holding a citywide community meeting unveiling initial proposals for a complex that borders the anacostia river. there's a proposal for a new nfl stadium, an arena for the wizards and capitals, a major entertainment venue with a concert hall, science center, aquarium, and water park. >> what i would like to see, more recreation for the children since they don't always have good summer programs. i would like for them to build something more kid or family oriented. . >> reporter: after tonight's family meeting events d.c. will have to negotiate the political and financial challenges of building a major complex like this. one obstacle in getting the team to move back to d.c. is the redskins' name. d.c. council wants it changed, but d.c. mayor muriel bowser believes there's hope. >> my job as the mayor of the district of columbia is to look
6:47 pm
at economic development opportunities wherever they may be, and we know that we have the ideal site for the team. >> reporter: events d.c. knows there's a lot of work ahead before this becomes a reality. i asked how long today, and they said we really don't have an estimate at this point. doreen and jim, back to you. >> chris, i know you remember, you had that shot of the rfk rocking and rolling. how wonderful would it be to get football back in the city again, back down there in that stadium? wouldn't that be something? >> reporter: wouldn't it be? because it was -- what does every fan say? it's accessible. you could get in and out. it wasn't an eight-hour day. >> it's the perfect spot. >> so much potential down there. >> indeed. thanks, chris. >> thank you, chris. walmart is apologizing after a geographic whoops that created some backlash online along university of maryland fans. listen to this. it all started with this
6:48 pm
maryland state outline. um, however, you know, that is not maryland. it's massachusetts! walmart is working with russell athletic to figure out what happened and removing the shirts from the stores. they're having a little fun, we're so embarrassed, we may never stick our head out of our shell again. i suppose that's a collector's item if you have one of those. >> how was that again? >> pretty bad. >> what do you call that? whoop? >> it's what it was. that's what it was. >> welcome back. >> that's what i say. we missed you. but what is this lousy weather you brought with you. >> you know -- well, i got to tell you, i was in florida, and i had only one day of sunshine down there. so it looks like i did bring the weather back with me because it's kind of nasty outside across the area. yeah, you can't complain too much when you're in florida though. outside right now, this is a pretty nice shot.
6:49 pm
but what you can campaign about is this right here. notice the numbers. 57 right now, but dropping to 46 by 11:00. the windchill by 11:00 tonight will be in the upper 20s to lower 30s. we're talking about some big-time cool weather making its way in here for the early portion of april. notice, 61 in leesburg. 61 in manassas. temperatures bumping up a degree or two but going back down. 53 in rockville and we have rain across parts of the region. most of the rain is gone west of d.c. but still a couple showers around winchester, some up towards frederick. we will continue to see that. that's around thurmont. here is where the rain is. you can see shower activity through the d.c. metro area. that is making its way toward southern maryland. down towards fredericksburg, montross, looking like it's going to continue to move down to the southeast but we're still continuing that heavy rain. so heads up if you're taking a trip down i-95 or 301. here is the front bringing some snowwa
6:50 pm
lake-effect snow all across the great lakes, and that shows you the cold air. the cold air really moving in here and that's why we had that freeze warning in effect. anywhere in the purple, gaithersburg, frederick, manassas, leesburg, you will go below freezing tonight. the bloo yue is for everybody b that's a freeze watch for tomorrow night because tomorrow night will be a cold night as well. bring the plants inside. if you're covering, you want to use sheets, not plastic if you're going to cover the plants because they will die in this kind of temperatures. 27 to 32 degrees. windchills tomorrow morning between 13 and 17. that's just amazing. i know, doreen. after 74 today, windchill tomorrow morning between 13 and 17. the kids at the bus stops are going to be cold for sure. 56 on your wednesday. 62 on thursday, and guess what? we see a repeat on saturday. highs on saturday only in the 40s. maybe even a chance of a snowflake on saturday. temperatures well below average all the way through next weekend. welcome back, right? >> we're glad you're back.
6:51 pm
bryce harper continuing an impressive opening day -- boom -- find fantasy shows. when it comes to the things you love, you want more. love romance? get lost in every embrace. into sports? follow every pitch, every play and every win. change the way you experience tv with x1 from xfinity. but jamie raskin is the only abdemocrat for congress
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wall street. the nra. they're powerful. they usually get their way. but not with democrat donna edwards. she won't take cash from wall street banks. and when washington insiders wrote a loophole to let the nra spend dark money to kill gun safety laws, donna edwards said 'no' she's fighting to ban assault weapons and putting the safety of our communities first. because to democrat donna edwards, the special interests aren't special. we are. women vote! is responsible for the content of this advertising. this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> you know,'s
6:54 pm
sporting event. it's a seasonal event. it's like a new beginning and all of that. somebody hollering play ball, let's go for it. >> that's absolutely right. >> how are we looking? >> not too good right now. the bull pen gave up a lead. they're down a run in the bottom of the eighth inning. but there's good news for the nationals. if first impressions are the most important expect another mvp-type season price harbryce . the most home runs hit on opening day is eight. he's already halfway there. the nats owned the braves last season. a 14-5 record against atlanta. bryce harper would give them a boost early. top of the first, wasting no time here. harper launches this ball in the right field stands. his fourth opening day home run in three seasons, and that gave the nats an early 1-0 lead. max scherzer, not a bad outing on the mound.
6:55 pm
him. it's a 2-1 game now. garcia, he sends that ball to left field stands. we're tied at 2 at this point. scherzer, he gave up 27 home runs last season. gave up two in seven innings today. as of right now the nationals trail the braves 3-2 in the eighth. over to baltimore now. not exactly what the fans were hoping to see on opening day, but after an hour and 40-minute rain delay it's time for baseball at camden yard. chris tillman on the mound for the os. tillman had it going. he struck out the first five batters nice obat e ers. nice outing for the base. but then the rain came. after another delay, tillman was out. this one picked back up, no score in the top of the fourth. moving over to hockey, braden holtby has been so good for the capitals, many people believe that he is the mvp of the entire league. the caps have four more games left on their schedule. that means four
6:56 pm
holtby to try to make history. one more victory and he would break martin brodeur's record for most wins in a season by a goaltender. a record his teammates desperately want to see him get. >> we want to get it for him. he's played so well. he's arguably a vezina trophy winner, my case for mvp of the league. he's a good kid and deserves all good things that happen to him. >> every guy wants to win that for him. so he's worked so hard for us every night, and given this team so much that it would be nice to give that back to him a little bit. >> i think he's going to do it. we just have to do it for him. all right. now we're going to move on now from hockey, the capitals will play again tomorrow night at home. the nba, the basketball naismith memorial hall of fame had a hall of fame incompetentductiincompetenducti. the class of 2016 announced, allen iverson he is
6:57 pm
good for him, theformer georgetown hoya. shaq as well. the national championship game taking place tonight between north carolina and villanova. these two are the hottest teams in all of college basketball right now. they have been blowing out the competition. you can expect a hard-fought game in houston. tip-off is just after 9:00. >> there's got to be a better game than the semis because when you get one team blowing 44 appointments -- >> they beat oklahoma -- >> got to be better than that. >> 16 points north carolina has averaged beating their opponents 16 points a game. they've been pretty good. >> and three hometown kids playing tonight. that will be exciting to watch. >> and, by the way, it's clearly a villanova victory tonight? >> i wouldn't say clearly. >> i wouldn't say it. >> if they win
6:58 pm
>> i get nothing except hometown pride. i love villanova. you know i do. >> that's our broadcast for now. we're ♪ he's begun forgetting words. forgetting where he lives. but when the day comes when he forgets who i am, i'll still know who he is. the first time we said i love you we didn't use words. we simply held each other's hands.
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i lost my dad to alzheimer's. preventing alzheimer's is within our grasp. let's double the budget of nih and get it done. i'm david trone and i approve this message.
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tonight, critical clash. cruz and trump making a mad dash to the finish in wisconsin. the stop trump movement hoping to score a dramatic victory. secret bank bombshell rocking the rich and powerful. world leaders, including putin, royal families scrambling after the biggest leak ever exposes a shadowy web of hidden fortunes. where's spring? millions hit with another massive arctic blast, and the freeze is far from over. bizarre behavior. why did a flight attendant allegedly open the door and deploy the evacuation slide when apparently nothing was wrong? and life-saving wonder drug. they cut cholesterol, but what about the millions who say the side effects are so painful they can't even take them. tonigh


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