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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  April 5, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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for chris lawrence, first at 4:00, breaking news, let's go to scott mcfarlane at the live desk. >> this just in -- a new report says the hack that crippled the medstar health computer network could have been prevented years ago, according to the nbc washington app, a computer server was left vulnerable despite public warningings, as far back as 2007. a person familiar with the investigation tells the a.p. the fix was as easy as installing an available software update or deleting two lines of code. the fbi isn't commenting about the investigation and medstar said it continuously applies patches to fix software vulnerabilities, medstar's computers were impacted for nearly a week and says it won't detail how the hack happened. i don't like it. >> it's cold out here.
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warm. >> that's pretty much been the goal for anyone venturing outdoors today, we saw a lot of winter coats, hats, scarves and gloves as people stood in the including line in woodbridge, virginia this morning. let's get to storm team 4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer, it's hard to believe it's april 5th. >> exactly right, pat. the reason is the temperatures now, 45 degrees, that's the average temperature for february 5th, not april 5th. look at the numbers across the mid-atlantic. 45 d.c., 42 hagerstown, 39 to the north and wind chills are even lower, look at the wind chills around our region. 33 camp springs and 38 around leesburg. a very cold afternoon, leading to a cold night tonight. freeze warning in effect for the entire area as temperatures will get below freezing. make sure you bring any sensitive plants in and cover those with sheets, not
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because it is going to be a very cold night tonight. now next couple of days, take a look at the headlines, continued cold. yeah, that's right, right on through the day tomorrow, on the cool side. the nationals forecast, there will be rain on thursday, we'll talk about the chance for rain and what it means for the nats' home opener and a cold weekend. could we get colder than today? i've got your forecast for you. the chilly forecast in a few minutes. right now voters in wisconsin are casting ballots in the presidential primary. ted cruz and bernie sanders are favored to come out on top tonight. it's an open primary, any registered voter in wisconsin can vote in either party's primary. but this is the first election in that state with new voter i.d. laws. voters have to show state-issued i.d.s at the poll, this could prevent about 300,000 people from taking part. supporters say it will prevent voter fraud. new at 4:00, bernie sanders is back on the ballot in d.c. this afternoon as city council
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temporarily took sanders off the democratic ballot. news4's mark segraves has more. >> senator bernie sanders will appear on the d.c. primary ballot come this june. it wasn't without debate and controversy. sanders almost lost his position on the ballot, after the d.c. democratic party failed to file his paperwork on time. they missed the deadline by a few hours. today, the d.c. council voted to extend that deadline by 24 hours. thus paving the way for sanders to be on the ballot. but some council members did express concern. one council member saying that he and others in the room had fought to get other candidates kicked off ballots in the past and questioned whetr they should be trying to get someone put on to a ballot. vincent orange, council member here, also questioned whether they should be interfering in party affairs and said that sanders could have come to d.c. and gotten signatures on a petition just like hillary clinton did. but
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pay a $2500 fee and avoid what orange called engaging with the residents of the district of columbia. d.c. mayor muriel bowser, who supports hillary clinton for president, said she will sign the legislation. come june democrats will have a choice between hillary clinton and bernie sanders on the primary ballot. from the d.c. district building, mark segraves, news4. first at 4:00, a theft ring gets busted at tyson's corner mall. awe three suspects are from florida, all under arrest. athlete were spotted at lord & taylor's, they tried to run but were caught by the fairfax county police and urban team. police recovered $76,000 in stolen goods. a woman by the name of arianna carp has been arrested in the past, accused of taking high-end items from bloo
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police caught her with $91,000 worth of stolen items in her car. fairfax county county driver is cited for causing an accident involving another vehicle and a fairfax county connector bus, route 50 and majestic lane in the fair oakes area. police say the driver plowed into another vehicle at a red light, pushing it into the back of a bus. the driver of the vehicle in the middle was slightly injured. a police chase that began in montgomery county ended with this crash in northeast d.c. police say two armed suspects carjacked a person in a parking lot on first avenue in silver spring last night. d.c. police spotted the vehicle about an hour and a half later. the driver refused to stop. after a brief chase, the car crashed into a light pole at intersection of minnesota aeng and bang road. the driver and passenger were taken into custody. a team of local and federal investigators returned to the scene of a townhouse fire in montgomery county. they're calling the deaths of a man who lived
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collins has details from gaithersburg. >> remember the fire at this townhouse in gaithersburg last week? where the body of a man was found inside? it now appears that this may be a case of murder. that this may be a case of arson. the victim, a 63-year-old man found in the basement of this townhouse, he was a jeweler by trade, he had a history of blood problems, but recently had cleaned up his life. he joined the mormon church. police are calling his death suspicious. they're investigating it as a possible homicide. they have turned this scene into an archeological dig. looking for clues and evidence. more on the victim, more on this unusual investigation, coming up. news4 at 5:00. today, mourners from across the country remembered a virginia state trooper at
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funeral in hamilton. chad dermyer was shot to death at a greyhound bus station on tuesday. a 30-mile procession involving hundreds of police motorcycles escorted the trooper's body to the sermtary. he was remembered as a man who would protect and serve others, a woman who survived last week's shooting said her life was spared because of what dermyer did. this is no playground, someone decided to use a plane's emergency slide even though no one was in danger and the whole thing caught on camera. just released ten minutes ago, the potential new health concern for people that
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cold-like february, breezy and of course, dry, that's been blowing around all the pollen today. the pollen count for trees high. the biggest contributor, oak. you can take all other things that are pollinating, cottonwood, poplar, sycamore and birch, you still wouldn't come up as high as it is for oak. a big contributor for folks suffering. it doesn't help that the pollen is being blown around with all the wind today. our gusts around 20 to 30 miles per hour. right inside of the beltway. bringing down the wind chill temperatures in the 30s, another cold night coming our way as the wind dies down. more on the freeze warning and what you can expect with this
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supreme court justice nominee merrick garland spent another day on capitol hill meeting with senators, the meetings were with republican senators susan collins and jean shaheen. so far the senate has no plans to hold a hearing on the nomination. new at 4:00, latinos are at higher risk for developing heart problems than previously thought. the american heart association studied 1800 middle-aged and older latinos. half had cardiac dysfunction, but only 5% knew they had a problem. the group also had a higher rate of other risk factors. half were obese, two-thirds suffer from diabetes and one-fifth smoked. researchers say most of these can be reversed with a healthier lifestyle. where's the bus? the app that's sewsed to make commuting easier is drawing complaints. the problem that left some folks out in the cold this morning.
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when you head to the bus stop the last thing you want is a long wait, especially in the cold. >> but metro's newest bus tracking system had some issues this morning, leading riders to guess when the bus would show up. transportation reporter adam tuss has been working the story and joins us live from the west
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>> is the problem fixed now? >> the problem is fixed. after about an hour when riders were wondering what's going on with the new system. metro was able to find a fix. it turns out it was a server issue and bandwidth had to be increased to a third party so people could get online and see where the next bus system was coming. next bus is now out and new bus eta is in. so metro was able to find a fix after about an hour. some people said they were left out in the cold wondering where the bus was. >> tell us what is the new system? how does it work and is it an upgrade? >> it's supposed to be an upgrade. what's happening is you have a more accurate timetable for when the buses are going to show up. it might not sound like a huge deal but for anyone that relies on a bus, if you know it's coming in five minutes and it shows up at that time, it's an incredible tool to have and to
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at the bus stop. metro's next bus system which it relied on previously, it often was criticized for not working properly. this one is supposed to be an upgrade, it tells you the next stop that the bus is at, how many miles and how much time it is away. a big tool for people to find out. but it's got to work. as we saw this morning, it ran into a couple of hiccups before it could get online. metro says everything back up and running again for bus eta. >> sounds like a good idea, hope it works next time. thank you, adam. the man who charged the cockpit after his plane took off from dulles will spend nine months in prison. david patrick diaz was sentenced today for interfering with the flight crew. diaz admitted to the outburst on the united flight last march. he was heard screaming jihad and saying there was something in the belly of the plane. passengers tackled him. diaz will have to undergo mental health treatment and play
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$22,000 in restitution to united airlines. >> what a cold day, doug, tell us it's going to warm up a little bit. >> if you would have said tell us it's going to warm up, i would have said well, but you said a little bit. so that i can do. only in the 40s today, tomorrow we'll get into the 50s. but it's not going to last, because temperatures go right back down as we head towards the weekend. right now it sure does look like a pretty day. beautiful blue skies there. a little bit in the way of wind. right now temperatures 45 degrees. winds out of the north at 12 miles per hour. that's why we had the wind chills in the 30s. here are the current temperatures. 33 culpepper and 34 in martinsburg. temperatures very much like they should be at the beginning of february. definitely not april-like temperatures. no rain or snow to talk about. we did have snow this morning. winchester down towards warrenton and culpepper reported light snow this morning.
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course. we're talking cold and wind chills again by around 11:00, notice the wind chill into the 20s, 25 leesburg, 27 d.c. and 27 around the fredericksburg area. tomorrow morning not quite as chilly. wind chills will be about 10 degrees warmer. 26 in gaithersburg, 27 in manassas, so still a cold start to the day. even around noon wind chills getting close to the 40-degree mark. it will be a little better tomorrow. with some sunshine less wind in the afternoon. i do think tomorrow will be a much nicer day than today. this will be a typical day than mid march, but i think we'll have it temperatures in the mid 50s with sunshine. all eyes on thursday, that's the nats' home opener, everybody asking about the rain. here's thursday morning at 7:00 a.m. no rain early, so the morning rush looks okay. around 9:00, here comes the rain and a pretty strong front, t
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could produce some thunderstorm activity. nothing severe, but it could come through the metro area. right around 11:00, 12:00 and move out. this is the good news, by 2:00, it's out of here. 4:00, the nationals forecast looking pretty good. if you're getting out there early. if you want to tailgate, 58 degrees, it's going to be on the rainy side for sure. rain ending by 2:00, maybe a little breezy, temperatures around 62 degrees, right now the game looking okay. next couple of days, temperatures moving in the right direction. up to 62 on thursday, but then as we head towards the weekend, high temperatures well below average, by about 15 degrees on saturday, could even see a few showers. you talk much more about the seven-day forecast. veronica has more at about 4:45. breaking news, live desk, the ashburn man accused of murdering his ex-wife's new
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his life in prison. julie carey said the judge just handed down a life sentence for minh nguyen. he shot corey madison four times last year. a detective said he believes matson ran outside after he was shot to try to steer nguyen away from his wife's children. nguyen pleaded no contest last year. matson's widow, denise, called her late husband a hero. she gave birth to the couple's first child eight months after her husband's death. for some it's a social media revolution, why facebook's new technology for the blind is helping them to connect to the world in ways they never thought possible. well spring is supposed to be the time for planting flowers. not protecting them. as the temperatures tumble. we're going to tell you what it takes to protect your plants from the cold. speaking of the cold, tell us how you feel about having to
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again. it's our nbc washington flash survey.
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we understand that a group of children came together to help the cops. how did they do that? >> these aren't just kids, these are elementary school children. who realized that the police in england were looking for two alleged robbers and murderers and they knew where the suspects were. but they couldn't communicate to the helicopter. so they laid on the ground and made a human arrow pointing in the direction of the suspects. >> ingenious. >> what the helicopter did is -- look at that radio the police on the ground. they ended up catching both guys and arresting them. i would have been the guy that pointed the wrong way. that's brilliant, absolutely brilliant. >> i say pay those kids, give them some kind of reward. thursday night football fans are now going to be able to watch the game on twitter. >> this is fascinating. this morning, one of the big breaking stories, twitter outbid, they outbid major companies and even got selected over compani
4:25 pm
so the nfl, today announced you can actually watch thursday night football, be streamed on twitter. ten games absolutely free. in 2016. an unbelievable deal. and some are saying this really is the next direction for content. >> facebook has come up with a cool way to help the blind see. >> awesome, think about it. you can't see or you're hard of seeing. you have the opportunity now to use facebook. this is in -- kind of a demo mode. but what it does, it describes with facial recognition technology, what pictures are of as you scroll past them. it even does it for news stories as well. they say it's going to revolutionize social networking and it really is amazing. the demo is on their page right
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i've seen it today. you've got hot cash to give away tomorrow. >> $1,000 an hour on hot 99.5 on the kane show. >> you're so generous. >> i wish it was all my money. we still love you. back to you, barbara. it's the hollywood tragedy that shocked everyone. popular actor gone in an instant. now the courts have decided whether a major automaker is to blame. plus february in april? windy, brisk and cold. how cold it will be tonight and when we could see some rain, too. yvette: i was running for my life. he was flicking matches on me... my ex-husband's intentions were to murder me. glenn: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences, because domestic violence can never be tolerated. yvette: mr. ivey showed compassion. i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey. as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i
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because i'm on your side.
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a theft ring broken up at tyson's corner mall. investigators at the scene of a townhouse fire in gaithersburg. the body of 63-year-old steve skalabren was in the basement of the home last week. police say the fire and his death are now suspicious. bernie sanders back on the ballot in the district this afternoon. the city council took steps to fix the problem. his campaign had missed a deadline that temporarily took sanders off the democratic ballot. and while d.c. democrats have to wait until june. voters in wisconsin are having their say today. >> the results will not settle who the presidential nominees will be in either party. but the race may
4:30 pm
has the momentum going into the next big contest. >> if the poll are right. it doesn't look good for the front-runners, steve handelsman is live with the latest from capitol hill. >> for a pair ever presidential primaries today, that cannot pick the nominees, these wisconsin contests are getting a ton of attention, including from wisconsin voters. long lines and long waits, the turnout in wisconsin could break a record, so democrat bernie sanders is happy. >> if people come out to vote in large numbers, i think we're going to do very, very well. >> even a huge win by sanders can't erase hillary clinton's big lead in delegates, she's moved on to new york on "the view" joking she's grown a thick skin. >> anybody who is interested, i have great cream for it. >> yes, she said, donald trump insults women. but also minorities. >> it's not only women and we who should be concerned, it's everybody. because of the way that he conducts himsel
4:31 pm
frustrated. polls find three-quarters of women voters see him negatively. >> nobody respects women more than i do. >> so why aren't they getting that message? >> because i get a very unfair press. >> trump is not assuming a win today. >> we'll see what happens. i think we're going to do really well. the people of wisconsin are amazing, they want to see strong voters, they want their jobs to stay here. >> ted cruz claiming today starts his run to a first ballot nomination hit talk radio. >> it will have national repercussions, not just for the 42 delegates at stake in wisconsin, but i believe it's going to powerfully impact states to come. >> cruz agrees with trump. that john kasich, who has given up in wisconsin, should drop out. but he refuses. >> kasich dreams of winning the nomination after a convention deadlock. which is why trump and cruz also agree convention rules should block that i'm steve handelsman,
4:32 pm
political ambitions might have a long-term impact on his business. a new "forbes" survey suggests trump is alienating a large number of people who make up the core clientele at his hotels and golf courses. of the 500 people surveyed, 45% say they will make a point of not visiting trump properties over the next four years. trump's d.c. hotel is set to be finished in the fall. say what? it's january, february? well it certainly feels like it outside. we told you this yesterday. it was going to be cold, it was going to be windy. at least we've had some sunshine, imagine if we had clouds and rain. well at least it's a little better and we're going to be warming up after another cold night. your current wind chill readings across the area in the 30s. low 40s, winchester, culpepper, fredericksburg. we're seeing lighter wind right now and the wind is going to be decreasing overnight. all as an area of high pressure co
4:33 pm
area. so diminishing winds, the clear sky. temperatures get a chance to really bottom out tonight. little lower than they were early this morning. 28 in manassas, 32 right inside the beltway. germantown, gaithersburg area 28 starting out early tomorrow. that is cold, folks, a reason why we've got the freeze warning that's up for much of the area with the growing season having started. what to wear tomorrow morning? the little ones out the door at the bus stop -- yeah, we're back to the coat. now tomorrow with a lack of winds, i think we can do without the gloves or the scarf. but it is going to be a cold one indeed. temperatures top out in the 50s. more on that and hourly forecast, thursday, opening day for the washington nationals coming up. now to a developing story out of mississippi. the governor has just signed the controversial religious freedom bill into law. it allows businesses to refuse service to gay couples, unmarried couples and transgender people without being punished by a government ge
4:34 pm
freedom of those who believe that marriage is between one man and one woman. the law goes into effect july 1st. north carolina will lose hundreds of jobs because of its new lgbt restrictions. paypal has just canceled plans to build a new global operations center in charlotte. last month the governor celebrated paypal's announcement that it was expanding. days later the governor signed a bill preventing anti-gay protections from kicking in. it also restricts which bathrooms transgender people can use. paypal's president said the law goes against their core values of fairness, inclusion and equality. homeland security is pushing to get tighter security at airports, train stations and other transportation hubs. homeland security secretary jeh johnson joined senators on capitol hill to ask for amendments to the faa authorization bill. the legislation would increase the number of specialized security teams at transportation cens.
4:35 pm
airports with screenings. supporters say the improvements are needed with the increased threat of global terror. >> on the very day of the brussels attack, i directed an enhanced vipir team presence across our airports and transportation hubs in this country. so a specific authorization to increase the number of vipir teams is critical, given the existing global terrorist threat. >> the plan also calls for a boost in security at check-in and baggage areas. the senate is debating the amendment this week. the widow of the man driving a porsche that crashed and killed actor paul walker in 2013 can't prove the car maker is responsible for the accident. a judge decided that christine rodas didn't provide enough evidence to prove that the vehicle they were in lacked several key safety features. the two died when the car spun out of control, struck three trees and burst into flames in california. it's
4:36 pm
you hope you'll never have to see -- but someone on board decided to use it. even though there was no one in danger and every second of it is caught on camera. i'm melissa with your first 4 traffic. big project is starting today in leesburg, we're talking about shreve mill road, going to be shut down between evergreen mills road and dulles greenway. it's going to be a six-week project to replace gravel with pavement. surprising that it's been gravel road all these years. only residents will have access, the detour is in place. going to last about six weeks. hae a good one,v time magazine called chris van hollen "a hero to environmentalists, education groups
4:37 pm
and gun control advocates" for his accomplishments as a young legislator. now a respected leader in congress and key ally of president obama, protecting planned parenthood and social security... chris van hollen is the only candidate who fought the wall street banks and the nra...and won. that's why he's endorsed by the post as the "talented successor" to senator mikulski who will "deliver results." i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message.
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now, your storm team 4 forecast. >> i'm in that bottom 11%,dy not dress for winter, only because i have to make 25 steps from my car to the building, my kids, however, i did put in the coats. this is not rockville, this is reston camera. looks beautiful. plenty of sunshine and look at all the green out there. so much green going on right now. pollen definitely on the high side. take ak
4:40 pm
temperatures on the low side. only 38 in maryland. 45 in leesburg. 43 towards dulles, 43 down towards fredericksburg. a cold day today and a freeze warning in effect for everyone tonight across our region. the only exception back towards west virginia because you continue to see freeze this time of year, so you're not in the freeze warning. but everybody else is what does it mean? bring the plants inside or cover them with cloth. temperatures 27 to about 33 degrees. dress warm for the morning. tomorrow morning will be another very cold start. we'll be back in a couple of minutes, veronica has the seven-day forecast in a few. first lady michelle obama planted her final garden at the white house today. she was joined by school children from across the country. the vegetables include the same kind of lettuce that's been grown on the international space station. mrs. obama planted her first garden in 2009
4:41 pm
into her let's move campaign to fight obesity among children. the students who helped the first lady today were chosen from schools that have their own veggie garden. the video has gone viral, it shows a united airlines flight attendant opening the door of a plane, inflating the emergency escape chute and using it to get out. >> the thing is, though, there was no emergency. it happened yesterday, about five minutes after the plane landed at bush international airport in houston. the flight attendant scoots down the slide and picks up her bag and calmly walks away. yikes. united says it doesn't know why the flight attendant did that. but she's been suspended from working any future flights and could face criminal charges, too. >> maybe she had had a hard day on the job. >> something must have happened. this is her way of saying -- so long. stopping mosquitos, nor one part of our area, crews are not waiting until summer to do something about
4:42 pm
the concerns that have officials adjusting their calendars. >> windy and cold, temperatures tumbling below freezing, what the experts say you should do for the spring flowers to keep them from suffering in the cold. first at 4:00.
4:43 pm
4:44 pm
freezing cold morning coming ou
4:45 pm
another cold start for the next couple of days. what you can expect with wet weather moving in i'll have that coming up. well we've really had to bundle up in april because of the cold and the wind. of course it does feel more like february. >> it sure does. and news4's kristen wright went out to woodbridge today where the weather meant even more work for some of us. >> it's cold. and on top of that, windy, too. temperatures are hovering just above freezing in woodbridge, virginia. wind chills in the 20s. cover the azaleas now. billie nichols at meadows farm nursery is putting the tarp on on this cold april morning. the frigid air? too much. a reminder that mother nature is the one in charge. >> it is living, you cut it, it gross back. you prune it, it comes back. >> the tropical can't be out in this not so tropical weather. they move them inside the nursery, along with carts of other cold-sensitive plants. >> but then when itts
4:46 pm
we got to take everything back out. that's a job right there. >> on a day like this, the job is challenging for mahesh singh and his landscaping crew. >> of course it makes a difference. yeah. we're going to plant it. but some of them we can't plant today. >> they'll hold off for warmer spring days. here at meadows farms they had to clean up trees and plants that blew over because of all the winds. after a long, long winter they're ready for a real taste of spring. in woodbridge, kristen wright, news4. now your storm team 4 forecast. >> well i hope you don't have too many plants that you have to move. but if you don't want to move them, make sure you cover any of those tender spring plants with a light cloth, then immediately take it off tomorrow morning. all right. let's talk about when we typically see the average last freeze around here in the green
4:47 pm
baltimore, d.c., took towards fredericksburg, april 10 to april 20th. i know it's that late. even off to the west, april the 20 to 30, so just wait to put the flowers in. and after all we haven't had the best of weekends. even this weekend is looking like it's going to be cold as you will see. temperatures overnight drop down to the upper 20s, low 30s inside the beltway. we've got the clear sky, the calm wind. tomorrow morning, cold and look at the next couple of mornings, too. thursday morning, not so bad but for friday, saturday, especially sunday morning, we're going to see another cold snap across our area. and the little ones out the door this morning, look at that sad face, he knows this is not right this is just not right. more like a winter for another morning coming our way. 32, freezing, we're up to 42 by 9:00 a.m. doing better tomorrow afternoon because it's a lighter wind and our temperatures will be pushing on the other side of 50 degrees,
4:48 pm
fredericksburg, stafford, 58, gaithersburg, 53. we talked about your forecast for opening day on thursday, you can see the rain at 10:00 a.m. the best chance of rain on thursday is from about 9:00 a.m. to about 1:00 in the afternoon. with the weather system moving to the east. our temperatures start out in the 50s, so not bad in the morning. but then again, it's wet. so you know, i'm not taking that. 62 degrees at 3:00 in the afternoon, a mild day for us on thursday. so here's your grades for the rest of the week as far as recess goes for the little ones. thursday gets a grade of c, tomorrow b, and friday, too. on the cool side, but at least some sunshine coming our way tomorrow. more clouds on friday, and as we get into the weekend, we're talking about temperatures in the 40s, typically. average high this time of year, low to mid 60s. so we're tracking some showers now for our saturday. maybe even a flurry or two early part of the day on saturday, depending on where you are. so subfreezing start as we get
4:49 pm
the chilly weekend indeed, we've got a lot more coming up on this cold snap. news4 at 5:00. see you then. cover up tender plants again tonight? >> that's right. cover them up and make sure early in the day you get out and take it off so the sunshine can do its part and allow them to bounce back. >> thanks, veronica. health officials in the district say they are starting mosquito surveillance this week. two months earlier than normal. they're also expanding the number of viruses they'll be at the timing for in trapped mosquitos. the d.c. department of health says they've only tested west nile virus last year. this year they'll be testing for chikungunya, dengue and zika. >> we're making sure in the zika virus were to be present in the district of columbia we would identify it, we would identify it early and we would be able to make our residents and visitors aware of its es
4:50 pm
confirmed cases of zika in the district related to international travel. so far, no locally acquired cases. you better hurry if you want to vote in the maryland primary. the deadline to register is 9:00 tonight. to be eligible, you must be 18 years old before the november 8th general election. today is also the deadline if you want to change your political party affiliation or update your address. if you miss today's deadline you registered early voting centers from april 14th through the 21st of april. the maryland primary is april 26th. we're working several developing stories in our news room. a service that's supposed to make airport parking easier. there's confusion about what you may owe if you're late getting your car. consumer reporter susan hogan clears up the confusion and gets results. helping people before tragedy strikes, how one local group is working to halt the rise in domestic violence one family at a time.
4:51 pm
greatest college basketball games in the history of march madness. villanueva stuns north carolina with a buzzer-beating shot by a young man with some very close ties to our area. news4's carol maloney is in the news room with the story of villanueva's chris jenkins. what a star. >> it was an amazing moment. chris jenkins is a name no one will soon forget. one of the most legendary shots in the history of the ncaa tournament. and he honed that shot growing up in this area. the heroics of the modern day and gonzaga grad lifting the entire community. jenkins' high school coach from gonzaga steve turner said he's seen him hit shots like this many times before. but to do this on this stage made the local coach jump for joy and have tears of joy for his former player. >> i just feel like i'm on a high. almost as if i was the person that took the shot. just happy. i mean just -- i know the things
4:52 pm
working towards that goal. and working, wanting to be able to have a moment like that, we all talk about it as kids. and now he truly was allowed to make it happen and make it happen in front of millions. >> coach turner has talked to jenkins after nearly every game this tournament. they've yet to talk today, it's been too crazy. the message he has for his former player coming up on news4 at 5:00. back to you. an annual celebration in reston has expanded this year, founder's day has become founder's week. the annual event honors robert e. simon, the developer who created the town. he died last fall at the age of 101. to celebrate his legacy, there's special events all week, including a community celebration on saturday. well when the olympic torch begins its journey to rio, it will make what was described today as a very symbolic stop. members of the greek olympic committee said the fla
4:53 pm
athens, greece. and it will be carried by a young syrian refugee who has requested asylum in greece. the torch will make several stops across that country, including the camp before being handed off to brazilian organizers late they are month. the opening ceremony for the 2016 olympic games kicks off exactly four months from today. on august 5th. and you can catch all the excitement here on news4. a scandal in the governor's mansion and lawmakers say they've had enough. >> first at 4, the serious allegations against one governor and why his job is on the line this afternoon. this news4 at 4:00.
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i got the roughest treatment, to such an extent that the president of n.o.w. put together a video clip to show him that hey you need to stop it because you're treating her so poorly and the jury takes their cue from that. that's what upset me. >> for the first time since the end of the o.j. simpson murder trial more than two decades ago we're hearing candid remarks from the prosecutor who lost the case. tonight on "nightly news," marcia clark talks about harsh treatment at the hands of the judge and how justice has not yet been served in the deaths of nicole brown suchson and ro
4:57 pm
after being trapped in a trench collapse in ohio. a news chopper captured their rescue in delaware county north of columbus. the workers were digging in an unsupported trench near a home when the trench collapsed. at one point, one of the workers was buried up to his chest. the other to his waist. they were trapped for nearly two hours before being pulled out. no word on their conditions. alabama's governor is calling an impeachment effort against him quote political grandstanding. >> state lawmakers took steps today to remove robert bentley from office. he's been in hot water for allegedly having an affair with a long-time aide while he was married. >> nbc's jay gray has late developments in the case. >> after months of speculation and weeks of growing controversy, this afternoon lawmakers in alabama began the formal process of impeachment against governor robert bentley. >> we believe there's enough probable cause to warrant asking the state senate to try th
4:58 pm
governor from office. >> bentley is accused of having an affair with his senior political adviser, rebecca mason who has denied the relationship and stepped away from her job last week. >> as public outrage intensified over leaked audio tapes believed to be the governor talking on the phone with his alleged mistre mistress. >> bentley has adamantly denied having a quote physical affair with mason. he said there are no grounds for impeachment and i will vigorously defend myself and my administration from this political attack. but opponents say he can no longer effectively do his job. >> it's about the competence of him to fill this position, to lead us in the state. to stand before our legislative body and tell us the truth. >> bentley's credibility now being questioned in alabama's state house. jay gray, nbc news.
4:59 pm
news4 at 5:00 begins with breaking news. >> he went from a social media mogul to a convicted murderer. i'm jim handly. >> snensing was just handed down for the man who killed his ex-wife's new husband in ashburn. that judge gave him life in prison for that murder. it happened while his children were home. bureau chief julie carey is live at the courthouse in leesburg with the story. julie? >> well two days of very emotional testimony came to an end a short while ago. minh nguyen, once a successful social media entrepreneur headed to prison for the rest of his life for killing his ex-wife's new husband last year. the defendant's family begged the judge for mercy, pointing to his battle with mental illness. but the judge decided the victim's widow and her family had been terrorized enough and shouldn't have to worry about minh nguyen any longer. family
5:00 pm
victim, corey mattison wore buttons bearing his picture and green clothes, his favorite color. in court prosecorgedhe judge to impose a sentence beyond the guidelines. they say minh nguyen was fuelled by an obsessive rage, angry when he discovered his wife's husband of three months was watching his children at the couple's home. he started firing his gun as he burst through the front door, hitting mattison four times, mortally wounded, mattison led his attacker out the back door and away from his children. after the life sentence was delivered, the victim's wife talked about the family's enormous loss. >> corey, he knew exactly what he was doing. he knew that he was taking the danger and luring it away from us. there's no question in my mind. from the moment he came into my life, he was continuously trying to do everything he could to protect me and to protect our children. >> now, among those who testified at the sentencing hearing for the prosecution, the


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