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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  April 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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victim, corey mattison wore buttons bearing his picture and green clothes, his favorite color. in court prosecorgedhe judge to impose a sentence beyond the guidelines. they say minh nguyen was fuelled by an obsessive rage, angry when he discovered his wife's husband of three months was watching his children at the couple's home. he started firing his gun as he burst through the front door, hitting mattison four times, mortally wounded, mattison led his attacker out the back door and away from his children. after the life sentence was delivered, the victim's wife talked about the family's enormous loss. >> corey, he knew exactly what he was doing. he knew that he was taking the danger and luring it away from us. there's no question in my mind. from the moment he came into my life, he was continuously trying to do everything he could to protect me and to protect our children. >> now, among those who testified at the sentencing hearing for the prosecution, the
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defendant's 15-year-old daughter. she now considers corey mattison her dad. coming up, what she had to say about the judge's ruling. reporting live from leesburg, i'm julie carey. a teenager is accused of stabbing his own father who serves a as pastor in loudoun county. police took jonathan janny into custody after finding his father with stab wounds. the victim, david janney is the pastor of percival baptist church and is expected to make a full recovery. police say the man in this video has robbed nine banks across maryland. each time we're told he wears glasses that neck brace and a bandage to cover part of his face. the robberies happened between last october and this month. a major east coast crime ring has been busted at tieson's
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corner. police stopped three people from florida late last month. after stores security officers at lord & taylor spont spoted them on surveillance video. we're told they recovered $76,000 in stolen goods. investigators believe they wanted to resell those items and charged two of them with grand larce larceny. the third is charged with providing a false identification to police. if you thought it was cold today, keep those sweaters handy. it's going to be cold and we'll get some nasty rain this week. doug's keeping an eye on all the changes for you. >> my son was very upset at me this morning when i told him he had to wear pants to school. he just wants to put on the shorts. not today, and not tomorrow. temperatures today much colder than average. the average highs this time of year around 63. today's highs, take a look at the current numbers, these are where the numbers should in early february. right now 45 d.c., 45 hagerstown, 46 towards richmond. and 39 in ee
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37 in baltimore. so we are dealing with wind chills, good news is the winds starting to die down now. so that's good news. but it will allow for temperatures to fall quickly after sunset. another cold night, freeze warning in effect for the entire area. and we're not done with the cold yet. another cold day tomorrow. at least a cool day tomorrow. then we're talking about the nationals' forecast. there's rain on thursday, we'll talk about when it comes in and another cold weekend. cold air again, as cold as today? maybe. i've got the forecast. thanks, doug. it was a rocky start for metro's new bus arrival prediction system. you were supposed to be able to track those buses from your phone to see when they were going to show up. but this morning, it wasn't working. transportation reporter adam tuss has been tracking these issues all day and joins us from the west falls church station. is it fixed yet? >> it is fixed, wendy. that g
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sitting well with some rigders who said they had it wait out in the cold because the system went down. waiting and waiting at the bus stop. not so much fun today. >> oh, yes, especially on a day like today when it's freezing. >> metro's new bus arrival prediction system called bus eta was down for a while, leading to frustrated riders and tweets. some saying they had to wait with the kids in the cold. others calling the new system terrible and another tweet saying the system is woefully inaccurate. metro sent us a statement saying there was a slow server response for about an hour until bandwidth was increased at the thirdhand party host. normal functioning since then. >> it's a little slower. but it's more accurate, i think than the other one was. >> we found bus rider jennifer using the bus eta system today after it was fixed. she said systems like this have to work for riders who
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buses. >> you have to go to work and you transfer buses, you got to know you got the ten minutes, if it says ten minutes, but you only have five, then you have to wait another half hour and then you have to transfer to another bus. you might not get to work for another hour. >> this new bus eta service just replaced the old next bus system which was often criticized for being inaccurate and riders say the entire system needs to function better. >> they come ten, 15 minutes late. and then they drive like they're on a sunday drive. >> metro says the new bus eta platform drills down to give you specific information including how many stops away the next bus is. and for a system that's trying to win riders back, convenience matters. now coming up at 6:00, i'm going to tell you what you can do if you are concerned or frustrated by this new switch to the bus eta system. back to you. >> adam tuss, thanks, a crucial vote today in the race for the white house. voters in wisconsin are now casting ballots in this state's
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when polls opened up at 7:00 this morning, folks were already waiting in line. wisconsin is known for having an engaged electorate turnout, in primary elections routinely among the highest in the country. this year there's some concern that strict new voter i.d. laws could lead to thousands of voters being turned away. of course turnout could be a key factor in determining if today's outcome shakes up both races. the challengers to front-runners hillary clinton and donald trump have spent some big bucks to win in the badger state. on the democratic side, bernie sanders outspent clinton over the airwaves by a nearly 3-1 margin. sanders' campaign spending nearly $2.5 million on ads versus $931,000 for clinton's campaign. meanwhile on the gop side, trump is being outspent by just about everybody. two outside groups opposed to trump, our principles pac and the club for growth have spent $2 million in ads, tedz
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spent an additional $1.4 million. while john kasich and his allies have kicked in just under $1 million. trump's campaign has spent a little more than half a million dollars in wisconsin. as we continue to monitor the polls in wisconsin throughout the night, make sure to keep it here. we'll be sending out breaking news alerts on our app. and you can watch news4 at 11:00 for live coverage. it is a done deal -- bernie sanders is back on the democratic primary ballot in d.c. news4 was first to report that sanders was in jeopardy of not being on that ballot because of a clerical error. as mark segraves tells us fixing that issue didn't happen without some debate. mark? >> like most things here at the d.c. council, wendy, yes, that's right there are two ways for presidential candidates to get on the democratic primary ballot. they can do it the old fashioned way and collect petitionings signatures or they can pay the party a check, $2500. clinton did both, sanders opted just to payhe
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party filed their paperwork late, according to the board of elections, sanders risked missing the democratic primary here. >> all those in favor say aye? >> with that vote, senator bernie sanders setback on the d.c. primary ballot. >> i think this is about voter access to all of the presidential candidates. >> sanders campaign followed all the rules and paid the $2500 fee to appear on the ballot. but the d.c. democratic state party did not file the paperwork on behalf of the candidate until the day after the deadline, according to the board of elections. because of that delay, a voter filed a challenge with the board that could have kept sanders' name off the ballot. today, the d.c. council passed emergency legislation exempting democratic candidates from the deadline for the june 2016 primary. but in a meeting before the vote, several council members expressed concern about passing a law to allow one person ballot es
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extremely careful with writing legislation to put one on the ballot that's in violation of our law. >> at that meeting the chair of the council warned council members of the negative press they would receive if sanders was kept off the ballot. >> if we deny the voter access, then that is not going to look good for the council. >> orange said negative press shouldn't drive how the council acts. >> that was very disappointing to hear. i think that we're here to do a job. and sometime the job is tough. >> now tomorrow the d.c. board of elections is still scheduled to hold a hearing on sanders' access to that ballot. that hearing is now all but meaningless because of today's vote. coming up, we tell you why two d.c. democrats on the d.c. council today did not vote to put sanders' name on the ballot. we're live outside of the d.c. council, mark segraves, news4. a man died in a fire here
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than an accident. now it appears this may be a case of murder. that story coming up. is airport parking is tough enough. but one traveler at national said tonight she was charged a full day for exiting one hour late. our consumer reporter susan hogan is getting some answers for you about this delay drama. gives it to jenkins for the championship! >> his buzzer-beater sealed the championship for villanovvillan. and everyone is
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wall street. the nra. they're powerful. they usually get their way. but not with democrat donna edwards. she won't take cash from wall street banks. and when washington insiders wrote a loophole to let the nra spend dark money to kill gun safety laws, donna edwards said 'no' she's fighting to ban assault weapons and putting the safety of our communities first. because to democrat donna edwards, the special interests aren't special. we are. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. stronger is blasting without risking her bones.
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stronger is less pain... new hope... more fight. it's doing everything in your power... and everything in ours. stronger, is changing even faster than they do. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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last week we learned more people in the united states could be vulnerable to the zika virus than first predicted. that includes here in the district. >> we have a closer look at this. doreen? >> we've been looking at maps that showed the southeastern u.s. and especially south florida and the gulf coast as the most likely areas for zika virus outbreaks. but now those maps have been updated to as far north as maine
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west as california. the centers for disease control says the two types of mosquitos capable of spreading the zika virus can survive in all of those locations. the midwest is on the map now, too, all the way up to minnesota. more than 300 people in the continental u.s. have already been infected with the zika virus. which we now know can cause serious birth defects, but all of those cases came from travel to south and central america and the caribbean. the concern now is that once mosquito season gets under way in the continental u.s. travelers returning from those zika virus area will be bitten by mosquitos and the insects will start transferring the virus to other people here, it's called local transmission and it hasn't happened here yet, because we don't have mosquitos until the weather warms up. and you know that's coming soon. that makes developing an affected zika virus vaccine, especially for women pregnant or planning to become pregnant,
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the national institute for allergy and infectious diseases at nih, fast-tracking efforts to create a vaccine. he joined me to share the latest. >> we're almost certainly going to start that sometime in september, that will involve about 80 individuals, we likely would do it right here in the washington area in bethesda at the nih, just to show that it's safe and it induces the right amount of immune response if we're successful with that by the end of 2016, early 2017, we'll go into what's called an advanced phase 2 b trial, which would involve thousands of people. >> there was a survey last week or recently, showing that people really don't know much about zika. a lot of misinformation about this. what do you think people ought to know about this? >> i think they ought to know one, the importance of taking care and protecting pregnant women. that's the reason why we in the united states right nowhe
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make sure that everyone knows if you're pregnant, thinking of becoming pregnant, might be pregnant, do not travel to areas in which there's an outbreak. that's the most important thing. the other thing is we know it's sexually transmitted. that's a fact. that's not a theory, that's a fact. >> and that means no unprotected sex for men after travel to the zika-affected areas, even if there aren't any virus symptoms, because sometimes there aren't and you can still be contagious. as we continue to learn more, we'll make sure you have what you need to know on the nbc washington app. just search zika. >> there's a lot we don't know. and the more i cover this story, the more i see that there's a lot that we don't know about it. and it was, it was news to me that this thing could lap, we could have an outbreak here, caused by travelers during mosquito season. as soon as they could have an outbreak south o
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mentioned, we're warming up. as we get closer to summer. >> it doesn't feel like it today, but it's coming. >> now to that epic end, to last night's ncaa championship game. did you see it? villanova getting the big w with the buzzer-beating three-pointer. >> right now students are gathering to welcome their champion basketball team home after the school canceled classes for the day. >> brandon hobson from our philly station is on the campus now. >> within minutes of returning to villanova's campus, it didn't take long to find fans showing school pride. we met students who said the place is still buzzing. after last night's national championship win. >> he made it! >> everyone is really happy. >> everyone is excited at breakfast, last night was crazy. we all stayed out until like 4:00 a.m. >> it was a late night for thousands of students and fans on campus. they flooded the ierct
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after chris jenkins' last-second three confirmed villanova's first ncaa national championship since 1985. >> my parents were here in '85, so it's unbelievable for me to be here now. >> i was crying tears of joy, disbeli disbelief, elation. >> everyone we spoke with said they will be at the welcome back pep rally at the football stadium today. it will be the fans' first chance to thank the team for a dream season. >> this was an unbelievable moment, i will never forget it for the rest of my life. >> some students we spoke to told us they're making plans to attend the national championship parade. at villanova stadium, i'm brandon hudson, news4. and philly is not the only city celebrating. there were quite a few cheers around the dmv when chris jenkins sent that buzzer-beating three-pointer through the net. jenkins calls upper ma
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news4's carol maloney caught up with his highs school coach. >> on the biggest stage, the biggest moment. chris jenkins cemented his place in ncaa history. his high school coach, his name steve turner was in houston for the final four match-ups on saturday. he watched the title game last night in d.c. he called it a father moment for himself. in a proud moment for the entire community. gives it to jenkins, for the championship. >> jenkins' last-second thriller gave villanova the national title. his former coach knew it was possible. >> i can tell you he knew that if he got a chance to make that shot, he was going to make that shot. >> steve turner, head coach of gonzaga for the last 12 years, says the feeling of joy today is indescribable. >> i just feel like i'm on a high. almost as if i was the person that took the shot. en
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talk to him, you made me a rock star today. and thank you. >> turner is spending nearly every waking moment today being interviewed by media outlets all over the country. but one more still awaits. >> you know he's going to call, what are you going to say? >> i love you. i'm proud of you and remember, just to stay humble. >> a lot of kids are going to call themselves kris jenkins. >> it's possible. >> i want to be like kris jenkins. get who is getting off the plane in philly as we speak? the team arriving home and getting ready to party with their fellow students and the residents of that area, villanova the first championship since 1985. you know they have a lot of celebrating to do. a defining moment that will last a lifetime for that area as well as for so many here in d.c. how sweet it was, great interview. an employee of the u.s. bureau of prisons headquarters in d.c. m
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term in the slammer. >> what he's accused of stealing and how he even had it delivered to him in virginia. plus a teenager is taking an encouraging step on her long road to recovery just weeks after she was shot by an accused uber driver who was allegedly on a killing spree. i'm glad she's got the
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we've gone back in time to february. in the way-back machine. >> the way-back. life was so much better. don't you remember two months ago? just beautiful. >> i don't remember it being that good. >> fine, it wasn't that great. we were coming off of the blizzard a couple of weeks before and the high temperatures were supposed to be in the mid 40s. that's where they are today. today we should be in the mid 60s. let's take a look out there right now. it looks nice. i mean it looks like a beautiful spring day. plenty of sunshine. a lot of greenery starting to come out. of course that means a lot of pollen. the temperatures right now, 45 degrees. winds out of the north at 10 miles per hour that puts our wind chills in the 30s in most locations, it's definitely chilly. a lot of sunshine out there across our region. temperatures 43 in gaithersburg, 44 in culpepper an out towards charlsv
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now down to 48. we had the freeze warning in effect for the entire region. storm team 4 radar, no rain or snow to talk about. we're going to be rather dry right through the day tomorrow. but tomorrow morning another cold one and tonight a cold night. look at the wind chills by 11:00 tonight. 27 d.c., 26 manassas, 24 in martinsburg. tomorrow morning waking up to similar numbers around 27 d.c., 24 in frederick. it will be warmer tomorrow, believe it or not than it was this morning. but with wind chills in the 20s, it's not going to feel that different. wind chills this morning were 15 to 20 degrees, very cold. by noon tomorrow at least we're getting into the upper 30s to around 40. very similar to where we are right now wind chillwise, but actual temperatures will be warmer. high temperatures tomorrow into the low to mid 50s for the most part with that comes plenty of sunshine. and with a little bit less wind tomorrow afternoon, i really do think it's going to be quite nice. tomorrow evening the winds will pick up and that sets the stage for thursday, which actually is
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going to see rain and everybody worried about this. because that of course is the national's home opener. let's show you what's going to be happening. here's 7:00 a.m., we're dry. by 9:00 a.m. here comes the rain creeping in across the region. most of the heavier rain back to the west could even see some thunderstorm activity. watch what happens around 11:00, around the metro area and by 2:00, it's out of here. if you're thinking of heading down towards the game, it's looking fine after about the 2:00 hour. if you get there earlier, maybe a little pre-game action, it looks like we're going to wet early. by game time, no problems. as a matter of fact, here's your nationals forecast. your planner for thursday, looking good for opening day, 59 degrees, the rain around noon. 60 with rain ending and done by 2:00 and game time, nice, a temperature around 62 degrees, i think it will be okay out there. take the jacket. 52 on friday, colder behind the system. on saturday, old in theid
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upper 40s. even a chance for shower activity, saturday not the best day of the weekend, looking rather cold. we have much more on that and veronica has the seven-day forecast in just a few. ahead in the maryland democratic primary for u.s. senate, candidates chris van hollen and donna edwards are turning up the heat over negative campaigning. a deadly fire in montgomery county could be a murder. pat collins learns that the victim had just turned his life around. his live report is next. and we had a story of survival for a domestic violence victim. she found a way out. and a special place in northern virginia is helping women who have found the courage to get help. >> there were times where i thoughtays going w
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what first appeared to be a house fire is a suspicious death investigation. >> man found dead in this unit of a townhouse last week. local and federal investigators return to the scenes and that's where we find pat collins with new information for us tonight. pat? >> jim, at first it looked like a case where a man was trapped and then killed in a house fire. but now now it appears it may be far more sinister than that. the victim
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63-year-old steven scalaborin found dead in the basement of this townhouse, found dead after a ferocious fire here last week. flames so intense it took about 100 firefighters to get it under control. now the possibility of foul play. now the possibility this could be a case of murder. that this could be a case of arson. >> are you looking into the possibility that mr. scalabren may have been murdered and the fire was set to cover up the murder? >> we're looking at every possibility at this point. >> a task force of investigators on the scene. atf, montgomery county fire. police, homicide, going through this place inch by inch. treating it like an archeological dig. sifting through charred items, looking for clues and evidence to better understand what happened here. >> we got to search the whole house to figure out wha
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he was a jeweler by trade, he made custom pieces like this friends say he had a history of drug abuse, but that recently he had cleaned up his life and been baptized in the mormon church. mike sudholt guided him through that. >> he was a kind, gentle person. >> for him to die this way? >> well i'm hoping that it was an accident. something that would not have been terribly painful. but i can't think of anything more painful than to die in a fire. >> coming up at 6:00, a victim's friend. she talks about her suspicions, her thoughts about what happened here. coming up at 6:00. wendy, back to you. thank you, pat. a popular nightclub in prince george's county has been shut down after a triple stabbing. police say two customers and a security guard got stabbed after a fight broke out insid
5:33 pm
martini's restaurant and lounge in fort washington early monday morning. a man named phillip harrington is charged in that stabbing. we're told all the victims are expected to survive. the fighting is heating up between the leading candidates in the u.s. senate. congressman chris van hollen calls it a gross distortion of his record. news4's chris gordon covering the senate campaigns, spent the day trying to sort out all the charges and countercharges. chris? >> chris van hollen of montgomery county is so upset by the accusations in the new ad that he summoned reporters to baltimore this morning to set the record straight. congresswoman donna edwards tells me she stands by what she says in her ad and provides a fact-check sheet that she says backs it all up. chris van hollen is accusing his opponent, donna edwards, of misleading voters in what he calls the first attack ad of the campaign.
5:34 pm
security cuts, chris van hollen said he would consider. >> van hollen says he's played a lead role in preventing social security and medicaid cuts. >> not just fighting, to protect social security, but leading the fight in the united states house of representatives as the lead democrat on the budget committee to prevent the tea party republican cuts. >> today, donna edwards justified the accusations in her ad saying van hollen put social security on the table during budget negotiations. >> he may be in the right place now, but the question is whether we can trust him when the doors close, not to cut social security and medicare and frankly, his record doesn't demonstrate that. >> i won't take money from wall street banks, even though my opponent did. >> van hollen says he fights against wall street and for maryland families. >> i'm leading the fight with one of my other colleagues, to end the huge tax benefits that hedge fund managers
5:35 pm
street get. >> but congresswoman edwards says van hollen has accepted campaign contributions from bank executives. >> i think this is a really tough environment. but you can't be tough on wall street and accept their money, too. >> van hollen's campaign this evening sent me their own fact-checking results. ahead on news4 at 6:00, how van hollen and edwards are now fighting over who is tougher on gun control. wendy and jim? >> thanks, chris. you need to act fast if you want to vote in the maryland primary. primary day is april 26th. but to vote, you need to be registered by 9:00 p.m. tonight. today's also the deadline for changing your party affiliation, updating an address or requesting an alternate polling place. all that can be done online. and if you miss it, you can still register in person at early voting centers during the week of april 14th. the d.c. council will consider a measure that would expand a ban on official travel. to states like north carolina, the bill would ban tel
5:36 pm
d.c. workers to states with laws that discriminate against the lgbt community. mayor muriel bowser has already banned city workers from traveling to north carolina. earlier today, mississippi's governor signed a new law that allows businesses to refuse service to gay couples based on religious beliefs. the d.c. government now has one of the toughest laws in the nation when it comes to synthetic drugs. multiple experts say the chemistry behind the street drugs like bizarro and scooby snacks can change so quickly that the government hasn't been able to outlaw them fast enough. today the d.c. council outlawed any synthetic drug that shares the same chemical class of an already-illegal drug. this makes it easier for police and prosecutors to lock someone up for distributing these drugs. virginia already has a similar law. to help parents understand and recognize these complicated and dangerous drugs, the news4 i-team created a special syntti
5:37 pm
you can check it out on our nbc washington app. check under investigations. smoking pot in public in d.c. will still lead to a ticket. today the d.c. council voted 7-6 to permanently ban marijuana consumption outside of homes. marijuana advocates say they're not happy with this decision, arguing the ban hurts people living in public housing and apartments. and who don't want to consume pot in front of their children at home. a man who worked inside headquarters of the u.s. bureau of prisons could actually end up behind bars himself. the story you'll see only on news4 is next. plus thousands gather for the funeral of the virginia state trooper who was murdered at the greyhound bus station. and we have a special message that was delivered to his wife and children. ♪ ♪
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time magazine called chris van hollen "a hero to environmentalists, education groups, and gun control advocates" for his accomplishments as a young legislator. now a respected leader in congress and key ally of president obama, protecting planned parenthood and social security... chris van hollen is the only candidate who fought the wall street banks and the nra...and won. that's why he's endorsed by the post as the "talented successor" to senator mikulski who will "deliver results." i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message.
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he worked inside headquarters of the u.s. bureau of prisons here in washington, now he's the fun facing a possible prison sentence? >> a loudoun county man has admitted to a scheme to steal from the agency and bring home the government's valuable property. >> scott mcfarlane broke the story late this afternoon. >> he's in the news room with details. >> his name is brett barientos.
5:41 pm
a building managerer for the u.s. bureau of prisons headquarters in d.c. from this major agency which overseas dozens of federal prisons, about 200,000 inmates and 40,000 workers, in his plea agreement the defendant admits ordering contractors to move $22,000 in equipment from the bureau headquarters here on first street an instructing them to move and drop the stuff in a barn or garage on his land in purcellville. among the items the feds say he had moved to his home -- televisions, microwaves, diesel engines, even a metal bunk bed. those items were supposed to be sent to the government warehouse in springfield. but instead were sent to barientos' home in purcelville. i spoke with brent barientos by phone and he said the items he took were surplus items, trash he said, and he didn't intend to embezzle. but the feds specified that some of what he stole was brand new.
5:42 pm
table saws, the defendant is now on leave, said he worked for the federal prison bureau for 15 years and the federal government said it won't object if he's given a sentence of probation but he face as maximum of ten years in federal prison when sentenced july 1st. back to you. well after so many tragic stories about domestic violence, she was a survivor. and now there's a place women in northern virginia can go to. to avoid becoming a tragic statistic. i'm news4 consumer reporter susan hogan. at first we thought it was a simple case of being overcharged at an airport parking garage. the chaes being made andng
tv-commercial tv-commercial
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but jamie raskin is the only abdemocrat for congress who led the fight for tougher gun laws. only raskin took on the nra to ban military-style assault weapons. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message. wall street. the nra. they're powerful. they usually get their way.
5:44 pm
she won't take cash from wall street banks. and when washington insiders wrote a loophole to let the nra spend dark money to kill gun safety laws, donna edwards said 'no' she's fighting to ban assault weapons and putting the safety of our communities first. because to democrat donna edwards, the special interests aren't special. we are. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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by the time news of a domestic violence situation gets to us and we tell you, it's often too late, too tragic for those involved, northern virginia bureau reporter david culver shows us a program that's aimed at giving families a safe refuge before they make headlines. >> you won't see her face, but her words carry the story of a trying journey. >> there was times where i thought ways going to give up on myself. >> we call her denise, a mother of two young boys who left her husband after years of masking his abuse. >> you learn to hide the holes in the walls. you learn to cover up the brs.
5:46 pm
after one phone call. >> one day he called and told me that if i was still home when he got home, he was not going to be responsible for what happened to my children or i. and that was the first time he had openly threatened my children. >> each family has their own apartment. >> denise called alexandria's domestic violence hotline. with her boys moved into one of the community lodgings apartments. >> we're going to go in now to a two-bedroom unit. this is our transitional housing program. we house families here for up to two years. >> executive director lynn thomas says the family who is seek this safe place must be committed. >> it's not an easy task. and as denise said there were time that she wanted to give up. >> they learn or relearn life skills, finances, communication, parenting. >> i had to relearn how to just take care of myself because i had lost touch of that. >> the goal, creating
5:47 pm
independence. >> striving in the community, giving back to the community. becoming tax-paying citizens. >> denise now one of several success stories. >> i know how hard it was for me. i could not imagine trying to rebuild my life with two children in tow, without having the resources that i was offered here. >> this organization puts a huge focus on the children of domestic violence. coming up at 6:00, you're going to see how they're reaching out to those kids to create a stable household. head to the nbc washington app and search community lodgings for information on a weekend fundraiser that's aimed at keeping that group in service. i'm david culver, news4. and breaking news just into the live desk, we've learned the irs building in d.c. will be closed for the rest of the week. that decision comes after a fire in the basement there yesterday. a spokesperson says the fire damaged the air-handling system and that crews are working to
5:48 pm
reopens. employee who is can telework are expected to do so tomorrow. this won't give you more time to do your taxes. returns for taxes aren't promised at irs headquarters, the irs building closed now for the rest of the week. back to you. scott thank you. well, did you love this stuff? or what? we're so done with this, vj. >> wind chills in the 20s. >> the poor little birds, they just got used to getting food from the birdfeeders, they're flying around with their winter coats on today, too. frost and freezing temperatures coming our way yet again tomorrow morning. we're going to have a cold start then we're going to see the temperatures start to rebound throughout the area where the growing season has started, all the counties shaded in purple, your freeze warning for early tomorrow morning that starts at 11:00 p.m. and runs through early tomorrow morning so bring the plants inside or cover them up. remember to dress warm for early tomorrow morning. the temperatures you're looking
5:49 pm
frederick, at least down south, quantico, fredericksburg, stafford, on to areas of st. mary's and calvert. temperatures will be a little better tomorrow morning. toward the end of the work week, the weekend, early next week, it gets cold again, we're back down to around freezing during the overnights. wind chills currently, we're around 40 what it feels like. finally better because the wind is starting to decrease. it is the decreasing wind we're seeing across the area that will allow temperatures to plummet tonight. today despite the rain we had yesterday because of the wind, a lot of pollen has been blowing around. oak really high. you can take all the other contributing types of pollen that's out there right now and it still would not equal as high as oak is. so the tree pollen count very high for today. let's look at your early-morning forecast. less wind, 27-33 degrees early in the morning. colder or lower temperatures than this morning. but it's not going to feel as harsh bee
5:50 pm
have the wind around. look at the sad face, he knows what the deal is for tomorrow morning. just way too cold. the kids are going to need the coat out the door again tomorrow morning. or a nice warm jacket for tomorrow afternoon. we'll get into the low 50s by 1:00 tomorrow. so it will be a great day for at least recess getting outdoors and maybe getting a little bit of an afternoon run in. as far as thursday, it's the washington nationals home opener it looks as though rain for the early part of the day. best chance of that 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. you can see the clouds starting to clear the area at 1:00, mild, high temperature going up to 62 degrees at 3:00 on thursday. so your storm team four-day forecast. 52 on friday, we're back to cold for the weekend, or at least cold starts. chilly afternoons, with a chance of maybe a few occasional showers or flurry or two early saturday morning. doug has more on that coming up on news4 at 6:00. a pricey parking problem at a local rp
5:51 pm
>> a virginia woman says she was charged an extra day of parking, and she had no choice but to pay it in order to get out of the garage. >> that's when she drove straight home and contacted smart move, consumer reporter susan hogan for some help. >> well here's the deal -- when we first heard from this consumer, we thought it was just a lone case of overcharging. but we uncovered a pricey problem that now has the metropolitan washington airport authority making changes to its website. thousands of passengers park at reagan national every week. you get your ticket, you drive around and around looking for spot. or you can do what susan sherman of alexandria did -- >> well it is really convenient. >> log on to the reagan national airport's website and reserve your parking spot so you don't miss your flight. >> often you can't find a parking spot unless it's reserved. >> it seems like the perfect system. but as susan recently learned, this perfect system has a flaw. >> i gave the woman the kiosk my credita
5:52 pm
will be $17. and ways shocked. >> shocked, because susan prepaid for her reservation and assumed she didn't owe anything. >> i did not see anything it could be there. i didn't see anything that said my time ends when i tell you my flight is coming back. which doesn't seem fair in a in an airport. because you're probably going to be delayed. which i was. >> susan's flight was late causing her to leave the garage two hours after her reservation ended. but she was charged for another full day. the airport authority says it has about 400 reservations for parking each month. but nowhere on the website does it clearly explain the cost for an hour or so delay. it only reads, if your vehicle stays in the parking space longer than the reservation time, you'll be charged for those extra days at the rates applicable to the parking facility. but in susan's case, it wasn't days, it was a matter of two hours. >> it was not as clear as it should have been.
5:53 pm
authority. admitted their website was a bit confusing. as a result of our story, they made changes. to now say if your vehicle stays in the parking facility for more than two hours, after your reservation ends, a new parking session will begin at the posted rates. the authority also said this story has made them realize there's room for even more changes in the future. >> we're going to continue to work on the system to evaluate are there other ways we can do the system so the charge can go away? and in the meantime we want to make sure that people understand the charge that's there. >> and susan now has a satisfaction that her complaints made a difference. >> thank you for taking care of this. >> you're welcome. more good news. the airport authority did refund susan her $17. by the way, dulles airport does not have the option to reserve parking. the airport authority tells us it's such a larger parking lot and doesn't need it. back to you. >> thanks, susan. trooper chad dermyer, it wasn't a day to remember his
5:54 pm
were celebrating his life. his life of service. more from his funeral is next. going after adult entertainment establishments, i'm tracee wilkins, coming up on news4, we'll tell you
5:55 pm
narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
5:56 pm
good news about the teenager shot in the head during the shooting rampage in michigan. >>
5:57 pm
a full recovery. her family shared this video. she's 14 years old, she's in rehab. she's had to relearn some things, like how to move her neck, arm and hands and in the past few weeks she's gone from a wheelchair, and she's now walking down a hall. great progress. >> indeed. this afternoon police are still trying to figure out why a gunman open theed fire at that richmond bus station on thursday. >> also tonight thousands of people, including police from 15 states saying good-bye to the virginia state trooper who was shot and killed that day. nbc's ashley monfort has that story. >> it's the final good-bye for a hero the entire nation has got ton know in a few days. virginia state police leaders say there's no doubt 37-year-old trooper chad dermyer saved lives the day he was gunned down inside the richmond greyhound bus station. >> his instinct played out that day and he identified a
5:58 pm
unfortunately he paid the ultimate price for his skill. >> but the focus on this dark day in law enforcement was on how trooper dermyer lived. >> he had integrity. he had fortitude. character. he was fair-minded. and lord knows, he had compassion. for other people. >> and above all things, he lived for his family, which includes his wife, son and daughter. a point emphasized by his former shift partner. >> your father loved you very much and you always made him so proud. paigy, daddy's little girl, your dad told me how smart and beautiful you are. and he was so proud of his baby girl. growing into a wonderful young lady who looks exactly like his beautiful wife. >> a family now left without a
5:59 pm
extended family in blue. ♪ ♪ ♪ first at 6:00, the battle for wisconsin. even though tonight's primary will not decide the nominations, there will be momentum for whoever wins. we'll take a look at the ads spending in wisconsin. bernie sanders has spent the most, nearly $2.5 million. second highest spending has come from groups that oppose donald trump. if the polls are right, the big spenders may be the victors. sanders is expected to win. trump is not. we have team coverage of this political fight and the push to get bernie sanders on the ballot here in d.c. let's begin with steve handelsman on capitol hill. steve? >> thanks. for a pair of presidential primaries that cannot determine who the nominees will be.
6:00 pm
wisconsin are sure attracting a lot of attention. including from wisconsin voters. >> long lines and long waits. the turnout in wisconsin could break a record so democrat bernie sanders is happy. >> if people come out to vote in large numbers, i think we're going to do very, very well. >> even a huge win by sanders can't erase hillary clinton's big lead in delegates, she's moved on to new york on "the view" joking she's grown a thick skin. >> anybody who is interested, i have great cream for it. >> yes, she said, donald trump insults women, but also minorities. >> it's not only women and we who should be concerned, it's everybody because of the way he conducts himself. >> in wisconsin, trump is frustrated. polls find three-quarters of women voters see him negatively. >> nobody respects women more than i do. >> why aren't they getting that message? >> because i get a very unfair press. >> trump is not assuming a win


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