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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  April 6, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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how long will the cold stay around, forecast just ahead. we're watching a developing situation right now in southeast. police have a city street blocked off right now. what we're learning about the shooting that sends three people to the hospital. also ahead, another potential name change in the day ahead for a prince william county school. why the school board is having second thoughts about changing godwin middle school. but first, chuck bell, any relief in sight? >> not in the near term. 24 tice the record at dulles airport. 24, that new report in baltimore that it broke went back to 1898. so a record cold morning this morning. sunshine today, but rain on the way for tomorrow, particularly tomorrow morning. and another chance at record low temperatures this coming weekend. but right now, out the door you go. 21 manassas, 22, culpepper. 27 in montgomery county. the next 24 hours go
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20s this morning, mid to upper 50s this afternoon. plenty of sunshine around. a bit on the breezy side. south winds will hold temperatures near 50 overnight. a chance for pretty heavy rain for the thursday morning commute. we'll talk about how much rain coming up in a little bit. over to eun. good morning, a couple of problems on metro, something i'm getting reading off of my phone, orange line delays because of a malfunction at balting. right now, remember in the tyson's area, northbound at chain bridge we have a traffic signal short-timing. they're working on trying to get this resolved before the big commute really starts. 66 and 95, no problems. 95 through woodbridge, a tad slow. developing right now -- a shooting in southeast sends multiple people to the hospital. this happened on green street
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let's go to news4's molette green live on the scene with more on the villes. >> reporter: three women shot. and police want to find the person or persons who did this. gunfire rang out in this neighborhood about 11:00 p.m. last night. police actively still on the scene here, as you can see. and they're focusing on that car that you can see in the picture there with the doors open. the trunk looked to be popped and there are evidence markers surrounding it. that's been the focus. we've seen the police, the investigators walking around with their flashlights collecting evidence in the case. investigators, of course, still are not released any information on a suspect. no lookout as of yet. we don't have any word on who these victims are. we can tell you there are three women, they are expected to survive their injuries. we're working to get details on a motive. we are live here at the scene in
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in southeast d.c., not too far from good hope road. that is the latest live, back to you. there's an investigation right now into a deadly crash in d.c. take a look at this video. the car flipped up on its hood. d.c. police says the driver lost control of the car in 56th street northeast right around midnight. it is not clear why this happened. the driver died. he was the only person in the car. well, today, the man accused of throwing things over the white house fence will appear in d.c. superior court. kyle odom was arrested last month. police say he dame to d.c. after shooting an idaho pastor six times. that shooting happened one day after the pastor spoke at a ted cruz campaign rally. the pastor survived the shooting. it is 6:03. flights are leaving brussels and
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now. they will be the first ones to arrive here since isis terrorists bombed the airport. the first one is scheduled to land in dulles airport around 1:00. the brussels airport partially opened only days ago. more than 30 people died in the terror attacks last month. today's security and our own airports and airports throughout the area is on the agenda of the senate committee hearing. peter nevffenger plans to testiy on the tsa efforts for targets. there will be a meeting in prince william county over the controversial renaming of a middle school. some want godwin middle school to keep the name. last week they decided to rename the school. at a packed meet some
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school board never gauge them a chance for opposition in the name change. the meeting is tonight in manassas. the momentum is shifting in the race for the white house. senators bernie sanders and ted cruz won the wisconsin primaries giving their campaigns new energy this morning. but what is really important is the delegate count. sanders only earned 14 more delegates in wisconsin than mrs. clinton did. right now, he trails her lead by nearly 700 delegates. on the other side, donald trump is leading the delegate count with 753 delegates compared to ted cruz at 514. but cruz won nearly all of the delegates available in wisconsin last night, chipping away at trump's ability to lock up the nomination before the republican convention in cleveland this summer. in his victory speech last night, cruz says he sees himself on the ballot against hillary clinton in november. >> tonight is a turning point. i
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it is a call from the hard working men and women of wisconsin to the people of america. we have a choice. a real choice. >> donald trump did not tweet or speak publicly about cruz's victory. he did release a statement calling cruz a, quote, trojan horse. nbc news political editor mark murray is joining us a little later on. his reminder, primary performance doesn't always match what happens in the general election. his analysis ahead right here at 6:45. 6:06 now, irs workers based out of the headquarters building in downtown washington will have to work remotely this week. the building remains closed after a fire on monday in the basement. no other offices are affected by the closure. and tax processing is still under way. you have until the 18th.
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news4, a d.c. firefighter now finds herself needing the community support after a fire destroyed her home. 21-year-old tonnisha morris's home caught fire on easter sunday. she made it out but lost everything. >> it's jut like we just like se bottom with nothing. i'm thankful for the job i have. i would actually think we started at nothing. >> if you'd like to help morris, you can take donations to engine 28 near the cleveland park metro station. allergy season is upon us. but is your child's runny nose a sign of that or something more serious? the signs you need to be watching for. and report of a new crash in montgomery county plus some slowdowns on metro. more on those coming up. plus, a perfect opportunity for parents hoping to save a
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county with some of the items available to you at the
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>> announcer: and now your storm team 4 forecast. good morning, i'm storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein on the storm team 4 weather deck. northwest, april should be ashamed of itself. it is cold this morning. track the temperatures where you are with the nbc washington app. the commuter forecast, you'll need that heater blasting in the car. through the morning, bright sunshine, we'll number the upper 20s for the next few hours and then heading back home, 50s. we'll have clouds coming in, sunny, rather breezy, temperatures in upper 50s. new crash to talk
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>> brand-new crash on fulton road. orange line and blue line delays to franconia. that just got reported. westbound duke street, ramp to northbound 395, we have a crash there also slowing things. taking a look at travel things. 270 looking good. top of the beltway. 226 to beltway also on type. remember to listen to wtop 105 fm in your car for the latest travel troubles this morning. high winds are fuelling wildfires. now a town in oklahoma has been totally evacuated. hundreds of people from the town of freedom are hoping their homes are still there when they get back. so far, the fires have destroyed a house in another part of the state and burned more than 40 square miles of land. 6:13 now, a discrimination lawsuit may be in the works after the culpepper
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application to build a prayer house. the islamic center of culpepper wants to build the center about say mile north. last night, they voted down a pumping hall for the site. saying it had nothing to do with religion. and now a man's efforts to get off the no fly list. gulet mohamed is joining a class action suit. the lawsuit insists the no fly list is motivated by ethnic profiling. we first told you about him in 2011 that is when he originally challenged the no-fly list in court. the challenge came after traveling to kuwait and his home country. his brother is on the
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wanted no-fly list. the death of 63-year-old steven skalabrin has been ruled a homicide. atf, montgomery county police and fire investigators searched the home on windjammer way for evidence. skalabrin worked as a jeweler. friends told news4 he had problems with drug abuse but recently turned his life around. this morning, we're hearing from a family of a loudoun county man killed by his wife's ex-husband. >> i want to honor corey, my dad, in any way possible. i wanted to do everything i could to ensure my family could be safe. >> he was sentenced to life in prison for the killing in ashburn last year. maddy is nguyen's biological daughter. after the murder she changed her last name and considers
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it does make her children feel safer. strip clubs in prince george's county are being forced to close. the businesses face a deadline this week. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins tells us what's next. >> reporter: all eyes are on strip clubs this morning in prince george's county after the government has ordered 12 of these businesses to cease and desist. the ebony club here in fairmont heights is one of them. they're saying that the clubs are located in the wrong areas. they are not zoned for where they are located. some of them are in actual neighborhoods. this one is not too far from a neighborhood and even a church. according to county government they need to be located in light industrial or warehouse districts. some have stopped operating as strip clubs. they have to appeal by friday or the county is going to force them to close their doors.
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search strip club. we have a complete list of where all of the clubs are located. 6:16 now, president obama is expected to announce a plan today to fund research into the zika epidemic. $600 million will go to the centers for disease control. the associated press says the money will go to treat people infected with zika with vaccine research and combat mosquitos that spread the virus. virus can cause serious birth defects if it infects pregnant women. let's take a look at this now, cost conscious parents can score a few deals at one of the largest consignment events set to happen this week. the sports and learning complex in hiattsville will be filled were you thousands of children's items. kristin wright isut
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>> hi, kristin. >> reporter: hi, guys, if you are a mom, you know how important this is. savings here huge. this is wee-sale, a consignment sale. i want to show you some of the really good deals. is this a jog stroller. you know how expensive those can be, this one, 15 bucks. this one, another 15 bucks. just an example. we know how quickly, you're a mom, too, eun, you know how quickly kids go through stuff. i just had a baby myself and she's already in two sizes down the road. just such a great place to come and save. it starts thursday tomorrow morning at 9:00, goes through the weekend. important to note that tomorrow children are not aloud at the consignment sale. the founders tell me it's kind of like black friday. it's crazy,
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expected here. it's kind of a safety thing. the savings get better throughout the weekend. 25% on saturday. 50% off on sunday. back to you. >> yeah, kids outgrow everything so fast. kristin, thanks so much. spring is here which means spring allergies. so many people suffering. runny noses, red, itchy eyes some of the symptoms to look out for. doctors say spring allergies can affect how well your child sleeps and can cause them to lose concentration at school. chances are if you're allergic to something, then your kids are as well. make sure you tell your doctors when you see your child experience the larallergies in morning or evening. >> we're seeing most of the allergies in the morning. >> chuck bell, what's that about? >> a question? >> i mean, i thought th c
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but no such luck. >> no such luck, the trees have put out pollen molecules and they're floating around in the air. freezing cold, not very good for the flowers. tends not to bother the pine or oak pollen. record temperatures, dwi set a record, the old record 1888. and dulles tied that record back to 1962. layer up. wirp winter coats require. 21 in manassas. outside of the cold a low impact weather day. plenty of sunshine. about 10 degrees warmer than yesterday just don't count on sunshine for much longer. today it is for a little while. rain showers and back to st. louis, it will be here before the sun comes up tomorrow morning but not until after 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. right now,
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we'll be try and sunny. maybe towards 60s in stratford and fredericksburg. tomorrow morning, light to moderate rain moving into the d.c. metro area. could be moderate rain on i-95 to the beltway as we head through the midparts of the morning commute. here's 4:00 tomorrow afternoon, an important time, because that's the nats home opener for tomorrow. i wish i could give you the all clear forecast but moderate rain. they might be abe to get the game in, but you need to know there could be a delay with rain drops around. cloudy and chilly day coming up on friday. more record cold towards sunday evening. here's melissa with metro delays. >> metro delays, three different line, delays to glennmont, orange line and blue line to
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a lot of slowdowns, one lane blocked there because of a new crash at 294. taking a look, chopper 4 inbound 66 right here. those are the headlights right at 50 and you can see those delays as well. maybe a tad heavier than normal volume. overall, typical as you look at that. westbound duke street, the ramp to northbound 295 we have that crash. reminder, inbound clara barton parkway, at glenn echo turnaround. it's supposed to keep you informed when your ride is going to arrive. but we'll show you the problem that is leaving a number of metro riders frustrated and waiting. >> also ahead -- an honor for two prince william county police officers wounded on the job. th speciale t
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time magazine called chris van hollen "a hero to environmentalists, education groups, and gun control advocates" for his accomplishments as a young legislator. now a respected leader in congress and key ally of president obama, protecting planned parenthood and social security... chris van hollen is the only candidate who fought the wall street banks and the nra...and won. that's why he's endorsed by the post as the "talented successor" to senator mikulski who will "deliver results." i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message.
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welcome back, it's 6:24, now to a consumer watch. buying a vehicle, it's one the most expensive purchases people make.
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features, you expect to get them but one maryland person was surprised to learn the truck he bought advertised with certain features did not come with everything listed. >> he then told me, you can't go off that sticker because all we do is change the title of the vehicle on top. and we're not responsible for what's below. >> hmm. not only floor mats, another pricey feature, but susan hogan explains at 4:00 what you don't get that the ad promises you. tonight, students will walk out at a loudoun school. this walk out comes after a senior at the school took his own life. >> news4's david culver will be at that walk it will be on news4 later on today.
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prince williams police officers they're throwing out the first pitch at tomorrow's home opener at nationals park. the officers were injured in that tragic shooting in woodbridge where officer ashley guidon was killed. before the game, the nationals will hold a moment of silence for guindon. a way to honor their bravery. >> unfortunately there have been too many of those opportunities of late. a dramatic police chase that turned to a rescue, why that officer is being called a hero. also pressure to reconsider a name change at george mason university. the people now trying to stop and honor supreme court justice scalia. as you look live at union station, it's not going to help as you step
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storm team 4 meteorologist chuck
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right now -- you're probably digging out your winter coat as we deal with another blast of this winter weather. i highly recommend, you might want to grab a scarf, too. the light breeze you see there isn't going to help. >> many of you will step outside to temperatures below freezing. so when will we see another warmup? storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell has the 4 things you need to know. >> that's right. a significant warmup is probably more than seven days away but today will be at least better than yesterday. 46 yesterday we should be about 10 degrees warmer this afternoon. small steps, baby steps towards warmer weather. baby, it is cold outside this morning. nearly everybody down below freezing. dwi has broken their record low for the morning. dulles has tied theirs. south winds mean an improving weather picture. but unfortunately rain chances back on us tomorrow and another chance for record cold as we head towards sunday morning. as
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there's that beautiful clear sky. temperatures down below freezing early. we should be to upper 40s. highed today mid to upper 50s. south winds 10 to 20 miles an hour. good kite flying weather. again, rain chances for tomorrow, opening day. they may be able to get the rain in. most of the rain tomorrow is in the front half of the day. i will not guarantee that they can play ball tomorrow. >> no guarantees. west diamond avenue there in gaithersburg, right by the fair grounds at perry parkway, a brand-new crash. and another crash, prince george's, 301 north ramp to 5 blocked. 95 north here at prince william parkway, you can see that volume headed northbound. southbound, of course, normal. you are looking pretty good. westbound duke street ramp t
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cleared out. i'll have travel times coming up in ten minutes. i'm erika gonzalez at the live desk. we just got new videos into the newsroom. let me show you the four-alarm fire blazing out of control in wilkinsburg, pennsylvania. this has been apparently been blazing since 4:00 this morning. this areas to be an apartment building of sorts, we're told everybody was in fact evacuated. at this hour, we're hearing of one person that's been injured. again, a four-alarm fire, massive fire in wilkinsburg, pennsylvania. back to you. >> incredible flames there. it is 6:32. more pushback from neighbors on a $600 million plan to move homeless families from d.c. general to shelters around the district. d.c. mayor muriel bowser wants to close the shelter and open new sites in each of the district's
6:33 am
residents in ward three raised their concerns at a protest last night. >> this plan is fundamentally flawed. was concocted behind closed doors. is outrageously expensive. >> opponents have argued that some of the sites violate zoning laws and are in unsafe areas. we'll have a list of the upcoming meetings on the nbc washington app. use the search term "homeless." >> the university of virginia is suing "rolling stone" magazine for that retracted article about a gang rape. now the student who told students she was raped is appearing in court. the woman only identified as jackie in the piece, she will testify in a confidential deposition hearing. more pushback to remain george mason's university law school after justice antonin scalia. according to "the washington post" ten democratic leaders
6:34 am
they question the link between a $20 million anonymous donation and a new name. it is the largest donation in the school's history. before any name change can happen the state must approve it. ♪ d.c. council made it official late yesterday afternoon in what is a unanimous vote, senator bernie sanders will appear on the d.c. primary this june but the vote was not debate. technically, it was pa unanimous, two d.c. council members did not vote. anita bond recused herself because it was her organization that failed to file the paperwork in a timely fashion that jeopardized sanders' position in the first place. and thin councilmember vincent orange, he vote
6:35 am
than voting yes or no. but in the end, sanders will be on the d.c. primary ballot this june. d.c. mayor muriel bowser who is supporting hillary clinton tells me that she will sign this emergency legislation allowing sanders on to the ballot. one thing that vincent orange did say. he said sanders could have aroided all of this by doing what clinton did, coming to d.c. and connecting with residents and collecting signatures rather than paying the $2500 fee to bare on the ballot. today, the d.c. board of elections is still scheduled to hold a hearing on this matter but that hearing is all but meaningless now because of the action taken by the d.c. council. reporting from outside of the d.c. council headquarters, mark segrav segraves, institution 4. the country's top transportation official talking about metro. an thox fox saying metro should do whatever it
6:36 am
problems on the track, that includes shutting down entire rail rail lines for months at a time. foxx is the u.s. transportation secretary per. the metro chair says repairs can be done by temporarily shutting down track segments. metro says the problems are now fixed but on tuesday the system wasn't working. riders became frustrated when the new system bus eta slowed down. there was a slow server response for about an hour. it did not sit well with commuters. >> it would say 10, 15 minutes, let me get 20 minutes just to make sure. >> if you have an issue with the service send it to feedback at there's a lot of celebrating going on in thedd
6:37 am
state of connecticut because the uconn's women's team is back on top again. the team took home its fourth straight title last night. they beat syracuse to cap off the season in which they won every game they played. uconn has won 75 games in a row. their coach has the most championships of any coach of all time. what a record. a big night for ted cruz and bernie sanders in the race for the white house. but do the results in wisconsin mark the start of a dramatic shift or just a stumbling belong for donald trump and hillary clinton? nbc news senior political editor mark murray joins to us make sense of the vote. also ahead, rallying around one of their own, how d.c. firefighters are helping one of their colleagues who lost everything in a house fire. right now, delays on
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narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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a car chase and life saving rescue caught on camera. a man trying to get away from missouri police lost control of his speeding suv. the vehicle flipped and the driver was thrown from the car. police say cpr -- they wormed cpr on the man who said he couldn't breathe. he is expected to be okay. >> our chuck bell is out there on the storm team 4 weather desk. with all the information, he knows how to address. >> right. but i think it's tom, tom's out there. >> i'm sorry, tom. >> it is cold this morning, thankfully, a cold wind, dress like me, puffy coat, hat, gloves, you'll need a scarf as well. pink and gold sky at the horizon. at the bus stop it will stay below freezing for the next couple of hours, then by recess time, mid-50. mid to late afternoon, temperatures in upper 50s.
6:42 am
melissa. >> right now, i have pretty good volume headed inbound on i-95. you can see chopper 4 over that. northbound at parkway earlier crash on the shoulder. metro delay, red line and orange and blue line to franconia. as far as travel times, 270 germantown to the spur a bit slow top of the beltway. outer loop starting to get slow as well. 66 inbound is okay. 95 north no major issues there. remember to listen to our friends on wtop 105 fm when you shop in the car. another potential name change on the way for the prince george's county school. why the school is having second thoughts about changing godwin middle school. >> reporter: a c withar e
6:43 am
time magazine called chris van hollen "a hero to environmentalists, education groups, and gun control advocates" for his accomplishments as a young legislator. now a respected leader in congress and key ally of president obama, protecting planned parenthood and social security... chris van hollen is the only candidate who fought the wall street banks and the nra...and won. that's why he's endorsed by the post as the "talented successor" to senator mikulski who will "deliver results." i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message. i'm chris van hollen, thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm
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i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast wall street. the nra. they're powerful. they usually get their way. but not with democrat donna edwards. she won't take cash from wall street banks. and when washington insiders wrote a loophole to let the nra spend dark money to kill gun safety laws, donna edwards said 'no' she's fighting to ban assault weapons and putting the safety of our communities first.
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the special interests aren't special. we are. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. right now, we're watching a number of developing stories for you. one of them in southeast washington where three women were taken to the hospital after a triple shooting overnight. >> it is one of the stories we're working ton get you up to the manipulate the minute you're up. but let's start with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. >> good morning, chris, good morning, everyone. and the sun has come up over the
6:46 am
ago. records were tied at two of the local airports. how much nicer this afternoon and when will the rain drops come back into the forecast? that's coming up at 6:51. orange line to and blue line to franconia, delays on the roads as well. we'll show you those coming up. a shooting in southeastern. multiple people to the hospital. this happened on green street around 11:00 p.m. let's check in with molette green with evidence that the police are focusing in on right now. mollett. >> reporter: eun, in the late of day, police can get a better look at the crime scene. and a big part of the focus has been on the car that you can see there in the distance where the doors are open and the trunk is up. there are evidence markers surrounding it. three women shot here around 11:00 last night. that's when police got here to the scene. they are
6:47 am
their injuries this morning. police detectives have been all over this part of green street here in the 2300 block here in southeast d.c. we're not far from good hope road. it's an active scene this morning. we're not sure of a suspect at this moment. police have not given any information about that as offiet. but the three women in the hospital this morning expected to survive their injuries. police on the lookout for the person or persons who did this. that is the latest live from southeast. back to you. >> thanks, mollett. right now, we're working to find out more about a deadly crash. d.c. police say a man lost control of his car on 56th street northeast. take a look. you can see the car flipped. the man is dead. the crash happened right around midnight. no word about the cause right now. well today, the man accused throwing things over the white
6:48 am
superior court. kyle odom was arrested last month. police believe he came to d.c. after shooting an idaho pastor six times. that shooting happened one day after the pastor spoke at a at the time cruz campaign rally. the pastor survived the shooting. >> the front-runners upset in wisconsin in decision 2016. senators bernie sanders and ted cruz won the wisconsin primaries giving their campaign new energy this morning. nbc news senior political editor mark murray joins us this morning. >> good morning. >> how much did yesterday's win affect the front-runners? because ultimately, it's about the delegate count. >> and bottom line, not very much. last night was a very good night for ted cruz and bernie sanders. ted cruz won almost all the delegates. bernie sanders got his double digit win over hillary clinton but it doesn't change the math. most importantly, cruz and sanders go to
6:49 am
much more unfavorable to them. next contest in new york state. that's problematic for bernie sanders, not only because that's her own state but i's a closed primary. bernie sanders, one of the secrets of his success is winning the independents who will not wind up voting in new york. if he wants more than 40%, ted cruz could take all of the delegates. >> we know the primaries aren't necessarily an indication of what will happen in the general election. what insight do you have? >> the most fundamental thing is you're dealing with two different electorates. . when you end up doing the general election, you're doing a different electorate. you move from republican races to a general match. barack obama ended up losing ohio, lost pennsylvania in 2008 but ended up winning
6:50 am
if somebody ends up losing wisconsin doesn't mean they'll lose in november. >> mark murray, thank you for joining us. with much more on decision 2016 and the impact of the wisconsin primaries ahead be sure to tune into "today" right after "news4 today." in the day ahead, there will be a community meeting in prince william county over a controversial renaming of a middle school. some want godwin to keep its name. last month, the board decided to rename the school for dr. george hampton, a black community leader and scholar. some felt the school board never gave them a chance to disagree with changing the name. the meeting tonight will begin at 7:00 p.m. at the kelly leadership center in manassas. now to a story only on news4 a d.c. firefighter now finds herself needing community support after a firees
6:51 am
her home. tonesha morris and her family lost their home on easter. >> it feels like we started at the bottom with nothing, i'm thankful for the job that i have. it wasn't for them, i would actually feel like we started at, you know, nothing. >> if you'd like to help morris, you can take donations to engine 28 on connecticut avenue right near the cleveland park metro station. meteorologist chuck bell joins us now. how about a little sunshine to moderate the cold? >> can do. i've got a can do attitude. >> you can make the sun come out. >> absolutely. i can guarantee a sunrise because it happened about seven minutes ago but we are off to a freezing cold start. as i mentioned a few minutes ago, dwi broke the old record, the old record
6:52 am
that's been there a while. plenty of sunshine, milder by 10 degrees but still 10 degrees colder than average. it will affect your plans here this morning because of the cold not much impact this afternoon and evening. cool and dry but tomorrow, a big impact on the plans tomorrow particularly in the morning. this area of rain moving into st. louis will be hear for the thursday morning commute. that's actually the best chance for rain over the next several days. a lot of clouds. there is another chance for showers coming back on saturday. doesn't look like a lot of rain on saturday but anytime it rains on the weekend that's not good. future weather, 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. rain moving right on in. heaviest rain likely tomorrow between 8:00 in the morning and 10:00 in the morning then we taper back to just clouds and occasional showers. 4:00, of course, that's when the nationals start their home opener. could have delays, maybe a
6:53 am
postponement. rainfall amounts tomorrow, generally between half and three quarters inch of rain. temperatures mid and upper 50s for highs today. again, lots of rain. front half of the day tomorrow. should be able to zweez the babe game in. then cold weather over the weekend. maybe more record low temperatures on sunday morning. melissa. >> thank you, chuck. right now seeing some volume, chopper 4 over 94 at prince william parkway. we're seeing pretty good volume headed northbound. 270 south at montrose, it looks a little digitized. it's not that slow. everything moving along mine. the left lane blocked there this morning. take a look 66 inbound from manassas, 14 miles per hour. guys. new this morning -- the
6:54 am
the number of people with diabetes has quadrupled since the '80s. the news stems from the first ever global report on the disease. the u.n. agency says the condition has spread worldwide because of major changes in the way that we all move, eat and live. back to you. a big step for the purple line today. maryland could approve the contract to get it built. it's a $5.5 billion contract that will pay multiple companies to design, build, operate and maintain the purple line. when it is built, the light rail line will connect prince george's and montgomery counties between new carrollton and bethesda. in just a few hours for the first time in weeks flights from brussels are landing in the area. these are the first flights coming here since isis terrorists bombed the brussels airport. more than 30 people died. the first flight isc
6:55 am
just before 1:00 this afternoon. well, parenting can be expensive, we know that. this weekend, you can stock up on everything from clothes to toys. >> and you can take your pick with thousand of items at the wee-sale happening in hiattsville. kristin wright is there with a sneak peek into some of the best deals. >> reporter: hey, good morning, i have a 3-month-old, a new baby alice, and i have a 3-year-old. and i know how quickly our kids go through clothes in particular. that's kind of the reason for the wee-sale happening at the prince george's learning center and complex. 75,000 square feet, okay? 75,000 items, some of everything. this morning, we're in the girl's section. three bucks, okay? $3 for that. a little bandana dress is $5. as all consignment items. or donated. bain
6:56 am
starts tomorrow at 9:00, goes through the weekend. go to the nbc washington app for much more information. back to you. >> thank you. 6:56, 4 things to know before you head out the door. today there will be a community meeting in prince william county over the controversial renaming of a middle school. that meeting is tonight at 7:00 at the kelly leadership center in manassas. senators bernie sanders and ted cruz are closing the gap after winning the wisconsin primary. the next big primary happens in new york on april 19th. >> a deadly d.c. crash. police say a man was killed when he walked in front of a car on 66th street and northeast and crashed overnight. d.c. police are searching for whomever shot three women in southeast last night. all the women are expected to survive. the seven-day forecast, we're starting out below freezing this morning.
6:57 am
plenty of sunshine. but tomorrow, the rain moves in. the rainiest part of the day will likely be the thursday morning commute. and more very cold weather for the weekend. sunday morning might even be record cold. >> yikes. right now, metro delays have disappeared. chopper 4 northbound there, 294 a little slow from an earlier crash. >> well, thank you for letting me be with you. >> thank you for joining us. >> aaron is on assignment. >> "today" show is next. hope toee you in s
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good morning. turning point? the big win for ted cruz in wisconsin deals a big blow to the trump campaign. >> wisconsin has lit a candle, guiding the way forward. >> bernie sanders notching his own double digit victory in the democratic race. >> bernie! bernie! >> his seventh win in the last eight contests. the next big prize, new york. could the front runner see another upset in their own backyard? new state, new controversy. mississippi embroiled in a debate over religious freedom and gay rights. the governor signed a law allows grou


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