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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  April 6, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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primary, new york. >> donald trump maintains a lead of more than 200 delegates. but ted cruz's win last night makes it more unlikely that any republican candidate will collect enough votes to secure the nomination before the convention. >> on the democratic side, bernie sanders' win over hillary clinton gives him bragging rights heading into new york, but he leaves wisconsin with a net gain of just ten pledged delegates. steve handelsman is tracking the action from capitol hill. hi, steve. >> hi, doreen. well, bernie sanders, because he is even further behind on the democratic side than ted cruz is now on the republican side, sanders has really got a tough uphill battle and the wounded democratic front-runner is targeting sanders. >> reporter: after losing wisconsin, hillary clinton is fighting back. >> hard-working americans deserve a president with a real plan. >> reporter: a slam of bernie sanders after
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not tell editors how he would break up the big banks as he promised. the sanders' campaign said today he would have the treasury determine by next summer which banks pose a risk and divide them but clinton pounced. >> can he deliver what he's talking about? can he really help people? >> reporter: and can sanders win the nomination? he trounced county in wisconsin, but to match her delegate total, he needs to win big in new york where clinton leads by 11. >> still we think we can beat her in states where she is ahead in the polling right now. absolutely for certain we do because we've done it a number of times. >> reporter: that's what ted cruz is saying in the bronx. >> the interesting thing about polling is it can change and change quickly. >> reporter: he came from behind to beat donald trump in wisconsin, but trump's polling 32 points ahead in his home state. and trump aide barry bennett insists trump will win the delegates needed for the nomination before the convention. do you think you can get
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you can't do it. >> they've been wrong from the get-go and they are wrong today. >> reporter: if donald trump wins more than half the votes in new york, which votes in two weeks, he could get all 95 of that state's delegates, doubling what cruz won last night and killing cruz's momentum. i'm steve handelsman, news4. jim? >> thanks, steve. a man arrested for throwing things over the white house fence was in court today. his name is kyle odom. he was arrested outside the white house last month. in idaho he's wanted on charges that he shot a pastor there six times. that pastor survived. the shooting happened a day after the pastor spoke at a ted cruz campaign rally. today a judge here in d.c. ordered odom sent back to idaho to face charges in that shooting. now to a developing story in northwest d.c. where a police officer shot and killed a pit bull. it happened
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street just off new hampshire avenue and news4's pat collins talked with a witness who said things could have ended differently. pat is at the scene with details. pat? >> reporter: earlier a flurry of activity. an officer fires his gun, a pit bull ends up dead. a big investigation under way. when the scene was cleared, the humane society moved in to remove the dog's body from the middle of the street. her name was nora, 2 1/2-year-old pit ball shot and killed by a police officer here in the 200 block of gallatin street. the dog belongs to a man who lives on the street. nora and another pit bull were outside the house when it happened. >> a lady had been bit by one dog, and the other dog charged at the officer as he was getting out of his vehicle and he discharged one round. >> reporter: the humane society was here and removed another pit bull from
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i talked to a man named diego. he was here too. he said it didn't have to end this way. >> it didn't have to happen because i chased the dog back up to the house with a stick. i said go, go, get back in the house. i let them in. somehow they got out. i don't know how they got back out again. they got back out, and the next thing i hear and see was the officer pointing his gun and shot the dog. >> reporter: police investigators all over the block going door to door talking to witnesses, collecting evidence. it appears to be a big investigation. is this handled like any other police-involved shooting? >> yes. >> reporter: so it's a full-pledged investigation? >> yes. >> in your opinion is what the officer did here justified? >> we have to investigate. we have to investigate and see all the facts. >> reporter: now, the woman who was bitten was taken to a hospital. they describe her injuries as minor. the investigation into the incident now, that could take
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>> pat collins. thanks, pat. tonight d.c. police are working to figure out who opened fire on a car full of women. it happened last night about 1 11:00 on green street? southeast d.c. three women were shot, all of them taken to a hospital. they're all expected to be okay. but there's no word tonight on either a motive or suspects. d.c. police are teaming up with other agencies for a renewed search for a missing 8-year-old girl. relisha rudd disappeared from a d.c. homeless shelter two years ago. today's search has whereuponed -- wrapped up but darcy spencer joins us live with what investigators are planning tomorrow. darcy? >> reporter: doreen, that ground search ended here a couple of hours ago, but like you said, this he plan to be back out here tomorrow but with dive teams searching a body of water right here on the grounds of the national arboretum. a new search for missing
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8-year-old relisha rudd comes to an end for the day. police say they found no sign of the little girl. it was the first time police have searched the national arboretum. it's a 400-acre property off of new york avenue in northeast d.c. not far from where she was last seen two years ago. >> well, i hope whatever they can find to get an answer for her parents can be done, but it did just make us feel horrible when they told us what they were here for. >> reporter: chief cathy lanier says new information led them to the arboretum. it's just down the street from a hotel where relisha was seen on surveillance video with her alleged abductor. it's a case that has touched many lives. >> first i pray that she is alive, but if she isn't and it's good that if they do find her remains at least the family will be at peace. >> reporter: the search involving dozens of police officers, drivers, and dogs. the police activity limited some access to the park, but it largely remained open as
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for any sign of relisha. >> partners from center for exploited and missing children, the fbi, mpd members that will also be doing a search with our harbor branch in a body of water. >> reporter: news4 has learned the dive will take place on thursday morning. chief cathy lanier not giving specifics about why they're searching here now, but she says it will be a small body of water on the arboretum grounds. >> it's difficult. it's difficult on the divers. but that's what they're trained to do. >> reporter: those searchers are expected to be back out here first thing tomorrow morning. back to you. tomorrow the washington nationals will play their home opener at which they intend to honor first responders. prince william county police officers david mckeon and jesse hempen will throw the ceremonial first pitch. they were shot while responding to a domestic
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woodbridge, virginia, back in february. ashley guindon was killed in that shooting. it was her first night on the job. before the first pitch, the nats will hold a moment of silence for five first responders who have died in the last year. and, of course, everybody wondering about the weather tomorrow. are we going to see some of the rain? because we have rain moving our way. will it affect the nationals' home opener? first off, temperatures well above where they were yesterday. yesterday only in the 40s. today we got to 56 in d.c. 56 in hagerstown. look back to the west, parts of west virginia in the 70s. that warmer air is trying to make it's way our way. it will get here tomorrow. overnight much warmer than we have been the past couple nights. a pretty big storm system moving our way. a couple storms within a bigger storm here. and you can see a lot of rain making its way our way.
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we will see rain in toward the day tomorrow. it will affect your morning commute. right now wahing that rain when it moves in. i will time it out for you. will it affect the nationals game? i have that forecast. and then it gets cold again. how about another day of record-breaking low temperatures, everyone? >> no thanks. we'll see you in a few minutes, doug. tonight parents are being asked for their input on how to protect students in prince george's county. it comes after a school volunteer was charged with molesting students and making child pornography but some are saying the process isn't transparent enough. prince george's county bureau shuf tracee wilkins is in upper marlboro with the details. >> reporter: deonte carraway is charged with molesting and videotaping children in private. some are feeling like the work to find out how this was able to happen should be transparent. how did school volunteer and teacher's aide deonte carraway ve
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allegedly molest dozens of elementary students on video on school grounds? prince george's county school ceo kevin maxwell has created a task force to find out, but its meetings are not open to the public. >> so i think transparency is important. it allows people to be held accountable. >> reporter: university of maryland student and prince george's county native colin byrd sent this letter to the maryland attorney general's office arguing the task force is a public body and closing its meeting is a violation of the maryland open meetings act. >> the whole thing is because this guy broke the law. we might as well follow the law in our review of this process. >> reporter: meanwhile, today the prince george's county school system launched an online survey that will allow the public to take part in the work of the task force but not attend its meetings. the survey allows for comments regarding the reporting of abuse and staff training. also school culture and climate and screening of employees and volunt
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a school spokesman released a statement saying in part, it is important to note that the task force has a lot of work to complete in a short amount of time. the community's input is critical to the work of the task fork, which is why the task force is seeking confidential input via a survey. >> not enough if they're not opening up the meetings because that's where the business is going to take place, and i think the public has a right to see what the business is. >> reporter: a spokesperson with the maryland attorney general's office confirms they have colin's complaint. they are reviewing it. they have a month to do that review. that's also about how long we're expecting the task force to continue its work. we're expecting to have their findings by may. now, if you are interested in participating in this survey, you can go to or our app. we have a link. you can search task force survey. reporting live in upper marlboro, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. >> thanks,
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youngsters on atvs. some of them stopped an ambulance during an emergency. police are now planning to crack down. plus, only on 4, a congressman's chief of staff in trouble with the law. why her savings account landed her in court and what happened after our story aired this afternoon. and a warm welcome back. a flight from brussels landed at dulles for the first time since the terror wall street. the nra. they're powerful. they usually get their way. but not with democrat donna edwards. she won't take cash from wall street banks. and when washington insiders wrote a loophole to let the nra spend dark money to kill gun safety laws, donna edwards said 'no' she's fighting to ban assault weapons and putting the safety of our communities first. because to democrat donna edwards, the special interests aren't special. we are.
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time magazine called chris van hollen "a hero to environmentalists, education groups, and gun control advocates" for his accomplishments as a young legislator. now a respected leader in congress and key ally of president obama, protecting planned parenthood and social security... chris van hollen is the only candidate who fought the wall street banks and the nra...and won. that's why he's endorsed by the post as the "talented successor" to senator mikulski who will "deliver results." i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message.
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a big welcome at dulles airport today as the first flight from brussels arrived in our region following those terror attacks last month. fire trucks shot a water plume over the plane as it pulled into the gate and the ground crew waved flags. passengers tell us it was a great flight but that things were very different at the airport in brussels. >> they did a remarkable job of keeping us away from any of the areas that -- or anything that we've seen in the news so far. it felt empty actually. the airport just felt empty, but it was early in the morning. >> the welcome was emotional a little bit, yeah. i mean, everyone is shocked still in belgium about what happened, so you can imagine it's nice when you feel other people's kind of affection. >> reporter: tears in my eyes. i don't know if my makeup is still there, but i know it was very emotional thinking of after so many
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did what we have to do. life has to go on, you know. we cannot be stopped by those crazy people. >> the airport in brussels reopened on sunday, and airlines have slowly been expanding their service. we're told the flight back to brussels tomorrow from dulles is full. in the wake of the brussels' attacks, lawmakers on capitol hill want to know if more can be done to protect travelers. they held a hearing about that today and as jay gray reports now, the head of the tsa offered some reassurances. >> reporter: with growing security lines and new worries overseas, lawmakers sat down this morning with transportation security administration chief peter neffenger. >> there are challenges we must continue to address both immediate and longer term but i can assure you and the public we serve we are focused on our counterterrorism mission and are focused on delivering excellence in everything we do. >> reporter: it comes a day after charles schumerle
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he wants to nearly double the armed security teams at airports, train stations, and other transportation hubs and step up efforts in unsecured areas, including check-in, bag claim and freight dough poe. >> we have three proposals here, dogs, active shooters, perimeters. weigh tonight strengthen all three. >> reporter: neffenger looked to assure lawmakers citing major changes in the culture and practices at tsa saying the agency has retrained every employee and greatly reduced vulnerability. but with terrorists constantly searching for a flaw in that system, he's not opposed to adding more man and firepower. >> i think that if you're asking an operator if he would put more resources to use, yes, i would. >> reporter: vital resources everyone hopes we'll never have to use. jay gray, nbc news. today officials in boston outlined their tight
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plan for the upcoming marathon. three years ago two bombs exploded near the finish line killing three people and injuring hundreds more. the security plan calls for 5,000 law enforcement officers, enhanced checkpoints, and dozens of surveillance cameras along the route. spectators are being told to leave backpacks and drones at home. the fbi says they are also incorporating lessons learned from terror attacks in paris, brussels, and san bernardino. the boston marathon is set for april 18th. they say their government tried to solve fiscal problems by selling them poison water. today lawyers for 400 people in flint, michigan, filed a class-action lawsuit. that suit targets michigan governor rick snyder and other state and local authorities. the lawyers say officials knew that the water in flibt was contaminated with lead but continued using it to help balance the
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debt-ridden city. thousands of children were exposed to the tainted water. >> my granddaughter is affected with the lead. she's having focus issues in school. she's only 12. what's going to happen down the road? i don't know. i need answers, and i don't know where to begin. >> the water problems in flint began in 2014 after the city switched its water source to save money. by january of 2015 residents were raising alarms about the quality of the water. but another year passed before governor snyder declared an emergency. another chance today for a supreme court nominee merrick garland to meet with a lawmaker from his home state. he met with illinois senator dick durbin this morning. this afternoon there were meetings with two other democratic senators. three republicans have met with judge garland so far, but the republican leadership refuses to move forward with the
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senator chuck grassley is the chairman of the committee that holds confirmation hearings for supreme court nominees. he's invited judge garland to breakfast next week but not to further the process. grassley says he wants to explain why the senate will not consider a nominee until the next president takes office. critics say tennessee is the latest state to take steps toward discrimination. a bill that would allow mental health counselors to use their, the counselors', religious beliefs to turn away patients is moving toward final passage in nashville. opponents say the bill would legal otherwise discrimination against people in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community. mississippi and north carolina have recently passed laws that sparked similar controversies. georgia's governor says he will veto a similar bill in his state. it's billion called a
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suburbs. still to come, the big step forward in the purple line project. plus, they've lost four classmates to suicide. what students at a northern virginia high school are doing to raise awareness about the issue. and a new effort to change food labels. tell you about some information that some people say would serve you bet
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feels like february, and now
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you have to say about the baseball game tomorrow, doug. >> you mean that home opener? >> yeah, that one. >> yeah, that one. >> the small one going on down there the next couple days. i'll tell you it's kind of a tough forecast for the game although we're goingo get it in, but there could be a couple showers. today still quite cold. you mentioned february, that's the way it's felt recently. we had gusty winds today and that's put a chill in the air. temperatures this morning, take a look at these numbers. these are unbelievable for the month of april. record low temperatures from martinsburg at 21. 24 at dulles, that tied a record from 1966. baltimore also at a record of 24. incredibly cold this morning. the good news is with sunshine and with southerly winds, we did warm during the day today. high temperatures of mid-50s, 56 degrees is what i saw. 55 right now. here is why, winds out of the south, but they are 22 miles an hour. so even though it helped warm us up, the wind makes it feel coldso
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temperatures. 58 in fredericksburg. 54 in winchester. baltimore coming in at 51 degrees. so a cool afternoon for sure for the first portion of april. no rain to talk about, and we're going to stay dry for about the next 12 hours. so by around 6:30, we'll start seeing it tomorrow morning making its way on in here. you can see the clouds have already moved on in. we're seeing the cloud cover but back to the west, here is the rain. potent storm system that's going to move our way and bring this rain right into the area during the morning hours tomorrow. so heading to the bus stop, the kids at the bus stop, the rain will be moving in between 7:00 and 8:00. much warmer tomorrow morning. 62 degrees between 3:00 and 4:00 as the kids are getting off the bus. some shower activity during the afternoon. so what do you wear tomorrow? well, tomorrow it's not the coat anymore. we will be much warmer, but take the umbrella. maybe the warm jacket, maybe the rain boots. we are expecting a half an inch to an
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here is timing hour by hour. coming in at 7:00 a.m., a couple showers with rain back to the shenandoah valley. here is the heavy rain 9:00. by 10:00, notice this, a line of storms making its way through. we could see some thunderstorms. not anticipating anything strong or severe but we will see some thunder with this as it moves on through with some very heavy rainfall. by 1:00, it's out of here. looks like it's all clear, right? well, the upper level system moves through. that creates a little instability and notice the shower activity developing right around 4:00. so what does that mean for the game? well, again, i'm not worried about getting the
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morning, guess what? more record low temperatures. hooray. >> oh, joy. >> but you're not worried about the game tomorrow? >> not worried about the game. >> we got that. >> then we won't either, doug. thank you. legal trouble for a top aide to the longest serving member of the house. >> first on 4, tonight what investigators say she did when thousands of dollars. inadvertently deposited into her account. coming up on news4, an ambulance transporting a young child to children's hospital is surrounded by a group of atv and dirt bikes and not allowed to move forward. i'm mark segraves and coming up, we'll tell you what happened next. >> reporter: despite all the wind and cold, students in loudoun county coming up with a unique way to raise awareness about teen suicide. i'm david culver in
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narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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now, at 6:30, gangs of atvs and motorcycles taking over the streets. >> there was no respect shown to anybody. >> we'll report how police are cracking down on those dangerous stunts. hundreds of local students come together to raise awareness about teen suicide. >> we're all human. we all go through this and we're all here for
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more than a million dollars in toll payments are being refunded to drivers. and would you be less likely to eat junk food if you know how long you'd have to work out to burn off the calories? the push for new labeling on foods. it's a growing and potentially dangerous problem. soon we'll learn what police are going to stop it. >> large groups of people on atvs and dirt bikes terrorizing pedestrians and drivers. our mark segraves is at children's hospital in northwest d.c. now where some riders recently took aim at an ambulance. mark? >> reporter: yeah, good evening, jim. a terrifying scene of an ambulance right here in front of children's hospital transporting a young child that was surrounded by those atvs. we're used to seeing them on side streets, major roads, even the beltway but today the usa park police told news4 over the weekend they had an incident with more than 50 atvs and dirt bikes riding up and down the grassy areas of the
6:32 pm
mall. this video was taken sunday evening along pennsylvania avenue just blocks from the u.s. capitol. >> i was waiting for my fiancee to get out of work and suddenly i heard all of the motorcycles, the atvs, the motor bikes roar by. >> reporter: u.s. park police say about the same time these bikes were speeding down pennsylvania avenue, about 50 atvs and dirt bikes were reported up and down the lawns among the washington monument. >> this is our city and it's not the image i want the world to see for who we are. >> reporter: police have said it was a group on atvs who shot and killed a young reporter in southeast last year. today d.c. police chief cathy lanier confirmed a d.c. police officer was hit and dragged by an atv over the weekend. and an ambulance transporting a young child was surrounded and stopped by atv riders, one of whom opened the door to the ambulance and threatened the driver. lanier said state, local, and federal police agencies have
6:33 pm
stop these groups of atv and dirt bikes across the region. >> there's been an ongoing investigation involving multiple jurisdictions, so we'll be with our partners tomorrow announcing results of that ongoing investigation going on for several months. >> reporter: now, while the laws on atvs and dirt bikes differ from state to state, here in the district they are illegal on the streets or on the sidewalks. tomorrow federal and state and local law enforcement will have a press conference. one of the things we expect to hear is they'll be asking for the public's help in reporting the sightings of these atv gangs. one of the problems facing the police is the dilemma of whether or not to give pursuit when police engage these motorcycles. doreen, back to you. >> mark segraves reporting. thank you, mark. cowson university and baltimore county police are investigating an alleged student hazing. the
6:34 pm
campus. the university says it takes any allegation of hazing very seriously. . new details on a story first reported here on news4. congressman john conyers has just place one of the his top aides on unpaid leave. we broke the news earlier today that cynthia martin, chief of staff to the michigan congressman, has pleaded guilty to receiving stolen property. in court records u.s. capitol police say martin refused to return $13,000 that was mistakenly deposited into her congressional federal credit union savings account. that money was mistakenly routed from another customer's account. investigators say martin knew of the mistake but withdrew some cash and transferred the money to other accounts instead of
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high schoolers in loudoun county are spearheading an effort to spread hope and love. northern virginia bureau reporter david culver shows us how students at one school are trying to stop teen suicides. ♪ >> reporter: with each note played, the more than 1500 students filling wood grove high school's gym sat captivated. a school day unlike others initiated by the students, classes put on hold. but the lesson, life-saving, or so they hope. >> we have a huge problem and it's because there's a stigma attached to that. >> suzie bartell is talking about depression and teen suicide. >> the students are craving for a way to express themselves. >> reporter: her son ryan was one of them. in 2014 while a senior at wood grove, he took his own life. gee looked at the world differently because he felt like he didn't fit in. >> it's hard to hear about it because, you know, you could have helped them.
6:36 pm
their life. >> reporter: the students came together and organized this walk about a mile through the school's purcellville campus. they passed by signs of hope. >> message is we're all human. >> reporter: those were among ryan's last written words. what do you make of this, everybody out here together walking? >> i think it's really powerful. >> it's not the walking that's doing the change. it's us coming together as a community. >> reporter: the walk ended where we began, inside the gym. notes notes the young man playing the violin alongside the school's choir, that's ryan's brother. students hoping this tune, this willingness embrace one another, will spread far beyond this one high school. in purcellville, david culver, news4. >> the students at wood grove high school hope their program will serve as a model for students to initiate elsewhere. for more on nbc's 4 changing minds project, search changing minds in the nbc washington app.
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people charged exorbitant amounts of money for missing payments on virginia express lanes have won a battle against the toll operator. and a new push to alter how you think about snacking. the new information that could join calorie counts on food labels. and not a bad afternoon across our region. it's cold for this time of month for sure. take a look down towards national harbor. those clouds mean rain is not too far off. we'll talk about the rain and maybe even colder tem pe stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart... and restoring a father's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up, we want them to grow up stronger.
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♪ ♪ i'm proud to be an okie from muskogee ♪ >> some sad news today. country music legend merle haggard dieded ed ttoday on hi birthday. he was best known for hits like that one "okie from muskogee" and "sing me back home." here
6:40 pm
country singles over his 50-plus-year career. he was inducted into the country music hall of fame in 1994. he was a kennedy center honoree in 2010. he had recently canceled tour dates due to his failing health. he died of pneumonia. you know full well that noshing on fast food is bad for your health. but the question has been raised would knowing that you'd have to run an hour to burn off the calories from that junk make you think twice about eating it? some experts think that putting the exercise equivalent of calories information on food labels would help drive down obesity rates. report eer erika edwards shows house how it would work. >> reporter: it may not look as appetizing when you find out vuld to exercise for 40 minutes to burn off the calories. >> what we want
6:41 pm
to do is to think differently. it doesn't mean you wouldn't have a chocolate bar but you might have one rather than two. >> reporter: the royal society of public health suggests adding the activity equivalent to the calories. the can would clearly show a person would have to run for 15 minutes or bike for 23 to work off the calories in the soft drink. outside experts say it could offer a better way of digesting food label information that many consumers find confusing. >> the simpler we can make it, the more we can make it very easy and accessible for the consumer, the more it actually ends up doing some good and impacting what people choose. >> reporter: the simple idea is much more complex in reality and not a one size fits all approach. the exercise needed to burn off a select number of calories is much different for a 250-pound man than it would be for a slender teenage girl. some say it might be more effective to take
6:42 pm
of the equation focusing instead on health yea foods that keep people fuller longer. erika edwards, nbc news. an unfortunate acronym causes a revision to a plan to honor the late supreme court justice antonin scalia. the role of social media in forcing that change and why the battle may not be over. call it a victory lap around the express lanes here in northern virginia. i'm adam tuss, and coming up, i'll tell you why some drivers here are going to get a big payday after they s they were ay
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
but jamie raskin is the only abdemocrat for congress who led the fight for tougher gun laws. only raskin took on the nra to ban military-style assault weapons. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message.
6:45 pm
george mason university will change the name of its law school again. it will no longer be known as the antonin scalia school of law. we didn't include the late justices first name on the graphic because the acronym it creates is not appropriate for television. people on social media noticed that too, so george mason made the change. it will now be the antonin scalia law school. asls. the name still has to be approved at the state level. 11 democratic lawmakers are trying to block it. there are drivers, more than a few of them, who say they were charged thousands of dollars in unfair penalties and fees when they used the express lanes in northern virginia. now they're going to get some money back. transportation reporter adam tuss talked with one of those drivers today.
6:46 pm
adam? >> reporter: that's right, jim, and they're calling this a victory lap. you see there was a tidal wave of pushback from drivers along the express lanes who said that they simply weren't notified they were facing penalties in the first place. now the operator of these lanes, transurban, handing over some big cash. how about $1.3 million? sometimes if you're loud enough, you're heard. >> ordinary people can effect change. >> reporter: kevin stanfield and his wife were hit with $2,200 in express lane penalties because their es pass was linked to a credit card that had expired. they claimed they weren't notified in time and after joining the class action lawsuit kevin is getting a payday. >> personally, i think we're getting like $1,900 back, my wife and i or i am. >> reporter: what are you going to do with the money? >> we're going to negotiate. >> reporter: a judge still has
6:47 pm
that's expected this summer. >> we have come to what we think is a great solution not only for us but for our customers as well. >> mike mcgurk with transurban, the operator of the lanes, says in in addition to refunds drivers who miss a toll on the lanes will now have more time to correct that mistake, but he says most drivers here never have a problem. >> 97 out of 100 people that drive by are having no problems. their e-zpass account is funded. it's a small group of folks that do it accidentally. we want to work with them. >> i feel this is a win for everybody. it's a win for people who use these roads, the ordinary guys like me. it's a win for transurban who is doing business in this community and has to become a part of the community because they're expanding. >> for right now all sides moving forward. and, yes, there are plans to expand the express lanes in our area. the 395 corridor, the 66 corridor. so if you're going to use these lanes, make sure you know the rules before you get on it. back to you,
6:48 pm
>> okay. adam tuss, thank you. another big step forward in maryland's purple line project. the maryland board of public works approved a $5.6 billion can contract to build the light rail line. a team of private companies has been chosen to design, build, operate, and maintain the 16-mile line between bethesda and new carrollton. it's a 36-year contract. construction is set to begin later this year. doug says we need not worry about getting in the home opener tomorrow. now we got to look ahead to the weekend, too. >> we're going to get the game in. that's not going to be a problem. we got the game in baltimore in the other night even though it was raining a lot. i think however there may be some showers so pack the poncho. >> okay. >> maybe they'll give them out at the game. it's a little on the cool side for sure. sunset at 7:37 as our days continue to get longer. just like that 737 flying behind us.
6:49 pm
that was. temperature is dropping right on through the 50s. 52 by 9:00. 51 by 11:00, but last night at 11:00 many of you were already below freezing. that will not happen tonight. we are not going to see a cold night at all and the temperatures really won't go down all that much. 55 in manassas. dulles had a record low of 24 this morning. nothing on the radar now but just off to the west we are tracking not only the clouds but the rain moving our way. a couple storm systems coming together and all of this rain will move in during the day tomorrow and really most of it during the morning hours. so play ball as we take on the marlins down there at nats park. looking pretty good for the forecast for the most part. again, pack the ponchos. this is the game time temperatures here. 64 degrees at 4:05. a shower chance, yes, but then clearing and looking much better. seventh inning, 60. 57 by the last out. it will be a little on the cool side so take the jacket. the poncho and jacket
6:50 pm
64 tomorrow and then we get cold. 54 on friday. 48 on saturday. a chance of rain or snow possible. very light chance. these are just showers that will come through. i'm not expecting much. sunday morning going for a record low of 29. another extremely cold morning. that coming up on sunday. monday, tuesday, and wednesday a little bit warmer. 68 degrees. at least that's nice for monday. >> we'll take it. thank you, doug. we have sports coming up. rg3 new team, new attitude. jason is going to tell us all about it. first a look ahead on "nbc nightly news." hi, jim and doreen. ahead for us tonight, did wisconsin just become a turning point in the race for president? we break down the delegate math for you. the head of the tsa is called on the carpet over better protecting u.s. airports. and what if labels told you exactly how much effort running and walking it would take to burn off calori
6:53 pm
this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. when i get up this morning, i read that a friend of jason's got this big chip on his shoulder, he says. not going to go away. >> a friend of mine. >> i like robert griffin iii. >> so do i. >> we're all wishing him the best. >> 24 different starting quarterbacks in cleveland since 1999.
6:54 pm
>> who is counting. today robert griffin iii did hold his first press conference as a member of the browns and during his 17-minute session with the media, grichen talked about everything from his health to what he learned about himself after being demoted by the redskins last season. here is what griffin had to say when asked if he's been humbled by everything that's taken place. >> if you say you're humble then you're not humble so i can't say that. no, i just think i'm more experienced. i'm not -- i'm still a kid. i'm 26. we're all kids. we got to play a kids' game. i've grown a lot since 2012 and just throughout the whole process of all those years there in washington. so i'm not oblivious to that fact. i know there are things i could have done differently, but today i can't focus on that. you know, i have to focus on what i'm doing with the cleveland browns. i keep saying i'm excited but everyone in the locker room is excited about the opportunity before us and what we can do for the city. >> do you feel a little extra pressure to get it right here as a quarterback? >> i mean, no pressure,
6:55 pm
press conference. no pressure, no diamonds. got up walked off. >> do you think he will live up to -- >> i don't know how much -- >> they have joe thomas. he's okay. >> actually really good but everything else is a mess in cleveland. >> quarterback can't play a football game all by himself. >> no. >> and cleveland is a mess. >> they may have josh gordon coming back. a very good receiver. >> we wish him the best. >> we do. wroo we' >> we'll see him again when he comes to fedexfield next season. the capitals have the same problem as the golden state warriors in the nba. they're clearly the best team in their league but like the warriors the caps are chasing history. braden holtby can break the record of most wins in a season by a goaltender. holtby looked like he was going to tie that record last night. the caps jumped out to a 3-1 lead but in the third period they gave u
6:56 pm
alex ovechkin had two goals in this game. the islanders with the victory went on to clinch a playoff berth. they take this one 4-3 in overtime. holtby may be feeling the pressure to come through with this record. the head coach said he'll be proud of his goalie either way. >> no matter what happens, his name is going to be up there with a lot of hall of fame goaltenders. so no matter what happens from now until the end of the regular season here, he's had a pretty special season. second best in nhl history. that's nothing to be disappointed on. and the wizards hosting the nets tonight. just five games remain for this group and the wiz kids would be eliminated from the playoffs if they lose tonight and detroit wins. right now they remain 3 1/2 games back of the pistons for that eighth and final playoff spot in the east, and we just learned point guard john wall, he is out for tonight's game with a sore knee. it's the first game
6:57 pm
missed all season. moving on to baseball now. the nationals are back at it tonight in atlanta. they'll be without their starting center fielder ben revere. he's been placed on the 15-day disabled list. he injured his oblique in the first at-bat on opening day. michael taylor fills in. on the mound, stephen strasburg will get the nod. strasburg ended last season on fire, especially against atlanta. in his last three starts against the braves, he was 3-0 with a 0.00 e.r.a. in 18 innings. his last ten starts of the 2015 season, he went 6-2. e.r.a. under 2.00. a very important season for mr. strasburg. he's looking for a new contract. he's going to be a free agent after this year. it all starts tonight against the atlanta braves. i think strasburg is going to have a big, big season with the nationals this year. >> i tend to agree with you for sure. >> i would certainly hope so, and i would certainly hope to put atlanta in our back pocket. did they win two games against
6:58 pm
>> they were 14 -- 15-4 against them last year. >> will randy whitman be back next year? >> i hope so. he's a great sound bite. >> that's the criteria, huh? "nighy news" up narrator: all that political mail might be overwhelming. let's simplify. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
tonight, campaign >> tonight, campaign shake-up. trump and clinton on the ropes as cruz and sanders score decisive wins, but can the front-runners really be caught? it's getting nasty in new york. getting out alive. a frantic rescue caught on camera as wildfires explode out of control. evacuations come just in time. blood and treasure. nbc news on the isis money trail. how brutal killers are smuggling and selling some of the world's great antiquities to fund their reign of terror. burn notice. an eye-opening notice at how much time it takes to work off some of your favorite snacks. over an hour for two slices of pizza and that's just the start. and the okie from


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