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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  April 7, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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why crackdowns to make streets safer. but first this afternoon, here it comes, more rain moving into our area, just as the evening gets under way. >> if it's sunny where you are right now. it probably won't stay that way. let's go to meteorologist 4 in the storm center. >> hey, guys. we are talking about this. we mentioned this yesterday, we'd see a wave that come through, we get a little break, sunshine and the upper level system comes through. once that does, we are seeing showers. we are seeing those showers right now and the leesburg area, through frederick. parts of montgomery county. look at these lines down here. these are enhanced rainfall. with this, maybe a rumble of thunder or two. a little cold air aloft. we could get thunder, nothing strong. we could bring a fairly quick downpour. let's zoom on into the area here. you see eastern pourings of the montgomery county, making its way over towards laurel. to 15,
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loudoun county, this is all moving up towards frederick and northern taug u montgomery county, further to the south, warrenton, cull pepper, fredericksburg. this is line that will move into the d.c. metro area about the next hour or so. so the national's game, no problem at all getting starting. here's the overall picture. you notice numerous showers across the region. a lot of these, though, back to the west, won't make their way over the blue ridge. we got one more wave coming through. keep the umbrellas handy, just in case. coming up in a couple of minutes, this moves out. but very cold air moves in for the weekend. the showers next time could be mixed with snow on saturday. we will talk about that in just a minute. >> i know, i know. >> okay. doug. today, you are probably going to need our interactive radar in the nbc walk app. don't forget, you can track the storms down to your own neighborhood. a deve
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now, a northern virginia fairfax county school bus and police cruiseer collided this afternoon in springfield. four people, including two middle school students were injured. chopper 4 was just over the scene. >> the children were returning from a field trip at the time. dave culler is live near the intersection of backlick road and floyd avenue with more on what happened. david. >> reporter: hi there, barbara, pat. big changes in the past hour at the scene of this crash. we are at backlit and floyd t. scene has now been cleared. i want to show what you it looked like when we arrived late this afternoon. can you see a white police cruiser. the unparked police cruiser. it was headed northbound on backlick road, according to police. the bus carrying students was headed on. the police cruiser had the right
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what do we know about that bus? well, it was carrying middle schoolers as you mentioned from mark twain elementary, coming back from a field trip. we know two students, one chaperone and an officer all tone to the hospital. >> you see the crash, i think it was a lot worse than the injuries would indicate. >> non-life-threatening injuries according to police. those students, as of now, still being treated. we know another bus came to pick up the rest of the students. i have been chatting with neighbors here. one heard the crash, immediately afterwards, rushed out of his home. he saw something that he says shocked him the most. this was after the crash. i will share that with you when i see you ahead on news 4 at 5:00. breaking news at the live desk. you saw mark seagraves tweet out in the last half hour,
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with a beating on a metro platform in jean, they had the charges developed. caught on under surveillance video, one of the teens sucker-punched a rider him when that rider fought back the other teenagers lunged at the man. it led the chief of metro transit police to describe the problem of teen fights on metro as a wolf pack mentality. the d.c. attorney general would not comment on this case, but did release a statement to news 4 that said charges are sometimes dropped when the prosecutor knows there isn't sufficient evidence to establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. the five boys and one girl, ages 16 an 17 had been charged with aggravated assault. metro has declined to comment on the latest development. back to you. >> a 6-year-old boy is recovering after someone shot him inside his family's apartment. we are told someone kicked down the door to the boy's home, opened fire, hitting the boy twice in the arm. it happened late last night
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along foot street in northeast d.c. that's just a block off helen borough's avenue and the maryland line t. boy is expected to be okay. no word on a possible motive in that shooting. right now, search teams in the district spending a 2nd day looking for a missing little girl. after new information surfaces, police and the fbi are scouring the grounds of national arboretum in northeast washington for mellissa rudd. shelves 4-years-old when she disappeared from the d.c. homeless shelter, last seen with a janitor, who later killed himself. the police chief said a short time ago, this two-day search has turned up no evidence so fa far. i'm adam tuss in the district where we have quite the speed camera conversation unveiling here. check it out the speed limit right here, 50 miles an hour
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northeast d.c. then all of a sudden it drops down to 25 miles an hour and around the turn, a little farther down the speed limit changes again, a lot of people have been getting hit by a speed camera that's in this area. they want to know what's going on and all of a sudden mysteriously, the speed camera that's here has disappeared. what is going on along this stretch of kennelworth avenue? we will explore it all and tell you about what we found coming up on news 4 at 5:00. i think it's a kind of a silly statement, but he's free to say whatever he chooses. >> hillary clinton is firing back at senator bernie sanders on the "today" show, she responded to sander's suggestion that she may not be qualified to be president. matt lauer asked if sanders was qualified. the former secretary of state did not answer that statement but said sanders would be better
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cruz. cruz is emerging as the likeliest alternative to trump. however, fellow gop senators aren't racing to get behind him. several were asked about cruz today, none had many nice things to say. many said they will wait before making an endorsement. cruz and governor kasich were on the campaign trail in new york. polls show trump is leading right now. if trump and clinton become the nominee, how will virginiaens vote in the general i lex? a new survey by newport university find 71% of likely voters would stay loyal and vote for donald trump. 90% of likely democratic voters would stick with clinton. young voters, who are now supporting bernie sanders would choose clinton over trump by 22 points, women in virginia favor clinton by 23 points. men prefer trump by 6. the poll done by the university's center for public policy has a margin of
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just over 3%. donald trump's daughter is dealing with controversy off the campaign trail today. first at 4:00, why an item in her fashion line could pose a hazard. and storm team 4 is tracking rain. doug and veronica are timing it
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only fios can. >> we are tracking showers coming through the area right now. we will see these up until
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7:00/8:00 this morning. we have east bound, gaithersburg in the next couple minutes. watch out. right over the ballpark, your county will be another batch. probably around 4:45 or so into areas of d.c. also fairfax quantico picking up more rain. a second part of the system coming through the area. the temperatures will drop to the 50s. it is quite breezy out there. nothing like the wind we will see early saturday morning in the wind chill readings. doug has that coming up for next -- this woke in a couple minutes. >> thanks, veronica. police in maryland, d.c. and virginia are joining forces to get tough on illegal atv and dirt bikers. it comes after hundreds of bikers circled an ambulance this week. >> reporter: over the past year, police from d.c., maryland and virginia, including federal law enforcement have been working together secretly, trying to curb this tide of
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bikes which d.c. has been terrorizing residents. this is where hundreds of those atvs and dirt biotics have ended up at the blue plains impound lot in the district. today the chief said they've impounded more than 400 of the illegal motorcycles. it made nearly 2 is 00 arrests. many of those leading to successful prosecutions. but the chief and other law enforcement officials say the laws need to be tougher. right now, it's simply a misdemeanor. most people who are caught simply get off with probation. he warned there have been several fatal incidents in the past two years, where passengers or drivers of the atvs have been killed, more recently, two police officer, one in maryland, and one in the district have been injured. today, the chief released the photographs of 2 is 45 suspects who she says had been involved in nine separate incidents over the past couple of months and they're asking the public to
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these bikes are being stored or if you recognize the pictures of any of these suspects, they want you to call police. there is a $250 reward. reporting from the blue plains impound lot in the district, mark segrave, news 4. well, it could only take a few many wants to prevent a tragedy. >> that itself strong message from one heart broken family. why they say you need to know about a potential safety hazard in millions of cars. >> reporter: i'm justly cary at national park. 2016,
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. right now, national park, nationals park is filled with fans cheering the home team on. >> that's right. they've got a new manager. you know that, and some key new players. fans have pretty high hopes this could be the season that extends into the playoffs next fall. justly has been talking to fans and joins us live to tell us what they're saying. hey, julie. >> reporter: hey, guy, hi there. few fans go through the center field dpaet there. i have already heard big roars coming inside for the first pitch the fireworks, for the flyover. now i know as a journalist, i'm supposed to be objective. i'm seeking a one-day waiver to show off a little of my naat's gear here. i got my tee-shirt, my
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my brand-new flip-flops i just got. my gloves, thank goodness, don't need them today. it's still nice and dry and my jersey. i found out in meeting some of the fans here on opening day, eye even compare to what they were wearing into the stadium. >> nat's gear. >> my handbag. tissues. >> reporter: it was a full display of natitde by this fan. it's also a chance to show off all their nat's gear, there are wrist bands, special socks, did you there are even nat's band aids. this woman got a curly w tattoo before the playoffs. now she carries high hopes 2016 will be a playoff here. >> i think all the pieces are here. i think it makes a big difference, just his energy in the dugout is amazing to see. that's something the guys have said they missed.
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we will go all the way. >> reporter: now, when i got here at 12:45 today, there were already fans in line over there, coming up on news 4 at 5:00. we will hear from some of those die hard fans why they simply cannot miss opening day. back to you in the studio. >> it looks like the rain is holding off out there. >> how long is that going to be the case, doug? >> about the next 40 minutes. >> all right. >> good. >> so they're going to get into the next one to two innings. we will see a brief area of showers. let's show you what's happening outside. what you do have, downtown, cloud cover across the area. we're looking at some rather nice conditions. temperatures in the 60s right now. but we do have some changes on the way. you can tell those changes are coming. because the winds are up there. wind southwest at 16 miles per hour. 64 degrees, though the current numbers. look at the temperature, 63 in manassas, look back to the west. 50 in win
4:19 pm
this is the colder air that's going to move in overnight, really the next few hours. you can see the rain as it's making its way in, one thing we told you, we would get first pitch in. that's already happened. we will see showers. that's happening right now, too. it will be happening. there will be showers. they'll be fairly quick showers. this one right here, herndon, fairfax, chantilly and centreville. most likely, i think this will go to the north of the ballpark. down to the south, well, that's the one i will be watching. i will go back to it. coming on a movement like this, i got to move along. here it is, right here, this is down near falkeer county. this will move into downtown and nat's park, most likely around the 5:00 hour him could we see a brief delay? yeah, it's possible. they will get the gear in.
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scattered showers. even around 7:00, you could see scattered showers around town. then it's all over by 9 is:00. what's happening is we got this storm system that's moving through here's what we saw earlier with the heavy rain. notice the spin in the atmosphere. that's the upper level area of low pressure. they're much colder, colder aloft. that's why we have the potential for downpours this afternoon. they will be fairly quick moving. behind this system, it gets older for sure. 64 in d.c. only 47 in morgan town, 40 in elkins, west virginia. we are in for a much colder day. temperatures five to 10 degrees colder than today. not a bad afternoon, rather breezy, saturday and sunday, really chilly. 48 degrees, wind chills in the low- to mid-30s, rather windy saturday, a chance of showers. yes, they could mix with snow.
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sunday, right now, sunshine, a high temperature of 49 degrees, the nats play saturday and sunday. sunday's game after 1:00, it will be a chilly one for sure. at least we have sun. new mothers know they're dealing with a growing family can be hard enough. hear why the fitness industry is taking a hint and throwing things upsidedown. >> one of the areas is the most. it appears that way on social media. despite the rain, the baseball season is now officially up and running. we want to know how far you think the nationals will go this season. >> that's our nbc washington flash survey this afternoon. calm or tech the number on your screen. you can vot
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siness. well, here's something we won't be bragging about, arlington is apparently one of the most sick cities in the country. >> that is if you believe tweets. that's according to an analysis done by a medical supply company and published by they discovered arlington has 265 sickness tweets per 100,000 residents. >> that makes it tenth on the list of sick cities. researchers found sickness reached its heigh
4:25 pm
and january and peak on tuesdays. the top sickest cities of new orleans, miami and atlanta. >> hmm. >> well, having a baby changes things for your whole family, but your exercise routine doesn't have to be some of them. some gyms are taking a new approach to pregnancy and fitness. >> it looks like a gym. and sound -- >> hold that belly in. >> -- like a gym. >> keep that down. >> but there is one little difference. >> just make sure that feels good, right, lizzie? >> at mommy fit inside, babies are welcome in several workout classes, like the ones that specialize in pre and postpartum fitness. >> which means we take extra consideration into all the things that women have to go through, that their bodies are changing during that time. >> this class is all about cardio and strength. >> now i rest when i have to, there is no competition. i feel like i am, it's okay for me to be fatigued
4:26 pm
women today ten. >> this mom has good reason to be tired, julia lund is also 12 weeks pregnant. >> i didn't want to do anything that i felt was like over the top. so i really like the approach where it's tailored to every mom's needs. >> once they are born the babies can either be worn or serve as additional weight. >> babies are pretty heavy, aren't they? >> or they're free to roam and participate as they please. >> i like the example, to see a mommy exercising, so he knows it's important. >> of course, there are a few snack breaks and minor interruptions. overall, the classes provide a platform to make your baby your reason to wok out. not your excuse for not doing so. >> i love using the baby as the weight. >> i like that, too. >> and the baby seems to be enjoying it just as much as the mom. the daughter of billion fair donald trump is a business mogul in her own
4:27 pm
subject of controversy this afternoon. why an item from her fashion line is under fire. and storm team 4 radar pretty much tells the sory right t yvette: i was running for my life. he was flicking matches on me... my ex-husband's intentions were to murder me. glenn: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences, because domestic violence can never be tolerated. yvette: mr. ivey showed compassion. i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey. as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message, because i'm on your side.
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>> now at 4:30 a. school field trip these students won't soon forget. four people, including four middle schoolers had to go to the hosa
4:30 pm
bus they were riding on crashed into a school cruiser. everyone is expected to be okay. >> more rain for your thursday evening, for a drenching start to this day. storm team 4 is tracking more showers into this area. a car been monoxide leak is under investigation. this was at st. peter's church on 2nd street. it made at least two people sick. still no word on their condition. now to the presidential race, a war of words has erupted on the campaign trail. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders are battling it out in new york. sanders accused clinton of saying he is not qualified for the job. she did not say i. however, clinton and many others have raised questions about his preparation for an interview with the editorial board of the new york daily news, edward lawrence is like on capitol hill with the latest. >> reporter: good evening, hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders spar over qualifications. clinton backing off after
4:31 pm
not qualified to be president. hillary clinton took the subway in new york city. >> you got people needing to get off? >> needing voters calm an escalation of words with sanders. clinton thinks he might not be qualified to be president. he talked with matt lauer. >> i believe voters will be looking at both of us. but i will take bernie sanders over donald trump or ted cruz any time. >> reporter: but sanders didn't back off. >> if you want to question my qualification, let me suggest this, maybe the american people might wonder about your qualifications, madam secretary. >> reporter: for republicans, donald trump and senator ted cruz attacked each other and also the democrats. >> the democratic field consists of a wild eyed socialist, with ideas that are dangerous for america and
4:32 pm
sanders. >> trump trying to cement his huge lead in new york polls hammered cruz last night. >> and i got this guy standing over there, looking at me, talking about new york values with scorn on his face, with hatred of fork. >> reporter: governor john kasich in the bronx tried to capitalize on the front runner feud. >> this isn't the bronx, it ain't over. >> the new york primary is still a week and a half. donald trump has already rescheduled two events or several events in california and colorado to focus his campaign on new york through the primary. this shows how important the state could be in swinging the momentum back after a loss if wisconsin. reporting live on capitol hill, edward lawrence, now back to you, pat. >> thank you, edward. a quick program note here, tonight, senator sanders will appear on "late night" with seth meyers. you can watch it following the "tonight show"
4:33 pm
fallon. the trump fashion liner, they failed to meet fire safety standards. ivan ka is the daughter of candidate donald trump. the rayon scarves are too flammable and pose a burn risk. it recalls about 20,000 scar fbs made in china, sold between october of 2014 and january of this year in department stores and online. they say consumers should stop wearing those scarves and return them for a full refund. getting a report of some high winds and even a little bit of hail in the area. that's rockville with the hail the higher winds to the south and west of d.c. around cull pepper. so with some of this rain that's coming through, it will be increasing a bit in intensity, all right. we're monitoring the bach to the south and west of dvenlth right over the ballpark in the next couple of minutes. right now, this area through ea
4:34 pm
of 70, headed towards clarks victim, north laurel. colombia, savage in the next couple of minutes. again, gusty winds with it. potentially along areas of 66. >> that will be heading over d.c. around 4:40. areas impacted for 30 around bethesda and glen echo. there is more where that came from. up until 7:00 or 8:00 this evening, we will see the showers around. the temperatures drop down to the 50s. are you ready for wind chills in the teens again? that's what's coming up in our extended forecast. we'll show you when in a few minutes. >> thanks, veronica. an suv drove off rock creek parkway and landed in rock creek t. woman was driving northbound on the parkway just below pea street northwest around noon today. it was raining at the time. a passing motorist helped the woman get out of her suv okay. how much do you know about the zika virus? new polls shows americans don't know much about the virus that's linked to birth
4:35 pm
the associated press center for public affairs research did this poll. researchers found four in ten people had heard little to nothing about zika and those aware of zika don't know if there is a vaccine or a treatment. more than half of those polled are if favor of efforts to control the mosquito population as summer approaches. we are seeing new videos of a suspect wanted in connection with the deadly terrorist attacks at the brussels airport. belgian prosecutors released a so-called man in a hat. last seen with the two suicide bombers who died in the attacks two weeks ago. these new images show him leaving the airport, then walking do a nearby town where all traces of him then vanished. today, prosecutors also launched a public appeal for information. they especially want to hear from anyone who may have shot video or photos of the man. well, comedian and talk show host ellen degeneres weighed in on t
4:36 pm
freedom law passed in miss nice. >> it allows people to refuse services to the lbgt community based on tear religion, degeneres says this is not politics, it is human rights. >> it's the definition of discrimination. it's something the supreme court ruled on when they made marriage a right for everyone, everyone. [ applause ] >> and they're supreme. i mean, that's the best you can get. >> degeneres says she visited mississippi while growing up in louisiana and she says she knows what it's like to get left out because of who you love. >> there is already so much inequality in the world, women's rights, gender pay gap, racism. i think we need to remember that we are more similar than we are different and we all want the same things, love, acceptance, kindness. >> supporters of mississippi's new law say they are confident and will stand up to challenges. >>wh
4:37 pm
at someone's house, you often expect the worse. we'll tell you why this officer's response was actually a little girl's frooem dream come through. >> and a terrifying moment for a mother and daughter when
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>> oh, let's hope they do that well, this year. a tough division this year. a tougher division tan the last couple. let's hope they pull it out. today let's hope they pull out the game with not just a win, but without too 'delays. we have showers developing, even thunderstorms. we had reports of hail and strong winds with these showers as they move on through. you can see what's happening in frederick, montgomery county, lightning there. right down into the d.c. metro area. around bethesda, zoom on in here, exactly where this is. this will go north of the ballpark. not worried about the game with this one. mcclain, idlewide towards the beltway. in towards rosalynn, towards d.c., going to be getting this heavy rain. watch out. strong wind with this, too. down to the south a. lot of rain here. this will come through the d.c. area, maybe a delay at 5:00 for the game. look at this, lightning and thunder down towards the
4:41 pm
back towards quantico and stafford. after 7:00, 18:00, they're out of here the cold moves in. veronica has the 7-day forecast in a bit. folks in alabama, georgia and florida cleaning off after what appeared to be a tornado touched down overnight. two women seriously hurt when the severe weather barrelled through their mobile home park in southwest georgia t. women were inside their mobile home when winds picked it up and hurled it across the street. they were not injured. the storm also uprooted trees and knocked out power. nasa's mars rover is capturing pretty cool images. >> take a look at the background, let's have a look at it. there it is, that's a dust devil. we get those in texas. the rover on mars captured that image last week a. dust devil is like a tiny twister and formed by a rising rotating column o
4:42 pm
dust, it's transformed into a pimer floeth through the desert of mars. a family's tearful plea. why they want you to check to see if your car could have a serious safety flaw. >> that's why a smartphone could help your commute t. new app that could give you a lot of beformation
4:43 pm
time magazine called chris van hollen "a hero to environmentalists, education groups, and gun control advocates" for his accomplishments as a young legislator. now a respected leader in congress and key ally of president obama, protecting planned parenthood and social security... chris van hollen is the only candidate who fought the wall street banks and the nra...and won. that's why he's endorsed by the post
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to senator mikulski who will "deliver results." i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message.
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. >> showers and thunderstorms now coming through the area him we are seeing a lot of areas intensifying, reports of hail and high winds across the area. those high winds reported in prince william county. i would fought be surprised if the national weather service issues a warning. four doctors, one of the toughest diseases to treat. first why a single test could change things and save lives. we are learning new information today about the death of the tenth victim of a defective takata air back. >> a 17-year-old girl from texas died last week when her airbag deflator ruptured. susan. >> that's right. today, police in texas who investigated this latest death said the crash was moderate and the victim should have walked away. instead, she was killed by her defective airbag. graphic and disturbing details revealed at a
4:46 pm
texas after an exploding takata airbag claims another life t. victim a 17-year-old high school senior from richmond, texas, driving this 2002 honda civic when her car rear-ended another vehicle t. air back was deployed. the defective inflator ruptured. >> our investigation revealed the cause of death was blunt force trauma to the right neck area, which severed her jugular vein and carotid artery. >> it led to the recall of 24 hour million vehicles by 14 auto makers. replacement parts have been slow. honda is offering free rental cars to consumers on waiting lists to get their vehicles fixed. according to investigators, the victim's car in this crash was recalled in 2011. honda says despite numerous recall notices to the registered owner, the recall reware was never
4:47 pm
to the nbc walk app right now. you can search takata air backs. >> it's an easy fix to look it up to see whether you have a recall. >> hopefully, people are hearing it now they'll do something if they have one. >> thank you. now, you can check the real time cost of express lanes by using an app. news 4 transportation reporter adam tusk first tweeted out this news. they offered the pricing for years. the app provides travel times and camera views along with the prices. however, you are reminded you should not be using an app like this or any app while your driving. >> tracking showers and thunderstorms moving through the area him yes, we are seeing some areas intensify, reports of hail as ien
4:48 pm
will zoom right in, get busy showing you what's going on, across northern howard county. how about that? a pocket of lightning, headed eastbound to randalls town, around frederick and another batch right around the beltway. the northern part of the beltway showing showers, clip d.c. areas of d.c. t. ballpark a little wet right now t. heaviest stuff up to the north. look at what is a off to the south and west, lightning, some thunder. this is the batch i think will have the highest winds with it when it comes into the area, right on through t. winds cold to 40, 50 miles per hour. let's show what you is going on. it is pouring out there. you can see the roadways getting really clogged up, slowing down with traffic with rain just pouring in some areas. so rain intensity picking up. the wind as well. this
4:49 pm
vernon, for the washington, waldorf, back into d.c. around 5:00. up until 7:00, 18:00, we got the chance of seeing just that showers and maybe even isolated thunderstorms. this morning, we had severe thunderstorm warnings issued. if those winds get high enough, we could see the same this evening. cooler, dry for tomorrow morning. your temperature of 39 to 42 degrees so it is going to get on the cool side again t. cool side for this upcoming weekend. so the weather for tomorrow will have a low empact on your day, still on the cool side. i like the fact we have sunshine coming back to our area. break out the coats, the warm jackets. you will need them, tomorrow and the week. high temperature 56 degrees in d.c. 58 in fredericksburg and stafford. 55 in areas of leesburg. you see the forecast for friday shows those clouds moving through. we get into the evening hours. it looks as though it will clear
4:50 pm
out. >> that will lead to cold temperatures first thing around on saturday. we will have a mixture of clouds and a little in the way of clearingcytes on saturday. the other thing, we could see a wet snowflake early, about mid-day, isolated to scattered light showers coming lou the area. we break out with a high temperature of 48 degrees. with the wind, it will be gusting to 35, 45 miles per hour. going out, wind chills dropping into the 30s, even to the teens by early sunday morning. guys, i'm not sure if we are ready for this again, come on, the early part of april. we're still talking about the cold next week, early part, we get a chance to hit the viktor. >> veronica, think about the showers we will get out of this. >> this weekend, we will talk more about tomorrow. just what you need to do with another cold snap and subfreezing cold coming up. what you need to do with your spring flowers, apple trees the fruit trees to
4:51 pm
>> thanks. >> thanks a lot. a major break through in the fight against lung cancer. >> there is a blunt that shows which works best on patients with advanced tumors. how this test can be used to detect cancer. >> reporter: a blood test called a liquid biopsy offers doctors new insight into a person's lung cancer. >> it's a blood test. a non-invasive way of understanding what the lung cancer is thinking. >> reporter: it helped save jeanie larsson's treatment when her stage 4 lung cancer became resistant to the medication t. liquid biopsy found specific cancer mutations floating in her blood, alerting doctors, her tumor could be treated by another drug. >> if i had gotten on the drug, i wouldn't be sitting here feeling as well as i do. >> reporter: they are invasive. they can be risky, painful and take more than a month for results. the
4:52 pm
boston has a three-day turn around. >> if we get a quick result in a couple of day, instead of spending weeks, trying to figure out how to get a biopsy, we can accelerate after the accidentive targeted care for that patient. >> doctors say the blood test is just as accurate. if it does not peck up the cancer mutations, a traditional lung biopsy must still be done. for now, the test is only used to help go ahead treatment for patients. a blood test to dying foes lung cancer is still years away. erica edwards, nbc news. >> tonight, the news 4 spsz i-team unearthing long secrets. at one of the most historic cemeteries, trisha thompson joins us now. >> reporter: pat. this cemetery is one of the most well known cemeteries in maryland, because itd the final resting place for
4:53 pm
first governor, dozens of soldiers from the war of on 12 and the civil war an francis scott key. it is a big cemetery. roughly 40 acres will plenty of space left for future burials. but they came to the i-team after they found a stack of paperwork, receipts, showing what some employees were buying using the cemetery's credit card. tonight at 5:00, we will show you what they brought to us and what will happen after we went to the cemetery's ward, who said they investigated the complaint. tishia thompson, news 4 i-team. the surprise of a young girl's life all caught on camera. why teams of police showed up at her home and helped fulfill one of her biggest dreams. >> this is kennelworth and the east coast highway. this is river park shell. it's convenience store
4:54 pm
pumps are opened 24 hours a day. it offers full service to people here in the neighborhood and employs six people. yet, all of this will disappear when construction on the purple line bens. gi wall street. the nra. they're powerful. they usually get their way. but not with democrat donna edwards. she won't take cash from wall street banks. and when washington insiders wrote a loophole to let the nra spend dark money to kill gun safety laws, donna edwards said 'no'
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cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. >> fire destroyed a church in greenville, south carolina. now, investigators are trying to figure out how it started. huge flames and thick black
4:57 pm
change in your mind's ministry, the steeple fell over. luckily, no one was injured. new allegations today against former house speaker dennis hastert. the chicago tribune is reporting as many as four people have made sexual abuse allegations against a republican. hastert is getting ready for bank evading reporting laws. a federal official said the person that got the hush money was a former male student who alleged hastert sexually assaulted him. his attorney did not specify any sexual abuse by his client but did say he was apologetic. chicago police officers moved by the story of a little girl bravely battling cancer. >> when they found out she always wanted to be a police officer, they took their daily role call to her house. lee anne trotter has more on how the police officers made her feel like a part of the force. >> repor
4:58 pm
a life long police officer. so officers in the 6th district signed a huge car and prepared to welcome her to the police station. >> her spirits are el with. she is doing pretty poorly at this point. >> so they decided to take the celebration to her. approximately 70,000 officers showed up at her doorstep. they even brought the patrol horses. madison was asked why she wanted to be a cop. >> because you do things for people. >> reporter: she is battling a rare muscular kand cancer, under hospice care. the social worker arranged all of this. >> i never imagined it would be this much. so it's pretty incredible. >> in fact, no one imagined the interim superintendent eddie johnson would be here to grant her wish. >> with all the authority betowed on me, we will present you with this award of valor. >>
4:59 pm
where never forget. >> it's great to see you all. >> it's just amazing the courage she is showing today. >> that gives us pause to just think about our own mortality in our families. you know, that's the reason why we do what we do. >> chicago police making the difference in the life of a young cancer patient. now at 5:00, a 6-year-old boy is shot twice t. gunman still at large. neighbors upset by what happened over there. >> a crack down on illegal atvs and dirt bikes police say have been tranquilize i terrorizeing residents, i'm mark segraves. i'll show you how the police now have 245 suspects. they want your help in catching. plus after we got a break with eget sunshine, now there is more rain on the way. >> that's not all, folks. you may not knha
5:00 pm
next. hello, everybody. we are getting pounded with another round right now. >> that's right, guys. >> that rain coming down very quickly. very hard in some areas. downpours with very gusty winds. we got reports of hail. that's what happens when you have a system like this moving through. very cold air in the upper portion of the atmosphere, allows for that thunderstorm to grow. out there right now, storm team 4 tracking it. you can see what's happening. which have one band coming through now. it's this area right here i'm really watching. a few lightning strikes here. nothing strong, nothing severe. the strongest thing will be the winds, upwarsd of 30 to 40 miles per hour t.nat's game has been delayed. that delay should last about an hour i think as they move, as these showers move on through by around the 6:00 hour. we will continue to watch these very, very closely. in behind this, you may not like what's coming. that's the cold. we'll talk about that in just a


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