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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  April 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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next. hello, everybody. we are getting pounded with another round right now. >> that's right, guys. >> that rain coming down very quickly. very hard in some areas. downpours with very gusty winds. we got reports of hail. that's what happens when you have a system like this moving through. very cold air in the upper portion of the atmosphere, allows for that thunderstorm to grow. out there right now, storm team 4 tracking it. you can see what's happening. which have one band coming through now. it's this area right here i'm really watching. a few lightning strikes here. nothing strong, nothing severe. the strongest thing will be the winds, upwarsd of 30 to 40 miles per hour t.nat's game has been delayed. that delay should last about an hour i think as they move, as these showers move on through by around the 6:00 hour. we will continue to watch these very, very closely. in behind this, you may not like what's coming. that's the cold. we'll talk about that in just a
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recovering after a man burst into the child's home and shot him. this evening the man that pulled that trigger is still out there. this happened just before midnight along foot street in northeast d.c. near the maryland line. let's get the latest now from news 4's pat collins. >> highs a social boy. he's fun. he makes your day. he's a smart boy, a good boy alt that. so i don't understand how this happened to him. >> that's danesha green. she knows the victim. in fact, just about everybody on the block knows the little boy. his nickname is phat-phat. he is not fat at all. -se a likely 6-year-old that often plays outside his home. last night he was shot and wounded inside his mother's apartment. police tell the story this way. they say it happened about 11:45 last night. >> that two men forced their way into that upstairs apartment. shots were
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the little boys hit not once, but twice in his arm t. gunman, he runs away. police say there was no random act. they say it appears to be the result of a neighbor dispute. one way or the other, the people here, they want that gunman locked up. >> i hope the truth come out and whoever did it, get it taken care of. because that's a 6-year-old body and his life could have been tooken and thank god he's still here to the day. >> reporter: take a look at storm team 4 radar, severe thunderstorm issued with this storm right here. again, not a lot of lightning with this. very heavy downpours. we are seeing hail and gusty winds, upwarsd of 50 to 66 miles per hour as this moves on through, this is for prince george's county, anne arundel and all of prince george's county. it does not include d.c. again, this is the storm right here, moving just off. this is the line you
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this severe thunderstorm warning goes until 5:45 this evening. for another 45 minutes or so as that whole system moves out. watch out, gusty winds, we are seeing hail and very heavy downpours too. >> a nasty one out there, doug, thank you. prosecutors are dropping the charges against six teenagers accused of beating on a metro platform earlier this year. mark segraves broke this on twitter. this attack happened here at gallery place. it was caught on under surveillance video there. police tell us one of the teens sucker punched a rider. when the rider fought back the others lunged at the man t. five boys and one girl all when to the wilson high school. they have been charged with aggravated assault. d.c.'s attorney general would not xhint on the case specifically and metro has also declined to comment. two fairfax county students, a chaperone and a ploefs all had to go to
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school bus and a police cruiseer crashed today in spring feel. the students were from mark twain middle school in alexandria. they were headed back from a field trip. we are told the bus pulled into an intersection on blacklick road. that's when the cruiser slammed into it. we will have a live report, including neighborhood concerns about that corner. that's coming up in our next half hour. now new details on the crackdown on those illegal dirt biotic and atv riders. you probably seen them waving through traffic, causing mayhem on our city streets. nearly 250 people have now been photographed as a part of the atv and dirt bike gangs. news 4's mark segraves where a group of bikers were seen just this weekend. mark. >> good evening, jim, yeah, this is one of the areas where the scenes have played out most recently. police say they have had enough. they're cracking down on this deadly problem that they say is getting worse.
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illegal bikes going down pennsylvania avenue just blocks from the u.s. capital. >> we've even had instances in the district where persons riding these illegal atvs are involved in a homicide. so that's a homicide. so we have had enough, our community had had enough and the riders that we can identify, we are going to aggressively prosecute. the bikes that we have seized will be destroyed. so we're going to start moving forward with the destruction of these atvs that pe have in our custody starting next month. >> today, standing side-by-side with state, local and d.c. police chief made it clear they won't tolerate gangs of illegal atvs and dirt bikes harassing residents and making the roads unsafe. he pointed to recent incidents where drivers of the atvs were killed and officers in maryland and d.c. were hit by atv
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seriously injured. more than 200 riders have been arrested in the past two years and 400 bikes confiscated in the district alone. but today, police turned up the heat on illegal bikes, releasing under surveillance pictures of 245 people police say were involved in nine recent incidents, where gangs of illegal bikes with as many as 50 re riders were seen, including an incident with an ambulance carrying a young child were surrounded and stopped. >> the images are incidents from nine separate incidents where we had large groups riding through the multiple jurisdictions and in terms of criminal charges, some of these riders could face multiple charges from multiple jurisdictions. >> reporter: now, as for those prosecutions today the d.c. attorney general said about 50 of those 200 cases of arrests have been successfully prosecuted. but because they're misdemeanors, he says almost nobody actually ser a
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offenders are adults. coming up at 6:00, there are two things that frustrate police when trying to prosecute these. you will hear from a frustrated and candid police chief about that at 6:00. >> all right. mark segraves. this is a developing story overseas. new under surveillance could help track down one of the bombing suspects leaving the airport as the him bos went off. this is a man in a light colored jacket and hat. prosecutors have video of him walking and running away from the scene. he was later spotted in a nearby town and may have returned to brussels before vanishing. at least 32 people were killed, more than 200 wounded in last month's attacks. and in the race for the white house tonight, we're getting a clear picture of where virginia voters stand when it comes to the current front runners. a new poll has hillary clinton leading donald trump 44 to 35% among all likely voters. she also has the up
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party support. 90% of democrats would back clinton. about two-thirds of republicans say they favor trump. a third of gop voters say they consider voting for a democrat a. third party candidate, even staying home if trump is the nominee. meanwhile, on the campaign trail today the rhetoric is ramp eting up on the democratic side. >> that comes after clinton questioned bernie sanders, preparedness for responses he gave during a newspaper editorial interview. >> if you want to question my qualifications, let me suggest this, that maybe the american people might wonder about your qualification, madam secretary. >> that's kind of a silly thing to say. but i will trust the voters of new york that know me. i don't know why he's saying that. but i will take bernie sanders over donald trump or ted cruz any time. >> on the republican side, donald trump took the day off after a big rally in long island. john kasich visited a del
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while ted cruz went upstate. >> if you don't want to see donald trump as the nom know, if you don't want to see hillary clinton as the next president, i ask you to stand with us to come out and vote for me. >> we will pick up delegates here. you know, we will pick up delegates in pennsylvania and all over the northeast and down in maryland. >> former new york city mayor rudolph guiliani told the new york post he is voting for trump, calling him someone who negotiates from a high bar to get people's attention. >> the national's home opener is in a rain delay right now. before the game, local first responders who died recently in the line of duty and the two prince william county police officer injured in the shooting that took the life of officer ashley gwendon were there for the ceremonies. officer cowan and jeff heaventon rew out
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pitches. even if all the lane, you want to buzz around the home opener. news 4, julie carey is at the stadium catching it all. >> reporter: a lot of fans lined up early and sadly with this turn in the weather, a lot are leaving. we had a real downpour 20 minutes ago. i think that's left some fans soaked and cold. but even the bad weather, that won't dampen the optimism they are showing for this home opener. >> the nats are playing good. >> reporter: first pitch, still three hours away, but the 8-year-old vincenzo fiorino didn't want to miss anything. >> because i want to get here first and get balls in the batting practice and be the first to get in. >> reporter: plenty of grown-ups had the same idea. some in this line have never missed an opening day. she is decked out, too, proudly displaying the curly w
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high. >> i really feel very confident we're going to go all the way. >> reporter: season ticketholder marcus jackson hasn't missed many home openers either. he bought these new shoes just for today to go along with the rest of his gear. >> this is my mvp attire. happy to represent rice. >> reporter: he's also carrying high hopes into the ballpark with him. >> we had a great spring training. just ready for the boys to start. start hitting. >> reporter: the boys, their names on the backs of many fan's shirts. after his mvp, bryce harper still dominates outside as a fan favorite. back to those predictions for a moment. these guy versus a little something to say, too. >> i think we're going to dusty off last season. okay. i don't want to harper about it. i'm pretty scherzer we're going to win. >> he spent all night memorizing that. >> i did, all night long. >> reporter: those guy
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lot of fun. for an extended view, can you go to our facebook page and see a little more of the back and forth. it was also a real special treat for this home opener. something never seen before on an apg die, a special delivery of the game ball. coming up at 6:00, i will show you the four-elected team that property the ball into the ballpark. back to you in the studio. >> i can't wait for those pictures, julie, thanks. we are just getting started here, we have a news 4 i-team investigation, find out what we digged up after digging up secrets at a historic cemetery. >> that baltimore school officer charged with assaulting a student. some of those charges have been reduced. >> reporter: hi, elementary and middle school studen
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. a very heavy rn and thunderstorms making their way through the area. a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for prince george's county, northern portions of st. mary's and southern anne arundel. you can see the lightning associated with this. you see that associated thunderstorm warning in for clinton, maryland, upper moral borough, waldorf, too,
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strong winds, upwards of 60 miles per hour. the good news is this is moving through very quickly. it should be out of here, moving at 50 miles per hour. let's zoom in towards nat's park here. you can see we are dealing with heavy rain, a delay. it should last for about another 45 minutes to an hour or so, guys. >> doug, thank you. now the purple line is ago, construction on the multibillion dhar system could begin by the end of this year. >> that means big changes are coming to neighborhoods, roads and some schools. the burnle line will run from bethesda to new carrollton. news 4's chris gordon has our report. >> we spent a portion of the day here in montgomery and the rest in neighboring prince george's coty and discovered that the purple line will bring both pain and gain to the people who live and work alonghi
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wayne avenue will be widened at dale drive in silver spring for a purple line station here. >> that means some homeowners will lose a portion of their front yards. >> this is my father's house and from what he showed me, you know, with the prints, is that they were going to take at least up to this point where the sidewalk meets the grass area. >> reporter: the purple line station will be built in the middle of wayne avenue at the intersection in front of slago creek elementary and silver spring international middle school t. safety of students walking across the street is a major issue here. >> the most important concern is that there is not a single line in the purple budget to mitigate the impact it has on wayne. >> reporter: the line runs between bethesda and new carrollton. construction will begin late this year t. light rail service should be opened by the spring of 2022. the riverdale park shell station on kennelworth avenue
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east-west highway will be demolished to make way for the turp purple line. they ploy six people. >> my employees depend on this business. they have families, kids. i don't think it will be a good idea for us. >> next door the lawyers that work in this building have already moved. neighborhood commerce rely on the shell station. >> these people need this neighborhood. >> if this closes down, there is nowhere to go afterwards. >> reporter: ahead, we will focus on the positives of the purple line. what it means to montgomery and prince george's counties. that's the latest from the silver spring transit center. back to you. >> well, it has been two days of searching a pond and still no sign of mellissa rudd. >> that pond is near the national arboretum, after d.c. police say they got new information in this case that led them to this area. rudd disappeared two years ago she was in
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seen with a janitor near the homeless center where she lived. the janitor killed himself days after she went missing. prosecutors accuse a man assaulting a student. an attorney representing the officer says prosecutors dropped felony child abuse charges. cell phone video shows spence appear to strike and kick a student earlier this year, he entered a not guilty plea to misdemeanor charges during a hearing today. he is due back in court next month. meanwhile, in texas, a police officer is on administrative leave after this video that appears to show him body slam a 12-year-old girl. this is from san antonio. school officials say it happened when the officer intervened in an argument between two students t. student believes she did nothing wrong. she suffered a bump to the head, but otherwise is okay. >> a dozen strip clubs in prince george's county will be forced to close down tomorrow for violating the zoningws
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industrial or warehouse districts. the county won a year-long court battle with the businesses last week. the department of permits and inspections ordered a cease and desist order. it takes effect on friday, some of the strip club owners are expected to appeal. the former chair of the stafford county board of supervisors facing trespassing charges this evening. police took susan simpson into custody earlier this week. she was handing out what's been called personal information. inside a wegman's in fredericksburg. she was asked to leave and arrested within she refused. she served as chair of the board of supervisors from 2012 to 2014. she also ran an unsuccessful bid for lt. gov. in 2013. a speed camera controversy. what led to one man slammed with nearly $1,500 in tickets? >> taking a look at storm team 4 radar, storms are moving through. there were some thunderstorms and lightning in that t
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right now, tracking that severe thunderstorm. making its way through parts of the region. milwaukee county, prince
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from this one t. good part about this, it's moving very, very quickly. it's moving apt 50 miles per hour. because of that forward progression, we are seeing winds at 50 to 60 miles with it. you see this line right now heads up for strong winds in your area, also in through the southerland area, expect this heavier rain and the wind we have that delay here. the back edge is off towards the west. it should be through right around dvenlth around the kettering region. we have seen lightning. we have seen hail with this. hail covering the grounds if some spots. this is all moving off towards the east.
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the back edge very, very quickly, will be moving on through the area, it's all a part of this upper level system moving tu. it's very cold aloft. how cold? cold enough back towards snowshoe, west virginia. >> that itself the cold air we got moving in. here's one shower we got, coming tu d.c. right now. there is another band back to the west. not quite as worried oobtd this one. this should stay down around fredericksburg. it's something to watch here. behind this system, oh, much colder. we were at 64 last hour. we are now down to 62, or rather 52 degrees. look at pittsburgh, at 42. so that's the cold air that will be moving in behind this. look at this right now. here's the downpour, look at the downtown area, can you barely see the washington monument here. extremely heavy rain, right on through downtown. >> that will continue as you mentioned for 15 minutes. 52 degrees, winds out of the west at 18 miles an hour, gusting in some locations up to 30,
5:26 pm
tomorrow, a much nieceer afternoon. we will see sunshine, it will be on the cool side, high temperatures only in the 50, manied 50s during the day tomorrow. then the really cold air moves in for saturday. wind chills all day in the 20s. maybe a chance of shower activity and showers early could even have a little bit of snowflakes mixed in. so that's something we'll be watching. in ug to worry about there. the big worry is sunday morning, plenty of sun. look at 29 degrees early sunday morning, wind chills on sunday morning could be in the teens once again, potentially record-breaking temperatures, record lows, that's a record that we do not like to break, especially this time of year. veronica has much more on that seven-day forecast. we will continue to monitor the rain for you as this storm moves on through. >> thank you, doug. all right, coming up, a story you will see only on news 4 this evening, allegations of fraud against one local university. former grad students are a part of a lawsuit just filed. why they say they didn't get what they paid for.
5:27 pm
for civil war soldiers a and the man that wrote our national anthem. but what else is buried there? a news 4 i-team investigation into a trail of questionable spending. up there on that record. this is an unmarked police car t. damage caused after that cruiser went right into this school bus carrying children. ahead on news 4, we'll get you the latest on all those involved. a camera controversy in the district. that's nothing new. wa
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. it's a field trip. a group of fairfax county students won't soon forget. the bus they were colliding in collided with a police cruiser this afternoon, four people wound up in the hospital. david culvert joins us with more on what happened. david. >> reporter: and, jim, i just heard from a fairfax county school spokesperson who tells me 47 people were on board that bus. 43 of them were students. you can see behind me, the road is back opened at this hour. as you see in the video here from chopper 14, it was quite a mess. >> that crash slowing at times stopping traffic here for much of the afternoon. uneasiness as you pull up to the scene, realizing not only an officer involved
5:31 pm
burks carrying middle schoolers. >> i noticed there are people on the school bus. it looks like they were returning from a field trip. >> reporter: they said no lights or sirens, but driving along backlick road. it slammed right into the school bus, which was coming from a cross street. with a required stop. >> it was a big noise. >> reporter: he heard the crash while eating lunch, walked down, so you the officer's crushed cruiser. amazed she survived. >> the officer surprised me. she come out of the car and she was fine. >> the officer was walking? >> right. >> her cruiser's windshield sat shattered. he wants crews to treat the injured students. he calls this a problem spot. >> they should have put a traffic light in there. because so many accidents every week, every week. >> no word on any charges tonight. we can tell you that all those injured are expected to be
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a school spokesperson tells me that those who were uninjured, those students who were left on the burks another bus returned them to mark train middle school. wendy, back to you. >> thanks, david. speed cameras, nothing new, one camera has been catching people over and over and over again. the camera in the 600 block of kennelworth avenue northeast. you may know it well. it is responsible for thousands of dollars in tickets. so transportation reporter adam tusk started investigating. >> reporter: time and time again, hit by the speed camera. this driver, who didn't want to give his last name got ticket after ticket from a camera like this one a few weeks back. he can't put the pieces together. >> every day for 12 days, i got a speeding ticket. before i even received the first one in the mail and so now i have, you know, $1,500 in speeding ticts
5:33 pm
>> you see the problem along this stretch of kennelworth avenue isn't so much the speed camera. it's the speed limit. right here the speed limit is 50 miles an hour, over here, a short distance away the speed limit drops to 25 miles an hour and down here a little farther as you start to go around a curve towards benning road, the speed limit picks back up to 35 miles an hour, so what's the answer? the metropolitan police department says the whole reason the speed camera was put in here is speeding is an issue. we asked why the speed limit's changed so frequently but haven't gotten a response. meanwhile, this camera has been lighting up local list serves. some who received multiple tickets saying this is a classic speed trap. he is totally beside himself wondering what else you can do. what was your thought seeing one after the next? >> i wish i would have gotten the first one sooner. >> reporter: he does say he plans to fight the tickets t. speed
5:34 pm
these fines is now gone. so what happened to it? that part of the story coming up at 6:00. in northeast, adam tuss, news 4. >> wow, look forward to that at 6:00. starting monday, you have to pay close attention to where you drive, if your commute takes you by howard university. d-dot will begin enforcing bus-only lanes along a short strep of georgia avenue. this runs between florida avenue and barry place northwest and will be in effect between 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 in the evening. later this spring, they plan to add a red high friction surface to help identify the bus only lanes. a prince william county middle school will have a new name. godwin middle in dale city will become hampton. former virginia governor mills godwin was a segregationist. dr. george hampton is a community leader and army veteran. the change was first voted on last month. some felt they
5:35 pm
enough time to give their opinion. >> this is a story you will see only on news 4. allegations of fraud against a nationally renowned university right here in washington. let's go straight to consumer reporter susan hogan who has more on the case. susan. >> that's right. former students of george walk university are a part of a lute just filed against the institution. the private school prides itself as one of the nation's first major universitys to launch online programs. but, the lawsuit against the school claims graduate students did not get what they paid for once enrolled in gw's online master's program in security and safety leadership. the complaints say it's fraudulent misrepresentation. students say the program lacked instruction and online tools. >> a lot of us have multiple degrees. i had multiple college degrees. i wasn't look
5:36 pm
diplo diploma. i wanted to learn what they advertised. >> students a part of the lawsuit say they each paid nearly $30,000 for the online program. gw would fought respond to specific allegations at this point due to federal privies laws. it said overall, the program has been successful for many of its students. now, tonight at 11:00, a closer look at what the grad students say they actually paid for and will hear from their attorney as well. back to you, guys. a fraternity at west virginia university is on suspension because of an audition tape for the mtv reality show "the real world." the student who is a member of the frat posted a video on youtube. school officials say he toured the fraternity house, talking about women inappropriately and describing some social functions that violate the code of conduct t. school's director of greek life says it's unfortunate the entire organization was punished, because of what one student did. a man calls 911 to report someone walking around
5:37 pm
with a gun. he thought he was doing the right thing. find out why that phone call may actually land him in court. plus, we got a rare look at a weather phenomenon on mars that'sot some g
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5:39 pm
. three bills aimed at making changes to gun laws in virginia made thei
5:40 pm
instead, he vetoed the ceremony at alexandria city hall. it would have let someone with a protective order carry a conceal handgun without a permit. one would have narrowed the circumstances for charging illegally or brandishing as they say a firearm. >> right now, crews are trying to figure out what caused a carbon monoxide scare in the district. two people were rushed to the hospital. they were inside here at st. peter's capital church on 2nd street south of pennsylvania avenue. the conditions of the two people unknown now. soch people plan to fight for a new mosque. a representative is considering legal action. according to richmond sometimes dispatch. they denied the
5:41 pm
>> that area doesn't have access to public utilities. board members say this has nothing to do with religion. for the first time, we're getting unprecedented access inside the office of d.c.'s medical examiner. they announced they received national acredittation. of the 300 offices in the country. fewer than a third have hit that standards. they say thanks to the staff there is no backlog. he says the main goal is to bring answers to families that lost loved ones. do they have secrets hidden away? coming up, what the news 4 i-team dug up within they got into questionable spending. >> fast moving storms, a few more minutes with that severe thunderstorm warning. we hope to get back to playing baseball here.
5:42 pm
rapidly. while we have the heavy rain, still along parts of i-95, take a look outside, some areas seeing sunshine, some getting reports of rainbows across. we have a lot more coming forup time magazine called chris van hollen "a hero to environmentalists, education groups, and gun control advocates" for his accomplishments as a young legislator. now a respected leader in congress
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protecting planned parenthood and social security... chris van hollen is the only candidate who fought the wall street banks and the nra...and won. that's why he's endorsed by the post as the "talented successor" to senator mikulski who will "deliver results." i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message. i'm chris van hollen,
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e raskin is the only democrat for congress who's authored landmark progressive laws -- marriage equality, equal pay for women, green maryland act, assault weapons ban, and more. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message. buried secrets at a local cemetery. until the news 4 i-team starting diggi
5:45 pm
popular home improvement stores. tonight, tishia thompson says former employees say this cemetery is being run into the ground. >> mount olive cemetery is one of the most historic spots, the final resting place for the first governor of maryland and dozens of war heroes and the man that wrote our national anthem frances scott key. no one knows the property like todd fox. >> pretty much anything that needs done, i was your die guy. >> reporter: for 17 years, he discovered a pile of paper. sitting in the cemetery's brake room. >> i glanced over the paper. i saw that it was cemetery credit card receipt from home depot. >> reporter: including multiple purchases from a store in hagerstown, maryland. i thought, why would we drive to hagerstown when there is two home depos in frederick. it didn't make sense to me.
5:46 pm
working at the sales manager when another employee asked him for help installing a fence. >> we showed up to his house. got to his truck. when to the home depot, rang up three or 400 and he used the credit card. >> reporter: mount olivet is a community owned c-13 not for profit, meaning some ploy yoos get credit cards like this one to make purchases. tax free. in the receipts they found multiple purchases for ten foot tall pressure treated posts, concrete and more than 120 of the dog eared pickets. >> have you ever seen that many pickets anywhere on the cemetery property? >> no, and i was there when they were installed at rick's house. >> reporter: who is rick? one of their bosses, assistant superintendent. they helped build this fence at his home in hagers town. in that same people of
5:47 pm
roofing panels in the color red. is there a red roof anywhere on the cemetery property? >> nowhere is it? >> on his roof in hagerstown, maryland. >> reporter: that red roof is hard to miss when chopper 4 flew over his home. we could not find a red roof anywhere on the cemetery's property. >> once you ends up on that slippery slope is a problem. >> reporter: an expert on financial fraud. >> if you take a credit card issued in the corporate not for profit name and use that and buy something personally, that's a problem. that's violating both the state rules on the tax exemption and the rules of using that corporate credit ard. >> reporter: he says reeder told him he can use the tax exempt card. >> he told us to give am shot. we could use it. >> reporter: we found he wasn't the only
5:48 pm
purchases. matching up codes on one reings seat, they found a dishwasher, a microwave, a refrigerator and range and a $2,300 washer and drier combo in the color red. all purchased tax free. then, there was a tractor cover. purchased int cemetery's credit card from this lowis, three hours away, in fredericksburg virginia. >> what is near that lowes in virginia? >> lake anna. >> and what's at lake anna? >> the superintendent's lake house. >> reporter: ron piercecy is the superintendent and listed this house rent 43. but according to state records he built this home now nearly half a million on the banks of lake anna in 2007. >> that is the same year those applianceser purchased with the cemetery's card. >> reporter: they're just using
5:49 pm
it to their advantage for personal gains. >> he's ra stepfather. that's why fox says they took what they found to the cemetery's board of directors. but the results were not what they expected. you got fired? >> yep. >> reporter: they get to keep working there? >> yep. >> reporter: the news 4 i-team wrote detailed letters and making phone calls. remsburg hung up on us. >> the board has a duty to go through a thorough investigation. if, in fact, they found there was more problems and don't do anything about it. the irs could come in and revoke the tax exempt status of the organization. >> reporter: the cemetery did finally provide a statement through its attorney saying it takes these allegations seriously t. board took prompt and appropriate action. but wouldn't tell the i-team what that action was. saying the board does not wish to discuss its actions publicly. >> i want people to know what's going on ther
5:50 pm
into the ground. >> reporter: the board would not answer our questions about why the two men no longer work at the cemetery saying, quote, with respect to personnel issues, it is the board's practice to treat them as a private and confidential matter. they say if you use a card for personal expenses, can you still get in trouble, even if you offer to pay the company back. and offer to pay the taxes back. so he says, just do not do it if you have a company credit card. >> wow. >> it's a private matter. when it's tax exempt. we're talking public. >> taxpayers kind of dacare whe you aren't paying taxes in there interesting. well, the feds are headed to flint, michigan this weekend to talk to people who complained early onto the federal government about that city's water. according to inspector general's office at the e, more than 100 people turned into complaints to the action or the white house between april, 2014 and october of
5:51 pm
in april, 2014 the city's water supply was switched to the flint river. last october, officials finally declared a public health emergency. nasa's mars rover is grabbing some pictures of a weather phenomenon on the red planet. this is a dust devil. it's like a tiny twister. it's formed by a rising rotating column of warm air. when it picks up grains of dust, it is transformed into a piller floating through the deserts of mars. i noticed this behind us, between us, known if you can see this, look at the rainbow is. does it mean we are out of the woods? >> it means we are out of the woods, i couldn't come to the studio. i sent you guys a rainbow, how about that? there is a pot of gold if you look really hard. we have fast moving rain, it's been flying through here. already east. i think they'll be
5:52 pm
minutes. probably before 7:00. you can see the rain now, making its way east of 95, still, there is a little moderate rain, it's eastbound towards crofton, look, dry now at the ballpark, getting breezy, temperatures, throw, in the 50s. we will jump a bit before we start cooling down later this evening, anne arundel continues under a thunderstorm warning. there is lightning out over the open waters. there is a heavier cell towards annapolis maryland right now. the neck, eastbound, it will stay i think south of leonard town. then another area here that will make its move on fredericksburg and hopefully stay just south of d.c. so your evening impact forecast, temperatures in the 50s around the low 50s and holding steady over the next couple of hours. all of this will be ending
5:53 pm
can you put away the umbrellas? at least a while. we will be monitoring a light scattered showers on saturday. back to baseball ball this weekend. the nationals playing at 4:05. we will be at a temperature of 48 degrees in the afternoon. it is going to be cold and windy and wind chill readings on saturday will be in the 30s. we'll drop to the teens i think by early sunday morning. so, sunday best day of the weekend. another game, temperature sunny and cold, especially the early part of the day. so it's going to be a kind of weekend where you want to bundle up and stay warm. if you are going to the game, that's exactly what you need to remember to do. for tomorrow the weather will have a low i78 pact on our day, sunshine, yes, on the cool side. so your temperature early friday, 32 into 42. i like we will be dry throughout the day tomorrow. nonetheless, you need a warm jacket or light weight coat for your friday and again for the upcoming weekend. there is your sunshine, upper 50s or
5:54 pm
high temperature tomorrow, saturday's forecast with the clouds coming through the area, again on the chilly side, can't rule out a few wet snowflakes early part of the day. it's the mid-part when we have scattered showers coming through the area, pretty light. 48 degrees, again the high temperature on saturday, just shy of 50 degrees on sunday. early part of next week, okay. i know you guys are tired of the cold. don't want anymore of it. next week, it's a milder pattern, upper 50s to low 60s on highs. of course, we are tracking more on the rain. we have more on news 4 at 6:00. a man is shot and killed by police after walking around a ndl-mart a pointing a gun at
5:55 pm
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the msrp on most remaining 2015 chevy vehicles while they last. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. >> the family of a pan killed by police inside an ohio wal-mart says they are closer to justice. one man could now be facing charges in that 2014 case. >> that person isn't a police officer. it's a person that called 911. why they think there is probable cause for ziemt. >> reporter: they say while a judge's ruling offers some comfort. richie wasn't the one that pulled the trigger. >> ultimately, we believe it was the police department's responsibility to come and assess the situation. >> there is a gentleman walking around with a gun in the
5:58 pm
>> has he got it pulled out? >> he's like pulling people. >> reporter: richie was the only one when he was carrying around what was a bee-bee gun picked up from a store shelf. shortly after the call, he was shot and killed by two beaver police officer, angela williams died after collapsing trying to get her kids to safety a. month later, a green county grand jury was deciding the fate of the two officers involved. i sat down with law professor no ask if it was possible richie could also face charges? >> can they look at that 911 caller or is it strictly two officers? >> oh, no, whatever those facts uncover can lead to a indictment of somebody else other than those two officers. >> the grand jury eventually chose not to indict anyone involved. more than a year after that decision,
5:59 pm
people take up their cause. >> we are thankful the community is behind this family, supporting this family, still trying to see justice for the crawford family. >> if convicted of that, the caller could get a $1,000 fine. >> the officers have not been charged. news 4 begins now with storm team 14. >> keeping an eye on the ryan coming down across our region tonight. wherever you live, you probably seen some heavy rain at some point today. >> mother nature put a damper on the nat's home opener today. a like look outside the park. we have learned inside the rain delay has been listed. they'll be back to playing ball in about 15 minutes now. >> so let's turn to storm team 4 chief in our weather center with what the next couple of hours are likely to bring. is it over? >> for most of us. it ov
6:00 pm
come through, these downpours. heavy rain. a severe thunderstorm warning has been issued. >> that is now expired. you see where the heaviest rain is right now. around the crofton area, moving over towards annapolis. they reported a 40-mile-an-hour wind gust. do the south, another storm. this is to the west of fredericksburg. it should stay south of d.c. so again, athink the game is fine. there could be a brief delay. you can see around bowie, crofton, right along 50, along route 3 here. bowie, arnold and annapolis, we will continue to see the heavy rain. the wide view. notice the snow book to the west. >> that shows you cold air is on the way. we will talk about the cold, how cold things get for the weekend in just a minute. >> thanks, doug.


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