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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  April 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. now at 11:00, a bombshell tonight from inspectors of d.c. circulate for buses. >> our news partners reporting that nearly all of the buses were not fit to be on the road. the cold is moving ind
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sunday morning. teens and 20s. i'll break it down for you. >> and former grad students say they did not get the education they paid for. now suing a local university. their story and the school's response tonight only on news4. first tonight, disturbing allegations involving kidnapping and rape. the victim, just 12 years old. >> montgomery county police arrested these two men and charged them in the case. shomari stone explains why they could face charges in d.c. and virginia. shomari? >> reporter: that's right. police are telling me that prosecutors here in montgomery county will talk to prosecutors in montgomery county.
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enrique carbajal lured the 12-year-old into his apartment complex and allegedly assaulted her. tonight, carbajal and victor tome are behind bars facing charges of rape and kidnapping and assault of a 12-year-old girl. police arrested them yesterday. >> this could be one of the worst type of calls that police officers in any department has to deal with. >> reporter: police tell me that carbajal took her from her apartment two weeks ago. they sexually assaulted her. >> we deal with victims at such a young age who have been sexually assaulted. it's very disturbing. >> reporter: they then drove her to a party in virginia and dropped her off back at home. carbajal's know the girl's family. >> the parents did not give permission for him to go to the home and secondly, and most importantly, to remove the victim from the home. >> reporter: now tonight, police
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to see if the duo is linked to sex crimes in that city while right now they are in jail behind bars and their bond was set at $500,000. live here in wheaton, shomari stone, back to you, jim. back to our media partner that has learned that a recent audit found 95% of those d.c. circulate for buses had at least one safety problem so significant they should be pulled off the roads. the safety defects include issues with safety equipment, driver control steering and brakes. the audit also found that they have failed to effectively oversee the contractor that operates the circulate for. that company is called first transit. it's agreed to fix all of the maintenance issues. there's a d.c. council hearing set for tomorrow on this topic. you can buy the link to the pull report on our nbc washington app. new tonight, georgetown
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fallen victim to a cyberattack but they were not able to steal employee or student information. the attack happened last week but the university's firewall shut down its network to protect its system and private information. georgetown says the hack is not related to the attack against med star health system. georgetown's clinical partner. in a statement, the university said it takes the attack very seriously and is working to ensure its technology systems are as safe and as strong as they can be. turning to the forecast now and we're getting done with the rain but we are not done with winter's last gasp in april. doug? >> you notice the wind out there right now continuing to blow those flags around. we're going to see the very cold conditions making their way in and that's what is happening right now. temperatures today got into the 60s. we'll be in the low to mid-50s during the day tomorrow. the rain that did move through is now continuing way up to the north and west.
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notice to the west, though, there is some snow back here. that's because of the colder air only in the 30s. it's filtering on in. tomorrow, not too bad but the weekend is going to be very cold. we're talking about near record low temperatures. i'll see you in a minute. well, as you know, doug, it got in the way of the game. it didn't end the way that fans wanted it to end but that didn't keep 42,000 people enjoying a home opener. lots of fans lined up three hours in advance. many decked out from head to toe in attitude. turned into a sloppy affair with an hour and a half rain delay. for a lot of folks, it was a can't miss event. >> opening day for each state should be like their own statewide holiday. >> i'm always excited. he got me to baseball. now the opening day is like a holiday for us. it's a holiday
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relationship. >> two prince william county police officers injured in a shooting that took the life of officer ashley winden through out the first pitches today. coming up later, jason will have updates. and charges dropped against six seen agers accused in a beating at a metro platform in january. police say one of the teens sucker punched a rider and when the rider fought back, the others lunged at him the the five boys and one girls had been charged with aggravated assault. d.c.'s attorney general wouldn't comment on the case specifically and metro has declined to comment as well. for the second day in a row, a renewed search for relis relisha rudd turned up
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police didn't find anything. rudd was 8 years old when she disappeared from the d.c. homeless shelter where she lived. the search over the last two days was based on new information. they are still asking for tips in the case. tonight, hundreds of people attended a vigil to remember a university of texas student who was found dead in a campus creek. the 18-year-old was a first-year dance student. she was last seen leaving a campus building sunday night. now police are looking for the man in this surveillance video seen walking with her bicycle around the time she went missing. investigators have not said how she died. there's new video tonight police hope will help them find the suspect in a sex assault in virginia. the biggest clue is a distinct feature on his getaway car. this attack happened last wednesday on commerc
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springfield, virginia. news4's megan fitzgerald has more with the latest clue. megan? >> reporter: police want people to pay attention to the red vehicle that had a gray or white stripe along the side of the door. they say that's the vehicle that the suspects drove off in before dragging the woman into the dumpster where she was sexually assaulted. it was last wednesday morning and it was around the springfield community. >> i do have concerns for some of my friends who are female. >> reporter: concern after fairfax county police say this man grabbed a 40-year-old woman walking behind this strip mall, dragging her into a dumpster where she was sexually assaulted and robbed. police just released this video showing the suspect before the attack and then moments later investigators say he drove off in a red vehicle with a gray or white stripe on the
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side door. what's even more troubling is children and families lived yards away. henry says his wife usually cuts through the back parking lot to get to work. did you not anymore. >> reporter: normal are you teens have changed and parents are keeping a close eye on their kids until police can track down the suspect and bring him to justice. >> i'd like to see him go to jail for a long time. >> reporter: now, just yesterday police were back out here canvassing the area passing out flyers to these neighbors asking them for any information but so far no leads. they are asking the community for any information about this case to contact the fairfax county police department. reporting in springfield, megan fitzgerald, news4. next at 11:00, allegations of fraud against a top local university. >> i wanted to learn what they
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>> no, absolutely not. >> consumer reporter susan hogan digs into the lawsuit just filed by former grad students. >> safety tool or speed trap? >> i think it's a money grab? >> yeah. >> meet the driver who says he got $1500 in speeding tickets from a camera that's now gone. and why uber just agreed to a multimillion dollar setement ovtler you can't predict the market. ovtler but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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but jamie raskin is the only democrat for congress who's authored landmark progressive laws -- marriage equality, equal pay for women, green maryland act, assault weapons ban, and more. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message.
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may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. new at 11:00, prosecutors accused uber of misleading you about the quality ofit
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background checks. now the ride-hailing service is settling a lawsuit for at least $10 million. california prosecutors sued in 2014 saying uber falsely claimed its criminal screening of would-be drivers led in the industry. in fact, prosecutors say uber's background checks were inferior to what taxi drivers undergo because it didn't include fingerprint checks. a san francisco judge approved that today. most people don't like speed cameras but imagine getting $1500 in fines from one of them before you even knew you had gotten a ticket. one driver said he got ticketed every day for nearly two weeks by the same camera on the 600 block of kenniworth avenue. the speed limit varies from 25 to 50 depending on which stretch of the road you're traveling on. d.c. police say a camera was placed there because of excessive speeding but now the camera has
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i got 13 speeding tickets from a camera that's not even here. >> some d.c. speed cameras rotate to different locations so it's possible that camera has just been moved. drivers have been lighting up local list serv saying it's a classic speed trap. allegations of fraud involving an online program at one of the nation's top universities right here in our region. consumer reporter susan hogan has detailed tonight of a lawsuit just filed against george washington university. >> george washington university prides itself as one of the first major universities to launch online programs. but the lawsuit against the school claims students didn't get what they paid for. george washington university is a private university with a renowned reputation. and like many colleges, offers online programs. >> i
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financial means to take off of work to attend graduate school full time. >> that's why brice bradford, a consultant to the u.s. marsh marshal service enrolled in safety and security leadership. >> i was interested in learning about national security, homeland defense, cybersecurity. >> reporter: but when bradford and other students started taking the online program -- >> first impression for all of us was, wait a minute, where's the instructor? >> reporter: th were incredibly disappointed. now the students are part of a lawsuit accusing the university of fraudulent misrepresentation. >> they absolutely did not get what they promised. >> reporter: an attorney representing the student says that gw advertised the online program would be taught by professors who specialize in online learning education. include video presentations. and the
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would be equivalent to that which students would receive in the classroom. >> that's not at all what happened here. >> reporter: court documents here show the online program was taught using power point slides taken from in-course classes. >> i'm reading notes that needs an accompanying lecture. >> reporter: when bradford and other students reached out the professors -- >> oftentimes, they would not respond. >> this was not a real course or a program. this was a fabrication and the only justification for doing this would be money. >> reporter: the cost, each student paid more than $28,000. they did earn a master's degree but bradford says what they didn't get was an education. >> a lot of us already have multiple college degrees. i had multiple college degrees going into this. i wanted to learn what they advertised. >> reporter: and did you? >> no. absolutely not. >> reporter: news4
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allegations about the school and said in part, "federal privacy laws prevent the university from responding to allegations other than in court" and said overall the program has been successful for many of it is students. many have gone on to successful careers in the litary, law enforcement and other government agencies. >> did you get your money's worth? >> not at all. no. >> bradford says and he other students complained multnomah peop multiple times. gw says since the program started in 2009, more than 300 students have gone on to graduate. susan hogan, news4. doug's here with the weather. just like you said, they got the game in. there was a delay in there. but it did work out. >> thank goodness. >> yeah. it's cold tonight, though. >> yes. and if you have plans this
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son has practice on thursday. windchills in the 30s. soccer practices have started now so a lot of us are supposed to be outdoors and it's supposed to feel like spring. it's feeling like winter. the rain moved in early today and we saw more showers and thunderstorms in the city. right around 5:00 outside of the studios here in the northwest. you can see the wind blowing that flag around and rain coming down. we even had a severe thunderstorm warning. now, much nicer. across our region. 51 degrees. winds out of the northwest at 10 miles per hour. 43 in martinsburg. it's going to be a chilly morning and not as cold as it was a couple of mornings,
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down to the south. it will move in in southern portions and just light rain. it's all part of the same system that is rotating. look at this storm. this is why i love weather. look at this big area of low pressure that is spinning here and a lot of cold air under this. that's why we have snow back towards the west. the mountains, back towards west virginia, western portions of maryland, a couple of inches of know overnight tonight and maybe for us on saturday. no accumulation here. 56 tomorrow. plenty of sunshine. a little bit cool. a few clouds in the afternoon. 53 degrees in gaithersburg. i want to show you saturday. at noon. 36 in manassas. this is when the kids will be out there on the ball field trying to play some baseball. look at 4:00 in the afternoon.
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here. manassas, 29. it's going to be brutal on saturday. sunday, too. if you go to the nats game, as we have a couple of games this week, saturday, 4:05, 48 degrees and very windy and passing showers. that game they will get into. yes, they will. 56 on friday and 49 on sunday. look at the overnight low. sunday morning low, 29. the record is 28 degrees. we could be close to that and then on monday we rebound nicely, back up to 68. at least we moderate. no more 40s and i don't see another shot of really cold air anytime soon. not saying it's not coming, but i don't see it out there right now. >> all right. >> we don't want to see it either. >> i know. >> coming up, no history as the penguins spoil the party. jason is up next. >> sports next but first here is jimmy fallon. hey, guys, russell crowe is
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well, one home game under our belt. not the way we wanted it to end. >> very unfortunate. i'm more of an indoor man than an outdoor man. >> because of the rain? >> because of the rain. but it was a great ceremony that they had. it may not have been the perfect home opener but it did feel good to see baseballck
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nation's capital. after a 1:20 rain delay, the marlins and nationals finally got this under way. you have to go back to 2013 for the nats last victory. the wait finally over, though. the home opener pretty good. and the first inning, nats down 3-0. bases loaded. the new guy, daniel murphy coming through once again. what a bat he's been in that lineup. clearing a triple. all three runs coming in to score. seventh inning now, marlins up 5-3 and donny gets it to center and later on, this is the man, harper. trying to bring the nats back. what a shock that was. his second home run of the season. cuts the lead to t
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nats wouldn't get any closer. murphy goes down looking to end this game in miami. they take this one 6-4. what did he say to the team for their first loss of the season? >> he didn't say anything. i don't think you need to. it's the third game of the year. so i think we understand what we need to do on a daily basis and i think it's part of the game. sometimes you win. sometimes you lose. it's part of it. >> elsewhere, the caps one victory away from tieing the season record. pittsburgh jumped out to a 3-0 lead. here comes the good guys. andre. we are not up at three and heads to overtime. late in o.t., chris come away with the puck here to crosby. that's how this ends.
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over time. >> not going to last very long if we play like we did tonight. the worth ethic wasn't there, the execution. i don't know how we brought that to overtime. >> we're playing teams that are in high gear right now and we are not there. we are not there yet. so this has got to be a pretty good wake-up call. >> two games left for the capitals. elsewhere in baltimore, the orioles looking for a sweep against the twins, bottom of the seventh, that's jonathan scope. they came back from two to tie this game and then untied it and they took an 0-3 lead in the eighth. the rookie, joey, he's been raking for the birds. to continue tonight, for the first time in his big league career. they double up the twins 4-2. they sweep the tw
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we head down to augusta now. first round of the masters taking place. ernie els apparently forgot his coffee this morning. the big easy, first putts the first hole. no one has ever finished with a nine on the par first hole. jordan spieth is your leader at six under. >> boy. >>
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ws. when it comes to the things you love, you want more. love romance? get lost in every embrace. into sports? follow every pitch, every play and every win. change the way you experience tv with x1 from xfinity.
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in check out this wild car chase in l.a. look at two burglary suspects dropping from the top of their mustang convertible and then doing donuts on hollywood boulevard. a tmz tour bus tried to stop them and then they
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. at giant, shoppers low prices by the thousands, plus a thousand more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of "bread." [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices. my giant.
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♪ 4 by 4 by land, 4 by 4 by sea ♪ ♪ 4 by 4 by air - 'cause i like to fly free ♪ ♪ 4 my country and how it all started out ♪ ♪ 4 the brave and every boy scout ♪ ♪ 4 doin' it yourself cuz you want it done right ♪ ♪ 4 by 4 the top down - stars keep ya up at night ♪ ♪ 4 by 4 every one of our seventy-five years ♪ ♪ 4 by 4 the wave - that's how we say 'cheers' ♪ ♪ that's how we live ♪ 4 by 4ever [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- russell crowe. jonathan groff.


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