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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  April 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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some big changes coming in the weather. we're in for a dramatic drop in the temperature as well as some pretty strong winds and it's all coming just in time for the weekend. >> we're going to begin with storm team4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer. doug, what are we in store for? >> well, we're talking about a weather alert day tomorrow, and the reason is just because it's going to be so cold for this time of year. if this was january or february, we would expect this, but over the next 24 hours, temperatures will drop. a lot of you saying it's cold today. 51 degrees with those winds upwards of 20 to 30 miles per hour has given us a windchill but look at the numbers back to the west. so far only 39 in columbus, ohio. that's the colder air that will move in tomorrow. a freeze warning in effect again tonight. we saw it earlier this week, again tonight, for portions of our area. mostly west of i-95 or just about all west of i-95. tomorrow it's a freeze watch for the entire area. everybody goes below freezing tomorrow night. lows in the 20s to 30
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near record cold. that's going to be for sure overnight tomorrow night and into the day on sunday. so let's talk about the headlines. cold, cold, cold. windchills in the 20s and 30s all day tomorrow and, yes, we're even talking a little snow. it's not going to be much but a little snow. this time of year it's hard to come by but it's happening tomorrow. we'll talk more about this forecast in a minute. >> all right, doug. well, with several days of rocky weather ahead of us, you'll want to keep the nbc washington app handy. we'll send you breaking weather alerts so you can track what's coming in the palm of your hand. new at 4, the head of metro called to testify on capitol hill. the subject, how safe is metro? we learned a little while ago that metro gm paul wiedefeld and board chairman jack evans will testify next week before congress. two subcommittee that is oversee the district want to learn more about last month's systemwide shutdown for emergency safety inspections. the hearing will happen on wednesday morning. an emotional farewell to a
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by a stranger for no apparent reason. today friends and classmates and family said good-bye to davonte washington. he was shot easter weekend at the deanwood metro station right in front of his mother and his young sisters. news4's derrick ward has more on how he's being remembered. >> reporter: the last trip for 15-year-old davonte washington. classmates from his largo high school junior rotc company helped him along. outside the first baptist church a horse drawn hearse finished the final leg of his journey. >> we will not lit his dealet h vain. >> he was shot for nothing more than looking at someone the wrong way. >> we know that there are questions of why and there's hearse and there's pain and there's suffering. >> reporter: the church was filled with young people, classmates from largo high school, friends and family memba
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community and yet seems to randomly set upon a young man described as fun loving and respectful. >> please know we cared for him deeply, that the fact that we're all here today speaks to his character as a young man and what he meant to us. >> reporter: the suspect in davonte washington's shoot something only 17 years old and apparently a stranger to the victim. he faces second-degree murder while armed. at washington's funeral rather than condemnation for the accused there was a call for other young people to find another path away from the violence that claimed davonte washington. >> guard your hearts because there's so many things out here designed to captivate you and to take you off course. don't let society define you. >> reporter: derrick ward, news4. a woman accused of driving under the influence is blamed for a man's death in downtown washington. police say a car hit and killed a man as he stepped off a curb onto massachusetts avenue near thomas circle around 1:30 this
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identified as 24-year-old roshonda josephs to the hospital for minor injuries. he's charged now with dui. we are working right now to learn the identity of the victim. new details now in a deadly air force base shooting in texas. a senior u.s. official tells the associated press this was an apparent murder/suicide. that an airman shot his commander at joint base san antonio lackland late this morning before killing himself. investigators haven't named the two yet. lackland is the military's largest joint base and the home of air force basic training. the shooting happened in a building that houses offices and classrooms. investigators say this was not an act of terrorism. an update now on a story we first shared with you yesterday on news4 at 4:00 about the crash involving a fairfax county school bus and a police car. detectives have ruled out speed and alcohol as factors, and they say the officer could not avoid e
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the officer was responding to a shoplifting at the time and didn't have the emergency lights on. when the cruiser reached the intersection, the bus pulled right in front of it. it was carrying about 40 students from mark twain middle school returning from a field trip. no one was seriously hurt. just days before he was set to go on trial, a montgomery county teenager has pleaded guilty for a crash last summer that killed two of his friends. news4's meagan fitzgerald is working on that story today. >> reporter: this morning 19-year-old samuel ellis took a plea deal telling a judge that he's guilty on two counts of vehicular manslaughter after he was driving drunk last summer and killed two of his friends. ellis and his family were in court today along with the family of 18-year-old alexander murk. murk and calvin li were in the backseat of ellis' car along with another friend who was up front. montgomery county police say on the evening of june 25th, 2015, the teens left a
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in north potomac. just before midkn kninight elli control of his car and went airborne before landing roof down in a nearby yard. murk and li died instantly. he faces up to 20 years in prison. coming up at 5:00, we'll tell you how prosecutors described ellis' demeanor in court today and why they offered a plea bargain in the first place. megagan fitzgerald, news4. i'm tracee wilkins in fairmont heights. in less than an hour this business and 11 others are going to have to cease and desist adult entertainment activities per court order. prince george's county has gone after these clubs after a year-long battle in court. the county has won, and now these businesses have to stop adult entertainment. coming up on news4 at 5:00, we speak with one of the business owners and he has a very interesting theory about why the
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county's coming after these clubs. he's saying they're trying to actually make room for new entertainment. we'll explain. they transport thousands of people every day, but there are new concerns, safety concerns b buses that make their way all over the heart of the nation's capital. why the people behind the wheel are raising some big concerns. well, tomorrow is not an election day, but a lot of people here will head to the polls. we'll tell you what they're voting for and why police are worried it could cse some traua
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awards aren't everything. but when they come from your customers, they mean a lot. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. right now, get super fast 100 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds plus tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. we've had some very cool sunshine today. the wind, the breeze, it's
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chilly evening for us. talking about that weather alert day for tomorrow because of the fact that it's going to feel and even look a bit like winter again across the area. even on sunday we'll also have a bit of a chill in the air. you're looking at the temperatures in the early part of the day. 39 in d.c. but look at gaithersburg, frederick, leesburg, winchester, martinsburg, freezing and subfreezing to the north and west. even know tomorrow we'll hit high temperatures in the low to mid-40s most neighborhoods, let me show you what it will feel like throughout the day. your morning, 30 to 35, and it will actually feel colder as we make our way through the day. midpart of the day, 28 to 33 even in the afternoon as the winds pick up. we'll have more on that wind and what you can expect where those freezing temperatures will hit early sunday morning. now to a developing story out of prince george's county. a daycare provider is charged with first-degree murder in the death of a baby. beatrice manning was caring for a 9-month-old in her oxon hill home last december. one morning she called 911 sayi
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unresponsive. by that evening little savannah wright was on life support. she died two days later. investigators determined little savannah died of blunt force trauma while in manning's care. there's a traffic alert for you in falls church because of peruse presidential elections. thousands of people will be casting their ballots at two local schools on sunday, mary ellen henderson middle school and george mason high school are next to each other on route 66. polling is open on sunday. the elections are expected to bring heavier than normal traffic throughout this coming sunday. the catholic church weighing in on some controversial contemporary issues today. how the pope is generating a lot of reaction from both sides after weighing in on issues of family and tolerance. something in the water. the terrifying encounter that was caugt on camera.h
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time magazine called chris van hollen "a hero to environmentalists, education groups, and gun control advocates" for his accomplishments as a young legislator. now a respected leader in congress and key ally of president obama, protecting planned parenthood and social security... chris van hollen is the only candidate who fought the wall street banks and the nra...and won. that's why he's endorsed by the post as the "talented successor" to senator mikulski who will "deliver results." i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message.
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you're watching news4 at 4:00. >> safety should be first on any sort of public transportation. i shouldn't get on a bus or a train and feel like i'm not going to arrive safely. >> major concerns about your safety on the d.c. circulator bus. drivers are saying the buses have
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to the oversight hearing this morning and she has more details on bus safety. >> reporter: the d.c. circulators because drivers union testified at a ddot oversight committee hearing about an audit that found that 95% of circulator buses had safety problems. we heard from the union and some of the bus drivers, they have story after story and several personal examples of unsafe maintenance conditions on their buses. they tell us they have been voicing these concerns for a long time writing them up in reports, going to osha, to only have their jobs threatened. this outside audit done in august found issues with safety equipment, driver controls, tires, brakes, turn signals. it is a long list that goes on. this audit obtained by wtp found that ddot and metro failed to oversee
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operates the circulator, first transit. they have agreed to fix the problems but the drivers say those buses are still out on the roads some seven months after the audit. >> we have situations where the buses, i'll be driving down the street and the doors open up on their own. we call in and they'll tell us to ride the bus to the end of the line using the front doors only. >> this picture shows where a handicap ramp that was defective was used -- they have a strap holding it up. and no way, shape, or form should that bus have been on the road. >> reporter: the circulator drivers also want better pay telling us they make $8.50 less than metro drivers. ddot did respond to wtop about the audit. they say that they are monitoring the performance of the circulator buses and that they sought this audit in order to improve safety. at the wilson building, kristin wright, news4.
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hasn't felt much like april out there, today. >> yeah, dog, what's up with spring? >> yeah, kind of left for a while. >> awol. >> i think it went to florida, as a matter of fact. i think it decided to take a little spring break itself. we just can't seem to find it. mother nature bringing in more winter temperatures over the weekend. we are looking at one frigid we weekend, at least by april standards. 51 degrees the current temperatures. everybody asking me the same question, what's going on? why so cold? we continue to get this cold air moving in from the northwest straight out of the canada. temperatures today well below average. 54 in manassas. 52 in culpeper. we're about 13 degrees colder than average now. nothing on the radar. we're going to stay dry tonight, but tomorrow a different story. take a look at what's going on. a few clouds today but back to the west i'm tracking this storm system, and notice where it's coming from. right down from canada and it's got a lot of snow. chicago ranging from rain to snow right now. that system ms
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it brings us some shower activity overnight tonight. maybe even some snow by early tomorrow morning and then it brings us the cold. look at the winds tomorrow gusting 25 to 35 miles an hour. we may see winds over 40 miles per hour tomorrow. combine that with the very cold temperatures and, well, this is what you get tomorrow. look at the windchill tomorrow around noon. 37 in frederick. 40 in manassas. 41 in d.c. and by tomorrow evening around 4:00, here is 4:00 in the afternoon with some shower activity around. windchill 32 in gaithersburg. 29 in manassas. that is during the middle part of the day. that is during the warmest part of the day this time of year and we're only going to be in the upper 20s to mid-30s for windchills. so an incredibly cold day tomorrow. it will stay that way early sunday. sunday we're predicting near record cold temperatures and look at the windchills. maybe in the teens and low 20s. so really some incredible cold here. sunday going to be a cold day. so what to wear. this guy has got the right idea
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back but not just the coats. the hats are back and the blankets. blankets outside? yeah. a lot of us are going to be on the sidelines this weekend or soccer games, baseball games. take a blanket. i guarantee you, if you take it, you will be thanking me later because that's the kind of cold we have coming in. it will be quite chilly and it's all about the wind. if it was 46 and sunny, not a big deal, but it's 46 with the wind. not to mention the chance for some shower activity. yes, it could even mix with some snow at times in parts of the area. do not be surprised to see some snowflakes by sunday. 49 degrees. less wind, more sunshine. still cold but a better afternoon. monday we get up to 64 degrees ahead of the next front. that comes through on tuesday. another chance of shower activity on monday, late monday, and then tuesday a good chance for some showers if not some rain. but, guys, get ready. that's why we're calling tomorrow a weather alert day. it's one of the days where you just need to be prepared for it. it's going to be that cold. not dangerous cold, just like come on,
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>> yeah, come on man. thank you, doug. a paddle boarder in south florida is calling his close encounter with a shark both surreal and cool. he was having a little fun on his lunch break yesterday when a shark jumped out of the water and jumped right over his board knocking him off the board and into the water. he quickly climbed back onto that board and paddled off as fast as he could. a camera mounted on the board captured the whole thing. that's pretty scary, isn't it? >> good thing he was going the other way, the shark that is. well,s one of the biggest complaints about air travel. why lawmakers on capitol hill decided not to do something that could have made flights nor comfortable for you. >> why some tax experts say the paychecks you have been getting since the first of the year really all belong to the government. speaking of tax season we're asking you this afternoon if you filed your returns yet. >> it's our nbc washington flash survey. call or text to the number on your screen.
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the senate rejected a bill to regulate how much room you have on an airplane. the measure would have required the federal aviation administration to set standards for the minimum amount of seat and leg space you would have on an ai
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airlines to post the size seats are on their websites. airlines opposed to the measure have accused lawmakers of trying to reregulate an industry that has been deregulated since 1978. college degrees are supposed to mean better career opportunities, but for millions they also mean tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt. nbc's jay gray takes a closer look at this issue and the new numbers that indicate many former students simply aren't paying the government back. >> reporter: when it comes to the subject of student loans, the federal government says millions of americans just aren't making the grade. "the wall street journal" report show that is even though most are out of school and in the workforce, as of january 1st, 43% of those with student loans aren't making payments. >> you need to pay for things like food and housing and transportation to work before you pay for any debt, including very high priority, i
4:25 pm
>> reporter: the obama administration has introduced what it calls the revised pay as you earn plan for repay which caps monthly payments at 10% of the borrower's income and even forgives remaining debt after payments are made for 20 years. but the agencies that collect and apply those payments have been overwhelmed by the volume of applications leading to backlogs, delays, and confusion. >> it really is absolutely about service or accountability. making sure that borrowers know their options and that the servicer is helping to guide borrowers into the right repayment plan that's good for them and their situation. >> reporter: the situation that weighs on students still on campus still accumulating debt with every intention of paying off their loans. >> it bothers me. there's nothing i can do about it. i need my career so it's just something i'm going to have to do. >> reporter: hopeful, like millions, that a degree will pay off. ja
4:26 pm
new concerns about one of donald trump's business ventures. "first at 4," the questions being raised about his modeling agency and whether it broke any immigration laws. plus, wicked wind and some pretty low temperatures. >> tomorrow is a storm team4 weather alert day. doug and veronica will tell what you that means for you and we'll
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takes center stage on capitol hill. we've learned that metro general manager paul wiedefeld will be among those testifying before congress next thursday after last month's systemwide shutdown. loved ones bid an emotional good-bye to davonte washington. he's the teenager who was shot and killed easter weekend at the deanwood metro station right in front of his mother and young sisters. big new concerns about d.c. circulator buses. an audit finds 95% of the buses had at least one significant safety problem. our news partners at wtop radio were first to report the safety concerns. >> and democrat hillary clinton and democrat bernie sanders seem to be dialing down the drama, at least for now. >> meanwhile, ted cruz is headed to colorado to make a pitch for convention delegates who could make a difference in cleveland in july. brian mooar is live on capitol hill now with details. hi, brian. >> reporter: hi, pat and barbara. those coni
4:30 pm
usually unknown and unsung but today they're getting a rare moment in the spotlight. unless you're a hard-core republican insider, you probably never heard of the people on this colorado stage. >> i want to represent you as undecided or undeclared, but i do stand with ted cruz. >> reporter: but the ted cruz campaign knows these would-be delegate could be the key to stopping donald trump. >> you guys are doing a great job. >> reporter: and is trumping the frnt r front runner the race to scoop up unpledged delegates who can side with any candidate at the convention in july. winning over lose delegates is squlon kasich's only hope. >> we're going to go in governorly with as many delegates as we can muster. >> trump has hired paul manfort. democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders backed off in their fight over who is qualifi t
4:31 pm
be -- she would be an infinitely about thor president than either of the republican candidates. >> she's qualified. >> of course. >> reporter: still, clinton isn't gl letting it drop. >> seriously, i have been called a lot of things over the years, but unqualify has not been one of them. >> reporter: though there are no primary votes next week, there's still the potential for game-changing drama. and one week from today sanders will be addressing a conference at the vatican. part of an effort to build on his foreign policy resume. pat? >> brian mooar, thank you. did donald trump's modeling agency break immigration laws? and take advantage of a ja makimakjamacian model. alexa palmer is suing the trump talent agency. according to the lawsuit, palmer was paid just under $4,000 over
4:32 pm
three years instead of the $75,000 a year salary that she said she was promised. she came to the u.s. through the h1b visa program which the government created primarily to bring engineers and scientists and other highly skilled professionals to the country. >> we intend to pursue the rights of my client because we strongly feel she is entitled to her monies because she has done everything which is required under the h1b laws. she went for 30 assignments of modeling and whenever she was called she was ready, willing, and able. >> during a debate in march, donald trump said the h1b visa program is, quote, very, very bad for workers, but he also acknowledged using that same program in his own businesses. changing weather conditions, it's a weather alert day for storm team4 4 for tomorrow. not because of any big weather system but the impact on our area and how it will feel and even look a bit around here. we are expecting some light snow showers to come through the are
4:33 pm
mixed with rain, so it's the kind you will notice, a social media kind of thing where people run out and take pictures of the snow showers. you will need the coat, the gloves, the halt and if you't a going to be sitting for a while as a spectator, maybe just a nice warm blanket. it's going to look and feel again like winter. the weather will have a high impact on our day tomorrow. wake up weather, 32 to 39 degrees. you will notice a few snow showers. some of you up across northern maryland, you might get a light coating on your roofs and car. and the other thing is the wind. we'll have to deal with that as it brings down the windchill temperatures into the 20s and 30s for tomorrow. but 40-mile-per-hour winds, main even 50 well east of i-95. but you'll notice the trees swaying and it's going to be cold with wet weather moving through. >> thanks, v.j. developing in austin, te
4:34 pm
17-year-old they believe killed a university of texas at austin student. he was arrested at a shelter early this morning and charged with the death of haruka weiser. the fire department and another resident called 911 and said the man resembled a man who set a trash fire earlier in the week. >> this investigation is absolutely very active. we're nowhere near complete. but it's also very important for this community to realize we are very certain that the subject we have in custody, the suspect is in custody, is the suspect responsible for the death of this beautiful young woman. >> police say it's too soon to understand the motive. the parents of haruka attended a vigil for their daughter last night. ten days until your taxes are due and tax freedom day is coming up. that's the day taxper
4:35 pm
collectively earned enough money to pay their federal, state, and local takx bill for the year. d.c.'s tax freedom day is april 26th. maryland will be celebrating it on april 28th, and virginia april 22nd. all the money you earn through those dates will go to uncle sam. you pocket the rest of your earnings after that. analysts say tax freedom day varies for states across the country because of different tax policies and income rates. >> some of the states with later tax freedom days are definitely wealthier states. the federal tax system is designed to levy higher taxes on higher income individuals. so some of the states that have a high share of federal taxes are some of the states with the wealthiest people. >> this year the national tax freedom day falls on april 24th. the internal revenue service is now accepting your payments in cash at 7-eleven. is
4:36 pm
people who don't have a bank account or credit card. if you want to use this option, you can find instructions on the payments page. it's a multistep process. a few minutes ago we asked if you have filed your income taxes so far this year or if you're still working on it. here is what you've said so far. 59% of you say it's done. 41% say of you are still working on it. remember, you can keep voting on the nbc washington facebook page and don't forget the deadline to file your taxes, again, monday, april 18th. well, a lot has changed over the years. now in a much anticipated new report, pope francis says how the catholic church should deal with some controversial issues that affect countless families. popping the question never looked so dangerous. how this dramatic rescue
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and take a look at what we're going to be dealing with the next couple days. right now not too bad, but, yeah, everybody else saying it's cold out there. high temperatures so far today upper 40s to low 50s but at least we're dealing with some sunshine. here are the current numbers across the region. we're at 350 degrees in
4:40 pm
54 in manassas. temperatures today 10 to 15 degrees below average and we'll be colder than that this weekend. tomorrow afternoon 45 degrees, cold, very windy. passing showers, we could see snow mixed in. not a great day for baseball at all, but if you're dressed for it, take the blankets for sure, i think you will be okay. sunday gym time 1:35. hopefully we get two wins. we're playing the marlins, they can't deal with cold weather. >> we hope. >> thanks, doug. pope francis today released a much-anticipated document that some say helps the catholic church deal with some pretty tough issues. >> it clarifies the approach for divorcees and for family life. nbc's mark barker hger has the reaction. >> reporter: the 260-page document sen titled the joy of love. in it the pope
4:41 pm
merciful and loving church urging compassion for imperfect catholics. >> no one can be condemned forever, he says. that is not the logic of the gospel. >> reporter: chicago archbishop praised today's document as creative and imaginative. the result of a two-year dialogue between ordinary catholics and church hierarchy acknowledging some of the realities of modern life. >> the views of the church have become more contemporary with the way people are living today. >> reporter: the document continues to exclude divorce or remarried catholics from commune but says they should not feel excommunicated from the church. >> it is not a slippery slope but a pathway forward for people who have otherwise found themselves stuck. >> reporter: the document says conscience educated by church teachings should guide individuals on such issues as contraception and urges respect and compassion for gays and res beeians while continuing to reject same-sex marriage. gee see there is is good in all
4:42 pm
families. it is not the position of the church to put that on the same plane as a marriage between a man and a woman. >> reporter: but for some catholics today's massive document boils down simply. >> if you love, everything else falls in place. >> reporter: as the church reshapes its place in everyday life. mark barger, nbc news. allegations of fraud against one local university. former grad students are part of a lawsuit just sfifiled. they say they didn't get what they paid for. for years there has been tension between d.c.'s police chief and the uni on wall street. the nra. they're powerful. they usually get their way. but not with democrat donna edwards. she won't take cash from wall street banks.
4:43 pm
spend dark money to kill gun safety laws, donna edwards said 'no' she's fighting to ban assault weapons and putting the safety of our communities first. because to democrat donna edwards, the special interests aren't special. we are. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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we've got a freeze warning. parts of our area for late tonight and a freeze watch for early sunday morning. should you worry about some spring flowers that have started popping up? and we're calling this rocky romance. the proposal that quickly turned from will you marry me to will you rescue me. first, allegations of fraud involving an online program at one of the nation's top universities. the university located right here. >> consumer reporter susan hogan has details of a lawsuit against george washington university. it's a story that's first on news4. >> reporter: george washington university prides itself as one of the nation's first major universities to launch online programs. but the lawsuit against
4:46 pm
school claims students didn't get what they paid for. george washington university is a private university with a renowned reputation, and like many colleges, offers online programs. >> i didn't have the time or financial means to take off of work to attend graduate school full time. >> reporter: that's why brice bradford, a consultant to the u.s. marshal's service enrolled on the online masters program in security and safety leadership. >> i was interested in learning more about national security, homeland defense, cyber security. >> reporter: but when bradford and other students who included high-ranking police and military officers started taking the online program -- >> first impression for all of us was, wait a minute, where is the instructor? >> reporter: they were incredibly disappointed. now the students are part of a lawsuit accusing the university of fraudulent misrepresentation. >> they absolutely did not get what they were promised. >> reporter: hassan
4:47 pm
students, says gw advertised its online program would be taught by professors who specialize in online learning education, include video presentations and a learning experience would be equivalent to that which students would receive in the classroom. >> that's not at all what happened here. >> reporter: court documents show the online program was taught using power point slides taken from in-class courses. >> i'm reading through notes of a power point that clearly needs an accompanying lecture. >> reporter: but when bradford and the other students had questions and reached out to the professors. >> oftentimes they just wouldn't respond. >> there was no real course. this was not a real program. this was a fabrication and the only justification for doing this would be money. >> reporter: the cost, each student paid more than $28,000. they did earn a masters degree but bradford says what they didn't get was an education. >> a lot of
4:48 pm
multiple college degrees. i would multiple college degrees going into this. i wasn't looking for another diploma on the wall. i wanted to learn what they advertised. >> and did you? >> no, absolutely not. >> reporter: news4 asked george washington university about the allegations against the school. it said in part, federal privacy laws prevent the university from responding to allegations other than in court. it said overall the program has been successful for many of its students. many have gone on to successful careers in the military, law enforcement, and other government agencies. >> reporter: did you get your money's worth? >> not at all, no. >> reporter: bradford says he and other students complained to the university multiple times and even sent a letter to the university president. gw says since the program started in 2009, more than 300 students have gone on to graduate. susan hogan, news4. freezing temperatures for some of you overnight, and then just about th
4:49 pm
think saturday night/sunday morning. we're not going to like this weekend at all. it's going to be way too cold for the early part of april. let me show you where the freeze warnings are, frederick, maryland, gaithersburg, leesburg, manassas, culpeper all in the purple. and then to the north and west, there the temperatures will be 32 and, of course, below 32 degrees, and that means, again, some of the sensitive spring flowers and plants may be in jeopardy. we'll talk more about that in a moment. but the change that you will notice is early tomorrow morning when we drop down to the 30s. 41 inside the beltway, but the winds will start to pick up. some nasty weather moving through throughout the entire day, but the best chance of seeing, yes, snowflakes will be in the early part of the morning there between 7:00 to the:00 a. 9:00 a.m. future weather showing you that system. frederick, gaithersburg, leesburg, warrenton, you will see some of the flakes, and it could be enough to accumulate very lightly on area cars or maybe on your roof
4:50 pm
sidewalk. there's howard county getting it. carroll county, baltimore county too. a rain/snow makes, maybe some rain showers, very, very light. it's not going to be anything heavy that moves through. just more conversational. same thing throughout the afternoon hours up until about 6:00 or 7:00 p.m. then we start to clear out. and as we clear out, the wind will also start to diminish. and that's the other thing is the wind will be quite strong throughout the day tomorrow with winds gusting to about 40 miles per hour. so we do have some freeze concerns, especially for gardening. we have the big red light on that. earlier today i talked to an expert from johnson's garden center and here is what he had to say if you should be worried about spring flowers you have outside. what are the plants that we should be worried about? and what don't we have to worry about? >> you know a lot of plants you have to worry about are an uls, new guinea impatiens and any other an uls
4:51 pm
cold weather. don't worry about alyssum, pansies, cool weather vegetables and any plant that may have come up out of the ground already like hyacinths. >> plants we have to worry about, maybe they're in pot that is are way too big what we we do to cover them up? >> if you don't want to leave the house and you have an old sheet or an old blanket, the best thing is just cover it up with an older sheet or blanket and make sure that the root base is covered and make sure that the tenderness of the plant is covered. any new growth and make sure that you cover the plant really well so that it's not hit by any frost. >> and, of course, the other thing if you have fruit tree that is aren't local to growing in this area that maybe you have planted or have in a pot, cover them anyway if you're not sure. sunday morning's temperatures subfreezing most locations, so we have a freeze watch right now. that's likely to change. of course, we wait to plant. the date of the average last
4:52 pm
and then as late as april 20th or 30th off to the west. so cloud cover throughout the day on saturday. just kind of a wintry looking day. it's going to feel that way. it's going to look that way. 46 degrees the high. don't be fooled because with the wind, those windchills will be in the 30s and then dropping to the 20s. 49 sunday. but we've got a warmer pattern coming our way. coming up on news4 at 5:00, we'll talk about what even next weekend is looking like. i think you're going to like it. >> all right. can't wait to get to next week. thank you, veronica. a local middle school robotics team is in iowa right now competing in a national competition.duced you to the ducklings from gainesville last month. today they competed in six qualifying rounds. tomorrow there will be four more rounds. if they do well enough, they will move on to the elimination rounds. we'll keep you posted on their progress. good luck. villanova still riding high off its historic ncaa
4:53 pm
basketball championship today. about 50,000 fans gathered in downtown philadelphia today for the wildcats victory parade as they rode a double decker bus with their trophy. they won with a stunning buzzer-beating shot. what a shot that was. his idea for an elaborate marriage proposal turned out to be a cliff-hanger literally. >> michael banks decided he would climb a picturesque but dangerous rock in california yesterday morning. he wanted to propose. she was watching on her cell phone. then he got stuck on a ledge 90 feet up and he realized there was no way to get down. so they had to bring in a helicopter to rescue him. >> banks was not hurt. he was arrested though for climbing that rock which is illegal, and he now has to pay for the cost of the rescue, but his girlfriend did say yes. so i guess it was all worth it. >> in the
4:54 pm
love. changes at the top. only on news4, the new leadership behind the scenes of d.c. police that could bring more diversity and better relations. >> this is news4 at 4:00.
4:55 pm
fios is not cable. we're wired differently. we are a 100% fiber optic network... and fiber optics move at the speed of light. over the last 10 years, our cable competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more. including pc magazine's #1 for internet speed 10 years running. and jd power ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year... in a row. awards aren't everything. but when they come from your customers, they mean a lot. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network.
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plus tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. it's a story you'll see only on news4. for years d.c.'s police chief and the officers union have had a rocky relationship. a relationsh
4:57 pm
could be described as combative but that's all about to change. >> news4's mark segraves has the first in-depth interview with new leadership in the union who tell mark they're through with playing politics. >> we're starting fresh. this is a new group of leaders in the union. >> reporter: the newly elected leaders of the d.c. police union say one of the big differences everyone will see, the union won't be endorsing political candidates anymore. >> if i support a candidate that doesn't win, the candidate that i have opposed if they get into office is going to be less likely to work with me. >> matt mall is the new chairman of the union. his two predecessors at the union had a reputation for taking on the choo he have in public. mall has a closer relationship with chief lanier who has embraced his election. >> there are ways to have your disagreements or have your arguments behind closed doors and then face a united front to the public and to the agency -- or the rest of the membe
4:58 pm
>> reporter: he says one of the issues me and the chief will likely differ on is the all hands on deck deployment, when the chief cancels vacations to flood the streets with cops. >> this is something we have not talked about. it's the union stance it does violate our collective bargaining agreement. >> reporter: another issue, the union contract. the union plans to ask for more money and a four-day workweek. >> if you want a happy cop as matt said before, you go to the give them better schedules and better money. >> reporter: mall says his relationship with lanier has already paid off for the union which has close to 100 grievances pending against the department. some have been pending for years. >> the police union has to work with the department in getting these cleaned up. i'm happy to say just in the first week the chief and i have settled five cases already. >> reporter: coming up at five mahl happens to be the openly gay chairman of the police union. what his election means for the gay community. mark segraves, news4.
4:59 pm
now at 5:00, parents in prince george's county trusted a day cashicare worker to take ca their baby. now that 9-month-old child is dead and the daycare worker has been charged. plus a plea deal in a deadly dui crash. but first, button up your overcoats. yeah, baby, it's april and it's cold out there. >> we may be done with it, but, folks, it ain't done with us. doug kammerer is live in the storm center. you're going to have a busy weekend. >> yeah, baby. that's right. i'll tell you, it is going to be one cold weekend, guys. and, you know, this is the kind of cold that just gets you on a weekend here in april. normally we should be in the mid-60s. tomorrow it will feel like the mid-30s and that's why we're going for a weather alert day tomorrow. no severe weather, no dangerous weather but just to let you know, whether is going to have a major impact on your weekend. now, temperatures today have been on the cool side for sure. right now we're sitting at 51 degrees insi
5:00 pm
what we're continuing to watch is air off to the west. if i can bring up these temperatures for you. currently 39 back towards columbus, ohio. it's 51 here in d.c., but, again, some extremely cold air making its way our way. as a matter of fact, not just cold, but we're talking record-breaking temperatures potentially early on sunday morning. that would mean record lows across our region. i'm going to have them for new a minute, guys. i'll have them for you in 15 minutes. we'll talk much more about the forecast coming up in a minute too. it's so cold, my computer broke. >> thank you, doug. a daycare worker in prince george's county is charged with the murder of a baby that was in her care. this is 9-month-old savannah wright. her mother dropped her off at the daycare one morning but never got to see her baby open her eyes again. news4's chris gordon is live in oxon hill with what police say happened inside that daycare. >> reporter: police say it happened here at the home of beatrice manning in oxon


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