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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  April 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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that breaking news tonight, a seven-year-old girl shot in the district. it happened just over an hour ago along hartford street in southeast.
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been working the sources on this. he's on the scene. shomari, what can you tell us? >> reporter: i'm at alabama avenue and if you look right here you can see the police officer has blocked off the road, they are keeping us away from where the shooting occurred. you see that car right there? let's zoom in on that back rear window. you can see it shattered. i just tried to talk to those people, you can see one guy covering his head with a hooded sweatshirt. you move a little more down the street. you see those men and women talking? those are detectives. around the corner is where the shooting occurred. let's roll some video right now. d.c. police sources tell me a seven-year-old was shot, hoebl in the chest, the child was then medevaced to the hospital, she was breathing and conscious but there are a lot of unanswered questions. number one, who shot the child? number two, did the child shoot herself possibly playing with
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types of questions that police are trying to figure out right now again back out here live i want to show this again, this car right here, there's two people sitting inside, we don't know if or how they are related to this shooting, what we do know that police are consistently taking pictures of this car, they've talked to these folks, you'll now hear from the ward eight council member, this is her ward, let's hear what she has to say. >> we have to figure something out. this is unacceptable and we have to figure out the ways in which we're keeping those in our community from shooting those in our community. >> reporter: back out here live, you can see detectives in the middle of the street under the street light. they are talking, configuring, trying to figure out what happened here. you move back, you see this gentleman he is an officer taking pictures of the car. we'll bring you updates as they become
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sources and we'll post the information asap on facebook and twitter and online. i'm shomari stone, back to you. turning to our weather. te storm team 4 radar showing a big system heading our way overnight. it will bring cold and wind and maybe snow. >> doug is tracking in the the storm center. not the kind of weekend we're looking for in april. >> and we have not had very nice weekends. last weekend we had the 50, 60 miles an hour wind gusts. we will see those winds and they will bring in much colder air. look at what's happening right now. team team radar tracking the rain and snow and notice as the temperatures cool the rain switches over to snow. in our area for the most part too warm for rain right now. as this moves in, i expect to see snow and some of you could wake up to snow early tomorrow morning. freeze warning in effect for areas to the west of i-95 to
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westminster, martin town, winchester. you could have accumulating snow. the rest of us? well, here's the headlines. cold, cold, and more cold. windchills in 20s and 30s all day tomorrow and yes even snow. that does include the district. we'll talk about that in just a minute. >> thank you, doug. only on news 4, new reaction to the sentencing of a man who carjacked an ambulance on the beltway then caused a deadly crash is in maryland. >> sebastian isaacson got 16 years for the crash that killed a man and injured a pregnant woman. that woman is now a mother and she spoke to darcy spencer. darcy? >> reporter: that crash happened on green belt road. the young pregnant woman and her friend were going to get something to eat here at the popeye's restaurant when the crash happened. fortunately, she and her unborn child did survive and tonight she says that that sentence
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>> i looked over and i didn't even know he was gone. just seeing him laying over the steering wheel -- i've never seen nobody like that, you know? >> reporter: cheryl lincoln survived the crash that took the life of a close friend, 77-year-old al hargreaves, she was pregnant at the time and feared losing her baby. >> i didn't know if i was having a girl or boy, was my baby okay? all i wanted was a little girl after two boys and she's the best thing. >> little elena was born ten months ago, beautiful and healthy, named in part after al. li linkins and hargreaves were hit by an ambulance that had been hijack bid this man. today he was sentenced to serve 16 years of a 40-year
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full 40? >> definitely. he would have deserved that plus more but i guess he got away with it. >> reporter: linkin spent six weeks in the hospital with a broken hip and pelvis and a concussion and the sound of an ambulance causes han i can attacks. >>s thanes, terrified, so scared, they scare me completely. i cannot drive and have one coming behind me, it's terrible. >> reporter: but she's staying strong for her kids and as they grow she'll tell them more about the man whose life was lost that day it's important to note that sebastian isaacson turned to haar grave's family in the courtroom today and apologized saying he would prefforever be y and took full responsibility for what happened here that night. >> he was told to close d
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owner in prince george's county says he's not going anywhere. mustangs was open for business despite court orders to close at 5:00 p.m. 11 other clubs were given similar notices after a judge sided with the county. the owner of mustangs says he was told all police can do is give him a citation and he's willing to take that. some of the clubs are appealing the court order. after nearly 30 years, a strict moratorium on new liquor licenses ends tomorrow in georgetown. starting tomorrow, restaurants and other public spots such as theaters can apply for a new liquor license. the d.c. alcohol licensing board voted to end the moratorium last week. it was put into place back in 1988 to reduce noise, trash, and vandalism. this will still be a ban on any new bars, taverns and nightclubs in the
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this afternoon to protest a development plan they fear could change the character of their community. they gathered at the giant parking lot in the west bard area of bethesda. developers are working with the montgomery county council to bring new residential and retail space to west bard but many neighbors say the plan would grow their community too big too fast. >> i'm frustrated and concerned that the county council does not recognize the interest of the people, none of the people voting on this live here. >> equity one, one of the developers involved released a statement that says it has been working with the community to make sure its plans fit the needs of surrounding neighborhoods. all new tonight, a group of teenagers attacked a d.c. man for his cell phone on his way home from a metro station this week. wednesday afternoon the man was leaving the gallaudet station when he got on to eckington place. he says a teen stopped and asked him about the presidential election. he told that teen he didn't know anything aboutt
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continued walking. >> i would say about halfway down the block later i heard someone running behind me and as i turned one of the kids punched me in my face. >> five teenagers beat him up and ran off with his cell phone. a good samaritan helped him flag down a police officer who was able to make one arrest. the victim says he's concerned about youth violence in the district and he's been in touch with the mayor's office about adding more patrols in the area. she had been looking after children in her home for 14 years without a license. now beatrice manning is charged with murder in the death of a child who was in her care. manning was arrested tuesday after the medical examiner determined nine-month-old savannah wright died of a head injury. manning was watching savannah back in december when she called 911 saying savannah was unresponsive. the little girl died two days later. she's also charged with assault and c
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she's being held without bond. we told you about a scathing safety audit from last year that found just two of 42 d.c. circulator buses that were inspected were fit for the road. now our news partner wtop radio has learned some progress is being made. a new audit performed in january looked at 22 buses and found less than one safety defect on average per bus compared to an average of three safety issues per bus last august. this new audit, still called the circulator maintenance situation unacceptable. ddot's director tells us they need more time and maintenance staff and a better facility in order to make more improvements. >> prosecutors want former house speaker dennis hastert to spent six months in prison when he's sentenced and they said today hastert abused four young boys when he was their wrestling coach back in the '70s. the former speake
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allegedly paying hush noun a victim. hastert's lawyer has not admitted his client abused anyone but said hastert was sorry. investigators say it's a huge step forward in breaking up and piecing together the terror cell that carried outboth the paris and brussels attacks. police arrested mohammed abrini today during a dramatic raid in brussels, a suburb there. he says he's -- well, actually, he's the last known suspect? the paris attacks and investigators are trying to figure out if he's the man in the hat who got away at the brussels airport. police arrested four other men in today's rates, they believe at least one had connections to the attacks in brussels. next at 11:00, most of us lose sleep to manage our busy schedules. now some companies are paying their employees to come to work well rested. plus, no rest for these high school and college students in virginia this weekend.
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but jamie raskin is the only democrat for congress who's authored landmark progressive laws -- marriage equality, equal pay for women, green maryland act, assault weapons ban, and more. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message. >> two, one, ignition, liftoff of the falcon 9 rocket with science for today. it looked like a normal rocket launch but it's what happened about nine minutes after the spacex falcon left that pad that made history today. check it out. the rocket landed on a drone ship right in the middle of the ocean. spacex has landed the rocket on solid
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the first successful ocean landing in five tries. spacex says two-thirds of its launches will be recovered by the drone ship. how would you like to make $300 a year just for getting a good night's sleep. made you'd pay $300 for that. that's the offer insurance giant aetna is making to its employees as nbc's morgan ratford shows us, the plan is a wakeup call for corporate america and those of you not catching enough zs. >>. >> reporter: we've all been there. that alarm goes off and it's like you haven't slept at all. what if you were paid to sleep. >> definitely. >> yeah. we would totally do it. >> you're going to sleep anyway. might as well get paid for it. >> reporter: that's what aetna is doing. i it's ceo says more sleep for his workers means more money for his business. >> being
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business fundamentals. >> reporter: employees can track their sleep with a diary or digital device like a fitbit and for every 20 nights they sleep seven hours or more the employee gets $25, earning up to 300 bucks a year. >> dream come true. >> reporter: a harvard study found one extra hour of sleep a week increasing wages by almost 5% because you're more productive which is why the ceo, arianna huffington, says it's time to change the corporate culture. >> there's a complete delusion that if you're going to succeed and be effective you need to forgo sleep. >> reporter: the huffington post, like google and zappos, even offered nap rooms. studies show even 20 minutes can boost memory and creative thinking. >> it's the same thing as if tuld taken a hour lunch break. >> a break that pays off. >> performance enhancement. >> reporter: companies like aetna using a corporate campaign to show america better sleep is better business.
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there's an urgent search going on in montgomery county and police are asking for your help. officers say they're looking for spring. >> what? >> they posted an urgent message on facebook with this suspect description. >> i didn't know that. >> if anybody can get to the bottom of it it's montgomery county police department. >> you can help them. >> i'm glad they're on the case with us. i'm looking way out. i mean, you know, next week out, i conditioned find it anywhere. sorry. sometimes she's hard to find. sometimes she doesn't want to be bothered. >> maybe you haven't been calling her by the right name. vernal season? >> vernal season. that's -- [ laughter ]
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this vernal season as we look across the area. not a bad nighttime. we saw a lot of wind earlier. temperatures at the airport 48 degrees, partly cloudy skies, come winds. winds have been the issue all day. they were gusting at 20 to 30 miles an hour and now they're calm. with calm winds we don't have a windchill. 38 isn't bad, 36 is colder. 32 in fred riblg. we have a freeze warning in effect west of the washington, d.c. metro area. we are going to see potential for that freeze tonight. it will be a deal but notice no rain, no snow around our region but back to our west look what's going on. we have snow in west virginia, all part of this spin here. any time you see a big spin, that's the storm system and notice where it's coming from out of canada bringing with it very cold air. this is the area of snow we'll see first, rain and snow we'll see first. check this out, a look on future weather, early tomorrow morning watch whapp
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eastward. manassas, quantico. but notice up 207 around leesburg, martinsburg. it's all snow or changing to snow, it will be a wet snow but it sticks around for an hour, may dip into d.c. and the metro area by 7:00. no sticking here. i wouldn't be surprised if you woke up at 7:00 or 8:00 and had snow on the trees. again, don't be surprised. it moves out, it's gone, any snow melts quickly and we'll see sunshine but then watch what happens. the storm system moves back in, showers developing, it goetzs cold enough that now we see snow mixing in with rain. don't be surprised tomorrow afternoon to see snow showers. it won't amount to anything. the bigger deal will be the wind and take a look at the windchills tomorrow, here we are around noon, windchill of 35 at noon tomorrow, 39 in
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manass manassas, frederick a windchill of 34. tomorrow take the coat, the hats and the blankets. i'm talking you parents out that have kids that have games tomorrow, maybe you have a game yourself, tomorrow will be one cold day to be a spectator. sunday plenty of sunshine, 49. less wind so that's the better of the two days but that's not too goode they are. 64 monday. 62 on tuesday and next week temperatures stay cool but not as cold. remember tomorrow a weather alert day, tom keiran is in tomorrow morning with the latest. >> well, may is going to be great, isn't it? >> may should be fantastic. >> thank you, doug. coming up in sports, the wizards without john wall tonight far do or die game against detroit trying to keep their very slim playoff hopes alive. sports up next, but first, here's jimmy fallon. >> hey, guys, kerry washington and ken jeong is here for a
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may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. the wizards fighting for that last playoff spot and coming up short tonight in detroit. >> sebastian salazar is at our csn studios for us. sebastian, nobody saw this coming at the beginning of the season. >> no, you guys were right. it came down to tonight but let me take you back to last year and some kind of early nba season projections. espn had the wizards matching their
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year and finishing fifth in the east., they gave washington a 66% chance of reaching the playoff which is put the wiz top 12 in the entire league. unfortunately, this season has fallen well short of those expectations. john wall out tonight with a sore right knee with no more wiggle room, a loss in detroit, no playoffs for the first time since 2012/2013 and the pistons came out firing. reggie jackson sfrom three. sessions was in for wall, washington ends the half on a run down just seven at the break. 20 in the thursday, wiz down two going down to the fourth so maybe, maybe, maybe they'll have a chance. but without john wall, frootoo from detroit. reggie jackson had a game, 39 points, the wiz fall 112-99 in the playoff dreams hopes
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over. >> it's disappointing any time you don't make or get to you you're capable it's disappointing. >> it's tough to know the expectation i had even before i got here definitely a tough way to end the season but you have to start looking for finishing these last games, look forward to next year. >> all right, second round at the masters, jordan spieth first defending champ to lead after 18 holes since jack nicklaus in 1966. beautiful chip here on seven but he carves a 74 after a 66 on thursday. still in the lead four under. rory mcelroy. one of five birdies on rory's card. one stroke back has the irishman heading into the weekend. cool moment here, two-time champ tom wats
11:27 pm
retirement, just missed a long winding birdy on 18. he pars the final hole at augusta, a sweet farewell. the lobaltimore orioles hosting the tampa bay rays, 2-1 birds and the home run derby is on. jonathan scope leads off the inning in style, his second dinger in as many days. a couple batters later nolan rimell goes the opposite way, gets over the fence but they count the same. the next batter, manny machado, back-to-back jacks for the orioles. four solo shots for baltimore and they earn their fourth straight win to open the season. 162-0, here come the birds. that's all the time we have. jim, doreen, doug, we send it back to you. >> strong start, sebastian, thankshave a good,
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right now p 350 college students are crowded around computers trying to outhack each other and it's perfectly legal. northern virginia community college is hosting a hack-a-thon for cyber security students. they're trying to break through a firewall set up by local tech companies. for the next 36 hours they'll compete and learn how to keep real criminals out. >> we're actually teaching everyone how do you not get hacked. >> it's like a. fair,
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[ laughter ] thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices. my giant. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- kerry washington. ken jeong.


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