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tv   News4 Today  NBC  April 9, 2016 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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well, the calendar says april. but you take a step outside and put your toe out there, you're not going to think it is spring. high winds, rain. chilly the next few days. good morning. i'm molette green along with david. the rain is slowly moving out. >> a lot of us will deal with gusty winds as well. let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist amelia segal. she has been tracking it all morning. what's the latest? >> we are seeing a little bit of everything out there outside our studios in northwest washington. peeks of sunshine. winds at 10 miles per hour. later in the midday hours, winds will start to increase. 41 degrees is
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your impact forecast for this weekend is, heading for the nationals game today, we're talking about the chance for some showers at the game. and blustery conditions. outdoor exercise. tomorrow will be the better day. here is the latest on radar. you can continue to see areas of rain and snow mixing in. some of that snow mixing in back around winchester, and up around the baltimore area. coming up, i'll have more of what you can expect with future weather hour by hour. demonstrators will head out in bethesda to protest a development they fear could change the character of their community. protesters gathered at the giant foods parking lot in the west bart area friday. they are working with montgomery county council. they fear it would grow too big too fast. >> i'm frustrated and concerned that the county council does not recogni
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people. none of the people voting on this live here. >> now, equity one, one of the developers involved released a statement yesterday. it says it has been working with the community to make sure its plans fit the needs of surrounding neighborhoods. it will kick off at 10:00 a.m. >> you can be part of a muslim town hall meeting in arlington. the first of its kind. how to tackle the growing wave of bigotry against muslims. a fugitive wanted for planning the murder of a dallas woman is behind bars. brenda delgado was wanted over the murder of a relationship with her ex-boyfriend.
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than six months and was added to the fbi's 10 most wanted list this week. shutdown. that was the order for a dozen strip clubs in prince george's county violating zones laws. one owner says he's not going anywhere. 11 were given similar notices after a judge signed it with the county in a year long zoning battlement the owner says his owners told him all police can do is give a citation. a care taker is now charged. she looked after children for 10 years. she was arrested after a medical examiner determined a 9-month-old in her care died of a head injury. she was watching savann
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savannah was unresponsive. the little girl died two days later. manning is also charged with assault and child abuse. this morning she is being held without bond. >> you may get tax relief if you live in maryland. it would expand tax credit cans for the working poor. the new measure would extend to low income taxpayers 18 or older. it ends monday. a house vote needs to happen soon. a former vanderbilt football player has been cued of rape. the judge declared a mistrial after finding out the foreman had been a victim of statutory rape.
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he testified that he was so drunk he couldn't remember the sexual assault. all eyes going to be on metro safety and security on capitol hill next wednesday. wiedefeld will be called to testify. who can forget the shutdown for inspection of safety. it was done for emergency safety inspections. the unprecedented action followed an electrical fighter similar to one in january 2015. bitter cold temperatures. we're going to look at how long this cold snap is going to hang around and what you can plan for the rest of your week ahead >> and then this story. it looks like an app to help your kids with math.
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if you have tickets to see bruce spring teen in north carolina on sunday you may be disappointed. he cammed his concert citing the state's new law blocking anti-discrimination rules covering the lgbt community. it requires they only use the bathrooms to their gender at birth. springsteen said the e street band must show solidarity. people who bought tickets will get their money back motley crue singer was cited for battery after he grabbed a woman by the hair. she was trying to get an autograph from nicolas cage. cell phone video from tmz showed cage grabbing neil around the neck while restraining him and shouting stop this.
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it does not show what happened between neil and the woman. if convicted, neil could face is six months in jail. >> schools in iowa clamping down on students who use smartphone apps to hide explicit photos. the use of a smartphone app at knoxville high could land students on the sex offender registry. the app looks like a calculator. some students alerted staff that nude photos were being used and sent through the app. parents may not know that the apps exist as they are often disguised. >> parents need to have open communication with their children. they need to talk about the dangers of, you know, not only sex at a young age but sharing photos like this. >> police say they are going to work with the juvenile court before charging or penalizing any of the students.
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>> big gusts of wind and temperatures close to record call. winter-like weather is sticking around and making an impact this weekend. the window of opportunity will be in the clear out shopping and get outside. they started last night. they're still going at it. the innovative way students are learning to fight new kinds of cyber threats.
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today is a storm team 4 weather alert day. high winds later today. the winds will pick up during the late hours. wind advisory from 3:00 this afternoon until 10:00 p.m. tonight. gusts up to 50 miles per hour. with winds that strong there could be isolated damage. more importantly, it would put windchills in the 20s and 30s. in addition to high winds, i'm tracking rain and snow showers moving through the area right now. i'll be planning out what you can expect as far as presip goes for the rest of today in my full forecast, guys. a traffic alert in falls church because of peru's presidential election. thousands will be casting their ballots. mary ellen henderson near i-66. polling open from 7:00 a.m. to
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elections are expected to bring heavier than normal car and pedestrian traffic in falls church throughout sunday. virginia state security wants permanent security cameras after a string of thefts at the horner road commuter lot last month. the federal government putting the brakes on the approval of self-driving cars. the national highway traffic safety administration hosted a public meeting yesterday about this new technology. the government says it will have federal guidelines for self-driving cars in six months. consumer watch dogs and other groups want the government to take even more time. they're concerned this technology can be dangerous if it is approved before it is fine-tuned. but it may be too late. >> it's not coming. it's here. there are safety technologies already in vehicles that it will break when it needs to. prevent yo from going to the wrong lane when someone is in your way.
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this month at stanford university. so they have been up all night. hundreds of college students hacking through the evening. and they're going through fire walls testing cyber cuter. security. they are testing cyber security. it is involving local companies and northern virginia community college. >> armed with laptops and determination, these college students share a common fascination, cyber security. >> we will have job security. this is a good field. it is growing. >> a part of their cyber security studies, learning how to hack. it may sound criminal but -- >> we're actually teaching everyone how do you not get hacked. >> the last week, the hack at medstar health. it happens all too often to government agencies. >> it is fort northern virginia area. >> the demand for cyber security
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dr. paula ford is the assistant dean of information technology. she showed us northern virginia is community colleges newly open facility dedicated to the topic. hacking, part of the curriculum. >> we don't teach them how to hack into businesses for negative reasons but they know how to counteract. >> students all signed in, ready for a long weekend testing their skills. >> obviously with lots of caffeine, lots of sugar. >> there are more than prizes at stake. >> it is like a job fair. like coding, programming event. all in one. >> but most rewarding for those drawn to cyber security. >> you can still protect people. i think that's remarkable. it is like being a super hero. >> i like that. cyber super hero right there. worth pointing out the students aren't actually handing into companies or government agencies. corporate cyber security sponsors provided the challenges to test their skills.
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>> despite our weather, we will have fireworks rain or shine. a live look at the tidal basin. the southwest waterfront fireworks festival is one of the highlights of the cherry blossom festival. the event is free. there will be a lot of activities down there. i'm not sure about the water activities going on. we'll hear from amelia about the weather. fireworks expected to kick off tonight at 8:30. >> you will not jump in on those activities. >> no way. >> a few things concern me when i hear water activities. the first is we're dealing with windy conditions. the second is we will talk about temperatures falling into the 20s. so that is going to be record cooling temperatures in some spots. >> winter is winning today. we will notice gusts increasing throughout the day during the
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up to 50 miles per hour. a little bit of everything in the forecast today, including sunshine at times. and also rain and snow showers. here's the latest on storm team 4 radar. tracking rain, snow, even sleet mixing in. moving across the area towards the east. i think we'll be dry around the late morning and early afternoon hours. getting in on some sunshine. as that happens, the winds really start to increase. here's the latest. heavier rain moving into fairfax county, making its way to the district. and eventually prince georges. rain/snow mix in loudoun county, back into the panhandle of west virginia. so this system will continue to impact the area into the afternoon and evening hours as it pulls away, skies clear out. temperatures really drop. here's future weather timing out the rain as we move into the midday hours. notice at noon, scattered showers. we will see breaks in the cloud cover as we move into th
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midafternoon hours. widespread rain. wet flakes mixing in. 4:00, notice still rain moving through the area. much of the same at 6:00. by 7:00, 8:00, we are drying out. it is looking dry for the fireworks. quite blustery. tomorrow is the better of the two days. high around 50. mostly sun skwr skies. showers possible on monday. warmer high temperature of 68 degrees. tuesday, rain looking lightly. high of 62. wednesday, high of 59. mix of clouds and sun. high temperatures in the low to mid-six, guys. >> amelia, thanks. i love this next story right here. it is hard to forget this guy's smile. we first met him at watkins mill high school. ibra is his name.
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we first met him last fall when students helped raise money to get him a new wheelchair. >> melissa mollet was there for the big reveal. >> it's a story of love, friendship, and generosity. you can't forget his smile. you can't help but feel his gratitude. ibra shared that gratitude with hundreds of his friends who helped make this happen. >> i want to say thank you. >> when he came here from kenya six years ago, he didn't have a chair at all. his father would carry him from class to class. he got a chair but eventually started to outgrow it. it was so run down, his classmates and teacher did something, raising more than $32,000 thanks to a massive go fund me and social media campaign. >> i really did not see how this whole community would embrace this and rally around him. it's just amazing. i
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testing to get it just right. a 3-d cushion controlled to his body he can control it with his head movements. as he rolled onto the track, cheers and happiness. >> were you nervous? >> no. >> independence for his self-confidence. >> huge moment in his life. i think he will remember this forever. this chair will last him many years. it is going to allow him the opportunity to go out in the community and use metro access services to go to a possible job or placement for some type of service all on his own. very incredible. >> it's awesome. i'm thankful for that. >> melissa mollet, news 4. most of us struggle to get enough sleep every night. the new
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ys. no wonder frontline plus is recommended by vets for killing fleas and ticks. after all, your dog is a lover not a fighter. frontline plus. vet recommended flea and tick killer. this is an incredible rescue. three castaways were saved by the u.s. navy that spelled out help in palm leaves. they were reported by
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up for their flight. >> you can see that very well. lucky. they're lucky. >> we talked about this on facebook. this is incredible. a lot of folks talking about this one. how would you like to make $300 a year just for getting a good night's sleep, right? that's the offer that aetna is making to employees. >> it's a good one. morgan ratford shows us the plan is a wakeup call for corporate america and those of you not getting enough zs. >> we've all been there. that alarm goes off and it's like you haven't slept at all. but what if you were paid to sleep. >> definitely. >> oh, yeah. we would totally do it. >> yes. >> you're goin
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that's exactly what insurance giant aetna is doing. more sleep for his workers means more money for his business. >> it has a lot to do with our business fundamentals. you can't be prepared if you're half asleep. >> employees can track their sleep with a fit bit. every night they sleep seven hours or more, they get up to $300 a year. one extra hour of sleep a week it increases wages by 5% because you're more productive. which is eye ariana huffing toned we have to change culture. >> there is a dilution if you are going to succeed and if you're going to be effective that you need to forego sleep. >>ed huffington post even offer nap rooms. even 20 minutes can boost memory and creative thinking. >> it is the same thing as if you would take an hour lunch break. >> sleep is a performance enhancement tool. >> using a corporate campaign to show better sleep is better business.
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morgan ratford, nbc news. high winds this afternoon. and dipping down to the 20s overnight. yeah. storm team 4 watching a cold and windy weekend. when we can expect spring to make a return. police investigate a shooting in southeast that leaves a young gi inrl
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cold, wet, and windy this weekend. for that reason, it is a weather alert day. welcome to news 4 today. >> we're talking high winds and rain today. near record cold tomorrow. storm team 4 meteorologist amelia segal is tracking how long this cold blast is sticking around. good morning. >> good morning, molette. what i'm really focused on is reports of sleet in dale city. thunder around manassas area. heavy presip falling in those locations. temperatures well above freezing. know that it will melt pretty quickly. temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s. pretty m


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